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Date: 2018-10-16
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Dragon Lamya 2018-10-16 20:13:05 99039
Froggy Lamya has invited her Princess to lunch at the Korma Chameleon, after having sending a lenghty text written like a formal letter. It's apparent the dragon still has a lot to learn about modern communication conventions. In it, she explained her desire to share her other favorite food, curry, with her, and included detailed instructions on how to get to the place, as well as a paragraph dedicated to describing how much she enjoys Nakusu's presence and wishes to spend more time with her.

By the time the Princess arrives, Lamya has already picked out a nice booth and is sitting there, waiting, nervously twining her fingers together.
Nakusu Miki 2018-10-16 20:26:01 99041
Nakusu Miki got a text message. It scrolled for about ten minutes and she had to scroll upwards and start reading downwards. She'll need to teach Lamya-chan a politer way to say 'Hay gurl where you at' she thinks. The long message does make her giggle in that girlish manner as she makes for the bus at the time Lamya had hoped to see her here.

Nakusu Miki is a little late. No magical transport powers. No flying, jumping, running, burrowing or swimming. Just the regular old powers of a monthly bus pass. She stumbles in knowing she's a little late and looks around rapidly. Oh. Oh there's Lamya, good! She stumbles out and slides into the booth! "HI Lamya-chan!" she says also rapidly. "Sorry I was late. The bus got held up in traffic." she sulks. "-and I can't fly or anything s-so...!" she says. "Aha--sorry!" she says with a nervous smile!

"I don't think I'm that late though?" she asks.
Alexis Raskoph 2018-10-16 20:35:13 99043
    Meanwhile, outside, a Certain Magical German steps along the street, clad in a brown leather jacket-- and with a leash in his hand, where the other end is attached to the harness of a small Welsh Corgi, happily waddling along forward with her tongue lolled out and short tail wagging.
    Upon closing to the front of Korma Chameleon, however, the pair comes to a stop, and the leash is attached to a post near the door before the large, broad-shouldered foreigner lowers down to one knee to affectionally ruffle the tiny canine's head with both hands. "Sorry, girl," he murmurs apologetically, voice cooing despite the rumbling quality to it. "They don't let pets in. I'll be back real soon, and I'll ask Miss Terios if she has anything inside that's good for a doggy-tummy I can bring out with me, okay~?"
    The corgi lets out a happy bark over that particular promise, and with that, her human is seen off to allow stepping inside the restaurant.
Dragon Lamya 2018-10-16 20:44:03 99044
Lamya stands up when she sees her Princess, beckoning her over. When she arrives, the dragon stands there awkwardly, stuck between the desire to hug her and social propriety. Eventually, she does hug the girl, and shakes her head. "No, I haven't been waiting long. Thank you for coming!" She, then, waits for Nakusu to be seated before sitting herself down in the booth.

Before the waitress has a chance to come by and deposit the menus, Lamya perks up upon seeing Alexis. "Oh! There's Alexis-kun! Have you met him? He's somebody you'd be safe around." She stands up and waves her hand to catch the attention of the German, beckoning him over.
Nakusu Miki 2018-10-16 20:50:52 99046
Nakusu Miki has met Alexis before! Just not as Alexis and instead Stahlritter. So no, not really. She smiles and hugs Lamya-chan back. A nice tight one. "Of course I'd come!" she says. "Why wouldn't I?" she asks. "If I worried about Saint George coming at me every day my life would be boring and I'd never get out of my house."

She looks towards Alexis and gives a bow. "hello Alexis-san!" she says, as she looks at the menu. Indian food still isn't quite her thing but she can stomach it at least without faking it!
Alexis Raskoph 2018-10-16 20:59:41 99048
    Alexis' ear catches Lamya and Nakusu before his eyes do-- and the caucasian boy flashes a faint smile to the both of them before he turns their way. Though not without calling, "You can keep the gas masks in the back today!" over to the front counter. Apparently Alexis has a bit of a reputation here.
    "You two seem to be doing well," the large german offers in a rumble-- but his eyes focus primarily on Nakusu at first, and he refrains from sitting down right away. "I realize I have you at a bit of a disadvantage. You would probably recognize me better if I had my armor and helmet with me."
Dragon Lamya 2018-10-16 21:13:09 99049
Well, that answers if Alexis has meet Nakusu before. Lamya scootches over to give her friend a place to sit. "Yes!" the dragon beams. "Very well indeed. I am still learning how humans go about 'dating.' Dragons never do this kind of thing. We have a very.... antagonistic attitude towards each other."
Nakusu Miki 2018-10-16 21:29:36 99052
Nakusu Miki has to squint her eyes at Alexis at a moment before she makes two plus two equal four. "Oh!" she says. "Well hello!" she says. "I never met you like this, you we're always in the armor." she says.

She looks back to Lamya and head tilts. "...that might explain why there's so few of you all then... I mean. Back then... obviously there are not many of much of anything I think. Nowadays I don't think. Right?" she asks.

She looks to Alexis and back to Lamya. "Lamya-chan um. Did you get a chance. To speak to anyone yet. About. The. Feelings." she asks just a bit bashfully.
Alexis Raskoph 2018-10-18 02:48:26 99094
    "I am... rather comfortable in the armor," Alexis confesses in response to Nakusu's observation. "And at the time it was warranted, I think. Even if I did already punch Saint Asshole into the sky at that point."
    He scoots down to sitting himself down when Lamya makes room-- only to end up looking somewhat sheepish considering the subject of discussion. "... You sure I'm not intruding?"
Dragon Lamya 2018-10-18 02:55:26 99095
Lamya gives Nakusu a questioning look. "His presence does not bother me," she says. "He is a very good friend and can be trusted." Now. As for the other question. That cause the dragongirl to blush furiously. Fortunately she's saved by the waitress who swings by and deposits menus in front of them and fills their glasses with water. Upon questioning what they can have to drink, Lamya orders a mango lassi.

Once the waitress gets everybody's drink orders and leaves, Lamya turns back to the question at hand. "I... ah... yes. I spoke to Lacrima about it at great length, and apparently this is what it feels like to be in love." She purses her lips while taking a sip of water. "It is not an unpleasant feeling."
Nakusu Miki 2018-10-18 03:09:10 99097
Nakusu Miki gives Alexis a courteous nod. "You are not intruding." she says with a warm smile. "You're fine. Besides, I'd feel safer with you here, considering that revelation." she says softly to Alexis.

She looks to Lamya and relaxes a lot. "Aha---~" she giggles. "Ah-- I mean." she blushes now. "It was important. You get the answer. From someone else that wasn't me at least, Lamya-chan." she says. "I didn't want to be answering for you. Not that question. It.. we're all such messed up people right now." she says a little softly. "Me with my memories, and you not being a reincarnation at all, and George who... who-- I'm not sure anymore." she says. "I didn't want to take advantage." she shifts.

"But I'm glad you have people to talk to in your home about it." she says. Her eyes glance over to Alexis and then says. "I...."

She shifts a little uncomfortably. "I know that he is not a nice person. I'm sorry he said those things to you. I know Lacrima's beloved was upset enough to be angry, which I am told is quite a feat."

"I hope what he said didn't bother you." she offers to Alexis.
Alexis Raskoph 2018-10-18 03:21:12 99099
    "Right..." Alexis murmurs, still sheepish. "This is... not exactly my field of expertise, this stuff." And oh hey, the waitress comes along conveniently with the water. Water that he can hide his face behind while he sips at it from a glass. Siiiiiiiiiiip.
    He lowers the glass again, though, when Nakusu actually addresses him. And for that? He offers a faint smile. "Eh. I've dealt with guys like that my whole life. I'm more a man of actions rather than words, anyway."
    Another small sip from the water then. "And I have promised to protect the both of you, as Steel Knight. That's all there is to the matter."
Dragon Lamya 2018-10-18 03:26:52 99100
Lamya looks rather indignant. "I assure you, now that I am free from being commanded I have no need of being protected." Ah, there's the old Lamya everybody loves. "I am a dragon after all. Lay a barrier and I shall show you a force to be reconed with." Red reptilian eyes flash for a moment, but then is gone. Lamya takes a deep, calming breath. "Freedom is a wonderful, terrible thing. Apologies. That was uncalled for."
Nakusu Miki 2018-10-18 03:34:53 99102
Nakusu Miki shifts. "I wasn't around when the collar could be used against you. I'm sorry for that... I..." oh! She digs into her backpack she brought with her and digs out an old, worn copy of 'Saint George and the Dragon'. She holds it to her chest a moment. " my book back..." she says. "The other day." she offers as she holds it across the table.

When given a chance to order she orders mild butter chicken. Safe. Easy to eat for her and something that won't go to waste. She also just orders water.

"You can read it, when you're able. I warn... I.. was not in the best of states when I wrote in that sometimes. Beliving I might be mad. I mean crazy."

She nods to Alexis. "That's good. I felt bad. A black knight..." she offers. "It's... the Europeon version of a ronin." she says. "Not always honorable or good conotations behind it. A knight without a lord or king or cause. I didn't want you to be bothered by that."
Alexis Raskoph 2018-10-18 03:43:08 99104
    "You being a dragon has no bearing on any of it," claims Alexis, turning to meet those reptilian eyes directly without any hesitation or fear in him. "You are my friend, and I made a promise. So I will fight for you. Besides..." His brows knit together. "That boy already made an enemy of me well before he got himself a magical sword, for how he treated my sister."
    He rolls his shoulder around slowly, in response to Nakusu's words. "I'm from Europe, you know. I know the connotation very well. But it doesn't bother me at all, really-- I'm not particularly bothered with any traditional knightly qualities."
Dragon Lamya 2018-10-18 03:50:18 99107
"I..." starts Lamya. "I didn't even know the collar could work that way, until Saint George used it against me. Before then... oh!" It's her turn to order. She orders a pumpkin curry, 3x spice. Not quite enough for the gas masks, but definitely enough to garner the respect of any spice afficionato.

"Before then," continues the dragon girl, "it was still working on the command Sabra gave it for me to be a good dragon. It was frustrating, because it kept me from acting on my baser instincts, but I think, in retrospect, it kept me safe."

She sighs, and gives Alexis an apologetic look, and leans into him affectionately. "I know. I would do the same for you. A dragon's pride is easily wounded."
Nakusu Miki 2018-10-18 04:12:31 99109
Nakusu Miki leaves the book near Lamya so she can take it later and read it at her own pace. She smiles as Lamya shows affection at Alexis. She sulks a bit though at Lamya's words.

"I still feel really bad about that." she says. "I mean. The past. That I remember. But it was George who lied to her. Sabra, I mean---" she looks to Alexis. "What is it, that-- lets you be a knight, if I may ask, Alexis?" she wonders a little out loud.

She looks around and purses her lips. "Do-- they do Japanese style curries here?" she wonders. "That's more my style. Not the authentic." she adds.

She eyes Lamya a moment and gently tries to move her foot to tap at hers a moment. Tap tap tap~ Foostsies!? Footsies. She's being sure not to actually touch Alexis's feet by mistake.

"Lamya-chan do you have any hobbies?" she asks. "I collect and read a lot of fairy tales." she says with a smile. "Storybooks and things like that."