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Date: 2018-11-08
Pose Count: 24
Stahlritter 2018-11-08 03:48:50 99931
    It's a perfectly normal day in the harbor district of Uminari. People are moving along the broadwalk even in the colder weather, and some stalls still persist there, selling goods, food and drink to people passing through. The theme park is closed for the winter months though, unfortunately!
    And suddenly, everyone disappears. That is, everyone who isn't magic, which... well, is mostly everyone. As if though a wave washes over the whole district, people just... disappear, and the whole area seems... different. Like it's in a different world.
    Any magic person remaining within the area, though, would upon further investigation find that going away from the harbor district eventually results in... the world suddenly turning back to normal again. People walking normally on the streets, both outside and inside the area where one stepped out of.
    And stepping inside again? Everything disappears again.
    Nothing else happens in the harbor for a good, long moment. Several minutes pass. Silence reigns.
    Only to be finally broken by a massive explosion of water and debris flying up beyond the piers. And of all things, something colossal bursts up. A six-legged, mechanical beast, all sleek surfaces and futuristic lights-- but something clearly magic about it. Even if it does happen to be flailing in the air, as if though it was *thrown up* without any of its own consent, and comes crashing down onto the boardwalk, crushing buildings underfoot before rolling over.
    Oh this can't be good.
Millie White 2018-11-08 04:09:28 99932
Today she reckoned she would take Haruna's advice and 'walk around, meet others', specifically the part where she told her to transform and fly around. Apparently that was the best way to either meet other folks of magical nature, or even trouble that was less desired. As long as she didn't run into that redhead Phantom that Haruna had warned her about, things would be fine. No sooner had the thought surfaced in her mind when she heard it; the unmistakable sound of crashing water and the clatter of falling debris.

Cure Shield tightened her grip on her PreChanBrace, which was in shield form. That noise definitely couldn't mean anything good, and yet the Cure began making her way quickly towards it on foot. The green guardian hadn't quite figured everything out about how exactly this henshin stuff worked, so this would be a real trial by fire if it came down to a fight. Inwardly she wondered if it was a Terribad.. or maybe it was a Familiar? What if it was a Wraith that Osaka had mentioned? Whatever it was, she needed to make sure that it didn't hurt anyone. Heck, maybe someone else was already fighting it?

The Cure arrived at the boardwalk as the creature came crashing down. What the heck WAS that?! It was huge! She hadn't even thought of the possibility that it could be a ROBOT! Cure Shield took a steadying breath, glancing around for anyone else. It didn't look like the mechanical monstrosity ended up on the boardwalk of its own volition... just what was going on here?
Stahlritter 2018-11-09 00:18:43 99963
    Thankfully, whatever magical effect it is that's washed over the area did clear the whole place out of everyone else-- civilians, anyhow, so no one gets squashed underneath the falling robotic behemoth. But there's no one else in sight either, not at least right away-- friend or foe.
    The massive, multi-legged robot rolls itself around, slowly, likely crushing several other buildings underneath it once more, before getting more or less upright, on it's legs. Several eyes - or cameras rather - shift and turn along the thing, trying to hone in on something. Several other small appendages move about, too, but those look less like eyes or arms and more like... turrets.
    And as it happens, some of those cameras finally snap in on Cure Shield, and some turrets, in turn take aim at her-- blasting a wide beam of destructive energy at her!
Millie White 2018-11-09 00:44:04 99964
There was no one around that she could see, which felt a bit strange to her considering the actual size of the creature and how it ended up on land. The Cure frowned, watching as it got up. It was destroying so many buildings, establishments and the like that belonged to people; she couldn't let it just cause mass destruction!

The behemoth seemed to agree with her thoughts because its camera-like eyes froze on her outline, turrets whirring to life and taking aim. Cure Shield's eyes widened when she realized it was going to shoot. Alright, she had a shield, it was about time she used the thing. Gull hadn't taught her exactly how to use the PreChanBraces, but if she got it wrong she guessed she wouldn't be around long enough to lament her mistake. Her grip tightened on the shield in her hand and the circle of gems on the face of the shield began to spin. Cure Shield shouted the first thing that came to her mind as she held her shield out to block the beam.

"EMERALD GUARD!" green energy exploded from the edges of her shield to create a barrier, increasing the area that she was able to protect. The beam hit her Emerald Guard and she could feel the heat of it even through her barrier. With a grunt she redirected the beam by deflecting it upwards, the energy shooting skyward and dissipating harmlessly as it hit nothing. Cure Shield stood there for a moment, her shield smoking somewhat as she tried to get her bearings back. Okay, that worked surprisingly well even if her shield arm was tingling, but she shouldn't stand there and give it a chance to shoot at her again.

Using the increased agility that her Cure form afforded her, Cure Shield began zipping her way towards the immediate area with the fewest buildings, making sure the behemoth spotted her. She had to lure it out of the nest of buildings it was destroying; the more collateral damage she could prevent, the better. Once it was here, she could concentrate more on attacking it. It was the best plan she could think of at the moment, anyway.
Stahlritter 2018-11-09 01:27:07 99966
    The beam isn't a seperate projectile so much as it is-- well, a continous beam. It feels terrifyingly strong, at that, but the Emerald Guard still manages to deflect it! FOr a moment, the mechanical beast holds still, just focusing that beam on her-- but then seems to realize the futility of it all, and by the point where she starts moving, so does the robot. Stomping towards her.
    Meanwhile, something else bursts up from the water. In the very next instant, of all things, a dark-red chain whips out from the way of the waters and wraps about the "head" of the robot behemoth. On the other end, the chain is rapidly retracted, pulling something towards the thing.
    And that thing happens to be something that immediately uses that pull to guide a steel-clad fist into the robot.
    A shockwave of energy bursts out, rippling the air, and redirecting the beam away from Cure Shield completely before being stopped, while the giant robot is sent falling over and skidding across the ground.
    The chain unwrapped again, the owner it becomes clear as it retracts back to him-- the tall, armored figure in a sleeveless coat, with heavy gauntlets covering his hands from elbows to fingers, with biceps inexplicably left bared. The Knight lands on top of the corner of a building after that powerful strike, near Cure Shield, and the glowing t-shaped visor of his helmet turns to focus on her from above.
    "YOU GOOD?" A deep voice booms out, clearly modulated by whatever magic maintains that helmet on him. "WE HAVE T-"
    The words are cut off when a ball of energy suddenly slams into the Knight, and sends him flying off the roof and through the wall of the next building over. Ouch.
Millie White 2018-11-09 02:04:01 99978
The lingering beam endured, continuing to be deflected upwards almost like a beacon into the sky. Cure Shield's boots dug into the ground as she did her best to stand her ground. She had to think of something; she didn't reckon that thing could fire the beam indefinitely, but letting it go too long was a bad idea. She could feel the power of the shot and she grit her teeth. It technically had her pinned down. If she didn't find a way to stop the beam, she was as good as--

Something burst out of the water with a vengeance, a chain slinging out and grappling onto the creature's head. The figure at the other end of the chain, an armoured man with bared biceps and a helm, shot forth and nailed the behemoth with a punch. The beam shifted and then ceased, the pressure and heat immediately relieved from the Cure's shield. She let out a breath she hadn't realized she had been holding as the figure landed beside her. At his question she nodded to show she was alright, but when he turned to relay some sort of plan, a ball of energy sent the man spinning off the roof and through the wall of the next building.

"H-Hey!" She called out in surprise, her gaze snapping to the behemoth. Was he alright? He was probably alright, right? Worry gripped her for a moment before her combat instincts told her to move, she couldn't stay a stationary target. Cure Shield leaped down towards the wall the man had crashed through, partly to make sure he was alright, and partly to make sure he heard what she was about to say. "I'll draw it's fire away from you and the buildings, so make sure you nail it!" And with that she was off, dashing out from behind the building and towards the behemoth.

It likely couldn't aim the turrets properly if its target was too close, so that was her goal. Cure Shield got up close and personal, dodging one huge leg that swung out to try to clobber her as she positioned herself in front of the water; if it did shoot any projectiles, they would at least be aimed away from the buildings and at the water instead. She needed to give it a reason to focus on her, at least long enough for the man to recover and/or get a shot in. Cure Shield sprinted forward until she was directly underneath the head of the beast, crouching down as the gem dial on her shield began to spin once more.

"SHIELD SPIKE!" She roared in English, leaping up and rocketing shield-first directly up at where the things 'chin' would be in a burst of emerald light. The shield in her hand made contact with the robot, the grating sound of metal on metal screeching through the air for a moment as a shock wave rippled out from the impact zone. The first four legs of the behemoth left the ground as it's head snapped upwards, throwing off its aim as it tried not to lose its balance. Cure Shield was already bringing her shield up defensively in front of her, ready for the inevitable counter-attack.
Stahlritter 2018-11-09 02:21:20 99985
    There's no response from the Knight. Not to her initial call after he was hit, or the suggestion that comes after. But the mechanical beast does fire off several more blasts towards the direction the man was sent flying off to, while it works itself back up to its feet.
    Only for its attention to be brought back on to Cure Shield. THere's a mechanical screeching, that almost sounds annoyed-- trying to smash her with one giant leg first, stabbing into the groudn just besides her with enough force to send rubble and dirt exploding every which way. She was right about it having difficulty hitting things from close like that, though. It's enough that she has a clear way to its "chin".
    A loud, metallic echo rings out along the street hwen her shield smashes into it, and it's left recoiling to the point where its damn near upright on its two back legs, stumbling and wobbling.
    But even when it does that, turrets are aimed at the Cure, charging energy...
    Only for something to suddenly fly past her, above her. An instantenous light trail left behind it, as it slams into the upraised head of the robot, with enough force that its sent falling the rest of the way backwards from that already horribly balanced posture, flopping ungracefully onto its back just besides the edge of the docks, but not quite falling into the water.
    And just like that, seemingly out of nowhere, the Knight lands behind her again-- albeit with a bit of his coat torn up, and a piece chipped off the corner of his helmet enough that some dark-brown hair can be seen through the hole created there.
    "Can you direct the deflected beam?" He asks of her, while watching the mechanical colossus shift to try and get up again.
Millie White 2018-11-09 03:00:11 99997
It recovered faster than she thought it would, its turrets automatically tracking her even as the beast reared back. The Cure's boots hit the ground right as the turrets finished charging the energy it needed to fire. Before it could, something flew past her above her head and slammed into its face, causing it to topple over from its already precarious position. Once again the Knight was beside her. His coat and helm had seen better days, but he looked unharmed. She was glad for that at least. When asked if she could deflect it, she nodded. Her shield could already deflect the beam, she just had to aim it.

"I should be able to, yes." She responded, glancing at her shield. It was a little weird walking around with a shield and no sword, but she would likely have to worry about that later. Later when there wasn't a giant robot destroying Tokyo. The behemoth was struggling to get to its feet and it found a way to flop onto its side, where it could then get back up. Cure Shield moved forward raising her shield in front of her as the behemoth turned to face them. It's turrets were already humming to life once more, and she quickly zipped into its camera's field of view. Here goes nothing!

"EMERALD GUARD!" The green energy barrier burst around her shield again as the turrets fired the beam. It hit the shield and was immediately shunted upwards, the Cure holding it letting out a grunt at the force of the impact. Digging her boots into the ground, she tried to angle her shield so that the beam would reflect right back into the creature's head. It was a struggle to keep the shield stable and slowly tilt it back down, inching closer and closer to the robot's head until...

The beam hit the robot with a terrible sound, but that was all that Cure Shield knew because the moment the beam hit, energy exploded outward from it and shattered her barrier. She was thrown violently backwards, her body skipping three times across the water before plunging into the harbour, ripples and waves exploding outwards from the impact.
Stahlritter 2018-11-09 03:39:10 100005
    "The main beam should be hard enough to crack it," the Knight's magically augmented voice rumbles from just behind her, and when she brings up the barrier-- she finds something pressing against her back. His large, gauntlet-clad hand, providing her more support to stay upright while the beam assaults her.
    ...Well. Up until the shield breaks and she's sent flying anyway. It's so sudden he doesn't quite manage to catch her from that flight, but he does manage to shift enough to stop HIMSELF from being tossed off by the impact, too.
    For just a second he looks after her-- perhaps considering, just briefly, going after her, but...
    His other hand, held tightly in a fist, has been vibrating this whole time, gathering energy. Glowing ominously with red now.
    So instead, he turns to leap towards the massive robot, now even more disturbed by the dmaage to it's head, platings falling off and cracked here and there...
    THe leap brings the Knight to the center mass of the beast, and a bright, red flash rings out with several runes briefly surrounding that fist as it's launched right in the center of a giant gash left behind by the deflected beam.
    An explosion rings out. The first punch already created an intense shockwave, but this is all the more so-- wind pressure washes through the surrounding area, sending trash and other small, loose items rolling away from the epicenter, rocking the ground. ANd the robot? That one literally falls apart. A massive hole created in the center body, the whole structural integrity falls apart, seperating into several pieces that all rain, useless, into the ocean asides the docks.
    Upon landing, the Knight immediately runs to the edge of the piers, too. Grabbing one loose brick from the ground, he materializes a chain out again and ties the other end around it. And tosses that to the waters, around where he thinks the girl with the shield fell in. He's fishing for Cures!
Millie White 2018-11-09 03:56:55 100010
Everything sounded muddled for some reason, was the first thought that returned to her mind once the world stopped spinning. She was aware of an ache in her shield arm and she was a bit dizzy from hitting the water so hard to be skipped, but other than that she appeared to be mostly unharmed. Except for the fact that she couldn't breathe.

Cure Shield's eyes snapped open to the blurry underwater world she now found herself in. She hadn't quite gotten a full breath of air before she had been tossed and her lungs were now screaming at her. The Cure grit her teeth and tried to find up from down, counting down the seconds she figured she had until she would be forced to take a breath and actual drowning began. As she searched, she saw something descending towards her, glinting in the light. Was that a chain wrapped around a brick...? It looked like it was made of metal, familiar red metal.

The hand not holding her shield shot out and grabbed the chain as it sunk past her, the last of her air running out and bubbles escaping her mouth as she yanked on the length of metal. If this wasn't what she thought it was, it was gonna be a long float to the surface...
Stahlritter 2018-11-09 04:06:35 100012
    THe instant she yanks on the chain, it starts pulling back. And pulling her too, given she keeps holding on.
    It's pretty fast, but it slows down considerably once she's up on the surface and near the pier, so that she's not akwardly slammed into something. THe retraction into the Knight's guantlet stops, instead, he grabs onto the length of chain with his free hand, pulling with pure physical strength alone to get her upon the pier, arm wrapping around her once she's close enough, setting her down with surprising gentleness.
    "You're all right?" He asks, voice not quite as gentle as probably intended with the augmented quality in it. "That was well done. Thank you for your help."
Millie White 2018-11-09 04:21:10 100016
The Cure made it most of the way to the surface, but the urge to breathe was too great. She took in one heave of water before she broke the surface, coughing and hacking as her lungs fought to expel the gross harbour water. She could feel herself being lifted out of the water and an arm wrapping around her. The moment she was set down she turned on her side to expel the rest of the water that she had breathed in. Thankfully it wasn't much and she turned back over to lay on her back, wheezing slightly as she stared at the sky.

At the question, she didn't move to get up but she raised a hand and offered a thumbs up to show that she was alright. She just had to catch her breath, that was all. She sat up after a few more coughs and looked around at the scattered pieces of the robot.

"I don't think you needed my help." She said almost jokingly, noting the destruction. The Cure got to her feet, rolling the shoulder of her shield-arm as she looked at the tall Knight before her. It was odd that someone was taller than her, but perhaps he was a foreigner too? Cure Shield held out her hand as an offer for a handshake.

"I'm Cure Shield. Thanks for fishing me out of the harbour." She said sincerely, her gaze flitting to what remained of the robot's 'face'. "Any idea what that thing was?"
Stahlritter 2018-11-09 04:34:17 100018
    "Don't say that," insists the Knight, even as he gives a couple pats of his hand against her back-- either as a reassurance or to help her cough out the sea water.
    Upon the offer of the hand, he brings that large, steel-clad hand of his to grasping hers, not quite enveloping it entirely but it gets close. Giving a firm shake.
    "I am Stahlritter," the Knight's booming voice declares. "Or Steel Knight, if you prefer. Come on. We should get on higher ground." He rises up with that, and turns to face one of the still-intact buildings. "I can let the barrier go once we're not where foot traffic goes."
    At the question, he throws one more quick look towards the waters. "A lackey of a certain devil woman. Guarding a hideout down below the sea. I didn't... expect to find that there."
Millie White 2018-11-09 04:44:02 100019
Stahlritter, eh? German... so maybe he was a foreigner like her. His metal-clad hand was large, but she didn't let that deter her. Her grip was firm and polite when they shook hands, the way her father had taught her. First impressions were important, he had said, so she always made sure to have a good handshake at the ready.

The explanation of the monster was definitely missing a few details that she might want cleared up, but he was right; they had to get to higher ground. Gripping her shield, she leaped nimbly up the building that Stahlritter had been staring at, only continuing the conversation once he too was up there.

"A certain devil woman who has a hideout below the sea?" She almost sounded skeptical, but after the past week she had had, almost nothing would surprise her at this point. "What are her goals?" She wondered aloud. To her understanding there were multiple sources of misfortune in Tokyo, not just the Terribads, so she guessed this was one of them.
Stahlritter 2018-11-09 04:59:57 100022
    A powerful, smooth leap brings Stahlritter arcing through the air and landing right besides the CUre-- landing surprisingly gently, despite the force of the motion and his probable weight.
    "One moment," he murmurs, peering down at one of his gauntlets. "Zerstreuen barriere."
    THe german words are suddenly followed by a loud, synthesized voice chiming out, <<JAWOHL>>
    And with that, the world seems to change. The pieces of the robot, the ones that aren't already sunken under the water, fade away, and so does all the rubble and signs of destruction, all buildings nearby inexplicably completely fixed. The streets are filled with foot traffic again too-- as if though none of the last five minutes had happened at all.
    "Pocket Dimension," STahlritter provides, in explanation. "An old magic from another world. A magical barrier set around an area, shunting all magical entities into that pocket dimension. Easy way to minimize collateral damage when something like this happens."
    He turns to face her again, then, and those thick arms fold up together over his chest. "Yes," he says simply, to her seemingly doubtful words. "I do not know her goals for certain. But she is using a certain global medical and technology conglomerate as a front for... I am not sure. Some manner of experiments. Mind control, dark energy... Probably other things I have not known about. Her and her husband both."
Millie White 2018-11-09 05:11:36 100023
Cure Shield looks around as the pocket dimension dissolves, returning the world to it's regular undamaged self. That was indeed handy and inwardly she wondered why it wasn't more available. She nodded to show she understood before honing in on what he said about the demonic woman.

Wait wait wait.. experiments? Mind control? Dark energy? That all sounded like very bad news. Not only that, but they had a powerful medical conglomerate as a mask to the mundane world? this lady wasn't joking around, clearly. Cure Shield frowned and glanced over at the knight.

"Do you know their names? The husband and wife, or the name of the conglomerate?" She asked curiously. At the moment she was in info gathering mode. If the hideout was somewhere around here under the sea that meant they would try again until someone took them down. That someone looked like it might be Stahlritter, what with the way he seemed to be actively hunting the woman.
Stahlritter 2018-11-09 05:21:22 100024
    "....." THere's a very deliberate pause on the part of STahlritter, upon those questions. He turns away from her, and walks up to the edge of the rooftop, arms still crossed together, and.... he just peers off, into the distance.
    "Yes," he answers, after a moment. "The Raskoph Conglomerate. Germans. Residing here in Tokyo now."
    There's another small pause of silence, on his part. ":.. They try to keep a low profile, mostly," he says then. "They are not like many that actively haunt this town. Whatever they are doing, they try to keep to secrecy. Linked to Eclipse, too."
Millie White 2018-11-09 05:29:30 100025
The Raskoph Conglomerate... Cure Shield canted her head to the side ever so slightly when she noticed the way Stahlritter paused and hesitated while talking about the Raskophs. Did he have bad history with them? He must, if he tracked them all the way from Germany! That was just her making assumptions, however.

"I guess it's a good thing you're here then." The Cure said simply with a warm smile. "It doesn't seem like you're keen on letting them have their way and you're a capable warrior." Whatever the Raskophs were planning, she got the feeling that Stahlritter wouldn't let them get away with it. After a few moments of pause, Cure Shield let out a small yet awkward chuckle. "You're gonna have to fill me in on who or what Eclipse is as well. Sorry about that, kinda new 'round here." She said a bit sheepishly.
Stahlritter 2018-11-09 05:38:54 100026
    "........" Silence again. He doesn't evne look back at her.
    It's a good while before he speaks again, and it's only when she asks about Eclipse. And evne that brings a heavy sigh. "Eclipse is... complicated," he says. "I'm sure someone could explain it better than I can. But short version of it is; Eclipse is a secret organization that tries to control the world from the shadows, with magic. Corrupt officials and businessmen all over the world. Pooling resources together to gather power, artifacts, magical manpower... things like that."
Millie White 2018-11-09 06:25:48 100028
Had she said something wrong? Guilt suddenly dropped into Cure Shield's gut the longer the silence stretched on between she and Stahlritter. Damn, she was really awful at this whole Magical Hero thing. She was supposed to be protecting people, not making other heroes feel bad. She listened somberly to his brief overview of Eclipse, nodding to show she understood. After a moment she cleared her throat awkwardly.

"I apologize if I misspoke." She said gently. It was hard to apologize when you didn't really know what you were apologizing for, and that was coming from a Canadian. "I'm also sorry for stumbling into the middle of your battle. I'm glad we were able to take it down, though. I think we make a pretty good team."
Stahlritter 2018-11-09 06:45:44 100029
    "You did not," Stahlritter responds immediately on the first apology, and that's when his helmet-clad head turns just enough that he can peer, assumably, with one eye over his shoulder from behind the cover of that fiery-orange visor. "You have nothing to apologize for. I am glad for the help. I don't know if I'd gotten through the armor alone before it got out of the barrier."
Millie White 2018-11-09 06:51:40 100030
"You would have found a way." She said, rather matter-of-factly for someone who had known Stahlritter for all of maybe half an hour, if that. When he turned to actually look at her, or at least, peek over his shoulder at her, she offered a gentle smile. Now that he was looking at her though, she could see and remembered the damage to his helm and coat.

"Are you alright?" She asked, looking him over from head to toe. "That energy thing looked like it hurt." Not that she would know what getting hit by an energy ball felt like. Even so, she was a worrier; making sure people weren't hurt was almost like a full time job for her.
Stahlritter 2018-11-09 07:03:35 100031
    "I don't like assuming things like that," the Knight points out with a slow roll of one broad shoulder. HIs arms finally unfold, then, and he slowly turns to fully facing her again.
    It's... not easy to deduce what kind of expression he wears beneath the faceplating of that helmet, but she might get the sense that he seems a bit bemused by all her worrying nonethless. And that he's eyeing her over.
    "I am still more or less intact," he does tell her after a moment, with the knuckles of one hand rapped against his breastplate. "It did hurt, but I've taken worse."
Millie White 2018-11-09 07:16:08 100032
The rookie Cure quirked a brow, but his assessment was fair. Some folks didn't like leaving it up to chance or assuming things would work themselves out. Generally she was one of those folks... but seeing the way that Stahlritter emerged from the sea like a vengeful knight of Poseidon to strike down the mechanical beast? It had left an impression on her, that was for sure. She can't help the chuckle that escapes her at his comment.

"Tough guy, eh? Alright, that's good to hear." She grinned, copying his action and rolling her sore shoulder slowly. The pain was already starting to dull, thankfully. She guessed being a magical girl had it's perks to even out the fact her life was constantly in danger now. "We should team up again sometime. Maybe next time on purpose even, you know, shake things up."