What's A Milkshake?

At the Crown, Narumi helps Arina get used to certain aspects of life in modern Tokyo.

Date: 2018-11-03
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Arina Rehylde 2018-11-03 21:36:46 99707
    Arina has been slowly getting used to her new home here in Tokyo. She's gotten into school as a 'transfer student' and while it's a strange experience, considering she was used to doing work already back home, she's been eager to learn and eager to experience all the amazing things that this modern world has to offer! One of those things is the arcade. She's wandered by it a few times on her way to and from school and paused to stare inside at all the amazing lights and sounds and today, finally, sicne she only has a half day, she's determined to check it out. She's stepped inside, wandering the game cabinets with curious glances. Slowly, as if drawn inexorably, she sets herself down at one of the Sailor V cabinets and runs her hands over the controls. Then presses 'Start.' Of course, that doesn't do anything because she hasn't put any money in. She pushes it again, frowning when nothing happens.

    "Hey! Come on, I thought all you had to do was push the button..." She mutters, half to herself. She wants to try it! "Stupid thing. Are you broken?"
Narumi Nendai 2018-11-03 21:42:17 99708
Narumi Nendai isn't exactly shy. It's just that she usually carries a gloomy atmosphere around herself, and she gets a bit blunt and prickly when people actually try to have a casual chat with her. Still, even she can appreciate a good milkshake, and so she wanders into the Crown, already turned towards the fastest path to the upstairs cafe.

She pauses as she sees Arina struggling with the machine and hears her outburst, and she hesitantly approaches. "Hey, uh, you're supposed to put money into it," she says, pointing to the money slot.
Arina Rehylde 2018-11-03 21:52:25 99709
Arina Rehylde blinks as another girl speaks to her and she glances up at Narumi with wide eyes. "Oh! I do?" She swallows and looks thoughtful for a moment as she considers the money slot, then the small coin purse she carries with her in her school bag. She opens it with a faint 'snap' and starts poring through the various coins and bills. This new currency is weird.

"Um. Which coin is it? Sorry I am newly arrived here in the city." She speaks the language well, though there's a weird archaic bent to the way she says some things. "Your help would be a great boon."
Narumi Nendai 2018-11-03 21:57:07 99710
Narumi blinks in surprise, slightly nonplussed by this attitude and ignorance. "Um ... well I guess, uh ... it says 100 yen on the slot there." She gestures to the money slot. "As long as it adds up to 100 yen, you can have, um, any combination, I guess? The coins have the denominations right there on them ..."
Arina Rehylde 2018-11-03 22:05:11 99711
Arina Rehylde squints athe coins for a moment as she deliberately sets out a 100-yen coin on the bainet in front of her. Nice! Okay. That makes sense. "Thanks." She sounds a little embarrassed at needing the help.
Narumi Nendai 2018-11-03 22:08:18 99712
Narumi watches the taller girl for a moment. "Um, my name is Narumi Nendai," she says. "I, uh, I go to Seiyou. Where do you go to school?" Well, she's trying not to be prickly at the moment, at any rate ...
Arina Rehylde 2018-11-03 22:10:28 99713
Arina Rehylde looks up from the cabinet and beams. "Oh! Um, I just transferred?" That's the right word, yes? "Yeah. I transferred to Seishou Public High. See?" She plucks at her uniform blazer, which she's quite proud of, then turns and drops the coin into the slot and settles down to try her hand at Sailor V. "I've been wanting to check this place out for a while."
Narumi Nendai 2018-11-03 22:14:50 99714
Narumi blinks, and smacks her forehead. "Oh right! I, uh, I used to go to Seishou myself. I ... transferred to Seiyou High a couple months ago, though." She gestures to her black dress uniform, which probably doesn't help her gloomy atmosphere at all. "Stuff just, uh ... I mean ... it ... I was transferred for reasons that made sense to my mom at the time, basically. I'd, I'd rather not go into it." (Trans stuff is a pain, even without the involvement of a contract with a nightmare-being.)
Arina Rehylde 2018-11-03 22:21:20 99715
"Aw. I'm sorry I missed you," Arina replies. She's so earnest and friendly. It might be a bit much! She's got her tongue sticking from the side of her mouth as she starts on the first level, muttering under breath as she tries to dodge enemies. "Do you like Seiyou? I really like Seishou! School is super intere--Aw what the heck? That enemy got me. Thrice-damned bastard--!" She slaps her hand on the cabinet, scowling.
Narumi Nendai 2018-11-03 22:25:45 99716
Narumi nods, and ... actually manages a faint smile. It almost seems lonely under her gloom, really, but ...

And then just like that, she's frowning again at the sudden loss and Arina's equally-sudden viciousness. "Um, hey, careful with that, it's just a game!" she says. "Um ... how about I get milkshakes while you're doing that, what flavors do you like?"
Arina Rehylde 2018-11-03 22:30:05 99717
Arina Rehylde looks up from the game as she gets ready for her next life. Wait. Milkshakes? "What's a milkshake?" She's supposed to blend in, right? Asking questions is blending in. "...What flavors does it come in?" She looks back at the screen and stubbornly tries to navigate Sailor V through the maze of bad guys and obstacles, only to be killed again almost instantly when she mistimes a jump. Boo.
Narumi Nendai 2018-11-03 22:41:48 99719
Narumi blinks. There's something odd about Arina that she can't put her finger on, but she's not exactly the best person for figuring out when shenanigans are going on. "Milkshakes are a sort of ... drink ... dessert .... thing?" she says. "Um ... how about I just ..." She winces at the sudden Loss Again. "Oh, wait, no, I just remembered you're not supposed to bring food down here." She shakes her head. "Um ... I'll just ... wait until you're ready to come upstairs I guess?"
Arina Rehylde 2018-11-03 22:44:18 99720
Arina Rehylde nods at that. "Oh, yeah that's fine. I only have one more 'life' left, anyway..." She frowns and leans forward to squint at the screen, determined to do better this time. Despite all of her focus and effort, it doesn't go any better than the last time. Arina just... isn't good at video games it looks like. She sighs and pushes herself back from the cabinet, then turns fully to Narumi. "So! Show me a milkshake! I'm Arina. Arina Rehylde. What's your name, by the way?"
Narumi Nendai 2018-11-03 22:54:16 99721
Narumi furrows her brow. "I ... said my name is Narumi Nendai," she says weakly. "Um, c'mon!"

She perks up slightly as she leads Arina upstairs to the Fruits Parlor Crown. "Oh right, milkshakes are 'ice cream smoothies' on the menu here," she says as she gets in line. "The flavors are on the menu up there." She points.

And then she looks at Arina cruiously. "Um, if you don't mind me asking, where are you from?"
Arina Rehylde 2018-11-03 22:59:42 99722
Arina Rehylde blushes, glancing down. She'd been so focused on the game that she hadn't picked up the other girl's name. "O-Oh. Sorry, Miss Nendai. I hope I didn't cause much offense..." She chews at her lip a little as they up the stairs, feeling deeply embarrassed. She coughs at the question. "Er, Europe! I just moved here to stay with some family for a while." That might explain the weird Japanese and the accent. As they reach the line, she peers at the menu and claps her hands.

"Oh! Ice cream! In a drink! That's great! Um, oooh... Strawberry. I love strawberries..."
Narumi Nendai 2018-11-03 23:09:04 99724
Narumi shrugs. "It's fine," she says. "I'm kinda worse, in some ways." She manages another faint and vaguely lonely smile. "Europe, huh? Cool." She doesn't even think to question any of it; if there's one thing that has always been true of Narumi, it's that she is utterly devoid of both the slightest bit of guile and the slightest bit of ability to tell when someone isn't being entirely honest with her.

She nods. "Strawberry milkshakes sound good," she says. "I ... I'll probably go with that one too, yeah!"
Arina Rehylde 2018-11-03 23:11:47 99725
"Worse? Aw. But you seem so nice! How can you be /worse/?" Arina is utterly friendly in the best and worst of ways. She doesn't have quite the same kind of reserve that natives do. "Is it okay if I call you Narumi? It's a pretty name." She smiles brightly, then fishes into her coin purse again. "Strawberry milkshakes, then. Let me buy--to make up for being so rude about your name."
Narumi Nendai 2018-11-03 23:19:30 99726
Narumi shrugs. "Everyone says I'm gloomy, basically," she says. "I mean ... I'm sort of bad at the whole ... friendship thing ... I guess." At the name-question, she blinks in surprise. "Um ... okay, sure," she says uncertainly, a faint blush crossing her cheeks. "That's, um, that's quite all right ... Arina-san. On, on both counts, heh ..." She manages another smile, which somehow seems even more lonely on her face than the previous ones.
Arina Rehylde 2018-11-03 23:25:16 99727
Arina smiles. "You seem okay at it to me, at least so far." Wait did Arina just decide that they were friends without any further ado? Maybe she did. Maybe. She. Did. "Oh, if you're sure..." She's fishing out the money she needs for the milkshake and quite deliberately counting it into her hand to make sure she gets the amount right. "...Are you okay? You look kinda sad. Even though you're smiling."
Narumi Nendai 2018-11-03 23:35:09 99728
Narumi opens her mouth and then closes it a couple of times. "I ... uh ..." She shrugs bashfully. "I ... guess it's just that I don't really have many friends in the waki--" She shakes her head. "I mean ... I don't have many friends." Now her face is reddening for a different reason, namely that she's worried about accidentally tripping up the 'not remembering things' business with her new friend ...
Arina Rehylde 2018-11-03 23:50:11 99731
"Oh. Yeah, I can understand that. I don't have many friends here either. But I'm doing my best to make some." As she comes to the front of the line she orders, then pays and moves to step back to let Narumi past her. "So I'm trying to make all the friends I can!"
Narumi Nendai 2018-11-04 00:04:46 99736
Narumi blinks, and then breaks into a considerably more genuine smile. Though she's still a little guarded. "Oh. Well, okay, sure!" she says. "I'm, I'm totally cool with this!" She takes her order, and then leads Arina back over to a table. "So, uh ..." She hesitates. She doesn't really want to admit that she isn't sure how girls chat with each other. "I'm ... sorry, I'm just ... not that good at small talk, ahaha ..."
Arina Rehylde 2018-11-04 02:19:15 99749
Arina sprawls gracelessly into the chair opposite of Narumi, all grins as she takes her first slurp of a milkshake. She pauses, blinks. Then her face splits into a big, /big/ grin. "Oh! Oh, this is delicious!" She's all smiles now and she slurps at it again before she seems to remember that yes, they are talking about some other stuff as well. "I'm not really either," she admits. "Um... What club are you in at Seiyou?"
Narumi Nendai 2018-11-04 02:23:49 99750
Narumi grins as Arina enjoys the milkshake, pleased that she found something her new friend should enjoy. She does giggle a bit at the confession that Arina isn't all that great with the social aspect either ...

... and then, at the question, she looks a bit nervous. "Aha, um ... the ... 'Go Home Club.'" She just seems to wilt there. "I'm ... not actually in any clubs." Once again, her gloomy atmosphere settles down onto her.
Arina Rehylde 2018-11-04 02:28:57 99752
"I wasn't really sure about what club to join either," Arina rolls on through the conversation as if she hasn't noticed Narumi's sudden wilting again. "But then I found out there was a whole club for /gardening/! Isn't that great? Back home I used to work in the gardens a lot and I was gonna work with my father but then I ended up coming here," she says brightly. "Do you like the outdoors? Do they have a gardening club at Seiyou? I bet you'd like it!" She hesitates. "Um, what do you do for fun?" Another sip of milkshake.
Narumi Nendai 2018-11-04 02:39:31 99756
Narumi nods a bit, considering this. "Gardening isn't really tickling my fancy," she admits. "Uh ... hmm. I like playing video games like Touhou and Kirby ... though I'm not very good at Touhou ..." She's clearly trying to find something in her actual interests. "Uh, I like going for walks ... I like reading ..."

And then she blinks. "Hmm ... 'reading'," she murmurs. "I ... you know, I saw the listing for a Literature Club at Seiyou," she says. "I wonder if ..." She grins. "... if I could ... work up the nerve to talk to people and join that club."
Arina Rehylde 2018-11-04 02:42:20 99758
"Aw. I absolutely love it, but I understand that not everyone does," Arina replies with a little grin. "I dunno anything about Touhou or Kirby though, sorry..." She trails off, then brightens as she realizes that Narumi is making a realization. She claps her hands together around the milkshake and smiles, listening eagerly.

"You should, you should! If you want to, that is. I do think you should, though. I know how weird it can be to feel alone and stuff. and you seem way too nice for that, Narumi-chan."
Narumi Nendai 2018-11-04 02:53:55 99760
Narumi nods. "They're these two video game serieses I'm into," she says between sips of her milkshake. "I dressed up as my favorite Touhou character for Halloween, too! My mom helped me with the costume."

She can't help but smile back at Arina's enthusiasm. "Yeah," she says. "I mean, I probably will! I just need to sort of ... will myself to do it, heh." She shakes her head. "Some stuff has gotten easier, I think."

She beams. "Wow, I made a new friend today! My mom is gonna be so ..." Her grin falters. "... well, probably obnoxious. But I don't care, really!"
Arina Rehylde 2018-11-04 02:58:02 99764
Arina is beaming right along with her. "Oh, that's cool. I haven't played a lot of video games yet but I'm really interested. Especially like, the ones for phones?" She scratches her chin, seeming to be lost in thought for a moment. "Oh! Well I made a friend today, too, so I'm definitely happy. I wish I went to the same school as you, but... we'll have to figure out how to hang out somehow."
Narumi Nendai 2018-11-04 03:01:13 99765
Narumi nods. "Kirby's on Nintendo consoles," she says. "And Touhou is on computers, but they're really hard." She grins. "And we can just call each other up to hang out, really! Do you have a phone number I can call you on?" Her grin widens. "My mom got me my first phone for my birthday. Which was also on Halloween."
Arina Rehylde 2018-11-04 03:14:52 99766
Arina fumbles in her bag and pulls out her phone. It's an older style flip-phone (she hasn't gotten the nerve to try a smart phone yet). "Er, yeah! What's your number? I can add you to mine and then text you?" Wait, that's what Narumi just said. "Maybe I'll just... give you mine..." She rattles off her phone number a bit awkwardly, having to check her phone at least once to make sure she remembered it right.
Narumi Nendai 2018-11-04 03:16:35 99767
Narumi blinks. "Um, yes," she says. She gets out her phone and puts in Arina's number, which ... seems to take a bit slower than someone more experienced would do. "My number is ..." She smiles at Arina. "Got it?"
Arina Rehylde 2018-11-04 03:27:28 99769
Arina is focused, tongue poking from the corner of her mouth as she focuses on the task of adding a contact to her phone. Got it... Got it... She beams, then shows the screen to Narumi, where the contact reads 'Narumi-chan~~~' along with a few sparkle emojis. Emojis are very important. "There!"
Narumi Nendai 2018-11-04 03:32:29 99773
Narumi looks at Arina's screen, and then giggles. "Kind of ... over the top, but that works," she says cheerfully. "Like. I should make friends with people more often, it's more fun than I expected!" It's obvious that she's mostly joking with that kind of sentiment. But only mostly.
Arina Rehylde 2018-11-04 03:37:53 99775
Arina grins! "Nothing wrong with over the top, right?" She laughs and leans back in her chair to slurp more of her milkshake. "Friends are good to have, for sure. I hope I can make more here. I really like everyone I've met so far!"
Narumi Nendai 2018-11-04 03:53:26 99778
Narumi grins and nods . "They really are," she agrees, smiling back at her. "Like, while I was in costume, I met someone in ..." She stops herself from saying 'in the dream-world.' "... uh, who was dressed up as another Touhou character for Halloween, and we were both having way too much fun acting in-character! So, like ... I kinda want to meet up with her again, too."
Arina Rehylde 2018-11-04 17:42:42 99784
Arina laughs at that and leans forward to rest her chin in her hands, completely charmed by the way Narumi describes her experiences. "Aww. That's sweet. I don't really know much about, uh... Halloween? It sounds fun. Dressing up in costumes and stuff. I hope you do get to meet her again." She leans over to sip at her milkshake again. "I didn't really get it, but all the costumes and stuff are fun."
Narumi Nendai 2018-11-04 17:45:58 99785
Narumi chuckles and nods. "Yeah, I'm sort of planning on ... on ..."

And her voice trails off and her smile fades, because someone from Europe not knowing about Halloween is a big enough anomaly that it manages to get through even Narumi's obliviousness.

She sits back, arms crossed, and give Arina a pointed look that she hopes does not look like that of someone who conveniently forgets magic when she encounters it. "... Where did you say you were from?"
Arina Rehylde 2018-11-04 17:50:34 99786
Arina sits up a little straighter and crosses her arms across her chest. "Um. Europe. Like I said." Yes. Europe. Where they speak archaic Japanese. One hundred percent. That's believable, right?
Narumi Nendai 2018-11-04 17:57:42 99787
Narumi shakes her head. "No you're not," she says, lowering her voice conspiratorially. "In fact I'm not even sure you're from Earth. Like, everyone knows about Halloween!" She's awfully confident about this. "And, uh ... I'm ... definitely in-the-know about magic, basically. Sort of." Ironically, she's a bit less confident about that. "Um, I ... regularly fight monsters in the World of Dreams, and, and my mom ... refused to make a contract with a white cat thing thirty years ago."
Arina Rehylde 2018-11-04 18:02:46 99788
Arina gets a little pale for a moment. Oh. Well. That was a bit too obvious, she guesses? But she seems to relax a little as Narumi leans in. She blushes and glances aside. "Um. Oh." How does she deal with this now? She chews at her lower lip. "...Yeah, I'm from Waldia," she admits, slumping in her chair. "I've been doing so good at hiding it."
Narumi Nendai 2018-11-04 18:12:37 99789
Narumi looks curious now! "What is Waldia?" she says. "I mean I was sort of just guessing ... but, like, that was kind of a big hole basically." She laughs nervously. "Yeah, uh, I ... dunno how you should handle that, though." Her faintly-lonely smile returns. "I'm, though, I guess I'm glad that I sort of ... that I'm making more magical friends I can meet in the waking world!" she adds. "It's just ..." She shakes her head. "It's ... a long story that I'd rather not really go into, but, um ... I guess it's just ... good to have friends in general, like I said! Like we both said!"
Arina Rehylde 2018-11-04 18:20:50 99790
Oh. Guess she has to explain Waldia now. Which is kind of the opposite of what she's trying to do and yet... Oh well. She smiles and lets out a faint giggle. "Yeah, um. Waldia is the world I come from. 'Tis beyond this one, through a portal. I traveled here to aid our princess, Ruenaly. Heroes from your world helped to save ours and now she seeks to return that favor while we can." She smiles brightly at that. It makes her feel good to be doing that kind of thing! Even if she hasn't actually, you know, done much fighting yet. "And yes. Having friends is wonderful. I'm glad to make them here--I need someone to help me learn how to use a intelligent phone."
Narumi Nendai 2018-11-04 18:40:23 99791
Narumi nods, taking it all in with interest. "Wow," she says. "I've just, uh ... Well, I'm a lucid dreamer, which means I can control my dreams, and ... there are actual monsters in the world of dreams called Nightmares." She blinks. "... I just realized I don't actually know if all nightmares are monsters, or if just some of them are." She shrugs. "But, um, I kept running into a unicorn named Ariel, and a vampire named Lacrima. They live ... um, not that far away from here, actually. But yeah, lucid dreaming just gives me the ability to fight Nightmares." She frowns. "And also I can see magical stuff in the waking world, too. Like a guy I met at school with this ... little dude."
Arina Rehylde 2018-11-04 18:49:58 99792
"Dreams? Oh! Um..." She hesitates, not sure if she's allowed to talk about this. Buuuut... "...I'm a guardian for the Princess. I can transform and fight evil in this world. It is a noble duty that I take very veriously." Arina gives a somber nod, though it's hard not to giggle excitedly at the thought that she's a /Guardian/ even now. "A vampire? Are they not evil creatures that prey upon the living?"
Narumi Nendai 2018-11-04 18:57:02 99793
Narumi chuckles. "That sounds really cool!" she says. "So, like ... if she's a princess, are you like, a knight or something?"

At the question about Lacrima, she grimaces and shrugs. "Well, the thing is ... she doesn't want to be a vampire, but like ... I guess she doesn't have a choice or anything? She drains peoples' energy, not blood. And, uh ..." She shrugs. "I ... sort of got her powers once, when a Nightmare switched our abilities and stuff around, sort of. So I guess I really feel sympathy for what she has to deal with." She looks pensively down at her milkshake. "I mean I dunno if I could handle being that way ... forever."
Arina Rehylde 2018-11-04 19:02:16 99794
Arina puffs up a little and looks overly pleased with herself. "I'm a Guardian Knight for the princess, yes." She's still so proud of that! It practically shines out of her face. As the conversation moves back onto Lacrima, though, her face falls a little.

"Oh. That doesn't... Hm. It must be more difficult then I had thought. I know I wouldn't want to be that way..."
Narumi Nendai 2018-11-04 19:21:21 99796
Narumi nods and shrugs. "Tell me about it," she says. "Magic is way more complicated than I thought it was. And I can't even use it in the waking world!" She smiles. "Really, though, Arina-chan, I'm glad I met you! We should really hang out more!"
Arina Rehylde 2018-11-04 19:24:31 99797
"I would like that a lot, Narumi-chan." Arina's smile is quiet, a little subdued. It's still a little amazing to her that she's made a real friend! She's kept to herself at school, feeling more than a little awkward about being a stranger in a strange land, so to speak. "Ah.. I walk this way t go to school but I don't know if you do."
Narumi Nendai 2018-11-04 19:30:39 99798
Narumi nods. "It's sort of on the way," she says. "But, like, again, we can call each other up to make arrangements!" She smiles. "I really hope you find some friends at school, too, though!" She pauses. "Me, too, for that matter." She grins. "But like I said, that'd be just a matter of making my way into the Literature Club, I guess."