Easing of Tensions

Kyouko Sakura seeks out Ao Karina to deliver a message to Miss White.

Date: 2015-08-28
Pose Count: 12
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-28 23:43:51 8782
It's roughly noon, school's out, and Ao Karina is in Penguin Public Library. If one manages to poke around enough Infinity Students, it wouldn't be hard to find the member of the book club devouring enough manga to officially label her as some kind of otaku. Particularly when she seems to be feeling so well lately.

She almost looks healthy. Almost.

Ao is sitting at a big table, roughly in the middle of the library, currently devouring a magical girl manga with a content smile on her face. The little brunette occasionally stretches, or sips a can of soda as she enjoys her day. Most importantly, no Miss White to be found, even /if/ their braille collection is extensive.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-28 23:47:30 8783
    Kyouko enters the library quietly. It hadn't indeed, taken much effort on her part to locate Ao Karina- a few well-placed questions had gotten the job done, even if she isn't someone any of the other kids would recognize from school. Her hands in her pockets, she strolls around until she spots the brunette. She looks a bit lost- libraries have never been high on her list of hang-out places, even when she was living a relatively normal life.

    When she does spot Ao, she simply makes her way over to the table, and may be pulling the chair across from the other girl out to sit down before she's even noticed. No hesitation here. She plops down, and before Ao can speak, she says (in her best Library whisper) "Don't freak out, alright? I just want to talk." Indeed, she is obviously not in her henshin.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-29 00:19:07 8785
Ao is happily reading along, before a voice that terrifies her speaks! She manages to cover up her own loud scream of fear as she falls off the seat, books going flying, and lands on her rump!

Then, she slowly gets up, even as she backs away. Clearly Kyouko has become some sort of boogeywoman for the girl! That tends to happen when you get your teeth knocked out by a slurpee.

"I...it's you! What do you want!?" She asks quietly, shivering a little, yet holding her book as though prepared to bonk Kyouko with it!
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-29 00:21:29 8787
    Kyouko almost gets up out of her chair to grab for Ao, and stop her from falling, when she sees the girl startle so badly she starts to tip out of it. But, perhaps realizing this would likely only scare her more and make her think Kyouko was about to attack her, she doesn't.. just lowering herself back down to sit as Ao backs away, trying to make herself appear as non-threatening as possible.

    "Look..I just wanna talk." She says again, holding up both of her hands to show that they are empty. She's not hidin' a knife or nothin'. "I.. I have a message I want you to give to Miss White for me."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-29 00:27:24 8789
Kyouko just wants to 'talk'!? Suspicious eyes level Kyouko's way, but she slowly gets up and back into a seat. There's a librarian not /too/ far away, though out of Library Voice hearing.

Ao visibly struggles for a moment, and clutching her hardback book, she gives a nod to the other girl.

"...Alright. If it's for White-chan, I'll do it. Unless it's a threat! What...what do you need to say to her?" The girl, a little calmer, is still visibly nervous. It might just be her in general.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-29 00:30:22 8790
    Kyouko hesitates for a moment, and Ao can tell just by looking at her face that this isn't easy for her. Whatever she's doing here, it's a decision she made that took a lot of thought. "I.. well. Things have changed. I'm not really in a position to.. to continue on with what I was doing before."

    She sucks in a soft breath, shaking her head slightly as if to firm her resolve. Her lips are turned down into a frown as she looks back up at Ao. "I can't forgive Miss White for what she did to me. But I realize now that trying to get revenge on her, I was doing more damage to myself than I could handle. I.. need to move on, or else I'm not going to be able to. Ever."

    "So I want you to tell Miss White that I'm done with it. As long as she doesn't come after me, I'll leave her alone. Her and WPS. She can keep doing whatever she's doing. As long as I don't ever have to see her again.. I won't cause her any more trouble."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-29 00:47:40 8793
Ao Karina, if nothing else, is a girl with a lot of empathy. It's likely why she's put up with Hannah's evil over the last few months.

She drops her book, and reaches for both of Kyouko's hands.

"Are you okay!? It...it wasn't something White-chan did to you right!?" There's fear, and indeed worry for Kyouko in eyes and voice. Despite her fear, Kyouko doesn't strike her as a bad girl.

But Kyouko's words strike her silent for some time.

She manages to recover, mouth working a little desperately.

"You...will?" Ao remembers looking at Hannah after she first awoke from using that supercharged grief seed. The yelling and crying, the heartache.

Her best friend, and even her enemy were changing so much so fast. Ao shivers.

"...Alright. I'll tell her that, but..."

She seems lost a moment, then sighs deeply.

"I'm worried. About her. She's never done anything like...like what she did to you. I mean, she was always a little rough, but...she's been growing, well...she's never done anything that horrible. And I saw what happened to her after she used that /thing/, I..."

Ao swallows, and shakes her head.

"But that doesn't matter to you, right? Alright. I'll tell her. But...Kyouko-san, she told me once that you were important. I don't think she's going to let you just step away like that. Honestly? I'm afraid of what she's becoming, and...I'm not sure if I can stop or protect her, from other people or from herself." She looks away, tears forming in her eyes.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-29 00:56:02 8796
    Kyouko blinks in surprise as Ao suddenly grabs her hands. It's right there on the middle finger of her right hand- her soul gem ring, the small red gem even in this form having a very noticable crack right through it. Her fingers curl for a moment.. and then she pulls her hands away. "I'm fine, okay? I'm just.. well, I feel like I'm seeing clearly for the first time in a while."

    She half-turns, facing off to the side instead of directly across the table towards Ao, her lips quirking to one side slightly as the other girl talks about MIss White. "Look.. I really don't care." She says, with a sigh. "She's got to deal with her own problems. I tried to deal with them for her," (by killing her, but that remains unsaid), "but I wasn't able to do it, and I ended up screwing myself over in the process. Same old story, it's always been that way with me."

    She smirks a bit, then shrugs again.. though she looks back when Ao says she doesn't think Miss White will let her just walk away. "Listen, you tell her that I'll leave her alone- but if she comes after me, there's gonna be hell to pay. You tell her that, and I'm serious. I just wanna be left alone."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-29 01:02:09 8797
Ao sighs a bit, and nods. She could hardly expect sympathy here! And then there's threats, and Ao oddly feels a little better. This strikes her as something the Kyouko Sakura that she's encountered would say.

She even flinches back again, as if expecting to be grabbed!

Eyes close, and she simply nods to Kyouko. "I'll tell her. Just...be careful, okay? I'll try to keep her away from you. I believe you." Another wince, and she's rubbing her jaw.

Arms cross, and more firmly, she nods.

"I'll tell her that I'll pout and cry for days if she tries anything against you!" It's said as though it's the worst form of punishment. It may well be, given how much Miss White seems to care for Ao.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-29 01:09:44 8799
    Kyouko smirks just a little bit as Ao says what her method of keeping Miss White away from Kyouko will be. She shakes her head a little bit, her long red ponytail swaying slightly behind her. "Must be nice, to have somebody care about you enough for that to work." She says, with a little sigh.

    Then she gets up from her chair, her hands going back into the pockets of her hoodie. "Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. Thanks for telling her. I'm sure it'll be fine.'

    Then she hesitates, glancing back at Ao again. "And listen, I know I said it once before but.. I'm sorry I hurt you that day. I didn't mean to. I'll fight somebody who's a threat to me, but it ain't my style to hurt somebody who couldn't have fought back."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-29 01:25:57 8802
Ao looks sadly at Kyouko for a moment.

"Who says you won't find one? Everyone deserves a friend like that, Kyouko-san. You're no exception."

The girl clutches her book, nods, and stays seated as Kyouko turns away. She stares for a moment, then sets it aside and stands.

She'll offer out a hand.

"It's okay. I'm better, and maybe, just maybe, I can use you as an example to stop my best friend from doing something wrong and stupid. I believe you. And I'll tell her that I do." After a shake? She's back to her book, but seems to stare /through/ the pages rather than at them.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-29 01:27:56 8803
    Kyouko smirks just a little bit, but there's a wry, self-deprecating element to it. "Maybe. Sometimes I think I've used up all my chances already." She laughs. "Pretty sad for a fourteen-year-old to be sayin' that, but.." She shrugs.

    That hand is offered, and she grips it after a moment.. squeezing, and then letting go. "Well. At least that's somethin'. See ya around.. or maybe it'd be better if I didn't. Either way.. good luck." And then she's turning to go, hands in pockets, ponytail swaying behind her as she turns to leave the library and head back out into the cruel world she knows best.