Cutest bully

Lacrima decides to Bully Sakura and take the darkness card. Sakura would have fought but... Her wand wasn't working. Oh dear. Fortunately, Big Sister Bell came to save the day!

Date: 2018-10-06
Pose Count: 26
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-10-06 19:34:20 98716
Sakura Kinomoto was sitting out by the river, skipping stones. She felt pretty relaxed. She had a thin layer of sweat on her body from cheer leading practice. It felt so good now that she didn't have to deal with any magical... well... issues. No more attacks, no more cards. She got to just relax, go to practice, work a few hours at the diner.

All in all, life was pretty good right now and she was pretty happy. Tomoyo was with her mother, but had begged sakura to come by later to model some new dress. Sakura couldn't help but feel so blessed to have so many wonderful friends...
Lacrima 2018-10-06 19:59:30 98717
Lacrima is walking towards a completely different destination, towards the park, towards the botanical gardens there to hide somewhere that wasn't her manor's interior. She wasn't quite there yet, but she was walking along the river's edge in that direction- taking the long way.

She saw some girl skipping rocks. Better to ignore her and mo----wait a minute. Isn't that.... Wait. It is. So she stood somewhere behind Sakura. Far enough away-- not directly behind just sort of balling her fists up. Nrg. She kind of just wants to send a wave of dark energy screaming over the ground towards Sakura. She does not though. She does begin walking over with intent though. Storming over, the vampire attempts to just.... shove Sakura over. In a mundane way. No magically powered. Not with dark energy. Just a normal shove. She doesn't say anything yet. She has her teeth clenched, as she finally 'huffs'.

"You. You took something important from Riventon-sama." she finally accuses in a harsh tone.
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-10-06 20:10:19 98718
Sakura Kinomoto had been enjoying herself, relaxing, and--

Shove! She yelped and stumbled forward, falling face down and tumbling a moment. "O-owie..." she whimpered. She then turned around. "S-sorry, I didn't notice you--" She then blinked. She got to her feet and... Waved. "Hi! Lacrima-san, right?" she asked. "I'm sorry, I didn't notice you there! And... Huh? Took something... important from him? I'm sorry. I didn't realize... but... I didn't take anything from him. Did he lose something? Did he drop his glasses?" she asked, staring up at the other girl with a completely innocent, 'How can I help' look on her face. "If you like, I can probably get back to where we fought and we might be able to find them. Or I probably have a card that could find it..." Oh my gosh she was serious.
Lacrima 2018-10-06 20:23:48 98719
When Sakura finishes talking, Lacrima..... tries to shove her over again. This time showing the first time probably wasn't an accident. "You took a card from inside him during this dumb JUDGEMENT, Give it back." she says angrily. "Stop being dumb." she says angrily.

"I should had went with him!" she spits. "I bet your dumb friend was allowed to be there, right!?" she says. "Without breaking the dumb rules." she says angrily.

"I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANY OF YOUR OTHER DUMB CARDS." she finally calls out. "But you're going to give that one back!" she says.
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-10-06 20:35:25 98720
Sakura Kinomoto yelped as she was pushed back. She stumbled, but didn't fall over. She looked shocked. "Y-ypou pushed me! W-why would--" And then that. "The... dark card? NO!" she said firmly. "And my friend was there to watch it... But he STOLE my friends. That was why I had to fight him to begin with! A-and I'm not dumb! And he took Yui-kun and Kero-chan! I HAD to get them back! But..."

She huffed and stomped a foot. "The cards are mine. I'm sorry, but he's been a big butt and I am REALLY sorry he got hrut but, but I won't give any of them. They're my friends. If... he ever wants to talk to it again though... I wouldn't mind setting up play dates with him."
Lacrima 2018-10-06 21:02:46 98721
"Yes. The Dark card." she says angrily. "You can have all the other cards. I don't care about those ones. BUT THAT ONE. BELONGS TO RIVEN-SAMA." she says. She actually can't get into the details why it's so needed- it's too telling. "And if you won't give it back, I'll take it back." she says angrily, hands balling into fists, which now actually begin to mist and smoke with dark energy.

THEN there's a strong flare of dark energy. Probably strong enough to ping most magic sense. There's still no projection in Sakura's direction though. "Last chance to change your mind!" she says angrily.
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-10-06 21:11:04 98722
Sakura Kinomoto yelped and backed up. She sighed. "I... don't want to fight you. But..." She held out her key. "Key thath olds the power of darkness. Reveal your true form to me. I, Sakura, command thee under convert. Release!"

... And nothing happened. She blinked a few times... "Release!" Nothing. She shook the key. "RELEASE! Come on, why don't, err, o-one second. RELEASE! Come on, release. Key that holds the power of darkness! Reveal your true form to me. I, Sakura, command thee under convert, release!" And... nothing. She squeaked. Looked up at Lacrima... Then back at the key. Then back at Lacrima. "C-can... errr... c-can we take a errr, s-short... EEP!" And then she ran away!
Lacrima 2018-10-06 21:19:42 98723
Lacrima gets ready for a fight when Sakura tries to activate her powers.

Nothing happens. Lacrima blinks.

Sakura tries again. And again, and each time she tenses. Then relaxes. Then there is another blink. W...wha?...

Then she's running away, and her expression darkens. She can't actually... just dark blast Sakura if she isn't actually ready for it. She might kill her and as much as she rips this one card from her person-- she doesn't want to actually HURT or KILL her either.

She doesn't run after Sakura, rather she disappears in a Dusk Step and--- appears right in front of Sakura where the suddenly....

Tries to shove Sakura backwards with force like she was doing earlier, just a litttttle rougher. "Are you broken?" she asks raspily. "It may be in your best interest to just hand over what I want in this case." she says intense dark rationalism. "Then draw this out." she says.
Rosalie Janus 2018-10-06 21:32:49 98724
Akari is practicing kendo forms at the edge of the park when Rubindorn pings her telepathically: MISTRESS, I AM DETECTING DARK ENERGY THAT WAY!

Huh? Akari casually puts away her kendo sword and turns around. Odd. Why am I not sensing it in my own darkness? Regardless, she hurries over.

And then she freezes up as she sees what's going on, her face a mask of pure horror. Only for a second, though; she runs forward towards them, pulling her Rubindorn-pendant out of her shirt and holding it over one shoulder. Deactivate Infiltration Mode! she says telepathically. Knight Clothing, set up!

In mid-run, her body is surrounded by glitchy pale blue light, which then turns purple as it becomes a surge of dark energy. And then Nightbell glides over the ground at top speed, red eyes blazing with fury, Rubindorn on her back as she swoops in and swings her gauntleted fist in an uppercut at Lacrima's head with enough force that it might knock her a few feet into the air! "SAKURA-IMOUTOCHAN ARE YOU ALL RIGHT!?"
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-10-06 21:36:14 98725
Sakura Kinomoto yelped as suddenly Lacrima was in front of her. She was shoved back and fell onto her butt, holding her key tightly. She shook her head. "NO! I won't! I won't I won't I won't!" she said. "The cards are my friends and I won't give them up!" she yelled.

She held the key to her chest. "Release, release, please, release!"

And then... A yelling. She turned to see Bell and... Let out a sigh of releif. "Bell-sempai! My.... cards aren't working and and I don't know know!" she said fearfully. "I can't get my wand to work! I can't use the cards without the wand!"
Lacrima 2018-10-06 21:53:57 98726
Suddenly she is uppercutted out of the blue. She doesn't get a chance to actually respond further for the moment. She does get thrown back a bit. This punch reminds her of something. But she gets to her feet quickly. This involves just turning into black ichor and suddenly shooting back up in a pillar and reforming.

She was frustrated before, now she's just angry. "WHAT THE HELL!?" she screams out. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING NIGHTBELL!" she screams. She says angrily.

Rosalie Janus 2018-10-06 22:03:34 98727
Nightbell spares a nervous glance to Sakura. What!? That ... is very not good. Well, from Sakura's perspective at least. Hot on the heels of that is the thought, Maybe she won't get in the way of my missions anymore. Even if a small part of her inexplicably isn't happy about this ...

But she's got more important things to worry about right now; the vice-director of UMBRA is angry at her now. Well, that's all right; the anger is mutual. Bell reaches back to grab Rubindorn's hilt, which is an empty threat, since all her direct attacks with Rubindorn are dark-energy-based and thus harmless to Lacrima.

"When UMBRA is on a mission to save the world, I'll stand aside," she says. "And if you're going to take a more diplomatic route to get what you want, I have nothing to say, since that's entirely entirely outside my skill set." She moves to stand directly between Lacrima and Sakura. "But I'm going to have to get in your way if you're going to bully my sister."
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-10-06 22:06:31 98728
Sakura Kinomoto moved quickly behind Bell, hiding behind the other, larger girl.

Why wasn't her key working? It worked before! What had changed? It workedi n the fight with Takashi! But... But now it wasn't?

But... then it had changed. Now it looked like... some star wand. She looked down at it. Had its powers changed, too? Then how was she supposed to use it? What had triggered it? Thinking about all her friends. Remembering them. But... then how did she trigger this? "I-I... We don't have to fight. I can't give him the card back, but... he can still visit it!"
Lacrima 2018-10-06 22:14:32 98729
"YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!" she screams at Sakura. She'll get to Nightbell in a moment. "PEOPLE LIKE YOU NEVER UNDERSTAND." she seethes, as she leans forward raggedly. It's really taking all her willpower-- and testing the limits of the unicorn tear inside her-- to not just release a wave of dark energy at them both-- even if wouldn't affect Nightbell very well.

"You!" she points. "YOU ALREADY KNOW Why I need that card back!" she spits. "I already asked for it back. Repeatedly. I made it clear what the consequences we're. When she could not transform, I did not blast her." she seethes.

"So you talk to her, and you get it then." she says as she crosses her arms angrily, and then quickly turns to the right with a 'mphfgh!'.
Rosalie Janus 2018-10-06 22:30:41 98730
Nightbell is quiet while Sakura makes her pitch. A part of her feels like Lacrima has a point with her outburst. Admittedly, she hasn't had as much of that nonsense firsthand, but ... "So, 'not blasting her' is apparently a grave sacrifice on your part, okay," she says flatly. "This is exactly what I've been trying not to do ever since Frau Doktor got put in the hospital." She puts her hands on her hips. "And Stahlritter-san wanted to blast my face off last week. Or does he give you a free pass just because you never hurt anyone he personally cared about?" She shakes her head. "Seriously, Lacrima-sama, you need to work on your diplomacy skills and your bullying skills."

She slowly and pointedly turns around to face Sakura. "Sakura-imoutochan ... Riventon-sama was hurt when you faced him," she says, as calmly and gently as she can. "Did Lacrima-san tell you any of that? When you took that new Darkness card, it drained all the dark energy from him. His Linker Core can't produce any more, and what's left is fighting against his own body. He's in really bad shape right now."
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-10-06 22:46:15 98731
Sakura Kinomoto shook her head. "And I said I wouldn't give him the cards!" she told Lacrima back. Then she looked to Nightbell... And... "I know he was hurt. Yui-kun hit him with a blast. And I am really happy he's okay. I... I never wanted that to happen. I never wanted him to get hurt..." she said softly. "I worked really hard to make sure I wouldn't hurt him... But..."

"....He's... never been that way. He's sometimes okay. But... but a lot of times he's a big... a big meany... I don't get what it is but... If he doesn't have darkness in him now.... Maybe that's GOOD!" she said firmly. "You even told me about your dark abilities and... and all of that. Maybe if his body doesn't like it any more, maybe he isn't supposed to have it! MAybe if you took the rest out he'd b fine and... and nice!" But... she did sigh. "But... if he's really hurt... i.... I'll meet with him. Somewhere neutral. The frat house. But... that's the only way."
Lacrima 2018-10-06 23:12:06 98732
Lacrima points at Nightbell. "YOU KNOW ASWELL AS I DO THAT WE'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO TALK ABOUT THAT TO ANYONE OUTSIDE OF UMBRA." she says angrily. She clenches her fists. Hard enough that she turns back to Sakura and points. "NO. NO IT IS NOT." she says. "HE NEEDS DARK ENERGY TO /SURVIVE/ LIKE I DO, SAKURA KINOMOTO." she says angrily. This is not a fact she knows for sure, it's just all that Riventon has told her for the past two years.

So she assumes it's right. She scowls. "I'm done here." she says. "I guess I'll need to stop talking next time." she says. And with that, she disappears into a mist of dark energy. Probably taking the easy way to her original destination to go hide in the botanical gardens to calm herself down before she does things she regrets later.
Rosalie Janus 2018-10-06 23:17:34 98733
Nightbell is quiet until Lacrima's next outburst, at which point ... she grimaces. "Ughh ... right," she mutters. "How else were we going to convince her, though ...?"

She stops. She's painfully aware that it's entirely within UMBRA's idiom to take things by force. Like Lacrima was more-or-less doing just now.

She waits until Lacrima leaves, and then lets out a loud groan. "Rubindorn, go back to Akari-mode."

Rubindorn pings. <<AHM, OK.>> She's surrounded by the surge of darkness, which glitches into becoming pale blue energy ...

... and then Akari sighs, smiling weakly as she turns to Sakura. "That aside," she says, "are you all right, Sakura-imoutochan?"
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-10-06 23:26:02 98734
Sakura Kinomoto nodded and then stepped forward and gave her a hug. "Thank you..." she mumbled. "I'm so sorry... I don't... I didn't know he was hurt. I was.... I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt him. but... I can't give the cards to him. It's not... I'll do what I can to help him, though. If he comes to me. But I won't give him the card. He doesn't understand or... love them like they deserve. I'm sorry..." she said softly.

".... Are we going to have to fight now too, big sister?" Then looked up. "If... you do.... I understand..." she mumbled. "We'll still always be sisters no matter what though... right?"
Rosalie Janus 2018-10-06 23:33:29 98735
Akari nods. "Yeah ... I ... am probably going to be in big trouble with UMBRA for telling you that," she says softly. "But ... I really think this was the best way."

At the other question, she immediately shakes her head and hugs Sakura. "Absolutely not!" she says. "I can't fight my little sister at all! It's the whole reason I stayed out of your fight with the Storm Card, why I gave up the ghost so quickly with the Zerobot horse, and why I stopped Lacrima-san from hurting you just now!" She's always more passionate in her Akari form. Less angry, happier in general, even if she isn't smiling right now.

She stops, but doesn't let go of Sakura. "... wow, something's ... weird," she says. "I changed back into my Akari disguise, and now everything seems different. Even though everything's exactly the same."
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-10-06 23:37:47 98736
Sakura Kinomoto nodded and hugged her, eyes closed. "Uh huh..." she mumbled. "You always seem nicer when you're Akari-sempai..." she mumbled. She held onto her and...

"You're different than them, I think. Takashi-kun and Lacrima-kun. They're like... When I'm with them and around them it's all... My tummy tightens up in knots and it's uncomfortable and a bit scary and... Even when they're nice. But... Around you, I get that warm, soft feeling that makes my tummy all gooey and nice..." she said softly.
Rosalie Janus 2018-10-06 23:47:00 98737
Akari nods, just hugging Sakura tightly. "Dunno ... I mean, I'm about twenty-eight centimeters shorter ..." Her mind is racing; why the hell would just putting on this magical disguise change her actual thought processes? She's been aware for months that she actually takes an interest in things like Kendo and artwork, rather than just being affectations-for-her-disguise. If even Sakura is noticing it ...

She frowns. "... Yeah, I dunno about that, either," she says softly. "Maybe it's just ... the smaller proportion of Dark Energy inside me, compared to them?" She shakes her head. "I dunno, anyway ... they're human, or I mean Lacrima-san used to be human, and I'm ... this robot thing." Even though, as Dr. Murano noted on the way out from the hospital, she acts surprisingly human ...
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-10-06 23:55:05 98738
Sakura Kinomoto shrugged. "I don't know... Do you use as much dark energy when you're like this? And... I mean..." She looked up at her and gave her hand a little squeeze. "Even if you... are a robot thing, that doesn't make you any less human. Because you are my big sister, and you're definitely human." She gave her another hug.

She then sighed. "I need to go home, though. I need to talk with Kero-chan and find out why the wand wouldn't work..."
Rosalie Janus 2018-10-07 00:01:16 98739
Akari shakes her head. "In this form, my Linker Core's output is ... I mean, uh, I don't have as much magic, including dark energy," she says. "But that doesn't change the fact that I'm made out of the stuff ..."

She blushes as Sakura squeezes her hand. "... yeah ... um ... thank you," she says softly, hugging her back.

She nods, and steps back. "Okay, yeah, that sounds like a good idea." She smiles. "I guess I'll see you later, then, Sakura-imoutochan!" She hesitates, and then says, "I ... probably ... shouldn't say anything about this, but ... if ... you don't get it working by Thursday ..." She hesitates once again, but, well, she's already said that much. "Well ... just ... stay away from the toll booths on the highway around Mitakihara. Can't tell you anything else, though."
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-10-07 00:06:59 98740
Sakura Kinomoto nodded. Made a note to be there and tell some people. She then frowned and sighed. "You're... not going to do anything bad again... are you? You're such a good, wonderful person, Akari-sempai... You shouldn't be hurting people..." she mumbled, squeezing her hand.

"You're a good person and I really look up to you..." She lowered her eyes. "So please... don't do anything bad.... okay?" Before she turned to head off, eying her key...
Rosalie Janus 2018-10-07 00:10:53 98741
Akari just ... sighs softly, and says, "Yeah." Which is vague enough that it could mean anything, and she does not want to lie directly to Sakura.