Those who are Forsaken

A night of Maeko attempting to 'help' turns into an emotional 'fight'/conversation between Maeko, Prism Princess Orange, and Life Mahou Joy! Also Maeko attempts to tempt Joy to the dark side with an offer to help but it doesn't do anything

Date: 2018-10-19
Pose Count: 31
Misa Sakagami 2018-10-19 00:37:30 99110
     A familiar darkness has fallen over this evening in the city. Centered on downtown Mitakihara, in a slightly seedier part of it is an alleyway where this darkness seems to be emanating. People seem to be kind of looking into the alleyway and then hurrying slightly faster on their way, as if something was repulsing them from the area.

     In said alleyway is several tents that have been pitched using heavy objects such as rocks, old crates, and in some cases pipes to keep them from being blown away. Clearly a place where the homeless are living, evidenced by the people who are sitting on chairs and such around a makeshift firepit, trying to keep themselves warm.

     Strangely, in spite of her tendency towards theatrics when she makes an appearance, Maeko is nowhere to be seen when the heroes arrive.
Reiko Touyama 2018-10-19 00:46:51 99111
Reiko Touyama was actually in bed. She was sleeping, snoring. Probably dreaming of fishes or some thing or another. She turned over in her sleep to face the door of the room. The prism she kept on her dresser began to glow it's slight orange hue. Something was going on. Reiko was non-respondent.

So a koi popped into existence, arms crossed looking annoyed. It tried to shake Reiko's head. Shake shake shake.

Shake shake! Ugh! With a frustrated look, it turned around and gave her face a good smack with it's tail!

"OW!" went Reiko shooting up and grabbing her face. "H-hey what's the big idea!" She said to her koi, as the koi pointed dutiful at the glowing Orange Chroma Prism. "....OH!" went Reiko as she scrambled to put clothes. Out the window she went!

MEANWHILE. Prism Princess Orange is making for where the prism built into the head of her staff is leading her. She comes down on top of the one of the buildings by the alley and looks around. Then into the alley.

She frowns a little sadly at the sight, but tries to remain inconspicuous. There...

There isn't anything seemingly here yet but this is the area her Prism says is a trouble spot. She'll look around. No. No she doesn't feel a Shade. So what's going on she wonders.
Miho Kagami 2018-10-19 00:48:53 99112
Life Mahou Joy is on patrol, alternately racing and flying above the rooftops! She doesn't usually go as far as Mitakihara, preferring to stay at least in the same district as her home in Pikarigaoka; however, she's decided to go further afield than usual, maybe see if there's anything happening downtown has to offer.

And that's when she detected the dark sensation in her Life Blessing. "Hmm ..." She alters her course, and boosts through the air at double her previous speed, surrounded by a mint-green corona -- both a sign of stretching out her powers, and as a signal in case there's other magical girls out and about who haven't gotten there yet.

She comes to a stop well before she reaches the alleyway (which is, like, the only way she can avoid crashing at the moment), and silently flies over to hover next to Reiko. "Hey there," she says softly in that clear and bright voice, peering down into the alley. "I'm Life Mahou Joy. Seen anything yet?"

Preemptively, her blue heart-wand materializes in her left hand, and she tosses it into the air and catches it in her right.
Misa Sakagami 2018-10-19 00:57:02 99113
     The arrival of Prism Princess Orange is not immediately noticed, as the people down below continue to go about their business as if nothing was going on, eating food, wrapping extra blankets around themselves, some of them sewing rips in clothing back shut.

     The arrival of Life Mahou Joy, on the other hand, is much less subtle with that mint green corona. That and the sensation of a Cursed One. In fact, Life Mahou Joy can sense rather readily; this is a curse lingering around the area. A curse that manifests itself rather readily.

     "Hm? And who might this be, coming to visit this forsaken place? Maeko's voice echoes through the area. The dark energy suddenly seems to pull in to a single point, and one of the 'homeless people' pulls off their blankets, and Maeko is now standing there, staring up in the direction of the two magical girls.

    A creeping sensation of being watched surrounds the two magical girls.
Reiko Touyama 2018-10-19 01:08:38 99114
Prism Keeper Orange looks up and blinks. "Oh! Um, hello! I'm Prism Keeper Orange. My Chroma Prism said something was here so I came but. I'm not seeing anything..." she says quietly. "-I wonder if---" says there is suddenly a voice. A familiar voice. Now she knows why that koi was so angry at her for not waking up faster.

"....Maeko-chan?" she calls out. "Maeko-chan!" she says with just a HINT of actual enthusiasm. But then that dies down and she says. "Maeko-chan. Um. This probably isn't imminently a good thing!" she says to Joy.

"Maeko! What are you doing!? Come out!" she says. She can feel that sensation of being watched. She doesn't care. Let her be watched. She WANTS to be seen right now.
Miho Kagami 2018-10-19 01:16:09 99116
Joy smiles to Orange. "Oh, yeah, I'm friends with Green," she says, and frowns back down at the alley. "Careful, though, I can feel a curse here --" And then Maeko appears! "-- oh, there it is."

Reiko's reaction is a bit of a surprise, but, well ... it's no weirder than Miho's friendship with Lacrima, so she's the last person to judge anyone. Still, the sensation of being watched is certainly unpleasant.

"Hmm ..." She glances around. Well, taking purely defensive action can't hurt. She concentrates on herself. "Life Blessing ..." And then, just a little bit more easily than it has before, the mint-green glow of the Life Blessing flows out of her hand. "... Stand Firm!" It pours into herself and into Reiko, bolstering their defenses -- especially against darkness attacks.
Misa Sakagami 2018-10-19 01:21:27 99117
     "What am I doing? What are YOU doing, Prism Keeper Orange. This is clearly not a place for a child like you." Maeko's voice whispers next to Prism Princess Orange's ear. Meanwhile, several small rabbit dolls have begun to crawl up and sit at the edges of the rooftop, each one staring at the two girls with unblinking doll eyes. "Relatively innocent children like yourself do not belong among these forsaken souls." Speaking of the homeless, they also have begun to look up towards the rooftop. Countless eyes, all a dark purple matching Maeko's staring at the two girls.

     Joy mentions curses, and each of those small rabbit doll's eyes zero in on her, and Maeko herself flickers in between blinks of the two girls, appearing atop the roof nearby them. "My my. You're like me. Now THAT is an interesting curse." Maeko reaches into her jacket, pulling out an almost comically large cutting knife. "That will surely consume you. Come, Maeko will make it better." The Cursed Doll whispers, her smile suddenly widening. Also... are those the homeless people crawling up the side of the building now?

     Oh. That's why. Maeko must have 'helped' them. As when one reaches the top of the building, it's obvious that they've become living dolls.
Reiko Touyama 2018-10-19 01:32:36 99118
Prism Keeper Orange tries to give Life Mahou Joy a quick run down. "Maeko is the spirit of an abandoned doll that is possessing my friend, Misa-chan. Maeko is filled with hate-- wait, what!?" she looks to Miho with a blink. "She eats curses if you're cursed-- you um... might wanna beware."

Ohh the bunny dolls these are not new, she frowns a little. Then-- oh. Oh no.

"Maeko, what have you done!?" she sputters out. Well that's an odd empowering feeling from Joy, but she frowns. She raises her staff and a large school of koi start emanating from the bottom of the staff and spiraling around in a fast swimming motion, before she sends off a wave of multiple koi at the multiple bunny doll targets that appeared, trying to explode into purifying energy.

"Maeko, this is too far! Where's Misa-chan!" she calls out.

"Um, if you have 'purifying' attacks you may wanna be ready to leverage them. I don't have much of a choice but to use anything else. Color energy is pure imagination and creativity. Pure light." she mutters.
Miho Kagami 2018-10-19 01:47:43 99119
Miho frowns. "Well, I wouldn't say I'm exactly like you," she calls back down to her. "My Death Curse is ... definitely different." She frowns at the approaching dolls. "Hoo boy ... purifying this is gonna be ..." She shakes her head.

She frowns, nodding to Reiko. "Yeah, yikes, my Death Curse is definitely a doozy," she says, and takes a deep breath. This does not look like a good time for Noroiko to show up because of frazzled nerves. Remember the tai chi lessons! "And yeah. All of my Life Blessing's powers are purification based!" she says, rising off the ground and frowning at the possessed people.

"Right," she mutters. She needs to be really careful, she doesn't want to injure anyone by knocking them off the building. She stops feeding energy into the Stand Firm ability, zips forward to float above the alleyway, and points her wand at the ones who've already reached the rooftop. "Minty Barrage!" she calls out, sweeping the wand back and forth as it fires pellets of mint-green purify light, which might possibly look like mint-leaves!

... Their coloration is just a hair closer to jade-green than the barrages she's fired before, but she doesn't see any difference in the actual effect: they're relatively weak, but full of purification.
Misa Sakagami 2018-10-19 01:57:32 99120
     "...Where is Misa any time that I'm here, Orange?" Maeko asks, her voice and face a rather flat deadpan as she stares at Orange. She gives a soft sigh, a hand lifting to pinch the bridge of her nose. "I think there is a misunderstanding here, Reiko. You think I am full of hatred for everything, yes? That's just not true. You see, these people? They were suffering. This one was suffering from hunger, that one wanted the pain to stop. And so I helped them, yes indeed. These poor unfortunate souls." Maeko's smile shifts slightly, those purple eyes glowing as she looks towards the Cursed ones.

     "Don't you see? They aren't suffering anymore. There is no hunger. No pain. No cold. No suffering for them. They're all happy now, just look at their smiles." Well, Maeko isn't lying about the smiles. They all have their faces frozen in smiles. That said, their eyes don't really match their faces. There is terror in those eyes. Those flying Koi easily hit the mark of the rabbit dolls, reverting them to their original damaged rabbit toy forms.

     Life and Death curse. Now /that/ is a fun curse. Maeko's smile had faltered in the wake of her rabbit dolls being purified, but it returned rather quickly. She'd known that the curse was a rather potent one, but a /death/ curse? Now that was something powerful indeed. Still, there was a minor problem. The two of them both had purification magic. Aaaand it was being aimed at the homeless dolls. "Hey hey hey what on earth are you doing? Do you have no sense? Those are humans there." Maeko actually... moves to ... defend them? She uses her blade to block the purification barrage, though several strike Maeko! The doll hisses, motioning towards the Cursed Ones, which all unceremoniously return back to the alleyway.

     "Well. If you aren't going to play nicely, then it's my turn." Maeko snaps her fingers, and several black spheres appear. "Forsaken Bolt." Two of those spheres are sent towards Orange, and two more go flying towards Joy!
Misa Sakagami 2018-10-19 02:00:47 99121
     Should the Forsaken Bolts strike Orange and Joy, they would cause very little damage and instead make them begin to feel emotionally ... cold, as if it were draining all sense of love and care from them, along with some energy. Which would trail to Maeko in the form of purple energy!
Reiko Touyama 2018-10-19 02:15:19 99122
"Maeko that's wrong and you know it." she hisses. "Did you even ASK them before doing this horrid thing!" she calls out. "You didn't ask them, you didn't ask Misa-chan you just do whatever it is you want because you feel so alone!" she says angrily!

"I try to help you everytime Maeko! I keep telling you this doesn't need to happen! T--that there's other way to help people and you keep acting like you're a mad American Girl Doll Reject!" she says angrily.

"STOP THIS!" she pleads. When Maeko calls out an attack she raises her staff. "S..Shield!" she calls out and indeed, a domed koi-shape shield forms around her as it absorbs the attack harshly, before causing the shield to fall. Not at all like her old crush. N-not at all, shut up!

"What happened!? Between the last time I heard of you and now!? Last I heard, yo.. you we're gonna help Kamen-kun!" she says. "Help him handle awful things! Why are you doing this!?" she sputters.
Miho Kagami 2018-10-19 02:26:41 99123
Miho rolls her eyes. Really, at this point, she isn't surprised to see that kind of nonsensical self-righteousness.

But then she raises her eyebrows at Maeko's display of what appears to be ... genuine concern? She just flinches back as some of the pellets hit Maeko. Ugh, no, stop thinking like that, this is nothing like attacking Lacchan!

Her shadow flickers, becoming nearly black. Maeko might be able to detect that there's another component to the curse!

No time to worry about that, though: the counterattacks are coming. In response, Miho performs her other purely-defensive maneuver, which is to say she boosts out of the way in a random direction, reverses direction, then boosts back in the opposite direction to stop herself from simply flying out of the battlefield.

She pauses, listening to Reiko. "... I'm Life Mahou Joy," she says. "It's obvious you're someone important to ... Reiko-san here." She feels kind of awkward about it, but Maeko did say Reiko's name openly, oh well. "I'm gonna do my best not to hurt you, since I know purification is gonna be really bad for you, but if you aren't gonna listen to reason, then in the name of all life ..." She gestures with her wand. "... well, we'll have to halt the threat before us ourselves, I guess? ... I ... really didn't think this justice-speech through."
Misa Sakagami 2018-10-19 02:38:56 99125
     "I did ask Misa. She's here. She came with me willingly on my little adventure on the other side of the country." Maeko responds to Orange. "And they did ask for help! ...Perhaps not the help I gave them, but they did." Maeko shrugs helplessly, lifting her hand to point towards Orange. "You're wasting your time trying to help me. I am a curse. Those that think that a curse can be used for good are deluding themselves. Every last one of those cursed people are a ticking time bomb. Waiting for their curse to overtake them."

     "The only person I can help? Is Misa. Because I am bound to her. And she to me." Dark energy gathers at the tip of Maeko's fingertip, purple eyes glowing as the energy gathers further. "I..." She pauses at the mention of helping Mamoru. "Something happened. I had to leave and take care of some business. I do regret that, believe it or not." She shakes her head, but as Orange didn't attack... Maeko actually doesn't attack in return.

     As the lack of attacks continues, the dark energy completely dissipates, returning to whence it came. "And yes. I know. This isn't really helping these people. It's self serving. Even as they're dolls like this, their energy is going to me. I'm not a massive hypocrite. Just a small one. I'm being a parasite that happens to be giving them relief for a while." Maeko looks towards Joy.

    "...You're rather new at this, aren't you. Here, let me help." Maeko points her finger towards Joy. "Look at you. Masquerading as a heroine of life and justice while you've got a curse of death. You are a walking instability, asking to fall out of balance at any time. You are a danger to everyone and everything around you, and yet you continue to play around as if you are going to help everyone! In the name of the balance of the world, I will have to stop you!" ... Maeko lowers her hand.

    "...Maybe it's harder than it looks. Regardless, I don't actually feel that way. I don't honestly care that much. Seriously though. That's some dangerous fire you've got there." Maeko takes a deep breath, closing her eyes as she thinks on that. It'd be so easy just to attack, stab them. Or something. Sigh. She opens her eyes again, looking towards Joy. "I can unbalance you slightly, you know. I'm a curse. Curses can take on the negative energy. Of course, I don't do things for free. That's just nonsense." She steps towards Joy, offering an outstretched hand. "But I'm also not an 'evil monster' like some of those other people. I mean. I am. But I don't really care enough for humanity to destroy it. I just have a small handful of people I like to play with. Like her." She motions towards Orange.
Reiko Touyama 2018-10-19 03:08:17 99126
"Don't listen to her." she says to Joy, rather angrily at Maeko, aswell. "No she didn't. You either hurt her, or coerced or something to make her follow you. Like always." she says. "Kamen-kun trusted you to help!" she says. "Everytime we came to an agreement! For peace! To.. to help one another this always happens Maeko!? How do you expect any of us to TRUST you now!?" she sputters.

"THAT'S RIGHT. You helped them in a way they didn't want! THAT's the same as hurting them! Yo... you!-----" she's too righteously angry to spout proper words. She looks to Joy- and gives an apologetic look, but also reassurance that she doesn't care if her real name was used.

"Let these people go! Th..they've had enough!" she says.
Miho Kagami 2018-10-19 03:18:23 99127
Two pieces of good news here: first, Miho's already been told she's on a tightrope before. Second, she's observant enough to catch the little holes here and there, starting with the fact that Maeko has already been more-or-less stretching definitions of things like 'help' and 'willingly.' "It's all right, Orange-san," she says, giving her a smile, before turning back to Maeko.

She shakes her head. "Sorry," she says earnestly. "I already know I'm walking on a tightrope. And I've been gaining more and more control over my Life Blessing, so my Death Curse isn't gonna be a problem." She shrugs, and smiles. "Besides, you just told me that curses can't be used to help people. Even if you meant it in good faith, kinda thing ... it sounds like you aren't as confident in it as you should be."

She glances back to Reiko for a minute, before turning back to Maeko. "You should listen to your friend," she says. "If really want to help ... letting them go yourself will make things a lot easier for us, y'know?"
Misa Sakagami 2018-10-19 03:29:46 99128
     Maeko takes a slow inhale, before looking towards Reiko. Her eyes are hard as she glares at Orange. "This time. It wasn't me that hurt her." She shifts her hands, the oversized kitchen knife in her hand resting against the rooftop. Mentioning Kamen's trust she actually frowns. There is actual regret on her face. "I am a curse. Who trusts a curse?" Her frown changes, her eyes hardening as she looks towards Reiko's face. "What sort of IDIOT trusts a curse? Even if we're TRYING to do good, even in the end, everything turns out poorly! I tried to give joy. I tried to love. My EXISTENCE is to cause misery."

     That blade lifts, and Maeko clearly is becoming more and more agitated, her own misery beginning to wrap around her, showing fisibly in the form of a black mist. "You know. I started this night in a good mood. I'd just come back from getting some closure." The demand to let those people go though. She looks towards them. "You know what? Fine." She reaches her hand out, and moves it in a ripping motion, and black energy seems to begin to TEAR out of the Cursed Ones. "I'll return them to human. That will give them more misery than I ever could anyway." Some of them begin to fall unconscious, but all of them are reverting to humans! That's what the heroes asked for, right?

     Meanwhile, the remaining rabbit dolls are beginning to gather around Maeko, as she addresses Joy. "A tightrope? Well. I suppose that's an apt description." She gives a soft chuckle at the mention of 'if you really want to help'. "I kind of did. I have a soft spot for others that are forsaken. After all, I am the Forsaken Doll." She motions towards each and every rabbit, including the ones that had already been poofed. "Especially other toys abandoned and left broken. Just like me. Misery loves company, after all. Speaking of company. I really think you two will make lovely company." And she shifts into a clearly combat stance, her blade lifted at an angle, while she continues that slow drain of the Cursed Ones downstairs, recovering her energy that she'd expended on them. It's not going into her though. No. It's gathering in that outstretched hand. The heroes might be on a time limit, as that is a lot of negative energy.
Reiko Touyama 2018-10-19 03:40:49 99129
"There's countless people and also fictional characters like that!" she says angrily. "Just because you're a curse doesn't mean you need to be evil." she says angrily at Maeko. She looks towards Joy again and back towards Maeko. "Then if something else hurt her then you most certainly didn't HELP!" she says more angry. Maeko reverts them back to human. Okay. Good.

What isn't good is that she's gathering dolls and the energy again and she yells. "I SAID LEAVE THEM ALONE!" she says angrily as she shoots upwards into the sky a little on those wide butterfly fairy wings as she heaves the staff downwards, gathering color energy from her crystal... from the area around where it exists. Out of the specs of the air when she's able as she seethes. "H..hey Joy, -- it was Joy right!? At the same time, come on!..." she says. "Hurry!...."

"PRISM AEGIS POWER!--- ORANGE!...." she gathers the energy as she raises her staff high. "CHROMA!...." she then throws it downwards- a nearly space shuttle sized bright orange lance of energy shaped like a koi emits from her staff toward's Maeko. "OVERFLOW!" she calls out.
Miho Kagami 2018-10-19 03:47:34 99130
"... Hmm." Well, this is certainly unsettling. She lets Reiko take the lead, because she doesn't want to kill her friend by purification -- okay. Okay, Reiko is busting out her super-move, which means this isn't a Lacrima-situation, got it!

"Dunno if I can match that output, but all right," she says. She twirls her wand in a curlicue pattern, leaving trails of mint-green light. One ring, two ring, three rings ... and then they all sputter out. "D'oh," she mutters. "Uh." Even more hurriedly, she twirls her wand in just one single. "Joy ..." Yep, a single ring, one that isn't in danger of sputtering out. ""... Shining ..." She thrusts her wand through the center "... RAY!" The ring collapses, firing a brilliant beam of purifying light directly at Maeko!
Misa Sakagami 2018-10-19 03:56:40 99131
     "Those stories don't usually end well. They might be going well now. But they don't." Maeko replies dully, her hand shifting slowly as that dark energy continues to gather, the black mist intensifying around her. She almost seems just... tired at this point? "Of course I didn't help. You know how it feels to even be around me. You're feeling it right now."

     'Leave them alone!' "...I cannot both leave them alone and recover my curse at the same time. Pick one. You can't have your cake and eat it too." Maeko says, shaking her head. "You're almost as bad as me, Orange." She reaches out towards Orange as she gathers her energy!

     Aaaand... both of them were gathering energy together, forming a big attack. Joy falters though. "Well." That moment that Joy falters, those rabbits all attempt to dogpile her, those little spinning blades attempting to strip energy from her -- though the blades themselves don't seem to cut? How strange.

     And then Maeko turns her hand towards the oncoming purifying light, unleashing that gathered dark energy to meet the beam of purifying light! Energy against energy, the beams meet in the middle! And... Maeko pushes against it. "WHY?! WHY IS IT ANY TIME I TRY TO DO ANYTHING EVEN REMOTELY GOOD IT TURNS OUT LIKE THIS?!" Maeko screams, pushing more and more energy into the beam. It's faltering. "EVERYTHING I DO. EVERYTHING I TRY. IT JUST GOES LIKE THIS!"

     "I hate this. I HATE YOU! YOU TRIED TO TAKE HER FROM ME. THEY TRIED TO TAKE HER FROM ME. EVEN THE THINGS I DO THAT ARE GOOD ARE TAKEN FROM ME! Like healing that girl before! She isn't cursed anymore! BUT NO THEY ATTACKED ME OVER IT!" Maeko screams, there is a mix of desperation, anger, and even sadness in her voice.. which is... cracking, in spite of not even having real vocal cords. That dark energy is ... faltering even more? Maeko seems to be losing focus. "THIS IS WHY I SAY CURSES CAN'T DO ANYTHING GOOD!"
Reiko Touyama 2018-10-19 04:08:40 99132
Prism Keeper Orange keeps the stream up. She doesn't stop. She knows this won't destroy Maeko. Maeko's eaten one of these before. She's eaten multiple before- and besides she's in a beam battle now apparently.

She nnnnnnrrrrggss though sheer determination. She can hear the tone of voice, which only drives her harder. That's Misa-chan's voice, right?


"Stop hurting others! Stop hurting Misa and Stop hurting yourself!" she pleads out.
Miho Kagami 2018-10-19 04:18:38 99134
Joy ... falters. Shining Ray was never meant to be sustained like this, and it peters out almost immediately. She screams as the rabbits stab her, more in surprise than pain, and she stumbles.

Her shadow immediately turns pure black, and shifts until it becomes the silhouette of a girl with messy hair, a simple dress, and fox-ears and a tail. Jade-green eyes and a white smile also become visible. "Hey!" Noroiko shouts down at Maeko. "She's mine! Stick to the other girl here --"

"SHUT UP!" shouts Miho. She leaps out of the dogbunnypile, hovers behind Reiko, and thrusts her wand at her. "Life Blessing, COURAGEOUS STRIKE!" she shouts, as she begins pouring as much energy from the Life Blessing as she can into Prism Keeper Orange, bolstering her attack-power rather than her defenses this time; it would have added purification, too, if Reiko's powers didn't have it already.
Misa Sakagami 2018-10-19 04:27:01 99135
     While it might not kill her, it definitely hurts and Maeko isn't too keen on actually taking it directly. Of course at this point she's caught herself in a beam battle attempting to repel purification with dark energy. Which is a poor decision by the way, as her beam is being purified as it is shooting.

     "EVERYONE tried to take her from me! To drive me away from her. Telling me to give her back! Don't LIE! You're one of the GOOD people, aren't you!?" The order to stop hurting Misa, to stop hurting herself... Maeko looks towards Orange, that dark energy seeming to weaken. "I CAN'T!" And... the beam peters off, especially with the bolstering from Joy. "I can't." She says, much quieter. And...

     The rabbit dolls all revert into toys, all at once. The rest of the homeless people revert that hadn't already. In the moment before the beam hits, that curse concentrates all into Maeko. And she's consumed in the beam. Once it fades, Maeko's form seems to be almost... unstable. Like it's flickering at the edges. "I suppose this is my cue to leave." Maeko mumbles. But she hasn't yet, probably attempting to gather the energy to do so.

     Still. This is ... probably the most total victory that's been had against Maeko, as she usually retreats before she can actually be defeated.
Reiko Touyama 2018-10-19 04:31:04 99136
Prism Keeper Orange keeps it up until---- there's no reason to- she drops it when Maeko has expended her energy and after the beam has consumed her and she suddenly SHOOTS downwards fast enough she has to buckle her knees and bits of the top of the building she's landed on fly from her impact. There's a small spider web pattern there in the cement.

Then she begins running at Maeko. Running and running! She's going to use her ULTIMATE technique!

SHE GATHERS UP HER COURAGE! HER ENERGY! AND SHE---- un-henshins halfway there!? Yes. She does.

She throws herself at Maeko-- into a hug of all things as she begins to just cry "Never!" she says. "NEVER NEVER NEVER!" Reiko cries. "Please stop this!" she begs!
Miho Kagami 2018-10-19 04:34:21 99137
Life Mahou Joy looks relieved, lowering her wand as Orange runs over to use the super special Hug Technique of Mercy. She jumps off the roof, and slowly sinks down, Noroiko floating next to her with an amused smirk. Inwardly, Miho really hopes she doesn't need to do anything else here, because that is just not going to happen if it is.
Misa Sakagami 2018-10-19 04:37:59 99138
     Reiko is coming in for a tackle, and... unhenshining? Maeko shifts, moving to be ready to defend herself! As if she was expecting a punch or something! ... And then ... arms wrap around her? Hugging Maeko ... is... actually an AWFUL experience. Coming into contact with her is cold. It's unpleasant. Her body is hard, she doesn't return the hug... and her CURSE comes into effect. That feeling that nobody cares about you. That nobody loves you. "...Stop." Maeko says, beginning to push Reiko away.

     "You're just going to hurt yourself more, caring about me. Stop." Maeko is... actively beginning to struggle now, trying to squirm out of that hug and just... run. She doesn't even teleport, she doesn't bring up her magic. She just... runs. If she can get away, that is. On the upside, Joy probably doesn't have to do anything else!
Reiko Touyama 2018-10-19 04:46:28 99139
Reiko Touyama doesn't chase after Maeko, she doesn't want to push her luck. She gently looks a little sad... "....I don't care." she says quietly. "That's what caring about someone means. Sometimes hurting for them..." she says gently as she sighs. She's sure Maeko won't hear that though as she looks towards Joy. She bows.

"Thank you." she says quietly. "I am Reiko Touyama. I'm also Prism Keeper Orange as you saw. I heard you know Green?" she asks. "As... just Green or---." she trails off. She sighs a bit.

"Sorry. For Maeko. She went missing last year. I understood that she was staying with Tuxedo Kamen to help him with things like removing curses i.e. Eating Them. But... I... I guess something happened." she says quietly.

She looks down over the edge of the alleyway and then back, and sulks. "I dunno what to do about that. I'm going to leave a note with Virtue I think." she says gently.

She turns back around. "Maeko. Foresaken Doll Maeko. Is what she calls herself. As she said, she's an abandoned doll that is upset people abandon dolls and toys. I think there's a little more to that now." she says gently.

She rubs her right arm a bit. "...aha-- sorry." she says. "That was dumb of me. To do that. But Maeko... Misa-chans... they're both... friends. We're. Friends. I think something bad happened and I don't know what now, in the past year she's been missing...."

She sulks. "I should had worked harder to find her but there's only so much I can do, only so many koi I can send out far like that at once..." she says gently.
Miho Kagami 2018-10-19 05:00:49 99140
Joy nods, watching this, and then ... her henshin sputters out, and just slumps forward. "... Well, that could've gone worse!" she says, glancing up at Noroiko. Her voice is now scratchy, androgynous, and sounds almost but not quite exactly unlike her voice.

"Don't look at me!" says Noroiko mildly. "This was all on the doll there!"

Miho laughs, and Noroiko's form wavers and vanishes, leaving behind Miho's ordinary shadow. "Wow," says Miho. "But, um, my name is Miho Kagami, and, uh ... let's just say that Moriko-chan is way luckier than I am, the way she ended up." She pauses. "... Also, that jerk-fox in my shadow was named Noroiko, she's glued to my Death Curse or something."

She starts pushing herself back up into a standing position. "I don't think it was dumb at all, though," she says. "I mean, ... I'm a total newbie, but, like ... you said it yourself." She smiles. "She's your friend, right? So of course you've got to care about her!" She smiles at Reiko. "And, really. Trying 'harder' isn't any good when you're just plain at your limits. This is the kind of situation where ..." Her smile falters. "... where it would've been great if I wasn't a total newbie, and could've helped you more." She shrugs, her cheerfulness returning. "But I'm working on that, so, yeah!"
Misa Sakagami 2018-10-19 05:05:47 99141
     Meanwhile, in spite of Maeko being a curse, downstairs/down below, the homeless people are doing... surprisingly well. They all are exhausted, but they seem like they're not outright injured. In fact, yanking her curse out of them probably made them feel better! They all seem to not remember what happened and are all sore though. And tired. But okay! And that's what counts in the end. I mean. They're still homeless. But they're alive and feel tiredly good? Also there is a pile of bunny plushes of various sizes and shapes. Most of them don't even smell bad! ...They all are pretty well-loved though. Torn, ripped, ears barely still attached, some of them missing most of their stuffing, and all of them in a state that a lot of parents would rather throw it out and buy a new one.
Reiko Touyama 2018-10-19 05:12:50 99142
Reiko Touyama nods. "Lucky, I guess. Really I'm... I'm just glad that the Prism Keeper story turning reality had at least one good side effect for someone instead of... of unexpected hardship." she says quietly. She gently helps Joy up. Well Miho. She nods. "I assume you're... referencing. Um..." she blushes a bit. "Erm sorry. Awkward topic!" she says with a nervous smile. "But--yes. She's a friend." she says silently.

She sighs. "Not the first time I've saw something like that tied to someone. I hope you'll be okay with it." she says. She shifts. "I should get home. Grandpa knows about the magic stuff but he still worries." a pause.

She digs into her pocket and pulls out her (Rainbow Colored) Virtue phone. "Um do you have a number to call? IF you're a friend of Moriko's I'd like to talk to you a little more, later maybe?" she asks.
Miho Kagami 2018-10-19 05:18:59 99143
Miho nods. "Yes I am referencing 'um'," she says dryly. "And yeah ... I'm, uh, I'm actually more 'out' with the magical community. But yeah. I've met Kogane-san, too, by the way." (No need to mention how she first met Hoshi ...) She grins. "And yeah, it's not the first weird curse I've seen, either! I'd be totally cool with being another friend for her, if that's what she needs."

She gets out a mint-green phone. "Sure, here's my Virtue number," she says. "And yeah, that's fine. Just gimme a minute, and I'll probably be ready to transform again and head back to Pikarigaoka. I guess I didn't get hit by that many of 'em ..."