Sweater Cuddles

After Chisato is helped to bed Madoka and Homura snuggle up so Madoka can finally find out how cuddly Homura's sweater is.

Date: 2018-09-22
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Madoka Akemi 2018-09-22 03:59:45 98124
    After Homura had helped her mother to bed Madoka was waiting for her, taking her fiance by the hand and leading her back to the master bedroom. Once the door was closed behind them she turned around and hugged Homura tightly around the waist, leaning her head down to press her face into Homura's shoulder near the crook of her neck. She squeezes her guardian angel close and smiles while nuzzling into the soft sweater, lifting her chin after a moment to slip her head over Homura's shoulder, resting her chin on it and leaning her head against Homura's so she can squeeze her extra tight.

    She shifts and squirms around, rumpling Homura's sweater so that the fabric shifts about in it's specific way, the crunchy-fluffiness adding a fun little bit of texture to the close cuddles. But something isn't entirely right here, and Madoka knows what it is. As quickly as she latched onto her sweetheart for once she pulls away again, unbuttoning her school jacket and tossing it onto a chair, returning close to Homura-chan so that the extra, thicker layer of clothing is now gone. She giggles happily while pressing into Homura and squirming. twisting from side to side and then even spinning around a couple of times, playfully and almost deliriously happy at getting to be so close to her loved one.

    Closer and closer she presses while squirming so happily, pressing her cheek gently against Homura's even while squeezing her about the waist so tightly, the softness of her skin nuzzling sweetly against Homura's. Then to give her darling a treat she turns her head away so her fluffy pigtail brushes over Homura's cheek as well, easing up on her squeeze, still pressing close, to caress the back of her head and gently pet her silky hair.

    "Everything about you is so warm and cozy and cuddly," Homura's little angel whispers into her guardian angel's ear. "I was right, this is a very cuddly sweater. It's so thick and warm and cozy, and the beautiful girl beneath it is so snuggly, soft, and lovable."
Homura Akemi 2018-09-22 04:16:15 98125
    Helping Chisato to bed was the least that Homura could do for her poor mother. It was a relief to see her finally be able to sleep. Between talking things through with Madoka and Homura, and also seeing her little girl fight, Chisato... probably didn't stop worrying, but the fears you don't know are far worse than the fears that you do. She could sleep under these conditions, and she could accept her daughter's conviction, and Homura was more than happy to let her.

    However, with mommy asleep, it was time for Homura and Madoka to play. Their favorite game, of course, is cuddles, and Homura is certainly dressed for the occasion. As mentioned before, she know her target audience, and that's why she's wearing a long, oversized white sweater with several stripes of purple diamonds circling around it. She's wearing soft cotton shorts underneath, but it's long enough that one can't really tell.

    When she's finally alone with Madoka, laying together in the master bedroom, Homura welcomes her little angel into her embrace with wide open arms, which in turn wrap around her nice and tight when Madoka draws close. She giggles as Madoka's fluffy hair brushes against her cheek, and she nuzzles against that pretty pink fluff that's such a distinctive part of her favorite person.

    "I'm glad my pretty little angel finds me so cozy. I want to keep you in my arms all the time," she whispers back, from one angel to another. "I'm also glad you like this sweater. Winter's coming, so it'll be good to be prepared~."
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-22 04:40:50 98127
    It's very endearing to Madoka that Homura cares for her mother the way she does even despite the rift that 13 years of repeated time had caused between them. It had taken a bit of time but now Homura and Chisato really seemed to connect to each other, and it really makes Madoka happy to see Homura able to enjoy a family that cares about her in the same way she always had.

    As she lays together with Homura her sweetheart's giggles at the fluffy hair brushing against her cheek puts a smile on Madoka's face. She's very glad Homura likes her hair as much as she likes Homura's, and she pets over her hair some more before sliding her fingers into it so that it runs between them as she draws them through it's silky length.

    Homura knows her target audience very well judging by the way Madoka presses close and squirms against her, her white button down shirt crinkling a little as it brushes against the white with purple patterns sweater. "You can keep me in your arms as much as you like, Homura-chan, because I never want to leave them." She giggles again as Homura mentions the sweater, "Ehehehe, I'm all ready for winter with Homura-chan. We missed the last two completely, so we'll have to play in the snow a lot to make up for it."

    And by play she of course means cuddle.

    She sighs happily while laying close to Homura, squirming around some more so she can entwine her legs with her sweetheart. That Homura is for once not wearing stockings is something she'll play around with, gently brushing her soft tall socks against her calves and the sides of her knees carefully, curling her legs enough so she can tease the side of her stocking foot against Homura's ankle.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-22 04:49:04 98128
    As grim as Homura can sometimes be, she has forgiven far worse than a mother who hasn't called in a while.

    Homura is very much a fan of Madoka's hair. She's a fan of all things Madoka, after all. She's most certainly a fan of Madoka's fingers running through her hair, getting lightly blushy and tingling softly as she smiles at Madoka with half-lidded eyes. She reaches up to play with one of Madoka's pigtails as well, brushing her thumb between soft fluffy strands.

    "Then I will~. I'll hold you tight like a good guardian angel should. I'll keep you nice and warm and safe, right where you belong." She squeezes Madoka a little tighter, pressing her soft, cozy sweater against Madoka's button-down shirt. Her soft smile turns a little wry at the mention of missed winters, and she giggles as she shakes her head. "Well, we'll have plenty more winters to cuddle in. Especially if you intend to keep me for eternity~."

    Sighs happily as Madoka squirms on top of her, and happily wraps her legs around her darling's. The brushing of socks against her bare legs makes Homura squirm and blush a little, especially against her ankle, but the cuddly black haired magical girl isn't complaining.

    "Madoka-chan, you're the best at cuddles."
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-22 05:00:48 98129
    It's something special to be someone's very favorite person and very favorite thing, and it's even more special when the feeling is mutual. Homura's fingers through the hair in her pigtails feels nice, especially at the loving feelings that come from being so adored.

    Madoka gazes sweetly into Homura's eyes while they cuddle together, squeezing Homura tight with her arm as she speaks. "I definitely belong right here in your arms. There's no place I'd rather be." Her voice is soft and sweet as she speaks, but as cutesy as she might sound she means every word she says.

    More squirms come from Madoka as she's squeezed so nicely, enjoying how warm and comfy the sweater is. She smiles to Homura and nods a little, leaning her head in a bit closer to look deeper into the beautiful purple depths of her guardian angel's eyes. "We will. As many winters as we want because I've already decided to never let you go. I won't ever let this be a world where I can't be in your arms when you want me to be." She brushes the tip of her nose against Homura's, squirming a bit slower and lazily brushing her legs against Homura's, giving one of them a light squeeze with both of her own as they entwine.

    "I've had a lot of practice with the best practice partner I could ever ask for," she replies with a smile, leaning in even closer until her smiling lips press to Homura's and purse, squishing softly against them while she sighs happily through her nose while still looking deep into Homura's eyes.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-22 05:14:09 98130
    Homura most certainly does adore Madoka-chan. How could she not? Homura's little angel is oh so cuddly cute. She's so cute that she makes Homura feel cute via osmosis! It certainly doesn't hurt that Madoka always talks about Homura's cuter sides, too. Homura has love for Madoka in abundance, and she'll never run out.

    Homura knows Madoka's sincerity, which is why she giggles and blushes up at her. Hugging Madoka in of itself is nice, bug holding her tightly and close when such affection is not only welcomed but wanted and needed is a whole new level of nice. Homura always breaths just a little bit easier when she gets to hold her little angel.

    More squirms mean more squeezes. That's the rule. It's one of the few rules of their cuddly games that they've made up along the way, but it's also just a natural reaction from Homura. The more wiggly the Doka, the cuter the Doka. The cuter the Doka, the tighter the squeezes. Tighter squeezes leading to more wiggles completes the cycle, and that's why Homura smiles all the time now.

    Homura's voice is soft and sweet, almost like a coo. "Well, if that's what my little angel wants, then I'm fine with living forever. The only heaven I need is the Cuddle Heaven I share with you." She brushes her nose back against Madoka's, lips tingling and waiting for their partner. When lips finally meet, Homura closes her eyes to savor the taste, sighing deeply because this moment is perfect.

    Once the kiss breaks, the praise continues."Ahh, true, we've had lots of cuddly practice, but you were good from the start Madoka-chan. I think you're a natural cuddler."
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-22 05:30:11 98131
    Whether it was by osmosis or something else Homura is most certainly cute! Homura's beauty is very versatile and that's something that Madoka appreciates and admires. There isn't a type of look she enjoys that Homura can't pull off, and cuteness is no exception.

    It's a dangerous thing to create a positive feedback loop, though in the case of cuddles it can be very nice. Homura squeezes her tighter as she squirms, and she can't help squirming more because being squeezed by her guardian angel feels so nice. That gets her squeezed tighter until her squirms become wiggles, and she giggles happily while pressing nice and tight against Homura while squirming and wiggling around, holding onto her tight and enjoying every moment of closeness.

    The gaze into Homura's eyes becomes softer and sweeter, and Madoka twists a little in her arms. "Cuddle Heaven couldn't be heaven without at least two angels in it. I'll happily cuddle with you forever and always in the little heaven we've made our own. Nothing could make me happier than spending eternity in your arms."

    When Homura closes her eyes her own close as well, and Madoka enjoys every moment of her lips pressing against her fiance's. When she finally pulls away it's slowly, her eyes opening up only halfway and her lips peeling off Homura's. "I must have been born with so much talent for cuddling because fate knew I'd end up with you." She brushes her legs against Homura's a little more, her squirms for a moment directed to let her shift around a little.

    She looks over Homura's pretty face and reaches up to brush her fingers over her cheek and then alone the line of her cheekbones. "Homura-chan. My Homura-chan. I was born to be with you, it's the only explanation for how I can love someone so much." She gives Homura's other cheek a soft kiss and then nuzzles against it to rub it in, voice lowering to a whisper, "Everything is so wonderful and happy when we're together. Just being with you gives me such joy, and then we cuddle and everything is warm and cozy and wonderful."

    Her arm around Homura squeezes her even more, needful and tight. Once more she presses against Homura, first with her tummy and then arching her back, pressing even her shoulders against Homura's while nuzzling her cheek and brushing her legs against Homura's, wrapping her up as much as she possibly can and clinging to her while letting out a happy whimper of satisfaction.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-22 05:55:39 98132
    Homura is more than happy to pull off any look that gets Madoka's heart going doki doki. It doesn't hurt that her little angel seems to be a fan of so many of them. Being with Madoka certainly brings out the affection from Homura's heart, and stokes the flames of her love. If Madoka finds that adorable then that's perfectly fine with Homura. She has no problem being adored by the one she loves oh so much.

    Homura giggles along with Madoka-chan as she wiggles so happily in her arms. This time that they share is Homura's greatest joy in life, and no one else could make her this happy. These moments are worth having, and worth sharing, because they really are precious to Homura.

    "Ah, so we were made for each other! It's the only explanation for how perfectly we fit. A couple of angels, together forever. What could be better?" Homura squirms a little bit underneath Madoka as her beloved shifts around on top of her. At first it's involuntary, unable to contain herself because of how nice it feels to be this close, but after a moment she's simply helping Madoka shift around.

    The skin of her cheek tingles as Madoka draws her finger across it, adding to the nice warm blush that has settled on Homura's features. The soft kiss draws another happy sigh from Homura, who gives Madoka another squeeze before loosening her embrace. Her hand slowly brushes up and down Madoka's back, slowly stroking her darling while smiling at the sweet things whispered into her ear. "My heart has been yours from the start, so I can't help but agree. We belong together. It was always our fate. How else could I have found someone who loves to cuddle as much as me?"

    As Madoka squeezes her, Homura's back arches to press close together. Homura will give as much of herself as Madoka needs, and she's more than willing to make that clear. She can't help but giggle at Madoka's happy sigh, closely cuddled as they are together, and she gives Madoka's leg a squeeze while happily letting her little angel hold her so close.
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-22 06:15:29 98133
    Madoka's heart goes doki doki very often when she sees Homura, even if it's hard to tell except for the blushing on her cheeks. Right now it's very easy to tell how pretty she thinks Homura looks as her heartbeat can be felt with the two of them so close, if dampened a bit by the cozy sweater.

    Since Homura doesn't mind being adored Madoka will heap her love and affection upon her while soaking up all of her love, expressing that affection through squirms, squeezes, cuddles and nuzzles. As comfy as Homura is Madoka wouldn't be so eager to cuddle her like this if she didn't care for her so very much. The romantic side of their cuddles is special and unique to Madoka, who never knew how wonderful it could be before snuggling her new sweetheart that cold January night in the snow.

    "Yes! We absolutely were. God decided to make a cuddly angel and decided there was enough material for two and made us out of it. And now we've found each other, our other half, which is why we fit so well together and wrap up together so perfectly."

    Then Homura is squirming and Madoka can't help but squeeze her as well, even if it means a delay in shifting around to where she wants to be. After all she has nothing but time to spend with Homura, more than content to stay snuggled up until the sun rises, or even after.

    Homura's blush is so cute that Madoka nuzzles against her cheek even more after giving her cute blushy cheek a kiss. It's a whole new reason for Madoka to be wiggly, because Homura is just so show-stoppingly adorable when she blushes. She'll even give an extra giggle because of how lovely her beautiful fiance is before sighing happily as her back is rubbed. Powerful, strong-willed, and gorgeous, Homura really is the complete package for her.

    "It was a fate we had to work hard toward, and no one has worked harder towards their fate than you. But now I'm here in your arms and I'm going to give you the reward you deserve and I need." She's half playful and half serious as she looks into Homura's eyes, "Because I'm going to marry you, Homura Akemi, and then I'm going to cuddle you until never do we part."

    Homura pressing closer to her is addictive and Madoka presses back, soaking up all the love and affection Homura gives her while giving just as much to her beloved. Her lips curl into a smile as Homura giggles again, a beautiful sound to her ears. She squirms happily as her leg is squeezed, brushing her other leg against Homura's and shifting to let a bit of her thigh between her socks and skirt brush against Homura's, her skin nice and silky soft.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-22 06:42:59 98134
    Homura's sweater might dampen the doki doki sound of Madoka's heart, but if she listens for it she can still hear it. It sounds so nice, and it's especially flattering to know that sweet little heart is beating for her. Her own heartbeat can also be heard, beating in time with Madoka's, because their hearts truly are one.

    There is certainly no lack of romantic intent in Homura's cuddles. While their cuddliness didn't necessarily start out romantic, it was very easy to transition to that once Homura confessed her feelings and Madoka accepted them. Asking Madoka was a very vulnerable moment for Homura, but her little angel didn't leave her hanging. Things only got better from there. Is it any wonder that Homura loved Madoka so much that she wanted to marry her?

    "If that is so, then there truly is a wise and benevolent God looking over us, because I couldn't imagine a more perfect union than you and me. You complete me so utterly that I cannot help but feel whole and at peace when you're near. You're everything right in my world, and I love you so much for it."

    Homura doesn't mind Madoka's squeezes, and she certainly doesn't mind cuddling Madoka until morning, or even until noon! Likely Homura will grow so relaxed in Madoka's arms that she might just eventually fall asleep, but even in her dreams Homura knows where her arms belong.

    Madoka really is everything right in the world, as far as Homura's concerned. She's sweet, cute, strong, and beautiful. It's no wonder to Homura that she sometimes looks like an angel or a goddess, and the silky-haired veteran really could not have asked for a better partner or soulmate.

    Homura's blush grows deep red when Madoka mentions marriage. Even in normal conditions the thought of being married to Madoka is irresistible, but cuddled as closely as they are and as romantic as this moment is the thought of cuddling Madoka as her wife is especially potent. She squirms a little more underneath Madoka, clinging to her tighter as her longing eyes lock onto her fiance. "I need that... I need to be yours forever, more than anything. I'd do it all again for the chance to be your wife. There's no future where I won't cling to you forever."

    Homura enjoys Madoka's pressing and presses back as close as she can, clinging in this needful, cuddly moment. She tilts her head and gives Madoka another deep kiss, hand pressing the back of her darling's shoulder closer. She sighs deeply during the kiss, pouring her love and affection into the pressing of their lips while her legs softly bush against Madoka's.
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-22 07:13:30 98135
    The beat of Homura's heart is a precious and sweet thing to Madoka, even now that the weakness of it has been removed, even when she'd never in this life known a version of Homura who had to worry about such things. That removed flaw still makes her think of Homura as precious and needing to be protected, even if it's Homura who is so often the guardian angel protecting her.

    Almost every cuddle Madoka gives Homura now has romantic intent, even when the intent is just a brief moment of closeness. Where once they were but very close friends now the flame of passion and the beauty of romance has sprung forth, and the nearness with which they now share satisfies her in every possible way. She'll forever be thankful for the moment of vulnerability Homura showed in revealing her true feelings, showing her what it was like to be so completely loved for who she was and what it's like to devote herself so completely to another who feels the same.

    "I feel the same way. Without you around there's a little something missing so that every time I see you again I feel light and wonderful. I love everything about you, and if I'm everything right in your world than all I want to do is make your world more and more right with each passing day."

    If they fell asleep in each other's arms it would not mean the end of cuddling, it'd only mean drifting off in the happiest possible place and waking up in the arms of the one she cares about most. That's just fine to Madoka, and something she intends to happen whether it's by choice or happy accident.

    Madoka gets squirmier as Homura's blush deepens and she gives her another warm squeeze, though there's something a little more maternal about it. Her gaze as she looks into beautiful purple eyes is tender and loving, but also reliable and giving. She pulls Homura closer as she squirms and clings, drawing her nearer even while resting atop her, pressing close in a gentle way. "You already are, Homura-chan. The only thing left to do is make sure the rest of the world knows it as surely as we do. Cling to me as much as you want, because I'll be clinging to you as well."

    Letting herself show her own neediness and cuddly passion she does just that, clinging tight to Homura and squeezing her close, pressing against her and blushing while exchanging the deep kiss with Homura. Every bit of love and affection is felt and eagerly accepted, Madoka kissing back and showing her raw, powerful love and adoration for Homura right back. Letting it slip sends a shiver through her as she brushes her legs against Homura's, squeezing on her leg even while delicately brushing the bottoms of her sock-covered toes against the tops of Homura's, curling and uncurling them so they brush over toe and toenail alike.

    She'll deepen the kiss even further, her guardian angel Flame-chan truly being the fire and passion in her life. Quixotically it also means her squeezing loosens a little, holding Homura gently enough so she can cuddle with her more actively while kissing, savoring every little feeling and motion of her fiance.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-22 07:53:49 98136
    Homura's heart has been doing a lot better ever since Madoka found her way into it. If Homura is to be protected, then she couldn't have chosen a better or more loving protector, and she really can't fault the way Madoka feels when Homura feels the same way. She can't really complain about being seen as precious either, when it's someone so dear to her.

    As long as Homura lives, she won't forget the first night that Madoka and Homura cuddled and kissed under the stars, and kept at it until the sun rose the next day. There's a reason why she thinks that date is perfect for their wedding, after all.

    "Me too. I love everything about you. I know I do because we've seen each other so deeply and I love every bit of you. I could never turn you away or forsake you, because I need you."

    Homura has every intention of staying snuggled up to Madoka until falling asleep. She's had enough of stress and problems for one day, so spending a relaxing evening in the arms of an angel is exactly how she'd prefer to end the day. In fact, that's how she prefers to end every day, stressful or not.

    "I know I am." Homura smiles softly up at Madoka while admiring her with needful eyes. "I always have been. I'm yours to cling to, forever and ever, and I wouldn't have it any other way."

    Madoka unleashes her passions and Homura is more than ready to accept them, kissing Madoka deeply and letting her tongue flick against her darling's. She makes a soft happy sound into the kiss, holding her little angel tight and giving her whatever she needs. That maternal side of Madoka is also something that Homura loves and always will. She shifts around a bit to get more comfortable underneath her beloved, then lets her arms drape across her fiance's waist as she relaxes in the comfy bed.

    She sighs softly through her nose as she considers just how lucky she is to have someone so wonderful in her life.
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-22 08:27:51 98137
    There could be no better way to commemorate the day the day their beautiful friendship turned into a magnificent romance than to hold their wedding on the same day. The fact that the number of years won't line up exactly due to the time they lost doesn't matter either- it's the day that matters, not the time. It's the symbol itself of the beginning of becoming something even more to each other, to taking the next step so that there was nothing they couldn't do or give to each other, that all their types of love could one day be fulfilled. To make the day they eternally bond together in holy matrimony the very same could not be more perfect.

    Homura's words are sweet and true to Madoka's ears and her cheeks warm and redden because they mean so much to her. "Even the thought of turning you away or forsaking you hurts me too much to think about," she replies quietly. "Even if you did something I didn't like or didn't agree with it wouldn't matter to me, not when it comes to loving you, because I know and understand who you really are. I know your true self and I love it so much that it hurts." Despite talking of hurting there's no pain in her eyes, only more tenderness and love for the one who had gone through so very much for her.

    As Homura returns her deep kiss Madoka happy and eagerly maintains it, shivering as her tongue is teased by Homura's only to brush her own against her darling's and let them entwine and dance, still kissing with her lips as their tongues play together. The happy sound Homura makes while they kiss deepens her blush but doesn't deter her, instead only causing her to squeeze Homura even closer to herself while enjoying the arms draped about her waist.

    She's content to kiss Homura and make out with her for a long time, getting completely lost on just how nice it is to be able to express herself romantically in that way, showing Homura that she too has a fiery passion inside of her that mingles with the sweeter aspects of her love.

    When the kissing finally starts to lose it's intensity she retrieves her tongue and breaks the kiss so she can slowly press a dozen more sweeter kisses to Homura's lips, opening her eyes slowly and gazing into them. She slips her arms around Homura and holds her tight while rolling onto her side, keeping her lower arm around her beloved while trailing her higher hand over Homura's waist and giving a gentle squeeze to her comfy sweater covered form, only to lift it and brush her upper arm and shoulder before playfully twirling silky black hair around her fingertips, giggling a little.

    Her fingers pull free from the silky black strands a few kisses later, again brushing over Homura's arm, this time trailing all the way down to her hand, fingertips tenderly stroking over it before it circles bout it and turns over to hold onto Homura's hand, fingers entwined.