Icela's Tree

Ariel encounters Icela in the park and tries to gain a little insight about the other dream denizen girl. She's left with more questions than answers.

Date: 2018-10-13
Pose Count: 23
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-13 02:36:11 98893
    It's getting closer to evening after a long day. Classes were long over though and club activities were just getting out for the day, leaving Ariel finishing up with packing books into her locker, traipsing off school grounds to meet up with, and hop on, Lucky, and start working on making her way home.
    Taking a shortcut through the park at sunset isn't out of the ordinary for the two as Lucky follows the darkening path with Ariel settled side-saddle on his back, nose deep in one of her assignment books, getting some reading done on her commute ride back.
Icela 2018-10-13 02:43:36 98895
In the park, a particular tree has been marked with a paper sign as "Icela's Tree" and a futile attempt has been made to cordon it off. In that tree, an almost ethereal girl sits and she notices the dog-riding girl. Without hesitation, she jumps out of her tree and walks towards the pair. "I thought you were supposed to ride horses not hounds."
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-13 02:51:54 98897
    Icela's tree... That's an interesting sign to pass as Lucky walks by. Ariel vaguely notices the paper from the corner of her vision while reading and it urges her to actually glance up from her book.
    "Icela's tree?" Murmured curiously, prompting her mount to slow.
    It's the figure that drops out of the tree that makes Ariel bleat sharply from the surprise.
    "Ddsfsffdg!" She squeaks with a jolt, before calming a beat afterwards.
    "A-ah..." That certainly is a familiar face. But... This isn't the dream world.
    "U-um! Oh. I remember you, I think." She murmurs. "-I mean hello! But ah... Lucky is sort of a special case and--" And no that's a sidenote. "Uhhh. ... What were you doing in that tree instead of in the dream world?"
    Ariel simply has to know.
Icela 2018-10-13 02:57:06 98899
"I got bored of drawing nightmares, and I figured I'd go draw people." Icela answers, and she pulls out a sketchpad and pencil. "But people are annoying and don't sit still when they dream. People are a lot more likely to sit still when they're awake." She explains with a serious smile, and it's not even a lie as such. There's the whole envy and hatred thing, but they're both reasons. "How about you? Why are you here?"
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-13 03:03:49 98901
    Drawing nightmares. Drawing people. The angle Ariel's head tilts to says that she doesn't quite get it until the sketchpad comes out, and that just results in more curiosity.
    "... Oh." Well that is certainly an interesting reason to come to the waking world.
    "I'm here because I live here now-- I was heading back home from school." She answers earnestly. But that curiosity just burns too bright.
    "... May I see?" The sketches, she means, as Lucky takes this as indication to take five and lays himself down on the ground with a massive yawn.
Icela 2018-10-13 03:07:44 98902
"Sure. If you want." Icela hands over the sketchpad, most of the sketches are entirely mundane, scenes from the park or other places around town, people doing normal things. She's good at art, and there's only one of them that's remotely out of the ordinary, and that's a sketch depicting the musical metal nightmare. "You know, I kind of miss school."
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-13 03:27:09 98908
    Gingerly accepting the sketchbook, Ariel begins slowly rifling through the pages. Topaz eyes linger on a picture here or a detail there as she slowly flips through the pictures. They're good; better than wha she can draw, anyway. And the Metal Snake brings back some pretty recent memories. But it's that statement that makes her glance up. Ariel doesn't even question it. Not in the 'you went to school???' sense at least.
    "School is nice. I met a lot of new people I wouldn't have if I had stayed in the dream realm." Stated mildly before a brief pause.
    "What school did you go to?"
Icela 2018-10-13 03:31:16 98910
"Middle school." Icela answers in a tone that is quite blatantly aware that she knows she's not answering the question. "What school do you go to?" The eidolon is not scared of a little hypocrisy, and she reaches out to pet Lucky. "Who's a good dog?" She asks pleasantly.
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-13 03:45:40 98912
    "That didn't answ... Oh."
    Oh she evaded the question.
    Ariel lets herself trail off as the realization sinks in, and she purses her lips. Placed a bit upon the spot when given no answer and the same question, Ariel remains as polite as ever, regardless.
    "Ah- I go to Seishou Public School." She givs in reply.
    Though Lucky doesn't shrink away from the attempts to pet him, he lets out a gruff noise. The kind of sound that says he recognizes Icela and remembers her hostility in the Heavy Metal dream, and it will probably not be for friendly reasons if he has to get up.
Icela 2018-10-13 03:49:21 98913
There's a slight frown when Icela realizes that not answering the question properly caused some unhappiness, and she scuffs her toes. "It's not that I don't want to answer the question, but..." She sighs and takes a deep breath, then states quietly and really quickly. "Idon'tknowyouandIdon'tknowifpeoplecanhurtmebygoingaftermybodyandIdon'twanttofindoutthehardway." She steps away from Lucky.
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-13 04:08:59 98914
    "It's fine." Ariel says within a beat. "You don't have to tell my anything you don't want to." She then adds, regardless of the hasty display.
    In the end, Lucky doesn't budge an inch. It's probably actually safe to touch him, if there's going to be no signs of aggression, and the pair sho no sign of overt hostility on their part. But Ariel's brow knits, but then shakes her head. "It's true, you don't know me. But I'd prefer it if we didn't have to be enemies or anything. I don't really like fighting of any kind. Or hurting people."
Icela 2018-10-27 00:42:26 99338
Icela nods and considers. "Maybe when I know you better? I want to believe you, but ..." She trails off, with the clear implication that she shouldn't. She considers the other matters and smiles, just a tad, "I don't like fighting either, but your friends were hurting a friend of mine, and so I tried to get him some help. I just ended up getting more friends hurt." She sighs deeply.
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-27 00:57:29 99340
    Maybe when she knows Ariel better. That's fine. The girl's head dips in a slight nod at that, willing to accept it and wait patiently for that day, if it will ever come at all. Only time will tell, even with that clear implication in the way Icela's words trail to hesitance.
    "It's okay." Ariel says at length, before her brow knots. But it's the smile that relieves her a bit. "Mn. Well I'm glad that makes two of us. It's always pretty scary, isn't it? Ah... Sorry though. If you meant the Nightmare when you say 'your friend', if it's any consolation, I was going to try and turn it back into a nice dream."
Icela 2018-10-27 00:59:48 99341
Icela furrows her brow when Ariel talks about turning it back into a nice dream. "The other dreams all avoid me, he wouldn't have been my friend anymore if he became like them." She sounds sad, and sits down on the ground. "I don't understand why things turned out like this, but I'm not letting you take my friends away. Sorry."
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-27 01:13:36 99342
    "Mm..." Ariel bites on her lower lip faintly, sharp little tooth pinching the pale skin as she ponders that a moment. On the one hand it's her job to turn Nightmares back into pleasant Dreams. On the other hand it's clearly an issue that causes this girl more than a measure of distress. It's not exactly a winning situation for anyone.
    "Sorry." She ventures after a beat. "But you don't seem like a bad person to me, really." She admits from this cursory meeting. "I don't think it would be very hard for you to show them that." Murmured as she tries to think of some solution.
Icela 2018-10-27 01:40:32 99343
"I am a bad person. But that's not what I was there for." Icela answers Ariel with some frank honesty, and she starts to walk back to her tree. "I'm a spirit of vengeance, and many people will get hurt. Sorry."
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-27 01:47:52 99344
    "I'm sorry you think that way." Ariel says gently, at first, folding her hands on her lap as she shifts her seating on Lucky' back. The huge dog barely even stirs under her weight, for the time being. "Is that whas you have to be?"
Icela 2018-10-27 01:51:53 99345
"This may be my last chance. I won't squander it like I did the chance before it." Icela answers Ariel's question, sort of. She doesn't seem to be too afraid of Lucky, though her gaze is definitely on the dog. "But I promise you I won't hurt anyone."
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-27 01:56:49 99346
    That is a baffling contradiction. One moment she says many people will be hurt. The next she says she promises not to hurt anyone. Ariel is completely unsure on how to take it, but she doesn't stop Icela on her path back to the tree.
    "I'm not sure I understand. Yet." She admits. "Last chance for what?"
Icela 2018-10-27 02:00:22 99347
Icela climbs back into her tree. "To make people realize they were wrong for treating people like me as disposable waste."
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-27 02:06:48 99348
    And up she goes back into the tree. Though Icela's words ring miserably painful for Ariel, she squeezes her eyes shut for a beat. She can't quite counter that but she does come up with an alternative.
    "If I wanted to find you again sometime. Should I just come back to this tree?" She asks after a length of silent pause.
Icela 2018-10-27 02:09:21 99349
"Sure. Or come visit me in the other place." Icela answers calmly, and she picks up her art supplies, and then gets back to the drawing. "It was good to talk to you anyway. Say hello to your friends for me? They seemed like nice people, aside from the one guy."
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-27 02:12:12 99350
    "I don't really know him very well." Ariel admits in regards to That One Guy. "I think he was pulled in on a fluke." Added as an after thought before her head dips in a nod. Here or the other place then. That works, so she gives Lucky a nudge that makes the huge dog pick himself back up, and hoists Ariel with him.
    "I'll be back to visit, okay? I mean, if you don't mind." Offered earnestly. Before Lucky starts plodding down the park path again to continue along on the way home.