Final Judgement

Sakura and Takashi face off for the cards in a fight that reveals Takashi's ancestry, the location of the missing Yukito, WHY Takashi was so scarily powerful and A JERK head and, finally... Who the true master of the clow cards is.

Date: 2018-09-24
Pose Count: 20
Takashi Agera 2018-09-24 03:10:28 98219
Takashi -in henshin as the bird-cloaked Riventon- stood in the forests of Hokkaido, well outside what he hoped was the major sensory range of all of the other magical girls. But since he couldn't convince the Judge to just delcare him the winner or let him challenge without the other holder, he had no choice.

And that's why, in Sakura's room, a series of dark blue runes started to appear in a circular pattern on her floor. And Sakura knew everything she needed to know about it instantly through the magic of the Judgement; that Final Judgement is now, and walking through that portal will take her there.

It's on the other side that Riventon waits, his more wicked clone of Sakura's key idly turning in his hand, the contemplative sort of anger on his face at the fact that this was happening now... and at some other recent negative things...
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-09-24 03:31:08 98220
Sakura Kinomoto has had a rough day. All. Gosh darn. Day. Tomoyo had heard about final judgement, which meant, well. OUTFITS! All day she had been trying them on. Worst of all? Kero-chan was ENCOURAGING it. He'd actually managed to get up and was feeling realllllly good right now(ish) and thought he was recovering his magic.

Still, Sakura could never tell her friend no in anything, so all day she'd played dress up and now, finally... She walked up to her room.

As the final seal appeared on the floor. She stared at it and then... "This... is it... isn't it?" she asked.

Kero nodded. She sighed and... "Key that holds--"

And then the door opened and Tomoyo came barreling in. "Sakura-chan, I--" And then... "Wait, is that..."

Sakura, now on the ground, nodded and groaned. "Y-yes," she said, before getting to her feet. "I need t-- EEK!"

Sakura's hand was grabbed by Tomoyo and... "Well then let's go, right? We need to!"


Alas, it was too late and... The two girls appeared in the forest. Due to MAGIC! Tomoyo appeared outside of the barrier of final judgment, while Sakura...

Appeared in the center, opposite Takashi. Kero flew up, adapting his large form and growling. "You!" he snapped. "You know you have no right to be here," he snapped.

"Tomoyo-chan, are you okay?" she called out.

"I'm fine, Sakura-chan! You can do this, good luck!" Aaaaand of course she had her camera out.

Sakura sighed... then turned to Takashi. "Takashi-kun! We don't have to do this..." She held out the key and said her incantation. "But I know that won't make you stop. Nothing short of showing you you're wrong will make you stop. So... If this is going to be our final fight, then once it's all over... well... let's be friends, okay?" she said with that big smile of hers. REALLY?!
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-09-24 03:34:44 98221
Sakura Kinomoto was, of course, wearing a very pink, adorable outfit with blue stockings, a cloak, an adorable hat... The final judgment outfit, as Tomoyo called it.
Takashi Agera 2018-09-24 03:38:40 98222
Riventon's eyes narrowed. "Sakura Kinomoto." He said, and he said it with malice and venom. "You know, you have spent the entire time standing in my way, making this more difficult. Do you know what happens if the Selected controller of the Clow Cards fails the test? A catastrophe will befall this world."

"And if you beat me to become the holder of all the cards, and fail the test, that catastrophe will be all on your head."

And then there was someone else with Takashi. Someone tall, in all white, with white hair to boot, and with white wings. Someone very strange, but also oh-so-familiar. "Now she's here, so you can begin the test. And I think you should begin it by scrubbing her clean so I can have all of my cards so I can demolish Clow Reed's little test." He made a dramatic point at Sakura, causing his own cloak to flow and the feather pattern to shimmer. "I am the Firstborn Prince of the Dusk Zone, the Director of UMBRA, and the direct descendant of Clow Reed himself! You are carrying cards that belong to me as my right of inheritance, you little speck! We can never be friends as long as you withhold part of my birthright from me!"
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-09-24 03:46:32 98223
Sakura Kinomoto nodded slowly. She lowered her eyes, and then closed them. She was silent for a long moment.

Finally, she opened her eyes and looked to him. "Everyone will lose the thing most precious to them. The one they love and care for the most." She reached a hand up, over her heart. "Every friendship, every romance, every heart torn asunder. It is something that cannot happen. And... for a moment. I thought maybe you were right. Maybe I wasn't good enough."

She then drew the cards, and spread them out. "But... they are my friends. They are something to me that you can't understand. You can NEVER understand, can you? Or at least not yet. You can't lay a 'birth right' on a family. The cards are not TOYS or GADGETS you can play around with and then discard when it's convenient," she said before taking a step forward to him. "The cards are LIVING creatures, with hopes. Dreams. Feelings of their owns. And their hearts will beat with mine. As I will NEVER allow ANYONE to hurt them in the way that you have."

She then smiled. "But... that's okay. You just can't understand that now, even if you really are super smart. Daddy says sometimes smart people can be the silliest of all because they don't realize just how much they don't know. But I'll teach you, don't worry!"

Kero, meanwhile... was watching Yui. And looking concerned. "What... have you done? Yui?" Kero asked.

"Huh? Who's Yui?" Sakura asked.

"He's the judge of final judgment... if he's... here... Why are you silent?!" he yelled towards his fellow spirit.
Takashi Agera 2018-09-24 03:55:18 98224
Riventon laughed. Well, really, he cackled. Villainously. "You think I don't know that? The reason I was pulled into this was because one of the cards sensed you and found you wanting. The Mirror card; Black Sakura - she didn't WANT to end up with you, she choose me for a Master! And the cards that I have have taken on my spirit, have taken on my aspects. They're just like me, and they're happy where they are." He spun the Clow Key, and pointed it at her.

"And when I take your cards they'll grow just as powerful and strong on Dark Energy as I am. Just like the ones I already hold. And just like the Judge. He's silent because he's already made his judgement. Because he's already on my side. You're a terrible excuse for a Selector, Cerberus. You had one job and you did it wrong."

And Yue looked up and for a moment his eyes flickered grey-black. Then he spoke. "She is unworthy to hold the cards. To carry on our Great creator's legacy!" And his angel-like wings spread wide before he dove right at Kero!

    "CLOW CARD. MIRROR! RELEASE!" Riventon called, and drew the card, and from its power came the creature formerly known as Black Sakura. Riventon created a scythe like the one she'd had before, which she caught and spun. Before she dove at Sakura, coming for her. "Surrender the cards to Riventon!" Black Sakura called with Sakura's own voice.
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-09-24 04:03:54 98225
Sakura Kinomoto narrowed her eyes. "I might almost believe that. I might. Except I have the sweet card. You couldn't see how scared it was. How thankful it was to be saved by me. How it felt with all that power. How frightened it was. I will NEVER give the cards up to you. Because you can't even see in their hearts!" she yelled.

"Power without heart is USELESS!" she yelled.

Kero growled. "Sakura is the TRUE wielder of the clow cards. I don't care if you are a descendant of my master, even if I believed that. Someone like you could NEVER be worthy of the cards!" Kero took to the air, flying up to swirl around Yui and sending out a blast of fire.

Sakura stared up at the girl. "I'm sorry. But... once this is all better, I promise you'll see how much I love you. But... for now... I just need you to trust me. Okay?"

She drew two cards. "Power! Fight!" Oh, one of her favorite combos. As the scythe came at her... She stepped in. Getting inside of that blade, her right hand reached up to grab the scythe, yanking it in further and keeping herself in too close to use the blade... Before driving her left palm out into the face sakura's solar plexus. Sending the clow card flying back and the scythe flying back behind herself, separating the clow card from her weapon. She then looked up at Takashi. "I don't want to hurt either of you. Please don't push this, Takashi-kun. Mirror-chan," she said. Mirror card would find that while she was disarmed and... sent back a fairly far distance, she wasn't really that hurt. The blow merely knocking the air out and making her bounce a bit on the dirt.
Takashi Agera 2018-09-24 04:16:09 98226
Yue and Cerberus continued to take the fight to the sky, Judge and Selector, Ice and Fire, an elemental lightshow that raged across the skies of Hokkaido.

"Sweet? I had forgotten about it." Riventon snarled. "I guess even my ancestor had some mistakes when he made things. Maybe runs in the family." He floated down to help Mirror back to her feet. "You needed Power and Fight to handle just one of my cards; just to handle it. That's why you're an inferior successor. How could she possibly trust you? When so much is in our hands now?"

"And your friend, Cerberus? Or... Kero? Maybe if you were smarter you'd realize he's governed primarily by my card... Firey...

    "CLOW CARD! FIREY! RELEASE AND IMMOLATE!" A smack from his Key and the card explodes outward, a tornado of fire... and more. The angelic form was corrupted now, wings black, horns on her head, a snarling, sharp teethed visage with Dark Energy coursing through the flames, making the a purple black.

But before Firey could attack, Black Sakura placed a hand on Riventon's chest. "She's weak... I can do this." she said before she moved in.

Riventon held Firey from attacking for now, but her dark-energy enhanced presence was having effects on the fight between Kero and Yui far above...
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-09-24 04:23:51 98227
Sakura Kinomoto stared up at him. "That's where you're wrong. I needed Power to defeat her. I needed Fight to make sure I didn't hurt her. That's the difference between us. I value all of my friends, even if they make mistakes, or help you, or... or don't always believe in me. I will ALWAYS believe in them. I will ALWAYS protect them. And the cards are my friends!"

Sakura's eyes widened, and her eyes were widened as she looked to kero. And then she saw it. The darkness in his flames... The way it was growing weaker. The way the ice pierced through the flames and grazed his wings. "Kero-chan!" she yelled.

"I'm fine! Defeat him, Sakura!" he yelled, through his wings moved slower now, his fires all the weaker...

Sakura gulped and... "Fire and earth. I know," she said. Then drew a card. "EARTH! Bind and contain!" she yelled. The ground began to rise up... and attempt to envelop and snuff out the fire. Her counter to him... but...

That left her unable to use a new card without dispersing earth first. Which left her with just a wand to fight Mirror. As the girl charged in, reaching for her... It...

Sakura suddenly moved to the left, reaching out and kicking her feet out from under her... Before launching a gull punch into the other girl's stomach, knocking her back. "I'm sorry! But it's a lot harder to do properly without the fight card!"

Yeah... Add that as another reason for him to hate Gull.
Takashi Agera 2018-09-24 04:34:23 98228
Riventon snarled. The Mirror was pushed away again - this time she took a bounce and rolled. "I want to let you help..." he began, "...But you've given what you can. She can't hold the cards as long as I can. You, however - have to rest." He tapped Black Sakura with the wand and she returned to her card form.

"Maybe you could do it if you were stronger, Sakura!" Riventon called. As Firey and Earthy fought, Earth's native advantages were getting brushed off by the far more insane, far more powerful Firey, her black-orange flames bursting out like gouts of rage.

"How long can you hang on? How long can Kero hang on? Dark Energy will bring him to my side soon, and I'll be properly Selected, instead of him taking on some tiny little girl as a CHARITY CASE because he FEELS BAD, instead of picking the rightful descendant!"

    "CLOW CARD! SWORD! RELEASE!" Riventon called, and his Key tapped the card before becoming a wicked sword with a flamberge blade. "Better not loose your concentration on Earth!" he warned before he charged forward himself this time, sword tucked into his body as he prepared to make a thrust with the point of it!
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-09-24 04:49:23 98229
Sakura Kinomoto stared at him. "It's not about how strong I am. It's about the connection!" But... she spoke. And her words seemed hollow. As the earth card WAS being pushed back. For every ounce of fire it put out, three times as much would spring up. Enveloping everything. And she couldn't disperse it.

Up above, Kero was struggling, bruises and batter marks appearing across his body as he was shoved bodily through the branches of a tree, gathering himself and trying to leap away and out of range.

Sakura pulled back as the sword came running at her. What... could she do here? She didn't... She couldn't stop earthy. If she did, fire would win and... KEro-chan would be in danger! But... she needed fight.

But she'd never tried using a new card while the first one was being used... but... She didn't have a choice. She had to try."Fight card!" It shot through her like a bolt. Expelling more energy than fight alone, but... When the sword came at her, she moved the wand up... And parried the sword away.

Again and again. He'd push in and... she'd knock it aside. But... She was being pushed back. She tried to counter him, but in the end she was just a child. She couldn't even push his attacks away, she had to parry him and deflect just enough for her to not be there. This was in no way a balanced fight...
Takashi Agera 2018-09-24 04:59:36 98230
Riventon was pressing her, and while he wasn't trying to kill her, he wasn't exactly letting her win. The Sword might not have been able to cut through the Clow Key, but each of his Dark Energy enhanced strikes were reverberating through her, were sending those shockwaves of force.

"You're too weak, these cards are made by an archmage, they're created with power and talent, not love and hope. You've been listening to the other skirts, but now reality is going to crash into you!" And he brought the sword down one more time... and this time Sakura's grip weakened and the Key went clattering to the floor, and before she could reach for it, Riventon's foot was on it.

"Reality check, kid. Power calls to power. Not love or peace or hope. The Mirror felt my power and came to me. The other cards prefer it under my control. The powerful cards, like Firey... they do better in my hands. The Judge, more powerful than the Selector, hears my call and answers..." And just before he reached down to take the Key, suddenly a ping went off in his ear, a warning, and he leapt backwards off it and away, as a huge creature landed where he was a moment ago.
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-09-24 05:08:20 98231
Sakura Kinomoto cringed back, every hit making the metal shake in her hand. Reverberate. Pain. It hurt. It hurt a lot. And then... Her grip was too weak. She couldn't hold onto it. It flipped from her grasp and she ran towards it... Only for him to put his foot on it. Only for him to block her. And... had he...

Adn t hen Kero. "Sakura IS the chosen. The one chosen to wield the cards. The one worthy of Clow Reed's legacy. NOT you. You will NEVER be worthy. You may be his descendant. But you never inherited what made him great. You never--"

BAM! Yui slammed into him, the two flying into a tree and sending bark and dust into the air. "KEro-chan!" Sakura yelled. She reached to grab the key... Then shrieked. The earth... flowed back to its card form and... Then flew to Takashi.

Enveloped in dark energy. "N-no," sakura said.

As the dust settled.... Yui and Kero stood as one. KEro's once golden mane, now tinted with dark energy, his eyes black, with white iris. "K-kero-chan, please... no..." she pleaded.

"Takashi... is the true heir to the cards... not you, Sakura. You are too weak..." he said, only to unleash fire on her. She shrieked and brought up the shield card...

Only for the shield card to be torn from her as the card flew to Takashi. "NO!" she screamed, her eyes widening. She drew more cards. "G-give me back my friends! Windy!" Only for Yui to lift her hand... and the winds disipating and the card to fly to Takashi... like so many others... "No..." she whispered.
Takashi Agera 2018-09-24 05:19:35 98232
Riventon's glee at the sudden change of tides was overwhelming; now that the two guardians were on his side he dismissed Firey and Sword with a wave of his hand.

"Now you heard it from the Selector's mouth too." He said, leaning down as the cards suddenly started to jump into his hands. One. Two. Three. Until he held every Clow Card she'd controlled in his hand fanned out. "The Selector... the Judge... the guardians of Clow Reed are now my guardians, Sakura Kinomoto."

"You should listen to your friends - to the cards - do you see how they've made a choice too? They've chosen power. And now I only need one more card..." He tapped a card with his wand, one of his. And when it formed, it was just a small girl in a harlequin outfit; far from the most threatening thing.

"Once my ally Erase has done her work, Sakura, not only will your name not be on the cards, but your time with them will be erased as well. They won't know you from another worthless, pathetic little loser. You'll have no powers, nothing to set you apart. And I'll have the cards in my name, where they should be. People will know of my name for centuries - I'll surpass even my ancestor Clow Reed!"

He leaned down, and Yui and Kero, eyes flickering grey, leaned over each of his shoulders, faces full of twisted malice. "Maybe I should have Erase remove you too, and spare you the wrath of MY Guardians. Because right now I can hear what my friends are saying, and they want to rip you apart for sport. And you know, you want people to listen to their friends..."
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-09-24 05:26:55 98233
Sakura Kinomoto stumbled back, and then fell to her knees... The wand fell from her hands. It clattered on the ground and... she just.... stared. Her memories? Of all her friends? Thoughts flashed through her mind. Everyone she met, everyone... Sailor moon and Kukai saving her when she fell. Rashmi being over her, when she was too tired to go on. Too tired to fight. Saying she'd be there and to never give in. Homura and Madoka protecting her. Helping her fight against Takashi. Yuuki and Cure Spark saving her from drowning. Dancing with the flower card and meeting Cure Flora. Being tiny and afraid and meeting joy sentinel. Meeting everyone in the ECFH...

"My... memories?" she asked. She felt for her cards, but there were none.

But then... Maybe... it wasn't so bad. The witch. All that death and destruction. That pain. Being hurt by Hannah, almost dying. Being hospitalized. Getting hit by lightning. The pain, the fear. Maybe... losing all of that would be... okay.

She closed her eyes.
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-09-24 05:45:04 98234
Sakura Kinomoto accepted her judgment. She failed. She lost. And then her fingers touched another card. She still had one. She drew it and then... Stared. The gull card... Tears welled up in her eyes.

The horrible blizzard, where she was frozen and everyone came to her aid.

The construction zone, where everyone fought with her. For her.

Fire enveloping the forest and having to be rescued.

The watery card, where there was so much destruction. Where they had to stop it...

The maze card, where she met them all.

Haruna training her. Working with her. PRotected her.

Nightbell, her newest sister. Helping her with the cards, telling her of what final judgment was.

The siren of the boat.

Being put to sleep.

The sword fight.

Going through walls.

The illusions in the art.

Mako and Kyouko saving her from fight.




Every card. Every connection. Every bond she formed... gone. Slowly, she reached up and grabbed her wand again. And though she was shaky... She couldn't.

"NO!" she screamed. "I won't give in! I'll NEVER GIVE IN! I still have one card!" The gull card... really? "You can't understand, do you? It's not about strength, or power. You're not going to lose, because I'm weaker or you're weaker. You're going to lose because you're ALONE! Because every card, every one of them is a beacon of light. A memory of my precious friends. Of those who are precious to me! And you can beat me and hurt me and even break me. BUT YOU WILL NEVER DEFEAT ME AS LONG AS MY FRIENDS ARE WITH ME!" And as she rose the wand over her head...

Light enveloped all, from her wand. And when the light died... Her wand, the key? It was gone. In its place, was a single... pink wand. With a cicular end with a pair of pure white wings. Inside the circle... was a star. A single massive, golden star. Surrounding it, dozens of little lights appeared around the star, like tiny stars. "For all of my friends. For all of the magical girls. FOR EVERY MEMORY! GULL CARD!" And a blinding light enveloped the card as... in its place. A new clow card appeared. A single... strange one she'd never seen.

A woman of glimmering light appeared. A light so pure and radiant and just... beauty, that for takashi... it burned. And then the woman disappeared... And the light moved towards Takashi. And erase froze.
Takashi Agera 2018-09-24 05:59:00 98235
And Riventon actually had to take a jump back from the intense burny brightness and positive energy. "Agh! What the hell is a gull card?! IS THAT HAND DRAWN?!" He shouted. But then he could see it, he could see the real card that was in its place now. "Fine! That's just one more than belongs to me! Kero, Yui! Seize that card!" He ordered. And the two of them lunged forwards and...

The light burned at them, and burned away the negative energy that had infected both of them, causing it to fleck away and their eyes shifted back to normal. And just as Erase reached for the cards in Riventon's hand... they began to reverse course, each of them returning to Sakura before their names could be removed. And then the cards that were still in Riventon's stored space began to be pulled, unhidden even there!

And Riventon raged. And he reached out with his staff and desperately tried to call out his allies! "FIREY! THUNDER! FREEZE! SAND!" And each one he tapped came out in its Dark Energy form... for a moment before finding themselves purified and flying to Sakura. "MIRROR!!!"

And once more the black-dress clad Sakura rose to her feet, reaching out and grabbing a card herself as Takashi called its name. "SWORD!" And now Mirror was brandishing the wickedly flame-curved blade on his behalf, staring down Sakura, raising the blade...
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-09-24 06:08:43 98236
Sakura Kinomoto stared at the cards. Each one flew to her, forming a wall of cards. Her cards. She smiled as his name fell off the cards, and so did hers. But it didn't matter. The cards had chosen their master. And now Sakura shone. And as Mirror stepped in... The sword raised up...

Sakura stepped in and hugged her. The card froze, unsure of how to proceed.

"I'm so sorry. I'm so, so, so sorry. For all the fear, the pain, the suffering. If I had been stronger. Braver. If I had been more powerful. If I had been there for you... If I could undo any of the suffering you endured, I would... Because you're my precious friend, Mirror-chan."

"And I love you."

The sword fell from the girl's grip, before turning into a card, much like the others. And mirror. The card that had been so loyal. So obedient. That Takashi had taken care of.

Hugged Sakura back... As the darkness left her... and then she turned into a card. Sakura then looked to Takashi. As the guardians spoke up.

"It's as I said," Kero said. "You were NEVER worthy of Clow Reed's legacy. Even if you hold a single drop of his blood in your veins, you lack what made him strong. What made him GOOD. You are unworthy of EVER comparing to him."

Yui narrowed his eyes. "The cards have made their judgment clear. Sakura... is our master. And you... will never be anything more than an imposter..." Ice formed in Yui's hands. "One... I will eliminate."

Sakura blinked. "W-what? Wait! You can't!" she said, getting between the two of them. "Please. He's not that bad. He SAVED me. When he didn't have to. He's... not bad. I think..."

"I think he's just lonely and needs help finding his way." And then. She smiled at him. That perfect 'Nothing bad can happen' smile.

Takashi Agera 2018-09-24 06:25:37 98237
"Mirror!" Riventon snarled, in a mix of betrayal and shock. He'd... had this sort of thing happen an awful lot, to be fair. Didn't make it easier. His next words were less words and more of a scream of anguish, of a lot of being turned against. It wasn't just Mirror he was protesting, it was also Ayana and Fate. And everything else that had gotten away from him.

And then the two 'guardians' spoke and told him he wasn't worthy? Wasn't right? That he hadn't, what, fought as hard as she did? "Why do you call her worthy and not me? It's not just my bloodline, I've fought, I've bled, I've worked for EVERY CARD, you USELESS SACKS OF CRAP." And he stood to his feet. "You think this is over, you think I need YOUR MERCY?" Riventon raged and the cloak he was wearing shimmered, and the feathery design left - as did the Black Key - and instead Riventon was wearing his gauntlet. He was a Mage now.

"I don't need the cards to be powerful, and this isn't over yet. I'll use my raw power to rend you apart! Both of you have outlived your master and you've outlived your usefulness on this world! I'll send you to meet him in hell! And then I'll rip the cards from your unconscious hands and break your stupid pink key like I should have done!"

The forest, which was on fire from Firey's rampage, suddenly grew queit as the raw amount of Dark Energy Riventon was channeling into himself tore through the air, and there was a sphere of pure darkness that was surrounding him - the plant life in the area wilted and withered. And then all throughout the forest, several hundred spheres of Dark Energy ripped their way into existence, barely contained, vibrating in the air with readiness to attack.

"I'm not going to be told I'm unworthy by ANYTHING, much less a bunch of SERVANTS and a GRADESCHOOLER. You'll witness my absolute power and it will CRUSH YOU." Riventon's eyes were black as night, and black energy leaked from them like a plasma gas. His hand outstretched and his fingers twitched - but then just before he could squeeze them together and command the readied energy to attack...

Suddenly, the world shook, but only to his eyes, and he stumbled. And he rose to his feet... and the world stumbled again, like he was dizzy. And he felt weak. And then... the energy started to feel further away... the orbs jitered in their places.

And finally, from within Riventon, from within Takashi Agera, a rectangular shape emerged - coalsecing in the air in front of him. And the card read simply:

    The Dark
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-09-24 06:41:21 98239
Sakura Kinomoto backed away. He was so mad. "Takashi-kun, calm... calm down. Don't..." As if that ever worked. Kero and Yui moved forward to protect her, as the darkness rose around them. So much power. She felt fear. She felt sick. She felt...


And then the card tore itself from him. And she just... stared. And then, slowly, she stepped forward. Yui and Kero moving aside. She then... reached out and took the card. As she did... the glow around her shone ever brighter, the light flowing up and... Entering the card. Before erupting in a burst of glimmering white light. The darkness... the orbs? Disappeared. But the light around her did as well... And the cards regathered into a stack, for Sakura. A single, final card. When she placed the dark on it, they all glimmered for a minute... Before the lightshow finished. She turned to Takashi. Weakened. Damaged. Not powerless but... all but.

"I'm so sorry... I didn't... know."

And then suddenly Yui was in front of Takashi. "For your deeds against the cards. Against Sakura. Against Clow Reed... I pass judgment."

Sakura's eyes widened. "WAIT! NO!" she screamed.

Ice tore through the air and... Where takashi stood... there was nothing but a crater and ice.

Sakura stared. "Did.... did you kill him?" she asked in horror.

"Probably," Yui said. "No human could survive that."

Kero sighed. "He's fine, then. He's not human enough."

Yui blinked. "Oh. I see. I best go finish him off, then."

Sakura shrieked. "NO! I forbid it! If you try to hurt him any more, I'LL STOP YOU!" she yelled.

The angel stopped, and ten turned to this angry, small child who was staring up at him. Willing to fight for her mortal enemy. Then, slowly... he knelt. "As my new master... decrees," he said.

Sakura let out a sigh of relief, then looked up and... "I... hope he'll be okay... where... are we?"

Tomoyo then, conveniently walked up. "I caught it all on tape. We're going to hae to do a special screening for everyone, later." Sakura flushed. "And, according to my GPS, we're in Hokkaido."

Sakura blinked and... "How do we get home?"

"I'll call for my mom's helicopter. But... ummm... we need to get to town. A town..."

"I'll carry you two," Kero offered.

Yui nodded and then... "If I am no longer currently needed, master, I will rest."

"Huh?" Sakura said... Then yue began to change into... "YUKITO-SEMPAI?!" she cried... Before he collapsed to his knees and had to be held up by the small girl.

OH. Oh dear. This... was going to be very hard to explain... And oh my gosh Yukito was here and WHY WAS HE HERE?! She was so happy and confused and GAHHHHH!