Drawing All Aces

Nanoha talks to Rashmi, Koji and Alexis about an idea her and Fate have...

Date: 2018-11-14
Pose Count: 24
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-11-14 02:32:28 100264
Nanoha Takamachi texts Rashmi.

    Nanoha > Hey Rashmi-chan! Can you meet me on top of the tallest office building in the lower part of Uminari?

There's not a lot of office buildings that fit this description. It'll be easy to pick out.

    Nanoha > Um. There was. Black armor... person. Belkan. At a fight recently. Do you know someone like that? See if they can't come along. Also Koji-kun if you're able to?

Thusly, Nanoha Takamachi is standing on top of said building. Yuuno is flopped onto a shoulder, tiny tiny ferret arms crossed in thought.
Rashmi Terios 2018-11-14 02:38:02 100267
Rashmi > Of course! I'll be right there!

And Rashmi is cheerily gliding along above and among the towers of Tokyo, when the second question bips in.

Rashmi > Black armo... Oh! Stahlritter! Yeah I can call them, not a problem!

And now she decides on wide spirals around and up the building in question, as she composes and fires off her messages.

To Koji => Hey Koji-kun! Nano-chan's having some kind of meeting of Device Users, she asked me to get hold of you! We're meeting on top of the ****** Building in Uminari City..... um..... well, like now. Are you busy?

To Alexis => Hey Alex-kun, Nano-chan's getting a bunch of Device Users together, and she asked me to send you an invite. You're coming, right?
Koji Silvia 2018-11-14 02:43:36 100269

'Hey Koji...'

The aforementioned young man currently in the middle of playing a game with Daisuke, caught between texting and clicking.



He finally looks up from his game, and says into his microphone, "Dai... Hold on a moment. Sorry!"

Picking up his phone, he sees the message, and then rubs the back of his neck. Then he goes back to the mic, "Dai, I'm sorry to cut us off early tonight, but I need to go to a meeting. We'll catch up later, please. Thanks."

Logging out of the game, he texts back before leaving.

To Rashmi => I'll be there in a little bit. Do you want anything from Lawson on the way?
Stahlritter 2018-11-14 02:49:42 100271
    To Rashmi => You know, one of these days you are going to send one of these demandy texts to me while I am neck deep in monsters or my mother's goons and I am not even going to be able to answer.

    That's all the response Rashmi gets back from Alexis. Somehow she probably gets the feeling he's going to be coming along anyhow.

    It doesn't take too long for him to appear, either. A rapidly retracting chain attached to a nearby building launches a large, dark figure over it, catapulted towards the rooftop Nanoha has settled on. And when she looks up, there's Stahlritter, falling down towards her with his coat all spread out behind and around him like dark wings.

    In spite of that, when he does land on the roof, it's surprisingly gently so, with barely any sound when his armored boots hit the ground, knees only slightly bent.

    And slowly, he rises upright and turns to look at the young mage, glowing, fiery-orange visor settled on her in silence.

    He... He is not very good with friendly introductions, is he?
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-11-14 03:10:15 100275
Nanoha Takamachi gets a ping from Raising Heart, the magenta staff in her hands that Rashmi is circling around and that... someone is incoming!? Oh. OHHHH. "Oh, hello!" goes Nanoha friendly like to Stahlritter. "It seems you arrived juuuuuuust before Rashmi-chan did." she says.

"She said your name is... Stahlritter?...."

Yuuno pipes up. "'Steel Knight'." he says. Nanoha looks towards Yuuno then back at Stahlritter. "Yuuno is an expert on Ancient Belka." she says softly. "He's a space archeologist." she says with an amazingly straight face.

"Koji-kun should be coming too. I think..." a pause.

"So... you fight with... fists?" she asks. "Usually. I see Belkans using melee weapons, or similar. Never... their hands?" she asks. "I mean the ones I know anyways." she says with a smile.
"Belkans use all types of devices, the same Mid-childians use all different styles." Yuuno offers to Nanoha.
Rashmi Terios 2018-11-14 03:17:37 100279
To Koji => Thanks! But don't worry about it, you'd have to bring enough for all of us anyway and I don't want to put that on you.

With that, Rashmi darts up, fluttering down to land on the roof near Nanoha and Stahlritter. "Okay so Koji-kun'll be here in a little bit, and hi Nano-chan! It's been awhile, how're you and Fate-chan doing? And Yuuno-kun, it's good to see you too!"

To the looming, silent Knight, Rashmi merely beams in answer to the text he'd sent. "Glad you could make it, Stahlritter!"

Oh the redhead is in rare sass form tonight.
Koji Silvia 2018-11-14 03:22:16 100281
All the other things the pair have practiced... flying is still a problematic thing.

'Koji, you're going to overshoot the roof.'

In reply, the young man now in his Knight Cloth form replies, "We don't get enough prac-WHOA!"

The pair end up swerving and almost bouncing off one building, only for him to faceplant five floors under the group into the glass. Immediately, three more Bits deploy from him and create a Barrier Tri-Gram to catch him before he can fall, and elevates him the remainder of it. As it gently floats up and lands like a plate being carried by a waiter, Koji sits up and rubs at his face a few times as he says in a slightly subdued tone, "Sorry, Sorry. I... ah..."

'Suck at flying. Hello all.', Tyrfing's voice comes from one of the Bits floats up and forms a hologram of his head.

Koji stands and brushes his Knight Cloth clean, then readjusts the short blade on his back.
Stahlritter 2018-11-14 03:32:23 100282
    Stahlritter's visor turns towards Rashmi. The Knight doesn't say anything, but he is very much *glaring*, even if it is not immediately obvious with his facial features concealed by the faceplate.

    And back to Nanoha, and he finally speaks up. "I--" A rumbling, augmented voice begins, only to be cut off by a Koji suddenly smacking into the rooftop.

    Behind the facaplate, eyes turn as wide as saucers, and even everyone else can feel the distinct *sweatdrop* forming there.

    And he turns to step towards Koji, then, regarding him quietly for a few seconds before asking, "YOu are alright?" With a slight sideward cock of his head. "At least you are able to fly at all. Hello, Tyrfing. I think Krieg missed you."
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-11-14 03:46:16 100285
Nanoha Takamachi blinks a little as Koji 'arrives' by smacking into the top of the building. "Y--yes actually it's this kind of thing I've brought you all here about, actually..." she says quietly. She smiles and bows at Rashmi. "Thank you for contacting everyone for me." she says.

"As for Fate, she's good! Me and her have been talking a little, with Yuuno." she says.

"...There's a lot of us... but not everyone is a part of one of these bigger groups about. And... even if there are bigger groups, they're not working together-- I mean. There's reasons for that." she says. "When it comes to a group like Eclipse and Virtue..." she says quietly.

"So Fate and I wanna. Gather people. Into a sort of small group. To handle issues, and help train one another. Fate's already offered to be an instructor!..." she says.

"....I still haven't figured out the rest thou." she says. "...except a place to base this out of. An old Abandoned Convenience store, down the road. Somewhere close to the Korma, actually." she says.

Nanoha pauses. "OH! Right. I'd like to. Invite you all. To this group. Fate-chan suggested... 'The Aces'. She said an Ace is... a term for a very experienced mage. Also. I thought it sounded cool!" the last part seems to be more important here.

"I have a game plan, for some things, too. But it's too early for me to go into it. Sourcing... odd alien magitech is hard on Earth. Fate-chan might have a lead for me though." Yuuno adds.
Rashmi Terios 2018-11-14 03:54:39 100286
Koji's entrance startles a squeak out of Rashmi, and the redhead turns, wide-eyes, to the poor boy. "Koji-kun are you all right?" After a few moments, and it seems that only his pride took damage, she beams at Tyrfing and bobs her head... then settles down to listen to Nanoha, nodding slowly now and again. "That's... actually a really good idea, Nano-chan. I'm kind of running out of ideas for obstacle courses myself, and I'd love to see what Fate-chan comes up with! And I know that store! I think! If it's the same one that Mamo-kun and I broke into to have kind of a meeting that one time..."

Trailing off, Rashmi shakes her head. "Anyway. I'm definitely on board with this plan, and excited to be a aprt of it, Nano-chan!
Koji Silvia 2018-11-14 04:01:26 100288
Finally on his own feet, with the floating ghostly leopard's head of his Device at his side, Koji looks back and forth between the trio present, and then gives a short little bow of greeting.

Tyrfing just sends off in a ping to the other Devices <<Professor. Big Man.>>

As he listens, Koji tilts his head in consideration, and then takes a couple steps to the side of the little girl that Yuuno is on, "Tyrfing and I did a lot of training when we were off during the summer with my parents too. Mostly with how to manipulate the Bits. Flying was too risky, since I can't simply just create a Dimensional Barrier and practice inside..."

Speaking as much as musing, the hologram head of Tyrfing grumbles out, 'Sorry, he gets like this... Koji! Back on track!'

The young man looks back up, still with his thinking face on, and replies, "OH... oh sorry. I... oh yes, I'll help." Ducking his head slightly after as if embarrassed as trailing off like that.
Stahlritter 2018-11-14 04:10:26 100290
    With Koji's well being more or less established (and Kriegsfauste getting to send a pleased ping back to TYrfing), Stahlritter turns to facing Nanoha again, giving her his undivided attention while his thick arms wrap together over his chest.

    He listens to it all, but it's hard to say right off the bat what he thinks of it all. What with the face-concealing helmet and all that.

    "So," he eventually rumbles out, unmoving otherwise. "WHat would you have me do, then, in this arrangement?"
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-11-14 04:15:06 100292
Nanoha Takamachi beams. "There's a vent chute that goes straight up and out, so we can even use that, like... a landing tube?" she asks. "For those of us that fly." she says softly. "Anyways." she says sheepishly looking at Stahlritter. Who clearly stated he did not fly.

She smiles. "One of the things Yunno is looking into, is upgrading our devices with the Belkan 'Cartridge' system. We know it's possible, because we've faced people who've used them before, on Mid-Childan devices. We need to learn that and---" she says.

"Train, get better for the next threat... the next... Precia that comes along." she says a little cooly, maybe Fate's rubbing off on her a little the same way she's rubbing off on Fate.

She looks to Koji and nods! "That's part of the equipment Yuuno wants to get. A.. virtual.. sim system." she says. "So we can practice without... actually doing it live." she says. She looks towards Stahlritter. "....You're Belkan. You fight in a way the rest of us 'don't.'. You can teach us how to deal with people that fight like you do... or help us fight a little like you. I mean...."

"I'm obviously not gonna win a boxing match anytime soon..." she says quietly.

"But we could also use all the help we can. Fate and I wanna be... equal opportunity with The Aces. Even if... we'd normally be enemies with certain people... we think a neutral ground we can come together at and work towards a common goal we all need to handle would be beneficial." she says.

"Assemble faster. Than a disjointed series of groups might." she says.
Rashmi Terios 2018-11-14 04:37:55 100295
"'Cartridges?'" Rashmi echoes, head tilting to one side. "What are those?" Blinking, she shakes her head to pull her brain back on track.

Across the Device channels, Nicomachea answers the greeting ping. << Kriegsfauste. >> << Tough guy. >>

"Other than that... Yeah, I love all of this, Nano-chan. And it's true, all of us have places we can't shore up just by training on our own." This last, said with a level look at Stahlritter. "And if there's one thing we all should know by now, it's that we're stronger together than alone." With a smile, she turns back to Nanoha, nodding. "I'm definitely in, and if there's anything you need from me, Nano-chan, you just need to ask."
Koji Silvia 2018-11-14 04:49:04 100298
'Don't look at me... my series was designed strictly to fight big guns like Raising Heart.'

To which the head turns towards Nanoha's staff, and he pings out, <<No offense meant.>>

With that, Koji nods a couple more times, "Tyrfing doesn't have anything in his database on Cartridge systems. And what we inherited from other Devices during Tyrfing's rebuild by the TSAB only references them in Belkan devices, but not any details." Moving to sit down close by, he rests his elbow on his knees and his chin on his fist, "For while you're doing any updates, Tyrfing and I can cloak the building while you make updates, block cameras... we'll do what we can do. In the meantime, I think I met another Device user when I was out recently, at a park where some plants were draining people of life. There were a lot of new faces there too. If I see her again, I'll talk to her."
Stahlritter 2018-11-14 05:03:08 100299
    Upon the mention of cartridge systems, Stahlritter's visor turns to regard both Rashmi and Koji (and by proxy Tyrfing), briefly, as if half-expecting either of them to say something useful about it.

    "Auxiliary system of a Device, typically one of Ancient Belkan make, designed to utilize energy taken from small storage containers of mana, referred to as 'cartridges'-- like the bullets of a gun."

    His helmet-clad head tilts slightly to the side. "That about right? I met... one person, who was knowledgeable in them. Kriegsfauste was built with one too, originally, but there's been... issues, getting it to function. I don't know if MIdchildan Devices are able to incorporate that technology, but... If you think you can find remnants of that technology, I can pool what information Kriegsfauste has stored inside him regarding the subject with you all. Might make the process easier."

    His head tilts slightly off to one side, and then back to the other again, drawing out a quiet *pop* from a joint of his neck. "... I am a soldier. I'll help where the need is, naturally. But you have to understand if I am... apprehensive, about your idea of connecting 'beyond alliances'. That might mean expecting me to share resources with someone I'd have to fight."
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-11-14 05:16:05 100300
Nanoha Takamachi says. "They can incorporate it. Eclipse proved that." she says. "It's just we need to figure that out...." she says. "...or beat Riventon up until it falls out. But Fate-chan might have issues with that." she says. "For obvious reasons." she says gently.

Well obvious to Rashmi and Koji maybe. She looks back to Stahlritter. "This isn't compulsory. If you want to bow out of anything, that's your choice. But... I hope you can think about putting grudges aside to... to fight a common goal." she says. "At least for only a small small while at times." she says.

She looks to Koji and gives a little smile. No offense, either from Nanoha or Raising Heart.

"Right. Right now, the thing you can both do, is to put the word out and try to tap people that you think you be interested, and give them my number. I can work it out from there. I think." she says.

"....We do need help cleaning out that place. It's a mess. There's all this old furniture there like someone was using it like a club house at some point." she says. "I dunno if we wanna keep that." she says.
Rashmi Terios 2018-11-14 05:27:17 100301
"I can help with that," Rashmi says, bobbing her head. "Best thing about Barrier Jackets... I can help move furniture too."

Glancing at Koji, Rashmi tilts her head. "No names, huh? But yeah, tossing her to the Midori-ya's probably the best idea.... Hm." She purses her lips, considering. "I know....... a couple of people. Just... most of the people I know aren't Device Users. ......Hrn.... I'd want to talk to Lindy-sama about getting advice or help from their Meisters..... but.... I think they're having enough problems just keeping themselves up and running, y'know?"
Koji Silvia 2018-11-14 05:35:04 100302
Koji flushes slightly, "In my defense? I was kinda... stuck in a bush with an unconscious girl in a tiara on top of me at the time. The Device user and another girl stayed inside their Dimensional Barrier to keep fighting."

The Bit floats back towards Koji and docks into a hatch that opens in the side of his sheathe and then closes, leaving Tyrfing no longer part of the conversation publically. He walks over, before leaning down to hug Nanoha, "Right now? I think it's enough that we've decided to do this. Once we know who can help, and what they can do? We can start figuring out what WE can do. Like the stuff inside, and the equipment to bring in and everything else." But as he comes up from that, he adds, "But we may also want someone who knows us and trusts us to buy the property. Because the last thing we want to do is set all of this up only to have a new legal owner come along and find us there."

There's a pause, and Koji shrugs, "Just saying."
Stahlritter 2018-11-14 05:40:00 100303
    Stahlritter's visor sloooowly turns over to Koji. He regards him quietly for a moment, and then...

t"You got her number, right?"

    Having said that in a COMPLETE deadpan tone, his attention turns back to regarding Nanoha, as if though he had said *nothing weird whatsoever*. He falls into silence for a good moment, and then...

    There's a heavy sigh. "...Fine," he grunts out. "I will... play along with it. But understand that if I have a problem with someoen I will not be afraid to voice it."
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-11-14 05:45:53 100304
Nanoha Takamachi shakes her head. "Even non device users." she specifies. She looks to Koji. "Well, that's where Fate-chan comes in. She has monetary resources like that now and might be able to do that for us. I think she'd need to speak it over with her sister." she says. "At the very least, we can go to Lindy-sama about it." she says.

"But--yes. Non-device users too." she says. She smiles at Stahlritter. "That's all we're asking for this." she says softly.

"....So. I'll work on that next then." she says. "You we're... the first choices I thought of, when I was thinking about who to contact first." she says softly. She looks to Stahlritter. "That's.. you, too. It was so cool...." she says, eyes gleaming. "...how you exploded that thing with a punch." she says. The sparkles wear off though.

"But.. I'll get back to Fate then with all this." she says quietly.
Rashmi Terios 2018-11-14 06:08:21 100305
"Oh!" Rashmi says, brightening. "Then yeah I can talk to a ton of people. And.... Thank you, Nano-chan," she says gently. "It really means a lot to me that we were your first pick."

Then she turns to Stahritter, and slowly reaches out a fist to bonk the taller Knight's shoulder. "If we're working together, there's less to have problems about, you know. And if you have to fight that person in the future? Sometimes it happens. I've told Lacchan as much, and I refuse to hold it against her if I do."

Clearing her throat, she smiles at Koji. "So it looks like we have a new project! This is going to be fun, I think. And now you can tell your parents you're going to a study group instead of being dragged off by me once a week!"
Koji Silvia 2018-11-14 06:12:19 100306
Tyrfing stands up suddenly, "OH!" And he looks at the group with another faint coloring in his cheeks, "I have to get back! I promised my mom I'd bring home some Egg Salad sandwiches for her lunch tomorrow!"

Looking around apologetically, he evades the question about getting a girl's number as he says, "Look, I'll call... Rashmi can give you my number... I'm really sorry!"

...and so yes, he jumps off the side of a building.

It's a little scary what can be considered normal once you have access to fantastic magical abilities, but he can be seen gliding off towards the ground with a pair of triangle-shaped wings.
Stahlritter 2018-11-14 06:15:54 100307
    Stahlritter stares after the direction where Koji jumped off, for a few seconds. "...... Well okay then."

    His attention turns to Nanoha again, when she addresses him, and... he visibly pauses. Though he does say after a moment, "... I was just doing my job," all stoic and gruff-like. Nevermind that behind the faceplate, he's smiling like an idiot. Probably happy for the fact that his helmet is hiding his expressions, too.