Hagane and Frau Doktor

While investigating into UMBRA's current events, Hagane comes across Dr. Murano. Some information and questions are exchanged.

Date: 2018-10-13
Pose Count: 16
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-10-13 00:53:16 98879
The WPS offices have been quiet. Far too quiet. Mikoto was trying to get some research done, continue her work on Midchildan and Belkan technologies. There have been monster attacks, and the handful of Mahou who considered themselves part of the group had dealt with those they'd been able to get to. But Sayaka hadn't been talking to anyone, Hannah was buried in her own projects, and Mikoto... had a girlfriend.

So it is perhaps understandable that she hadn't checked some of her projects in... a while.

She frowns at a network poll. Three servers she'd been... borrowing... from one of Hannah's idle projects at UMBRA weren't responding. A quick ping showed they weren't even on the network. "Well, crap. There goes that set of sims. And I was really hoping.... well."

Continued investigation shows her access nearly comlpetely cut off from the main UMBRA network. She wasn't expecting to get into secret plans or the like, but there were certain things that WPS did have access to... and much of that was just gone.

She lets it stew while she gets a bit of lunch. Best to think this through, before barging in on them. If they're cutting ties with WPS deliberately... or maybe something else is going on?

"Nothing else for it," she finally decides. "Have to go in person." 'Hagane' is known to Umbra - as a do-gooder, certainly, but also as a researcher of, as they like to put it, 'flexible morals'. She doesn't visit them openly often - once a quarter is frequent, for her - but showing up just now might not be entirely out of the question.

Carnwennan's magic circle washes over her, Knight's Clothing transforming her school uniform into Hagane's lightly-armored blue suit, and then it's a quick flight to the one UMBRA facility she's visited before.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-10-13 01:16:35 98882
The facility seems mostly deserted, and there's only a handful of lights on. There's also a pair of black moving vans, and a group of youma-bots of various descriptions are loading furniture into them.

Sitting on a folding chair near the back of one of the trucks is Dr. Murano, flanked by two sleek white youma-bots. In fact, they look identical to the Zerobot who joined the fight the night Nightbell temporarily went crazy and the Doctor got dropped off the side of a building. Currently, Frau Doktor is typing up a report to Riventon on a laptop.

As Hagane approaches, the two Zerobots immediately turn around to face her; yep, they're still faceless except for black infinity symbols. Dr. Murano slams the laptop shut and jumps to her feet, staggers, and then turns around as fast as she can as the two robots step forward to place themselves between her and the interloper.

Frau Doktor glares down her nose at Hagane. "This is private UMBRA property," she says smoothly. "Identify yourself." Her tone isn't precisely threatening. She doesn't need to sound threatening when she's got a pair of hulking robots guarding her.

... She'd like to have Nightbell here too, but right now Akari's in school, and she has a splint on her arm from getting body-slammed by Sailor freaking Jupiter. (Akari told her classmates that she "got hit by some jerk on a bicycle.") Besides, Nightbell got very evasive last night when she asked her how the fight had gone.
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-10-13 01:26:54 98884
Well, that explains a lot. If they're closing up the facility, of course the servers wouldn't be online. They'd be packed up and in one of those vans, most likely. Or at the new site, waiting for the network infrastructure to be activated. She recognizes the Doctor instantly, of course, though her own face is likely unfamiliar to the other - 'Hagane' is quite distinctly not 'Tessen', after all.

"Good afternoon, Frau Doktor. Do forgive the interruption, please, I understand that you're busy." She offers a brief, not-entirely-feigned smile, watching the zero-bots out of the corners of her eyes. "I believe if you look up security code Wonder-Paradox-five-Sarmatia you will find the appropriate information regarding my authorization for this facility." Assuming Riventon hasn't locked her out, that is. Her real name probably isn't in the file... but it's not exactly a secret who she is. He might well have noted it there.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-10-13 01:46:13 98886
The Doctor raises her eyebrows, then turns the chair around, and sits down and opens her laptop again. Typetypetype ... secretly snap a photo of the interloper through the laptop's back camera and email it to Nightbell asking if she recognizes her by either "Hagane" or "Mikoto Nakajima" ...

"Ah, yes," she says, as if she'd only just now found the file. "'Hagane', of WitchHunter Professional Services." She doesn't feel like it's really necessary to let on that she knows her real name. Besides, Hagane's ignorance might come in handy later.

The other youma-bots continue to load furniture behind her. "Well, as you can see," she says coolly, "whatever intentions you had for visiting here unannounced, you'll have to wait a bit to get anything useful, unless you just wanted to see its emptiness for yourself." She shrugs. "Riventon-sama is ... in the middle of reorganizing UMBRA's structure a bit." Yeah, that's all Hagane needs to know. No need to mention how disastrously the Sailor Earth project went, or that several weeks ago two Senshi and one Shitennou tracked Riventon to Ireland and beat him up anyway ...
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-10-13 01:59:36 98887
Hagane considers the reply for a moment, pausing briefly, then nods. "Thank you, Frau Doktor. I had merely wanted to ascertain why I could not access certain servers I had been using for simulation runs. The reason for this is now obvious." She relaxes a little, though she does not take her eyes off the zero-bots.

"I trust you and your companion are well?" She hasn't heard about the fight with the Senshi, so she isn't aware of Nightbell's injury - just Akari's, of course.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-10-13 02:10:36 98889
At that, Frau Doktor relaxes. She gestures, and the two Zerobots take half a step back. They don't stop looking threatening, however. "All right, then," she says. "I'll pass along the information to Riventon, and see what he wishes to do with it."

At the question, she raises her eyebrow. "'Companion'?" she says. "You are well-informed." She shrugs. "Not that Nightbell has been especially subtle in any of her missions that I've seen, so I'm not surprised that you caught wind of our connection." She looks Hagane in the eye and says, "She's doing just fine." Hagane doesn't need to know about her injury, either. "Well. She has been poking around and trying to find a particular self-styled hero called 'Tessen', who's rather been a thorn in her side. I don't suppose you might have information about how to find her?"

Ah, irony.
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-10-13 02:22:36 98890
Of course Hagane knows how to find Tessen - she's just a henshin away - but as far as she's concerned, the not-so-good Doktor has no need to know that. "Ah. I have heard of her, yes. I don't believe I've ever run into her, however." True, if taken literally.

She leans casually against a wall, hmming to herself. "If I should come across her, shall I let her know of your curiosity?"
Akari Hayabusa 2018-10-13 02:31:59 98891
Frau Doktor gives a nasty smirk. "'Curiosity' is one word for it," she says. She pulls an UMBRA business card and holds it out to Hagane. "You can text me at this number. Oh, yes, I am certain that Nightbell would greatly appreciate knowing where she's going to be."

This attitude is in stark contrast to the way Nightbell was actually acting the last time she and Tessen crossed paths.
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-10-13 02:40:53 98894
Mikoto looks briefly at the card, memorizing the number, and tucks it into a pocket. "Thank you, Frau Doktor. I will surely keep you in mind." She will, indeed. "I will admit to my own curiosity. How has your research been going?" She offers a small smile. She's enjoying this warmer attitude from the Doctor. "I trust things go well?"
Akari Hayabusa 2018-10-13 02:49:24 98896
The Doctor considers this for a moment. Then she shrugs. "Everything's been going more slowly than I'd like," she says. "Being in charge of a Belkan Knight is even more work than I thought it would be when I was given the job, and the reorganization has slowed everything still further." She shrugs. "Still, I expect things to settle down reasonably soon." She looks over at Hagane. "And yourself?"
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-10-13 02:57:02 98898
Hagane hmms softly. "Oh, I've made progress here and there. The limits of local fabrication technology have been occasionally frustrating, though." She considers for a moment. "I don't suppose you have access to a sub-dimensional nanoprinter that you aren't using at the moment?"
Akari Hayabusa 2018-10-13 03:00:09 98900
The Doctor's face goes carefully blank. "I'll have to pass that question onto Riventon-sama as well," she says dryly. "What, is that some sort of Belkan or Midchildan technology you've taken an interest in?" The Zerobots seem to be relaxing a bit more, too.
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-10-13 03:11:52 98904
"Ah, well. I suppose it was a long shot. It's just what it says, a tool for producing multi-dimensional circuitry and components. Useful for various forms of Mid-type technology, yes." And Belkan as well, of course. "Please do, let me know if there is anything I can assist you with, as well. My contact information is in the same security database."
Akari Hayabusa 2018-10-13 03:18:26 98905
The Doctor nods. "Very well, then," she says. "I'll pass that along anyway."

One of the robots closes the back door on one of the moving vans. "I suppose that's my cue to leave, then," she says. "I have to supervise moving these to their new location." She smiles thinly. "It was a pleasure meeting you, Hagane-san. I suppose I'll see you again a some point in the foreseeable future."
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-10-13 03:23:49 98906
Hagane smiles again and takes a brief bow. "It has been a pleasure meeting you, Frau Doktor. I hope we shall have many such pleasant meetings to come." With a wave, she takes to the air,

Naturally enough, she lingers a bit once she's out of sight, to see if she can follow the van to its destination....
Akari Hayabusa 2018-10-13 03:33:13 98911
The moving vans carry the furniture to an apparently-mundane storage facility. You know, the kind of place that stores furniture and other valuables when you're not using it. Apparently they'd moved everything useful and informative long ago, and were just packing up the rest of the furniture. Oh well ...

. . . . .

Several hours later, in Akari's apartment in Mitakihara, Frau Doktor sends a report to Lacrima and Riventon. First things first: we're losing Nightbell, it begins. After typing up a few paragraphs after that, she hits "send."

Akari walks in at that moment. "I'm home!"

"Did you get my message?" the Doctor asks sharply, without preamble.

"Oh, whoops, I'll check now," says Akari, getting out Nightbell's Eclipse phone.

She opens up the email, and immediately starts laughing so hard, she can't stand up.