Tricks no Treats

Some people make friends on Halloween. Jadeite and Signum make annoyances. At least Zafira was here to defuse things.

Date: 2018-11-01
Pose Count: 10
Jadeite 2018-11-01 05:41:58 99601
The ECFH Halloween party didn't manage to get wilder than Sailor Kamen leaping off into the distance with Zoimoon, but that was only because it was a little difficult to top that. Fortunately for all involveed, the fact that no one could top that amazing stunt didn't mean that the party - or the flow of drinks - stopped. A few hours later, Jadeite stumbled out of the party, driven by a single unsatiable need: the capture of 108 Pokemon to get to the final stage of Spiritomb research. He was stuck at seventy-nine captures, and even a lure module wasn't helping him attract new Pokemon.

It was total bull. He regretted ever designing this app. He was seconds from deleting the app entirely. He was... kind of drunk, actually, and that probably had more to do with his failures than anything, but heck if he was going to acknowledge that now! Standing under the streetlight nar the building, he was paying absolutely zero attention to the goings on around him.
Signum 2018-11-01 05:46:55 99602
The night was long for a lot of people, though for very different reasons for some. The Wolkenritter, for example, are working very hard in preparation for breaking a very important promise. Tensions are high, moods are foul, and pink-haired knights are bumping straight into distracted blondes. "There's an unusually high amount of magic in this city." She had been noting softly to Zafira as she walks down the sidewalk past a number of costumed revelrers, "... Pinning down any single concentration of it, though, has been less than- NNG." She grunts sharply when she shoulder checks Jadeite, her eyebrow raising as she regards him with a withering stare.
Zafira 2018-11-01 05:51:51 99603
Zafira is following close enough behind Signum, as well as generally looking stern and unplesant. The white with blue streaked haired, red eyed, slightly tan skin man, who's got the form for being someone's muscle headed mook or some non-sence, would move to make sure no harm was meant. His own look seems withering, but in a sense like it's meant to wither everything in range instead of just Jadeite specifically...
Jadeite 2018-11-01 06:01:49 99604
Were he slightly more sober, being shoulder checked could have been avoided, or at least compensated for. That's not the case though - tonight had been a night of candy and alcohol and poor decisions and a case of tipsy butterfingers means that Jadeite's phone goes right out of his hand and onto the cold, hard, unforgiving concrete. An unmistakable crack can be heard as the poor thing lands screen side down.

There's a moment of silence as Jadeite struggles to comprehend this series of events, one hand rising to his shoulder, the other still outstretched for his phone.

The moment passes and down goes the blond, scrambling for his phone and frowning irritably at the two. He tries to bite back and sharpness from his tone - to offer some semblance of his trademark chill as he tells the pink haired woman. "That was uh, my body you just slammed into."
Signum 2018-11-01 06:05:49 99605
Signum's stare is impassive, almost to the point of indifference were it not for the piercing quality to her gaze that seems to quietely judge and then ultimately dismiss Jadeite as she says, simply, "Take better care not to stagger it about in the dark, then." Is all she says, coldly, before she turns around and continues on her way.
Zafira 2018-11-01 06:11:16 99606
Zafira offers a simple grunt sound, looking the blonde over for a moment as well. Despite looking as if he'd rather be telling anyone in his way to take a flying leap off the highest building nearby, he leans down long enough to help this guy retrieve his phone. " smell terrible." Is all he bothers to say before getting back to a full stand.
Jadeite 2018-11-01 06:15:14 99607
Jadeite is preparing to say something he'd probably regret, kneeling there with his newly cracked phone, his newly aching bruise, and his beer drenched brain - and then the guy accompanying the rude lady stops to help him out, and natural gregariousness takes over as he fumbles for the phone and secures the poor thing in his pocket. A faint smile - the most he can manage with how annoyed he is, crosses his face before the comment reaches him and he rolls his eyes. "Yeah, thanks. If you're with her, is there any chance you could stop other innocent phones from suffering mines fate?"
Signum 2018-11-01 06:16:45 99608
"Zafira." Signum calls, stopping but not turning back, hands stuffed into her coat pockets. "We don't have time."
Zafira 2018-11-01 06:20:41 99609
Zafira offers another grunt and an affirmative nod, supposively to both things aimed to him. However, with the question asked of him, Zafira offers a /possibly/ appologetic seeming shrug in reply. With only that, he seems to brush off what little conversation he could have given as he move along after the pink haired woman he'd been shadowing. ...this was obviously another one of those people that wasn't much for using his mouth much.
Jadeite 2018-11-01 06:26:25 99610
At the nod, he sighs and accepts that that's the best that he's going to get out a night like this. So much for an innocent dip away from the Halloween festivities...

Maybe he can take this as an excuse to upgrade to a newer iPhone. No, not an excuse. A sign from the universe that as long as there were jerks in the world, he would continue to deserve new phones.

"Happy Halloween," he calls to the two as he turns back to the entrance to the building housing the ECFH. "Here's hoping no one else gets a 'treat' from you."