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Date: 2018-09-23
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Lacrima 2018-09-23 03:29:22 98138
It's the morning after Nakusu stayed the night after Ryo 'Saint George, I'm a buttknight' Okana decided the best thing to do after immediately meeting 'his' princess was to try to kidnap her. Because that's a totally heroic thing to do, right?

Lacrima was busying herself with making breakfast for the house and the guest. This meant eggs, scrambled- bacon, toast and some rose honey in a small little jar to use as people saw fit. She had a whole big vat thanks to Mamoru, so she was more than willing to let it flow freely for the moment for the house rather than just herself.

"Go on, sit. Also. Use some of that honey. It's kind of silly to say this, but it's magic and helps calm a little. You could probably benefit from it." she says to the girl as she most likely enters.

"Hello, my name is" she says.

"A moment." she says as she turns around to grab the bacon she forgot for her plate and slides it over towards her, pouring a glass of orange juice.

"....I have my own statement to make. But you have questions. I'm sure. I want you to ask first. That's only polite before I.. say my own thing." she says quietly.

She'll have a seat and poke at her own meal. There's at least, plenty of food. Lots of people in this manor eat a 'lot'. A vampire with an endless stomach who finds food a comfort, a dragon and a foxgirl that really really really loves eggs and chicken.
Nakusu Miki 2018-09-23 03:35:16 98139
Nakusu Miki did come down from upstairs at some point, rested in some old clothes that we're handed to her, since hers got more than a little mussed up thanks to Saint George. She was in a borrowed sundress. Simple. Easy. Light. Could fit most people. Comfortable.

She smiled. "Oh! That smells wonderful!" the girl happily says as she slips to the table and looks at the honey. "Magic... honey?" she asks as she pokes a finger at the jar, before shrugging and using a spoon to put a little one a piece of the toast. Nom. A bite taken. Huh, that is good tasting. Is that a floral taste?

"I do have questions. So you're vampire! Does that mean you drink blood? Do you have all the weaknesses? Strengths? You obviously don't turn to dust in the sun. Do you need to wear sunglasses in the daylight?" she asks rapid fire. She's so CURIOUS. "...How did you become a vampire anyways? Did someone bite you?" she asks.

She eats. "Oh uhm.. gee! My manners!" she says with a blush. "Thanks for helping to save me from... from your brother. Right? George is your brother?" she asks quietly.
Dragon Lamya 2018-09-23 03:41:35 98140
Lamya is not normally a morning dragon. Centuries of being able to set your own schedule has afforded her the luxury of being a late sleeper, but for some reason, when the sound of chatter from the kitchen comes wafting up with the smell of bacon, it wakes her up.

She stumbles her way to the kitchen, she hears both Larcima and her Princess having a discussion, and once her brain engages and recognizes what it's about she decides to let them have it. However. The kitchen is also where the donuts are stored, so she does make her way inside and gives both girls a quiet greeting, hoping not to interrupt. Oh good. There's still a chocolate glazed with strawberry sprinkles. Her favorite.
Jiaying Maki 2018-09-23 03:57:19 98141
Jiaying Maki stretches as she slips downstairs. She's heading straight for the kitchen wearing a pair of PJ pants and an oversized t-shirt. Making her way towards the smell of food. Sliding into the kitchen and finding a seat at the table. Around a yawn she says, "Dian cai, yi fen ji ding." and slumps forward over the table. From there, she asks after in Japanese, "If you're not done cookign, I can help cook. If you don't mind some Chinese food maybe."

Looking around, there's one roommate, two roommate, three roommate. There's too many roommates. She sits up and stares bleary eyed at the new girl. Then she looks at Norie, then at Lamya, then back at Norie, guessing she's more the people person to bring random strays in. "Who's she?"
Lacrima 2018-09-23 04:12:53 98143
Lacrima takes a deep breath. "This necklace. Cursed me. Took my body from me, replaced with a construct made of dark energy. This form, mostly. It's the easiest one for me to keep now." she says quietly. "I eat energy from humans. More specifically, I drain their identity where it's processed into me so I can keep my wits and personality and not become a rampaging, mindless creature." she says gently. "I am not repulsed by garlic, and a steak through the heart just hurts me a whole lot but isn't dangerous to me anymore than anything else isn't dangerous to me." she says. "I'm functionally immortal." she says quietly.

"I do sleep in a coffin, and properly displayed or sanctified holy places can become uncomfortable for me, save most Chrisitian places for some reason like a western style church down in Pikaraghoka." she says.

"I already cooked Jiaying. Jia. This is Nakusu, Nakusu, this is Jiaying. She is a 'huli jing'. It's kind of like a Chinese kitsune but not. That's what the ears and tail are about." she says.

"Yes. Ryo Okana is my brother. It's why I can't go home and am living here." she says quietly.

She takes a deep breath. "My real name is Norie Okana." she says gently. "I'm sorry." she says cryptically. "For the incident some time ago."

She looks to Lamya. "Good morning Lamya! How are you doing this morning? Did you sleep okay?" she asks softly.
Nakusu Miki 2018-09-23 04:23:26 98144
Nakusu Miki listens intently. "Oh!" she says. "I'm so sorry to hear that! It'd..." she tries to imagine how that might feel. To die.. and come back as a mass of negative energy. It sends a shiver down her spine. "I can only imagine how that might.. you might feel." she says quietly. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't had asked those things." she says.

She smiles to Lamya. "Hi Lamya-chan! Come sit by me." she says with wide eyes.

She looks to Jiaying. "Hello." she says with a nod. "My name is Nakusu Miki. I am.. the princess. That Lamya has probably gone on about... and Saint George has gone on about.. probably from what I hear." she says.

"Well. Reborn.. reincarnated princess." she says meekly. "It doesn't really mean anything except I share an old soul I guess!" she smiles.

"Oh, so a foxgirl? Can I pet your ears?" she asks with wide, adoring eyes, before Norie says her actual name and she shoots to Lacrima. "Wait..."

"You're..." she furrows her brow. "Oh... oh you're... the missing. Girl. That used to go to Seiyou the one that was... acting so odd and out of control for a while.. that arm. Healed eventually. Don't worry."

A pause. "Was all that. connected to your vampirism?" she asks. "No one knew what was wrong with you. Lots of rumors. But being a ball of negative energy... brand new to..."

She shakes her head and a deep breath. "I'm glad to know you're okay. I know you never got my name. But I did wonder what happened to 'that girl'." she says gently. She looks to Lamya and Jiaying.

"Ahahaha-- right. Lacrima...Norie. Here is refering to an incident where I tried to reach out to Norie, who was suddenly a problem student. I figured something like a loved one died? A relative? So she got really angry at me for assuming and she shoved me off the stage and it fractured my arm just a lil bit. That was almost two or so years ago." she says quietly.

Dragon Lamya 2018-09-23 04:39:53 98145
"I slept well, thank you," Lamya says. She's about to eat her donut when she stops and thinks about it, and then slides the plate over to Nakusu. "W.. would you like my donut?" That's weird. Lamya never gives up her chocolate frosted with strawberry sprinkle donuts.

She turns to her other roommate. "I would love to try some more of your Chinese cooking, Jiaying," Lamya says. "All I was going to have was a donut."
Kukai Souma 2018-09-23 04:40:08 98146
It was a warm, only slightly humid day in Tokyo, and thankfully with it being a day away from school Kukai Souma was free to go out and do things today that were outside of the house or school. Which was good, because he didn't really want to be either of those places right now. Instead, he was on the phone, texting someone, Lacrima.

TEXT FROM: Kukai Souma: "Hey, Lacrima. Mind if I stop over? I wanted to see how you were doing today and what was going on."

Kukai mulls over the line, having already deleted the phrase 'check up on you', and then sends it off. He's already on the way to her mansion, but she doesn't need to know that...
Jiaying Maki 2018-09-23 04:48:25 98147
Jiaying Maki holds a hand up and says, "Kitsune are our cousins, they're Japanese huli jing." then her hand falls back to the ground. Her tone is joking, but she'll stand by that statement! She then peers at the girl closely. When she asks if she can pet the ears, she closes her eyes and puts her head back down. "Sure." She offers soon enough. It's not so bad really though, is it? Well, it could be far worse at least.

Looking to Lamya, she wonders if she should try to tease the girl or if she should just enjoy the silliness of a vampire, a fox, a princess and a dragon trying to sort out breakfast in mundane PJs.

"Aw at it already" she lets slip out then stops herself.

"Nice to meet you though. I'm Jiaying like she said. If you're staying here or visiting a lot, just use that. It's easier and I'm not uptight enough to worry about it."
Lacrima 2018-09-23 04:53:26 98148
Lacrima's phone on the counter goes off. She goes to check and texts back:

TEXT FROM: Lacrima: "Sure. Go ahead. We're having breakfast. There's plenty here. We have another guest. You should meet her, as it is. She's a ViP of sorts we all need to protect from the buttknight. Just walk in, doors open."

She looks back to Nakusu. "I'm sorry about that. Yes. I was.. that was early on when I was this... this thing. I couldn't feel any positive emotions only remember what they felt like. When you tried to talk to me I got so upset and I felt an urger to lash out. So that happened. That happened a lot back then. You remember. Right?" she asks quietly.

"I'm sorry I didn't get your name back then." she says quietly. "I'm glad you're not holding it against me. I did a lot of dumb things." she says. "Back then. In fact. Someone is coming over who probably has a few stories about that-- Kukai Souma. You know Kukai, right Nakusu? The star sports star at Seiyou?" she asks. "I mean at least heresay and stuff..." she says quietly.

She goes about setting out another plate and putting food on it for Kukai and also readying Jiaying's plate.

She smiles at Lamya's attempt at sharing, she looks to Jiaying and merely raises her brow at her antics.

She smiles a little more. "Very busy this morning this kitchen." a pause. "Right Nakusu. There's two major rules here. Don't start fights, mainly physical ones, preferably not verbal ones, and stay out of the basement. That's where I keep my coffin. It's... private. For a vampire. That." she says quietly. "Is all." she says with a deep breath.
Nakusu Miki 2018-09-23 05:02:44 98149
Nakusu Miki nods. "I can understand that. I don't like fighting. No need to worry there. I admit I am curious about the basement now, but I'll stay out." she says a little sadly. She wanted to hunt around down there. See if there was ghosts.

"Hey is this place actually haunted?" she asks. She looks over to Lamya though and...

"Oh! That looks lovely... here..." she says as she takes the donut, and then breaks it in two, then hands Lamya a half, and she keeps a half for herself. She then suddenly looks down at the donut and then suddenly very sad for a moment, something twinkling in her eyes.

Why did that feel like a familar feeling of some sort. She shakes it off and looks back up.

She reaches up and... eeeeee fuzzy ears! Rub rub rub a little scratch. "So fuzzy...!" she says.

She grins and sits back down proper. "Thank you!" she practically sings out. She does eye Jiaying's statement about 'at it already' before looking back at Lacrima.

"Like I said. It healed. And now I know why it happened. I'm glad to know you're okay... in some fashion. Did you know everyone was taking bets about what happened to you. Unpleasent things. I didn't like it." she says softly.

She blinks. "I think I heard about him a little. Never met him." she says with a nod. "It'll be nice to meet some new people. Wow! It's too bad I can't tell my other friends. They'd never believe I met a nice vampire, or a a foxgirl or know a dragon and everything." she says, with just a small amount of giddiness.

"...Especially the dragon." she says with just a little blush.
Dragon Lamya 2018-09-23 05:10:59 98150
Lamya blinks at the half-donut that is pushed back at her. Sharing! She blushes a little and starts to nibble on her half, a stark contrast to the way she normally just devours everything she eats. She shakes her head at the mention of the hauntings. "No spirits from what I can tell, evil or otherwise. The Pumpkin would have scared them off."

Nibble nibble. "So... did you have a good night here last night, Nakusu?"
Kukai Souma 2018-09-23 05:16:53 98151
It's only a few minutes later until Lacrima (if not Jiaying and Lamya) hear the sound of the front door opening and sneakered footsteps approaching. As Kukai approaches the kitchen he stops and knocks on a nearby wooden paneled wall, sending a thump-thump-thump through that part of the house. "Hello! I've arrived. Mind if I come on in?"

Kukai steps into the kitchen, wearing a blue shirt with a green geometrical design on it, khaki shorts, and running sneakers. It's honestly too hot outside to wear a lot more. "Hello! Ah, wow. Yeah, lot of people here this morning. Heya Jiaying." He waves to the friendly fox girl, then bows his head to the other two whom he is not exactly familiar with. "Greetings and all that! I'm Kukai Souma. I'm a friend of Lacrima's. I came to see how she was doing this morning. It's nice to meet you!"
Jiaying Maki 2018-09-23 05:22:36 98152
Jiaying Maki holds her hands up and wriggles them. Without lifting her head and mimics a ghost sound. "WoooooOooo." then she pauses, "Not really. I wouldn't let them unless they were playing nice. Unless you want to count Meifeng, but she couch surfs and watches bad daytime television. Just watch for the wandering stuffed bunny rabbit dressed like a vampire."

The look from Norie goes unnoticed. But she does ask, "What?" when she can guess what's happening. "I'm hungry. I haven't had tea and it's cute." And she stands by it! Again. "Most of the students think I just cosplay as one on halloween. It's the best day of the year. Anime cons too when I go there with doujin. Lots of people think they're props so I can be lazy for a day with magic."

She pauses, "Meifeng only generally speaks Chinese, but I'm preeetty sure she's learned Japanese. She's just stubborn." she says that like it was an afterthought.

"Hi Kukai." She offers. "Your shoes gave you away. It's so rude!" She's clearly teasing guessing by her tone. She then finally sits up, runs her fingers through her hair and makes an effort of looking like a proper, well behaved yaoguai. Which is a blatant lie, but she's getting better. "Joining us for breakfast? Thanks by the way N-Lac... Roommate. Did I say one earlier?" she sounds a touch worried now. "Thanks though." she says, before murmuring to herself trying to remember.
Lacrima 2018-09-23 05:31:32 98153
Lacrima smiles. "Hi Kukai-kun! Kukai this is Nakusu-san. She's the the reincarnation of the princess at the center of the 'Saint George and the Dragon Myth' but. "I think I wanna start calling it 'The Princess and the Dragon Lamya'" she says quietly. "Because I think that's the actual story that should be told." she says curtly as she nods to the dragon and the princess. Hrmf!

She huffs at Jiaying. "I allow shoes here. I wore shoes at home. Dad is American Japaense, it was odd growing up okay?" she huffs again.

"You're welcome for breakfast." she says.

She grins as Lamya nibbles the donut, and Nakusu shares. Yeah, yeah she thinks she was right about what she was thinking of the two. She doesn't tease though. She makes sure Lamya gets a plate of eggs and bacon and toast though.

"Kukai, I was talking to Nakusu-chan about what a mess I was a couple years back. You remember that right?" she asks softly. She pauses. "How are your brothers doing since I came over to talk?" she asks. "OH! Right um..." she raises her left arm to show off another braclet, different than the one she uses on her right hand for dark energy flow. "This is Paige." she says. < Greetings! > says the Intelligent Device in a British accented tone. "He's my Intelligent Device. So I can fight things without worrying about toxifying things with dark energy when needed. Also like a little mobile lab of sorts. If you see someone that looks like a light purple frilly sparkle dracula, in a ballroom mask, that's me-- that's the devices Barrier Jacket. That form is 'Masquerade'. Can't use my dark energy while in it-- but I can do non-dark energy things. Finally." she takes a deep breath. "Sorry for that long explanation. Also, Jiaying didn't know either so. Now you do!" she says at Jiaying.

"Anyways. Nakusu. While we're here. Can I.. run a test? On you?" she asks.

"I want to find out if you might have magic or not." she asks gently.
Nakusu Miki 2018-09-23 05:37:34 98154
Nakusu Miki is currently occupied in looking at Lamya for a moment or two as she smiles, as she eats her donut half too. Her eyes sparkle just a moment before she looks over to Kukai. "Oh, hello!" she says. "Yes, hello I'm Nakusu Miki." she says. "It's nice to meet you!"

She looks over to Jiaying, and then blushes a moment when she realizes Jiaying was talking about her and Lamya. She keeps her head high though. She just still blushes is all.

She looks over to Lacrima. "Um. Of course. I mean it's not gonna hurt or anything is it?" she asks.

She's sure Lacrima won't do anything too harmful. Lamya's here afterall. If Lacrima hurt her, Lamya would eat her.

Right? A pause.

"That voice. Is that a person? You call it Intelligent..." she says gently. "Should I be saying hello to him too?..." she asks like she was rude for all morning ignoring someone.
Dragon Lamya 2018-09-23 05:42:28 98155
Lamya's eyes meets those of Nakusu's as they nibble on their respective donuts, and she's only able to maintain the eye contact for a little while before she looks away, blushing furiously for some reason.

Ah, good! New person to introduce herself to. Clearing her throat she says to Kukai, "I am the dragon Lamya. It's a pleasure to meet you."
Kukai Souma 2018-09-23 05:54:37 98156
Kukai hmms, eyeing the eggs and bacon and such. He'd had some rice and egg and a few other things for breakfast, but the bottomless pit that is his stomach speaks before Kukai can, grumbling hungrily even before he opens his mouth. "Well.. I mean, if you have some extra. Thank you!"

Kukai moves over to sit at the table. "Well the last time I came here Lacrima had me keep them on so I just keep them on for now. I know it's weird but no more weird than your hair changing color." He motions at Jiaying's whitened hair. "When did that happen?"

When Lacrima speaks he shrugs. "Well. Shusui and Rento both have been talking to Unkai and Kaido and helping me talk to them. Unkai's finally crawled out of the whiskey bottles and straightened himself out, even though he's still really upset about what happened. I don't think he liked the idea of losing control of himself and attacking people like that at all. Kaido, though.. Kaido hasn't talked to anyone about it since it happened. He's at least interacting with me again like he used to. And Rento and Shusui are trying to ask questions, too. I'm having to actually tell them they're better off not knowing some things, which they don't always accept, and it's annoying. But it's better than what it was."

Kukai cocks his head, examining the bracelet, then grins. "Is it a good idea for you to have so many voices talking inside your head, Lacrima? And.. a sparkly vampire? Didn't they make a movie about that not too long ago?" He grins at her, obviously teasing her. "I'll keep an eye out."

Kukai arches an eyebrow, then turns to look back at Nakusu. "It's nice to meet you Nakusi. Ah. Huh. I mean, probably should check at least."

When Lamya speaks, he blinks, staring at the girl. "...Dragon? I.. OK! It's a pleasure to meet you too."
Jiaying Maki 2018-09-23 06:01:50 98157
Jiaying Maki drums her fingers and says, "I was teasing him, I wasn't being serious or I'd have tried to make his feet stick to the floor or something." She pauses and pokes at her plate, taking a piece of bread to pile up with everything. Then devouring a rather big bite of it. Nom nom.

She looks at the device, then to Norie, then back. "Neat." She says. She considers and adds, "Are they handing them out? I want a magical smart watch. It'll yell at me to stop screwing up magic. Just without an angry old kitsune doing it and instead some posh voice." She stops and adds somewhat seriously, "Which I guess is similar. Bad attitude aside. Helpful though!"

"It shouldn't hurt. I don't think. I could probably help with the test and see if she can activate the gateway into my room." She pauses, "Careful if you're lost, my room's by the attic. It uh... goes somewhere different now." She points to Norie, "I told you about that right?" She pauses. Thinks. Thinks. "I think. It leads to the shrine. I'm fixing it. And staying there. You said you kind of liked it there right?"

"Welcome to the monstrous breakfast there Kukai, it's been a while. How are you doing!"
Lacrima 2018-09-23 06:07:44 98158
Lacrima smiles. "Paige is an Intelligent Device. They're kind of like a tiny intelligence that helps someone use magic. They have personality, and have the ability to feel and care for their owners. So I consider them 'people' in a way. I say good morning to him at least. So if you want to say hello to him, you can do that much. They're not overly talkative-- like if you ask how he is, he'll mention he's operating at so and so percent capacity-- but he won't tell you anything more unless he has reason to-- but when they do talk on their own accord it means they have a concern for their owners well being." she says with a curt nod.

"Hey Paige, how are you doing?" she asks, to example. < Hello, Mistress! I am operating at one hundred percent. May I help you?" > says the device. She shakes her head. "No. Thank you though Paige." she smiles a bit.

She eyes Kukai. "Paige is a 'good' voice to have in my head." she smirks. "I'm glad to hear things are improving. Remember, if you need help. I'm here." she nods curtly. She looks at Kukai and Jiaying both. "There was a run in , in the Night Harbor. A sort of afterlife-like place for certain people. I can let her explain past that." she says.

She looks back to Nakusu and Lamya and smiles and approaches Nakusu. "Actually. It won't hurt but it may... 'sting' for a moment. Like a mosquito bite if I do it right. Nothing so bad. So I apologize." she says as she takes a finger and touches it to Nakusu's forehead and-- there's a little small purple spark as she quickly draws her hand back with purpose. A tiny, tiny, ting energy drain. Nothing that will affect Nakusu at all that can't be helped by finishing the rest of that donut. "Okay that went as expected---oh..."

She says as she looks up and down a moment. "Ah-- that's... that's really strange." she says.

"So. Right. Magical people have 'tastes' to me. Like. Kukai there tastes like a lemon lime sports drink? Ariel tastes like Skittles and Rainbow Sherbet. Stuff like that." she says as she furrow her brow.

"You taste like. An absence of something. Like a jelly donut without the jelly, a mozzarella stick without the cheese inside, a sandwich that's just two slices of bread..." she says. She shakes her head. "I dunno what that's about. But it's the first time I've tasted... that. Like. Parts of things and--" she sighs and shakes her head. "Sorry. I don't really know if that means you're magic or not." she says meekly.

She eyes Jiaying. "Riventon-sama made him for me. I asked him to give me a way to fight dark things like me that I only empower by attacking. This was his solution. Mind you..."

"It means dark attacks can hurt me now too while I'm using Paige actively. But It's better to cancel each other out than empower one another endlessly." she says wryly.

"Yes please help yourself Kukai there's plenty. Usually this all goes into tupperware for leftovers in the night. So please save me from cold microwaved eggs and bacon." she says mock depressingly.

She smiles at Lamya though, at her blush to Nakusu. She sees you Lamya.

"I'm going to visit Ariel's home dream tonight. I wanna make sure she's okay after... well. Getting angry. She's never been angry in her life. She's a little unnerved by it." she says quietly. "I kind of just wanna take her away and snuggle her until she feels better." she says gently with a blush and a huff.
Nakusu Miki 2018-09-23 06:19:20 98159
Nakusu Miki eeks! At the tiny 'pinch'. She shivers a bit and looks back at Lacrima as she explains her 'tastes' and how she tastes. "...huh..." she says as she looks down and taps her chin. "I don't know what that means myself." she says gently.

"Well hello then, Paige! It's a pleasure to meet you! Sorry for being rude and ignoring you!" she says.

She watches Lamya blush and look away. She smiles to herself a little. To think the big, huge dragon she knew could become a sweet, cute girrlllll----- darn now she's blushing and looking away a moment when her mind starts traveling in that direction.

She nods. "Well I know I don't have magic. I just am able to process it mentally I guess and accept it? I've seen things for a while." she says. "Like people fighting things?" she asks.

"I didn't actually get to talk to anyone until those knights and that princess showed up. Um. She said her name was Runealy, right? and Hino and Gao we're two of the names I remember of the knights." she says quietly.

"I wish I had a way to find them..." she says gently. "I know one of them found my book. I still need to get that." she says.

"It has my dream notes in it--- oh! RIGHT!"

"You asked how I slepy earlier. I had a few dreams I've had before? But the details we're clearer. Like. There's been this dream where I put a small wooden token in a box with others like it. I can see names on the other tokens but the one in my hand was always fuzzy, right?"

"Well I had that dream except the token said 'Sabra' on it this time. So I think that is definitely the princesses' name." she says with a nod.

"...Now I just need to remember why I.. she.. was doing that to begin with." she shifts a bit.
Dragon Lamya 2018-09-23 06:30:01 98160
Lamya listens to what Lacrima has to say about the taste of her Princess' energy, and nods sagely. "That matches up with a lot of what Nakusu has said. I mean, just the general 'missing'-ness of it. So we have to figure out what it is that is missing." She thinks for a moment, though the chatter of the others, but Nakusu's dream brings her back. "Is that, perhaps, the lottery?"
Kukai Souma 2018-09-23 06:52:17 98161
Kukai nods. "It's ok. I know Jiaying was teasing me." He grins at Jiaying. "Well let's not make anything like that happen."

Kukai huhs, then nods. "Heya Paige. I imagine I'll be talking to your mistress from time to time." He shrugs and sighs. "I guess the only thing that's going to help is time and effort. I'm just surprised they remembered as much as they did."

Kukai huhs and rubs his head, leaning back. "Well... she has a soul, obviously, right? And a brain and energy and stuff. So what would they even take from a reincarnated ..." He rubs his chin, then looks at them. "Hey, thought. What if the ability for her to change Lamya's status is what got missing? Her ability to make her.." He waves his hand at Lamya. "More... Dragon-y? It would explain how easily she takes to this all without the magical forgetfulness most people have."

Kukai's eyes latch onto Paige and narrow. "Oh great, he's got a camera and sensors and crap in it, I know. Hi Riventon-dickhead-sama!" He waves at Paige.

Kukai nods and points at the breakfast. "That sounds awesome, thank you. I'll get right on it. And... Sabra, huh? So there's... y'know, there might be more princesses or something. The tokens have to represent something. I could maybe ask my grandpa if he knows, but I don't know if dreams are something he's really familiar with."
Jiaying Maki 2018-09-23 06:59:33 98162
Jiaying Maki hesitates and says softly, "I'd be hesitant with anything he gave as a gift, but if it helps it helps. Never look a gift thing in the mouth." She shakes her head a few times and sighs. Leaning back, she starts to eat again. Keeping quiet for now.

"The missing thing. Think she's... that's. That's odd. Maybe we need to do something? Like find out who ate it. The big spider guy didn't eat it right? Because that guy sucks and I still need to poke him with a guandao."

She scoots over, dragging her chair, then stands up to grab another, making room on the already crowded table for Kukai, "Come on over here."
Lacrima 2018-09-23 07:02:29 98163
Lacrima looks at Kukai. "Lamya is the dragon in the story of 'Saint George and the Dragon'. Ryo, my brother, is Saint George. Nakusu is the princess. The story, goes that. 'Saint George slayed an evil dragon and then married the princess.'." she says softly.

"What actually happened was that Saint George lied to a princess, then stabbed the princesses' dragon friend because he wanted to be a prince or something or just wanted a princess to himself and to also spread his religion, SO the princess saved the dragon- putting the dragon into a slumber while she died from the attempt." she says with a deep breath.

"Saint George still thinks the princess belongs to him. That's wrong. So so so wrong." she says quietly. "I'm going to go do a fire reading at the shrine soon. Jiaying, you should come with me." she says with a nod. "To see if we can't learn anything about George." she says quietly.

She shifts a bit uncomfortably at this. "Everyone seems fed decently then." she says as she begins to clean up her own plate.

"Right. There is one ghost in the house. But she's friendly. She's a friend. A ghost of a young Chinese peasant girl inhabiting a plush doll that is... yes dressed like a Chinese vampire." she says with a coy look. "She's my couch potato buddy~" she says.

She looks to Lamya, and arches her brow. "Lottery?" she asks. "Wait that's right." she taps her bottom lip.
Nakusu Miki 2018-09-23 07:10:57 98164
Nakusu Maki. "That's about a right recollection of what sounds right to me." she says to Lacrima. "I mean it's a good laymen's version of it." she says. "...Traitor... Betrayer. That's what I think of when I think of George. I... I was just trying to save my friend. He used me to hurt her." she says quietly.

She shakes her head out of it. "But that's the past. But those actions still reverbate today. George is reborn. I'm reborn. Lamya is still Lamya. She didn't die or need to be reincarnated." she says gently, moving a hand out to touch Lamya's. For comfort? Yeah.

Comfort. "Lotter--- yes!" she says. "It was a lottery! I was.. was trying to teach my..-- erm. I was try to teach her dad, the king. Something. I don't remember what. But.. Yes. I put my name in a box but."

"I think I rigged it so I would be chosen too..." she says as she shifts.

"Why would I do that?" she asks. She makes a short face that looks like confusion. "Weird past life memories I think, are weird." she says with a sigh.

"I should be going soon. My father is probably wondering why I suddenly stayed over a friends. But um..."

"Lamya, before I go. Can we sit and talk someplace quieter?" she asks. Just a short tiny blush.

"Please? I mean. If you can't. Or don't want to. You don't need to.." she says. "Uhm.. I mean. Don't want to impose..." she says.

"Or.. anything...." she continues to awkwardly trail. "Um... y-yeah!" she finally ends.

Well that's awkward and embarassing as she looks around.

"You all be quiet!" she says with an embarassed tone. She seems to be looking directly at Jiaying suddenly during this. Who made remarks earlier.
Dragon Lamya 2018-09-23 07:17:37 98165
Lamya nods along with what Lacrima tells of the tale, agreeing with her. Then there's a hand. In her hand. It's Nakusu's hand. She squeezes it comfortingly. Then she's asked to be alone with Nakusu. She blushes (why is she blushing so much?), and nods. "Of course. It wouldn't be an imposition."
Kukai Souma 2018-09-23 07:25:16 98166
Kukai sits with Jiaying and then nods to her. "Thank you very much! Let's dig in." He doesn't quite get a piece of bacon down before Lacrima makes him nearly choke on it as she talks. "...Your brother is a saint? A Catholic saint? And he's .. well, the butthead that is your brother and tried to kill a bunch of us? And Lamya is a dragon that he fought?" Kukai takes in the whole story and then groans. ".... Is there no way to ... I dunno, redeem him? Make him make up for being the butthead he is? Or is he just a giant irredemable butthead?" Kukai rubs his chin, already considering what he'll put onto HeartNET.

Kukai shakes his head. "The... no. Nakusu belongs to herself. And reincarnation or not, Nakusu is not Sabra, and Ryo is not George. They cannot and will not do the same things that the old dead people did." He nods at Lamya. "You, however.. I mean, honestly? It's important you don't forget they aren't the same people."

Kukai reaches over and pats Lacrima's shoulder gently. "Thank you for cooking. And I still wanna check in on you later and see how you are."
Lacrima 2018-09-23 07:38:09 98167
"More importantly, Kukai..." she says grimly. "He made Ariel angry." she says. "Ariel. Who only got disappointed and sad at someone stealing her mom... who never raises her voice and is a pacifist, yelled her heart out at my brother. Denouncing his saint hood and calling him a 'Blackguard'." she says with a sigh. "I feel so bad about that." she says. She nods. "Lamya understands that Nakusu isn't the same person, but merely shares a soul with that person. But Nakusu seems happy all the same as if she we're the princess, with Lamya." she smiles as she looks over at Lamya and Nakusu with a grin.

"There's the sitting room off to the side of the vestibule if you two need privacy. Just close the door. No one'll bother you." she says. "Or sneak peeks." /Jiaying/.

She smiles at Kukai. "Anytime Kukai. I'm doing fine actually." she says. "As well as I could be." she says. "I no longer need to worry about not fighting my brother. I no longer have to worry about making his problem worse with dark energy. I can slap him one the next time he tries to attack me." she says softly.

She nods, she'll begin cleaning, and leave Lamya and Nakusu to their own devices.