Someone Faces A Terrible... Fate

Lacrima meets with Fate to tell her about Riventon's current status and relay information about Akari to her in hopes she'll help with her plot to try to protect the living Belkan program.

Date: 2018-11-06
Pose Count: 8
Lacrima 2018-11-06 06:43:08 99863
Fate gets a text at some point last night.

    < Shadow Bat > Fate-san? Can you meet me at the Travel Terminal? Platform F. It's empty this time of Night.
    < Shadow Bat > Oh. Right. This is Lacrima. I have something important to relay and ask.
    < Shadow Bat > Um. Please. Thank you.

It's strange for Lacrima to message Fate. The two we're never really 'close' when Fate was working with UMBRA.... Riventon seemed to hold, at least for a small while, a small distance thanks to past experiences with Fate running off the first time, most likely- so Lacrima probably left a wide berth- not wanting to get too buddy buddy. She regrets that- but... office politics. Thusly, Lacrima is waiting, in casual clothes at Platform F, with a black umbrella. It's slightly drizzling, and somewhat dark and foggy. It's spooky. In otherwise, it's perfect 'conspire in secret weather'!

She waits patiently, not checking her watch, but paying attention to her smartphone in her lap lest Fate text that she can't make it. She finds this weather super comfortable, anyways.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-11-06 06:49:54 99864
'Shadow Bat'? Fate seems confused at the name attached to the texts. It's when Lacrima explains who it is that she locks the name to a face as she looks up at Arf. She narrows her eyes. "....why does Lacrima-san want to speak to me." she asks Arf, as she sits on the couch in her new home in the living den. Arf looks concerned but stands up. "I know Lacrima enough..." she says as if to ease Arf's worry. "...that she isn't dumb enough to trap me in such an obvious trap."

She grabs an umbrella, noting the weather and takes off for the travel terminal via the limo service that the Waldians use. She'll approach the umbrella holding figure from behind. "...Lacrima-san." she says. A statement, not a question of identification. Bardiche is already pinging the unwholesome energy levels at him. She quiets him down consolingly.

"You wished to speak to me. Here I am. Is something wrong?" she asks. "Or is something right?" she says. "I don't think this is a social visit. Regardless."
Lacrima 2018-11-06 06:56:20 99865
Lacrima looks over her shoulder, the violet hue'd girl softly sighing. "Fate-san." she says, as she looks back in front of her. "Have a seat. You're right. Not a social visit. I understand you we're adopted. Good." she says. She looks up, then back down. She never looks at Fate. Never tries to make direct eye contact.

"Fate-san. Do you know how Riventon-sama let you leave UMBRA the second time without issue?" she asks.

"Someone else wants away." she says. "But..." she sighs. "The higher ups..." she shakes her head.

"No... No--- not yet. I'll ask. After..."

She takes a shaky breath. "First.... Riventon-sama has been hurt really bad in a way." a pause. "I MEAN..." she seems to scramble. "Not by your leaving but a fight recently ended up with him weakened... apparently permanently. I've never seen him languish like this. He isn't even angry. He's... sad and depressed." she says.

"I suppose I wanted to relay this, while I could." she adds. "....Here....." there's a... device communication request? From Lacrima? The device has the ID of 'Paige'. The file seems to be information on how to find Riventon-sama currently.

"--oh. Right. That's my Intelligent Device." she taps her bracelet. A ping! "His name is Paige." she says.

"That's how to find him. Please, tell no one this. But I think he could benefit from a visit. I know he still cares about you. I hope you still care about him... somehow." she shifts. She really doesn't know Fate's stance on Riventon.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-11-06 07:22:39 99866
Fate T. Waldia listens with intent as she sits. She leaves at least one person's width between her and Lacrima. In case she tries something. She nods. "Thank you." she says. "I sent Riventon-sama, an invitiation to my adoption party, but I know he didn't come. That's fine. I know he and Runealy have some bad blood between them, even if it's trivial."

She's listening with concern when Lacrima starts to go on about someone wanting 'out' when Lacrima veers off into territory about Riventon's current state. She frowns.

"Riventon-kun." Kun. Affection, but not the old Sama. "Took care of me, when my mother would not. Of course I still 'care' about him. This worries me. It's good to meet you Paige. Thank you for the information." she says a little stoically, despite concern in her voice.

"I'll visit him. Now. What about the first issue? The person wanting to leave?"
Lacrima 2018-11-06 07:32:27 99867
Lacrima nods. "Good. I think he could use the company. As for..." she sighs. "-- there was a person that joined after you left a few months after, a girl by the name of 'Nightbell' who is actually some sort of Belkan 'Living Program'." she says. "She wants to go by the name 'Akari Hayabusa', so that's what I've been calling her. That's who she should be referred to as." she adds importantly.

"She wants out of UMBRA. I was willing t--" a pause.

"Right. Riventon-sama promoted me to Vice-Director. Since he's in a weakened state, I've been taking over some small responsibilities. I handled this so he didn't have to---" unpause. "I was willing.. as I said. To let her leave. I started that process." she says. "To just let her go."

"The higher ups don't want that. Eclipse." she says. "They want me to contain her and bring her into be... reprogrammed. They see her as just a program." she says grimly.

"I can't disobey these people. If they we're lower on the totem pole I'd laughed in their face but..." she shakes her head.

"-right. The why I'm telling you... have been... telling others." she adds. "I need people to find her. Meet her. Protect her... From me." she says.

"Because I need to honestly do this. I can't fake it. But I can stack the deck against myself in secret." she says more sternly. "-and the more people willing to step in front of me and not pull their punches protecting her. The better it'll be. Akari will remain free. I have the excuse of being stopped by superior forces. Maybe they'll see it as a waste of resources soon."
Fate T. Waldia 2018-11-06 07:49:17 99868
Fate T. Waldia listens with intent.... a sentient creation... something on Fate's face softens a little, as she looks away and down. She's technically 'a construct'. A created person- not born. This Akari... a construct.. who doesn't want thier own intended fate and to be 'free'. Lacrima. A human who had her body stolen from her and got a bum trade of a dark energy mass to inhabit.. a construct of dark energy....

What is it with people trying to dehumanize others purely because of their make up? Thoughts of her mother drift through her head. This is slowly becoming personal for her. She steels her mind a little. She tries to distance herself from it.

She can't let this get too close to her heart. It's important, but there's too many things there already. Some pointier than others... her mother. The abuse. Some softer than others. Her sister. The knights. Riventon-kunn.... Nanoha.

She doesn't want the sharper things near there anymore. She takes a sharp breath. "This sounds familiar. I think one of the Knights met this person already. I think the plan is to help her in some manner. So. She will have plenty of help. As for me personally?"

"...I will be there if I am able. I'll need to speak to her personally. I want to." she says. "I can't claim I'm a living program. But I know what it's like for someone to think of me as their weapon to do with as they please because they created me in a tube." she says cooly.

"Is that all, Lacrima-san...?" she asks.
Lacrima 2018-11-06 07:58:25 99869
Lacrima shifts a little uncomfortably. "Good. I'm glad she has help like that. She'll need it." she looks towards Fate a little, but looks away before Fate looks back up. "I know." she says quietly. "I came to you, because I know you have some similar, albeit different, experiences- and I know I can count on you to not hold back if we fight." she says.

" don't have the same attachment to me that many of the others I asked have. So there's no emotions there to hopefully make you think twice before slicing one of my arms off." she snorts a little in a grim chuckle. "---I'm sorry." she says stopping. "But it's the truth."

"But yes. That's all." she says as she begins to stand. "Thank you, for coming Fate-san." she says quietly. "-and agreeing to help. Please don't spell my involvement in this out too hard. It's important the wrong people don't hear I'm setting myself up like this." she says.

She'll begin to leave if Fate doesn't stop her, without issue or any other fanfare.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-11-06 08:01:47 99870
Fate T. Waldia listens. She understands what Lacrima says with a nod. "It makes sense, Lacrima-san." she says with cold stoicism. When Lacrima gets up to leave, she doesn't stop her. She just looks back towards the ground with that umbrella keeping her dry from the foggy drizzle.

She'll click a name on her phone after a few seconds and bring it up to her ear. "Nanoha-chan....? Got some time to talk?...." she softly says.

"...not really." she says to Nanoha's most likely 'Are you okay!?'.