Shame and Duty

Seemingly out of nowhere, a mysterious group arrives and brutally attacks the Mahou's common enemy. For what purpose? To what end? Questions and violence are left in their wake.

Date: 2018-11-14
Pose Count: 9
Signum 2018-11-14 22:36:45 100354
    Signum does not typically bother about the weather. But tonight? Tonight is... cold. Not just because winter is creeping in, no. Just because, for the first time in her life, Signum has doubts about a mission.
    Neither her expression or anything in her mannerisms betray this, however. She's the leader of the Wolkenritter. Her word must be absolute.
    She and three other figures hover in the air, the long white coat of her armor subtly blowing slightly to the side in a stiff breeze as she looks straight ahead into the circle the Wolkenritter have formed in the air over an Eclipse base that sits unaware of what's about to happen..
    "Your orders have not changed." She says dispassionately, speaking to the group as a whole; Zafira, Vita, and Shamal. "Zafira and I will begin the assault through the roof. Vita and Shamal will enter the ground floor. Nobody gets out. Are there any questions."
Zafira 2018-11-14 22:41:12 100356
For his part Zafira shakes his head. He's glaring down at the target below, showing none of his own hesitation about the idea of attacking it. While this is against the master's wishes, it is for her own good they must do this. The sort of tone he's emitting without even speaking feels as if he's somehow pacing about in the air, despite not moving his legs at all. His fluffy ears and tail are moving quite a bit, on the other hand. "Understood, Signum..."
Signum 2018-11-14 22:53:46 100360
    The quiet restlessness is almost palpable between the four of them. In millenia of service they've never gone against their orders - they're literally not programmed to. That by itself is enough to cause unease. But it's worse than that. They're not just breaking orders. They're breaking their word.
    They're betraying the trust of their most important person.
    Silence hangs in the air for far too long, before Laevatein forms in Signum hand, two points of pink light forming, then spreading outward, leaving a sheathed blade in its wake, gripped in one hand.
    Signum's eyes close slowly. "... What we are about to do is unforgivable. Tonight we will shame the Wolkenritter. We will shame our Master. Tonight... is a betrayal." Signum's eyes open, possessing a fierceness that is uncommon to them outside of battle. "But we do not have the luxury of shame. We will not have the luxury of honor. Our Master is our hope... and our conviction will be our pride.
    Signum reaches out her sword hand, holding the sheathed blade horizontally out to the middle of the circle. "Take their power. Everyone you see. Every last drop. Spare them if you can." Signum eyes narrow. "Slay them if you must." Signum's eyes close, "Do not deepen our disgrace, but to save your own lives."
    "If any of you can't stomach this... now's the time to back away. I will not think less of you."
    Signum has never offered this before in her entire life. She has always demanded absolute obediance. And there's a moment of stunned silence. But slowly two hands place themselves over Signum's in the middle of the circle. Signum stares at Zafira, expressionless, certain of his response.
Zafira 2018-11-14 23:11:27 100366
Zafira is in, of course. There's no real need to question that, as Signum's certainty is correct. After all he'd suggested the move toward people in the first place. He is not one to be needlessly ferocious, but this situation seems to call for the violence to amp up. Thier master kept doing more poorly, and filling the book should be the way to save her. With any luck this breaking of word, regrettable as it is, would be what was needed to save Hayate.

He peers toward the other two, finding it hard to imagine Vita would step out. Shamal was more of an uncertainty to him, but whatever the result was, he was prepaired to do his duty alongside Signum. The cold air fails to phase him inspite of his lesser clothing and metalic gauntlets, either because he's that focused, or that distracted with the worries he's trying to ignore.
Signum 2018-11-14 23:21:48 100368
    Signum doesn't smile, but if it's possible for her to relax in this situation, she does. Just a little. She nods once and takes her back, looking to the other two women. "Get in position." She says simply, then looks to Zafira as they leave. "We'll drop on my mark." She tells Zafira; the agreed upon... 'signal' for the other two to start. "Three... two... one... Now."
    And with that, Signum drops. Though she does not *simply* drop, as she builds momentum like a meteorite entering the atmosphere, pink light building and glowing around her boots until they collide with the roof of the Eclipse facility with a thunderous crash, breaking through the concrete and whatever reinforcement existed there and landing on the floor, surrounded by the stunned faces of the numerous occupants inside.
    When Zafira joins the silence is still palpable, and Signum takes a deep breath. "Alarms." she suggests with flat, tired patience.
    The first emergency alarm is thrown an instant later, and suddenly mages are swarming in, leveling staffs and wands with their pair.
    "Armor spirit." Signum says dispassionately as she draws Laevatein; her blade echoing with far more exuberance: <RUSTUNGSGEIST!!> in a metallic male voice. A wide pink dome of energy snaps to life around the two Wolkenritter just as the crowd around them opens fire, jackhammering the energy field with blasts of magic that make the shield wobble and flicker, but never disappear. When the hail is over, and their enemies stand in a moment of stunned hesitation, Signum turns one eye to Zafira and says. "Attack."
Zafira 2018-11-14 23:30:11 100371
The canine earred warrior is off like a shot on command. With his violent, though typically non-leathal mode of attack, he quickly darts in, seemingly just using his hands and feet to drop several of the nameless Eclipse members like potato sacks. Down them quickly as many of them as possible... So many cores are waiting to be drained here.
Signum 2018-11-14 23:41:56 100373
As Zafira assaults the mages - barrelling through them with terrifying ease - several from the other side attempt to rush him, cautiously skirting around the energy barrier, unsure of how harmful it would be to touch. In their caution, however, they barely notice Signum stepping through the barrer in front of them in time to react.
    One of them rushes to Signum with a cry and swings their staff at her, but Signum merely raises Laevatein and blocks the swing with her sheath.
    "... Hmf." Signum grunt, and simply grabs the hilt of her sword and pulls it sharply so that the sheath swings into the man's face as several more rush her. She walks forward as if they aren't there, blocking and deflecting their attacks with minimal movement, punctuated by sharp strikes and ringing thuds when the Eclipse mages around her are struck down to the floor.
    She locks eyes with one who levels their staff at her. With their comrades on the ground, it's no longer as dangerous to try to blast Signum. As her staff lights up, there's a lingering moment of eye contact between them as the building shakes with the combined fury of Zafira, Vita and Shamal's assault behind and below her, before a blast of energy is fired at Signum, who simply unsheaths enough of her blade that it seems to slice the blast in half without needing to swing at it; splitting it apart to slam into the walls behind her with an explosion that nearly drowns out Signum voice when she cries, "Violet Lightning Flash!"
    And with a swing of her sword pink energy lashes out and blasts a small crowd of mages back.

    behind her, fives mages rush Zafira as the building shakes again, coming at him from four sides with practiced but paniced swings of their glowing staffs as one leaps above his head and attempts to fire a blast downwards onto him.
Zafira 2018-11-14 23:54:53 100377
As he's known to do, Zafira suddenly becomes very 'vocal' in battle. It's not that he's yelling a lot of words, but that he's just yelling a lot in general, however he would actually form some words in there somewhere, causing an invokation of Steel Yoke. Spikes created from mana suddenly lower from the ceiling, trapping some of his attackers between them. However, some may be unfortunate enough to feel the pointy ends in some limb or another, pinning them in place rather than trapping them non-violently. This is most likely the case especailly for the one flying above as Zafira leaps backward on calling the spikes down upon them.
Signum 2018-11-15 00:05:47 100380
The small swarm of mages are pinned - some a bit more literally than others - by the eruption of spikes, trapped, confused, and petrified; as the one in mid flight catches a boot to the chin that sends up up into the ceiling with a ringing thud, and then quickly back down to the ground with a duller one.
    The next ten minutes - from the outside - are all shaking earth and flashing colorful lights. Equipment is broken. The security that's still mobile are being herded more than they're being fought, while the unconcious ones are dragged behind the mysterious attackers.
    On the center floor, where Eclipse agents have been corralled from above and below, the four Wolkenritter reunite. After that...
    Well. No one lasts long after that.
    The Eclipse staff are huddled together - though PILED might be a better word - surrounded by the four impossible attackers, as Signum approaches them with her blade drawn. As she stops in front of one whimpering man in an Eclipse uniform, she stares down at him coldly... until her eyes gravitate towards one last security camera pointed at them. She meets its mechanical gaze for a brief moment before, with a swing of her blade, it's blasted into pieces from across the room, its recorded data left to one in a large collection of recklessy broken systems.
    Free from prying eyes at last, Signum reaches up one hand... and a massive, ominous tome appears, floating eerily above her palm.
    The room goes ghastly quiet, until finally Signum orders, coldly, "Take them."
    There is a terrible, ghastly, chaotic period of noise after that.
    And utter silence follows.