Naive fairytale

Somewhere, dedicated warriors begin to realize that peace isn't an option.

Date: 2018-09-27
Pose Count: 9
Signum 2018-09-27 22:56:23 98320
It's late at night, too late for young girls to go to bed, but... this one tends to get spoiled.
    Not that it's their place to tell their Master to do ANYTHING, but... there could stand to be more discipline in this home.
    Of course Signum, the leader of the legendary Wolkenritter; and infamous hardass in her own right WOULD think that, but as she leans against the doorframe, watching as Shamal tucks their young Master in, the coldness in her eyes isn't as... harsh as you might imagine. Indeed, there might even be the faintest tug at the corner of her lips... but it fades away as she closes her eyes and quietly but firmly orders, simply, "Report." to the arriving presence behind her.
Zafira 2018-09-27 23:07:09 98321
Amusingly, the likewise cold and mostly emotionless looking man that's closing in behind her looks toward the scene with Shamal with a VERY short moment of obvious disappointment. It's quickly burried away in his usual disposition, however. He'd missed seeing the master off to sleep, but there are far more important matters at hand. "The core has been retrieved..." he murmurs, simply giving a straight fact at first. After a moment there's an almost unseen furrow of his brow however. "This...doesn't seem like enough."
Signum 2018-09-27 23:16:10 98322
    Signum's eyes narrow and then close as she puts her back to the doorframe, arms crossed. One could be forgiven for thinking she was trying to hide her disappointment from their Master. That's not a conversation any of them want to have.
    :... I see." Is all she says, her voice devoid of emotion, or even any apparent interest; though when her eyes open again, they fix on Zafira like they're burrowing a hole through him.
    In fairness, she looks that way at everyone.
    Almost everyone.
    With the tiniest huff of a sigh, she walks past Zafira, stopping in front of a quaint family dining set that doesn't match the atmosphere of the room. As if to agree with you - or give a report of her own - Signum suddenly says, "Master's getting worse." As if you couldn't see it for yourself. "She won't admit it... but she is."
Zafira 2018-09-27 23:29:23 98324
The white and blue haired man gives a firm, grim looking nod toward Signum. Rather than wasting words on restating what they'd basically just confirmed, he jumps right to the next step. "...we need something more powerful..." He'd follow her away from earshot of the room hopefully. " it time for /that/ resort," he says with something of a grimness to his voice in the way he keeps pausing and how he empthasized the word that. Despite the ominous tone of his voice, his expression looks as nearly careless about what's being says as her's does.
Signum 2018-09-27 23:39:47 98325
    Except Signum doesn't look careless any more. She turns her head slowly until one piercing cold eye looks into Zafira. In another time, Zafira may have been scolded for speaking to their leader out of turn on a matter like this. But the look is about as close as she gets, gritting her teeth behind closed lips before she turns away again, her ponytail whipping about behind her. "*If* it comes to that... it will be on my word, and not a moment before." She says sternly. No accusation, but a simple... affirmation of the chain of command.
    Though her voice becomes much softer; difficult for the human ear to hear, as she adds. "... And Zafira..." She hesitates, for just a fraction of an instant; which is a fraction of an instant longer than usual, "... be ready if it does. It's *my* word we'll be breaking. Don't hold back on any account."
Zafira 2018-09-27 23:55:09 98326
The tanned, muscular form crosses his arms, but lowers his head some. "Of course," he replies simply, showing no signs of rebellion or shame, but a slight sign of admitting submission. "For the master, there will be no such thing as hesitation..."
Signum 2018-09-28 00:06:24 98327
There's no direct response. His obediance, his loyalty, and his willingness for violence... they're all as they should be.
    For all of them.
    "Good. Dismissed, Zafira." There's a brief pause before she adds, "... Master will... want to say good night." It is a bafflingly peculiar thing to hear from Signum's mouth, but...
    The Master has made them all a bit... strange.
    Too strange perhaps. Their hesitation... their concern. They've let themselves get soft.
    Singum has let them get soft.
    Gripping the top of one of the chairs with a frustrated grimace... Signum starts to earnestly wonder if it's time for this naive little fairy tale to end.
Zafira 2018-09-28 00:21:23 98328
Even with his canine like parts in hiding and his face looking more like someone glaring down an enemy than someone who is happy, it's easy to imagine his tail wagging anyway. He'd offer a small bow of his head again before backing out. He'd make his way to see the master. His will to fight hasn't changed, but he's been showing far more emotion than he used to, even though he's generally stoic.
Signum 2018-09-28 00:22:14 98329
Wether that's a blessing or a nuisance... they may have to find out very shortly.