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Date: 2018-11-14
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Stahlritter 2018-11-14 16:48:14 100308
    Going to Verone, one is eventually going to hear certain rumors. RUmors about a foreigner who came to study here from Germany, originally at the behest of his family. A certain student who seems to get into a lot of fights outside of school, rumored to be part of some organized crime group -- and once smashed the face of another student through a bathroom sink. The details on that last one are a little hazy-- some claim he did it for no reason at all, some think he was trying to get money out of him, and yet others claim he did it in defending some female student.
    All of that results in the foreign boy being given a wide berth most of the time when he goes through the halls of the academy-- and he's easy enough to recognize there, too, since he usually wears a brown leather jacket.
    But there might be even more reason why MIllie's attention might go towards him. Because of the name-- Alexis Raskoph. Raskoph. Someone else mentioned that name before, didn't they?
    Class is just ending, leading into free period, and it's not all that hard to track down the movements of the young man, either, since the crowds more or less seem to mold along with his movements. Stomping through towards the outside doors, with a bunch of books tucked underneath his arm.
Millie White 2018-11-14 17:09:34 100309
Since running into Stahlritter, Millie had been doing some snooping around on the name Raskoph. Granted there wasn't much information available to public, not much that would help her in a 'Learn Why The Raskoph's Are Linked With Eclipse' sorta way. What she HAD learned, however, was that the Raskoph's had a son... a son that went to Verone Academy.

From there it wasn't hard to find him. The rumours followed the German like a dark cloud of violence and gloom. Students whispered in dark corners about the scary foreign student, and Millie couldn't help but feel a little sorry for him. She had absolutely no proof that he was connected to anything regarding his parents company OR Eclipse. For all she knew, he could be just a regular kid who just gets in trouble at school. Millie had no way of knowing until she talked to him.

That was why the tall foreigner found herself moving through the crowd of smaller folk, moving towards the exit. It was a free period now, which gave her a perfect chance. In the distance she saw the taller boy moving towards the exit as well and she naturally fell in line a couple meters behind him. Once they had both exited the doors, she called out to him.

"Excuse me, Raskoph-san?" Her voice carried in its lower tone as she stepped to the side to avoid the remainder of the students exiting the building.
Stahlritter 2018-11-14 17:15:52 100310
    Initially, the boy doesn't pay MIllie much heed at all. As far as he knows, she's just another face in the crowd that's just keeping their distance to him. But when she calls out his name, he comes to a halt.
    And with that pause, his neck cranes back and to the side, enough that he can peer back at her with a single bright green eye. "Eh?"
    There's only the slightest turn, a pivot along the heel of his foot. Just enough that his side is brought to facing her, and he can keep his head turned to the point where both of his eyes are on her. IMmediately sliding up and down over her -- assessing her, almost. Dark brows knit together.
    "Ya lose some bet, too?" He growls. "Or you think takin' the dare was better than sayin' some truth in some stupid game? Or ya think ya can get away with claimin' I stole somethin' of yours? Which one is it?"
Millie White 2018-11-14 17:28:40 100311
Genuine surprise appeared on Millie's face at the barrage of questions. That was not at all how she expected this to go. Lose a bet? A dare? Why would she steal anything from him? The surprise caused her to pause for a moment. Instead of responding to his hostility with hostility of her own, she offered a gentle smile.

"Er, no, Raskoph-san, none of those things." Her voice was casual as she looked up at him. It was strange seeing another foreigner after immersing herself in Japanese culture, but it wasn't a bad strange. It was almost nostalgic. Regardless, Millie squared her shoulders while she talked to Alexis, refusing to appear intimidated.

"Actually, I was wondering if you wanted to study together?" They weren't in the same grade, but every time she had seen him, he had been alone. She knew a little something about being alone in a country that wasn't your own. The compassion in her voice might even seem a tad familiar to Alexis for whatever reason.
Stahlritter 2018-11-14 17:36:40 100312
    THere's a slow blink of the eyes-- first at her initial response to him, and then again at... that question. THe request. The blink that follows that one is more openly bemused, and his head cocks just ever so slightly to one side.
    "... You are absolutely sure you weren't put up to this on some bet or dare?" He asks of her, tone disbelieving.
    His eyes do consider her facial features more, for a moment. It's indeed pretty rare to see someone of caucasian heritage around these parts. "... WHere are you from?"
Millie White 2018-11-14 17:47:59 100313
Alexis seemed to change right before her eyes. While he didn't suddenly become her best friend, he hadn't turned her away and was even asking questions of his own. Prickly on the outside, yet not unapproachable all-together. Millie smiled. She could work with this.

"Nope, no bet or dare, promise." She said blithely, letting out a light yet raspy chuckle. When his eyes began to scan her face, she could feel the tips of her ears begin to burn red in embarrassment. That always happened when people scrutinized her too closely, but she was starting to get used to it what with all this Magical mumbo jumbo going on all the time. Suspicion was not a bad emotion to have, all things considered.

"I'm from Canada." She responded and she couldn't help the well of pride that showed in her voice. "You're from Germany, right? I've always wanted to visit. Gothic plate armour isn't my style, but it really is beautiful." The last part of the sentence was mumbled almost to herself, but the gentle smile remained on her face.
Stahlritter 2018-11-14 18:03:20 100314
    "... I see," Alexis grunts out, and slowly turns himself to fully facing the Canadian. "I was born in Germany," he says, suddenly in english, which-- sounds shockingly fluent, at that. Come to think of it, his japanese is pretty damn good, too. Figures the heir of some international, multi-billion estate would be tri-lingual.
    "Look, I'm not stupid enoguh to think you don't have ulterior reason for... asking me to study with you, or whatever," he points out then, a bit gruffly at that. "No one ever approaches me in this school just because, not after everything else. But you don't have to tell me what it is. I'll play along for now." HIs head dips slightly. "You have a place you want to go?"
Millie White 2018-11-14 18:23:14 100315
The switch to English was startling. She hadn't actually heard anyone speak English outside of English class since she got to Tokyo. Unbidden, a warmth nestled in her chest, and it was reflected in her eyes. Though she would never admit it, Millie was a little homesick, and hearing English so casually seemed to help alleviate it.

Alexis confirmed he was from Germany and Millie nodded. His English was actually really good, as was his Japanese. Millie's own Japanese wasn't bad per se, but it was slow and accented. At the gruff observation, Millie's eyes widened slightly. Of course he would still be suspicious. Didn't he have a reason to be? Inwardly she felt bad about doing something like this, but there was something else. She didn't just come here to figure out if he was in on his parent's schemes. That was part of it, but it wasn't everything. He said he wouldn't ask what her ulterior motive was, but she shook her head. She owed him at least something.

"Well..." she began softly in English, a little nervously. Millie scratched the back of her head. "Every time I see you, you're alone. There are all these awful rumours going around, and I don't think I've ever seen you smile. I don't know what the truth is, but I never let rumours dictate how I treat people. I leave that up to the person." Her voice was firm with an undertone of concern. Truth be told, Millie had dealt with types like Alexis before. Many of them had been straight up bullies and it had resulted in fist fights... but some of them were kind people who just didn't know how to deal with whatever they were going through. If there was a chance Alexis wasn't just a bully, she had to take it, didn't she? No one enjoyed that kind of loneliness, did they...?
Stahlritter 2018-11-14 18:49:32 100316
    "..." The German boy falls silent for a good moment when she gives that explanation on her part. He didn't expect her to be so candid, perhaps. Probably hearing all that laid out on the table isn't... that great, either. He lets out a heavy sigh, after that long moment.
    "...Look, you're putting your worries in the wrong place, I think," he insists, voice a bit softer this time around, still speaking in english. "It's just this school, you know? Everyone's all decided on how I am here. And that's fine, I guess. Life goes on outside of it, too." One boulder-sized shoulder rolls around slowly, in a measure of a half-shrug.
    "If you're seriously just trying to do this all out of the goodness of your heart... then good for you, I guess. But you're probably wasting your time, when it comes to me."
Millie White 2018-11-14 19:01:30 100317
Truth be told, she was expecting him to yell. To tell her to mind her own business, to tell her that she was wrong for having concern for people she didn't even know. That was how it usually went anyway. Concern for others wasn't a bad thing, but the amount of concern she felt for everyone had been known to get her in trouble in the past. Others thought it was weird, or that she had some secret dark ulterior motive to being kind. The truth was she just wanted people to be okay. Maybe it was because her father was a police officer, or maybe it was the incident in her past, but whatever the case was, Millie was a worrier. The well-being of others was almost always on her mind, and it ended up isolating her somewhat.

He was still trying to get her to stop, even if he wasn't exactly pushing her away. The way he described the school and how everyone had made up their minds made Millie's blood boil. She opened her mouth to argue, but then Alexis rolled his shoulder in a shrug, and she was suddenly struck with a sense of familiarity. Why was that familiar? For a split second the emotion in her eyes changed to confusion, but it was replaced almost immediately with a fierceness that hadn't been there before.

"No one gets to decide who you are but you, Raskoph." She said firmly, crossing her arms over her chest in a universal symbol of stubbornness. "The rumors aren't true, right? Or there are half-truths involved? Besides... my time belongs to me, and I will 'waste' it how I see fit." She said, also still speaking in English.
Stahlritter 2018-11-14 19:17:52 100321
    Well *that* is certainly familiar to Alexis. All that show of stubbornness from her. It... actually makes him smile just a bit, even if it's out of amusement on his part.
    "...See, the thing is, I don't really give a rat's ass about what other people here think about me," he states, with a sudden, bright flash of his teeth. "They can think whatever they want. It don't affect me one bit."
    His eyes narrow a bit at her, then. "What if they are true?" He asks then. "What will you do, then?"
Millie White 2018-11-14 19:28:37 100323
The smile was a surprise, but a welcome one. It was only a small smile, but a smile nonetheless. A wry grin spread across her face when she saw it, amusement sparkling in her emerald gaze.

"So you CAN smile!" She announced triumphantly, almost like she had proven something Earth-shattering. As he explained that he didn't care about what people thought, Millie nodded. What other people thought wasn't always important, but if the situation could be fixed with the truth, why not fix it? She pondered why he didn't squash the rumours as Alexis' eyes narrowed and he asked his question. Without missing a beat, she looked him directly in the eyes and responded.

"If they are true, I'd like to know why. You're clearly a smart guy, Raskoph. You strike me as the type to stay silent and observe before rushing into anything, and these rumours? They're the rumours of a hot-headed and violent bully. Is that who you are, Alexis Raskoph?" Her tone wasn't accusatory, but it made one thing absolutely crystal clear even without having to say it. IF these rumours were true and Alexis was a violent bully in a gang, she would deal with him herself. As if she would let someone like that terrorize the populace of Verone.
Stahlritter 2018-11-14 19:53:33 100326
    "Some of it is true," Alexis confesses without any hesitation on his part, his shoulders lifting up and down again in a shrug. He doesn't flinch at all when she looks him in the eyes-- and if anything, he meets that gaze without hesitation, with an almost unsettlingly intense shine in his own greens. He's definitely not backing down, either.
    "But why would you believe anything I said about that?" He points out, then, with a slight arch of his brow. "Just like anyone else. You have no way of knowing if anything I say is true or not."
    His hand lifts up to brush his thumb along the side of his nose, and there's a light scoff. "If you wanna hear it anyhow, I don't beat up anyone who don't have it comin'. Even that one guy in here. Rapey asshole with a rich dad and lawyer that he was."
    Suddenly, he takes a step closer towards Millie, eyes still kept firmly on her own. "If you don't believe me," he mutters. "Then what? That mean I'm a bad guy?"
Millie White 2018-11-14 20:10:41 100330
Some of it was true. Millie didn't flinch when Alexis became a bit more hostile, nor did her gaze falter when he stared right back into her eyes. What he had said could mean anything, really. To her, 'Some of it' kind of insinuated that Alexis had a reason that the rumours hadn't touched on. That was almost confirmed when Alexis mentioned that he never hurt anyone who didn't have it coming. Again, the thought of half-truths came to her mind. When Alexis all but challenged her by stepping forward, Millie actually steps forward as well, closing any distance they might have had. Instead she squared her shoulders and looked defiantly up at the taller foreigner.

"Just because you're the one the rumours are about doesn't mean your input doesn't matter at all." She said, her voice concealing a light growl. "Whether I believe you or not is irrelevant. If I find any evidence that your actions were as the rumours state, I will do what I have to to protect my fellow students. Every time you try to shake down a student, every time you try to raise your fists in anger, every time you take something out on another student, I WILL be there, and I WILL stop you." She said, her voice somehow managing to be threatening yet not at the same time. She paused, and the gentleness returned to her eyes. "But they aren't true, are they? Not entirely, anyway."
Stahlritter 2018-11-14 20:30:32 100333
    He stares at her, silently. FOr a few seconds so even after she's said all that. Even though gentleness returns to her expression, his expression remains as firm as ever, still.
    And slowly, one of his hands rises up...
    ...And taps a finger against the very tip of her nose.
    "That's very good," he murmurs, with a low chuckle, and that vaguely amused smile briefly plays at his lips again. "I couldn't hope for anything different from that. You're one of those people who can't let wrongs go unfixed, aren't you? Just like me. Though I suppose even you wouldn't believe me if I said I mostly fought just Yakuza these days, right?" His eyes twinkle with some more amusement with that-- but he doesn't... seem to have any falsehood in his voice.
    His gaze finally draws away from her, to look past her. "Careful, though. At this rate, they're going to start some rumor about you and me."
Millie White 2018-11-14 20:52:40 100335
The silence was... a bad sign wasn't it? Her gaze didn't falter, and she didn't flinch when he slowly raised one of his hands. Millie's stance changed instantly, her legs shifting into a more defensive one but not from any hand-to-hand martial art. Something changed in her eyes and it took all her self control not to reach up and defend herself from--

A nose boop? Her brows furrowed in confusion for a moment. What was he doing? Those emerald eyes widened when his voice became softer, that smile returning only slightly to his usually stoic face. Relief flooded through her at the realization of what this must mean, and her expression relaxed into a hopeful smile. The foreigner listened as he likened her to him, talking about fighting the Yakuza. Strangely she couldn't detect any hint of a lie in his voice... was he serious? It wasn't too surprising to her though, considering all the Magical stuff that happened around here on the daily. At the mention of rumours of the two of them, Millie actually scoffed.

"Let them. It doesn't matter what they think, isn't that right?" She asked, almost cheekily as she turned his own words against him. "And if you say you've fought Yakuza, I believe you." Lying about the Yakuza was a stupid move as it would just be inviting their wrath, but that wouldn't matter if he was already on their shit list. Millie suddenly realized something, and her eyes widened. Again her back straightened and her shoulders squared, but this time she was wearing a smile as she held out a hand, offering a handshake.

"Sorry for being so rude. I'm Millie White. It's nice to meet you."
Stahlritter 2018-11-14 21:07:55 100336
    Alexis can't help it. He actually laughs a little at her reactions-- both to the noseboop and his little bit of teasing there. He finally scoots back just a little bit, too, so they're not uncomfortably close to each other.
    "DOesn't matter one goddamned bit," he agrees with her, flashing his teeth in an utterly mischievous grin. "To be fair, they kind of tend to say that exact same thing about every other girl who so much as looks at me anyhow. I don't understand why, though. Maybe they think I'm strongarming chicks into it or something. I'm not exactly the kind of person someone would 'have a crush' on."
    The very instant she thrusts out her hand, he doesn't even need to look down-- he just somehow seems to *know* that it's there, and his own large hand turns to take it in turn, squeezing and giving a firm shake-- rather deliberately using that to test her strength of her grip to some extent, too.
    "Alexis Raskoph," he offers back. "But you already knew that."
Millie White 2018-11-14 21:22:17 100337
Millie returned the handshake with a firm and polite grip, the way her father had taught her, and for whatever reason it might give Alexis deja vu, like he had been in this exact situation before. A curious expression appeared on her face.

"I've got a few rumours of my own, y'know. Somehow I doubt anyone would think we were together." She shrugs good naturedly before grinning in an almost carefree manner. It was true. Being a foreigner could be tough, and even though the rumours about her were not nearly as bad as Alexis', they did exist. Most of them had to do with her actual gender. Since her features weren't soft and feminine, because she wore masculine clothing, because her voice was a bit deeper, it made her a prime target for specific rumours. Kinder rumours claimed she was trying to emulate a prince, the nastier rumours claimed she was a cross dressing he-she. Either way, it didn't tend to bother her too much.

"Are you still willing to study together, Raskoph?" She asked, remembering her actual reasons for approaching the older student. Looking into Alexis' eyes, knowing what she did now, having seen what she had... she didn't believe he was with Eclipse. Though she had no proof, she would FIND it. While she was at it, she should probably do her best to combat the rumours that surrounded Alexis. The Canuck seemed almost lost in thought...
Stahlritter 2018-11-14 21:27:11 100338
    "None of them ones I've heard;" Alexis points out when he draws his hand away from the handshake, regarding the rumors about her. He did not actually have a lot of opportunity to listen to gossip not relating to him from other students on account of the wide berth usually given to him.
    "But sure, why not," he offers to her following question... only to curiously tilt his head to the side slightly. She seems distracted, all of a sudden, and he is not entirely sure what to think of it. But he does bring a hand up to wave in front of her face. "Earth to Millie. Still here with me?"
Millie White 2018-11-14 21:41:08 100340
She heard him mention not hearing any rumours about her and distantly, she felt relief. Not that she really cared, she was always just herself. It didn't matter what people thought of her gender. The Canadian blinked when he waved a hand in front of her face.

"W-What? Oh, yeah! Sorry, lost in thought I guess." She offered a faint smile before taking a look at the books he was holding. "There's this awesome tree that I sit under to do homework when the weather's good, I could show you if you like. Nobody really bothers me there." She mentioned, adjusting the backpack that hung from both of her shoulders.
Stahlritter 2018-11-14 21:53:53 100343
    "... Well let's hope you're right about people not thinking *those things* when it comes to you," Alexis says when she makes the suggestion on a spot, his eyes narrowing briefly. "Because that sounds extremely date-y."
    He maintains an entirely serious and accusatory expression to go with that statement... for all of five seconds before he bursts into laughter for another few seconds after, shaking his head. "Whatever," he says to wave those particular thoughts off. "Lead the way."
Millie White 2018-11-14 22:10:28 100347
It does? Her expression looks genuinely surprised for a moment. That could be considered a date? The tips of her ears burned crimson as she realized her inexperience in the realm of romance was on display for all to see. She hadn't even considered that it sounded perhaps like a date, mostly because she had never actually been on a date. Or thought about being on a date. Or ever considered dating.

"S-Sorry!" She stammered, even after he had laughed and told her to lead the way. "I didn't realize it could be taken as... I mean, that it was even something that couples would-- not to say that I even think of you that way or-- I MEAN not that anyone SHOULDN'T think of you like that but--" Millie immediately shut her mouth with a groan, facepalming with frustration at herself as well as embarrassment. She took a second to compose herself before she sighed and began walking.

"Tree is this way." She said, peeking over her shoulder with one emerald eye before turning back around to lead the way.