Fishing Expedition

Date: 2018-09-25
Pose Count: 15
Takashi Agera 2018-09-25 23:39:30 98266
Takashi Agera was lost in a sort of repetitive nightmare. There was a moment, when he had it all. When everything was in his hands - literally, he had all of the Clow Cards in his hands and both Judge and Selector in his power. And then it all fell apart, and it ended with Yue, one of his own ancestor's guardians, blasting him with a bolt of power that sent him away.

Literally. Into the air and flying and he found his power insufficent to right himself. He actually found his power insufficent in a lot of ways and was still trying to piece together what had happened while he was awake. And then he hit the water itself, and the impact of his body with the Sea of Japan knocked him out cold.

Thankfully, he wasn't alone. Axion, his trusty device, was still largely in one peice, albeit with a crack in the center of the gem. And it sent out a distress call to Takashi's more trusted allies. And drew a tiny bit of power to keep him on a fragile, raft-like Round Shield until they arrived. Hopefully, they'd arrive. Because his clothes under his henshin was another lab coat and it wasn't particularly buoyant.
Lacrima 2018-09-25 23:58:04 98267
Lacrima knew Takashi went off to the 'Final Judgement'. She wanted to go. But he wouldn't let her--- he had to do it alone. She wanted to sneak after him anyways. But she didn't want to anger him or cause him to loose. So thusly, Lacrima waited with a baited breath walking all over a room she was doing some study work in. She knew she was stressing too hard when she found herself pacing on the ceiling.

Because dark energy creatures don't give a damn about real world physics. Then Paige got a ping. Axion...?

There is a helicopter on the way as Lacrima holds out the opera-glove like device on her left hand outwards and sighs a bit. "Let me know when we're closer." she says. Paige pings back...Britishly somehow. Lacrima's still trying to figure that one out.

EVENTUALLY, they appear to be over head so Lacrima lets herself float downwards after jumping out of the helicopter and frowns. This'll be the what. Second time this month she's having to carry boss-sama up and out of something? She floats upwards. "Dammit. There's energy drain." she says. Because dark sense dark and Takashi is less darker than usual. She'll make it upwards towards the helicopter.

"Riven-sama. Are you awake?" she asks. She , afterall- doesn't know if this means he lost. He could had won! and just been so drained after the fight this happened! Right!?...

Rosalie Janus 2018-09-26 00:06:17 98269
Nightbell was just as antsy as Lacrima, though for different reasons: she was worried about Sakura's current state, win or lose. She isn't entirely sure why she allowed herself to make that sort of emotional connection with one of the heroes (or, self-proclaimed heroes, she quickly mentally corrects herself), but ... well, she still feels that way, and as Akari she still cares about Mikoto, so at least the human race didn't lose completely. ... Yet. She spent the entire ride out fidgeting in her own seat on the helicopter in full Knight Clothing.

She floats out after Lacrima. "... Scheisse," she mutters when she, too, senses Takashi's relative dearth of energy. Well, that means someone in her chain of command right in front of her needs help, so that's the overriding concern at the moment. She swoops down next to him, and looks up to Lacrima. The Vice Director's orders take precidence, after all.
Takashi Agera 2018-09-26 00:31:31 98271
The first few things Takashi says aren't really... things. They're aching, pained groans and something deeper, an attempt to access a source of energy he no longer has. His body feels so much weaker as she carries him, even moreso than any of the other times he's been out.

But eventually, he gets a word out. "Ouch." That's the first word, but it counts.

"I had them. I had all of the cards. I had everything in my hands. I was going to win. I was going to save everyone. I was going to be the hero." All of the past tense aside, he was likely never going to be a hero... but the tense indicates he wasn't a winner today either, if the near-total lack of Dark Energy indicated.

"She took... my energy... as a card." He hadn't quite processed everything that happened enough to have figured out precisely WHAT happened.
Lacrima 2018-09-26 00:54:17 98275
Lacrima looks to Nightbell and motions upwards back towards the Eclipse helicopter. She frowns and gets Takashi sat down, or laid down, whichever he prefers. She sighs and frowns a little to herself. Takashi-sama. Didn't win!? But that means... that means Sakura-san did!? How!? Surely. She had help. She should had known she should had went. She's getting a little huffy at her mental thoughts so she drives them out in favor of worry.

"Wait. What!?" she asks. "She can... do that!?" she sputters dramatically. She huffs.

"Relax Riven-sama. We had to fish you out of the ocean." she frowns a little and takes a deep breath. "She didn't take it all. I wish I----"

"Ah...." she raises her device. "I need to stop wishing. I had instruments on me." she says.

She sighs, "Paige do a basic scan on Riventon-sama. And also. Ping Axion for anything that went on last night, and if he is in danger of running out of energy at the moment." she asks. Paige pings and does as requested. Or at least tries to.

"Besides 'hit by a truck' how do you feel right now?" she asks softly.
Rosalie Janus 2018-09-26 01:00:06 98276
And with that, Nightbell exhales. For a moment, there's relief in her glowing eyes, plainly visible even with the face-markings. Sakura-imouto won!

But then she blinks, frowning down at Riventon. "Wait," she says. "Wait, wait, wait. I admit I don't really have a complete handle on the way the Clow Cards work, but ... I thought between the two of you, you had the complete set." She looks between Lacrima and Riventon. (And makes a mental note of Lacrima's expression. Dark energy critters gotta watch out for each other, after all, in more ways than one.) "Are you telling me that, new cards can just 'happen' somehow?" She pauses. "... Or just in really significant events like Final Judgment?"

She leaves the deep scanning to Paige; Rubindorn, hanging around her neck in pendant-form, just doesn't have all the functionality of a Midchildan-style Device. She does, however, telepathically order Rubindorn to scan Takashi and Axion, just so she can see what little there is to see.
Takashi Agera 2018-09-26 01:30:19 98279
Takashi groans as Paige communicates with Axion. Axion gives Paige and therefore Lacrima a clearer picture; Sakura took all of the cards and then Riventon got blasted by Yui. And almost didn't survive.

And Axion tells her that whatever Sakura took had apparently been in Takashi for... as long as Axion had been with him.

"I don't think... I didn't think... I don't know. She didn't beat me in combat. The... she cheated. The cards just... left me. My name... erased." Like what he did to her, but without the planning. And perhaps a little more legitimate.

The main thing is that Takashi's linker core is very, very weak right now, and it's not so much that he has less energy, it's that he has less Dark Energy and what there is, is being fought rather than mixing in, with the rest of his weakened energy. Like an autoimmune disorder, for energy.

"I worked... so hard... for nothing. Less than nothing. I can feel... so weak. I can't... control the Darkness."
Lacrima 2018-09-26 01:45:32 98282
Lacrima blinks a little at the readings as they're relayed to her telepathically. She frowns a little deeper. "Whatever been in you has been in there as long as you've had Axion. I dunno how long that is." she says. "....also you're dark energy levels are low but your normal levels are fine?" a pause. "Oh... oh dear." she says. She sighs and rubs a hand up her face and through her hair. She looks towards Nightbell. "Clow is an asshole. I wouldn't be surprised if there we're more hidden or something. If I ever meet him again. I'm going to shove him. It won't do jack but I'll enjoy it for the full five seconds." she says.

She looks back to Takashi. "I um..."

"If I'm reading this right. Your dark energy levels are being fought rather than... whatever else they usually do? Like. Like I dunno how to explain it." she says.

She goes to say something but... then realizes now isn't the time to give unsolicited life advice. "I would offer to try to shove more into you, but .. well A, your life doesn't seem to be in danger and B, given what I'm seeing it may not be a good idea until we figure out what's happening here." she says with a soft sigh as she lowers the hand with Paige on it and just places a hand to her face and seems to think.

"Ugh she must had pulled a dirty trick. I knew it." she huffs. "Dumb... never.. play fair.. stupid..." yeah she's huffy about Takashi's loss.
Rosalie Janus 2018-09-26 01:52:37 98283
Rubindorn is actually surprisingly good at detecting issue's with one's linker core. It was built for someone who depended on their linker core for more pressing things than most people, after all.

"... He looks worse than I did after Prism Princess Yellow dropped her purification orbital strike on me," Bell murmurs. She nods to Lacrima. "Yeah, 'Clow Reed is an asshole' is the impression I was getting."

She listens along with Lacrima's recommendations. When she starts getting angry, Bell gently puts a gauntleted hand on Lacrima's shoulder. "Careful, Lacrima-sama," she says softly. "You don't want to let your emotions get out of control." Well, at least it seems like she has a pretty good handle on all that business now ...
Takashi Agera 2018-09-26 02:02:16 98284
Lacrima has to be huffy - because Takashi isn't in any state to be. Wheezy, maybe. He tries to make sense of Lacrima's information, but his brain just isn't in it. And he's in a lot of pain. But slowly, he's peicing together the things that happen.

"Clow Reed is an asshole." Takashi adds, in trios. "And turns out he's also my ancestor. Those damn cards... my family line... my birthright!" He tried to slam his hand angrily against the floor of the chopper but it just made a soft plink.

"I don't know what to do now. For whatever reason, I have no power and everyone hates me. Present company excluded. But that's a bad place to be." At least he'd found full thoughts now, not just hardly articulated thoughts.
Lacrima 2018-09-26 02:20:07 98285
Lacrima stares at Takashi for a moment. "Wait."

"You're related to Clow Reed?" she asks with a blink. She looks to Nightbell. "I'm fine. I'm just.. just upset right now. I'll be fine." she says quietly. She frowns and crosses her arms. "How do you even know that?" she asks. "Did you trace your family tree or..?" she shakes her head.

"Nrg not important. You're probably too out of it to answer anyways." she says. "You're weak right now. We need to figure out what that's about." she says.

The helicopter is moving along as fast as it can! Which is fast. Eclipse helicopters are weird supernaturally fast. "For now. It is probably not a good idea to try to do anything like shifting into the Dusk Zone until we figure out what's wrong here." she says. She rubs a hand up and down the bridge of her nose again.

"I don't think this is the result of purification." she says. "At least not the usual kind we're used to seeing if it is." she says.

She frowns. "But... for now." she looks to Takashi. "Relax, for now We need to get you into a hospital." she says. "-and I think I need to pay a visit to a cryptic old lady soon." she snorts. "Because I need to know what's going on here now."
Rosalie Janus 2018-09-26 02:26:55 98286
Nightbell frowns in response to Riventon's words. "This is really bad," she says. Her immediate impulse is to start preparing for defensive measures. "... Looks like he's gonna need personal bodyguards for an indeterminate amount of time, too ... hmm. No field work for a while, either. And we need to prevent any information about this from getting to our enemies."

She nods in agreement to the comment about dusk stepping. "There's just too many unknowns here," she says. She looks over at Lacrima. "Cryptic old lady? Is this something I need to know about?" She's asking in the polite tones of a subordinate who will be perfectly happy if the answer is no. She's very much behind on certain things, but if it isn't need-to-know, it isn't need-to-know.
Takashi Agera 2018-09-26 02:33:49 98287
Takashi groaned. "Yeah... I'm... glad we started moving all of the things out of the old place. They're already... trying to harass me. And... yeah. I've been in Ireland tracing my line."

"Clow Reed was the culmination of two lines of magic... Western and Eastern. And I'm descended along the Western line..." he explained. "That's why... I'm so tall."He laughed a little.

"And it explains... my mother's... talent for magic." He was still having trouble talking. But not breathing, at least.

"I don't think it'll hurt if she knows about the Crone. Nobody who can do... her harm can get to her. And she's powerful enough."

"We should go to the floor of the hospital that Eclipse runs. The one in Mitakihara. There's guards and... if Masu isn't too mad... she can help."
Lacrima 2018-09-26 02:58:33 98288
Lacrima sighs a bit and mutters something in Spanish that's probably a curse word. She gently looks back up. She looks to Nightbell and then back to Takashi because that was the next question she was gonna ask.

"'The Crone'." she says. "Only moniker we have for her. She's basically an old witch that lives in the Dusk Zone. In a dangerous part even dangerous by Dusk Zone standards-- Dangerous enough we can't just 'step' into her area, we have to start outside it and walk in up a treacherous mountain." she says.

"She has cryptic advice. Seems to know things others just don't. She appears weak and frail but we're pretty sure she's extremely powerful. Besides."

"I don't think anyone has a reason to 'attack' her that I know yet." she says.

"You probably shouldn't tell others about her regardless. I'll probably need help visiting, if I choose to, as it is. So maybe you'll get to come with me." she says to Nightbell.

She nods. She walks to the front of the helicopter and makes sure they know where they are going. She walks back and crosses her arms.

She takes a miserable breath. "For now. Let's just get you looked at. I'm not sure if poking Sakura-san with a stick is a good idea yet. But if I have a chance to take back what she took, I'm taking it." she says.
Rosalie Janus 2018-09-26 03:13:47 98289
Nightbell nods along with Takashi's summation. She does wince at the suggestion about Masu; she knows what happened with that. "We miiiiiight want a backup plan in case the answer there is 'no,'" she says softly. "... of course, she hasn't messed with Dr. Murano, but I'm not sure if Tarnished actually knows the Doctor's in UMBRA now." She shrugs. "She's going to get discharged in two days, by the way."

She listens to Lacrima's summary of The Crone. "Okay, got it," she says. "I'm perfectly willing to help you with whatever fighting you need, Vice-Director." She sighs softly, waiting with Riventon while Lacrima talks to the pilot. For now, though, this is a situation where all she can do is wait.

And then Lacrima says that last point, and Nightbell's glowing eyes flash as she turns to her ... but it was about the cards, not about hurting Sakura, and she says nothing.