About Your Girlfriend?... yeah.

Lacrima warns Hagane about what the higher ups of Eclipse want with her girlfriend. Lacrima hates herself a lot.

Date: 2018-11-10
Pose Count: 12
Lacrima 2018-11-10 23:39:54 100110
Lacrima has sent a message to Hagane, via text. She wishes to meet about her request about using or aquiring a sub-dimensional nanoprinter. That's the cover story, anyways. Lacrima has chosen an alley-- an odd alley. Why? Because it's a small court-yard like alley, a square at the back of four buildings. Inaccessible except by air or the doors to the back from the businesses.

Businesses are closed and the people gone. There's old equipment stored back here under tarps. Old broken fryers, boxes of unsold merchandise that couldn't be returned.

She's waiting in the middle of the 'square', pacing a bit as she closes her eyes and sighs.

She doesn't want to have this meeting. She doesn't want to do what she has to do. But she has to. She looks skyward every so often as she waits.
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-11-10 23:45:28 100114
A sub-dimensional nano-printer is, in fact, among the instruments Mikoto / Hagane was looking to acquire. So someone approaching her for the use of one was just a little suspicious. She does have a number of Device-maintenance tools in her little workship, but the printer is one of the big holes in her 'inventory'.

Further confusing matters, last time she checked, Mikoto was not aware Lacrima used a Device. ... Of course, that could have changed. Or it could be the excuse Akari warned her to expect.

She arrives precisely one minute before the prescribed time - by air, of course, rather quite enjoying the chance to get a flight in - swooping down to a soft landing on the roof of one of the adjoining buildings. She takes a quick survey of the area to be sure no one unexpected is lurking about before hopping down into the 'square' to greet Lacrima.

"Good evening, neighbor. You messaged about some 'Device repairs'?" The wry smile as she finishes shows it, she's certainly expecting it to be something else.
Lacrima 2018-11-10 23:58:18 100116
First and foremost is that Lacrima has that odd purple glove-like device on her left hand- and it is clearly a Mid-childan device. So she does have a device, but it isn't glowing or active right now. She raises a brow. "My device does not need repair. That's Riven-sama's job anyways. He created it. I prefer he be the one to maintain it for me." she says. "No, you expressed interest in a tool-- I see, in an E-mail I received. From Dr. Murano?" she asks.

"Regardless. That's not why I'm actually here." she says. "I'd had just summoned you to Sunset Tower if that's what this is about, instead of this square... box." she says, motioning around to the building walls.

"I'm going to be blunt." she says. "Higher ups in Eclipse want me to capture Akari-chan." Akari, not Nightbell. "-and drag her back for... reprogramming." she says with a tone of slight disgust. "I've been trying to avoid all contact, but it's really only a matter of time until I need to actually... act." she says softly.
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-11-11 00:09:55 100117
Hagane nods. "If you do come across the equipment in question, that you can 'disappear' in my direction, I'll owe you." She really does need the printer. But yes, the other topic is far more important.

"I'm not exactly shocked to hear it," is her first response to the news that "higher-ups" want Akari back. "I take it they're not going to continue accepting excuses forever, then."
Lacrima 2018-11-11 00:22:34 100118
Lacrima brushes a hand through her hair. "We'll see. Not from UMBRA's stock." she says. "But I'll see if I come across another." she says as she crosses her arms and looks down. "No, no they're not. I need to give an update on it eventually." she says.

"I'm telling you." she says. "Because I need people to save her from me. Because I can't... half ass this." she says. "I can't just return from attempts and go 'Ohhhhh well' like I haven't broken a sweat." she says softly.

"I have some people on the case. I've contacted people already who I know I can count on to get in my way and not hold back." she says. "I'm hoping that you know people who can get in my way, too, to contact. People that don't know me would be even better if possible. They won't have qualms about hitting me too hard." she says.

"I don't know how involved you want to get." she says quietly. "Because they really want her back. This didn't come from anyone who I could just laugh in their face about it."
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-11-11 00:37:40 100119
Hagane nods, taking a 'seat' - crossed legs and hovering in mid-air as if she were perched on a comfortable office chair. "So, a Senior Partner, then. Or more than one." Her brow narrows a bit as she considers it. A Senior Partner would be a little harder to ignore a request from than, say, Riventon, yes.

"You can safely assume that I will not hold back in her defense, no matter the consequences," she opens. "She has chosen me, and I have chosen her." Her scowl darkens, her eyes focusing a sharp glare on Lacrima. "I made the mistake of giving up when Eclipse took Ikuto from me. I will not repeat it."
Lacrima 2018-11-11 00:55:34 100120
"Yes. Senior enough that I don't know who they are." she says curtly. "Usually. That means CEO types." she says as she runs her hand back through her hair. She sighs and crosses her arms. "Good." she says. "Because I don't have as much as a choice in the matter. If It wasn't for my affliction, I'd probably care less. But right now. I have to care what the higher ups want." she says silently.

"So the only thing I can do is try to foil myself in secret." she says. "By stacking the deck against me." she says.

"-because the alternative is they hand this off to someone who will actually try to 'really' win."
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-11-11 01:00:17 100121
Hagane nods solemnly. "Best to keep it between us, then. I've at least been known to tell the Seniors where they can stuff themselves, so they'll not be too shocked to see me on the other side from you." She muses for a moment.

"If you want my assistance in dealing with your own 'affliction'..." She pauses for a moment, considering what she knows of it. "I'm no expert when it comes to dark energy, but I've got the research chops and a discreet lab to work on possibilities."

She pauses again, winks at Lacrima, and, grinning, adds: "And a few friends on the Other Side, as you said." The Waldians, for one. She'd already planned to consult with them on dealing with Akari's other issue, so it's not a problem to add a little to that platter.
Lacrima 2018-11-11 01:13:11 100122
Lacrima frowns and crosses her arms. "If it was as easy as that, I'd been gone by now. The fact of the matter is that I'm a dark energy construct. Not partly. All the way. I'd need to find a body no one happens to be using." she says curtly. "...we're not here to talk about that anyways." she says.

"ANY of this I'm speaking to others about needs to remain secret." she says. "It's why we're talking here." she says.

"Good. Get your friends involved in this." she says "And..."

"....you may want to be careful in this regard. This isn't... minor annoyance territory for the higher ups. This is... punishment worthy. If you hamper this. I'm already risking a lot by trying to protect Akari-chan. I can't do it for both of you." she says.

"....can you please tell Akari-chan I apologize for this...? This isn't what I wanted. She wanted to leave. I wanted that to happen. This is.. just... so dumb." she says with frustration.
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-11-11 01:21:34 100123
Hagane nods. Actually creating a body... well beyond her own capabilities. But it's something to consider for future research. And there are other kinds of energy construct, as she knows from creating a Familiar. As Lacrima said, though, now is not the time.

"Your involvement will not pass my lips," she assures the vampire. She uncrosses her legs and re-crosses them the other direction, while Lacrima continues.

"I think she already knows. But I'll tell her. I know she considers you a friend... and I'd like to be able to, as well."
Lacrima 2018-11-11 01:25:17 100124
Lacrima sighs. "I know. But I've been ignoring all attempts for her to contact me. So I don't have to act. Eventually. Like I said- that's gonna need to run out." she says quietly.

"I'm going to need to go now." she says. "If you need to summon me again to talk.... here. At this time is the best. There's walls. Someone has to come from above. It's hidden." she says.

"Please be prepared." she says quietly. "As much as you can be..." she sighs.

Unless Hagane tries to stop here, she'll make for a corner to dusk step away.
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-11-11 01:27:03 100125
Hagane nods and does nothing to stop Lacrima's departure. "You know how to reach me if you need to. Thank you for caring enough to warn me." She offers a Belkan-style salute as Lacrima steps away, fist lifted to her heart. "Stay safe."