Very Important Questions

Lamya has some very important questions to ask her friend, Lacrima. Some get answered, others don't.

Date: 2018-10-02
Pose Count: 17
Dragon Lamya 2018-10-02 06:23:39 98565
It's a little late at night and Lamya typically doesn't stay up, but her last... well, there's no other way to put it but date with The Princess Nakusu has left her head spinning. So many questions! No answers! It's so frustrating! She can't sleep at all! Not even soaking in the aquarium helped. So she decides to get up and hunt down answers.

That is, find out where Lacrima currently is. So her first stop is the door that leads to the basement. She raps on it and calls out. "Lacrima? Do you have a moment?"
Lacrima 2018-10-02 06:39:39 98566
Lacrima is indeed laying in her coffin. The top is open though. She's texting Ariel. A goofy little smile on her face. She hears a rapping on the door, and she looks to the main door. She purses her lips, and makes a final text before placing her phone down and sighs a bit.

"Lamya? Go ahead and come down." she says. Come down? That's new.

The first thing Lamya does is come down into a wine cellar. There's wine bottles in racks. Not a lot of them, but enough. There's a small hallway, with two storage rooms to either side. One is locked. The other is open and leads to a room filled with cardboard boxes. The room at the end with no door seems to be the one Lacrima is in.

The room is lit up with candles, there's carvings in the walls of various mythical events. Nothing particular. Then there is the red carpet in the center of the room with the purple, lacquered coffin resting in the middle.

Lacrima is sitting up in it. She gives a wave.

"Hi Lamya-chan." she says. She motions to a chair nearby at a desk. It's elaborate and antique. "Pull up a chair and sit." she says.

"Is something wrong?" she asks.
Dragon Lamya 2018-10-02 06:45:47 98567
Lamya looks around the room, taking everything in, since this is the first time she's been down here. If she were somebody who grew up in the past two centuries she might have had thoughts about Lacrima playing to the stereotype, but seeing as she's an ancient dragon who's only been exposed to the modern era for about a year or so she just takes it as it is.

"Yes," Lamya says, taking the ornate chair and placing it on the rug facing the coffin. "Well. No," she backtracks, thinking better of it. "I don't know. That's why I'm here. I have questions and I don't have answers and... and when humans have those things they turn to their friends for help, and so that is what I'm doing."
Lacrima 2018-10-02 06:56:26 98568
Lacrima just feels safe in her coffin, in an elaborate 'crpyt' like this. She gently folds her hands on her elegantly dressed lap as she sits in the coffin, gently head tilting a little as she listens to Lamya's problem.

"Of course, I'll do my best to answer them, Lamya-chan." she smiles a little. She has a hunch what this may be about but she doesn't assume.

"That's good." she says. "You can always come to me with problems, no matter how big or small they might be." she offers softly.
Dragon Lamya 2018-10-02 07:03:47 98569
Lamya's head bobs in agreement. "It's about My Prin... Nakusu-chan. I feel..." she hesitates, trying to encapsulate her thoughts into words. "I feel things about her." she concludes. "A lot of things. More than I did when I was ... back before my big sleep." She bites her lower lip uncertainly, "It's confusing. I mean. I like these things that I feel, but they're confusing."

She pulls her knees up to her chest, and wraps her arms around her legs, a very human kind of thing to do. "She said there was a word for it, and that I'd have to figure it out by myself and I've tried and I've tried, but I just don't know what she means. It all seems to be too big for just one word."
Lacrima 2018-10-02 07:11:03 98570
Lacrima nods. "She spoke to me the other day, before visiting with you. She wanted to double check herself, it seemed like. Because she also... feels things about you." she offers. She sits up a little more straighter. "Can you tell me what you're feeling? Can you put it into words? At all? Try." she says.

"Even if it feels... akward or embarassing." she says. "To do so." she says. She listens intently, brushing some purple hair off her shoulder to make sure it's behind her prim and proper.

"I can tell you bits of what she told me. If it may help, but. I'd need to hear what you have to say first." she says softly.
Dragon Lamya 2018-10-02 07:26:09 98571
"I feel..." she starts, and then scowls. This was so much easier when it was to her Princess she was talking to. Lamya tries again, "There is an incredible brightness about her, to which I am drawn. I've heard the metaphor, 'like a moth to a flame,' but didn't understand it's meaning until I was with her, and I remembered how it was like, when Sabra first came to me. That light."

Lamya looks up over her knees to regard her friend for a bit. "When they first brought Sabra to me, as a sacrifice, there was a light to her that I found captivating. There was a purity to her that was so rare that I couldn't bring myself to destroy. I didn't know what I was going to do with her, but I knew that sending her back would destroy that light just as well devouring her would. The world would be lesser... I would be lesser for having let it be snuffed."

She rests her chin on her knees as she remembers the time she spent with the Princess as a dragon. "I had a collection of tomes, saved from the first burning of the library in Alexandria." A small pause in her recollection and she looks up at Lacrima again. "Do you know why in the tales Dragons hoard gold?"
Lacrima 2018-10-02 07:30:36 98572
Lacrima listens softly as she purses her lips. "Mmpphh..." she mutters. She can relate to this general feeling. At least in relation to Ariel. Ariel is always so bright and pure and comforting and when she's around her... it's like... basking. In someone's existence. It's so hard for her to put into words too.

But she's glad Lamya is trying right now to do that in regards to Nakusu.

"You... had books saved from Alexandria?" she blinks rapidly. "Well. Had.." she mutters. "Bah..." she shakes her head. Okay this isn't about lost artifacts like that. It's about Lamya and her princess.

"I don't." she admits. "I don't know why dragons hoard gold." she says.
Dragon Lamya 2018-10-02 07:45:33 98573
"Power," answers Lamya. "Dragons are physical manifistations of power, and so they... we tend to collect it. Surround ourselves with us. Money is power. My lineage gravitates to knowledge, which is another extention of power." She shakes her head, as she's going a bit off course in her explanation.

"The Princess Sabra's light was another kind of power."Lamya explains. "Something new. Something to be treasured just as much as any one of those ancient tomes. That's what drew her to me, and... and I still feel that way towards her."

She heaves a heavy sigh, "That lightness... I think something had happened over the years. It's not as bright, but it's still there. I recognized it immedidately, and I want to protect and cherish it just as much as I did back then."

"She's still the flame to my moth. I want to be with her and stand guard and keep the dark terrrors at bay for her. I want.... I want her to lay with me and wrap her arms around me. She let me lay my head in her lap for a while. I was at peace. Ever since waking up to this strange world, everything had felt so wrong but for that moment, everything felt right."
Lacrima 2018-10-02 07:55:41 98574
Lacrima purses her lips and listens softly. Power is... something she understands to some degree. But only because of her memories of Poderoso. Poderoso. 'Powerful'. Just as her name meant 'Teardrop'. He wanted power. He craved it. Wanted to collect it.

But this is a different kind of story. She takes a deep breath and thinks. "Well. She is a reincarnation. She's only 'half' your princess, so that may be why it's 'not as bright' but there is still half- that reincarnated half- that is her-- Sabra. That is." she says. "As opposed to Nakusu."

She takes a deep breath. "Have you spoke to her of these feelings?" she asks softly. "If you did, what did she say to that?" she asks.
Dragon Lamya 2018-10-02 07:59:45 98575
"I did!" Lamya says, getting a kind of goofy smile to her thinking back on that day. "I was... I was a little more poetic, I think. My feelings for her make me want to be poetic. She said that there was a word for what I was feeling, and that I needed to figure it out."

She looks to her friend for help, "And I've tried to think of that word. But I feel too much for just one, and I have the feeling that if I have that word, then I will understand this better."
Lacrima 2018-10-02 08:08:49 98576
Lacrima nods. "Aha..." she says. "See..." she says as she resettles herself, moving her hands more freely. "Nakusu-chan." she says. "She's pretty sure. She has feelings for you." she says. "She related to me that. Even though you only met a few weeks ago, that it felt like she knew you for a much much longer time." she adds.

"I mean that makes sense. She has Sabra's memories and soul in her. So she kind of did." she says. "-and she wants to make that part of her... and the things involved, part of her life more or less is what she tried to relate and ask me about."

"I told her that. As long as what she did was not hurting others- or herself- that, she can live her life as she wishes. If that means... including 'Sabra's' life in her own then. She can do as she wishes."

"She probably said that because. Well... it's kind of a conflict of interest, I bet. To her."

"...I'm not sure if that's the right description for it actually...." she admits sheepishly.

"But. Maybe she thought that answering it for you would be taking advantage of feelings you don't have a name or basis for-- for her own benefit. For example. I could tell you those feelings mean you should pay me twenty yen everytime you feel that way. It would be wrong. and taking advantage of you." she says.

"Anyways. Lamya-chan." she says. "What you're describing sounds a lot like 'love'." she says. "Some of what you said... is how I feel about Ariel for example." she says with a blush. "I just..."

"I want to turn into my shadowy.. monster form.. and just... entwine around her. Keep her safe from... The nightmare prince. From George. Just... stare into her eyes... for hours." she mutters. "Just. When I'm around her. I feel so human.. like a person. So grounded and safe and...." she shakes her head. "I'm getting off track." she says.

"Just. I'm pretty sure it's love you're feeling." she says with a nod once.
Dragon Lamya 2018-10-02 08:20:54 98577
When Lacrima starts waxing on about Ariel, Lamya turns attentive. Yes! Exactly! This is the same! And when her friend spells it out for her she mouths the word to herself. Love. This was the missing piece.

"Yes!" declares the dragon excitedly, her brain going into a frenzy. "This is love! So much makes sense now!" She hops to her feet and starts to pace and ramble on. "Of course. Love isn't a thing that a dragon experiences normally, so of course I wouldn't recognize it. Dragons are mostly solitary creatures, you know, who like to isolate themselves, but we're still living beings, and it makes sense that we have the capacity for love even though it's something that's frowned on in dragon society (such as it was) because it makes you do what seems to be foolish and silly things but they're not foolish or silly at all!"

She pauses. "Maybe they are, but the point is it doesn't matter. Oh, Lacrima-chan!" And at this point she all but throws herself at the vampire and hugs her. "Thank you, thank you, thank you for your help!"
Lacrima 2018-10-02 08:29:54 98578
Well that's new. Lamya-chan usually does not intiate hugs. But she accepts it regardless. She nods. "I'm pretty sure she feels the same." she says. "With the way she talked about things. How..." she pauses a moment as she releases the hug after giving a squeeze back to Lamya.

"When George talks about how a-- 'human doesn't belong with a dragon'..." she says. "She said it wasn't like that to him. Apparently. But she also believes that's sort of a half lie." she says.

"That she's pretty sure Sabra was trying to sort out her feels about it, how like you we're at the time." she says. "She says that she described the situation as... 'potential starcrossed beings getting interrupted by a bigot before figuring things out.'" she says.

"But. Now you get the time, many years, and a new outlook on your part- to figure those feelings out." she says. "A human part." she offers. "It's easier on your end. And I think she already knows where she stands." she offers. "As I mentioned. She feels the same way I'm sure."

"The question is." she says. "How do you want to proceed with this Lamya-chan? Is there anything I can do to help?" she asks. "Besides... well make sure you two have a place to meet here. I mean." she says.
Dragon Lamya 2018-10-02 08:40:58 98579
"I want to tell her!" Lamya all but shouts. "Immediately!" Then a more rational part of her brain tells her this probably isn't a good idea. "No wait. Tomorrow. I shall call her!" That rational part of her brain informs her of a couple of facts first. "I shall need a phone with which to call her! And her phone number!"

Lamya manages to calm down a bit, her rational, more dragon mind taking over. "After that, I don't know. I think the 'figuring out part' you mentioned would be the next step. Figuring out and protecting her from your brother." She scowls at that unpleasant thought.

"What are we going to do about him?" she asks. "I still want to do many terrible things to him. Moreso now, but I made you a promise which I intend to keep. I... even though I become more human, I am still a dragon, too. And dragons are not subtle creatures and I fear this situation will require a subtlety I'm not capable of."
Lacrima 2018-10-02 08:55:24 98580
Lacrima ahs. "We can go out tomorrow, and we can get you a cellphone." she smiles. "It'll let you call and text her. Give her a number to text you back personally at, rather than going through me." she smirks a bit. She nods. "I think she'll be happy to hear that." she says.

But then things get into 'what to do about Ryo' and her posture becomes more slack. "I don't know anymore." she says. "He's... he's moving into ... trying to kidnap Nakusu now, obviously. He seems to seriously think he's protecting her from us." she says.

"Maybe.. maybe he sees the same thing in her you do. That glow-- so to speak, for all I know." she says. "Just. He's more grabby and possessive than he has a right to be about it." she says.


"Me and Jiaying. Went to a fire reading. On him. He dropped an important personal item that night he tried to kidnap Nakusu. I took it to the Rei Hino at the Hikawa Shrine to have her do a fire reading...."

"He's... this..." she fidgets. "He's not... under the control of anything. He isn't possessed. He's just... this is all. His own choosing." she says silently.

"I saw things I didn't know about him. And-- there's signs that... that he might had been remembering bits about this for a long time? Like. One of the visions. We saw... we're. Of us playing a game when we we're both much younger. And he had a cardboard tube... pretending to be a night. And I said. In the vision. That I was tired for being the monster! And he said...."

"Then you can be Princess Sabra!" she says. "I... barely. Remember that day. I'm pretty sure I was like five or six in the vision. But I knew the name sounded familiar. When Nakusu said it. I just couldn't pinpoint it. Until we saw that fire reading." she says.

"Another had him... betraying a friend to force his boyfriend to break up with his friend for him. And... just..." she sulks a bit.

"I don't know anymore Lamya. Even ... we.. how do you even make someone think differently from just being an asshole...?" she asks quietly. She gently cups her face and takes a deep breath.

"Lamya-chan. I think I need to lay in the dark for a bit." she says quietly. "In my coffin." she says.

"I'm sorry. This conversation took a turn I don't really... w--no. Not want. I can't deal with it. Right now." she says quietly.

"Is.. is that okay?" she asks quietly. "Um..."

"I invited you down here. But.. the normal rules. Still apply..." she says quietly. She means no coming in the basement. "When you go back upstairs."
Dragon Lamya 2018-10-02 09:06:15 98581
Lamya looks sad and helpless in the face of Lacrima's own sadness and helplessness. "I'm sorry." She says. When she says it it's not a meaningless platitude. She really is sorry. "Like I said, subtlety is not my strength, and I should not have brought that up." She hesitates for a moment before giving her friend a reassuring hug.

"I am here for you, just as you were here for me today," she says gently. "I am... new to being human but I shall do my best." She releases the hug, and moves the chair back to its proper place, nodding about the rules being back in place. "Of course. This is your lair your... sanctum sanctorum. I wouldn't dare intrude unless invited first. I'll see you in the morning," and with that she takes her leave.