Talking About Family

Homura has dinner with the Kaname family with a very special purpose in mind. Approval to marry Madoka is asked for and given and the discussion turns to what it will mean and some preparatory decisions are considered. Tatsuya is going to have a new big sister!

Date: 2018-09-30
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Madoka Akemi 2018-09-30 04:28:17 98477
    As much as Madoka and Homura spent time over at Homura's house they also spent plenty of time over at Madoka's house, especially after Junko and Tomohisa had made it clear they liked the idea of bringing Homura in as a part of their family once it became clear how serious the relationship between them was. The fact the two were gone for so very long only seemed to push this further.

    At first they had been very clingy to Madoka when she returned after having been missing for a year and a half, but once the initial shock was over Homura might have been surprised to find them being somewhat more inviting to her as well, asking her to come over and eat with them on a fairly regular basis and enjoy family time that wasn't merely babysitting Tatsuya so Mama and Papa could go have a hot date.

    If you don't think Junko high fives Madoka as she leaves to go out on a date with Tomohisa, you don't know the Kaname family well enough.

    Tonight wasn't a date night, however, it was a weekend family dinner-- which is when family dinners rather than breakfasts tended to happen in the Kaname family, given Junko's high powered career. It was fairly standard fare as far as the actual food went, which for Tomohisa's family would mean something you couldn't find for under $50 a plate at a sit down restaurant.

    Pan fried filets of trout were a bit fattier than grilled but about as delicious as you could ever find, it's stronger flavor matching the puree of the first of the seasons hearty fall squash. Playfully long beans added a fresh and crisp green component, and slices cut off a freshly baked dark rye bread added a hint of starchy sweetness- with or without butter.

    Tatsuya had graduated from his high chair, now 6 years old having already passed through Kindergarten. He was almost twice as big as he had been when Homura first sat down to eat with the family and was as rambunctious as ever. Somehow his parents had helped him keep from dropping food off his plate- probably the fact it was all so delicious meant finishing it all wasn't an issue.

    Madoka had naturally helped Tomohisa with the cooking, not only just watching but doing her best to pick things up from him, asking a lot more questions than she used to and inquiring about reasons and technique rather than just oohing and ahhing in amazement as her father worked his cooking magic. Now she sits at the table and blissfully takes small bites of fish, squash puree and beans, savoring each bite and enjoying the delicious flavor. There's a bit of excitement in her as well for a variety of reasons, the events of the previous day having made everything seem extra bright and happy to her.

    Junko, meanwhile, is keeping the family updated on her latest corporate adventures. "We finally pushed out the trustees, but it turns out the Sales Manager has had his eye on this longer than I have. It's a good thing the old windbag didn't call it quits last year after all, I have more competition than I thought." Somehow she doesn't seem put off by this in the slightest. There's in fact a shine in her eye as her fork expertly cuts a bean in half before she pops it into her mouth.

    "It sounds like you'll have some more fun before you need to put your plan for the company into action," Tomohisa replies, an easy smile on his face as he listens to his wife.

    "That's just it," Junko responds with a quick shake of her head, "I don't have to wait. The moment I reveal our new strategy and reveal that Marketing is already behind me he'll have no choice but to fall in line. It's two birds with one stone and already in place!" She grins and clenches one fist before relaxing and saying a bit more casually, "That's why I was out late last night. I was celebrating. Poor guy must have thought it was for him."

    Madoka laughs a bit nervously, something between scared and proud, "Eheheheh, you've really become ruthless, Mama."

    "When you really want something and you've decided you're going for it you have to go all out or give it up." Her eyes flick over to meet Madoka's, "I think you've already learned that for yourself already though."

    "Ehehehe...." Madoka laughs and blushes a little.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-30 05:06:26 98478
    Homura Akemi is always more than happy to spend time with the Kaname family. Madoka might be her favorite Kaname but she likes all of them to some extent. Chisato's fear and clinginess did kind of force Homura to stay at her own home for a bit, but she was more than happy to visit Madoka's family once the initial shock and relief was over. She accepted the Kaname family's invitations as often as she could, actually feeling a lot more comfortable visiting since Chisato was often staying home to take care of Amy.

    Today, however, Homura wasn't just coming over to have dinner. She had focus, and a plan. It wasn't going to be just another night for her. This was, in many ways, the culmination of her plans. It's true that she wanted to spend time with the Kanames simply because she enjoyed their company, but it's also true that she's tried her best to make a solid impression specifically for a day like this.

    Even so, she isn't going to ask the question on her mind right off the bat. There will be a right moment, she knows it.

    Homura was more than willing to help out with dinner preparations, but she didn't want to crowd the kitchen. Instead, she helped with making the table, setting out drinks, and other things like that. She doesn't betray even the slightest amount of nervousness... but Madoka might be able to pick up on a certain amount of focus that Homura usually reserves for serious matters. In a way, it's the same look that Homura had in her eyes when she was watching Madoka skate years ago, making sure that she didn't get hurt.

    Tatsuya's height is no surprise to her by now, since she's had many opportunities to babysit him with Madoka. The stories of Junko's exploits actually makes her smile. The food is, as always, delicious. Like Madoka, Homura is still riding on the high of yesterday, which filled her with a bit of hope for the future that even her own redemption couldn't give her.

    If Homura had to put her finger on it, on what it was that made her feel so different, she'd guess that it was because she didn't hate the world anymore. This was a world that let Madoka live and be happy, so it was a world that was acceptable to her.

    Junko's words might make Madoka laugh nervously, but Homura simply smiles as she listens. The woman's ruthlessness is something that Homura can understand. "Well of course. There's no room for hesitation. Especially when what you want is in your grasp."

    "I have to agree, though. You are quite ruthless." Despite how her words might sound, Homura's tone would seem to indicate a certain amount of admiration, not accusation. "I'm glad you aren't my competition."
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-30 05:41:12 98480
    "Mama is going to be CEO!" Tatsuya adds cheerfully, waving his arms in the air, "C E O! C E O!"

    "Now now, Tatsuya. Remember what we said about saying that in front of everyone," Tomohisa reminds.

    Tatsuya looks around before giving his father a confused look, "But Madoka and Akemi-san aren't 'everyone', they're family."

    The way he says it is so straightforward and simple that Tomohisa rubs the back of his head, "Ahaha, you're absolutely right about that."

    Junko meanwhile looks Homura straight in the eye, "So am I." There's not a hint of fear or the slightest give in her eyes, but neither is there an ounce of malice or rivalry. "I am ruthless though, but only when it's time to be. There's a time and a place for everything, and one of the surest ways to get what you want is to make your competition forget you're a threat until you've already won."

    The woman sits back in her chair picks up a glass partially filled with wine, swirling it around and savoring the scent, "And to never mistake inaction for capitulation." She takes a slow sip of her wine, enjoying it as if it tasted like victory.

    For once Homura has, ahem, competition for Madoka's gaze, because she's looking upon her mother with a certain gaze of awe reserved for the hero worship of ones elders, paying close attention because words of wisdom are surely being spoken. After a moment she gets to thinking about her mothers situation and asks, "Wouldn't it be easier if you showed the CEO your plans so he could name you as his successor?"

    Junko peers at Madoka over her wineglass and replies in a quiet tone, "Easier, yeah. But would I want it if it was that easy? And even if I did, would I be ready to put my plans into action if they hadn't already been picked apart by all my rivals? It's better to find your flaws and fix them than it is to find something yourself wanting when someone just as ruthless as you are has you in their sights." She takes another sip and adds while looking into her glass, "Sure some of it is sour grapes and drama, and doesn't help anything, but if I couldn't handle that I'd be the first one to call myself unfit for the job."
Homura Akemi 2018-09-30 06:03:41 98481
    Homura's purple eyes glance towards Tatsuya as the child just casually refers to her as 'family'. Well, it's true that she's done nothing but encourage that mindset, but... it's still nice to hear that. On a different day, she might find that heartwarming, but today of all days all she sees is an opportunity.

    Homura doesn't flinch from Junko's gaze for a moment. Once she notices it on her she looks straight back at her. At the wise woman's words Homura can only shrug and agree. "It's true." Though, the comment about capitulation causes Homura to tilt her head.

    There's something about Junko's personality that seems to fill the room, and Homura can't help but notice it. She notices the way Madoka admires her mother, but that's no surprise to her. Madoka loves her mother. It doesn't hurt that her mother is also amazing.
        When Madoka speaks though, Homura almost opens her mouth to say something, but she waits for Junko to finish. "I wouldn't be so quick to do that, Madoka-chan. It's one thing when you're coming to me and I'm the CEO, but it's not always going to be like that. You never know when the CEO themself might be your competition. Besides, doing that can easily make it the CEO's plan and not yours. It's not the kind of thing you'd do if you wanted to get ahead."

    Homura reaches up to run her hands through her black silky locks, "I can only speak for myself, but if I were looking for a potential replacement? I'd be looking for someone who showed initiative and proved to me that they could manage the company without handholding. Someone who felt the need to beg my approval wouldn't inspire my confidence, no matter how hard they worked. Leaders manage to lead even when they have no official position to back it up. It's just talent."

    She takes a sip of her drink, hoping silently that she hasn't embarrassed herself or anyone else by saying that, but this is the topic and those are her two cents.

    "I do want to say something, however, on the topic of knowing what you want and going for it." Homura glances at Madoka, and then at Junko. "Especially if we're talking about family."
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-30 06:31:55 98482
    "She's right," Junko agrees with Homura's assessment. "It's a little different when it's only a matter of time before a retirement, but in that case you also have to worry about legacy. The last thing someone wants is to look like they were holding everyone back by staying in power, even if it that's how it is. Putting a successors plan into motion is a great way to cement a legacy, but also to take credit without realizing it. I don't want to be seen walking in anyone's footsteps, I want to make my own."

    As much as Madoka has grown Junko still gives her a slightly sympathetic smile, "I don't blame you for mistaking it. You're trying to think of ways to make everyone happy, not how to end up on top. Sometimes in the business world the only way to get ahead is to make waves." And Junko Kaname, at least, is perfectly fine with that.

    "It's not the only way," Madoka replies in a bit of a mutter, remembering Salamander Salvage and the way it was built. But then her mother isn't building an empire, she has to admit to herself, she's conquering one from the inside.

    During this conversation Tomohisa has been trying to get Tatsuya to finish the last quarter of his food rather than playing with it now that there's enough space to really push it around and mix things together, but as Homura mentions talk of family both parents seem to notice and Tatsuya is left to mash his fish into his leftover puree and see if it tastes good. It doesn't, but he doesn't seem to care and keeps it up anyway. Next up: long bean knots.

    Junko sets her glass of wine down and Tomohisa also looks over, giving her their full attention. "We're listening."

    Madoka fidgets and plays with the hem of her skirt under the table, filled with nervous energy but doing a respectable job of keeping it from showing. She can't hide the happy blush on her cheeks or her little smile as she also gives Homura every bit of her attention.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-30 06:49:29 98484
    Homura hears Madoka mutter, and smiles softly at her. She could respond to that, but... Homura had very different goals in mind. With Salamander, she was trying to help others both with providing jobs, magical and otherwise, while also rebuilding homes. Being number one wasn't a high priority. Instead of saying anything, she rubs Madoka on the back while letting the conversation move on.

    When she feels the combined attention of both Junko and Tomohisa, she blinks, then hesitates for a moment. Come on, now. Madoka-chan faced this same thing with your family, except that your dad was intentionally being a troll. Don't falter now.

    She clears her throat, and tries to pass it off as an attempt to gather attention instead of nervousness. Despite how she feels, she manages to keep her eyes on both of Madoka's parents, without faltering. Under the table, she reaches out to hold Madoka's hand. There's only a slight tenseness in her voice to give away her nerves.

    "As you well know, Madoka-chan and I have been in love for a long time. In fact, I love her so much, that I've decided that I don't care to ever be with anyone else. I know she feels the same way about me."

    For a moment she breaks eye contact, eyes going towards the rather large screen door leading into Tomohisa's garden, not for any particular reason but because this is a vulnerable moment. Her purple gaze quickly finds its way back to Junko and Tomohisa, and she leans forward to politely bow before them.

    "What I mean to say is... I want to marry Madoka Kaname. I beg your approval. I do not ask this lightly. I know that this family means a lot to her, and you have never been anything but kind to me. I promise that I will always take care of her and keep her safe, if you'll allow it."

    Homura feels a little silly saying it in such a way, but... one can never be too respectful about such a topic.
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-30 07:19:25 98487
    As Homura reaches for her hand under the table Madoka takes it and gives it a tight squeeze of support, eyes gazing at Homura sweetly as she begins to talks before shyly meeting the gaze of her mother and father.

    There's a sudden seriousness in the air as Homura speaks formally. Tomohisa is sitting upright and proper, and perhaps in a bit of a switch up from the usual Junko's expression is more relaxed, taking this in stride and meeting it with the ease with which she often dispenses advice.

    Tomohisa nods after Homura's statement, focusing completely on Homura while Junko glances between both of the young women, taking in their expressions and general attitudes as much as the words spoken. When Homura looks back from glancing out towards the garden she can feel the gaze of Madoka's father on her more than her mother's, and if she looks closely she might see that he's holding his breath.

    Her words come and she speaks of marriage and asks for approval. Madoka squeezes Homura's hand, faltering for a moment when, halfway through Homura's promise, Junko winks at her. Tomohisa closes his eyes and lets his breath out, seeming to have a somewhat hard time of it.

    There's a silence that turns slightly awkward, prompting Junko to glance out of the corner of her eye towards Tomohisa. He relents, "We approve. Of course we do. Try not to take this the wrong way but... but it feels like we just got her back. And now we'll be giving her away for good."

    Anyone who doesn't expect Madoka's expression to suddenly shift to extreme sympathy doesn't know the Kaname family very well. "P-papa! It doesn't mean we won't be a family anymore! We'll still keep coming over and eating dinner!"

    For her part Junko picks up her napkin and with a light backhand gently hits Tomohisa in the shoulder with it, "I told you this was coming. The way that they look at each other- we should just be happy they didn't elope while they were away."

    Bombarded on both ends Tomohisa relents a little, "I know, I know. I'm very proud of the way we've raised Madoka and of the person she's become, and I'll treasure the time I spent with her as a child. Try not to blame a father too much for always wanting more time with his little girl." He lets out a little laugh, but it's to ease his emotions as it is for humor.

    Meanwhile Junko's easy gaze goes to Homura and there's a playful expression on it, something of a half smile, half smirk, amused at herself as much as the situation. "I always thought when this day came I'd be telling the person asking I'd kill them if they hurt her." She shrugs and relaxes back in her chair again, deeming the formalities dealt with as she scoops up her wineglass once more. "I probably should have known my daughter would never choose someone like that in the end. And once I knew it was going to be you, well." A sudden glint shows in Junko's eyes, "If anyone hurt her I'd have to race you to get to them first, wouldn't I?"

    Madoka isn't entirely sure how to react to the different reactions of her parents. Part delighted, part embarrassed and part aghast at her mother's and wholly bittersweet and sympathetic towards her father. Of course the choice of who she was going to deal with first was always obvious though, because it was just made clear who would be the most important member of Madoka's family. She squeezes Homura's hand, biting back the conflicting emotions and hugs onto her, reaching forward around to her opposite shoulder before kissing her on the cheek and whispering into her ear, "I guess that makes it official."

    Tatsuya makes motor sounds while steering a small chunk of bean through a sea of chunky orange goop.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-30 07:51:34 98490
    Homura's paying very close attention to both of Madoka's parents, and as such she notices and reads the expressions on their faces. Junko is taking it in stride, and that's no surprise at all. Homura doubts that woman would flinch even if someone shoved a gun in her face. Tomohisa, on the other hand, is a little more concerning, and it isn't until he speaks his mind that Homura understands.

    Her gaze softens towards him, because she gets it, she really does. "I have no idea what it must be like to have someone as wonderful as Madoka Kaname for a daughter, but I know what it feels like to want to spend time with her. Besides..." Homura glances towards Madoka. "... I doubt that Madoka and I will move very far away and..." ... though it means that Homura will have to clear out most of the tatami room... "... you are also welcome to visit my home. I'd have to warn you though, my mother has unofficially moved in with me, so I'm not really living by myself anymore."

    At the mention of eloping, Homura can't help but smirk lightly. She doesn't want to smirk at that, but she's spent a very long time fantasizing about eloping with Madoka. The main thing that stops her is that it'd feel like a shame if she couldn't invite Junko or Tomohisa. "I will never blame you for loving someone as wonderful as Madoka Kaname. I hope you don't blame me for the same. After all that has happened between us, eloping is out of the question. Besides, Madoka-chan would eventually want to see her family again and we'd have to deal with that sooner or later."

    On the subject of someone hurting Madoka, Homura locks eyes with Junko. She doesn't respond right away, because the first thoughts on her mind are perhaps a little to scary for this conversation.

    Sorry Junko, but you'd never find the body.

    Instead, after a moment, she just smiles in an almost predatory way, showing a side of her that she does not often show to Madoka's family. "I pity anyone who would be so foolish, but not enough to spare them."

    Homura blushes as Madoka whispers into her ear, and she turns towards her. She whispers back, "Yeah,"

    There is something enviable about Tatsuya's innocence. The way he casually plays with his food, seemingly unaware of the weight of what just happened. Homura realizes that she left that world behind a long time ago. She doesn't regret it, though. The world she's in right now has its benefits. One of which is holding onto her right now.
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-30 08:12:17 98492
    "It's wonderful to get to watch someone grow up to be as kind and caring as you could ever hope for and always try her hardest to make you proud. I knew we'd gotten lucky getting to raise someone so earnest and honest, but we've put a lot of time trying to instill the values in her that she has now." Now Tomohisa sighs and lowers his head a little as if defeated, and Junko reaches over to squeeze his shoulder. "I understand though. Part of raising someone right is seeing them off into adulthood, and I'll do it proudly as I've done everything else."

    The the tension seems to be mostly gone from him now, giving slowly way to acceptance. Even so he's reaching over to pour a bit more wine into his own glass to help take the edge off.

    "Has she?" Junko asks with curious interest about Homura's mother, "We'll be wanting to meet them of course, and sooner rather than later depending on how long you intend your engagement to be." She gives something of a grin, "I'd like to see your house too. Madoka says it's even larger than ours."

    "Eheheh, Mama..." Madoka flushes a little at the teasing, but it doesn't go much beyond that which is already on her cheeks.

    It's a funny thing. Now that he's indulged and resolved his feelings Tomohisa seems almost entirely back to normal. If he had any real objections he'd be speaking up more, but the truth is he'd known as well as Junko that his daughter had somehow found 'the one' at a remarkably early age. Now he's turning to Tatsuya and getting the young boy's attention, taking away the fork that had the bean speared on it and setting it aside. "Did you hear, Tatsuya? Akemi-san and Madoka are going to be getting married, just like Mama and Papa."

    Tatsuya makes an expression with a small round mouth, looking almost like he doesn't understand what that means. "Does that mean I'll have two big sisters now?" he asks as he looks to Tomohisa."

    "That's right, she'll be your sister in law before long." the family patriarch replies with a familair warm smile.

    "Yay! Homu-neesan! Homu-neesan!"

    Junko's own grin gets a little predatory, though it doesn't quite match the ferocity of Homura's. There's nothing she wouldn't do to protect her family, but that's one area where Homura has the advantage in being the consummate professional.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-30 08:32:51 98494
    The tension seems to leave Homura as well. She has their approval, even if it took a moment for that to sink in. She... has their... approval...

    ... she has approval to marry Madoka-chan...

    The nervousness of potential rejection is slowly being replaced by weight of the reality that Homura now finds herself in. Madoka-chan is actually going to be her wife. Homura has wanted this for so long. It's... it's becoming real.

    She doesn't mean to mutter, but she does. "You have a lot to be proud of." After a moment, she realizes her mistake, and repeats it a bit louder. "You have a lot to be proud of. Maybe I'm biased, but she has my approval."

    Homura doesn't drink any wine to take her own edge off. It's been a while since she's touched anything like that, and it's not something she'd want to do in front of Madoka's parents. When Junko comments upon Homura's mother, she almost doesn't hear it at first. It takes a second for the words to register and for her to respond. "Of course. Since my father took over my company in my absence, he's been coming to Tokyo once in a while. He's a little harder to reach than my mother, but I'm sure I could arrange a meeting. My mother, on the other hand... missed me a lot when Madoka-chan and I went missing. She is a sweetheart. I think you'd get along with her."

    As for the size of her house, Homura smirks, though maybe a bit more sheepishly than she was a moment ago, "Well, it has seven bedrooms. Sometimes I feel a little ridiculous owning something that big, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't love it."

    The conversation between Tomohisa and Tatsuya is unspeakably adorable, and Homura can't help but smile. As she hears the words 'Homu-neesan' she giggles, reminded in part of Mamoru. She turns to Tatsuya with a smile and says, "That's right! You'll be my Tatsu-ototosan."

    She turns towards Junko and Tomohisa, and leans a little bit more against Madoka. "I don't know if I can ever thank you enough. This means the world to me. I meant what I said. You won't regret this. I swear it."
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-30 08:53:32 98496
    Madoka had been careful not to be too blatantly overjoyed while her father was seeming a little upset, but now that the tense atmosphere has died down her hug onto Homura turns from one of support to one of excitement. The only reason her chair is still on all four legs instead of leaning towards Homura's is her respect for and desire to be polite towards her parents. Still, she's hugging Homura around the neck and shaking her head while pressing her face into her shoulder, giggling happily.

    A moment later and she rather blatantly scoots her chair right up next to Homura's, straightening up but leaning against her shoulder to shoulder, not having yet let go of her hand.

    "We understand the needs of a demanding workplace," Tomohisa replies to the notion of Homura's father being harder to reach than her mother, sending a happy and mildly amused look over to Junko.

    "We sure do," the mother-in-law to be agrees, taking that comment as a reason to stand up from her chair and walk over to the refrigerator. "I'm glad you told us today," she mentions while rummaging around, "I'd have to ease off it if you brought it up tomorrow." As she turns around she's holding a small, dark bottle with foil over the top. "Madoka and Akemi-san are getting married, it's time to switch to champaign! This dinner is now officially a party!"

    All the Kaname's let out a cheer, even if Madoka's is followed by a quarter-nervous laugh. Tatsuya is especially excited at the prospect of a party and immediately begins demanding desert, which has Tomohisa up as well and heading to the freezer for ice cream.

    Wine glasses are traded in for champaign flutes, because each alcohol naturally has it's own proper drinking utensil. There, of course, only two of them retrieved. Junko is now giving Madoka a wry smile, "You just couldn't wait until you were old enough that we could share this together? Ah well, I guess fiery young love can't for anything."

    Madoka is once more flustered, but this time rather than blushing she simply laughs at the open teasing, "Ehehehe, Mama!"

    There's a loud pop as Junko frees the cork, which goes shooting up and bounces off the ceiling to another playful family cheer, and as she pours Junko places her gaze on Homura, "I trust you to keep your word. I'm holding you to it, but don't think this celebration isn't for all of us. As sentimental as Tomo might have gotten we're not losing a daughter, we're gaining one."
Homura Akemi 2018-09-30 09:20:01 98498
    Homura is most certainly trying to remain respectable during this moment. It's only natural, considering what she's asking for, but she does not for one moment have any trouble with Madoka putting her arms around her neck. Homura smiles at Madoka and squeezes her hand, then releases it in order to wrap her arm loosely around her fiance's waist. She decides to save the tighter, closer cuddles for later. After all, they'll have plenty of time to cuddle, since they're planning to spend eternity together.

    With a wry smile to Tomohisa and Junko, Homura responds, "I'm sure you would." Then suddenly champaign is being broken out, and Homura raises an eyebrow. Of course, it's only being poured out for the two parents, but the dark haired veteran has no trouble with this becoming a party. After all that's happened in the past couple of days, she feels like Madoka and she have a lot to celebrate.

    She cheers along with the others. She may as well, because she's one step closer to being a part of this family. As Junko says, they are gaining a daughter as well.

    "You are. I've kept my promises to you so far. I have no intention of ever changing that." Homura gives Junko a soft smile that she usually reserves for Madoka or Chisato. She may as well smile like Junko like that, since she's also going to be family. In some way she already is. "I've already discussed this with my own parents. They also approved. I think the next step will be to buy a pair of rings."
Madoka Akemi 2018-10-01 03:29:06 98543
    Tomohisa and Tatsuya work together to dish up ice cream, though Tatsuya only helps until his is ready. Madoka happily accepts a bowl for herself and Junko asks for a smaller amount, preferring more champaign and less sweets. Homura is also offered a bowl of what appears to be homemade ice cream with a distinct blueberry flavor to it, fresh and yummy with the berries clearly having come from bushes grown in the family garden.

    For now at least desert and a more festive atmosphere seems to be the extent of the party, but Junko, Tomohisa and Tatsuya seem to be having a good time. The mother and father clink their champaign glasses together, toasting the engagement. Madoka is pretty content to sit nice and close to Homura even if they're not cuddling up as blatantly as they would if they were alone. She eats her ice cream with and then giggles, poking Homura's shoulder to get her attention and then holding up a spoonful from her own bowl up to her fiance while saying, "Ahhhh~."

    Now that she's settled in for a good time Junko decides a bit more playful teasing is in order, "I'm surprised though, Madoka. You spoke to her parents first? I would have thought I'd be the first you'd want to tell. I suppose you must have taken our consent for granted, not that I blame you." Homura gets a 'watch this' wink.

    Naturally Madoka completely misses it because she's already reacting, "No, that isn't true at all, Mama! It wasn't really that we told them first, it's that something came up and I had to!" She puts her spoon down and shifts around in her seat, looking nervous and embarrassed. "Homura-chan's father, he, well. He said I was seducing Homura-chan and that I should take responsibility for her. And, um, well. I said I would!"

    "Ohh, is that why you're getting married, to take responsibility for seducing her?" Junko swirls her champaign around in her glass, setting her chin in her hand and watching Madoka's face go from pink to red.

    "Ah-um, no?! I-I mean I guess so? B-but the real reason is because we've been through so much together and I love her and I couldn't ever even think of being with anyone else. I want to spend forever with her..." The way she trails off she's sounding almost sad and whimpery, but it's more embarrassment than anything else.

    Tatsuya's face is covered in ice cream.
Homura Akemi 2018-10-01 03:50:10 98546
    Homura is more than happy to accept a bowl of homemade Kaname-brand ice cream. After all, the Madokaloupe was a huge hit with her... and not just because of its namesake. With the nervousness of the moment finally past them, Homura is all smiles with the occasional giggle, though as always she's never nearly as animated as her soulmate.

    She happily eats her ice cream, accepting it as a fair substitute for champagne. After all, unlike the drink, this is something that she can share with Madoka. It's delicious, and she loves it, both because it's good and also because everything right now tastes even better.

    She has her spoon in her mouth already when Madoka pokes her shoulder, and when she turns her attention to her little angel she giggles as she sees the intent. Homura opens her mouth and repeats Madoka's "Ahhhh~." as she accepts the offered bite, and while the ice cream melts in her mouth she uses her own spoon to offer a bite of her ice cream to Madoka in return.

    Junko takes Homura's attention when she speaks, and the black-haired girl tilts her head at the wink. When Madoka brings up Suoh Akemi's 'accusation' she has to cover her mouth to stop from snorting. After a moment like this Homura realizes that Junko and Suoh probably would get along just fine, not that there was much worry.

    Homura can't help but smile as Madoka's cute blushing, but she doesn't laugh at her. Instead, she makes a soft, sympathetic, "Aww..." sound before leaning close to Madoka and give her a nice one-armed hug.

    "I think my dad was joking. He has a strange sense of humor," says Homura. Then her voice takes on a playful, coy lilt as she adds, "I'm happy that Madoka-chan is taking responsibility for me, though."

    Tatsuya gets a look as Homura tilts her head. What an adorable, messy kid.
Madoka Akemi 2018-10-01 04:16:59 98551
    Sherbet is easier than actual ice cream since you don't have to worry about keeping the ice from crystallizing as much, but with dairy it's very important to give a smooth and creamy texture that's expected. Tomohisa has enough practice that he has the techniques down pat, so this Kaname brand ice cream is very good.

    Madoka giggles as Homura eats the ice cream off her spoon, happily opening her own mouth and eating from Homura's. Tatsuya sees this and tries to shove a dripping overfull spoon at Tomohisa but his father deftly redirects it into Tatsuya's own mouth, who doesn't seem to mind this development one bit, even when a napkin starts cleaning his face up a moment later.

    After the teasing Madoka is blushing quite a bit. She holds extra tightly onto Homura's hand and shifts about a little in her chair, "If he was I sure couldn't tell. I don't think he was entirely wrong though. Your father probably cares about what people think, and we were 'on an island' together for over a year." She peeks out of the corner of her eye at Homura's playful comment, managing a little giggle while leaning back against her before turning her head to kiss Homura on the cheek, her lips a little cool from the ice cream.

    "I shouldn't be surprise you made your decision if he said something like that," Junko replies while relenting on teasing her daughter any further. "You are the responsible type, even if he wouldn't know it before he got to know you."

    "Speaking of responsibilities," Tomohisa speaks up, "You said you'd be looking into rings next, but have you thought very much about what kind of wedding you want beyond that?" He looks thoughtful for a moment, "We'll be able to afford whatever you'd like, though I'm not sure how the Western tradition goes when both families have parents of the bride."

    Madoka lets out a little, "Eheheh..." at the mention of paying for it, thinking briefly of Homura's ridiculously extravagant house. Do they even need their parents to pay for anything? "Well... I think we know when, at least. The anniversary of when we started dating, January 25th."

    Tomohisa nods a little, "Well that should give you plenty of time."


    "You mean in four months? Before you've even graduated middle school?" Tomohisa suddenly looks alarmed, "Weren't you just talking about optics?"

    "It's not my fault I got held back because I was away from school," Madoka replies with a pout.

    "No, no. It's okay. I'm okay. It's... going to happen sooner or later anyway."
Homura Akemi 2018-10-01 04:46:49 98555
    Homura takes no small amount of pleasure in seeing Madoka eat, but when she sees Tatsuya's attempt to recreate the scene she has to try hard not to snicker. The two lovebirds are being observed, and Homura would be crazy not to make note of that, but... Feeding Madoka is really so cute. Homura's always thought so.

    "I think he was just trying to throw you off guard," explains Homura. "I mean, it really is hard to tell with him, even for his daughter. He does care what people think, and he's not wrong that people would make certain assumptions, but I'm actually surprised that he gave his approval so easily." After a pause, she adds, "He usually isn't that easy to impress."

    After her little angel's kiss, she leans forward to give Madoka a kiss of her own on the temple while giving her hand a little squeeze, but she pulls her lips away before it gets too mushy. Then again, if it went that way, Madoka's room is still upstairs.

    Homura's attention turns towards Tomohisa, and she glances at the ceiling as she considers how to answer.. She nods as Madoka mentions the date "Oh, you know, there are options. I've already chosen a best man, but... aside from our immediate families and a few friends I doubt it'd be a large wedding. One thing I was thinking of was by the lake where I first asked out Madoka-chan. We could put the altar on the exact spot where we kissed."

    Of course Homura would consider that before actually thinking about the logistics of it.

    When she does talk about payment, she's a bit more direct. "Frankly I don't know what to say regarding payment. I'm pretty sure I could cover expenses on my own, but if it's a big deal to you I don't want to deny you. Neither Madoka-chan or I are especially gaudy, so I doubt we'd break anyone's bank."

    The mention of their year in school has Homura glancing off to the side and avoiding eye contact. She decides that right now is a good time to have a spoonful of ice cream in her mouth in the hopes that she can avoid the topic.
Madoka Akemi 2018-10-01 05:16:56 98559
    Madoka has always thought feeding each other was cute, sweet and very romantic. Being romantic in playful ways is a lot of fun for Homura, but it's true that they shouldn't get too mushy in front of her family. Kisses on the cheek and temple and a trading spoonfuls of ice cream are one thing, but they'd definitely need to take their leave if they wanted to exchange ice cream kisses. Especially with Tatsuya watching!

    "I don't know what I did to impress him other than trying to be responsible. Maybe he trusts your opinion?" Madoka replies, ending the question with a little shrug.

    Onto topics that are a bit more fun, like wedding planning! "I think having a wedding by the lake would be wonderful. The alter would be right on the waters edge if that's where we put it-- or, well, right on the ice's edge, since it's January." She giggles a little and peeks over at Homura, "What do you think of theme weddings? Would people think it was too silly if we asked everyone to ice skate?"

    Junko considers that herself, "I'm not one to stand on tradition, but you might ask Homura-san's parents how set they are on a traditional wedding. I think you should do whatever will be the most memorable for each other, but you should keep her family in mind as well."

    Madoka makes a bit of a face and tilts her head, "Yeah... I think you're right. It's Akemi-san and Akemi-sama's daughter getting married too. They might feel the same way Papa does." Nevermind their reaction was rather different than Tomohisa's... though the circumstances were very different, given the nature of Chisato's reaction.

    Tomohisa smiles to Homura, "I won't insist upon it but being able to provide for our family is something we take pride in. If you aren't worried about money at least allow me to cater, unless you have something specific in mind for food already."
Homura Akemi 2018-10-01 05:43:10 98561
    "Want my opinion?" offers Homura to Madoka's shrug, "I bet my mom said something to him about it when we weren't around. He probably listened to her. She always worries about me, so she might've talked him into accepting our relationship before you ever met him."

    At the mention of an ice skating wedding, Homura smiles in a way that clearly indicates she likes the idea, but then Junko brings up a good point and her excitement dampens a little. "Mom wouldn't mind. She'd want us to do whatever would make us happy, but dad? Madoka-chan's right. He would at least want it to be respectable. I don't think he'd object to ice skating, especially not when the significance was explained to him, but he'd... want a dress code, and he'd expect a certain level of class."

    The black haired woman considers how to best sum it up, then settles on, "He'd want to be able to impress his employees with pictures of his daughter's wedding."

    Tomohisa offers to cater, and Homura almost laughs, "As if I could find a better cook in all of Tokyo! Of course, I have no objections to that. Besides..." She turns towards Madoka and smiles, "... wasn't he catering that night, too? It was at a dance that you arranged. I recall his food being there."

    No matter who pays, letting Tomohisa cook is an acceptable compromise. Besides, Homura could never be so heartless as to tell him that he couldn't cater his daughter's wedding.
Madoka Akemi 2018-10-01 05:52:06 98562
    After taking a moment to consider Homura's opinion Madoka has to admit it's a pretty sound one, "Ohhh. You're probably right, Homura-chan. Even if he hadn't met me he'd probably learned a lot about me. ...I'm glad your mother is so accepting of me. I should thank her, the next time I see her."

    The initial excitement from Homura puts a bright smile on Madoka's face, though it subdues a little when she talks about how her father would react. Though actually she brightens back up rather quickly, "I'd want that too! Don't you think it'd be fabulous, people ice skating around in beautiful dresses and tuxedoes? They'd have to be warm ones, of course. I never expected I'd be wearing anything other than a beautiful dress." She gives a nod of her head, "Still, we should talk to them about it. I think Mama would want to be able to impress people with pictures too!" Half beat, "We should make sure to hire a really good photographer."

    Tomohisa's mind is immediately filled with all sorts of over the top decadent ideas, some of which are coming out of deep storage because of course he's thought about what he'd want to cook at his daughter's wedding before. He starts to look slightly out of it for a moment before snapping back to reality, "Let me know what kind of food you'd like and I'll do the best I can. We can absolutely cover the food bill." Which is probably all he has to say to make it obvious whatever he makes will be top tier and expensive. He had looked happy before, but now he looks positively excited. The party spirit has certainly gotten to him now!

    "Ehehe, Papa's cooking is the very best! I don't want anyone else catering my wedding if he wants to," Madoka says while smiling with her eyes closed. She also gives a nod to Homura, "He did! Papa has cooked almost all my best meals." She twists a little in her chair and gives her father a coy look, "Now you know why I've been trying to learn how to cook from me lately. If I have a family of my own I want to take as much care feeding them as you always have for me, Papa."
Homura Akemi 2018-10-01 06:17:00 98564
    On the subject of Chisato, Homura doesn't feel like she has that much more to say, so she simply states, "She'd appreciate that, I'm sure."

    Homura hms as Madoka declares she'd want the same thing. "Well, knowing Mamo-kun, I'm sure that he at least could dress up for the occasion." She normally wouldn't want to mention her magical friends in front of mundane family, but they'll likely end up at the same wedding, "I'm sure we could get everyone else to as well, especially for such a special occasion. As for me, I keep being told that I look good in a suit."

    The conversation is getting pretty excited, and Homura is starting to feel maybe a bit bashful. It's a super important day for her, but really, it's also a super important day for everyone here, and also for a few who aren't. Plans are being made rapidly, and they are good plans, but she wasn't expecting to get this far today. Still, they'd have to discuss all of this sooner or later.

    She snaps back to reality at the mention of a photographer. "We should! For a day like this, we'd be crazy not to."

    At Tomohisa's offer, Homura nods respectfully. "Well, if nothing else, I think that we'll need a cake." Because what wedding is complete without a cake?!

    Homura smiles at Madoka's confession, then closes her eyes as she giggles. "You know? I thought the same thing. Cooking is fun, especially for family. I'd happily taste your cooking anytime, Madoka-chan."