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Date: 2018-09-29
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Mamoru Chiba 2018-09-29 06:15:45 98421
The prince is on edge, chewing on the end of his pen as he works on jotting out the essay outline due two weeks from now, fidgeting, jumping if he hears the komainu rustling or tussling suddenly in the bracken down the steps across the yard. He keeps trying. He really can't concentrate. In fact, he dumps his notebook and his pen off the porch onto the grass and leans to reach for the tea to pour himself another cup, which probably isn't helping.

All the nice things to drink that he likes the best have caffeine in them, damnit.

"We should be checking on the Tsukinos' storm readiness. And Mako's, and the shrine-- Ami's and Minako's apartments are both in buildings that can take it. I mean Usa's family and Mako made it through Jebi all right but there might have been structural damage they didn't notice-- maybe--" Mamoru takes a breath, then lets it out with a shaky laugh. "Or I'm worried over nothing. Probably. I hate this. It'll be fine."
Saburo Yukimura 2018-09-29 06:25:02 98423
Saburo's essay is due tomorrow morning, at 9:59 am, and he's only on page three of seven. And he isn't totally sure what time it is, so it's entirely possible that today is tomorrow. In other words? A perfectly normal night of homework for him.

Mamoru reaches for a cup of tea, and he pauses, watching him. Alright, so maybe this isn't a perfectly normal night, not when they're holed up in his palace, drinking tea from a thermos because up in the rest of the world a typhoon was battering the country and the last place Mamoru needed to be was up in their apartment where he'd be able to see it as well as he could feel it. "We checked before the storm hit, remember?"

He's patient, and not in that condescending way that crept up on the uninitiated. No, the calm in his voice is the sort that comes with years of dealing with a caffeinated and anxious prince, on top of the zen of one damned to an all-nighter. "It's going to be fine. And if it's not, we'll fix it, and maybe Usagi's mama will let us put in a slide from the attic to the main floor this time."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-09-29 06:36:21 98425
"Maybe she will if we finally all start calling her Ikuko-mama instead of Tsukino-san," Mamoru says absently, finishing pouring the tea and then holding it in both his hands, resting on his crossed ankles.

It could be that he could feel it less here, or differently-- that's usually how it works, closer to Elysion than they are on the surface. Maybe that's why he's so unsettled, because he knows it's going on but can't obsessively keep track of everything going wrong, like immediately picking at injuries as soon as scabs even start to think of forming. It's not in Tokyo yet, and is supposed to calm down considerably before it does, but it's still battering Okinawa and even if it's not so close, it's still close enough.

He's doing better than he did with Jebi, though.

"But right, you're right," he says, responding to that calm the way he always does-- latching onto it, trying to internalize it, taking for what it is as it's given. He takes out his pocketwatch and checks the time. "Sorry, I'm distracting you. But you still have five hours left, you can crank out four pages of gold in five hours."

He may be lying, a little bit. Jadeite may have seven hours. Possibly. "Have you ever tried making time run slower here? I know Neph can make it any time of day in his, and Zoi, just thinking about it, and it's almost always the same time in Kunzite's, but I never actually checked to see if it stacked up against the time upstairs. Probably a bad night to try it."
Saburo Yukimura 2018-09-29 06:51:46 98427
"I would give up one of my Niantic shares to hear Kazuo call her 'Ikuko-mama'," and this is not an exaggeration. He absolutely would give up a share in the highly lucrative corporation that ran the game that definitely did not begin as a dark energy scheme to hear that with his own ears and preferably see it with his own eyes. It would be worth it.

Aaaaand just like that, he's distracted from his paper, attention split between Mamoru and the sketch of a daydream he's already constructing in his mind of that very scenario. It isn't until he's reminded of his time limit - five hours?!? - that he gets back to it, horror crossing his face as he goes back to typing, clickityclackclak as he churns out something vaguely sensible and related to the assignment.

"I do this every single time, why am I like this," he mutters under his breath. A komainu rushes past them, the second of the pair on its heels, and the both of them laugh when they overhear. Traitors.

The question is unexpected - but then also not, tying in perfectly to the subject of his poor incomplete essay. "I... haven't, actually. Usually the time is just like this? I've come in a few times to like - a sunrise, but it's that way when I come in, not something I asked it to do." He glances down at his essay and the incriminating page count. "I feel like we'd need a camera and probably someone to bail us out in a hurry to try it."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-09-29 07:05:09 98429
"Yeahhhh..." says Mamoru, very clearly imagining exactly the same thing. And it's very definitely distracted him from his own issues; he has to bring a hand up to pass it down his face and wipe off the burgeoning smirk. He can't -- can't -- let himself go off on that tangent too. They'll never get off the hilarity bus.

Finally, he catches up, registering the laughing komainu with their clatter-grind stone running, then the surmising on the potential time dilation of the palace. He tackles the latter first; it's easy. "Yeah, so definitely not tonight."

Then the harder thing.

"So... you know I'm a med student. And I've read a lot of textbooks beforehand, on a bunch of different aspects. Including neuropsychology, because it was interesting," is how he starts. He sips his tea. "So I have a theory as to why you do this? I mean you're by far not the only one... and I've noticed you do a lot better when you overcaffeinate. Better focusing, I mean." He glances up at Jadeite, watching him through his hair. "It's probably literally just ADHD, man. And there's medicine for it, just like there's medicine for heart problems or diabetes. I, uh. I've been going to see a psychologist for PTSD for the past couple of years. So I have a really good recommentation to start with, if you wanted to."
Saburo Yukimura 2018-09-29 07:29:08 98433
Kazuo and Izumi going 'Hello, Ikuko-mama' - the image is going to stick with him for weeks, he can already tell. It's beautiful. He can't wait until the inevitable moment when be blurts it out in front of one of them. If he's lucky, it will be both. And, of course, the ultimate victory - Mamoru's amused smirk, the one that wants so badly to turn into a smile - is the immediate reward, the ultimate sign that he's firmly back in the business of cheering up. Good job, him.

With the idea of time shenanigans dismissed, more or less, Saburo gets back to work, and stays there, until that non-sequitor. Of course he knew Mamoru was a medical student, how could he forget - oh. "You - think I might actually have ADHD?" He shifts, alredy abandoning work to look at his friend, and he nods slightly at the mention of a psychologist but - he doesn't think that could really help him.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-09-29 07:39:49 98434
"Generally it's a psychologist that works with you before they give you a reference to a psychiatrist, who's the one who can diagnose and prescribe," explains Mamoru, leaning forward, elbows on his knees now, cup still held in both hands. "When the psychologist-- who's usually a cognitive or behavioral therapist-- sees how goddamn awesome you already are at coping mechanisms and ways to deal with your lack of focus, the methods you use to work around it--? She'll definitely be in favor of sending you thataway, because it's really clearly a brain chemistry thing. And that's what the medicine's for. Filling in that last blank, helping you past the part that causes trouble even when you're full of willpower, support, and excellent strategy."

Mamoru sits up again and shrugs one shoulder. "The most they could prescribe for me was like... heavy-duty anti-anxiety stuff. So I have it on hand, but it doesn't do me much good because I metabolize it so quickly. Which is why it's been regular appointments for a couple of years. I mean, it's worth a shot. I think it might help, because I'm about 98% sure it's ADHD. Like, seriously, just google the symptoms. I mean when we get out. Obviously."