Yagami Home Life

Hayate, Signum, and Zafira come home from grocery shopping and talk about TV. Signum and Zafira accidentally make Hayate sad, which is the WORST thing.

Date: 2018-10-27
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Hayate Yagami 2018-10-27 23:29:29 99356
Hayate Yagami is pleased. Her parents might be gone, but she definitely has a family, and introducing them to the wonders of grocery shopping fills some sort of deep-seated hunger inside her. She doesn't even have to watch where her chair is going, because Signum is taking care of that!

Honestly, she feels positively spoiled. The small brown-haired teenager smiles brightly at Signum and Zafira, folding her hands in her lap. "Wasn't that great? We even got a really good deal on the pork!" Yep. Happy. Infectiously so.
Signum 2018-10-27 23:36:04 99357
Signum's orders, historically speaking, have boiled down to 'kill this person', 'route this army', 'dismantle this facility' or some combination thereof. She's followed them without question for centuries, with absolute confidence.
    The streak... has been broken.
    Signum struggled slightly with 'money', and after that she quickly realized that she was now in a student role, making suggestions that were thinly disguised questions about surprisingly basic things. All told, she kept her composure really well! But it was... strange and uncomfortable.
    She... didn't really mind though.
    Hayate's question draws a look downward from the relatively towering pink-haired woman, who blinks once before allowing herself a small smile. "... Yes, Hayate-sama. We were very fortunate."
    ... Well. 'Allowed herself' nothing. She kinda can't help it.
    She cranes her head slightly when she reaches the door and begins to firmly order, "Zafira, the door-" she stops for a solid second and then corrects herself. "Zafira. Please get the door for Hayate-sama." Military manners don't come off as well here as she's used to.
Zafira 2018-10-27 23:41:14 99359
It still feels odd for Zafira to not have his more canine ears and tail, but it's a requirement when he's going out around the humans. Either way, the only guy of the house isn't complaining. He's too quiet for that anyway. His arms are covered in grocery bags hanging off of them. He'd offer a firm nod toward Hayate's questioning and, before Signum's even finished, he's rushing to open the door for her. Despite Signum's self correction, Zafira doesn't seem to have minded the original tone at all. The guardian beast is as loyal and obediant as usual. He'd even hold the door open for both of them rather than being in any rush to get the bags sat down.
Hayate Yagami 2018-10-27 23:49:27 99363
Hayate glances up at Signum's tone, briefly. The only reason she really minds military manners from the Wolkenritter is because it makes them stand out. Granted, there's a slight ulterior motive there because they act more like a military unit than a family, and she wants to change that.

"Thank you for getting that, Zafira. Do you want to put the bags down?" They're magical, and Zafira looks buff, but really, that doesn't mean he has to carry around a ton of groceries! "As long as the meat is put up in the fridge, everything else should be fine in the bags for a minute."

She smooths her hands down her skirt with a tiny smile. Even if her new family is awkward about life on Earth right now, she loves spending time with them. In a way, her poor health does her a favor, allowing her to spend more time with them.
Signum 2018-10-28 00:00:33 99366
Hayate nods once to Zafira, then glances down again when Hayate thanks him, though this time she merely stays silent rather than parrot her master.
    Signum, the most strict, arguably the least personable, and most responsible of the Wolkenritter might be the hardest nut to crack in their new family unit. But it's not for a lack of trying, or interest necessarily. Indeed, their short time here has been a blessing to the taciturn knight's mind. Though she doesn't view Hayate's condition as quite as much of a favor. Not as a burden either! But... a source of worry.
    Signum doesn't want this to end, ever.
    She watches Zafira work for a brief moment after pushing Hayate's wheelchair into the house, shrugging off her long maroon coat and hanging it off the door hook - letting her green and white scarf stay slung around her neck for a moment as she steps forward around Hayate's wheelchair and gives her a short respectful bow. "Hayate-sama." She says simply, and gets down on one knee. "Shamal and Vita will be home shortly." She says with the curtness of a status report. "... We can start dinner soon." Is said with the exact same seriousness and focused look in her eyes as she helps to remove Hayate's shoes. "Do you need anything before then?"
Zafira 2018-10-28 00:07:11 99368
Zafira offs to the kitchen as soon as Signum and Hayate are settled in. He'd take care of the meat properly and put everything else where it belongs as well. After finishing he'd come out to join the others. His usual expression softens slightly, but he's quick to try and get it back into place.
Hayate Yagami 2018-10-28 00:11:38 99371
Hayate nods at the reminder from Signum, shifting awkwardly in her seat as the pink-haired Knight removes her shoes. She glances up at Zafira and smiles brightly at that moment of soft expression she catches. That. That right there is what she's trying to encourage, and her own smile dims a little as he tries to get more serious.

"Not really! I just want to watch TV with you guys." She shifts her legs a little bit with her hands, in her chair. As much as she likes her wheelchair for getting around, it's nowhere near as comfortable as the couch.
Signum 2018-10-28 00:21:24 99374
"Nn." Signum grunts voicelessly in surprise as Hayate points to Zafira, blinking once. She seems to consider this for a moment, and forces her face to relax a little and... smile? She so rarely does it on purpose. Her lips just sort of press flatly for a moment.
    It's a start!
    Her distracted efforts to act properly human stop when Hayate speaks again. Hayate's next attempt at a smile is a bit more genuine. "Yes, Hayate-sama." She says, then spare Zafira another glance. That's not what their master likes. "... That sounds... nice."
    It kinda does, though.
    Signum brings Hayata wheelchair to the living room, beside the couch. Hayate's more than capable of moving herself, Signum knows, but she still asks, "Would you like help, Hayate-sama?" She looks to Zafira, as if silently ordering him to be ready for operation 'lift small young woman'.
Zafira 2018-10-28 00:37:35 99379
Zafira moves near to Hayate, seeming prepared to move her as well. "It does," he agrees with Signum's statement, "What would you like to watch, Hayate-sama?" He waits there just in case, his arms even out to offer her help if she asks it. Much like Signum, part of him worries they might be growing too soft like this, and yet... To make Hayate happy feels like the most important thing of all, and seeing her happy makes him feel happy somehow as well. ...he remembers somehow, seeing happiness in others in the past, but it felt so false and unpure. This felt so different.
Hayate Yagami 2018-10-28 00:43:49 99383
Hayate beams at two of her knights. "Help out of the chair would be lovely." Transferring out of the chair is annoying, after all, and clumsy, and her legs just do things she nas no control over. Help up would mean avoiding all that.

"Um... what do you guys want to watch?" Hayate likes cooking shows, but part of the importance of this is letting Signum and Zafira find things that they like, too!
Signum 2018-10-28 00:49:22 99384
Signum straightens up like she's been given a command, and nods once to Zafira to - literally! - carry out that command.
    Hayate's question throws her for a bit of a loop, though. "... What... we want to watch?" She repeats, as if confirming that those noises amount to the idea she thinks it does - or more likely buying time. Her eyes subtly drift to the side thoughtfully, before she closes her eyes, crosses her arms, and says with the absolute confidence of a leader, "What Zafira wants will be fine."
    And that's when Signum learned to punt responsibility. New mission: Find out what shows are good so she's prepared next time.
    Wait, she'll have to watch TV for that.
    ... ... Was that one samurai movie too violent for Hayate?
Zafira 2018-10-28 00:54:02 99387
Zafira sets to helping Hayate to the couch like asked. He's very careful about it and makes she she's settled in nice and comfy before moving the chair to the side, so it's not in the way, but still in easy enough access. With Hayate's responce he's also left staring lostly for a moment toward the tv, and he's very visibly troubled as Signum punts the choice on to him. Even without the canine ears one can swear his ears are flattening and his forehead is sweat dropping a little. "...I...don't really know anything but what I've seen you watching, Hayate-sama," he murmurs, "Whatever you like is honestly fine..."
Hayate Yagami 2018-10-28 01:00:24 99389
"Well, if neither of you know what you like, we can just keep changing channels until you find something you do, right?" Because that is the point. Not what she wants to watch, but them having them figure out what they want. In some ways, they really are like extremely well-spoken children. She can't imagine not knowing what you would like, and she's aggressively is seeking out things that they would. Her entire demeanor says determined, not angry, not even annoyed.

"You guys didn't do anything wrong... It's just kind of sad that you don't know the kinds of things you like." It's worse than her being upset at them. She's sad, just a little, over their own lack of self-knowledge. Hayate grabs the remote and turns the TV on, flipping through the channels and pausing every so often, glancing between Signum and Zafira to see if they like what's on and smiling hopefully.
Signum 2018-10-28 01:08:03 99392
The glare Signum gives Zafira could cut through steel, and may have reduced him to a skeleton if Hayate's response hadn't immediately turned it to shame... and once her concern is made clear, to guilt. "... Hayate-sama." Signum murmurs softly. She presses her lips together tightly with growing frustration before she closes her eyes, pulls her scarf off, and drapes it over the back of the couch as she takes a seat next to Hayate.
    Signum clasps her hands together and stares at the television with intense focus, that gradually melts away to curiosity and occasional confusion.
    "... I had no idea there were talking cats." She said with absolute sincerity.
    "Did that man's hair turn gold?"
    "Water... bending?"
    "His swordplay is dangerously amateurish. Why do they call him a Master? No, I- I don't *hate* it... His spirit is commendable."
Zafira 2018-10-28 01:14:13 99394
Zafira actually looks a deal MORE concerned as Signum hits him with that glare, and Hayate seems sad. He /quite/ hesitantly takes a place on the couch, tilting his head as he watches the channels change. He's not commenting on things like Signum, but his interest seems to silently perk at the more action oriented shows. "Sorry...Hayate-sama, Signum..." he murmurs in reguards to his failure to choose something.
Hayate Yagami 2018-10-28 01:22:31 99396
"It's not your fault, either of you." It'd almost be better if it was some kind of anger or disappointment aimed at them. Instead, it's this sadness that is very clearly caused by them and their circumstances, but is not their faults. "It's not your fault, it's just... sad that you guys grew up in a way that meant you don't know what kinds of things you enjoy! I just want all of you to be happy."

Signum's commentary gets the occasional small giggle from Hayate. She stops on a channel and leans over to pat Zafira on the shoulder. "It's okay."
Signum 2018-10-28 01:27:20 99397
Signum's response is spoken more softly than Hayate's, but said at roughly the same time, a simple "It's fine." spoken with her eyes closed. Zafira didn't fail in any way Signum didn't as well, he was just the only one to voice it. In retrospect it was foolish to expect Zafira to be better at bluffing than she was. They've never really had to bluff.
    Still, she watches the screen intently - are those puppets hugging? - and says simply, "... We'll try harder, Hayate-sama." She says, spoken less like a failure... and more like someone who... wants to put the effort in for someone important.
Zafira 2018-10-28 01:34:43 99398
Zafira regathers himself and gives a grunt, nodding in agreement with Signum. "We will..." he says simply, trying to get his act back together rather than give spoken response to his apology. "...how is it some of this looks like drawings come to life," he wonders, "...I don't remember ever...paying much attention to this sort of thing..."
Hayate Yagami 2018-10-28 01:36:46 99399
"Because that's kind of how animation started. People noticed if they made little books of drawings that were just a little different from each other and flipped them in succession, they'd trick the eyes into thinking there was motion." And thus, an entire industry was born.

"It's nice to just sit and not think about things other than what story someone wants to tell you, isn't it?"
Signum 2018-10-28 01:38:54 99400
Signum barely disguises a perplexed look at Hayate's explanation, having neglected to ask about the very same. She doesn't voice her amazement, but it's still pretty novel. Did they never think to do that in all of Belkan history? So hard to remember...
    The bubble of distraction pops upon Hayate's question, and after a moment she smiles - much better than last time! - and says, softly, "... Yes, Hayate-sama. It is."
Zafira 2018-10-28 01:55:47 99401
Zafira blinks slightly at the question. "I...suppose so..." he murmurs hesitantly, "I guess I am still learning the appeal...isn't it easier to have people do the actions than make so many drawings?" He looks more thoughtful for a moment, "It would be good for holding the attention of small children that need to be kept somewhere for protection, wouldn't it?" He says that, but he seems pretty focused on things himself. The white haired man isn't meaning to ignore Hayate's question, he just seems honestly at a loss for how to even answer it.
Hayate Yagami 2018-10-28 01:58:42 99402
"Earth is a lot safer than you guys are used to, though..." Hayate points out, running a gentle hand over Zafira's hair. "So it's used to fill time, and honestly, there doesn't need to be a completely practical rational reason to do it the lower-effort way. You can appreciate art just for its own sake."

She puts her hands in her lap again, closing her eyes.
Signum 2018-10-28 02:01:42 99403
Signum nods her head quietely, and observes Hayate's show of affection with a little hint of a smile. She needs to figure out this television thing, but... in the meantime... Signum ponders. Hayate uses the word 'family' a lot. Is this what that means? Is this what it's like all the time?
    It's... nice.
Zafira 2018-10-28 02:04:36 99404
Zafira leans some into the rubbing of his hair. The hint of a smile breaks his features again, but then he blinks toward Hayate's closing eyes. "Hm, I'll try harder Hayate-sama...or is it less?" He seems honestly confused at that, but then moves to prepare to relocate her incase she's actually fallen asleep.