The Second To Last Unicorn, Maybe?

Lacrima facilitates a meeting between Ariel and Nakusu. Lots of topics are discussed. Serious AND Awkward!

Date: 2018-10-05
Pose Count: 22
Lacrima 2018-10-05 22:43:30 98649
Nakusu Miki wanted to meet Ariel. Lacrima had related some things to Nakusu via text. Nakusu felt bad about these things. Mainly that, Ariel basically had her heart broken and actually got angry over Saint George. She felt responsible somehow. Also maybe Nakusu also admitted she wanted to meet a unicorn. Lacrima could totally get that.

So thusly, she's texted Ariel that Nakusu would like to meet her, and also clarified that Nakusu was 'The Princess' that Saint George was after the other week or so ago. She's let both know a proper time.

So Lacrima is fussing around the sitting room-- a small quieter room off the main vestibule that used to be a smoking room in years gone by. There's a daybed in front of a big bay-like window, chairs, a sofa off to the side. Various coffee-like tables-- at least three. A fireplace. No fire exists within it. Not just time for that. She's making sure it's clean and there's donuts and lemonade and milk and these chocolate eclairs and there's WAY too much for three people because Lacrima overdid it.


She's still making sure everything is perfectly arranged as she waits for people to arrive!
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-05 22:53:03 98650
    It's not too long after she gets some texts to pop over for a visit... That Ariel pops over for a visit.
    Seated side-saddle on her immense dog, the girl had to do some long and hard thinking on the way to Lacrima's manor from her various club activities after school. Like 'when was the last time she had met a princess?' 'Should she try and be even more proper and polite?' 'Is there a certain etiquette to follow?' These are the things that lazily wandered through the unicorn's head by the time she arrives and hops off Lucky's back; the giant hound just giving a lazy yawn and nosing at her side for some pets.
    That was not too long ago. She's been doing her best to try and not think too hard about 'the saint who ain't'. Now, after being let in and hunkering down with her girlfriend in the sitting room, all that's left to do is wait for a princess to come along.
    This is some kind of irony. A unicorn sitting in place waiting for a princess. Normally in the fairy tales it's the other way around. But it doesn't matter all that much as hands set on Lacrima's shoulders from behind.
    "You are fussy today." She points out the obvious.
    Well, Lacrima is fussing.
Nakusu Miki 2018-10-05 23:30:38 98653
Nakusu Miki had enough warning that she let her dad know she was going out to visit her newer friend and off she went! She arrives a little in a fluster. Because she can't teleport long distances. She doesn't have a magic dog to carry her around. She has the incredible power of her Tokyo Transportation Authority Monthly Pass! Bursting with the power and speed to jump on any city train and/or bus! Unlimited Power of Transportation!..... Some limitations apply. Non transferable, Non refundable.

She steps through the door- no knocking. Lacrima said she could just come in whenever! So she's taking that to heart. She peeks in past the open sitting room door to see the smaller girl that was with the dog the other day and Lacrima. "Lacrima-chan fusses a lot about things I'm finding. I think I have an idea or two why thou." she says with a warm smile as she steps fully inyo view and closes the door behind her. She bows!

"Hello!" she says super warmly. "I'm Nakusu Miki." she says. "You're... Ariel-san. Right? You we're there the other week." she asks softly as she walks a little closer to the two and smiles over to Lacrima. "Sorry it took me a moment or so to get here!..." then she sulks. "The bus was super later...." she laments quieter.
Lacrima 2018-10-05 23:30:48 98654
Lacrima sighs a little. "I worry about things like this. That and Nakusu's a newer friend and there's some stuff going on between her and Lamya and I don't wanna make things difficult by accidently making anyone angry or upset and I'm just kind of running on now and worrying about nothing again right?" she asks in an extremely long run on sentence. Part of being undead means not needing to actually breathe in long sentences. Then- Nakusu!

"Nakusu-chan!" she says. She nods. "This is Ariel." she beams.

She nods. "I know you wanted to meet her, you said so." she says. She sits down on the sofa, near the end- and pats next to her, so Ariel can sit next to her, and then Nakusu on the other end.

"Nakusu wondered how I met a unicorn. So we talked about how I met you and stuff." she says with a shy smile. "Nakusu is a reincarnation of the princess from the story, in the same way Ryo is a reincarnation of.... George." No 'Saint'. "Lamya-chan however, is the genuine article and not a reincarnation." she relates to Ariel.
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-05 23:45:35 98655
    "Mn." Ariel remains silent for a beat as Lacrima lets out all her worries and explains just why she's being particularly fussy. She gives the vampire a gentle squeeze in reply at first. "I'm sure it's fine." Added after a breath and a beat of thought. But then yes indeed, enter Nakusu. "Oh."
    N-not even a knock?! Is this the true power of a princess? That they may come and go as they please? Amazing.
    Ariel dips into a fairly formal motion that is somewhere between a bow and a Curtsey. It's a move that would make anyone else look awkward and silly. Yet she pulls it off with an almost supernatural grace in the act before she rights herself. "Um. Yes, hello! I am Ariel." She replies. Technically that is her full and true name, rather than the human surname she had taken for the purposes of school and records, so she goes with just that for her introduction. "Ah... I'm truly sorry about how you might have seen me that day-- I'm not usually like that, it was a first-time-thing." She does add with a nervous fidget, just thinking about the moment.
    But moving on. "Lamya isn't a reincarnation? She's the actual dragon then?" Mused as she settles to sit beside Lacrima when indicated. Funny. She didn't even bat an eye at nixing the title of 'Saint' from George's name.
Nakusu Miki 2018-10-06 00:02:02 98656
Nakusu Miki looks at Lacrima. "I'm fine, you're fine. You can't upset me Lacrima-chan. I know what's going on now if you're not acting yourself." she says with the warmest smile. Then there is the smallest of hesitations. Lamya? Her eyes sparkle. "...Did. Did Lamya speak to you About something...?" she asks with hopeful eyes. She'll move past her though. "Oooohhh Eclairs!" she says. She makes a move to take one.

She'll sit down and look at Ariel. "I know." she says. "Lacrima told me that was the first time she'd ever seen you 'angry' and not just the first time she saw you angry, but that it's the first time you've been angry, period." she says a little sympathetically.

"Yes. Lamya wasn't killed by George. Whatever I did saved her, but also put her into a long, long, long sleep apparently." she says a little softly. "The princess I share a soul with died doing that. George died whenever he did. Now we're both reincarnated. It's a little 'odd' but not nessacrily 'wrong' feeling either." she says softly.

"But that's a long discussion in and of itself." she says sweetly. Not trying to deflect, just not wanting to make this discussion just about her.

"I'm sorry, that. George is not who you hoped he was." she says quietly. "I feel responsible for that. In some way. I know I'm not. I'm really not, but there are still actions I did that led to the way things are the way they are right now." she says quietly.

"If-- if I, I mean.. if Sabra had more self confidence. She'd probably had been able to stand up to what George wanted, rather than believe his lies."

She shifts. "So if there's anything I can do. To help you feel less angry in the future. I hope that you'll let me know?" she asks.
Lacrima 2018-10-06 00:19:44 98657
Lacrima nods. "Lamya-chan did talk to me. You can probably expect excited dragon texts soon when she gets used to using a cellphone." she says. She remains quiet as Nakusu talks about how she's reincarnation and Lamya isn't She looks to Ariel. "Lamya ended up in a smaller form and in a deep, deep slumber. I think someone mistook her for a small ancient statue. She ended up in Tokyo somehow and woke up here a year or so ago." she offers. "She's been looking for 'her princess' ever since. It's why George was a double edge sword for us." she says bittersweetly.

"Because if it meant if George was reincarnated, then that her princess most certainly was likely to be too." she says. "Miho-chan ran into her by accident, and Rashmi-chan got ahold of her diary she'd been keeping in a copy of the story, too before that."

"By the way have you gotten that back yet?" she asks Nakusu. "If not, I can have Rashmi come over and leave it here for you, or I can go get it for you later."

She looks to Ariel gently and leans a little against her with a sigh. "You can't blame yourself for things like that, Nakusu. Lamya-chan doesn't blame you." she says confident on this fact. "She's been looking for you since she woke up. Someone only does that when they want them in their life." she offers.
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-06 00:32:19 98660
    Lacrima leaning against her gets an arm hooking around the other girl almost entirely automatically when it happens. Though Ariel settles herself down and hunkers in for what will likely be a long and involved conversation, once eclairs have been acquired.
    Ariel, in fact, will help herself to a boston cream donut.
    "It was. Ah... I didn't like it." Ariel admits on the topic of her getting upset that day. "I never had any reason to feel angry before that until he called Stahlritter an honorless night. It was just... Worse than irony." She says gently. "How he so casually insults and wants to hur everyone and everything I know and love." Let alone the fact that he continues to insult her by calling her a witch as often as he does, her issue seems to be with how he treats others.
    "It's not how... Not how a Saint should act."
    This statement is what makes her huff, shifting slightly in her seat in an agitated fashion. But she relaxes a beat later. "I'm sorry. I was raised on fairy tales and legends. ... Finding out this one didn't go like the legend said it did... Finding out he's... Like that..."
    It clearly upsets her.
    "Mn. Well. I will let you know, yes." She concedes, but then shakes her head, "But none of this is your fault so I don't understand why you would feel like that. Buuuuut... From what I'm hearing though, it's a good thing you and Lamya have found one another again, is it not?"
Nakusu Miki 2018-10-06 00:53:29 98664
Nakusu Miki quietly says to Lacrima. "I know." she says quietly. "But I can't forget the part I played either." she says a little solemly. She does light up though. "Oh! Lamya-chan got a cellphone finally!?" she says with a delighted tone. "Make sure she has my number, okay!?" she says. "No need to ask me!"

She looks to Ariel. "I'm remembering bits and pieces of my old life. I know he was sent by Sabra's father, the king, to get her back from the dragon when he found out weeks later that she actually wasn't eaten, and to kill the dragon." she says quietly.

"Ha~" she answers when Ariel asks if that's a good thing. "I think it is..." she says. "I had never met Lamya ever, ever until about a little under or over a month ago?" she asks. "But it also felt like I knew her for so much longer? And-- ahhh~" she blushes.

"Sorry." she says and takes a deep breath. "Sabra and Lamya. Had complicated feelings for one another that neither had context for way back when." she admits. "-but it's easier in today's world to know that was 'love'." she admits bashfully. "-and I still have those feelings. Sabra's feelings, and I want to make those feelings a part of my life." she says quietly to Ariel.

"Sthalritter seems like an honorable person. He isn't a black knight." a pause. "You know the concept. Of a black knight isn't... 'evil' in the historical context, yes?" she asks. "It just means a knight without a lord. Like. A ronin. A Samurai without a lord." she says. "So-- If... you ever hear him worry about that." she says. "You send him to me. I have an idea." she says just gently. "So he can rub it in Georges face in a manner that'd probably make him sooooooo mad." she giggles just a little.

"Besides, he's Lacrima's niisan so he can't be bad." she says. She frowns.

"Saint George and the Dragon was my FAVORITE story since I was very little." she says to Ariel. "But three months ago. I started feeling like things in it we're wrong. In a manner that started making me question myself. Like I was 'remembering' things wrong. Which also didn't maker sense because it was supposed to be a pretend story, right?" she says.

"So I started writing my notes in an old copy of mine. Odd thoughts that started to come to my head. Feelings and thoughts."

"I'd always get angry when the story ended with 'Saint George and the Princess lived happily ever after.' suddenly. Like I knew that was the biggest lie. I think I just ended up covering the page in the word 'No' over the past many months." she admits a little ashamedly.
Lacrima 2018-10-06 01:13:49 98668
Lacrima nods a bit. "It's very odd dealing with memories that aren't yours. I can relate to that much." she says with a wry, coy smile, as she gently nestles in against Ariel. She looks between the two. "Stahlritter-niisan." because Alexis has not used his real name or shown his real identity in front of Nakusu yet, as far as she knows. "Is the opposite of 'honorless'." she says. "I think George may be projecting on Stalh-niisan." she snickers just a little.

"I..." a pause. "I went to the miko at the Hikawa shrine to do a fire reading. Ryo dropped something that night. I took it to her for a reading." she says. "Learned some things I wish I hadn't." she says ever quietly.

"Mainly that Ryo's always been like that, if albeit in less severe ways. Ways I wouldn't had known about or really seen. And hints he was remembering who he was as early when I was about six years old." she says. "So please don't blame yourself for what's going on right now Nakusu-chan. It's no one's fault except his."

She does smile wryly though. "Lamya-chan always blushed profusely when she talked about you early on, so I always assumed she at least had feelings for you." she says. "It's good to know you feel the same about her though." she adds.

She reaches for a donut. Yoink. This one is cherry jelly filled!
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-06 01:34:12 98672
    Donuts have been acquired all around and it looks like everyone is getting something off their chests now. Ariel's pale lips purse into a thin line.
    "It actually wasn't one of my favorite stories." Ariel admits. "I didn't like that the dragon died at the end, when I heard it." She says quietly. "But my mother told it to me all the same, and that's how I learned about everything beyond the forest where we lived- about knights and princesses and queens and heroes. It was basically everything that I knew before I came to Tokyo. So I mean... Here's a famous knight who, according to the story was strong, and noble and just, and righteous- everything a knight should be. And in person he's exactly the opposite. ... It was kind of shocking."
    Ariel quiets down a moment to listen while nibbling on her donut.
    "Love is love." It is a simple and earnest declaration. "And if you want to continue that love even now after several lifetimes, then no one really has any right to stop you." But then she moves on with the topic.
    "Stahlritter is a good man. A little rough at the edges but I have no doubt of him and no doubt of his honor. Mm. I know more about knights than I do about samurai. What I know about samurai mostly comes from what I've seen about Akashimaru. But I don't think it's something that would bother him all that much, he's more ah... He's always seemed more like a man of action than of words."
    What makes her frown though is something Lacrima says. Ariel's brow knots and she fidgets uncomfortably as a result. "He was always like that?"
Nakusu Miki 2018-10-06 01:57:20 98677
Nakusu Miki looks down. "I'm sorry." she says. "I know you told me that already but I'm still sorry." she says quietly to Lacrima. Nakusu Miki nods once, matter of fact!- to Ariel that is. "Lacrima-chan told me that much, that as long as we both agree-- that is, me and Lamya and it isn't hurting anyone else, we can do as we wish." she says as she settles.

"Lamya-chan had hoped I could calm his heart. I tried to when he met me that night. Tried to tell him that all the reasons he wanted me in the past didn't have bearing anymore. That I wasn't exactly the most prettiest girl in Tokyo." she says.

"That we weren't who we we're back then. But." she says. "He seems obsessed with.. just. Having things his way. Acting like Lamya took me from him." she says a little more than annoyed and distressed. "When the opposite is more true." she says quietly. "That the fact I died was his fault, not Lamya-chan's." she says gently.

She shifts uncomfortably so. She turns to face Ariel. "Still. Even if the fake story. Inspired people to do better. Then maybe it's not bad it exists." she says. "I just wish my and Lamya's story could be told too." she says quietly.

"Because like I said. That story was my favorite. It's what made me like dragons so much. The idea of heroism. I guess you're right about the dragon dying, thou." she admits. "Not being good."

"But well, the bright side is, she didn't." her eyes sparkle a moment at Ariel. "You don't remind me much of a unicorn." she admits. "I um..." she gently opens her phone and taps taps at it and pulls up a fantasy portrait of your bog standard unicorn. "When I think 'unicorn' I think that." she says sheepishly. "-ha~! Sorry if that's offensive! I'm just. So curious about all this. You know?" she says. "I have so many questions sometimes." she bounces a little.

"Are your mom and dad unicorns, too?" she asks. "Lacrima said come from a dream? But you're here too? Are we asleep right now and I don't know it?" she asks.

So many dumb dumb questions from the princess suddenly.
Lacrima 2018-10-06 02:11:51 98681
Lacrima also fidgets uncomfortably. "Nakusu-chan already knows what I'm about to say so I don't think I'm ruining her mood anyways." she says. She sighs at Ariel. "Saw some... unsettling things. Him going overboard, beating someone in a kendo match well after he won and had to be stopped by the instructor. Him orchestrating a break up so he could date someone else's boyfriend. Things like that." she says quietly.

"Things like he did back then apparently." she says. "No indication he's... being controlled or manipulated. I was really hoping otherwise." she says gently. Then Nakusu begins rapid firing off questions and showing the picture and asks about 'her mom and dad' and she just begins giggling insanely. "I've never seen a unicorn that looks like that, they all look like Ari-chan~" she sings a little. "Unicorns aren't horses, silly~" she smiles.
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-06 02:31:55 98688
    A slow breath and Ariel unhooks her arm from around Lacrima, opting to lace her fingers together on her lap.
    "He seems very obsessive. My mother says it's not a healthy trait for anyone." Murmured as her eyes fall downcast. But then she shakes her head. Lacrima confirming her assessment of Ryo doesn't help the matter as the girl droops faintly. But Ariel and her mood rally for the moment. At least to keep the conversation going.
    Thumbs tap together thoughtfully though. "I don't?" She does ask, when Nakusu whips out her cellphone and pulls up a picture of...
    "U-um. That's a horse with a horn." The girl bleats, her tone somewhere between bewildered and lost. She bleats. She actually bleats, it's a funny chiming and bell-like sound of utterly lost dismay, that's how much the picture seems to baffle her. But she clears her throat and rallies again. There are a lot of questions to answer and she doesn't seem to mind answering them in the least bit while Lacrima has her gigglefit.
    Ariel drops her glamour; human appearance now replaced by her true form, and swats gently at the vampire with her tail, playfully.
    "Ah uh! Two mothers, actually... Mom Amalthea is a unicorn though. But Mom Ellestaria is a mermaid. It's not all that complex, they wanted to be together and then they wanted a daughter, so they both dreamed me up and here I am. --No, you're awake right now, we're all awake actually. I kind of tied myself to the waking world last year when... Things happened."
    Things. And stuff.
Nakusu Miki 2018-10-06 02:44:43 98691
Nakusu Miki blinks blankly. "But.. that's... that's what people on Earth here thinks unicorns are! How---how is it so wrong then!?" she asks curiously. "I mean. I'm not saying. This is wrong just! Just ahahaha---" she evolves into nervous giggles. "Nevermind okay? I guess it's just a dumb misconception I've had." she says. "Because that's how they've been in the books I remember. At least in the illustrations." she says.

She blinks when Ariel drops the 'disguise' though and woahs! "So you are... 'actually' what a unicorn looks like? I'll try to remember that properly." she says. "I really don't want to upset you. I'm just cu----"

"Wait. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?" she says with wide eyes, taken aback. No, it isn't the 'two moms' that takes her aback. "I.. uh!? Whaaaaa!?" she manages to sputter again. "Um. Did you mom. Ever meet a writer? Like in the sixities?" she asks with a series of blinks. "-and like tell him a story maybe...?" she asks with some bated breath, trying to reign in her surprise and potential excitment.

"I'm sorry! I.. I reallllllly love fantasy books." she says with wide eyes. "-and that name is-- ah~ Sorry. I'm sputtering again..." but then the other fact settles in. "Wait.. t.. two... moms..."

She seems to think on this hard. She looks down at her hands- and starts poking two fingers together. Then scrunches her nose in hard thought. No. No something doesn't work with that in her head. "You know what. Maybe I won't question that one." she looks up at Ariel and Lacrima with a hard blush.
Lacrima 2018-10-06 02:59:00 98695
Lacrima lets Ariel sit up without issue. She smiles when Ariel bumps her with her tail. She bumps it back with a hip. "That's indeed a weird human misconception of a unicorn. I think someone might had told someone that they had a tail looks like a horse's tail and someone went wild with that." she says with a huff. "-like some weird old version of a meme." she says.

She doesn't know what Nakusu is referencing when she asks if Ari's mom met a writer thou. She never read hard fantasy, she always liked weird trashy vampire romance novels. She does tsks at Nakusu. "I wouldn't think too hard on it anyways." she asides to Nakusu, as she leans back. "I would.. erm." she thinks about how to word something politely to Nakusu.

"I would throw out any preconceived notions you may have about certain sterotypes of some magical beings. I'll have to introduce you to Cute Wolf Tsukiko sometimes if I can find her. She's a werewolf!" she adds.
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-06 03:22:37 98701
    "It's not a dumb misconception." Ariel says gently once she's recovered from the whole 'that's a horse with a horn' moment. "I think that's just more... Contemporary." Murmured briefly.
    "The legend of the unicorn was actually derived from the legend of the Karkadann, a mythical horned beast from the regions of India and Persia. It travelled upwards and into Europe. After that, when people started seeing the Rhinoceros in Africa that furthered things a bit. The classical depiction is a creature that's more slender than a horse, with cloven hooves and a lion's tail." She says, pausing to look at her own tail.
    It's not a lion's tail.
    This does sound like some weird meme crap.
    But then she turns her gaze back to the reborn princess, once again looking befuddled. "The... Sixties?" She says, completely cluess of any ties to a man by the name of Beagle.
    But then she's positively beaming. "Eheh... For a long time my mom lived in a lilac wood and she lived all alone. So my other mom and myself were like a gift to her she said. So she always told me a different story or fable or fairy tale every night. So I love them too." The little unicorn recounts, before pausing. "Is there something strange about having two mothers?"
Nakusu Miki 2018-10-06 03:44:20 98705
Nakusu blinks! "W...wha no, no there isn't!" she says. "I mean. Not that you have two moms it's!... it's!...." she should probably not be explaining basic but completely awkward biology to Lacrima's girlfriend, she realizes. "No. No nothing is wrong with it." she says as she crosses her arms confidently. That is her FINAL answer. Nope. No more hemming or hawwing.

But this is still going to be on her mind ALL NIGHT. "S--see." she says. "-in the sixities. This writer wrote a story called 'The Last Unicorn'- which is about a unicorn who finds out she may be the last so she goes on this jouney to try to find others and meets a magician and finds out some king is keeping unicorns trapped in the sea and also kept captive by this creature called The Red Bull and so to turn away suspicion she takes on like this human form and the magician gives her the name 'Lady Amalthea' to throw off the trail and she ends up falling in love with the king's kind and valorful son but then she gives that all up to save the other unicorns? But then she goes back to her forest to be alone because she's different now because she knows love. I think that's the implication anyways."

"But I mean. I don't think that matches anything of your mom thou." she says meekly.

"-and I'm probably not doing a good job of explaning a fantasy book in short form easily." she admits. "And I'm missing LOTS of finer details." she says. "But." she says.

"That story is not a legendary tale of old though. It's a very recent one. in about the 1960's. So nearly 50ish years ago." she says. "Not old like how. Lamya's and I's tale is." Not George's. "Which is like a hundreds of years old." she says.

"So it's probably just coincidence really." she smiles. "There's also like a redone version? That's different too. But.. oh!" she beams.

"I LOOOOOOOVE fairy tales." she says. "I have soooo many books and story collections and things I printed out over the years." she says with wide eyes. "I..."

"I want to write them someday. But everytime I try right now, I just feel like I'm writing it wrong and stupid and I get discouraged. Now I'm wondering if that has something to do with... what's going on now." she says with a hint of sadness.
Lacrima 2018-10-06 03:53:23 98708
Lacrima blinks as Nakusu goes on about a story looks to Ariel with a blink and a shrug. "Ariel would know better than I would on that- and maybe Ariel could let you meet her moms somehow, too." she says. "Yes, there's nothing wrong with you having two mom's Ari-chan." she smiles with a confident nod herself. That is that. Huff.

"....Ah." she says as she listens to Nakusu talk about her attempts at story writing. "Potentially yes." she says. "I bet any story you we're trying to write, ended happily ever after, right?" she says. "And---" she says quietly. "-- and." she says. "Princess Sabra and Lamya, didn't 'live happily ever after'. So maybe that was that pushing itself forward subconsciously." she says.

"You might want to try again, now that you know what might be the cause, or you may want to take it slower. Sadly there is-- not much I can do to help you with that kind of thing." she says quietly.

"Past life blocks are weird things." she admits. She leans over to Ariel. "You know a lot about your own mythology. Ugh. There's always more I'm learning about vampires but it's because each culture seems to have it's own different version of one with it's own rules..." she says.
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-06 04:20:20 98712
    Oops did Ariel make Nakusu fluster? But she really didn't see the issue in it, so when the reborn princess tells her there's no problem at all with two mothers, it's probably the best for everyone involved that Nakusu didn't go into biology lessons with an eleven year olf unicorn girl.
    Ah but then, Ariel learns of a writer named Beagle.
    The plot makes her brow furrow in thought, as though she were combing the memories of all the tales she had been told for bedtime. "Huhhhh... I don't remember her ever telling me a story anything like that." She admits. "But I also can't say I've ever seen any unicorns other than her?" Ariel replies unintentionally vaguely.
    "But. My mom knows love. And she's told me it makes her different. And it makes me different too." Mused in a moment of pausing for thought. "I might have to read it sometime. But she mostly told me older stories like-- yes like yours."
    And then Lacrima goes and suggests meeting Ariel's parents. Huh. "Well. If you like fairy tales, mom does know a lot from all over. She used to travel the world long before I was born. But. I think I'd like to read some of what you've written sometime-- I mean if you don't mind." She asks, while giving Lacrima's hand a little squeeze.
Nakusu Miki 2018-10-06 04:33:48 98714
Nakusu Miki twitches. It's probably a coincidence. But she wants to find out for real. "I'd like to meet your parents, regardless I think, Ariel-chan?" she asks with wide eyes. "I want to meet all these interesting people and---" she shakes her head. "Nrg. If I still have any of half written writings, I'll give them to you. But lots I balled up and threw in the trash in frustration. So I do have some. Maybe." she says gently.

"Oh! I have more than a few copies!" she beams. "I like.. um. Buying multiple editions of the same book." she admits. "So I have copies to share...."

She looks between the two and smiles. "Lacrima-chan told me she feels very lucky to have you. But I don't think luck has anything to do with it." she says with a little eye sparkle. Before her phone rings as she shoots up. "Ahauuuuh that's gonna be my dad calling me to tell me to start home." she says as she says. "So I'm gonna need to go." she tells the two. "It was SOOOOO nice meeting you Ariel under better circumstances. I hope we can be friends!" she smiles wide. She pause and steal an eclair for the road before darting off. Then coming back for another before re-darting back off. "THANK YOU AGAIN!" she says.
Lacrima 2018-10-06 04:37:54 98715
Lacrima nods a bit. She goes to talk before Nakusu's phone rings but not before she says something that causes her to blush a little. Then she's gone!.... then she's back! To steal another eclair! Then she's gone again and she's blinking rapidly.

She squeezes Ariel's hand back though as she gently huffs a bit and leans over to give Ariel's cheek a kiss. "S-s-sorry if that was odd. She's new to. All this." she pauses. "Wanna go watch some anime about talking ponies and help me eat these donuts and eclairs?" she asks Ariel with a series of eyelash flutters.

This will probably be a fun fun night.