Lacrima's Birthday goes exactly as expected. Except for the vampire ghost.

Date: 2018-10-13
Pose Count: 43
Lacrima 2018-10-14 00:43:19 98915
Lacrima had sent out invitations, in her usual fancy Spanish script that those who visited the ECFH we're familiar with by now via notes of the fridge. Lacrima thought she was being clever by preempting a surprise party but then about a week ago thought 'wait, I need to actually have a party now. crap.'. She didn't really think this thorough very hard.

Thusly, Lacrima has setup for her own Birthday party. Miserably. There's also the matter that it's Jiaying's birthday tomorrow and that needs to be worked in somehow and she has no clue how to do that. So---

So there is a tray of donuts! There is also a tray of Gua Bao! Which are basically Taiwanese Pork Buns- Annnnnd Lacrima didn't have much time to obtain anything else in a reasonable quantity besides soda and lemonade in pitchers and some milk. There's some decorations!....they are Halloween Decorations from last year's Halloween Party.

Also where it says 'Happy Halloween' it has 'Happy' in professionally, cardboard printed letters and then crudely construction paper cut out letters 'Birthday' where the Halloween has been removed.

"....Next year." she says grimly.

"Just let them throw the dumb surprise party." she says through her teeth.
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-14 00:53:15 98916
    Ariel has received an INVITATION.
    This time... THIS TIME... She will not miss it.
    That is why the littlest unicorn is already HERE.
    She might just be the reason why the 'happy birthday' sign is covered in glitter.
    Though she stepped out to get some more supplies and change into something she had mentioned before-- so the door opens up and a Platelet comes busting in. -- Wait no, that's Ariel, riding a huge white blood cell-- no... Wait that's Lucky.
    "I'm back! I brought more milk!" The unicorn chimes sweetly. Looks like Ariel and Lucky have donned their halloween costumes a little early. Considering Ariel is decked in a way oversized blue t-shirt, khaki shorts, and white cap with the Japanese text for 'platelet' written on it.
    Lucky... It looks like she powdered his fur chalk white color and he has a white cap with 'WHITE BLOOD CELL' written on it.
Miho Kagami 2018-10-14 00:57:46 98917
Miho told her parents that today was her friend Maria Hanazawa's birthday! They're still a bit surprised that they haven't met Maria, but they still encouraged her cheerfully when she went off on her bicycle.

So now Miho arrives on via bicycle, wearing a backpack, a dark green sweatshirt, a skirt with longer shorts underneath, and white shoes which are a bit less loud than the pink sneakers she's had before. "Hey, Norie-chan," she says, in her kind of scratchy and somewhat androgynous voice. "Happy birthday." Her tone is just a bit ... subdued; it's kind of obvious that Lacrima isn't in the best of spirits at the moment. "You doing okay?"

She blinks as she sees Ariel and Lucky. "Heh ... I dunno if this was supposed to be a costume-party, Ariel-chan," she says. "You're absolutely adorable as usual, though!"
Jiaying Maki 2018-10-14 01:00:09 98918
Birthday weekends means she's mostly spending time wandering the city to find party gifts. The kind you give to the guests. One for Norie's a different issue altogether. The food and other things means she spends more time out, mostly getting the stuff needed for potstickers, some birthday cakes and the other sorts of things that she likes trying to share.

When she returns, she sets the red wrapped gifts by the door, leaves a note to take one, each holding just a small stuffed animal of some kind and she's hurried over to the kitchen where she's trying to cook things to help add to the variety and actually chip in. Everything's got red dye in it, a deep scarlet sort of thing. When she peeks her head around to check on some of the arrivals, she's wearing a bandana to keep her hair back and an apron. Covered in flour, she offers a wave then disappears again.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-10-14 01:07:45 98919
    Nobody told Kokoro this wasn't a costume party.

    And so, here she is, in costume.

    A very, very leather costume. Except the shoulders, those are... aluminum? Steel? It's hard to tell. They rest over bare arms, though. Bare arms, wrapped from elbow to wrist in athletic tape on the left side, and a leather glove on the right. And it's probably a good thing she's wearing a red shirt under that... vest? Sleeveless jacket? 'Upper body leather adornment', because it dips pretty low, otherwise. Of course, the original wearer needed it dipping that low to show off his seven scars.

    But, it's not that man showing up; though one could be forgiven for doing a double take, given that it's still someone pretty tall. Kokoro takes a step or two in, looks around, then steps more properly into the entryway. "Yo, I'm here. Where you want me to put the present?"
Stahlritter 2018-10-14 01:09:51 98920
    There's an Alexis. OF course there is an Alexis coming to his adoptive sister's birthday party, especially since she is actually HOLDING ONE for once.
    This brings Alexis arriving non-sneakily into the manor for once-- especially so if he has even less reason to *be* stealthy these days after the previous incident with his mother. He's... not dressed up in any costume or anything, as opposed to just his regular trademark brown leather jacket. And also... carrying a fuzzy, light-furred corgi along with him in his arms, the small doggo wriggling in the thick, leather-covered arms in excitement over arriving at Auntie Lacrima's house-- and detecting so many different new smells!
    Once he steps into the room where everyone is gathering, he finally lets the doggo down, with a murmur of "Go on, be a good girl to everyone okay?" with a ruffle given affectionally over her ears and head before the tiny ball of fluffy joy goes scampering towards the nearest person to say HELLO I JUST MET YOU AND I LOVE YOU.
Rashmi Terios 2018-10-14 01:11:40 98921
While it may not have been announced as a costume party, for Rashmi cosplay is done so rarely that when the opportunity comes to wear her Halloween costume early, it cannot help but be pounced upon.

Right behind 'Kenshiro' bounces in a Rashmi that.... doesn't.....quite.... have the figure to 'sell' the dress she's wearing; a washed-green combination Chinese-style dress and trenchcoat, with decorative lacings up the front, and only just contrasting well with her dark skin and red hair. But she bops in with a pair of boxes under one arm, and a wide grin. "I have presents~!"

"If you want them, come and claim then!"
Lacrima 2018-10-14 01:29:57 98922
"I could sit here." she says. "And give deep thought on you, my girlfriend, being a platelet." she says. "-and me, bring a vampire. That typically drinks blood. But something tells me I'd be overthinking it way too much." she says flatly.

"Um, you can put it on the table over there." she points without looking to where a table usually is. Instead there's a small, squat piano looking instrument there. It has never existed in this manor until maybe a second ago and it stands out. It's dusty. It's also the table Jia put the gifts for the party goers on. And it was also a table when she put the gifts down on them. Which is equally probably spooky.

"Gifts. Table." she says to Rashmi as she turns around to smile. "Nice costumes!" she says to Kokoro and Rashmi. She head tilts. "Just to be clear. I'm already dead. But like. For real? Yeah." she says because she needs a nervous mood booster. "oh my god Hope-chan!" she says as she leans down to scoop the dog up and give nuzzles to before putting the corgi back down. "Don't bark at Jia-chan. No. No no barking at Jia-chan." she says to the dog. She's sure she'll behave. She beams. "Alexis-niisan~" she sings out almost.

"Jia-chan Is baking cakes. And things. They smell good!" she beams as she gives Jiaying a wave! Wave wave wave!

She looks to Miho and smiles with a bounce. "Hey Miho-chan~" she says. "Thank you for maki---" she looks to the 'table' the gifts are on, with a series of rapid blinks.

"Uh.... huuuuuuuh..." she says as she tip toes over. "Oh! Wow! This is old." she looks up. "Hey, who brought the harpsicord?" she asks. "I bet it's Kunzite. Or something. He got me the fancy antique comb last year. I mean. It needs work. And all. Maybe Mamoru. I mean. This had to cost something..." she says scratching the side of her head.

She's looking for a tag or a card attached to it- which gives her time to examine in thoroughly too. "Heh... this reminds me of one in Poderoso's memories. Not a really pleasant instrument... didn't belong to him. One of his servants-- another vampire. He wanted to become a great musical writer so this.. whatever power it is.. named him 'Partitura'. Which is basically written music. He got so angry that he....." Lacrima wipes a thick layer of dust across the facade of the instrument carefully. Revealing three, long gashes in the front of the instrument. "....clawed through the fron...." she suddenly shoots up.


"Oh no." she fumbles. "EVERYONE. EVERYONE OUT NOW." she says. Immediately after that- the Harpsicord begins playing. Years out of tune- haunting and weird as Lacrima slowly turns around.


Everyone is suddenly enveloped in darkness is suddenly.

When it appears they are back in the manor. But it looks old. And musty. Furniture that wasn't there before in disrepair. Floorboards cracked. The wallpapers look like they weep with a red horrid rust like the paper bled at one point.

Jiaying will immediately identify this as some sort of spirit world of SOME sort at least. Others might feel the uneasy displacement.

The Harpsicord is still playing but the Harpsicord is nowhere to be seen right now.

"..." Lacrima takes a soft hard breath. "I... Okay I don't know what this is but I know who is responsible." she takes a deep breath.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-10-14 01:35:04 98923
    Kokoro is about to lift a hand and point a finger at Lacrima, and make a certain joke.

    Then Lacrima beats her to it.

    "...y-yeah." Awkward fidget. Crap, now what do I do?

    Uhhh... okay just go put the present over there. On the ta- ...harpsichord? Kokoro sets her gift there. And shortly thereafter, Lacrima starts telling them a story about a harpsichord... with three claw marks in it just like the one in front of them-

    Kokoro Akakuma lunges away on reflex. By the time she hits the ground, they're in a very old version of the manor. Slowly and cautiously, the successor of Kokoro Shinken pushes up to her feet, frowning. "...well, I guess if you're a magical girl, it ain't Halloween without somethin' weird goin' on." Side glance towards Lacrima. "...sorry it happened at your birthday." That's what you say at a time like this, right?
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-14 01:38:43 98925
    "I'm pretty sure it's not, but it's close to halloween time so I might have gotten a little excited!" Ariel admits to Miho, beaming. Of course then other people arrive in costume.
    "Looks like I'm not the only one." She chirrups sweetly.
    Then... Then Lucky shakes.
    White powder goes everywhere. Mainly on Ariel, who bleats as she ends up looking more like a White Blood Cell now.
    Bleat. Bleeeeaaaat!
    She huffs though, and flashes Lacrima an awkward little smile. "You know... I kind of didn't think about that at all. But it's fine, I know you wouldn't drink me."
    And then everything goes dark.
    So when that clears and the manor looks far older, and the music is still playing, and everything is super mega creepier, she heaves a tiny huff. "Aww. Now the 'we haven't had an incident in XX days' counter has to be reset on Lacrima's birthday." She pouts.
Miho Kagami 2018-10-14 01:40:58 98926
Miho smiles, and pulls off her backpack. "Arright!" she says. "And yeah, Ariel-chan, even if it was an accident, that is a great idea." She withdraws two giftwrapped packages, one with a purple and orange Halloween theme with bats and things, and one with green and white stripes, putting them on the table. She acks and takes a step further from Lucky as he begins shaking, chuckling softly.

And then she whirls around as Lacrima begins shouting, and then staggers back as things go dark and they get transported into ... a haunted version of the haunted manor!

"Oh crud," she mutters. She hurries a bit further away from Lacrima, and thrusts one hand into the air in the Saturday Night Fever pose. "Life Blessing, Wake Up!"

There's a swirl of mint-green light around her, which might seem to be flowing a little more smoothly than it has in previous transformations. Otherwise, there's no real difference; she's still Life Mahou Joy, same as ever.

"... I've been training to use the Life Blessing, by the way," she says, in the clear and bright and almost completely different voice she has in henshin. "No functional changes that I've noticed." She shakes her head. "But, uh, if it's all the same to you, Norie-chan, is it okay if I give whatever's causing this a Joy Shining Ray to the face?"
Rashmi Terios 2018-10-14 01:42:04 98927
And the presents are duly set upon the 'table,' and Rashmi pauses, listening with interest to the story Lacrima tells, and chuckling as Lucky blesses the party. "Oh I cannot *wait* to see Lucky and Hope together."

And as the lights go out, Rashmi breathes a quiet thanks for magic being magic. With a brief glow and shatter of golden light, she's in henshin, Nicomachea in hand and bespectacled eyes darting left and right. "...So um, Lacchan? Out of curiosity, how many more birthdays until we've punched everyone from Poderoso's past hard enough that they won't bother you again? Asking for a friend."
Jiaying Maki 2018-10-14 01:44:25 98928
Jiaying Maki frowns as the oven she had been cooking at suddenly isn't... in good operating condition anymore. It turns into a scowl as she sniffs at the air. "Did someone break a seal somewhere?" Thinking maybe something got in through her room or something. She sets the pan down, brushing herself off a few times and adding to the dust. She manages to maintain her breathing at the sight of a barking dog. Even if it's a not-dog. That doesn't change her views on them.

She hesitates, looking around the place. "Didn't we clean this place up. Like this kind of stuff out a while ago?" Looking to the others, she waves and says, "Thanks for coming. I didn't realize we were in a haunted school with creepy things running around. Please don't give up hope?" Then frowns. Probably too obscure even by her standards. She's still keeping her distance from the dog, moving away every time there's a chance tehy come closer.
Lacrima 2018-10-14 01:56:45 98929
Lacrima twitches. "That tune." she says angrily. "Right. So. You trade your humanity to the power in me, right?" she asks. "For something. But in turn it also makes you sort of an evil being. The only reason I'm not in the same boat is because I didn't trade anything willingly to it. It infected me. I didn't call on it and make a deal with it." she says with some soft teeth gnashing after. "He wanted to be able to write music that sounded like music and not a mess of notes. Because you def. make a wish to a black ball of energy for things." she says with extreme sarcasm at the last part

"Anyways. The harpsicord owner was a psychotic and after he'd drain people- would use their blood and such to write his music. He'd say, to Poderoso that it 'gave it feeling.'" she says blankly.

"Except I also know he was killed because he was weak to healing powers unlike his master. So I'm thinking that this is a spirit manifestation and I think at this point Jiaying might know a little more here." she says as she crosses her arms and rubs her nose bridge.

"So first point of order." the tune is still repeating. "We find out where that music is coming from because ten to one this thing hasn't 'written music with feeling' in a hundred or two years and is probably really eager to do so." she says wearily.

"-and I don't have blood but you all do and---" she stares at Ariel in her costume and just face faults and places a hand to her face. Dammit Ariel, why are you basically dressing perfectly for even the bad stuff right now. "--look. Just. Don't let things stab you and probably also transform right now if you can."

She looks to Jiaying. "Hi Jia-chan. No this is a dumb gift from a dumb vampire ghost. Who is dumb and probably wants Poderoso's power from me. Do you hear that harpsicord melody? Yeah. He's tied to it apparently? I don't know. I don't even know how it got in here." she shrugs.

"Everyone's gifts we're on top of it and it misplaced a table I guess."

"So basically, to reiterate, we're dealing with the spirit of a dead psychotic artist vampire." she says. "Right. So. I'm not sure if this realm shares the same design as the house. But I'm going to go peek carefully down into the hallway and se---"

And then a spindly black hand suddenly rips through the weakfloor boards and tries to grab Lacrima's ankle. She manages to avoid being grabbed but there's a nasty leaking wound from her foot now.

Then this starts to happen to everyone else. Arms trying to crash up through the floorboards into some sort of inky horrible black mass below.

"Run. RUN LITERARLY anywhere else. Find the Harpsicord. Smash it. Purify it just DO IT." she says as she chooses to race upstairs and down the hall.

People can either follow her or go their own way.

(OOC: If you're not following Lacrima, Tell me who you are going with an which direction. otherwise I'm assuming you are following Lacrima.)
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-10-14 02:18:13 98930
    This is absolutely not the place for Kokoro Shinken. Kokoro Shinken is not a real martial art. So as they turn and start hashing out their plan, Kokoshiro is already pulling a certain charm off her necklace and flinging it into the air. A hammer grows, electricity crackles, and Kokoro sets aside her costume in favor of a very real, very lethal art she is actually a master of.

    The secret, powerful art of 'Hammertime'.

    Then a hand grabs at her ankle as well - and discovers why her costume is armored. A split second later, it discovers what happens when a superhumanly strong, armored boot kicks it. Dengeki Shoujo is now crackling softly with electricity, face in a deep scowl. These things are coming up from below, and her first (and second, and third) instinct towards anything that attacks her is to face it, head on. "Gotcha. Always wanted to wreck a piano." And then she takes off at a dead run... for the stairway down.
Miho Kagami 2018-10-14 02:20:43 98931
Joy nods to Rashmi. "Took the words right out of my mouth!" At Jiaying's ... quotation, she stares at her for a moment, and then immediately gets out a mint green phone with a heart emblem for the home-button and enters the quote into the search box, but she gets a 'no connection' message for her troubles. "... Wow, even my Virtue phone isn't getting a signal," she murmurs.

The good thing about the sudden attack of hands is that she has free flight. She jumps up, flips upside down, and 'lands' on the ceiling. "Hup!" Her sapphire-heart-wand materializes in her left hand, she tosses it into her right, and swings it back and forth. "Minty Barrage!" She swings the wand back and forth, firing it into the floor and the dark mass. Which ... doesn't have as much of an effect as she'd like; she really hasn't improved to a meaningful degree.

Okay. Think. What's a good way to tackle the problem? Norie and I can fly, which means we have options available that nobody else does. She of all people probably needs backup the most, given that the monster of the day apparently has a direct connection to her. She flies after Lacrima. "Right behind you, Norie-chan!"
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-14 02:21:28 98932
    Okay so there's this harpsichord, and the original player made a faustian pact and went mad and wrote music with people's blood.
    That sure is a story.
    It's a good thing Ariel is covered in white powder, because if she wasn't it would be blatantly obvious how pale she goes just from hearing that.
    "That's terrible." The little unicorn whispers. Before she can just... Shrug helplessly at Lacrima when the stare comes her way. What? Whaaaat?
    All this is pretty lame. She hasn't even had a chance to set HER gift down on the gift table or anything, and now exactly isn't the best time as she hops onto Lucky's back and nudges her canine steed to follow Lacrima.
    But not before Lucky cranes his head down at Hope.
    An Irish Wolfhound absolutely TOWERS over the average corgi. And he spends a moment sniffing down at her, before those great big jaws open and...
    Lucky casually scruffs Hope and lifts her with an astounding level of gentleness that his size would otherwise belie. Of course, considering his rider... That gentleness should not come as any surprise now should it.
Rashmi Terios 2018-10-14 02:22:03 98933
*bing!* << FLIER FIN >>

Wings flicker into being on Rashmi's back and ankles, as she jumps straight up to avoid any grasping hands. "Lacchan!" she calls, flipping Nicomachea open. "We should at least try to keep in communication!"


Her book flares alight, and Rashmi's voice can be heard at the back of her friends' heads. << Check check. Okay Dengeki's haring off gotta go! >> And with that, she flitters after Kokoro, faintly annoyed at the turn the party has taken.
Jiaying Maki 2018-10-14 02:28:35 98934
Looks around the room, trailing her finger through the dust and listening to the explanation. "This doesn't sound like anything quite like the Night Harbor. You can get pulled into these little pocket hauntings." She hesitates and looks up and around. "But, with that weird necklace causing it, it might be it's own thing?" She holds a hand up, "Uh, well not the thing exactly. You know what I mean." She then shakes her head quickly.

At the mention that Norie's leading the way, she follows suite. No reason to tempt luck yet. "If it's like a pocket haunting, we can st-. That." She points to Norie at her idea of breaking his focus. "Are there other spooky things coming? Is he the only one?" Still, she heads for the second floor and attic particularly herself. It seems the logical place to stuff a stuffy instrument. Also that hint of familiarity, which she's sure will help. And she totally won't bang her knee into a table or something.

Then again, there's a giant dog. So that calm orderly jog up the stairs turns into a hurried sprint AWAY. Complete with scrambling. Absolutely no dignity there. This also means she might end up with someone else instead.
Stahlritter 2018-10-14 02:40:38 98937
    That's the sound of Hope freaking the heck out! THe Corgi is not at all happy about being pulled into a world of darkness, see!
    Alexis is just about to go scoop the fuzzy ball up to soothe her too, but then Lucky picks her up and... immediately calms down. She looks up at the bigger dog carrying her and... wags. This is fine. All will be well.
    With that in order, Alexis take on his Knight Armor with a flash of dust-- just as the shadowy arms start reaching up. GREAT.
    "NONE OF THAT!" Stahlritter's roar rings out, and twin chains take form around his arms, unfurling after as he spins around to sweep them along the floor-- right as Kokoro smashes through down there. GREAT.
    He does not quite like what he sees.
    "I SIGNED UP FOR A DAMN BIRTHDAY PARTY. YOU FOUR, DON'T DIE!" That last is yelled after Lacrima and her entourage as he turns after Rashmi and Kokoro. "AND KEEP HOPE SAFE!"
Lacrima 2018-10-14 02:58:29 98938
Miho's attempts at fighting the things do destroy spindly hands but nothing else. This may not be a problem that is solved with blasts of light just yet. Also, 'Slightly annoyed' is just a good term of horribly upset right now for Lacrima. Who is also 'slightly annoyed'. She looks to Nuwu-- Jia-chan-- and says. "For starters. Not my necklace. The harpsicord is inhabited by the spirit of that vampire. Just like when Poderoso showed up to my halloween party possessing my bro----"

She trails off as if realizing something else--- but she shakes it off. Okay. <Ariel, Miho and Jia-chan are will me as is Hope-chan.> she says shakily as she runs to the end of the hallway upstairs and--- they are in the round parlor. No one really uses the parlor in the house. It's the room that makes the rotunda top outside. She'd HOPED that- the Harpsicord would be a 'proper' place like the parlor but it isn't here. The music also is not changing pitch or volume regardless of where you are in the house so following that seems to not be an option. "Dammit! I hoped it'd be in a place a Harpsicord is supposed to be!" she says angrily. The Parlor is a mess. The windows, normally showing the outside--- it was just barely dusk when the last arrival came-- are sort of masked by the same weird sloughing goo that was un the floorboards.

Sometimes you can swear it makes eyes. Or ghastly rictus grins. But sometimes that feels like your brain is playing tricks on you. Lacrima is used to this sort of thing. Others may not be. "You probably don't want to stare too long at the swirling unending blackness." she says.

"Jia-chan we need to find a Haunted Harpsicord in this place. Any ideas?" she asks. "I dunno why it's using the manor as a base for it's world." A pause. "Wait you mentioned my necklace." she says as she takes it off from around her neck and she holds it up. The teardrop gem spins on it's silver chain before starting to rock back and forth. back and forth. Back and forth. Lacrima walks back and forth a few times. And the rocking will change angle to generally seem to point back towards the hallway they ran down. "Okay... okay." she says. "I'm not sure if it's leading us or tricking us but it's better than standing here, unless Jiaying has a way to confirm for us?" she looks back to her.

"Wait. Where did Kokoro and the others go anyways!?" < Hey where are you guys!? >

MEANWHILE, in the USUALLY FOREBIDDEN ANYWAYS basement, the group walks into a wine cellar. Thick, vicious aged wine from broken bottles leave a thick layer of ichor on the ground. It's sticky and a little slippery but not impossible to cross. There's a small hallway, with two doors on either side- and the end room. There's something that from this angle looks incredibly stark white and out of place resting in the middle of that room. The layer of ichor wine also ends just past the start of the hallway. One of the doors is broken off the hinge, revealing a room wherein a musty smell comes from but is dark- but reminds one of wet moss or mushrooms. The other is closed. Alexis has been down here before once. He knows the room at the far end is supposed to be Lacrima's room and the stark white object is stark and deep violet in the real world since it's Lacrima's casket.
Rashmi Terios 2018-10-14 03:10:52 98941
< We're in the basement! > Rashmi calls back, hovering about a foot off the ground just in case. Peering around at the broken wine cellar, she wrinkles her nose. < Looks and smells like it was busted a couple hundred years ago. Where's your coffin supposed to be? >
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-10-14 03:14:48 98942
    Ugh. Floor is covered with sticky stuff. Might be a slip hazard. Kokoro could fry it with a bit of lightning, 'bake' it enough to make it safer, but that could wreck the floor or start a fire. Stomping her feet down might just open up the floor. They'll just have to deal with it. "Oi, watch your step," she calls over her shoulder; mostly to Alex, given that Rashmi can just float. Then she proceeds down the hallway, cautious and steady, letting the lightning ripple along her arms and legs just a little. She looks as if she's going to walk right past that closed door, but as soon as she's next to it, the thundergirl whirls around and swings her foot up, aiming a forward kick right beside the doorknob.
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-14 03:22:20 98943
    Well that happened. Lucky has acquired a corgi. And Ariel looks a bit flummoxed as Lucky plucks Hope up and brings her right along.
    "I won't let anything happen to her!" She calls back to Alexis before having to rely on the extended range of Rashmi's group telepathy.
    "Um. Why is there goo on the windows?" Ariel asks the million dollar question as she follows after Lacrima.
    And... Did it just make a face at her?
    The littlest unicorn shudders atop her canine steed.
Miho Kagami 2018-10-14 03:23:10 98944
Life Mahou Joy focuses for a moment on the ebb and flow of darkness around them. <First of all, nobody go outside!> she says emphatically over the telepathic link. <The outside feels even more dark than my Death Curse ... Wait, hang on!>

She hurries over to a table in the parlor, which has ... a particular tattered paper? It's practically glowing with darkness in the senses afforded to her by the Life Blessing.

She glances at the floor. <Also, I thiiiink I've found our guy, he's somewhere in the basement.> She turns to Lacrima. <If I had to guess, Norie-chan ... Poderoso's leftovers either want to offend you, or he's just aimed for the same common point that all vampires like you have. Meaning, he's in the vicinity of where your coffin should be.>
Stahlritter 2018-10-14 03:26:08 98946
    Hope just kind of lazily dangles from Lucky's teeth with her tongue goofily lolled out. Everything is fine now as far as she is concerned, apparently.
    "Over there," Alexis' voice booms from underneath his helmet in response to Rashmi's question on the coffin-- pointing to the white shining object in the middle of the room. Right before he bumps his fist into the palm of the previously pointing hand and cracks his neck with tilts of his head from one side to the other. "If Joy's deduction is right, then *that's our mark*. Birbiri--" A look aside to Kokoro. "Take right side. Rashmi, stay back and center. Once we're in hittin' range we slam EVERYTHING on it before it evne has a chance to get up."
Miho Kagami 2018-10-14 03:36:19 98949
Miho goes completely blank-faced as she hears Alexis's last message. Then she murmurs to Lacrima, "If Dengeki-san kills Alex-kun, can I be your older sibling instead?"
Jiaying Maki 2018-10-14 03:38:43 98950
Nuwu is shakes her head and says sadly, "When it's this big, this powerful it's hard to pinpoint it's heart. It's also not normal, you know?" She shakes her head quickly then points, "Maybe I can try and... listen for it? Is it a ghost like I'm used to? I should be able to hear it. If it's more like, a uh, a memory? Probably not."

She also rubs the back of her head, "I'm hearing someone's voice in my head right? That's not the ghost trying to be spooky?" She looks to Norie, then the others. It's clear she's been out of the loop for a bit.
Lacrima 2018-10-14 03:58:00 98952
Lacrima turns around to Ariel.... and then takes a few steps to her and then just hugs her tight. "I'm sorry." she says. "I should had known something like this should happen." she says. She feels at fault now. "I think that's the borders of whatever we're in. The goo. I mean. So it isn't outside so much as... that's where this world ends." she says.

"....I don't think I want to stick my hand in." she says. She blinks. Miho walks over to a table and she looks down at the paper. She looks around. There isn't a lot of 'paper' about. Well whole pieces like this. Wrecked furniture. Tattered carpet. Rusted blood colored speeage in the walls. She looks to Miho and motions as she touches the paper. Nothing happens. She picks it up and turns it around. Sheet music. "Sheet Music..." she says. Her eyes trace it. "Da da da... daaa.. ddaa..." a pause. "Yeah it's... whatever this music is." she says. She places a hand to the letters on the paper. "But that isn't blood." she says as she looks up and down the paper. She finds script at the bottom in Spanish. She blinks rapidly and seems shocked by something and is about to say something when there's voices in her head and Nuwu speaks up. "We're dealing with the mind of a dark energy presence. It may be hard. Wait. Below....? Wait you me----" she twitches.

"Oh my god they're in the basement! My basement! Arghhh!" she huffs and stamps her foot. "Wait. Maybe. Not.. my.. my basement BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN." she calls at the others. She does not yet that telepathically. She twitches.

"If Kokoro-chan kills Alexis, yes." she says.

She raises Paige. "Paige make a scan of this paper." there's a compliant beep and and little lavender beam that scans upwards across the paper. A beep to comply it's done.

She throws it onto the ground in the middle of the room.

"Nuwu, seal the paper please." she says. "This is his 'gem'." she says as she taps her own necklace's gem. "In a manner of speaking. Seal it. Don't destroy it." she says. "So please don't purify it." she says as she looks to Miho with a nod.

MEANWHILE IN THE FORBIDDEN BASEMENT IN TWO WAYS WHY DID YOU GO DOWN THERE GUYS, LACRIMA THINKS: Kokoro smashes into the door and!--- there's crates that get flung around in the room. The sound of breaking mason jars and the smell of preserved food gone bad ages ago. This place is basically a DELIGHT for the senses. Delight may be an overexaggerating.

The group descends on what is a white, wooden casket, inset with a strange blood red gem. There's an odd serpent design that looks like the one on Lacrima's coffin- but that's just the 'Poderoso' crest. Creeping closer--- just as the group is about to strike a MASS of black shoots out from the coffin, throwing the top open but not smashing it. Two white eyes open from the mass. It's reminiscent of when Lacrima is in her shadow form exactly. "Kyahahaha....!" goes the mass of black. "I'VE NOT HAD INK FOR A VERY LONG TIME!" he joyusly says. "I have such MUSE to write down!..." Yep. It's the vampire ghost who may aswell be not a ghost while in this realm.

"Nrg---" twitches Lacrima. "Nrg---s--strong vampir...very stro---kyahahaha...." she says as she starts to take a few steps back. She grabs her head and starts to steady herself. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. "Okay. I'm okay." she says with a hard breath. "Miho can you get down to the basement right now please? They're gonna need purification to actually kill it. We need to seal this paper too BEFORE he's destroyed." she says as she looks back to Nuwu. "Is there anything I can do to hurry that along?" she asks with wide eyes.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-10-14 04:04:00 98954
    There's not much in there but old, long-expired food. Kokoro grunts, then turns to keep going; Alex has a plan, and it's a good one, aside from one tiny detail.

    Dengeki Shoujo turns her head and looks Alex right in the eyes, face fixed in a harsh stare. "You wanna die?"

    The coffin bursts open before she can say or do anything further on the matter, however, and the powerhouse mahou doesn't even skip a beat. "WE'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF SOMETHIN', WAIT YOUR TURN!" Around whips her hammer, the head already starting to crackle with a hefty charge of magical lightning. She's swinging it square between the eyes, and she's swinging for the fences.
Rashmi Terios 2018-10-14 04:04:16 98955
Alexis has a battle plan, and it involves Rashmi in the center as the others move to flank. It is an excellent plan and nothing can possibly go wr--

And the coffin blasts open.

And a vampire is monologuing.

Rashmi heaves a put-upon sigh. ".....Yeah um. Strike Bless." *bing!* << STRIKE BLESS >> "Boost Up!" << BOOST UP >> The circle spreads out beneath her feet, and *three* ribbons snake out... one to wrap around her own wrist.

"Okay so you're creepy and that's great but we're gonna hit you really hard now. Stand still."
Stahlritter 2018-10-14 04:15:20 98956
    "Death has never stuck with me before, Biribiri," Alexis responds to Dengeki flatly, meeting her gaze head-on through the glowing visor of his helmet.
    The very INSTANT the coffin bursts open, however, he is responding quickly. "THIS IS MY SISTER'S HOUSE SO YOU SIT YOUR GOOPY ASS DOWN!"
    Leaping up in mirrored opposite from Kokoro, his gauntlet-clad fist is held tightly, vibrating with gathering energy, and then launched to the back of the thing's head. Punching with the kind of force that craters the ground and levels buildings-- right opposite from where Kokoro's hammer is about to hit.
    This is probably going to be explosive.
Miho Kagami 2018-10-14 04:16:27 98957
Joy whistles. "Wow," she says. "Okay. I'm no good with sealing, so, it's up to you, Maki-san." She frowns, and puts a hand on Lacrima's shoulder to steady her as she stumbles. "It's okay, Norie-chan," she says softly. "We got this!"

With that, she turns and flies down the stairs and down into the basement as fast as she can with only a minimum of colliding-into-walls. (She really wishes her training was further along ...) Following the source of darkness, she zips into the basement and comes up behind the others.

"Hey guys, how's it hanging?" she says. She twirls her wand in a circle, leaving a ring of mint-green light, then thrusts the wand forward. "I'm here to deliver a JOY SHINING RAY!" The ring of light collapses, firing a brilliant beam of purifying energy at the vampire!
Jiaying Maki 2018-10-14 04:20:32 98958
Nuwu looks at the paper quietly and asks, "Why shouldn't we purify it? Is it still tied to you?" Though she does crouch down next to it and with her hands over it, begins to chant quietly. She's produced a small wood knife, which she's holding wrapped in cloth over it. A paintbrush appears in her hand suddenly and paper in the other. Straight as a board, a number of strokes, then she sets it on the paper itself. There's a few more moments of her chanting. Then she stands up, steps away from it and says over her shoulder, "I think that will work? This place is weird though."

Then she turns on her heel, back to the paper. Looking at Norie, her ear twitches and she asks, "Is purifying magic bad in general here?"
Lacrima 2018-10-14 04:52:33 98961
Lacrima tersely answers. "In a way, yes." she says. "I don't think it'd hurt me but it's tied to me in an odd way..." she says quietly. She shifts a bit uncomfortably at Jiaying as she watches Life Mahou Joy take off after the basement, she looks to Jiaying. "....do you remember. When I said that. Podoeroso sent some servants over here to look for the Shadow Jade...?" she asks. "I'm pretty sure the manor is where they might had setup shop now. What we're seeing? This is almost how we found the manor, remember? It's a little WORSE off but.. you remember that broken chair over there. Right?" she asks pointing over to a broken chair.

The seal works. The paper seems to curl at the edges, but it seems to work.

Ariel is off getting comfort from a corgi. Yay for Hope-chan~


The black mass isn't seeming to leave the coffin, but the combined strike of Kokoro and Alexis is indeed EXPLOSIVE-- causing the coffin to shatter and the mass to form up into a giant pillar as it cackles. If this is like Lacrima- trying to smash it 'to death' is probably futile in and of itself without purifying or healing--- but they can inconvenience it for a good few days. "Someone else's house? You are mista---" it begins to spout as Miho suddenly shows up. Those white eyes go wide as Miho's blast hits it.

There is an ungodly squeal that is familiar to, to those that have heard Lacrima get caught in a purifying blast. The sheet upstairs starts to spark. There's more panic in it's eyes. "WHY CAN'T I REJOIN THE MUSIC!?" it screams- as along with the strikes from the two strong powerful warriors and Miho's strong life blessing healing causes it to start to turn into wispy smoke--- that gathers into a black ball of ichor before it explodes outwards into otherwise harmless black ichor (Once again, like the kind Lacrima leaks when she's hurt. This thing is def. the same kind of vampire Lacrima is.).

Lacrima makes a grab for the sheet music when everything goes BLACK again!....

And they wake up in the real world manor. Lacrima, Ariel and Jiaying are in the normal parlor, complete with the flat screen TV there-- and the sheet music.

Alexis, Kokoro, Rashmi and Miho wake up in.... Lacrima's bedroom. There's a laquered purple coffin there, open into a fairly cushioned inside. The top has a bright purple gem and the same serpent coat of arms the white one had.

There's a desk, a wardrobe-- a laptop open with a wallpaper from some anime about a vampire and a unicorn (and there's a torrent downloading of the entire series and it's almost done.). There's odd reliefs on the wall of mythological scenes. Greek, Roman, Spanish.


Lacrima looks down at the paper and then back up at Jiaying and hugs her tightly. "Thank you." she says. "If he was destroyed with this ... not existent. His energy might had tried to return to it's source.... and that source is Poderoso which means the source is currently me and I really, really don't want to deal with the memories of another psychopath." she says nervously.

She waits to hair the cacophony of a destroyed harpsicord from upstairs.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-10-14 04:57:20 98962
    The strange, evil spirit begins to fade under a tripartate assault. Kokoro steps back several paces, but everything is over at last...

    ...and then she's awake? In someone's... in Lacrima's bedroom? Was she ever asleep to begin with? If she was, how did she get down here? If she wasn't, then what was-

    Lacrima's voice in her head cuts right through all the questions, and without an ounce of hesitation, Dengeki Shoujo is charging straight back up the stairs with hammer in hand. That harpsichord is not surviving the next 60 seconds.
Rashmi Terios 2018-10-14 05:06:09 98963
"....Well that happened," Rashmi sighs, rubbing her forehead as she sits up... And realized where she is. < Ack sorry Lacchan leaving now! >

Hurry hurry hurry...

And it's a slightly out of breath and de-henshined Rashmi that shows up in the party room, leaning against the doorway and catching her breath.
Miho Kagami 2018-10-14 05:25:55 98967
Miho winces as the vampire screeches. She hasn't heard Lacrima get hit by purification before, but he's ... he's literally the same type of creature as Lacrima -- as Norie. This does not feel good to her, even though she knows he was just a monstrous troublemaker.

But then she's back in the real world. She exhales, and flies upstairs after Rashmi, hot on her heels. She doesn't revert her henshin, because she does not want to be in that 'wrong body' at the moment. "Well ... that wrapped up nicely, I guess ..."

She blinks. "... speaking of wrapping things up, where did the presents end up?"
Jiaying Maki 2018-10-14 05:29:31 98968
Nuwu tilts her head, looking around the room for a moment. Completely confused by the change of scenery again. She eventually reaches up, taps her head a few times and murmurs, "I think if I pop my ears maybe it won't be so jarring." Though she stops short of actually doing that. Looking to Norie, she yelps, then returns the hug and asks, "That wasn't like going to the night harbor right?"

She shakes her head a few times, frowns and asks, "Why are they after the same thing? We're going to find out that they fought eachother or something aren't we?"

A look to Miho and she checks the room before asking, "Maybe everything's back where it should be? That means be careful of my room..."
Lacrima 2018-10-14 05:33:30 98969
Lacrima actually IS slightly annoyed people we're in the basement but she shakes her head. <It's.. it's fine just. Please. Get out? Just... please... sorry. > she says with a deep bated breath. < I mean out of the basement. Not the house. There's still a party...I hope. Maybe. > she says quietly.

She'll walk downstairs, looking frazzled. "Thanks guys." she says quietly. "They we're on top of th-----" there's a table where the Harpsicord was now--- well the Harpsicord pieces we're when she smashed it. All the presents are still perfectly on the table. There still tiny splinters of wood there, and a light black mark where some bigger pieces we're. "Just to be clear it. It was destroyed." she says staring down at the floor. "Things like that don't stick around." she says as she looks back up. "Besides." she raises the paper. "This was his phylactery. It was sealed when he was destroyed. So he's gone for good." she says with a deep breath. "Like my gem." she motions to her necklace.

"It's also the sheet music to the song we we're hearing." she says with a nod. "I have things to think about later." she says quietly. She gently lifts one of the gifts from the table and walks over to Jiaying and presents the gift, holding it out. "Happy Birthday, by the way..." she mutters. "S'... one of those. Soft pencil sets in various colors.. um. Prisma Colors? And some good heavy sketchbook paper..." she says. "Should last you a while... tried to get the good stuff. Asked the clerk to make sure it was the best. Not sure if it's your usual brand of stuff thou..." she says.
Rashmi Terios 2018-10-14 05:40:02 98971
"And I got one for each of you," Rashmi says, gesturing to the stacked boxes where she'd placed them. "The one on top's for Lacchan."

Lacrima's present is..... donuts?

Custom donuts; a dozen, six of which are little chocolate-covered raspberry-filled bats, and six vanilla-glazed custard-filled unicorn heads, arranged in pairs.

Hey, know your audience...

Jiaying's present is a small journal-sized book, covered in lacqered bamboo with a red fish motif on the spine. "I wasn't sure what to get, but, since your name's Chinese I just thought... y'know, it'd be appropriate. I hope you like it?"
Miho Kagami 2018-10-14 05:45:13 98972
Miho manages a weak smile, and she flips her blue hair. "Yeah," she says softly, managing to get herself back to some semblance of her henshin's namesake. "Well, uh ... I hope you like the ones I got you! Lacchan, yours is from a new author, I thought you might be interested. And, uh, yours is from me and my parents, Maki-san, it took all of us working together to figure it out."

Lacrima gets a light novel reimagining of Carmilla portraying the vampire as much more sympathetic. Jiaying gets a manhua about a romance between a Chinese witch and a huli jing.
Lacrima 2018-10-14 05:48:23 98973
Carmilla... Lacrima has to accept these gifts with the straightest of faces. "Thank you, you two." she says. She then explodes into blush. She mutters. "Been... trying to stay away from this one. This story. Too much... similarities. Don't want to... start getting ideas." she huffs. "But.. I think I can control myself now from the last time I considered. So maybe I should read them." she says.

She smiles at Rashmi-chan. "I'm going to save these for tomorrow morning. I'm probably not going to dream sweet." she admits with a sad smile. "So at least have something pleasant to wake up to." she smiles.

Oh, she's going to have one hell of a dream for sure.