A Date!? Love and Evil Collide! Part 2

The date continues!

Date: 2015-05-30
Pose Count: 10
Rurako Doji 2015-05-30 16:42:38 1134
Rurako Doji smiles softly as she looks up to the sky, and twirls herself so that hannah's arm is around her wais,t and she leans back against her date's shoulder. "Well, the glow of the city lights up the horison, and twoards the darker part of the sky, you can see the stars, there are a few fireflys by the pond, and where the light meets dark, it's a brilliant shade of purple, almost like a moving streak across the sky." She says softly as she takes it in. 'But on this particular night, it wouldent be anything special if you werent here Hannah-chan." She says, wondering who in the relationship, if it is that, would be the male... probably not her though.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-30 16:47:33 1135
Eep! There's a surprised little gasp, and Hannah chuckles as she's slipped around! Her own head leans against Rurako's cheek as she listens. Eyes close, taking in the warmth of the other magical girl and the setting sun upon her face.

"Mmm...what a romantic sky. A light of hopes and dreams before the darkness of reality sets in." Not the most cheerful take on things, but everyone has their moments.

Only time will tell who takes the more foreward role! Hannah relaxes in Rurako's grip, silent for a minute, just taking in the moment.

"N...now! You silver-tongued rogue!" Comes Hannah with a furious blush. Despite her words, she sounds pleased. She's trembling a little in nervousness, but her face doesn't show it.

"...I must admit, you have made my first date something to remember, Rurako-chan." A hand reaches to her waist, wrapping over the other girl's and squeezes.
Rurako Doji 2015-05-30 16:51:45 1136
Rurako Doji nods. "Hope, it's our stromngest emotion, and our greatst strength, hope that people will wise up and stop hurting eachother, hope that we will acheive greatness before we collapse upan ourselves." She says softly and leans in for a hug. "Thats why i wantt to become a teacher, to guide and mold the people who will make it happen, who will give us a socioty of hope, and choice." She says as she looks up at Hannah. "So that people like you and me dont have to fight bullies, or even know what it's like to hold a weapon."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-30 16:57:01 1137
Hannah lets out a little sigh. "I wonder if something like that will ever happen. People are good at hurting others. Even unintentionally." A shrug, then she tries to perk up.

"But I like that dream. Really, peace is something I would like to see. But people simply get too greedy or ambitious for that. Who knows. Maybe you can teach people to stop being so foolish, hmm?" A grin here, and she reaches over to tap Rurako's forehead.

"But fighting bullies is fun though! I would get bored without it!" She finally chuckles.

"Going to teach something in particular? Heh, aside from kickboxing, I really do not know what I want to do. I am good with numbers, but accounting is not exactly an /exciting/ job, you know?"
Rurako Doji 2015-05-30 17:00:57 1138
Rurako Doji smiles and looks up at her. "You could always be a motivational speaker? I mean, you are without your sight, and yet you are a champion fighter, an a good acccountant, if that wont motivate people then I dont know what will." She says as she giggles softly. "Probably teach elementary, implant the seeds of peace early." She says with another giggle. "Your hearing is good hannah, but, I want to see if we can make it better? Where you wont need a cane, or Boris Kun." She says with a smile, she of cours,e would take the dog in, probably fatten him up on treats. "Have you heard of the ledgend of the blind swordsman, his hearing was so good he could hear a persons muscles move, and pinpoint where to strike."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-30 17:09:28 1139
Hannah blinks, looking honestly surprised at the suggestion. She had never considered such, and it shows on her face.

"You...really think I could do something like that? I mean, I did do well in oratory courses. Mmm mmm! That /is/ a good idea! Crowds never bother me, so..." Quite the opposite, if Rurako's watched any of her competitions!

"I could see you with a bunch of kids, being the school favorite! Everyone clamoring to get their children into Rurako-sensei's class! Peace and love, huh?" She grins. Oddly, it looks a little brittle.

It hurts. The exact opposite of everything she's been doing the last day.

But thankfully Rurako distracts the blind girl. "Wait...are you telling me something like that is actually possible? I mean, I have heard things in anime like that, but..." She seems skeptical, but intrigued.
Rurako Doji 2015-05-30 17:16:03 1140
Rurako Doji smiles and nods. "I can prove it, There are instances of people developing ecco sense like bats, able to feel movement, some even become so good at it that they consider being able to see a flaw." She says as she smiles softly. "You just have to practice, center yourself, and learn." She says as she places a hand on hannah's shoulder. "Stop lamenting that you can't see the world, and feel it, hear it, smell it." She says with a smile. "And of course, I'll be there to help you learn, to give you the motivation you need, and the caring you deserve."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-30 17:23:38 1141
Hannah raises a brow, and leans back.

"Really? That sounds a bit far-fetched!" Says the woman with a magical talking knuckleduster and telepathic dog.

"But it must be one of those 'believe it when you see it' sorts of things. Alright! If you think you can teach something like that, then I will try."

Then she shakes her head. "While it is true I am curious what it is like to see, and it can be troublesome sometimes, well...hard to lament what you never had in the first place."

Only for Rurako to stop her dead in her tracks. Her head turns away bashfully.

"Y...yes! Oh, blast it, Rurako-chan!" Comes Hannah with a quick, nervous laugh as she flushes red.

"Thank you. Whatever you need, I am here for you as well." Her own hand reaches for Rurako's, to take it and plant a kiss upon her palm!
Rurako Doji 2015-05-30 17:28:08 1142
Rurako Doji blushes deeply at the kisss to her palm, and giggles. "Hannah-chan~" She says softly, about to swoon as she hugs the girl tightly. "Come, lets go enjoy the rest of the night by the pond." She says as she gently tugs on hannah's arm. "Also, when I hold tryouts for the Kendo club, I want you there, just to observe." She says, it's good practice anyway.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-30 17:30:55 1143
Eep! Hannah returns the hug tightly, all of that previous dark feelings vanishing. Someone's going to be going home with a spring in her step and love in her heart!

Then her arm is taken, and it's towards the pond! "Oh my! Do you have koi fish? ...Best not to bring Boris, he might try to eat one." Frown!

"Mmm! No other place to be! Storm nor devil nor teacher shall keep me away!" Fist-pump!