Anger Management Practices

Lacrima visits Ariel in her home dream to discuss how she got angry at Saint George during the events of 'The Saint Wants What It Wants.'. This mostly involves donuts, discussing how people taste to Lacrima and also Ariel smooching Lacrima but don't tell her mom that. Ever. Don't do it!

Date: 2018-09-22
Pose Count: 9
Lacrima 2018-09-22 00:12:32 98114
Lacrima wanted to visit Ariel to make sure everything was okay after the other day. When Ariel got angry. This was not something she was used to seeing Ariel be in general. Even when she should be upset at someone, she just appeared disappointed maybe. Never angry. So thusly, she's brought.... um. Dream Donuts. Because one probably can't bring donuts into dreams can they? Regardless, she has them and has snuck off with Ariel off into her unicorn mom's forest to go find a quiet place to talk away from moms. This probably won't work very well.

She's found a clear to plop down in along with Ariel and slides the box of donuts her way.

"I'm sorry my brother upset you like that." she says. "Did you get a chance to talk to your moms about it...?" she asks quietly.
Ariel Theodore 2018-09-22 00:23:09 98115
    Ariel got angry.
    Ariel got angry.
    It was not an emotion that she was used to in the least. She had never felt it before not once in her life up until the moment that Saint George called Stahlritter an honorless black knight. Something in Ariel had lost grip and snapped, tired of how a figure history has hailed as a saint has done nothing but go around and hurt and insult people she cares for.
    It has been very sobering for her, to say the least.
    So when Lacrima had- somehow- and without any mysterious help from one of Ariel's mothers- because that's totally not what happened- seriously- really-- managed to make it into the forest by the eternally sunset ocean, Ariel was fairly surprised. But not in a bad way.
    Here, the unicorn is wearing niether he school uniform nor her dreamsteel armor, but a simple tunic, and one picnic blanket and several dream donuts later, and she's quietly nibbling on another, where she rests sitting on one hip, tail flicking absently behind her.
    "Mn. No, you don't need to be sorry. I'm sorry I..." Look at that, how she trails off. She's even 'sorry for feeling righteous'' anger. She puffs her cheeks out. "I did. They said it was natural. It still just..."
    "I didn't like it very much."
Lacrima 2018-09-22 00:41:09 98116
Lacrima was surprised she was able to get in too. Most certainly moms had nothing to do with this. Not even a little. Nope. Nuh-uh.

Lacrima reaches out to gently strokes Ariel's hair a little before tugging her a little closer while she eats. She sighs. "No one likes feeling anger." she says softly. "I don't. I hate being angry at him too." she says quietly.

"I heard what you told him though." she says. "I caught that much. It was right. All of it." she says. "He is a bigot. I.. went to have Rei-san. The shrine maiden at Hikawa Shrine? Do a fire reading for me. This whole thing starts. Because 'A human shouldn't be with a dragon'." she says with a sigh.

"Nakusu Miki. That's the princesses' name. Well. Her. Current modern day name. She seems nice enough. A little odd. Something seems off about her. But not.. in a bad way? It's like..." she seems to be trying to think of a good way to describe it.
Ariel Theodore 2018-09-22 00:48:50 98117
    A tilt of the head leans Ariel into Norie's touch, topaz eyes closing as a little chiming noise builds in her throat from the contact. But then she's huddling closer.
    But then she cringes. "I said a lot of mean things without even thinking about them. But I didn't like how he keeps casting you aside. How he's willing to hurt someone just for being different. ... He said Alexis was dishonorable- that's not true at all."
    She huffs, starting to get a little agitated again. At least until the shift in topic. "That was her wasn't it, then? That girl- I thought I picked up on that, that day." She admits. "It just sort of made sense." Ariel says.
    Of course. Leave it to a unicorn to pick a princess out of a crowd.
    But then she rubs the back of her neck. "Odd howso?"
Lacrima 2018-09-22 01:00:30 98118
"When...." she says. "When I have contact with magical people. Everyone has a taste if I touch on their aura. Not drain. It's sort like... well without being gross if draining is 'eating' then the touch is a 'lick'." she says with a cringe to describe it like that. "Like... Sky Jack tastes like a Lemon-lime sports drink. Amu Hinamori tastes like a peppermint." she says. "And Alexis-niisan sort of tastes like beefsteak." she says.

"She stayed at the manor overnight that night and I met her in the morning. To determine if she had any sort of magic, I did that 'touch'-- She tasted like... parts of things. Like a Mozerlla stick where all the cheese had leaked out while cooking. A snack cake without filling, half baked bread. Incomplete things." she says with a series of soft nod.

"Regardless of how she 'tastes' she really doesn't seem to have magic powers. She'll need protection from Ryo." she says as she eats a donut.

She holds Ariel as close she can without actually trying to somehow join like a Siamese twin.

"She's nice. She seems more understanding than most normal people I've met at least."
Ariel Theodore 2018-09-22 01:31:38 98119
    Ariel listens... And she learns something new. ... And she learns that the princess doesn't taste quite right?
    It's a bit much for her to process, so she simply rests her cheek on Lacrima's shoulder, listening quietly.
    "She tasts... Empty?" Ariel asks point blank, pursing her lips in thought at this revelation. "Ah but if she doesn't have magic powers that mean's we're going to have to work extra hard to protect her from Georgios, too." She murmurs, before a thought strikes her.
    "... Norie? What do I taste like?"
Lacrima 2018-09-22 01:46:57 98121
Lacrima nods. "Yeah. That's a better way of putting it, Empty. But not.. completely. Because there's something there, just incomplete." she says gently. She nods. "We are. I've been putting her in contact with people best I can. She knows she can go to the ECFH in a pinch and she has Kunzite's cellphone number." she says.

"You call him Georgios. Is that your preferred name for him Ariel?" she asks softly. She looks down and shifts.

"Ahahaa----" she blushes when Ariel asks how she tastes. "Ahaha---ah..." she huffs and leans over and kisses Ariel's forehead. "Skittles." she says. "Rainbow Sherbet." she says. "multi.. colorful fruit flavors. A handful of organic gummi bears..." she says. "Things like that." she says softly. She shifts uncomfortably a moment. "I had the shrine maiden at Hikawa Shrine do a fire reading on Ryo..." she says quietly.
Ariel Theodore 2018-09-22 01:52:22 98122
    Empty but not completely. It's food for thought, but Ariel simply settles into quiet breathing. Remember her anger had agitated her but Lacrima's presence is soothing. For now, if this princess has a place to go for safety, she can worry about it later, even if there's no possible way of telling when Ryo will strike again.
    "... F-fruit?" She asks, sheepisly. Well. Fruits are sweet things, but Ariel's lips purse. "You mentioned." She says about the fire reading. But that's not what's on her mind right now.
    Not when fingers cup at Lacrima's cheek in a tender and gentle touch. Ariel tips her head.
    And then lips meet.
    It's brief, fleeting, just a quick, warmth of contact before it breaks.
    "A-ah... I just wanted to see how you tasted, too, s-sorry."
Lacrima 2018-09-22 02:07:08 98123
Lacrima nods. "Ah--r--right I did I'm sorry." she says as she mutters. She's about to go into what she learned while when she feels finger touch at her cheek, a gently tug over and--- oh... oh did she just... yes. Yes she did. It was fleeting and quick but warm and might aswell been a billion years for all the few seconds it lasted. Her lips are a little cool to the touch. Something like.. black licorice? Something close to that. Maybe that's just a chapstick or a lipstick though.

"Afwg!" is all she can exclaim for a moment. It's not a sound of disgust but of surprised and it isn't very loud under her breath. Yeah all the crappy stuff she was about discuss is suddenly shoved alllll the way to the back of her head. "Don't apologize for that." she says with a huff and a slight smile, she says leaning in and placing her forehead to hers and just sighing a little. "Nothing to be sorry for." she says. "You can kiss me all you like, Ariel~" she teases.

She's trying to get the thought out of her head that Ariel's mom could be ANYWHERE in these woods at any given time probably. Uh-huh.