What kind of undertone is 'undead'?

Izumi and Lacrima have a run-in at Fairy Drop! The skin undertones of the undead are discussed. So are clothes.

Date: 2018-10-26
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Zoisite 2018-10-26 21:02:09 99299
Fairy Drop is definitely not in a physically-male university student's usual repertoire. It's definitely not what Izumi Inoba would be reputed for visiting often, but the aforementioned androgynous university student was looking over the wares of the store regardless. After all, Mamoru's apartment often had magical girls visiting, and sometimes those magical girls needed decidedly unmagical clothing. Maybe their own got dirty in a fight, or something equally grievous. Whatever caused it, Izumi didn't want them feeling like they were leaving with anything worse than they showed up in, so here he stands, surveying Fairy Drop like it's a field of battle, one index finger raised to his mouth and eyes half-lidded in thought.
Lacrima 2018-10-26 21:16:56 99303
Lacrima is in her casual clothes. This generally means a black shirt with a weird floral shirt over it, and blue jeans. Basically how Norie used to dress. She's walking into a place she also doesn't frequent a lot, but she wants to... get something nice. Nice for dates and regular wear besides what she's wearing right now. She sighs and gently grips some long strands of hair nervously as she walks in past....

....huh. That gi...? erm.. b-- that person. She decides on. For politeness sakes, looks familiar. Wait isn't that... Zoisite? She blinks a little surprised to see him here. Is this where he shops for clothes? She doesn't come here that often. Or really at all.

"Oh--um. H-hi." she says nervously at him. She knows that there's at least one ECFH resident that doesn't like her much. She isn't sure with Zoisite stands on that point. "Do you... shop here?" she asks, a little seriously. "I'll um.. go if If--um.. presence. Bothering.." she says. She'd need to pass by him to enter anyways regardless at this point.
Zoisite 2018-10-26 21:33:36 99307
Izumi looks up at Lacrima, an eyebrow going up at her entrance. It's not that it's particularly dramatic or attention-getting, but the stammering is a minor distraction. "Sometimes. Mostly for houseguests who need it." The general range of sizes and styles at Fairy Drop didn't exactly fit his aesthetic, or anything other than a particularly dramatic shapeshift. Those took energy. He throws his hair over a shoulder, shaking his head dismissively. She's not bothering him in the least. While it's true he's not particularly fond of her, it would take someone with a... significantly higher high horse than he has to turn up his nose at her. After all, of the Shitennou, his high school yearbook superlative was most likely to do something sketchy for the sake of the people he cares about, himself very much included on that list. "Here for yourself, or a friend?" This was Neutral Territory, and he was not going to be the jerk first. Mamoru would probably pout at him if he did.
Lacrima 2018-10-26 21:55:37 99313
Lacrima nods, untensing a little when Izumi doesn't cast her out. Yes this is neutral ground but Lacrima kind of cares what people think and doesn't want to... make someone angry by mere existence like say- Kyouko! She takes a breath. "Myself. I also have housemates that need clothes-- at least one of them at least. And she has kind of a girlfriend now and I want to make sure that she looks 'nice' if she wants to. The same also for me. Trying to get some nice things instead of. Um. This. Whatever this is I'm wearing." she says.

She fidgets. "Is Mamoru-kun doing okay after... all that?" she asks. "I haven't been visiting. I stayed a week and then someone wrecked your place because of me so been... keeping space. At least for a small bit." she says quietly as she walks further into the store.

"I mean I did visit to pick up some rose honey from Mamoru but that was a short visit."
Zoisite 2018-10-26 22:00:40 99315
"He seems okay, things have just been... quiet at our place." Quiet in a way he's realizing he doesn't know how to use to avoid uncomfortable topics, but that's not really something he's going to tell most people. "'Kind of' a girlfriend, huh?" There's a wicked little note to his voice, like if he were more familiar with her on a personal level that might have led to teasing. "It's a good reason to look for clothes." And maybe helping her would be a fun distraction. "Do you think you need help looking for something that isn't... that?" Since, clearly, her own opinion of what she was wearing wasn't the highest.
Lacrima 2018-10-26 22:11:28 99319
Lacrima crosses her arms. "Well. I have more than a 'kind of' girlfriend..." she says. "But Lamya-chan. The dragon that my brother so desperately wants to kill, found her 'Princess'." she says. "-and it turns out 'George' was just a jealous ass and that's why everything went horrible in the past. Nakusu..." a pause. "That's the princess. Well, her reincarnated self. The Princesses' name was 'Sabra'..." she says. "Has feelings for Lamya and Lamya still has feelings for Nakusu.. so that kind of just happened like the two we're just continuing from nearly a thousand years ago I guess." she says.

"...Ari-chan." a pause. "Ariel. My girlfriend. For the record. The unicorn." she says. She's talking ALL this quietly of course. She looks towards a rack and looks through floral-pattered blouses. Exactly like the one she was currently looking as she draws back...

"Yes. Yes I do need help I think."
Zoisite 2018-10-26 22:21:03 99322
"Well, I can help who's in front of me right now with that. With others... I'd want to get a look at them before I made suggestions." Things like coloration, undertones of their skin, and personalities would all make differences in what he'd advise, let alone physical dimensions. "I wouldn't want to suggest clothes that are too small, too big, or proportioned weirdly." The whole past lives thing went without much comment, because really, anyone who had ties to the Golden Kingdom or Silver Millennium wasn't in any position to be throwing stones. That house wasn't even glass so much as the sugar glass they used in film prop bottles meant to shatter over someone's head! "I mean, there are things that would look fine on me but would look awful on you, for instance." Izumi shoves a sleeve up, showing the greenish hue to the fine veins on the inside of the wrist. "See how I look green, there? I've got what're called warm undertones, which means I look better in colors that'd probably make you look jaundiced." He'd seen bright yellow on a person with cool undertones. It had been offensive. "Let me see what you would be?" He offers a hand, clearly inviting her to bare her wrist so he can check.
Lacrima 2018-10-26 22:29:24 99324
Lacrima listens as she head tilts and nods. "I'm just going to buy what looks fancy for them. I can always return it. Or give it to someone else if it doesn't work for them." she says. Someone who clearly has the money to do that. She head tilts as she listens to what Izumi says as she agrees with Izumi's statements, but then...

Then she eyes Izumi's wrist. Okay. She understands now, but then Izumi wants to see her wrist and her eyes go wide. "Erm...." she looks left and right twists her wrist and veins?...

Black... wait. no. purple. wait.. black wait...purple.... wait that isn't even a pulse!

"Erm. Vampire. No blood. No heart beat. That's just the dark energy flow..." she mutters. "Dunno if you can work with that..." she says.
Zoisite 2018-10-26 22:35:17 99326
"It's on the cooler end of the color spectrum." What is flowing matters less than the predominant color hue. Unless it varies into more of a red-violet range, it still counts as cool undertone. He says that with the inflappability of someone who totally dictates fashion for the undead on a daily basis. "Honestly, for most things, loud patterns are out." Drop the florals and nobody gets hurt, Lacrima. "You want to stick to blueish greens, blues, purples, and neutral colors like brown, black, grey, and white." He strolls through the store, picking items here and there that look likely. "And one of the most important things is something you'd be comfortable in. How you wear something is as important as what you wear." Which is part of why Mamoru is such an exasperating fashion disaster... he wears awful things with the utmost confidence and zero shame or remorse.
Lacrima 2018-10-26 22:51:55 99329
Lacrima looks at Izumi with confusion as she follows Izumi as they point out various colors. Blue greens? Blues? purples? brown black and grey?" she blinks a little. "Well, my fancy dresses are black with purple trim and I guess I look good in those..." she does. She reallllly does. But she isn't wearing a fancy dress right now. She's dressed like a fashion disaster.

Maybe Norie looked better in it than 'Lacrima' does. She doesn't know. Norie at least had a skin tone. She eyes a bluish green blouse and drags it over. "No loud patterns?" she asks with almost a pout.

At least what she picked out was not patterned. She picks out a few more things in the same vein. Blue/green, light blue, purple. Purple is always a go to for her though.

"Purple always seems to work for me. But that's not surprising, considering my hair and eyes." she snorts just a little to herself in a personal giggle.

"Any patterns at all that could work...?" she asks.
Zoisite 2018-10-26 23:02:34 99330
"Something subtle, like two shades of a color, or something like a print on a t-shirt. I think lace would work for you, too. If I knew what kind of style you were going for, I could give more advice..." Izumi shrugged a little. It was a comment that definitely invited input. After all, his last fashion maxim was probably the most important of them all.
Lacrima 2018-10-26 23:14:17 99331
Lacrima nods a little and wraps her arms around herself in thought as she eyes the basket she's been filling with clothes... "....fancy but... not. Too fancy? I guess. I have two 'speeds' of clothing right now. Casual trash like this... or Lady God-damn Godiva like the fancy dresses I wear that are actual period dresses..." she says.

"I'm looking for an inbetween of. Normal but 'wow!'..." she says.

"Ugh does that even make sense?" she asks with a sulk.
Zoisite 2018-10-26 23:17:11 99332
"No, that makes sense." That in mind, Izumi picks up a few items- mostly things with corset-inspired details and lines that suggest more of a period style, but overall seem a lot more casual than a formal period dress. He holds them up for her to see. "Like this?" Definitely nowhere near his style, even with a shapeshift into a lady. "This would go well with plain leggings- if you want to do patterns, you need to let something go plain."
Lacrima 2018-10-26 23:40:59 99333
Lacrima eyes some of the things Izumi picks out and her eyes trace up and down it as he reaches out to steal the clothes into her basket. "Those will do." she says. "I think." she adds. She looks into her basket and starts counting on her fingers, as she picks out a few more things along those lines herself from the general area around her.

"Okay we'll see how that goes then!" she gives just a small smile. It's all she can manage. Usually she can't even manage that. Dark energy sucks.

Or is great, depending on who you ask but Lacrima thinks it sucks right now.

Which is why she looses the smile fast. "Plain stockings. What about shoes....?" she asks. "Similar color? Sneakers? Slip Ons?... high heels?" she asks curiously.
Zoisite 2018-10-26 23:44:24 99334
"Mary Janes, ballet flats, and wedges would all work. Similar colors, but neutrals like black are really common for shoes, which would make one pair more versatile." Izumi puts his choices into her basket with a crooked smile. "Accessories also work- gold would pop out against the darker cool tones, and your skin."
Lacrima 2018-10-26 23:54:36 99335
Lacrima hrmmmsss. "Alright..." she says softly. She says making a mental note. She has another place she gets shoes, she won't buy them here. She bites her lip and taps her bottom lip. She looks down at the various necklaces around her neck. (A new one is there-- a purple star pendant, similar to Ariel's own- a gift on her birthday) and the ring on her finger and shakes her head. "I'm at risk of overacessizrication. If that makes sense. Ha... so many gifts from people and my gem's pendant." she says.

"I'm.. going to check out then. And make my way to the place I get shoes. I have a guy." she says. For shoes? Yes for shoes.

She gets them 'properly made' from a cobbler probably. Knowing her.


"Thank you, Izumi-san." she says softly. "Since... you most certainly didn't need to help me." she bows a moment. "Can you tell everyone I hope they have a good evening if you see them?" she says, mentioning to the rest of the ECFH crew- before she goes off to pay!
Zoisite 2018-10-26 23:57:50 99337
"True enough." Too many accessories would be tacky as sin. "And having someone who does stuff like that is going to be much classier than noth." Which sounded like what she wanted in the first place. "I'm at loose ends and Mamoru would probably make sad eyes if he heard about me being a jerk." Plus, even for someone whose self-professed alignment was unpleasant good, sometimes being pleasant was nice. "I will probably see you around at some point." Magical Tokyo was a smaller place than Mundane Tokyo, after all. With that, Izumi went back to his own browsing.