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Date: 2018-10-03
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Stahlritter 2018-10-03 01:01:04 98588
    Verone Academy has been abuzz for a while, ever since a certain transfer student returned after an extended, unexplained absence. Considering the nature of Alexis Raskoph, however, there certainly isn't any shortage of speculation as to the raeson for the absence. Afterall, he was already causing a lot of bizarre trouble-- beating up bullies, gangers and even Yakuza. He even got briefly suspended for smashing someone through a bathroom sink on school grounds once before. Asking around the rumor mill tell you as much about the german.
    Incidentally, one of the common speculations in the rumor mill for his extended absence is that he was in jail. Because of course.
    All those thoughts and rumors seem to carry in the atmosphere around the tall, foreign boy, too, even as he stomps through the hallway of the academy during free period, with both his hands stuck in the pockets of the brown leather jacket draped over the standard Verone uniform. People give him a wide berth when they move past him, and when he moves through? People very deliberately part away from him, like the Red Sea before Moses.
    Lot of whispers echo in the hallway, like an ambient soundtrack. No one's quite sure if someone should actually approach him or not.
Naga Amaya 2018-10-03 01:09:21 98590
    The rumors have reached Amaya, and she doesn't really seem to care since most of the rumors aren't really all that bad at all. The people that the foreigner have beat up have all typically been not so good. With that in mind, she is walking down the hall in the opposite direction that Alexis is walking, but at the same time toward him. She can see over the heads of most of the other students in the school and sees Alexis. "Hmm.." She stops as people in front of her part for Alexis, but she just stands there.
    Amaya might be braver than the rest, but she just seems a little confused as to why people just move out of the way for anyone like that. She sighs a little bit before she crosses her arms, and looks Alexis dead in the eye as he walks. Then there is that legendary smile of her's, bright with motivation. She doesn't say anything, but she is curious as to how the bully beater is going to react with someone standing right in front of him. She is more or less curious if the rumors are true at this point..
Stahlritter 2018-10-03 01:21:20 98593
    The stomping of the faintly-frowning German doesn't really slow down, at first. For all intents and purposes, he seems as though he is veyr much intending to just keep moving on past and through.
    But there's the eye contact. Normally, that kind of thing might come across as a challenge - though for what is a different matter altogether - but when it comes with that smile, it's... actually rather confusing. It shows on Alexis, too, with a few bemused blinks on his part before he finally comes to a stop just before the redhead, with one dark brow twithing slightly.
    "...You want somethin'?"
Naga Amaya 2018-10-03 01:27:01 98594
    Amaya leans her head to the side a little bit as Alexis stops right in front of him. She inspects him for a few moments, "Yes, I do actually.. I think you need to turn that frown upside-down!" She keeps wearing that smile of her's, and she doesn't look in the slightest bit worried about Alexis. She then sighs a bit, "Listen, moping around, and looking mean isn't exactly the best way to do things. With a sour attitude like that, I can see why people are parting for you."
    Amaya gets a thoughtful look for a moment, "Are the rumors true that you just randomly start fights with bullies and other people here in the school?" She narrows her eyes a little bit as she asks this question in a bit of a serious tone, and that wonderful smile of her's just vanishes.
Stahlritter 2018-10-03 01:35:32 98597
    "... What." Another slow blink on Alexis' part over that initial response from her. His head tilts slightly off to one side momentarily, and his brows furrow down further with his continued confusion, green eyes briefly flicking down and then up again to take in the whole presence of Amaya.
    And then there's that question. IN that instant she asks it, the motion of people backing away is actually audible, so synchronous it is. Alexis, meanwhile, wrinkles his nose, before grunting out, "No one who doesn't deserve it." One hand slides away from his jackt, the fingers of it idly flexing. "Be it here or out there. Got a problem with that?"
Naga Amaya 2018-10-03 01:46:04 98599
    Amaya leans her head to the other side now. She doesn't seem to feel the slitest bit threatened by Alexis' presence. Everyone in this school knows what Amaya is about, and having her standing in front of Alexis like she is, everyone probably this is going to be one hell of a fight.

    Amaya shakes her head, "No, not outside of school anyway." She goes back to smiling like she was before and her eyes brighten up, "However, if you start a fight here in school, I'm going to have to treat you like a bully. Let them start the fights, and try not to damage school property in the process. I really do like this school, and having it damaged isn't exactly something I really like to hear about. If you keep up the way you are acting, and pick fights, I'm sure you will be expelled eventually. I'm sure the bullies would enjoy that."
Stahlritter 2018-10-03 02:03:47 98602
    This actually seems to take Alexis aback a bit, with several rapid blinks and leans back just the slightest bit. "...What's with you?" He grunts out. "If you're going to berate me for being the way I am, fine, but what's with the--" He can't quite bring himself to finish that sentence. Mostly because he realizes, halfway through, that he can't quite put his finger himself on what's strange about this girl here.
    A frustrated grunt reverbates through his throat, and he steps just slightly off to one side, in an effort to get past her now. "Does it matter to you what happens with me?"
Naga Amaya 2018-10-03 02:09:26 98603
    Amaya just watches him and can see the irritation in his eyes. She lets him walk by her as she has no intention of getting into a fight with Alexis at the moment. "Nothing is wrong with me, and yes it does matter to me what happens to you, as well as everyone else in this school. If you put someone in the hospital again in this school, you and me are going to have to pay a visit to a gym." She smiles sweetly as she turns to face him while he walks on by.

    Standing her ground, Amaya watches Alexis, wondering if he is going to keep walking after that or not. "It won't be a fight either, more like a sparing match." If Alexis was paying attention to Amaya, he would find Amaya to be rather fit, almost as if she belonged to an atheletic club.
Stahlritter 2018-10-03 02:22:19 98606
    He stops upon her saying that. He doesn't turn to actually looking back at her again, however-- not right away, anyway.
    "... I was different back then," he murmurs after a moment of silence on his part. "Angrier. Didn't exactly hold back, did I?" He finally turns just enough that he can peek back at her over his shoulder. "I'm not exactly proud of that, alright? Doesn't mean I'm stopping. But I'm not... going to do that anymore, at least. Not here."
    He shifts along the pivot of one foot, to return himself to facing her a bit more fully. "If that's what you were wondering about, anyway. Not that people here will care anyway, you know?" That last bit is said in a lower tone and volume. "As far as the folk here are concerned, I'll forever be some thug who breaks your bones if you look at 'im wrong."
Naga Amaya 2018-10-03 02:28:29 98609
    Amaya listens to what Alexis has to say, and then even nods a little bit confirming everything he has to say. "Thank you."

    "You don't have to be the thug at all. Just start looking a little more cheeful and people will slowly start to warm up to you, okay?" Amaya says in a slightly cheerful tone of voice. "Push yourself to be more cheerful, and smile. Smiling always seems to help me when I'm in a bad mood. Don't ask though, it just does." She nods firmly to Alexis. With that bit of advice, she continues to walk back to class to get ready for the next period.