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Date: 2018-10-14
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Madoka Akemi 2018-10-14 02:32:41 98935
    Madoka and Homura had been spending a bit more time over at Madoka's house recently for various reasons, and today was no different. The fact it was a weekend meant that Junko was around and plenty of family time was had. There wasn't a party this time but things were still happy.

    As usual dinner was delicious and a yummy but healthy desert was offered as well, and Madoka ate enough to get a nice full tummy. Sometimes getting full made her start to feel sleepy, so she slipped up to her room a little early. There was something of an ulterior motive, however, since she had some comfy brand new tailored pajamas that were her new favorites, and Homura was over as well. That meant some very pleasant cuddles and being a bit sleepy was no detriment at all for that.

    She'd gotten her pajamas before going and getting changed in the bathroom, giving her room over to her fiance to change in before returning several minutes later, her clothes placed in the hamper ready to be washed. Naturally the first thing she does upon returning is walking over to Homura and hugging her tight, pressing against her sweetheart and squeezing her with her arms before gently rubbing her back, setting her chin on her shoulder and letting out a long happy sigh.

    She stood there like that for a good while, simply enjoying embracing her beloved. Before too long she started squirming a little while pressing close, enjoying the fuzzy feeling of her new pajamas and pulling her head back just enough to rest her cheek against Homura's before nuzzling her sweetly, twisting a little from side to side because hugging and cuddling with Homura feels oh so nice.
Homura Akemi 2018-10-14 03:03:20 98939
    Homura has a pretty pleasant time at the Kaname household, more often than not. Good food, good company... what could be better than that? The best company of all, of course, is one Madoka Kaname, and spending the night in the arms of her beloved is something that Homura just can't say no to.

    When it was time to get changed for bed, Homura went into Madoka's room alone, slipping into her new pair of pajamas that she got on a celebratory whim the other night. Deep purple soft cotton with white frills, not quite as well-fitted as Madoka's, but instead quite soft and nice to cuddle in. After all, Madoka's worth Homura's best, and what's best for both of them is comfy, cozy cuddles.

    When Madoka comes in, Homura is finished dressing, and she greets her fiance with a smile and wide open arms. Her arms wrap around Madoka the moment the distance between them closes, and she smiles softly as her darling gets so snuggly with her. Homura kisses her fiance's cheek and presses against her, enjoying the nice gentle back rubs. Her skin starts to feel tingly from being so close to Madoka, and she pulls her bride-to-be closer.

    When Dokas squirm, Homu's squeeze. This is an important Homudoka tradition, and Homu takes it very seriously because she's feeling seriously cuddly. She squeezes Madoka-chan tight in her arms and twists from side to side along with her, enjoying the closeness and the affection they share.
Madoka Akemi 2018-10-14 03:10:20 98940
    Homura's new pajamas are very nice and Madoka is a fan of them. They're so nice and soft which makes her want to rub Homura's back even more, and every once in a while she'll reach over to play with the frills. When she's pulled closer Madoka happily squirms to get pressed even tighter up against her fiance, hugging Homura tighter herself because being cozy close is the very best. Her cheeks turn a light color of pink as her cheek is kissed, and it makes her eager to nuzzle Homura's cheek even more.

    Of course squirming around means Homura squeezes her, and that feels so very good. Madoka makes happy sounds and squirms even more because of how nice being squeezed feels. Her own skin feels nice and tingly as they hold each other while standing close, reaching up to pet and lightly run her fingers through Homura's hair, feeling the silky softness of it. Twisting along with Homura is both cute and fun, but after a while Madoka pulls away and takes Homura by the hand, leading her to the side of her bed.

    She releases her guardian angel's hand once there, reaching up to pull her ribbons free and set them carefully on her nightstand before reaching down and pulling back the covers of her bed, sliding underneath before rolling onto her side and facing Homura, having left her sweetheart plenty of room. Madoka reaches out towards her with both arms, hands opening and closing, sure to wrap around her beloved and hold her in just the right way when she comes to join her.
Homura Akemi 2018-10-14 03:24:35 98945
    Homura is a fan of Madoka and all of her cuteness, so having her darling be a fan of her in turn is rewarding and validating in its own way. She giggles as her darling plays with the frills of her jammies, and really Madoka is the only one for whom Homura would dress up so. Being held so tight... being nuzzled against... How could Homura not enjoy every moment of this? Cuddling Madoka is the best, and not once has Homura ever regretted it.

    Homura knows that squeezing Madoka makes her more squirmy, but the more squirmy she gets the tighter Homu wants to squeeze her. Clinging and holding such a cute little angel while she's being adorable is one of the best parts of cuddling, and by the time Madoka pulls away Homura already feels like she's floating on a cloud of tingly bliss. The guardian happily lets her little angel guide her to bed, standing and waiting silently as Madoka pulls the covers back and slides underneath.

    Homura, blissfully happy from the mere thought of getting to cuddle Madoka-chan, can't help but giggle as her darling makes grabby hands at her. Almost teasingly, Homu puts her hand over her own chest and says, "Oh? You want something? Is it me? You want to cuddle Homu? Well..." She flips her long silky hair into the air. "... how could I say no to such a cute Doka?"

    She lifts the covers a little and then slides in, shifting around until she's laying right next to her beloved. Her arms go around her darling's waist as Homura shifts around and gets settled in. After a happy sigh, she nuzzles the tip of her nose against Madoka's, and dreamly stares into her sweetie's pretty pink eyes.
Madoka Akemi 2018-10-14 03:33:22 98947
    Being cute for Homura is something Madoka is always happy to do, whether it's just by being herself or by acting in cute ways. It doesn't hurt that Homura finds all of the things she does naturally as cute, of course, and the fact she finds almost all of the things Homura does naturally cute or attractive in some other way makes it all the better.

    Madoka always wants to squirm around when squeezed so tight and tonight isn't any different. Homu squeezes her tighter and Doka smiles brighter and squirms more, hugging closer to Homura to express her happiness and enjoyment. It's a little hard to want to pull away from Homura, especially seeing the expression on her blissful face. If it wasn't for the fact that cuddling in bed was even better she might not be able to.

    "Yes!" Madoka replies playfully, smiling bright;y, "I want to cuddle you lots and lots, Homu! I want to cuddle you and hold you in my arms because you're my very favorite and I'll love you forever." As much as she's teasing and being playful back she means every word, her eyes sparkling as Homura's pretty hair is flipped into the air and falls back down.

    Homura climbs in and scoots up to her and Madoka clings to her tightly, pressing close and shifting around so Homura's arms can find their way around her in just the way she likes. She giggles happily while brushing the tip of her nose against Homura's, pressing a little kiss to her lips afterwards before thinking better of it and going in for a second, longer and softer kiss, squirming slowly and happily while gazing into the beautiful purple of her guardian angel's eyes.
Homura Akemi 2018-10-14 03:52:43 98951
    Homura very much does find Madoka to be super cute. She's naturally cute, and everything she does is in a cute way. Even at her fiercest and, to youma and Witches at least, scariest Homura still finds Madoka to be adorable. Homura has a hard time seeing herself as cute, but she's not going to complain at all if Madoka sees her that way. Especially since Madoka gets to see sides of Homura that she wouldn't show anyone else.

    Homura's blissful face remains on full display as she gets close to Madoka in bed, and she can't help but giggle because her darling's reply is so sweet. Her small smile rests naturally on her lips, and her sparkling purple eyes are full of joy. One might think that Homura had seen her favorite thing in the whole world, and they'd be right, because she's seen a cuddly Doka!

    Still with that lightly teasing, somewhat coy voice, Homura addresses her beloved. "Am I your favorite? What a coincidence! You're my favorite, too! I'm going to hold you in my arms, Doka-chan. I'm going to hold you and squeeze you forever."

    She really can't help but giggle as her darling clings to her so tightly, feeling right at home in the arms of her little angel. The first kiss is nice, and leaves her yearning for a second. When the second one comes and is held, Homura mms gently into it.

    Her sparkling blissful eyes are locked on her little angel's, and one of her arms reaches up to rub Madoka's back. Her legs reach out to entwine with Madoka's, wrapping around one of Madoka's to give it a little squeeze.
Madoka Akemi 2018-10-14 04:02:29 98953
    Madoka isn't sure that everyone would find everything she does cute, but that doesn't matter so long as Homura does. Homura is really the only one she'll ever care about impressing like that now, and the fact that she does makes her a very happy girl. If Homura even finds her cute when she's being fierce and powerful, well, she might have to be a strong Puella more often!

    Okay, it's not like she's ever exactly holding back on that front, given that keeping the city safe is important to her. But still!

    Homura's smile is so pretty to her, and the sparkling in her pretty purple eyes makes Madoka's heart beat faster even while she goes 'aww'. She giggles as Homura says she's also her favorite, pressing nice and close as being held and squeezed forever is stated. "Mmm, you hold me and squeeze me just right, so I'll happily cuddle you forever and ever."

    Her arms are wrapped around Homura in what might seem like a gentle way, elbows resting at Homura's waist with her forearms mostly vertical over her back so her hands rest by her shoulder blades, except that she's holding on nice and tight, squeezing Homura to herself while also giving a nice little inward squeeze to her waist. The kissing is just right and feeling Homura's lips pressed to her own sends that tingly feeling right up into Madoka's mind, feeling happy and tingly all over at getting to express her romantic feelings for her guardian angel and have them returned.

    Her legs eagerly entwine with Homura's, giving over one of her legs to be wrapped up while wrapping one of Homura's in turn, brushing her legs against Homura's and enjoying the softness of their pajamas as they rub together, squirming a bit as her leg is squeezed and squeezing Homura's leg in return. She makes more happy little noises because now they're wrapped right up with each other.

    Her cheeks warm as she realizes one more way they can get wrapped up with each other, parting her lips to kiss Homura deeply and entwine tongues with her as well, letting out a long happy sigh through her nose while pressing close and squirming in the arms of her guardian angel.
Homura Akemi 2018-10-14 04:24:34 98959
    If anyone doesn't find Madoka cute then Homura thinks they must be a weirdo or blasphemer or anti-vaxxer or something. Sure people are entitled to their opinion but that opinion is objectively wrong! Well Homura might not say that out loud, but she would probably be surprised to find someone who doesn't find Doka adorable. Still, even if no one else thought so, Homura most certainly appreciates Madoka's charm.

    Homura certainly does think that Madoka's a very strong Puella Magi and a wonderful magical girl in general, and it's not for nothing that she refers to Madoka as her hero.

    As closely cuddled as they are together, Homura can feel Madoka's increased heartrate, and such romantic excitement only encourages Homura to be even more cuddly. "Just right? You mean..." Homura squeezes Madoka, pulling her closer while pressing against her, keeping one arm horizontal around Madoka's waist while the other is vertical across her spine as she pulls every bit of her little angel as close as she can. "... like this?"

    Homura certainly feels like she's in a playful mood tonight, and Madoka is her favorite person to play with. Especially since 'playing with Madoka' usually means 'cuddles'. The fact that her darling is holding her so tightly, while also pressing against her in turn, makes Homura feel even more blissful to the point that her head is almost swimming. How can something so simple as wrapping your arms around your soulmate feel so nice? Homura doesn't know, but if she keeps cuddling her little angel she may one day figure it out.

    The brushing of legs makes Homura squirm a little bit herself, and her legs cling to her beloved's tightly in response. Her giggles join in with Madoka's happy noises because this really is her favorite place to be.

    The warming of Madoka's doesn't really tell Homura what's coming up next, but when she feels her darling's lips part her own follow suit, and her tongue happily meets and presses against its other.
Madoka Akemi 2018-10-14 04:38:08 98960
    Certainly Madoka wouldn't mind if other people found her cute, or even most people. It's just that the only one she cares to try to make herself even cuter in order to please is Homura. Just because she'd be happy if everyone else could think her ugly so long as Homura thought she was cute doesn't make it true.

    A little shiver runs through her as Homura squeezes her so close while pressing tight as well. Madoka shifts her head forward to nuzzle against Homura's cheek while she nods, "Exactly like that." Her own arms squeeze Homura nice and tight, and her legs give Homura's a nice little squeeze as well, because being so completely cuddled up and entwined with one another is something really special.

    Playing together almost always means cuddles. Even if they were playing video games or a board game together Homura's little angel would want to play it while cuddled up to her. As for why cuddling together is so very nice Madoka would guess the fact that they're soulmates probably has a lot to do with it. Madoka is a very cuddly person in general, but cuddling with Homura is the very best by a very wide margin. The nearer she is to Homura the happier she is, and cuddling up to her is the closest they can get.

    When Homura squirms it's very cute and Madoka quite naturally obeys the rule of squirmy angels and squeezes Homura tight with her arms. She gives her nice deep kisses for several long moments before withdrawing, pressing several smaller, more playful cute kisses to her lips.

    Her lips then curl into a bright, playful smile and she turns her head away, pressing her fluffy hair into Homura's cheek and nuzzling the pink softness against it so it brushes back and forth in slow motions. She still feels somewhat sleepy from having a full tummy but there's next to nothing that could keep her from wanting to cuddle more and more with Homura. Of course she can cuddle Homura even while asleep, but she'll have to get completely tuckered out before succumbing to unconsciousness because having Homura in her arms is just too nice.
Homura Akemi 2018-10-14 05:07:06 98964
    "Lucky me! I found the right way to hold a little an... gel..."

    Homura's speaking slows and she trails off a bit because Madoka's holding her close and squeezing her. Being all cuddled up with her darling makes her so happy that sometimes she can barely even think of anything else. Right now, there are no worries in all of the world. There's just a Homu, a Doka, and a whole lot of cuddles.

    It really is special. Homura wouldn't trade this away for anything. It's no wonder that the two of them gravitate towards each other the moment they can get to be alone. The guardian angel would have to admit that any video game or board game that interfered with cuddling her fiance is probably not going to be played that much, but considering that most video games use a controller it wouldn't be that hard to play with her arms around her favorite person. Aside from that, if they really wanted to play games while cuddling, well...

    Cuddles... uh... find a way.

    Homura certainly does think that cuddling her soulmate has a lot to do with why it makes her so happy. It's also because her darling is so fluffy and irresistibly cute.

    When her darling squeezes her she makes a happy noise, and she happily shares as many deep kisses with her soulmate as she likes. Homura giggles at the smaller, more playful kisses and kisses her little angel right back over and over. Coos softly as Madoka's fluffy hair is pressed against her cheek, and Homura's hand reaches up to run her fingers through the opposite side of her little angel's hair. "So fluffy..." she mutters.

    Homura wouldn't mind if Madoka fell asleep in her arms, especially since that by no means signals the end of cuddling. On the other hand, she doesn't mind keeping Madoka up to cuddle her lots, either. Either way, Homura gets to cuddle her favorite.
Madoka Akemi 2018-10-14 05:18:11 98966
    If cuddling so close feels so nice for Homura-chan that her voice trails off than all Madoka has to say about that is, "Aww," because that's just so cute.

    There really is nothing at all to worry about right now, not when the love they share for each other is so wonderful and clear. Being together with Homura is Madoka's favorite thing and when angels cuddle together it really is their own little slice of heaven on Earth.

    Cuddling while playing games isn't something Madoka would specifically look forward to, but if she ever wanted to play a game there's no doubt she'd find a way to cuddle with Homu while playing. Possibly sitting in her lap and sitting back all nice and relaxed while Homu held onto a controller with arms around her.

    It'd probably have to be a pretty chill game, given how wonderfully distracting cuddles are, but that's a bit of a given.

    Happy giggles come from Madoka as Homura enjoys her hair, sighing afterwards from how nice it feels to have fingers running through it. It makes her decide that Homura deserves to feel something just as nice, reaching up and petting over Homura's long silky hair. Before long her fingers curl slightly and draw through it, silky locks running between them as a dreamy expression settles in on Madoka's face, because she really does love playing with Homura's hair. It wasn't why she decided to, but once she does it's hard to ignore.

    Madoka then makes a tiny yawn because sleepiness marches onward even if she isn't ready to sleep just yet. She squeezes Homura close and rolls in towards the bed, laying on her back and pulling Homura on top of herself. She has a big happy smile on her face and looks absolutely blissful as Homura's weight presses down on her. Her arms wrap further around Homura and hug her tighter and tighter, squeezing her close to add even more lovely feelings of closeness.

    Madoka will never tire of Homura's weight on her, because somehow the planet itself and the laws of physics that bind the universe together making sure they're cuddled close just feels right to her.
Homura Akemi 2018-10-14 05:37:40 98970
    Homura decides that she really likes it when her darling makes noises like 'aww', especially in reference to Homura. Being adored and loved and held by Doka is something that Homu needs, and needs badly. It's probably somewhat funny, in a cute way, that Homura's teasing ended because bliss overtook her. She's certainly in no position to tease now, with such a gentle tingly happiness settling upon her. This is Homura's and Madoka's heaven, and if Madoka really does manage to be immortal with her, then this is the heaven she'll spend eternity in.

    Homura isn't really that much into games. She might be more into the ones that don't involve guns, since very few video games can really live up to a lifestyle full of shooting Witches in terms of excitement. Still, some chill timewaster wouldn't be that bad if she could play it with Doka somehow, or at least play it while cuddling. If she had to pick a console, she'd be tempted to buy a Switch, because that way their arms could be in just about any position while playing.

    On the other hand, there's a lot of advantages to simply having her hands free, such as being able to play with Madoka's hair as she is right now. Running her fingers through such soft fluff, especially when she's already blissfully happy as she is right now, feels really nice, and her cheeks start to tingle and blush when Madoka's hand starts running through Homura's hair. For all the time Homura spends brushing her hair and making it nice, this right here is the payoff. That's no surprise though, because cuddling Madoka makes everything worth it.

    Even in her blissful daze, she can sense her darling's intentions, and she clings to Madoka tightly as she rolls along with her, ending up on top of her beloved and letting gravity press them closer together. This really does feel right. A Homu's natural habitat is Doka's warm and cozy arms, after all.

    She gives Madoka's cheek a soft little kiss before whispering into her ear, "Your yawn is really cute."
Madoka Akemi 2018-10-14 05:52:15 98975
    It may be cute and sweet, but Madoka is aware of how badly Homura needs her. That's because Madoka needs Homura just as much, and it gives her special insight into what it means to be need to know someone is happy and safe only to be able to hold them there in your arms, warm and healthy and oh-so cuddly. She certainly does intend to keep Homura in their own little heaven with her forever and ever, possibly even redefining what time means for how long she wants to spend with her because it'll never be enough to satisfy her need for being with Homura.

    Madoka wouldn't mind fun timewasting games with Homura, though if she really had to pick she'd probably want a game that Homura could play while she watched and gave tiny pieces of advice and commentary towards. Something tells her Homura would be better than she is, and if there's one thing Madoka enjoys doing it's observing the skills of her guardian angel. That and cuddling nice and cozy close, of course.

    Playing with each other's hair isn't really a game, but it certainly is a nice way to play. She absolutely adores having Homura's fingers in her hair for the tingly feelings it gives her scalp, but also because it makes her feel loved and adored herself. At the same time she can't get enough of Homura's own long silky hair, the feeling of it sliding through her fingers as she draws them through it making her calm and happy. Her head turns just a little and a different kind of silkiness touches her cheek as it brushes against Homura's. Her soulmates cheek is warm and silky soft, and Madoka lets out happy little coos while giving her tiny, gentle nuzzles.

    Truly Homura is her favorite, and Madoka squirms about beneath her because she's so happy, turning her head yet again to press several tiny kisses to her cheek before nuzzling more, rubbing the kisses in to make sure they stick. Happy little whimpers follow her little coos, because Homura is clinging to her while laying on top of her, pulled down by gravity and making her feel all wrapped up in Homura's love.

    She giggles quietly at Homura's whisper, giving her guardian angel a tight squeeze with arms that quiver a little from the effort, not because the squeeze is especially tight but because this little angel is ever so slowly succumbing to the comfyness of cuddles. The wonderful tingly feeling settles in and despite herself she makes another little yawn, whimpering afterwards because she knows it means she's getting more drowsy, but she wants so badly to keep cuddling Homu.
Homura Akemi 2018-10-14 06:20:34 98976
    Homura tries to think about what it would really mean to spend eternity in Madoka's arms. Would this blissful joy she feels simply become a fact of her life? To be frank, it already is. She hears many speak of how immortality would eventually become boring, but... Homura doubts that she'd be bored if she were cuddled up to her little angel all the time. The meaning of time probably would be redefined, for the two of them if not for the world, if their lives no longer had a set end. What an ironic fate for a Puella Magi, to live forever in bliss.

    Homura probably wouldn't be that great at most games right at first, but she has the mental sharpness and dexterity to become good really quickly. If Madoka wanted to add commentary Homura probably wouldn't know how to deal with it at first, because the last time someone really commented on her skill it was in training. Having a second pair of eyes probably wouldn't hurt, though they're so alike that they'd probably start noticing the same things at the same time. It'd be something to talk about, at least.

    Not all playing has to be a game. Simply spending time with Madoka and having fun is 'playing' enough for Homura. Especially playing with her fluffy hair while cuddled up, and also while having her own silky hair played with. Nuzzling Madoka's cheek is oh so nice, and Homura presses her cheek against her darling's in order to enjoy that more. Madoka's happy coos are music to Homura's ears.

    Laying on top of her as she is, Homura is moved around by every squirmy motion that Madoka makes. She holds on tight to Madoka, not because she's particularly afraid of falling off but because squirmy angels get squeezed, and Homura is squeezing Madoka-chan really tight right now. Every little kiss to her cheek makes the guardian blush, and she kisses her little angel's cheek right back before nuzzling with her and rubbing in kisses. Homura certainly has a lot of love, and it's all for Madoka. All for the little angel resting in her arms.

    'Resting' seems to be becoming more and more the key word here, because even floating on a cloud of bliss as she is Homura can tell that her little angel seems to be falling asleep. She whispers more into her darling's ear, saying, "I'll be here all night, Madoka-chan, and you can cuddle me even more tomorrow."

    After that, Homura starts to hum a little melody, because as much as Madoka may want to stay up there's no real fighting the fact that sleep is coming. The guardian figures that she may as well just make the transition as pleasant as she possibly can by humming a lullaby for Doka.
Madoka Akemi 2018-10-14 06:51:16 98977
    Blissful joy could never become boring to Madoka, not when the source of it is cuddling with Homura. Maybe over the stretch of thousands of years or longer the painful times that inextricably bound Homura and herself together would begin to feel distant and tiny, but she doubts it would ever lose it's meaning. The fact that Homura suffered so very much for her is the very reason Madoka is so intent on making her guardian angel happy. She once said she intended on giving Homura twice as many happy moments as the sad ones she suffered, and as they spend more time together that hardly seems long enough.

    To be fair most of Madoka's commentary would not be that of a skilled or even armchair gamer, it'd most likely be praise at how neat, cool, or cute everything was. Especially the things Homura was doing in the game. Shooty games would likely have her at a bit of a loss, though games with cute things would clearly have her giggling along as things progressed.

    Madoka has lots of fun when she's with Homura, because spending time with Homura very often means cuddles. She keeps drawing her fingers through Homura's long hair, pulling them through it's full length before returning her fingers to the back of Homura's head to repeat the motion. Eventually she changes this a little, however, scratching gently at the back of her head and giving her a little scalp massage.

    Being squeezed so very tight by Homura makes her a very squirmy angel indeed, and in fact she gets so squirmy she might even be called wiggly. Sleepy as she is her giggles show her sleepiness as well as her playfulness, her eyes half lidded as she cuddles close to Homura. Her cheeks get nice and warm as they're kissed and it helps make her feel even more cozy. She happily and eagerly soaks up as much of Homura's love as she can, arching her back to press up against Homura while squeezing her tight, her heartbeat even and steady.

    As Homura whispers into her ear Madoka smiles and lets her eyes fully close, giving her another nuzzle and asking, "Can I really? Can I cuddle you even more tomorrow morning? And then in the afternoon, and then all night long tomorrow, too?" There seems to be no end to Madoka's desire to cuddle Homura, which is just as well for two very cuddly angels in cuddle heaven.

    Homura's soft humming gets more cute whimpers for Madoka, because with lullabies there's just no way she won't fall asleep. Not with how cuddly and warm Homura is against her and how securely those arms are around her, making her feel loved and safe all at the same time. "No fair," she says in a tiny voice, "you're too cuddly to resist..."
Homura Akemi 2018-10-14 07:13:07 98978
    Homura will likely never forget the hell that she went through in order to find a world in which Madoka could be happy. If nothing else, she would want to remember it because it validates her feelings, and she'd never want to forget what it meant to truly suffer just in case she had to guide someone else through it. It's not really something that she's all that upset about, since in the end she got everything she wanted and more. Deep down there is probably still some amount of trauma, but as long as Madoka is safe and happy that trauma will likely never come up.

    If Madoka wants to make comments on how cute the game is, Homura likely wouldn't mind that at all. Homura would probably go out of her way to buy cute games and do cute things if that was her little angel's response. The only 'problem' with playing video games is that it occupies Homura's hands when she could be playing with Madoka's pretty pink hair instead.

    The massage against the back of her scalp makes Homura go, "O...o-oh..." before sighing deeply and feeling very relaxed against her darling. Entangled as they are, Madoka can likely feel it as every muscle in Homura's body relaxes. Her breathing slows and her eyes half-lid, not because of any sleepiness but because everything feels just right. Her hand drops from her darling's hair in order for her fingertip to lightly trace the outline of a heart on Madoka's cheek.

    Such a squirmy little angel makes Homura giggle, and of course as she gets wiggly Homura will have to squeeze her more! It doesn't hurt that Homura loves to squeeze Madoka to begin with, and the bright smile on Homura's face tells the story of just how much she's enjoying her darling's playfulness. Holds Madoka tighter as her darling arches her back, letting her stay as close as she likes.

    Homura giggles as Madoka expresses her insatiable need to cuddle. "Of course, sweetie. I'm yours to cuddle as much as you like. You're my beautiful bride to be, so of course you can cuddle me."

    Homura awws at Madoka's cute whimpers. Thinking that maybe Madoka wants to stay up a bit longer, she stops humming and instead starts whispering. "You don't have to resist me. It's not as if I could ever resist you, my little angel."