Skytop Dinner Romance!?

Fate wants to have dinner with Nanoha. On top of a skyscraper. Arf gave her a candle! Which she found out was to make the dinner candlelit! Oh, then Fate kisses Nanoha, finally without a corgi getting in the way. The only time 'No Hope' was ever appropriate!

Date: 2018-10-17
Pose Count: 13
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-10-17 05:43:39 99069
Nanoha Takamachi is landing on the roof of one of the taller skyscrapers in Mitakihara. She's been texted by Fate to meet her here tonight. She lands with a gentle touchdown on the top, and eyes the top of the skyscraper. Ugh. Dirty! Why we're rooftops so romantic in anime but dirty in actuality?

She raises Raising Heart and raises her other hand, gently muttering. "Magical! Lyrical!"-- a pink wash spinning out from her and forward in a five foot mage circle, leaving a noticeably cleaner ground. She'll do this a few times.

"Magical! Lyrical!" she calls out at least five times until she's cleaned out a nice little corner of years of dirt and grime on the skyscraper rooftop!

Where's Fate though? Did she have the wrong rooftop?
Fate T. Waldia 2018-10-17 05:58:40 99070
Fate T. Waldia touches down somewhere behind Nanoha on one of the final cleaning 'circles'. "....Lyrical...?" she asks. "Is that your incanation aria, Nanoha? I never heard it before." she says with a small smile. She has a bag with her. It appears to be from a resturant on the pier somewhere in Uminari City- you can tell because it's a blue fish in white water in a circle on it. She places it down and then walks over and gives Nanoha a tight hug. She rests her chin on the other girl's shoulder and smiles. "....Missed you. Missing... you. I like living with Runealy and the others a lot but sometimes I forget remembering you're not there sometimes. It's okay. I'll get used to it." she says as she finally releases the other girl.

"I got us some dinner." she says. "I thought...."

"Um well that a high city rooftop, might be romantic, but I guess it wasn't as much as I planned if you're cleaning it." she says a little sheepishly, a little unsure. A little stoically. Like old Fate. Nanoha knows what this means by now.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-10-17 06:13:09 99071
Nanoha Takamachi likes Fate hugs a lot. She likes it when Fate gives them first. It's a nice good sign that Fate is coming along in acclimating to a life without 'Precia Testarossa' in it. She blinks at the bag and then looks back to Fate with a beaming smile. (Not... actually beaming. No need to friendship beam Fate-chan anymore~). "I've missed you, too Fate! But remember, I'm just a text away! Or you can even fly to my window and knock if it's the dead of night." she says with a soft nod.

Oh... oh that look. "F..Fate!? Nono! This is great!" she says as she bounces on her feet, she'll reach a hand out and tugs at it, tugging Fate into the center of the clean area she made on the skyscraper. "Fate-chan.... not everything we do together needs to be romantic now, you know..." she smiles. She then pauses and blushes. "I mean I ... I appreciate it that you'd like that." the girl says. She'll kneel down on the ground and try to tug Fate with her. "So. What did you bring to eat then?" she smiles gently.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-10-21 04:18:49 99184
Fate T. Waldia looks back up and says. "Oh! There is.. is a fancy fish resturant that one of the knights took me to. Um. So I ordered to-go. It's fancy but not so fancy as not to have take out boxes." she manages to say lightly. She does blush a little. "Well. I know that much Nanoha." she says gently in response to Nanoha's claim that 'not everything they do together needs to be romantic'. "-but I really do want to do a few things right now like that. Here. We can always go to Midori-ya and I can help later for a visit! Or when we meet at school!" she says.

She sets out two boxes. Two smaller boxes. Two drinks from a holder and---

A single candle, in a common holder. "Arf-chan suggested, that. If we're eating a dinner out, there should be a candle. I don't know why." she says as she lights it with a match. She opens the box. Some sort of pink fish, probably salmon, with some seasoned rice, and mixed vegtables tossed in a light white wine sauce. The smaller box contains a small salad, with some sort of spicy dressing on it. The drinks seem to be bog standard Coca-Cola.

The fish is still warm. Fate only picked it up moments ago and she flew here lickety split. It hasn't had much time to cool off at all. It's steaming a little even!

"....the sky is really pretty tonight." she says glancing upwards. "I heard that, if you get far enough out in the city, it's easier to see the stars, and if you get out really far enough you can see a band of stars in the sky."

"...there wasn't any stars in the Garden of Time- and I've only really lived in the city." she says.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-10-21 04:34:43 99185
Nanoha Takamachi nods a little. "I can understand that Fate!" she says with a wide, Nanoha-smile! She watches as the food is place down before her and her eyes widen. "Oh wow!" she says as she eyes the candle with a little bit of confusion as she listens to Fate's explanation of that.

Then her face becomes beet red in a blush. "A..ah-- there's. A custom, on Earth, too- Fate. That dinners by 'candle light' are romantic. Especially outdoors like this..." she says. "Arf-chan was probably trying to enhance the mood..." she offers as she rubs at her neck a little. Ohhh is it so hot out here all of a sudden!?

She relaxes and starts to eat. Delicious fish, brought by Fate-chan! A Fate Fish Dinner? No. No stop thinking silly things Nanoha.

"...Oh! Yes, the Milky Way! You can see a part of the arm of our galaxy if you get out far enough away from the cities and the lights." she says as she looks upward. "But the sky is still pretty here..." she says. "This far up..." she trails off a moment, as she looks down back to Fate.

"...Would you like to go out that far someday soon Fate, and see?" she asks softly. "We can go together! Maybe go camping? I mean, Poppa would wanna chaperone being so far out but..." she says.

"-and um. I haven't... really told Poppa. or Momma. About us... I mean dating. Like that." she says sheepishly. "Not that I'm embarrassed! It's just so awkward." she says with wide eyes at Fate as she stuffs a forkful of rice into her mouth.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-10-21 04:51:30 99186
Fate T. Waldia eats while Nanoha talks. When Nanoha suggests what the candle is for she blushes a little as she looks down at it, herself. Ohhh Arf you sneaky pup, she thinks. She looks back up at Nanoha as she talks of potentially going out into the country for a camping trip and the fact she hasn't spoken to her parents yet about her.

Fate shakes her head as she pauses eating after a swallow. "That's okay Nanoha." she says with a small smile. "I haven't told Rune-chan or the Guardians yet." she says. "For the same reason. I'm not sure if someone with a royal upbringing like Runealy would understand... 'dating', like it is here? Maybe if I say I'm 'courting you' she'd understand that? But I know it's also rude to assume my sister might not understand dating." she says ever so softly. "I mean... I barely understand it. Myself."

"I'm going off some anime Arf had me watch..." she finally admits. "Because she said it'd make it less awkward and it's better than nothing or trying to explaint things that are hard to." she says as she finishes off her small salad. She puts the empty container into the empty take out bag.

"That sounds wonderful, Nanoha!" she finally says. "A camping trip, away from the city for a bit? But isn't it getting cooler? We'd need to go sooner rather than later, right?" she says.

She goes back to eating while she lets Nanoha respond.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-10-21 05:01:11 99187
Nanoha hears 'courting' and she blushes. "Sometimes I forget you're a princess now, Fate." she says. "I hope that isn't going to be an issue later? Like.. I mean your dad isn't like... choosing someone for you is she...!?" she suddenly says with a little frantic worry. Like this is a real possibility. She calms herself rapidly enough to continue eating. Her salad is done too. She's halfway down her plate.

"We'd wanna go before it gets into winter, yeah." she says. "October is good for fall camping! All the pretty leaf colors too!" she says with a smile. She fidgets. "Do you have any responsibilities as a princess, Fate?..." she asks softly. "What I understand is that- you are a princess, but Runealy is the 'Crown Princess' with the right to ascend the throne-- but you don't have that right. Right?" she asks. "Do you help her delegate then? Do you need to order the other Guardians around...?" she asks. "I mean can you even?" she wonders.

She idly pokes her fish as she wonders about the life Fate-chan has now, with a short blush of sorts. Private Fairy Tale thoughts maybe. Nanoha, a brave knight!? Saving Fate from a horrid evil wizard!? Wait...

Didn't that basically happen? She taps her thought now at that errant thought now too. Yeah. Yeah PRecia counts as 'horrid evil wizard', her brain finally agrees. Even if she's Fate's real mom.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-10-21 05:13:58 99188
It has not passed Fate's thought processes that she technically has two dead moms now. She has yet to approach Runealy about her... their? mother. To ask questions about who she was. It's a sensitive subject and one she doesn't want to breach disrespectfully to Runealy or her father. She nods. "So by the end of this month? Alright." she says as with a warm smile. She's about where Nanoha is with the food. Halfway done. Done soon. It's delicious. She was reccomened a good place.

"Yes, that's right. I have no claim to the throne. I still have some delegatory powers, yes and of course Runealy 'trumps' me immediatly in that regard and well. I mean Dad trumps us both!" she gives a short almost girlish giggle, but only a second. "But- yes. But we're all friends... I mean. The other knights are sort of extended family in a way to me, too I guess. Not offically... not like Runealy and Dad and such. But similar. If that makes sense." she says.

She head tilts at Nanoha's franticness. "I don't think he would impose such on me. There's no reason to, and I just think he'd like to see my happy." she says with a soft nod. "...I can't speak for Runealy-chan of course. I don't think..." she iterates. "That she likes anyone like I like you." she blushes. "-but it's possible Dad does have something arranged for her. Some other noble. Or maybe she likes one of the Knights. Or heck, maybe she likes one of the servants in the castle for all I know." she smiles, just softly. "It's none of my bussiness and I'd rather not play match maker like... some others do. If Runealy ends up loving someone, I do hope it's on her own terms, at least." she says.

She finishes up her meal and closes the box, placing it into the takeout bag. She leans back and places her hands against her knees a little as she looks back to Nanoha.

"I do... miss." she bites her lip. "Riventon-kun." she says. -kun. Endearment, but not the respect of -sama. He is not her boss anymore. "I know most of you have a problem with him. I know he hurt Runealy some in the past, but he helped me too. I should go visit him again soon." she says.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-10-21 05:21:20 99189
Nanoha Takamachi nods. "R-right!" she says. "I wasn't worried at all! I'm sure he'd love to see you happy too!" she lies a little. She was worried, but not for very long. She ohs! "Okay. So you can order people around but well... no need to when you can ask friends right?" she smiles wide. She notices Fate's more casual language and also continues to smile at this.

She finishes her meal and also places the empty container into the take-out bag. "That was great food, Fate, thank you for the dinner!" she smiles.

She listens to Fate talk about Runealy and her mom and looks down and back up. "Well-- sisters shouldn't be afraid to approach one another about things like that. It's only natural you'd wanna know about the adopted mother you didn't know, right?..." she says quietly. "-and it's not like asking is disrespectful. Just need to ask when things are okay and not when bad things are happening. Ya know? It's more about timing then the subject matter I think. Asking when Runealy can handle the topic I think?" she asks.

Riventon. She nods. "I know Riventon is important to you Fate. Don't worry about that." she smiles sweetly. "Just let me know when you go visit him so I can be on alert, just in case?" she asks. "Can you... do that?" she asks, like her asking is disrespectful.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-10-21 05:34:54 99190
Fate nods a little rapidly. "Right! That's more my... problem with asking. I don't want to accidently ruin a good mood, but at the same time I can't ask if things are terrible and stressful for her either." she says. "-but maybe I should just ask when I can talk to her alone." she says.

She fidgets a moment and takes out a piece of paper that Arf gave her. Arf said to open when the dinner is open. She reads it to herself. Arf relates, via the paper:

'Now say it's time for dessert and kiss her! >:3 -Arf'

Fate's face lights up in a fierce blush as she balls up the paper and shoves it into the bag quickly before Nanoha can figure anything out. "O--oh just the recipt for the meal." she says. Darn it Arf! This isn't funny! Though it is true. She wants to kiss Nanoha.

She tried the other night on the beach, but that dog interfered. They're on top of a skyscraper. In downtown. No dogs can get up here. No one is going to find them here.

"Um.. Na-nanoha can... I..." a little nervous sigh. She can't finish. She's always been a girl of action rather than words in the end. So she grabs the edges of her cape and brings it over her head as she falls forward on her knees, bringing the cape down over Nanoha's head and then tugging her a little close- as she makes a little dome the two can just exist for a moment. For something.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-10-21 05:41:00 99191
Nanoha Takamachi nods a little, but does look confused when Fate blushes at a ... receipt and throws it away. Strange but she shakes her head. "I'd ask when you're able to next, Fate-- it's no fun just waiting for the right time to ask something important like that, I mean. Do ask when you're both alone but do ask soon, okay?" she says softly.

She's about to say something when Fate seems to... collapse onto her!? "Fate!? What's w---"

Oh... oooohhhhhh.

Oh. Oh she's blushing underneath that cape to be sure! When Fate eventually lifts the cape she's still fiercely blushing with a soft huuuffff! "F--fate!?" she says with a little bit of a giggle after. She doesn't know what to say. "....i..if you wanted to kiss me, you didn't need to ask me. Just... just kiss me. And-- I mean. Is it okay... to kiss you?" she asks, a little fidgetly now.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-10-21 05:45:29 99192
Fate doesn't keep the kiss very long. It's very chaste considering, but she does lift that caped dome up back, making sure her cape goes back to resting behind her as she huffs. "Arf wanted me to say 'Now it's time for dessert' before trying to kiss you. I'm gonna give her nose a tap when I get home." she says as she relaxes a bit.

When Nanoha asks that. "Y-yes! Of course! I mean maybe not in front of people--- yet? When we're alone?" she asks quietly. "I mean... I'm just understanding this. Figuring myself out still. But I know I wanted to do that just now. So... I did. We're alone. I tried to kiss you the other day, but the dog got in the way." she admits. "But this is more romantic. Up here. After dinner. With a candle, right...?" she says as she lets herself lean against Nanoha a bit. "....can we stay up here a little longer and just look at the sky before we need to go home?..." she asks Nanoha softly.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-10-21 05:47:28 99193
Nanoha shakes her head. "Aha--no! I mean. I'm not much for... that close... of.. public.. affection." she admits. "Not yet I mean- when we're more comfortable. When my parents and your sister know-- less. Shock and surprise for others I think, too." she says.

When Fate answers 'yes' she takes the chance to give Fate just a peck on the lips. The same kind of chaste kiss Fate gave her a moment ago. She nods a little.

"We can do that, Fate... I can't think of anything better I'd love to do with my night!" she smiles wide. "Then spend it with you..."