The Rose Is Back In Town!

Mei-chan is back! Reiko greets her, they talk. Then they walk back to her place and maybe have burgers on the way home.

Date: 2018-10-23
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Reiko Touyama 2018-10-23 15:54:26 99194
Reiko Touyama was sleeping when Mei-chan arrived last night. Mei would know that much with how late it is, and she isn't currently doing a late night magical girl thing, and her phone is always on silent when she sleeps- another thing Mei knows. It doesn't help she was having a nightmare about Misa-chan and Maeko-chan. Dumb... nightmare possessed doll girls. She eventually wakes up, crawls out of bed--- crawls to her bed room, brushes her teeth, gets dressed properly and looks at her blinking phone-- and the koi waving excitedly and pointing at it from next to it.

"Huh....?" she picks it up. "OH! Mei-chan!" she says with a elation. She'd call once in a while. Not much. Just a check in. Make sure she's okay. Passing on info here or there if she needed.....

A voice mail- she listens!

'Hi Reiko. It's Mei Im Im in Tokyo. I did'nt find what I was looking for. But we need to talk. Like, really bad. Meet me at Penguin Park whenever you wake up. I think Im going to nap in the bushes or something. Ive done it once or twice, so dont worry..'

Eyes go wide. "Mei-chan is back!?" she says as she stares at her phone. "Mei-chan is back!" she cheers as she stumbles out the door first thing in the morning. Grandpa didn't sleep through that. It WAS a school day but he wasn't going to stop that. He'd make sure school would know if she was late or wouldn't be coming in.

Reiko Touyama transformed to get to the Park as fast as humanly possible-- skipping buses and trains and sidewalks and landed straight into one of the wooded areas bordering the park. Unhenshining and walking back out into the park as Reiko.

"Mei! Mei-chan!" she began calling out, she'd run around Penguin Park doing this.
Mei Akatsuki 2018-10-23 16:05:34 99195
A bush suddenly started moving at Reiko's calls and from it stepped a wood nymph with fiery red hair. Oh wait, no. That's just Mei Akatsuki with a bunch of twigs stuck in what looked like a red's bird nest. Truly a runway artist had been at work here. She looked like she'd slept outside all night, with a slightly runny nose at the moment and puffy eyes. "Oh hey, Reiko-chan.".

She started carefully working the twigs from her hair as she offered Reiko a smile. "It's good to actually see you again. You're so much taller than I remember. Then again I guess I am too... We're growing up! That sucks though, we'll start having to do boring stuff like plan for high school soon. I'd much rather go to a magical girl school. Is there one of those yet? Could we start one? Oh I'm getting side-tracked...".

She moved towards Reiko after removing the twigs from her hair, and returning it to some semblance of normalcy, holding her arms open wide to try and envelop Reiko in them.
Reiko Touyama 2018-10-23 16:25:45 99196
Mei doesn't need to try to envelop her in a hug because that's happening. That's happening after Mei's removed all the twigs from her personage from a distance. It really takes all of Reiko's self control to not tackle Mei-chan back into the bush, really. Mei gets an 'really' tight hug back as she huffs. "Mei-chan!" she goes. "You're back!" she says.

"Of course I'm taller! We're both taller!" she huffs. Mei-chan really has been gone that long! She huffs and just keeps that hug held, until she realizes this is probably getting weird from and outside perspective and she releases Mei.

"...N-no no magic school." she giggles. But then she grows concerned. "Mei-chan, why didn't you go home!?" she says. "Instead of sleeping in the bushes..." she says. "Have you called Roy or Biv yet? I'm sure they'd be happy to hear you're back!..." she says.

She fidgets a moment. "I'm sorry you didn't find your mom..." she says quietly. "I'm sure if we work together we can figure out what happened..." she says. "I mean- all of us!" she says.
Mei Akatsuki 2018-10-23 16:41:02 99197
Mei Akatsuki smiles warmly at Reiko's love and excitement. "I'm back. For good, unless we all go next time. Except Momo.". Mentioning Momo made Mei wince a little. She'd abandoned her sister to be looked after by two bird-brains. Literally, two birds that just happened to be able to turn into humanoids.

"I didn't want to go home because I didn't want to see Momo, Roy, and Biv. I don't want to deal with what they'll have to say right now, you know? I've been gone two years, and while I was ready to come back, I'm not ready to go back, if that makes sense. I just need a little more time to get some other stuff figured out before I have to tell them that I failed at the thing I spent two years looking for...". She drags a hand down her face and sighs.
Reiko Touyama 2018-10-23 17:09:41 99198
Reiko Touyama huffs a bit. "If you're not ready to go back yet, then you can come over to my house and stay for a small bit!" she says. "Grandpa would be okay with it and it's not like my parents are ever home to notice..." she mutters. "But I get it, why you might not want to go back right away. Yeah, take some time. Figure it out." she says. "No one is gonna begrudge you that you didn't find what you want you went out for. You went and did your best." she says gently. She shifts.

"But-- you're not sleeping out here." she says. "This stinks." she says as she brushes Mei off any remaining brush. She huffs a little. "We'll talk about serious stuff and I'll tell you some recent stuff." she says quietly. "---Later- I mean." she says.

"....I'm pretty sure Grandpa's probably called me out of school already." she kicks a random branch. "...kind left yelling 'Mei-chan is back' and all." she laughs a little to herself.
Mei Akatsuki 2018-10-23 17:36:37 99199
Mei Akatsuki giggles softly, "Want to talk about it over a sleepover? We can talk about all the things girls talk about at sleepovers too, to lighten the mood if things get really serious. It'd probably be way more fun than having Momo mad at me for leaving and not having anything for it...". She shifts through expressions, clearly at odds with herself on a number of things.

"Does your grandpa know, like, about the things?". She kicks her foot into the dirt sheepishly, watching Reiko. "I figure it's probably nice to have someone older to talk to about it...". She smiles and looks up at the sky. "I guess I have Tuxedo Kamen for the older person, he's pretty smart. I haven't um... Talked to him in awhile though. Maybe he's forgotten about me, you know? I can't imagine things are all that quiet for him.".
Reiko Touyama 2018-10-23 17:54:09 99200
Reiko Touyama shakes her head. "I'm sure he's busy but he's always busy, I'm sure he'll have some time to talk to you!" she says with a smile. She nods. "He knows!" she says. "It turns out he was seeing my koi for a while and had to encourage himself that he wasn't crazy and he mentioned it to me one day and I was like 'you can see them!?' and he could. He knows about the magic thing. He knows about you and the others!" she says with a curt matter of fact nod.

She fidgets. "It'd be nice to talk about normal stuff before getting into the serious stuff. But for now...

"Let's get you back to my house. So you can take a shower and maybe some allergy medication." she says, remembering her puffy eyes earlier and also sleeping in brush. Can't be good!

"-and sleep in a house. From now on... it's ALWAYS okay to come to my house, no matter what okay?" she asks.
Mei Akatsuki 2018-10-23 18:14:42 99201
With a sheepish look, Mei nods and reaches her hand out towards Reiko. "Want to hold friends like little girls? It totally builds friendship.". A rose braids itself into her hair, seemingly from nowhere as she starts to feel more comfortable about being back. "I'm glad you were here for me, Reiko. I want to try to always be there for everyone else now, to make up for leaving. I may have had a good reason, but that doesn't make leaving everyone to fumble around with something I knew a bit about. I'm sorry I left it all on you.".
Reiko Touyama 2018-10-23 18:27:31 99202
Reiko Touyama takes Mei's hand and beams. She has no problem holding hands with her friend that she's terribly missed. She does notice the rose construct, but she doesn't say anything just smiles. "I have so many stories to tell you though!..." she says. "But later. Let's just... walk back to my place." she says. Walk. Not magically fly or speed. Walk!

"It's okay Mei-chan!" she says. "It'll always be okay. No matter what. You left for the a good reason!" she says. "Hey... there's a good burger place on the way home... we should stop!" she says.