Hard Revelations and Hard Questions

(CW: allusions to abuse) Fate tells Runealy about her actual origin. Then Fate asks about 'mom'. Then they try to have curry before Arf eats it all at the end!

Date: 2018-11-13
Pose Count: 9
Fate T. Waldia 2018-11-13 03:37:29 100204
Fate T. Waldia has made sure Akari is okay. Akari is well. Better than expected even, and apparently her talk with Akari made her feel even more better. It turns out they share some experiences. Mainly being people with other people's memories.

Thusly, she walks to Runealy's room and gives a little series of knocks, later in the evening. "Runealy-chan?" she asks. "Do you have a moment to talk?" she asks through the door. She doesn't move to open it. That's a private room, after all. It needs to be respected. EVEN if it's her sister's room.

She shifts a bit. "I made sure Akari-chan was settling in well. She's doing fine after last night." she offers.
Runealy Waldia 2018-11-13 03:45:29 100205
"Hmm?" Rune is still awake, and calls to the door, "Certainly! I'll be right there to see you in." She rises from her desk and paces over to the door, opening it.

"So she's doing well... that's good. I've been kind of worried, after her first reaction to the ritual. Still, if something is on your mind then I would be glad to talk about it." A side-step away from the door gives Fate room to enter, and a soft palm-sweep-gesture inward indicates the room itself.

The room is as it usually is; well furnished with engraved-wood furniture, with red and white cushions or pillows throughout as appropriate. There isn't much in terms of modern furnishing; no TV, no posters. The only thing that stands out is a red leatherbound book, very thick, resting on the desk by one wall.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-11-13 04:01:56 100206
Fate T. Waldia enters softly into Runealy's room. It's pretty... decorated well. She does eye that book- but figures it's private. A journal? A diary? A scrapbook of pictures? She doesn't know. Maybe she'll ask later. She decides to sit on Runealy's bed, placing her hands down. "... There's a few things I wanna talk about , Rune." she says. "One is, I hope you won't get upset me, about. Something about me that a few people know. But I know... you. The others." the Guardians. "Don't know yet." she shifts a bit on the bed and pats the spot next to her.

"Sit next to me?" she asks with a slight smile. She looks around the room. "You have a nice room. I didn't decorate my room heavily either." she says. She falls silent though, a little stoic.

"...I am..." she tries to find the words. "I was created. Similar to Akari-chan. Not a 'program'." she says. "But I am the clone of my..." a little twinge. "I am a clone.. of Precia Testarossa's deceased daughter, Alica." she takes a soft breath. "A clone is... taking a biological piece of someone, and growing a copy of them." she says. She's assuming Runealy might need that context of 'cloning' someone.

"If... you need help understanding. I will do my best to explain. Know that... I am still me. I've always been me. I've been this way... from the begining." she says quietly. "-and that nothing has changed. Father knows. I told him. It was important, that he knew. Before adopting me." she says. She'll move to try to take Runealy's hand in hers, if she'll let her.
Runealy Waldia 2018-11-13 04:12:56 100207
The room is well furnished, but seems to lack much in the way of hobby items. Its occupant nonetheless turns to watch Fate head to the bed, and raises an eye. "Something I don't know? That's not something I'll hold against you, everyone has secrets or things they simply do not mention."

She paces over to sit down beside Fate, picking up on the hesitation; something is going on here. That 'something' is made clear moments later, though Fate's guess proves correct. Rune starts to ask, "What do you mean by a cl--"

She cuts off the sentence when Fate is able to answer it before Rune even finishes asking. This nets several wide-eyed blinks, as thoughts race through Rune's head; she's taking in multiple concepts all at once and rapidly trying to piece them together.

Her hand is easily taken; Rune does nothing to prevent it. "Forgive me for only partially grasping this... I hope it won't sound ignorant when I say that I agree, clearly you are 'still you.' The idea of a clone is still very new to me... probably very new to everyo-- nearly everyone, save for father, on our homeworld. I'd never heard of a clone of a person until you mentioned it."
Fate T. Waldia 2018-11-13 04:32:56 100208
Fate T. Waldia nods a little. She was expecting this exasperated response, at least a little. "Precia, thought that she could clone-- make a physical copy of her daughter, give her Alica's memories. That was me- and that she'd have her daughter back. But something inside her... rejected me. As her daughter. So she gave me a different name. She started using me as a 'tool' to do her dirty work while she worked on ways to bring her daughter's deceased body back to life."

"...The Alica part of me. Wanted to see her smile. So. It's why I would do these things without question. That if I could just bring back... the right thing. She would smile again."

She moves to hug Runealy. One of two people she feels comfortable hugging without hesitatation. She needs the hug herself. She hates remembering this. "...Precia would beat me." she says. "For tiny things. For major things. I have scars on my back from it all." she'll release Runealy from the hug and rest her hands back down against the bed on either side of her.

"Sorry. I know this is a lot." she says self-conciously.

"Just. Things. Things I never told you. I don't want to keep secrets, not from my sister." she says with a short small smile, despite the subject matter.
Runealy Waldia 2018-11-13 04:44:43 100209
Rune's eyes remain raised for the first part of Fate's explanation. "What? Your mother... if I'm hearing that right, she created you to be a 'replacement Alicia', and then decided you were a 'thing', some sort of resource to exploit? Fate, I..."

Fate preempts any further comment, and Rune immediately leans tight into the embrace to hold her close. When Fate pulls back and apologizes, Rune's confusion is replaced by wide eyes and a voice that punctuates sentences with tiny gasps between words: "'A lot'? Fate, that's horrible! I can barely even begin to imagine a family treating one of their own like that. Using you, hitting you..." Rune's eyes waver, looking half-ready to cry.

"That's a tremendous secret... I wouldn't have second guessed you at all if you were to hide that forever. Fate, thank you for telling me this, but... I... all I can say is that is not how things work in this family! We're not going to use you as a disposable item, or strike you for reasons great or small!"
Fate T. Waldia 2018-11-13 04:57:24 100210
Fate T. Waldia 'ssssshhhhhss' Runealy. She can see the potential for tears. "I'm 'okay' now, Runealy." she smiles. "I know. Father said as such. Really... he could ignore me and just make sure I have shelter and food and.... he'd already be a better parent than Precia was. Ten fold." she says quietly. "I'm glad we are able to visit at the portal." she says. "Very glad."

She gently nods a little, as she takes a deep breath. She'll continue on to a mundane topic for a moment. "I bought curry from that resturant across town for the house. Akari-chan was hungry. So was I. It's downstairs." she says.

When she thinks Runealy is a little relaxed. She closes her eyes and opens them. "I've been... hesitant. To ask you a question, Runealy. I'm worried I'll upset you. I'll worry I word it wrong. But. I think you won't hold any of that against me, even if I stammer it out...

"Runealy... what was..." she hesitants a moment. "What was 'mom' like?" she asks. "I mean... your mother." she specifies.

"Please don't push yourself to answer... if it is too hard, Runealy..." she urges. "I just..." she trails off a little there. Unable to complete the thought fully, though looking to Runealy.
Runealy Waldia 2018-11-13 05:21:54 100211
It's a visit he usually makes at least weekly. Sometimes twice a week. Occasionally not at all for a week, but he usually at least has someone send word to explain the absence; their father does try. It's a topic that is met with a simple nod from Rune, as she's still trying to sort her thoughts out. The mention of food, even with Fate's attempt at calming things, goes unanswered.

Then Fate probes for some equally personal information, and the first answer she receives is a deep breath. "I could give you a million responses to that, and on some level any given one would probably be inadequate. I'll offer a few of them, nonetheless. Forgive me if I say so much all at once."

Rune thinks on it in silence for a few seconds, looking over to the desk. "The first thing I can say is that she, like all of our previous queens and princesses, has recorded a little bit of advice in the book you see over there. You are welcome to read her words sometime, if you would like."

Her gaze returns to Fate. "Beyond that, I can say she never seemed to lack for an answer. When she disciplined me for misbehaving, it was always meant to educate me in some way. As a child, I once yelled at a maid for failing to have my favorite pillow clean when I expected it to be. Mother saw that, and her response was to make me work every job in the castle for the next few weeks. I gardened. I wore wooden armor and stood guard. I cooked, and cleaned. I did poorly at them but that was not the point. The point was I learned not to be cruel to our staff."

Rune takes a breath, and offers one more insight at length: "In our magical duties, she was absolutely my superior. When she fought demons, she made it look effortless. When I trained with her, I never once stood victorious. She always insisted I must give my fullest effort despite that, noting that demons would always do the same. Thus, her approach in my lessons was to push me to my limit. When I complained that I could do no more, she would ask me to do one more, precisely one. Then she would smile, praise my efforts, and end the lesson."

"Those are all just glimpses of what she was, but I hope they help."
Fate T. Waldia 2018-11-13 05:36:00 100212
Fate T. Waldia looks towards the book. Oh. So that's what that is. She looks back to Runealy and listens intently. She's trying to imagine Runealy acting 'spoiled and selfish' and she just can't see it. Not with all she's been through with her adopted sister.

She imagines that lesson must had stuck. She then wonders if Runealy wrote her advice in it with her own experiences. She closes her eyes and tries to imagine this a little, as she opens her eyes. "She must had been really amazing, Runealy." she says with a smile. "Thank you... for answering my question." she says softly.

"I think.. I think that's it for now." she says as she gets up and tries to tug Runealy along with her. Tug. Tug tug. Lil yank.

"Come on, let's go get some curry downstairs before Arf decides it's free game...!" she says.