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SILMIL: Jadeite's recruitment! A young Endymion is on a trade tour with Kunzite, Nephrite, and a bunch of stuffy people, when he ditches to go investigate why his SOMEONE IMPORTANT IS IN TROUBLE senses-- and it seems Jadeite's let his mouth run off without its tact in place again.

Date: 2018-09-29
Pose Count: 15
Mamoru Chiba 2018-09-29 05:47:32 98399
It's not a place a prince should be wandering around alone in, nevermind the Crown Prince of the Golden Kingdom of Earth. It's not bad, per se, but it's also more like upper-middle to middle class, or bourgeoisie, rather than super upscale. The streets are more narrow, the alleys darker, the signs a little more garish and attention-getting, the wares for sale a little less fantastically intricately crafted--

--and the merchants a little more concerned with money than name.

Endymion, after practically warning Kunzite he was going to ditch the entourage if it didn't divert like he wanted it to, did indeed ditch-- and left his absurdly rich and intricately hand-embroidered coat and sword in its bejeweled scabbard behind, dumped carelessly in the back of one of the entourage's carts. As soon as he was out of sight around a corner, he pocketed his rings and messed up his hair a little, then crouched to drag his fingers in the dirt and get the lay of the streets.

He wouldn't be able to get to his destination by going through solid walls, and had no idea where they'd be, otherwise.

Maybe a minute and a half of alternating flat-out running with ducking through and between and under massive crowds, getting his hands and knees dirty in the process, the nine-year-old prince gets to where everyone else seems to be leaving, and there are raised voices, and he climbs up on the side of a stopped cart to get a better look over all the tall grownups hedging someone in.
Saburo Yukimura 2018-09-29 05:49:48 98401
The boy did not have to wonder how he'd gotten himself into this situation - he knew, exactly, as he always did, that this was the result of using his mouth too much and his eyes and ears not enough. Father was always warning him about that - about the need to focus at all times, to be aware of his surroundings and the impact that he had on others whenever he was away from family, and not only when he thought it could help. Father was not always right - but he was often enough that truly, he should have listened.

The four merchants arguing over his fate with one of the region's lawmen might not have been there if he'd followed father's advice from the start, after all.

"The loss in profit that my store bas suffered due to this mongrel is far greater than the insult paid these men," one of those merchant's argued, his voice low but audibly angry. The hands kept firmly at his sides shook even as the boy watched, even as he thought to himself that nothing of what he had said could have cost as much as this man made it out to.

And yet, this was not the basis of the second merchant's dispute. "Though I am loathe to dismiss your claims, my friend, I believe you are mistaken. My own store has suffered considerable harm due to the tales this boy has shared. I believe my request should be heeded first."

And so it went - each merchant arguing that it was they who deserved first recompense from the boy and his family. It had been the same arguments for long enough that the fear had started to fade, and only the five pairs of legs acting as a barricade had kept him from trying to escape. Well -

- that and the risk of a worse sentence, should he be caught. As it was, he was already at risk to lose his nose, to have his so-called crimes inked permanently over the skin of his face. He did not care to push further, and risk his punishment turn into something worse - loss of a foot, for example. He likea his feet. He would never be able to select a favorite.

"The punishment must suit the crime," the lawmen said sternly, not for the first time. "The crime which was worst, but also all others completed along the way. At the moment, it seems that each of you endured the same crime, committed multiple times."

Silent, hold his peace, avoid causing more trouble - "But sir, it was never my intention to steal business from these men, only to tell the truth -"
Mamoru Chiba 2018-09-29 05:50:00 98402
Atop the edge of the cart, balanced perfectly and with a respectable -- for him -- amount of balance-loss footspace, Endymion squints down at the other boy, then surveys the shopkeepers and the relatively reasonable lawman.

He weighs his options. He pats down his pockets. He takes out one of his rings and glances at it, decides it should be enough to handle buying an awful lot at first glance, then puts it on. And then the blond boy, hemmed in against the wall, speaks up again, and Endymion grimaces.

"Ho there!" he calls out, schooling his face into good cheer, another round-cheeked nine-year-old, but clearly and emphatically foreign with his dark skin and blue eyes and well-made but just-strange-enough clothing. The Crown Prince is in the city; could this boy be part of his retinue? A playmate, a servant? A whipping boy? No, no, not the latter, the high royals don't do that--

"What stories has he told? At which you, grown men all, with respectable businesses long established, could possibly have taken such offense? What could he have said to turn customers away from businesses you've undoubtedly run since well before he was even born?"

The foreign boy waves a hand, a glittering light blue sapphire ring in a gold setting on his finger-- glittering in that light so it looks like it could be made of water-- and leaps down, landing almost soundlessly on the cobblestones. The handwave is phenomenally imperious, but he doesn't sound condescending in the slightest. A bit incredulous, maybe, or faintly impressed, and certainly curious.

Once he's on the ground, moving toward the cornered boy and just expecting the adults to part in front of him, he addresses the blond 'mongrel', warm blue eyes sparkling with delighted amusement. "What did you say?"
Saburo Yukimura 2018-09-29 05:51:52 98404
Invoking truth as a defense earns the ire of even the most cool-headed of the adults surrounding the boy, unsmiling faces growing hard and cold at the unintended slight. To claim that he speaks the truth is to imply that each of them is dishonest in their own claims, and even the more tolerant lawman looks with harsher scrutiny at the blond boy who so stood out. An offended outcry would have undoubtedly ensued but for the sudden interruption of another voice.

All looked about, and all became aware of the origin of the call, a foreign boy in well cut and draped but utterly unusual attire. He is small, but only as a matter of age compared to the grown men before him - contrasting him to the boy so thoroughly caught, he is slightly taller, made all the more so by the confident cast of his shoulders, the assured tilt of his head as he speaks, the cheer on his face as he addresses a quintet of strange adults where any ordinary child might have felt the sting of nerves.

To the lawman, these were the qualities which must assuredly mark a noble youth, a playmate of the Crown Prince who's entourage was set to be touring the upscale labyrinth of the wealthiest district in the marketplace. Already he was thinking of the rumors that could abound from this sighting, and the need to escort the boy away from this area and back to the guards who would surely come looking.

The fine weave of cloth is what catches the eyes of the shopkeepers, each of them taking in embroidered designs and bold colors, the fine weave and stitch of cloth that indicates wealth as surely as gold and precious stones would have. To one, the first thought that crosses the mind is random, and the wealth that could be made from the wandering of a highborn child. To two of the others, the thought is of patronage, of ways to turn a chance encounter into a sale that could regain them lost profits. Only the fourth wonders why a properly foreign boy with faintly accented speech has interest in the punishment of a local pest. He is the one who speaks, returning the greeting with careful and measured tones, "Hail fellow."

Said pest looks at the boy as well, gaze flickering from him to the gaps opened between the pairs of legs blocking his way. He could fit, if he squeezed, and likely would even escape relatively unhanded if he were quick about it - at least until he was caught again, the next time he came about to examine market wares, and then it would be the lawman who was angry as well. No, he should not take the chance of fleeing. He savors instead the reactions those words of genuine curiosity inspire, the flustered countenance of frustrated merchants, the amused tolerance of the lawman.

"Even the tales of fool children can turn away business, when they are littered with careless words meant to spark panic and distrust," defends the first merchant, eyeing that glittering hand with poorly disguised want. A stone and ring of that nature is worth half a week's sales, easily, and its presence elevates his opinion of the child who wears it. He does not give ground, though the others do, if only for the novelty of being expected of such by a child, eyes stern and annoyed and amused alike watching him approach the mongrel pest at the center of the drama.

"Words of utmost truth that were lacking in tact," the blond says honestly. Even with the situation as it is, the mischief in those eyes calls to him, makes him smile. He does not look at the adults, neither merchant nor lawman, as he continues. "Improperly processed aconite is poison, and will still the lungs until death. To sell the plant without instructions is to wish harm on the buyer at best and death at worst. Anyone who works with the stuff knows that. It isn't my fault that customers were less interested in shopping for wares in that stall after that." That stall, because that was just one of them.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-09-29 05:52:00 98405
"Aconite...?" starts the strange boy, frowning faintly. "Akoniton-- ativish...?" Then his face clears. "Bachnag! Yes, even touching it is dangerous, it makes one numb where it's touched the skin--" Suddenly, he frowns, eyes wide. "I would not imply your herbs are improperly processed, gentlemen, but your buyers may think it is meant to be ingested if they do not commonly use it--"

Eyes still wide, the noble child looks to the lawman, blue eyes wide with concern. "Is it not unlawful to sell a medicine without instruction?" Meanwhile, he's slipped easily around the one guy that didn't give ground. Around him, and then beside the blond, and then he's taking his small hand in his own. (That's a wild distraction in and of itself for the blond boy, who will feel at once the power in the stranger's touch, and the stranger's joy and delight at finding him, and a breezy confidence that everything will be fine, and a sense of brilliantly welcoming love... accompanying a potentially unnerving knowledge that this new boy does indeed see everything, that the blond's soul is on display to him-- but accepted wholly regardless.)

Then this rich foreign kid from Earth's highest royal court brightens. "I have the perfect idea!" he crows, rocking up on his toes, then back on his heels. "Clearly, no one here meant to do harm-- you gentlemen would certainly expect that anyone who bought from you would know what they were doing. However, as my retinue--" (wait, HIS retinue?) "--is shopping between official tours and meetings, and not all of us know the local names for common plants and medicines-- if you would be so kind as to label the dangerous herbs with how one should process or use them, I would be more than happy to have my entire party make a detour in this direction tomorrow morning. So you have time to make labels."

He looks so pleased! "I absolutely won't tell anyone that you didn't have labels, so they won't be inclined to avoid you-- and I'm certain it would be good for business if we were seen there, would it not?" Then the boy smiles, pulling the blond closer to him. "I'll make sure he'll be a little more discreet when searching for potential safety hazards on my behalf."

Finally, the dark-skinned and blue-eyed highborn boy glances toward the lawman again, looking strangely wry for a nine-year-old. "I do thank you very kindly for being so fair and patient."
Saburo Yukimura 2018-09-29 05:53:27 98406
"That is exactly what I said," the blond boy says with a quiet, almost defeated sigh, his brows furrowed and eyes downcast. Only careful inspection would hint at the signs that this was an act, a facade of innocently childish disappointment and penitence to cover a more real frustration. "The uninformed could end up making it into tea and kill themselves and any who came to call on them for company."

He might have said more - almost certainly would have in fact - but for the hand that takes his own small one, and starts with the touch a whirlwind of distracted feeling, an outpouring of joy and delight that baffles him until he realizes it isn't entirely his own, light and breezy confidence, the warmth of love and instant acceptance along with the sudden vulnerability that comes with knowing ones soul is on display. The latter sparks his own delight - for as confused as he is, he can't miss the knowledge that though his soul is viewed from all sides, seen and known, it is not found wanting. This foreign boy with his casual confidence and magic hands has found exactly who he was looking for (and not knowing why, or what's happened to cause such a thing, or even who the boy is besides, well, right, has filled the blond to bursting with questions he absolutely knows he can't ask right now).

His look of penitent disappointment falters under the power of all that, lips fighting to lift into a smile, and he's quick to look to the ground rather than let it be seen on his face and misunderstood.

Under the eyes of one child, the lawman had been stern, more willing to side with the frustrated countenance of fellow adults than the outbursts of a child likely trying to avoid a punishment. The introduction of the second child changes that, and only partly because the second child is wealthy and highborn. "It is most certainly unlawful to sell medications without the proper degree of care. These men, however, have been selling a variety of plants in their natural form as simple wares. None of have advertised the plant as medicine or food, which makes the matter" There is the sense that this explanation of facts and distinguishments could go on for quite sometime and would have, if not for the foreign boy's bright-faced interruption.

The proposal is one that two out of four merchants is willing to accept at face value, that much is clear immediately. A third is considering the increased worth of the boy before him in contrast to the cost of dealing with guards and scrutiny and the monster. The fourth is the one to make the educated guess, "While your patronage would be very appreciated, your highness, that may not return the loss in profits created by your...friend."

The hesitation is not entirely unearned. The instigator of all this himself is startled at the implication that he belongs in the Crown Prince's entourage, and he glances at the boy and back to his accusers - and back to the boy - as if he can't help it, never mind that the presence of the boy is as solid as the earth beneath his feet and seemingly just as unlikely to disappear. The startle does not hide from the highborn boy his companion's conviction that the men had certainly deserved to lose business if they were going to be this way.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-09-29 05:53:33 98407
Here's where Endymion squeezes the blond boy's hand, eyes passing over the third vendor and narrowing slightly -- and there's something behind them that's as large as the world, that's older than all the civilizations that have come and gone before that day, and that Notices His Feelings and Does Not Approve -- and land on the fourth man, the one who's digging in his heels.

The boy prince does not look at his new companion; there's only an acknowledgement, serious and grave, that the conviction is just. Instead, the full weight of Endymion's regard fixes on the fourth vendor, who's been careful and respectful and polite and who is still Wrong. It's a heavy thing, but the Crown Prince's tone is nevertheless kind and patient, willing to believe better of this man, willing to give another chance. "Labeling your wares with instructions and cautions would correct the problem that caused Jadeite to speak up in the first place, and my retinue shopping at your stall -- safely-- would ensure the rectification of your damaged reputation. What would it cost you to assure the safety of your customers? I expect that it would make them feel protected and cared for, and cause them to trust you, and recommend your business to their friends over the businesses of others who might not take such precautions."

The hand with the ring-- not the one holding the blond boy's-- extends toward that fourth vendor. "Perhaps it's merely that you are unaware of the dangers posed by this plant. I can certainly show you, if you wish to see. The name for it in many languages translates to 'poison', and for good reason. I don't imagine that you would sell the natural forms of oleander or Ma Quianke bundled in your stall, and aconite is nearly as toxic."

Endymion glances to the lawman, eyebrows up. "Would someone selling heartbreak grass in its natural form, with no warnings or indications, be a permissible thing?" And then he looks back to the vendor, hand still outstretched, and says in his young mellifluous voice, "You don't need to see if you do not wish to witness what happens to the human body should a person ingest the plant, but there is no shame in doing research and knowing what to write on the warning labels. The only shame is in failing to correct a potentially lethal problem when informed of it, and when it is in your means to do so."

A beat, and the Crown Prince glances to the lawman. "You know we do not interfere with the culture and self-governance of the regions of Earth unless there is grave and immediate cause to do so, but we encourage that self-governance to take the safety of its local subjects into account. What are laws but constructs designed to protect citizens? Those who take that encouragement to heart are rewarded."

The ring glitters, the sun briefly breaking through the clouds to catch on it and spread light as through water, cast on every surface in sight.
Saburo Yukimura 2018-09-29 05:54:40 98409
The boy prince is not the only one to focus on the third merchant - though the blond is more outwardly frustrated with the fourth vendor, it's the third who catches and keeps his attention. There is the sense in him that Endymion will take care of the fourth, who is callous but respectful - and he will mind the third, whose greed shows in the twitches of his hands and the flicker of his gaze over the fine material of the boy prince's clothes, the glitter of the ring on his finger. There is the sense that though he's used only words to defend himself, he would grasp for more powerful deterrents if that third man should wish to go from thinking to acting.

Perhaps wisely, the third vendor is the one to look away, to glance at his fourth compatriot and watch him take the weight of that heavy and most ancient gaze. When he does so, the blond follows suit.

All eyes on the fourth vendor, and though he is self assured, even a self assured man would and does stumble over the mention of one of the stone named.

The stone named boy himself stumbles over the name, biting his tongue before he can say anything to the effect of 'what?' or 'are you sure?' or especially 'can you do that?' to avoid undercutting Endymion's authority. The prince will may we'll get the impression his thoughts though - we might should have words, and even though you can read the essence of my soul, are you sure you aren't mistaking me for someone else?

It's this that weighs more on the vendor than the degree to which he is Wrong, ultimately. For profit, he and his fellows have joined together to search for a larger market than the local apothecaries and healers can provide, and only the thought of mortal offense - of gaining a personal enemy rather than ridding himself of a professional pest - is willing to make him back down. "That will - that is unnecessary, your highness," he says carefully, avoiding even the slightest twitch that could indicate he wishes to take that hand. "There is wisdom in your words, and if you are certain that your entourage may find themselves among my customers, then yes - the growth in my business's reputation will surely recoup lost profits. I had not considered the - danger - of the plant, when the decision was made that we sell such a plant. One should not prize profit over the health of one's customers, after all."

The newly christened Jadeite does not say that the fourth vendor is a mean liar who values money over lives, but he thinks it. What he says is, "I am sorry that my words scared away your customers. There were other actions I could have taken, that could have helped us."

The lawman, who has been spoken to and who has been listening without speaking in turn, says now, his face a shade paler, "Thank your highness, but I will accept your word as truth. You are - correct in that poisons of such a nature require more strict attention. I will review this matter with the others of this prefecture, that we can avoid such unpleasantness in the future, and better guard our citizens." Only a fool would have missed the warning in those words, heavily said and truly meant as it is, and the lawman does not like to think of himself as a fool.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-09-29 05:54:57 98410
There's nothing but reassurance, delighted and relieved, in the Prince's grasp on the newly-christened Jadeite's hand. Yes: I'm sure and I can do that. Yes, I'm sure I'm not mistaking you for someone else. The conviction in his heart is bedrock, is continental plates, is the sense that he's one large piece closer to being complete just in having found the silver-tongued and golden-haired troublemaker-- and moreover, the certainty that Jadeite would have been able to talk himself out of the corner he'd talked himself into, given time, but-- wryly-- Endymion acknowledges that he is not patient.

And the galling fact that this interfering boy is nine is only mitigated by the fact that he is the Crown Prince of Earth, and therefore does -- presumably -- have the power to make good on threats and incentives alike. There's also-- he could have just taken the 'mongrel', could have just rolled up and declared it, but didn't. He could have completely ignored the vendors' complaints, but didn't. True, he also could have bought their stalls from them wholly, and didn't, but he's not-- even at nine-- acting like a tiny tyrant.

Endymion's hand falls, and he smiles, and the smile's a brilliant and bright and true thing, one that believes in the fundamental decency of humanity, even through its follies and fears and greed and meanness. "I'm so glad we could work this out. Believe me, the next time we come through this region, I'll be sure to check in and make sure your businesses are doing well!" The smile like the sun turns on the lawman now, and the corners of the little boy's eyes crinkle up. "You have been nothing but fair and just. Thank you for going above and beyond for the sake of the people you protect."

This last is accompanied by Endymion reaching out his hand to the policeman's, to shake it with the gravity of an adult agreement-- high royalty bestowing the gift of touch, in this case, from a Prince who's known to heal, to hold the Earth's magic in his heart.

Should the hand be taken, the policeman will feel a warm and golden belief and trust that he'll always do his best, and that if he sometimes fails, it's all right, because it's still his best. He'll also feel aches and fatigue melt away, refreshed and enlivened-- and he'll also feel the press of something the Prince palmed that is not that sapphire ring, but another, one that may help him with money where words might not, in convincing those who make the laws that this would be a good thing to do.
Saburo Yukimura 2018-09-29 05:55:41 98411
What returned is a sense of pleased bafflement, a 'well if you're sure that carries with it good cheer and satisfaction. A day of shopping had become an adventure, and rather than costing him a nose or even a taste of the cane, it's earned him a new friend and probably even more adventures.

Definitely more adventures, actually, if Endymion is always like this, and he can tell, already, that he is.

Vivid blue eyes look up to the shopkeepers, catch and hold their gazes in turn, and only once he's sure he has their attention does he grin, cheerful and mischievous and delighted, with the faintest bite that says he'd do it again, all of it, even if a miracle of a boy-prince hadn't come to whisk him away before he could dig himself out of the hole he'd dropped into. He regrets nothing.

The wisest of the four sees this and understands that he's drawn this mischief on himself, and is grateful that a prince with the authority of the planet behind him didn't simply ruin his livelihood - and take his life as forfeit - for daring to inconvenience one of his entourage. The more superstitious of the four wonders if he's caught the eye of some fickle spirit, marauding in the skin in of a child, to have drawn such attention to himself. The greedy pair - both the stupid one and the polite one - think that they've been cheated, in one way or another, but neither dares to put those thoughts into words. They'll curse their luck, and the blond boy with the stone name, later, in the privacy of their own homes.

Each of them takes something different from Endymion's smile, when they catch it in turn, but none of them is so foolish as to miss the threat there, and none will be quick to forget it. The smoothest of them says, "And we will be delighted to earn your patronage a second time, your highness," and even manages to make it sincere as the boy prince turns to the lawman he'd assumed would take his side.

Said lawman bows over the offered hand before he takes it, for that is this land's custom, and when he does hold that hand and shake it, it is not with greed or fear or the condescending humor of an adult to a child, but with all the seriousness that he had shown these men and other adults. He expects nothing more than a gesture of agreement and good will, acceptance of what Endymion has ordered - the golden belief and trust that washes over him, carrying away his hurts and pains. It's unfamiliar and welcome, and a smile of good will and hope touches his face. He will do his best - he always has. Now, he will also carry this memory with him.

Much more familiar is the weight of jewelry in his hands, the familiar weight of a drive - though he knows this is not a bribe for him, but one for him to make use of, a carrot to offer those above him and ensure that the prince's will be done.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-09-29 05:56:32 98413
Once that's settled, Endymion-- whose other hand hasn't left Jadeite's since he took it-- starts off again in the drection from whence he came, giving a wave to the five adults as he pulls the other boy along in his wake (and grip). It's not until they're out of sight and a street over -- with another street, maybe a street and a half, left to go before the join or rejoin the spectacle-- that Endy stops and sags against a wall, letting go Jadeite's hand for the first time.

Relieved, but ... still going full throttle until the adrenaline wears of, apparently, the Prince's darker blue eyes meet Jadeite's lighter ones, and the look in them is the same as the one that came through the contact. And then he keeps talking, starting with a little half-laugh.

"Don't jump too high if Kunzite or Nephrite steps around the corner and is tall at us. They're close by. First-- are you okay? I think you are, but I'm supposed to check things with words, and I know you like words, so. Second-- are you okay with coming with me? With us? Or would you rather stay here, stay home? You're not any older than I am and I definitely don't want to leave home, so I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to stay-- but I really hope you want to come! Third... if you do want to come-- how much convincing will your parents need?"
Saburo Yukimura 2018-09-29 05:57:10 98415
Luckily for all involved, the two boys are gone before the encounter can truly sink in. The vendors have work to do so they can earn sales for the coming day. The lawman has ground to cover and laws to research, to build a case and prevent this situation from happening again.

Endymion's hand is warm in his and his grip is strong and firm, and Jadeite doesn't hesitate to follow after him, as the streets and shops grow fancier and the people better dressed as they pass from the middle tower shops and salesground towards the jewel of the marketplace. It's only in the shade provided by a side street that Jadeite (and it's strange how natural it is to carry the name) finds himself released, that golden warmth gone as they catch their breath.

"Those are two of your guards then? Or your friends, but if they're going to be tall at us, I bet they're at least kind of like your guards too." He's cheery and chattering and entirely swept away by the adrenaline and the unexpected escape, too much so to be full of nerves or anything. "So many questions, let me try and hit the big ones then? I've still got my nose on my face, so I think I'm okay, that's one. You are too, right? I mean, I'm pretty sure you are, but you won't get in trouble for being off alone, right? And - coming with you will be an adventure, right? I think I'd like an adventure."

He stretches his arms up, interlacing his fingers and smiling at the prince. "I don't think they'll mind too much, honestly - this is kind of better than anything they could have planned for me."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-09-29 05:57:18 98416
Guards? Friends--? Guards... and Endymion shifts a little uncomfortably, evading that question until he can come up with a true answer that's also acceptable to him, but it's a fleeting thing; his good cheer returns almost immediately when there's a barrage of other questions. "Yes! I'm fine too. And no, I shouldn't be off alone, but Kunzite knows where I am and probably so does Nephrite, and they're close so I'm not technically off alone, am I?" he answers with a laugh.

Then there's the adventure bit, and Jadeite stretching up his arms and saying his parents won't be much of a problem, and the blond boy's suddenly impacted by a giant hug from the Crown Prince. "Good!!" he says firmly, emphatically, and then draws back and reaches to grab both of Jadeite's hands again. "I want you to be sure for yourself, though. It's not always an adventure. You asked if Kunzite and Nephrite were my friends, or my guards, or both-- and it's both but more. But the guard part is part of it, and-- and I'm not okay with losing any of you, ever. But you'll take an oath, if you come with me, if you accept. An oath to guard me with your life, an oath of loyalty, and it's binding. So you have to be sure. You should think about it really hard. If you take it and regret it, it will hurt us both -- but if you decide not to take it, I won't be mad, and we can still be friends, but you can't be one of us without it."
Saburo Yukimura 2018-09-29 05:58:43 98419
Jadeite notices the squirming, the faintest shifts and twists and he notices the way he doesn't get an answer, too, but he's not so caught up in excitement that he'd forget himself so much to call the prince on it. He just remembers it - that Endymion either doesn't like the title that his Kunzite and Nephrite bear or he hasn't figured one out yet and either way he doesn't talk about it easily. It's keeping in mind the small details like that that make a conversation better the second time and the third. "You have a point there - if they're both keeping after you it's like you never really left at all."

It isn't quite like that at all, but also it is, in a sense. It's funny how truths work out that way, things rarely ever this or that when they can be this and that instead.

And then suddenly he's being hugged! He has no one to blame but himself for it, but he laughs and grins and holds those two hands in his when he's released, and keeps that grin when Endymion speaks and explains some of what there would be to this, and he has always and ever been an impulsive, impatient person, only ever patient when the reward was worth it.

The reward will be worth it, if he's patient. He doesn't really know Endymion. He's never fought anyone in his life or held a weapon in his hand, he'll probably be useless at guarding. He's never stuck with anything in his life, except his family, and already he's thinking of leaving that behind the way he's left games and interests and different studies behind, so he'll probably be fickle and useless at loyalty too. He should think more deeply about this than he's ever thought about anything in his whole life.

"Let's do it," is what he actually says, and he doesn't even regret it. He means it, completely and utterly, as the ice means to be cold and the snow means to melt.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-09-29 05:58:48 98420
Endymion stares for a second, then starts laughing. "You'll have time," he says wistfully, and through the contact of their hands, Jadeite can feel that again, still, the boy prince sees and accepts this-- the changeable nature of water, which shifts to the shape of whatever container it fills, but which persists and remains itself in an endless cycle. Sees, accepts, and wants this, wants Jadeite, wants him close.

The relief of having found him is still there, and Jadeite can tell how hard it is for Endymion to even consider the fact that he might not want to stay with him-- but still he laughs, because the answer is so true and right.

Dark blue eyes close for a second, then blink open, and Endymion leans in, carrying a secret with a grin. "I knew it was you before I got there. I came to find you, because maybe you only needed me a little, but I really need you and I like your nose too." Then he straightens up and lets out a breath. "Okay, let's go to where I'm supposed to be. We can sort stuff out later. I'm hungry."