Guided by the Heart

Homura and Madoka celebrate an important victory. With cuddles, obviously.

Date: 2018-09-30
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Madoka Akemi 2018-09-30 06:52:45 98485
    It's a lovely Saturday morning and Madoka wakes up in her favorite place, snuggled up in bed with Homura. It's starting to get colder at night so the blankets are up to their necks, Madoka wearing a pair of warm and fuzzy jammies sure to keep her nice and toasty, especially when all curled up with her guardian angel.

    She normally wakes up slowly and groggily but today is a little different, an immediate burst of excitement about the success of the previous day, all the difficulty and horror of the Sun Witch's labyrinth falling away in favor of the amazing way in which it ended. For the first time since Homulilly a Witch had been changed back into a Puella Magi, and the chance at a second try with greater wisdom and lessons learned for fallen Puella Magi was at hand.

    The joy and hopefulness of it was the most immediate thing, and Madoka had spent almost the whole night before she'd fallen asleep celebrating it. But there was also something else to it, something more personal. That what she was doing and attempting was real and true, that it was happening and more than just a fluke. She could really help them, her fellow Puella Magi, and heal their broken hearts and souls when they fell into the deepest pits of despair.

    And that was what she'd come to want most, and why she was willing to risk her own soul for it. To give hope once more to those girls who had fought so hard and survived terrors, only to find out too late that the terrors themselves were what they were to become. But it didn't have to be like that anymore, at least not permanently.

    The best proof of that was here in her arms right now, and Madoka pulls Homura closer to her, hugging her close with one arm around her waist and the other around her upper back, smiling brightly and happily and just squeezing her as tightly to herself as she can. The feeling of it is just as wonderful as it ever is, her one true love warm and soft there in her arms, with silky soft hair brushing over the back of her arms, so amazingly cuddly as she presses into her and nuzzles against her cheek while making quiet happy sounds.

    Even for herself Madoka is being especially affectionate this morning, letting her heart be her guide.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-30 07:10:27 98486
    Homura Akemi has long gotten into the habit of wearing soft cotton pajamas whenever Madoka sleeps over. She enjoys dressing up for her darling, and in this case dressing up means wearing something soft and cute that will be fun to cuddle up to. Last night, however, she was feeling especially celebratory, so after her affectionate and tired fiance fell asleep Homura snuck away to buy something special.

    Her hair is tied into a ponytail by a single large purple silk bow, and she's wearing a brand new pair of deep purple cotton pajamas with white frills at the hems. After a quick timestopped session of washing the sizing out, she slipped into her new outfit and snuck back into Madoka's arms where she belongs. Falling asleep after that was fairly easy for her, but due to her slightly later night she ends up waking a little slower than Madoka-chan.

    Homura smiles as she feels her darling being especially affectionate. Her arms were already sleepily draped over her beloved, but as she becomes more aware her loose embrace becomes something a bit tighter and more firm. She gives Madoka a kiss on the cheek and whispers softly into Madoka's ear, "Good morning, my heroic little angel."

    Yesterday was a great day. As scary as it was in the moment, they went in prepared and came out successful. Seeing Madoka save someone else, seeing her truly bring hope into the world, made Homura realize something important. Madoka always wanted to be a magical girl, and now she was, but there's more to it now. Madoka wasn't just a magical girl. She was one of the best magical girls ever, able to do something which even someone like Homura couldn't.

    Homura often uses the word 'amazing' to describe Madoka, but that word alone isn't enough to encapsulate how Homura feels. She's seeing the world in a new way, in a better light. Things weren't hopeless anymore. In a way she already knew that, but... now it was real. Now it wasn't just knowledge, it was fact.

    Homura squeezes her little angel tighter, smiling happily because things are truly right in the world, in ways they haven't been right in a long time.
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-30 07:32:17 98488
    Brand new cotton pajamas are especially fuzzy and soft, and not quite realizing why that is yet Madoka squirms happily against Homura a little more than she would otherwise, nuzzling against her shoulder after nuzzling her cheek. Long silky hair is more confined and concentrated than it normally would be, but for a bit Madoka is focused on the overall softness and cuddliness of Homura.

    Sleepyheaded Homu is fun to cuddle on from time to time as well, Madoka enjoying giving her snuggles and squeezes as the arms around her drape lazily in a way they only can be when perfectly at rest and relaxed. As much as she enjoys being squeezed and held tight there's something satisfying about knowing her guardian angel can be completely at ease in her arms.

    The kiss to her cheek has a brighter smile on her lips as she sweetly replies, "Good morning, my amazing guardian angel." The smile remains as she nuzzles Homura's cheek again, the firmer roundness of the muscles in the center of her cheek giving the brightness of it away without needing to be seen.

    With Homura awake she doesn't need to worry about waking her up, so she shifts and wiggles a little to get even closer, pressing up against her more while entwining legs with her, going 'ohhh' as the fuzziness of their pajamas brush together before giving her leg a little squeeze. Her eyes open more to gaze at the sleepy beauty, expecting to see mussed up morning hair only to find it neatly bound in a ponytail with a very pretty ribbon.

    "I haven't seen these Pajama's before," she notes with a giggle, reaching up to tease the collar at the back of the pajamas, only to lightly brush her fingertips back and forth over Homura's neck, pressing enough for it to feel nice rather than tickling.

    Soft pink eyes move over Homura's features, sparkling as she's given a nice squeeze that have her squirming and pressing close. "I don't think I've told you how beautiful you are often enough lately. Everyone must be jealous of me, to have such a beautiful fiance. I think I'd be jealous of me." She giggles playfully.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-30 08:08:09 98491
    Sleepyheaded Homu loves her Doka and wants to cuddle her and be close and bury herself in the endless love and cuddly warmth of her favorite person. It's in this state that Homura is often at her most honest, seeking what she wants and feeling free to take it, because she knows that Madoka will always provide. After all, in her own words, Madoka's a giver.

    The sweet nuzzle on Homura's cheeks is repaid by one of Homura's own. To feel so close to her... to feel so much of Madoka surrounding her and loving her from every angle... this truly is Cuddle Heaven. She turns her head slightly away and covers her mouth to stifle a yawn, then one of her arms slides down around Madoka's waist and squeezes her just a little bit tighter.

    As Madoka wiggles around, Homura's arms naturally squeeze her tighter. While she might not yet be awake enough to notice Madoka's smile through her cheek, she is aware enough to know that her little angel is happy and that makes Homu happy too. Her fresh new pajamas are certainly soft and fuzzy, and one of the first thoughts on Homura's mind is that she's glad she dressed up special last night.

    She giggles along with Madoka as her new outfit is noticed, and in her still somewhat sleepyheaded state she mumbles in response, "Congratulations, Madoka-chan. I'm your victory present!" Homura squirms a little as the edge of her pajamas is teased, smiling brightly because Madoka's fingers on her do feel really good.

    She blushes lightly and giggles sheepishly as Madoka speaks of jealousy. "Maybe they are, but they must be equally jealous of me, because I have the best fiance ever. A sweet little angel, all to myself. What more could a little Homu want?"

    You can tell she's still pretty sleepyheaded because there's no way a fully awake Homura would ever refer to herself as 'a little Homu'.
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-30 08:25:02 98493
    Madoka very much is the type to give Homura whatever she wants to make her happy. What makes her able to be so happy herself is that what they both want is so often the same thing: closeness and warmth both physical and emotional, the endless tenderness of cuddles.

    There's a reason getting to cuddle so close together it their own little paradise on Earth, the place of perfect enjoyment known as Cuddle Heaven. To feel so loved and accepted but also to be needed and cherished, to freely give and take of hugs, backrubs, nuzzles and squeezes, it's a truly wonderful thing. Homura's yawn strikes Madoka as cute so she lets out a small, "Aww," only to press closer and squirm when she's squeezed about the waist.

    Then Homura's arms squeeze her tighter still and she closes her eyes to enjoy it, clinging to Homura happily as the soft cotton of their pajamas brush together due to her squirms.

    Homura's words put a warm blush on her cheek and she laughs happily, "Homura-chan is my present? But that's my very favorite!" Now she clings to Homura even closer and squeezes her especially tight, pressing into her and squirming unabashedly against her, running her hands up and down her back to enjoy the softness of her pajamas, pulling back a tiny bit to look into her eyes while running her hands over Homura's sides as well, giving her waist a nice little squeeze.

    Of course Homura's blush and sheepish giggle only serves to egg her on further, and she reaches up to brush Homura's blushy cheek with her fingertips, cupping it while adoring her sweetheart. "There's plenty a little Homu could want," Madoka replies in a playful voice, propping herself up a little on one arm while twisting from side to side.

    She leans in then, looking into Homura's eyes from a very close distance before whispering into her ear, "Like cuddles..!"

    She clings onto her again all of a sudden, wrapping arms around her while squeezing with her entwined legs, giggling playfully and holding her beloved close while rolling around on the bed with her, the blankets catching and wrapping around them as she goes. It's unexpected and silly enough that it just makes her laugh and giggle even more.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-30 08:47:32 98495
    'The endless tenderness of cuddles' would sound just about right to Homura, and it doesn't hurt at all that both she and Madoka want the same thing. That's just another reason why the two of them are so perfect for each other. They know exactly how to make eachother happy, and it comes so naturally.

    Madoka's adoration only spurs Homura on, and she clings to her fluffy pink fiance super tight to get as close as she can to that cuddly warmth. The fact that Madoka's being squirmy makes Homura only want to cuddle her tighter, because cuddling Doka is the most natural way to express her love.

    Homura giggles a bit more brightly as Madoka declares that she's her favorite. Somehow she senses that Madoka is cuddling her a bit more freely, and she responds by burying her face in the crook of Madoka's neck. She kisses Madoka's neck before moving up to kiss her cheek, then she whispers into Madoka's ear. "What a coincidence. You're my favorite, too."

    She's starting to blush a little more as she wakes up further. The mention of cuddles makes her smile, and she responds with, "Well, I do like having plenty of cuddles!" That isn't quite what Madoka said, but Homura is intentionally misinterpreting it.

    The sudden clinging really does wake Homura the rest of the way up, and she blinks a few times before smiling just a bit wider. It's the first thing in the morning, and already her favorite person is doing her favorite thing: cuddles! She gives Madoka a little squeeze, then pulls back to gaze into her eyes. She doesn't mean to eskimo kiss, but their noses are so close together that it just kindof happens naturally.
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-30 09:11:01 98497
    It's another very cuddly positive feedback loop as cuddliness begets cuddliness begets cuddliness. Homura clinging to her causes Madoka to press closer herself and the tighter cuddles from Homu has her squirming more and pressing ever closer, because Homura is so very warm and soft and cuddly. That it's how Homura expresses her love only makes it more appealing, because that love is the sustenance for her soul.

    Finding Homura's face in the crook of her neck gets her giggling even more, and her cheeks blush bright pink as her neck is kissed, slowing a bit but clinging tighter as the kisses trail up her neck before a sweet one is placed right on her blushing cheek. She makes a happy little noise as Homura whispers to her, nuzzling blushing cheek against blushing cheek, her own skin feeling nice and warm to the touch from how reddened they've gotten from the cute kisses.

    "If you like plenty I'll make sure you get lots and lots," Madoka replies happily, eagerly cuddling Homura-chan all the more, holding her close while rubbing her back, delicately tracing the side of one of her feet against Homura's.

    Homura pulls back a little after giving a squeeze and Madoka squirms in place while peeking adoringly into her eyes, the soft pink of her irises sparkling with love and affection. Even if it wasn't the intent Madoka turns her head from side to side in tiny motions to brush the tip of her nose against Homura's, her lips parting as she smiles before sliding her nose to the side of Homura's, nuzzling against it while she moves close enough to press a soft kiss to her lips.