The Best Present Ever

It's Madoka's Birthday and her family celebrates, which means Homura is over as well. Gifts are given and and familial love is shared. Also introducing: Moemura!

Date: 2018-10-05
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Madoka Akemi 2018-10-05 07:50:29 98639
    It's October 3rd and that means it's a very special day, Madoka's Birthday! By the calendar she was born 17 years ago this day... just never mind about the whole '18 months passed for the world while 2 weeks passed for them' deal. It's not like her parents know about that anyway, and they want to celebrate their daughters birthday, especially when by the next time it rolls around she might have gotten married and officially moved in with her bride to be.

    Because it's her birthday her father cooks her very favorite meal, cream stew! It's served on the table in a big pot with mushrooms and vegetables and meat in the still steaming creamy broth. All the vegetables are fresh out of the family garden that Tomohisa maintains and both the mushrooms and meat are top quality- only the best for the Kaname family and their guests. It's all nice, hot, and fresh, the fresh baked bread held off this time since the home made cake will be for desert.

    One Hour Later

    It was a delicious and satisfying meal and the cake was yummy, rich and sweet, cut and made all the more satisfying by the homemade vanilla ice cream. Now that the dishes have been cleaned up, at Madoka's insistence, the party is ready to get started in earnest! Madoka is currently wearing one of her gifts that was given to her sometime before dinner, a nice little outfit in fall colors with yellow top and a red skirt with playful leaf-print stockings of mostly brown hues with a splash of color here and there. There's also a gaudy plastic crown sitting on top of her head firmly denoting her as the birthday girl.

    The table has been cleared off for presents but the cake is still out on the counter in case anyone wants seconds, though the ice cream has been stored in the freezer. Tatsuya can't seem to wait so he rushes over and gives Madoka what he got her right away, taking a card from the pile and handing it to her.

    The envelope is ripped a little already but Madoka doesn't pay it any attention as she opens it and pulls out the card, blushing a little and shifting in her seat looking at the front before opening it, smiling and reaching down to hug onto her little brother with both arms, "Thank you so much, Tatsuya. I love it!" She passes the card around so everyone can gush over it. It's good cardstock but hand made in crayon. On the front are the words Happy Birthday and below it what is very obviously a tracing of Tatuya's hand with his fingers mostly together, only each finger has been turned into each member of the Kaname family. The tallest middle finger being Tomohisa and his index finger as Junko, making his ring finger and pinky very obviously Homura and Madoka respectively. And of course way down there for his thumb is himself! Everyone has cutesy versions of their faces and their hair colored in correctly.

    On the inside there's a fairly simple, 'Happy 17th Birthday, Oneechan!' on it, but on the other side he's drawn a fairly convincing picture in his cute childish style of Madoka and Homura leaning against each other sitting up on the couch while having obviously fallen asleep together while cuddling.'s accurate enough he's probably had plenty of time to study this subject.
Homura Akemi 2018-10-05 08:14:12 98640
    Every so often Homura is reminded of some little thing that makes her love and adore Madoka even more. Sure, all of the cuddles are of course sweet and nice, but also seeing the plastic birthday crown on Madoka's head is the most adorable thing. As irresistibly cute as Homura finds Madoka, she manages to be a good girl and not be too clingy, since she knows that she'll have plenty of time to cuddle her very best birthday girl later.

    As usual the Kaname cuisine is spot on, and of course Homura was expecting cream stew as surely as she expected cake and ice cream. Madoka's fiance might end up getting fat off of food like this if she couldn't use magic to cheat!

    One Hour Later

    Tatsuya's card is passed around, and when Homura sees it she blushes. She spends a moment with her eyes lingering on the card, smiling as she sees herself counted as part of the family. Ever had one of those things where you never knew how badly you needed it until you had it? This card, and what it means, is one of those things. When Homura opens the card she can't help but cover her mouth and giggle. It's accurate, yes, but also very sweet.

    Her eyes dart towards Madoka-chan, and she gives her a quick wink before turning back to Tatsuya, assuming a happier, softer voice. "I like your card, Tatsuya-ototo."

    Homura has brought over a number of small gifts for Madoka-chan, though there are one or two that are the highlights. One of them, the Moemura plushie that comes with the tag 'For when I'm not there to cuddle', makes her feel just a little bit conceited, but the gift is for Madoka and she doubts her little angel would see it that way.

    A second one is actually a pile of small boxes, each one containing either a piece of clothing or an outfit. The tag on this one reads 'For cuddly comfort' and it basically contains a lot of soft, comfy clothes that are generally there to be really nice to cuddle in. After all, cuddling is their favorite hobby, so of course that would be forefront on Homura's mind.

    The last one is hidden in Madoka's room, because Homura doesn't know how to explain its significance to the Kaname family. It's a very short photo album with room for expansion, containing two pages each of Homura Akemi and Kana Ishii: the two Puella Magi that Madoka has redeemed. That one has a different tag, labelled 'To my hero'.
Madoka Akemi 2018-10-05 08:40:06 98642
    Madoka will find little moments to hug Homura and hold her hand if her sweetheart finds her irresistibly cute. She would never want to leave Homura wanting, though a little sweet anticipation doesn't hurt. She giggles as Homura tells Tatsuya she likes the card, and Tomohisa picks the boy up and lifts him into the air, thank goodness for high ceilings. "That's right, Tatsuya. You did a great job making that for your big sister!" The young boy laughs and waves his arms around while lifted up so high, cheerful as he's set back down.

    Meanwhile Madoka blushes when she's winked at, shifting around in her seat a little differently than she did when she got the card. She's paying attention to Homura so she's surprised when something is held in front of her face by her mother. It's a gift with a very... well defined shape. About a foot tall with a wide, rectangular base, narrowing into a cylindrical top.

    "Eheheh..." Madoka chuckles nervously while accepting it from her mother, looking embarrassed when she feels the weight shift around as it shifts. Did she really..? Madoka pulls the wrapping paper off of it and stares for a moment before showing it off, eyes closed and poorly faking a happy expression, "I-irish Whisky..!"

    It's yanked right out of her hands, "That's right! Eighty proof and burns like hell but it gets the job done-- or it will when you're ready for it. You're seventeen now so it won't be many more years before you can open this up and drink it with me, and by the time you do it'll be ready too."

    "Ehehe, thanks Mama," Madoka replies. At least as far as 'joke' presents go that one wasn't too bad, and Junko *is* right about being able to share it together eventually.

    'My eighteenth and nineteenth birthdays will belong to Homura-chan, but my twentieth will be all Mama's,' Madoka thinks to herself.
Homura Akemi 2018-10-05 08:54:45 98643
    The occasional hugging and hand holding does help Homura make it through the party without going too crazy, but she still tries to behave herself, because this is a very important party for all of them.

    Homura sees the way Tomohisa picks Tatsuya up and say nice things to him and, quietly and internally, decides that should she and Madoka ever have a child, Homura should strive to treat their child just as well as this. She's also mildly jealous of Madoka for having such a nice family for about as long as it takes for her to remember that Homura's a part of it now.

    Homura turns back to Madoka and notices her gaze... and then notices the suspiciously cylindrical present which... turns out to be exactly what she thought it was. "Are you for real?" she blurts out... before it's made very clear that no, Junko is not for real, or at least not yet. She chuckles at the joke, but Homura hasn't forgotten the promise that she made to Junko regarding Madoka and alcohol. 'Right to first refusal', as Junko called it.

    Homura plays with the ends of her black silky locks for a moment. Her own hair has a single thin purple ribbon in it, and she's wearing cooler colors: a mix of blues and whites perhaps more suited for Winter than Fall. Even her stockings are a light blue, leading into a white skirt that terminates into a blue blouse.

    She's fairly quiet for most of the time, not being very much of a social creature, but she does at one point ask, "Are you having a happy birthday, Madoka-chan?"
Madoka Akemi 2018-10-05 09:12:23 98644
    Homura is very much a part of Madoka's family now, and she wouldn't have it any other way. As wonderful as her own family dynamic is she's also pretty curious to see more of what it's like to be around Homura's parents. She knows Chisato fairly well by now, but the dynamic seems to change a lot when Suoh is around.

    Madoka blushes a bit while reacting to the gift as Homura openly questions it. Junko doesn't seem upset, but rather gives Homura something of a grin and a wink before giving her reasoning. After a moment she adds, "I got this before your engagement was announced and for a few days I thought I'd have to find something else before I remembered what kind of girl you are."

    Madoka rubs the back of her head and laughs good naturedly.

    "I won't be mad if you decide you want to try a few sips of Champaign or wine once you're a married woman though." Junko seems pretty sure Madoka isn't the type to actually drink liquor before she's legally supposed to and she's not wrong. Rather than handing the bottle back to Madoka she actually hands it to Homura, "Try to keep it somewhere cool and dark. I'll be waiting to open it."

    "Okay, Mama," Madoka replies, watching as the bottle is handed over after quickly cleaning up the wrapping paper. She smiles a little while looking at Homura, enjoying her silky black hair with it's cute ribbon and the cooler tones than what she normally wears. She peeks into her sweethearts eyes and smiles, "I am, Homura-chan. Spending time with the people who are important to me is my favorite thing." She twists a little in her seat and her eyes sparkle in a way that makes it very clear her who favorite of the assembled group is.
Homura Akemi 2018-10-05 09:35:13 98645
    The likelihood that Chisato Akemi would be around for Homura's '17th birthday' is pretty high at this point. The verdict is still out on Suoh Akemi being there, but when isn't it? Though it's also true that the Akemis and the Kanames will eventually have to meet as well. Homura can only guess at how that would go.

    The explanation is given and accepted, because at the end of the day Homura should have expected a joke present from Junko. She actually blinks when the bottle is given to her, but she accepts it with a smile. "I'll keep it safe. I'll find a good place for it. It'll be there when the time is right."

    Homura is pretty sure that Junko is right about Madoka not wanting to drink before it's legal for her to, and as much as Homura has historically not cared she's also going to respect Madoka's wishes on that. Besides, just because Homura breaks the rules that doesn't mean she can't admire the parts of Madoka that sincerely and eagerly want to do the right thing.

    Homura Akemi is also a slave to sentiment, so to her this kind of thing is treated with sacred reverence. A first drink between mother and daughter might be nothing to other families, but it's something that Junko has held onto for a while. It won't be ignored.

    Homura smiles as Madoka tells her that spending time with important people is her favorite thing, and blushes at the sparkles in Madoka's eyes. "Spending time with you is my favorite, too."

    Sensing a gap in the presenting of presents, Homura is quick to take one of her presents from the pile and hands it to Madoka. As she hands it over Homura is blushing and glancing off to the side a little nervously, and when Madoka opens it she'll find the plushie version of Homura with glasses.

    It doesn't quite occur to her that the rest of the Kanames might not get what it's about, since they've never seen Homura in her younger, more vulnerable form, so she explains. "I... used to wear glasses... and braids. It's an old look but Madoka-chan thought it was cute."
Madoka Akemi 2018-10-05 09:49:12 98646
    Madoka is very trustworthy but it's hard for Junko not to think of Homura as very reliable. As a former CEO who has had to deal with other businesses she's also fairly sure Homura has had some experience with alcohol anyway, and Madoka has told her the way Homura researches things that are important to her. Yes, that bottle will find a nice safe place Madoka will know about. "I'm counting on it. Here's to hoping it mellows out before she drinks it so she remembers to swallow when it hits her tongue!" Junko lets out a good laugh and Madoka looks mildly nervous.

    Homura comes over with a gift and Madoka eagerly reaches out for it, taking it gently and looking at the packaging while turning it over in her hands. She starts to open it while peeking up at Homura, only to gasp and finish quickly once she gets a glimpse. "Awww, it's so adorable! I love it Homura-chan!" The plushie is held in one of her hands carefully as she stands from her chair and hugs Homura around the neck with both arms, squeezing her and pressing close. She giggles a little and gives Homura a kiss on the cheek before looking over the doll more closely. "Ehehehehe." She holds it up so everyone can see, "Homura-chan looked so adorable when she was younger, and her mom has the cutest nickname for her."

    She admires Homura rather openly while looking at her face, "She's beautiful now, but she can still be heart meltingly cute when she wants to be." She leans in and gives Homura another kiss, this one on the lips. It doesn't last a super long time because family but isn't just a quick peck either.

    "Homu-neechan gets a present too!"

    Madoka's cheeks warm visibly.
Homura Akemi 2018-10-05 10:09:26 98647
    Homura can't help but chuckle along with Junko's joke. If it were just the three of them, she'd have no trouble just brazenly talking about it, because she prefers to deal honestly when speaking to Junko, but a part of her fears setting a bad example. "Madoka-chan's tougher than she looks, but we'll find out in three years won't we?"

    The plushie is given and well received, and she can't help but be happy. She's even happier when Madoka comes up to kiss her, and she smiles into the kiss as she draws just a slightly bit closer. Even if it only lasts for a moment, for Homura it seems to last forever...

    Then the kiss is broken, and Homura is also left blushing afterwards, looking meekly at Madoka and clasping her hands together. She giggles at the comment from Tatsuya, and says softly, "Madoka-chan is the best present ever."

    She smiles at Madoka with the slight tilt of her head, and giggles softly before leaning closer to Madoka-chan. She whispers into her ear, "Of course, for tonight, you get to cuddle the real thing," before drawing away. Homura bites her lower lip for a moment before turning away to go fetch another present. This one is a fairly different, in a thin white box with purple ribbons holding it shut.

    Inside is a pair of pajamas, not unlike what Homura went out to grab the other night. It's a pastel yellow with violet trim, not unlike Madoka's current pajamas but maybe just a little bit more fancy, and they almost look like they were tailor made for her measurements. They also look super soft and nice for cuddling in.
Madoka Akemi 2018-10-05 10:27:08 98648
    Madoka giggles again as Homura and Junko joke together, hoping to get to drink with her Mama when it's time.

    Her blush turns into another giggle as Homura responds to Tatsuya, looking over her cute new plushie again and even giving it a little nuzzle. It's just as soft as she'd hope. Of course right then Homura whispers to her and she nuzzles her face against the plushie even more. No, she's not trying to hide her blushing not at all. Why would you think that?

    She then looks a bit more pensive as she looks at the adorable plushie's face, looking between it and Homura before giggling, "Aha! I've figured out your name. You're going to be called Moemura from now on!" She holds it out at arms length in both her hands before hugging it to her chest, twisting a little and giggling before carefully setting Moemura down on the table, propping her carefully so she's sitting up and watching.

    Homura brings her another box and she looks surprised, never mind having seen how many boxes there actually were. The plushie is just so wonderful she really isn't expecting anything else, and yet there's more!

    Of course when she opens it she's immediately glad her fiance is so thoughtful, standing again to hold the top piece up to herself, "H-homura-chan, did you get this tailored? It looks like it'll fit me perfectly. That's... such a good idea!" Tailored pajamas for cuddling in- her guardian angel knows her very well. "I'm going to be using this present a lot," she says with a bright smile, folding the pajamas and setting them on the table with her other gifts.

    Tomohisa had mostly been hanging back and enjoying watching over the interactions of his happy family, but had slipped away for a moment. Now he returns to hand Madoka a plastic case that's a bit damp and dewy and clearly cold to the touch. She tilts her head a little and opens it, looking over the contents before giggling and blushing and turning it towards Homura. Inside is a little platter of garden fresh strawberries hand dipped in now hardened chocolate, and another of little pastries filled with cream. They're all perfectly bite sized. "Ehehehe... our family knows what all my favorite things are, Homura-chan."

    Junko smirks playfully, "It'd be hard not to with how much you talk about her."

    Tomohisa smiles in his gentle fatherly way, "Keep them chilled until you decide to have them."
Homura Akemi 2018-10-06 01:26:40 98671
    Madoka's blushing is so cute, especially when she tries to hide it behind her new plushie, and Homura can't help but admire it. The soft, gentle kind of look she's giving Madoka right now is probably fairly obvious, and the moment she realizes just how obvious she's being she glances nervously between Tomohisa and Junko for a moment before turning away shyly. No matter how many years she's dated Madoka, Homura has never really quite gotten over her meekness, but she's also pretty sure that Madoka likes that about her anyways.

    Homura hears the name Moemura and covers her mouth to giggle. If anyone else had called her 'moe' she'd probably feel the need to tough girl at them, but she doesn't mind if Madoka calls her that. Especially since it's in reference to a plushie that looks like her old, more vulnerable self.

    Still, she decides to joke about it a little bit. "Moemura? Is my little angel going to protect me?"

    On the question of whether or not the pajamas were tailored to fit Madoka specifically, Homura answers with a very short, "I did." She smiles softly and clasps her hands behind her back as Madoka declares that she'll be using that gift a lot. "I'm glad. I can't help but want to give you nice things."

    There are a number of other such nice things that Homura has gotten Madoka, but Homura doesn't want to turn this into the 'Homura showers Madoka with presents' show so she decides to put the rest off for later. When she sees Tomohisa's present and looks inside of it, her eyes widen and she gives a very sincerely impressed, "Wow."

    Chocolate-dipped strawberries and bite-sized pastries? Made by Tomohisa and grown in his garden no less. Homura might've said more, but Junko's comment has her blushing and looking shyly away. After a moment's hesitation, she says so lowly that it might almost be muttering, "Madoka-chan is my favorite, too."
Madoka Akemi 2018-10-06 01:43:26 98674
    Madoka is glad Homura enjoys her blushing because she likes being cute for Homura. She has always liked looking cute, but having a special someone who looks at her with admiring eyes makes it all the better. She also very much likes the meek side of Homura because it's very cute and adorable, and the fact it's so rare makes it precious and special.

    She smiles brightly to Homura, holding up the plush doll next to her face and giving it a little nuzzle, "Yes! I'm going to protect you and keep you very safe!" She then tilts her head and makes a little, "Hm?" after angling the plush Moemura towards her ear. She looks curiously towards the plushie and turns her head towards it, only to quickly tilt and turn the plushie to tap it quickly to her lips.

    "Ah! She stole a kiss from me~!" She exclaims in a playful voice while smiling brightly and just a bit teasingly towards Homura.

    When Homura says she wants to give her nice things Madoka smiles and twists a little from side to side. Junko and Tomohisa send knowing, approving looks towards each other, though she doesn't seem to notice herself.

    There's a lot of nice gifts left but with Homura looking so adorable and blushy Madoka is spending most of her time looking at the dark haired beauty, admiring her as she acts so shyly. She turns her chair a little and gets up, taking another chair and setting it next to hers before walking over and taking one of Homura's hands with both of her own, drawing her over to the chairs and sitting down while inviting her to sit right next to her.

    She easily slips one arm around Homura's waist and reaches up to lightly brush her fingers over Homura's hair, tracing the locks next to her face without going so far as to brush her cheek. "Everyone knows the best things to get me are those I can use spending time with you, because as nice as gifts are being with you will always be my favorite thing."

    Madoka gazes lovingly into Homura's eyes, not even caring anymore if her parents or brother are nearby, or that being the birthday girl makes her the de facto center of attention even while acting this way.
Homura Akemi 2018-10-06 02:04:50 98679
    Homura and Madoka both have their cute moments, though in Homura's case it's because Madoka has a way of drawing it out of her. The black-haired guardian doesn't mind if Madoka gets to see sides of her that few others do.

    Homura tilts her head as she watches Madoka play with the Moemura plushie, only to have a quiet little gigglefit as Moemura 'steals a kiss'. She certainly doesn't mind being teased by Madoka-chan about romantic endeavors from past timelines, but the reminder of her more vulnerable days still makes her feel even more shy.

    "It can't be helped, since you're so kissable~," she teases right back.

    Homura might not notice the way Tomohisa and Junko look at eachother, but she wouldn't be surprised at all if they 'got it'. In fact, she assumes that they do, because they have given her nice things today. It isn't just Homura who knows how to make Madoka-chan happy.

    Madoka is very much the center of Homura's attention, so when she starts to move a chair next to her own the black-haired cuddle buddy has no trouble guessing what her intention is. As her hand is taken, Homura gets up and follows after, sitting down next to Madoka-chan and leaning against her. She wraps her arms around her little angel's waist, shivering slightly when her hair is played with. Her eyes half-lid as her darling speaks to her, and she smiles in an almost deliriously happy way.

    When she turns her smile towards Madoka, she speaks softly. "I'm glad, because I want to spend all my time with you, too. I don't mind if everyone knows just how much you mean to me. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me." Then, after a giggle, she adds, "Your family really is great, Madoka-chan. I'm so happy to be a part of it."

    Her blush is starting to take over her cheeks, and she's starting to cling to her little angel pretty tight. This is probably one of the best birthday parties that Homura has ever been to.
Madoka Akemi 2018-10-06 02:31:12 98687
    A nice warm blush sets in on Madoka's cheeks as Homura tells her she's kissable.

    As the two get nice and cozy together sitting side by side Tomohisa and Junko look at each other yet again. Junko walks over to Tatsuya and bends down to him, "Why don't we go play a game?" The boy cheers, "Yay! Party games!" and Junko takes one of his raised hands and leads him towards the living room. "Coming, Tomo?"

    "I'll be right there, honey. I'm going to put the cake away for later," he replies before starting to do exactly that.

    There's still quite a few presents left to open, but... actually they're the ones that Homura brought.

    As Homura holds her around the waist and smiles at her in such a blatantly happy way Madoka feels warmth and joy bubble up inside of her, her skin starting to feel a little tingly. Her soft pink eyes stay focused on the pretty purple of Homura's, as she gently brushes over her silky black hair in small motions.

    Tomohisa finishes up with the cake and Madoka briefly breaks eye contact with Homura to send her father a smile and a wave as he goes to play a board game with Junko and Tatsuya. It may or may not involve what are effectively flashcards with new words for first and second graders on them.

    "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me too, Homura-chan. I wouldn't change anything about my life if it meant I wouldn't be as close to you as I am now." She smiles again and giggles, "I'm happy you're a part of my family too. Everyone really likes you."

    Being clung to feels so nice and so right, belonging around her even more than the birthday crown belongs on her head. Soft pink eyes break contact from Homura again and she stops petting her hair, reaching over and picking up one of the chocolate covered strawberries, peeking lovingly into her guardian angel's eyes while bringing the fresh, cool treat to her sweetheart's lips.

    She feeds her a bite off of it but not the whole thing, letting her enjoy and savor it before putting the other bit in her own mouth, cheeks blushing completely red with her parents and little brother over in the other room as she holds it lightly with her teeth before leaning in to feed it to her fiance that way. Her free arm wraps gently around her neck as her lips press to Homura's, giving over the chocolaty fruit before kissing her deeply and letting that lovely tingly feeling wash over her completely.
Homura Akemi 2018-10-06 03:18:34 98699
    Homura doesn't notice Madoka's parents exchanging glances this time, but she hears what Junko says, as well as Tatsuyo's and Tomohisa's responses. She matches eyes with Junko and mouths a silent "Arigato" to her before turning her attention back to her little angel. She quietly embraces Madoka, looking deeply into her pretty pink eyes while smiling sweetly. Madoka's soft touching of Homura's hair makes her skin tingle, as it always does, and once Tomohisa leaves to go play with Junko and Tatsuya she slowly sighs.

    "I like them, too," says Homura, voice still soft. Homura is very happy right now. Considering what Madoka-chan likes most, it can't be helped that a lot of her presents are also, indirectly, presents for Homura. One of the perks of being the birthday girl's lifelong cuddlebuddy is getting to have nice birthday cuddles on her special day.

    When Madoka reaches for one of the chocolate covered strawberries, Homura shifts around and squirms just the slightest bit. As well as they know each other, it's not that hard to guess what Madoka's intention is. The taste of chilled chocolate meets her tongue, and as she bites into it she hears the squish of strawberry juices washing over her tongue.

    She slowly chews the piece that her teeth have claimed, savoring the sweet flavor as she locks eyes with her little angel. Her cheeks start to tingle as she notices the remainder of the fruit held lightly between her darling's teeth. She opens her lips to accept Madoka's offering, happily devouring the rest of the delicious treat before letting her tongue play with her little angel's.

    Homura sighs softly through her nose. It's a good thing that the others are in a different room, because she's going to stay like this for a moment or two.

    While holding the kiss, Homura's hand reaches into the chilled container, bringing out a bite sized pastry. Once the kiss breaks, she places the treat between her lips, and gives Madoka a coy, inviting look while making the pastry wiggle between her lips.
Madoka Akemi 2018-10-06 03:32:27 98703
    Having her cuddlebuddy and fiance over for her birthday means it's easily going to be one of the best birthday's she's ever had. Getting to spend time with her family that melts right into romantic time with Homura? Well, what could be better than that?

    She's actually a little surprised at how yummy the strawberry is, fresh and juicy and likely the last of the season, but she probably shouldn't be. Even though it was a pretext she's glad to be able to share such a nice treat with Homura.

    The sweetness of the fruit is a nice accent as she kisses Homura, her lips pressing against and squishing softly into Homura's once it's been delivered, offering a lovely flavor as her tongue plays with Homura's. Madoka kisses her slowly and lovingly, but also deliberately and deeply, squeezing her waist and clinging to her beloved while she sighs.

    It really is a good thing her parents snuck away, though she wouldn't let herself go this far if they hadn't. When Homura pulls away Madoka's gloss covered lips slowly peel off of hers and she lets out a little breath, as if she has to remember to breathe again even though she had been the whole time. She bites her bottom lip and tilts her head down, peeking up at Homura bashfully through her eyelashes despite having kissed her so confidently.

    She sees the pastry and giggles softly, bashfulness fading as she leans in again and pressing her lips to Homura's, gently taking the pastry away with her tongue after ever so lightly brushing the tip against Homura's own tongue and then drawing it into her mouth to bite into it. The crust is flaky and light, the inside filled with a cream that is yummy and sweet, skillfully crafted to give that fresh dairy cream taste without leaving a hint of oiliness or unpleasant aftertaste.

    She'll share the bite sized treat with Homura, of course.
Homura Akemi 2018-10-06 03:53:02 98707
    Homura's mind could not be more blissful as she gets to share such an important day with Madoka in such a sweet and romantic way. As fun as it was initially to sneak into Madoka's room for cuddles, there's also something nice about having their love be accepted as normal. Homura wouldn't have it any other way.

    The treats are delicious, and as much as Homura expects them to be well made it does nothing to take away from how yummy it really is. Pairing such nice treats with deep kisses makes them even better, and Homura can't help but indulge in both. Homura is being a little more submissive than usual since it is Madoka's birthday, but it almost goes without saying at this point that Homura would do whatever her little angel wanted anyways.

    There's no way Homura would do this in front of Madoka's parents. She might kiss a little more boldly on their wedding day, but for today she is happy to be left alone with Madoka for this. Madoka's released breath is so cute, and also flattering considering that it's Homura making her respond in such a way. Homura looks at her bashful bride-to-be with happy, half-lidded eyes.

    Homura makes a soft little needful noise as Madoka takes the offered pastry, and she tilts her head to kiss Madoka more closely. She holds her tongue back as Madoka bites, claiming a part of the treat and enjoying its taste. She mms softly, and once her darling is done chewing the pastry Homura's tongue teases the tip of her fiance's.
Madoka Akemi 2018-10-06 04:05:06 98710
    Being able to show their love and have it accepted makes Madoka very happy, and she's very thankful of her parents acceptance. At the same time Homura might notice her fiance's face suddenly getting hot as she blushes bright red as she imagine's kissing like this with Homura's parents in the other room without even a closed door between them.

    It'd take more than an errant embarrassing thought to keep her from enjoying treats and kisses with Homura, though. If Homura is going to let her have whatever she wants on her birthday she's going to be giving her beloved a lot of kisses.

    Homura's needful noise makes Madoka a little more bold, and when the tip of her fiance's tongue teases hers she plays along before delicately brushing her tongue all over Homura's, only to squeeze her tighter and press closer, tilting her head a little more to kiss her even more deeply, making quiet happy sounds into her mouth and relaxing her arm around her neck so she can draw her fingers through her beloved's long, silky hair.

    There are plenty more strawberries and pastries, but when she reaches over again it's to close the container, turning a little more towards Homura in her chair and pressing closer to her. She closes her eyes and kisses Homura for what feels like forever, losing herself in the moment and expressing her love through kissing. And when she finally pulls back it isn't because she wants to stop, because as nice as kissing Homura-chan is sitting on chairs isn't as cuddly as they can get.

    She pulls away slowly while and giggling softly, retreating her tongue and pressing a several gentler kisses to Homura's lips before resting her forehead against her guardian angels and looking into her eyes. "I think I'm ready for birthday cuddles." Something occurs to her and she peeks shyly over to the unopened presents, "You won't mind if I open the rest a little later, will you?"
Homura Akemi 2018-10-06 04:23:09 98713
    Chisato Akemi, who does not have Junko's confidence, would likely leave the room. If they hadn't already gained the approval of Homura's parents, Suoh would probably make horribly trollish comments about taking responsibility until Chisato came back to drag him away. Fortunately that's not something that they have to deal with right now.

    Homura doesn't mind getting lots of kisses from her one and only. Especially not when Madoka kisses her so sweetly. The affection they share is almost enough to make Homura forget where she is, but the occasional sounds of fun from the other room remind her not to get too carried away. The boldness of Madoka's kisses makes Homura wonder if it isn't time for them to slip away, and when her little angel speaks she confirms the veteran's suspicion.

    Smiling happily, still almost deliriously so, she giggles at Madoka's mention of birthday cuddles and whispers back, "Oh? Well, let's get to it, then." The other presents are mentioned, and Homura looks back to them for a moment. With cuddles so firmly on her mind, non-cuddly matters get less processing power, and thus it takes a moment to come up with an answer.

    "Well the highlight was the plushie. The rest can wait. Especially if it's cuddle time."

    She turns back to Madoka and gives her a little squeeze around the waist. Then she stands up, offering Madoka a hand, and sways happily from side to side before softly saying, "Lead the way, my love."