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Date: 2018-11-17
Pose Count: 22
Bellinor Adelram 2018-11-18 00:14:25 100466
Bellinor Adelram was told to drain energy. She had no idea how to do this in a good manner. Elzanox suggested 'Charity Ball'. Bellinor seemed really confused with this a moment. Then she had to have a better concept of 'charity' explained to her as she listend in horror. Giving wealth away to those less fortunate!? How just awful.

Bellinor Adelram is a fairly fine dressed, mostly beautiful-- on the outside at least- girl with long light blonde hair as to almost be nearly white, with some sort of black headband with frills in it. She's dressed in an elaborate light black dress that seems out of place in this time period but well, odd rich girls. She's staring into a glass of punch as if she was trying to divine secrets on it's surface. Actually, She is intensely trying to ignore as many people as possible.

This is indeed, a charity ball! It has a fall theme. Bellinor probably roped some other student into actually making this ball look like a presentable Earth one.

Her eyes drift to a clock, then to the ballroom. The party has been going on for quite a while. There's enough people here. She's starting to make her way towards the back now, it's time to prepare herself.
Runealy Waldia 2018-11-18 00:24:35 100467
Rune was quite interested when word got to her about this ball. She did only cursory research on who would be benefitting from it, but it passed the most casual of scrutiny and this was enough for her to pass word on to Fate; Rune's gentle but vocal opinion was that it would be a good chance to try out the attire her sister received as gifts on the day her adoption was publicly announced!

As for Rune herself, she arrives in her usual royal attire and seems quite pleased with the decor, idly commenting to Fate: "If you like how things go this evening, please let me know; we can attend more events like this if you wish. If it proves to not be to your liking... then that is fine as well, we can always find other things to do in Tokyo."

She then adds with a nod, "You look wonderful, by the way!" With donations made -- and Rune is ready to do more if asked or prompted -- she listens to the music and looks about to see who else is here.
Rei Hino 2018-11-18 00:32:16 100468
It's not totally accurate to say that Rei Hino HAS to be here - if she really wanted to leave she could have snuck out by now - but... when a gathering's for charity, taking place at your school, and you happen to be associated with a high profile figure... one imagines they can do at least a little bit of good by attending.
    It hasn't been miserable or anything; maybe the other Senshi have rubbed off on her, but people watching has been sorta fun! The tricky part is just avoiding making things weird with... her fan club.
    Rei dutifully (if unofficially) guards the punch bowl, dressed in a simple but stylish red dress with semi-transparent sleeves baring subtly swirling designs, meant more to look rad rather than to appear as anything in particular; and generally looking immaculate. She's in mid-sip when she spots Runealy and her young ward, and straightens up slightly and smiles kindly. "Ms. Waldia." She greets with a polite bow. One has to get used to overlooking certain bits of history fast in her line of work, and not taking things personally. She does her best! "It's good to see you." She says genuinely, then gives a curious look to Fate. "Oh? And who's your friend?"
Fate T. Waldia 2018-11-18 00:42:14 100469
Princess Fate Testarossa Waldia has put on one of those fancy dresses that came from Waldia at her request. It's slightly similar in style to one of Runealy's-- obviously out of a different time and place and made with materials not present on Earth-- and is a light blue and white color as if to give some metaphorical shrug off of the cold and orange and brown fall season.

She did... not plan to attend, but Runealy urged her to. She figured that- maybe it might be fun. She's NEVER been to a proper dance before. A party, yes, but not a dance.

"...this looks like it could be fun. Thank you, Rune." she says with a small smile. Her eyes glance around, as she looks towards Rei as she greets Runealy. She looks back towards Runealy. Maybe a little sheepish- just a little in this situation of introducing herself because Runealy was asked and not her.
Miho Kagami 2018-11-18 00:49:57 100471
Miho is not a 'crowd' person. So where is she?

She's at the front door, taking donations, in her usual casual cold-weather clothes of a sweatshirt, black skirt, and bluejeans under the skirt. She smiles and nods in greeting to Fate and the unfamiliar Runealy, who she guesses is Fate's adoptive sister, but her focus is just on being all business at the moment.

Of course, as the evening goes on, there aren't that many newcomers, which is just as well, because even this much is taking a bit of a toll on her social energy. She keeps getting her phone out to fiddle with apps and games.
Bellinor Adelram 2018-11-18 01:08:31 100472
Bellinor Adelram is not quite paying attention. This punch glass is surely more fascinating than anyone here. She accidently bumps into the blonde twintail girl as she moves towards the back. She gasps. "Well, excuse you!" she says as if this was a capital offense worthy of being dragged off to jail over.

Fate is not familiar to her on first glance. She's never seen her and it's not like cameras are things in Waldia. The pink haired girl with her is familiar to her, as she merely 'hrmphs' and continues walking off. She's here. That's interesting. Regardless.

She walks past Rei and towards the back and out of sight. Maybe she needs to use the ladies room and is in a hurry?

She grasp the demon's clawtip, pulling it up from under her shirt on it's necklace. "Well then. Maybe if I can end her here, I won't need to do this personally again." she says as she makes a motion of ripping it across her torso- from upper left to the bottom right, a ghastly black rip opening around her in the quiet, lonely area in the back she's walked to.

Lady Blakemoor appears to be a young woman in an elegant, noble dress that- even by Waldian standards seems a few years out of date in a way, deep black. She wears an odd, ceramic or porecelian looking mask that covers all her face. It features golden metal features that twist along a white exteior, tracing around a sinister expression. She first steps from the back-- before there's a sudden 'splash' like effect and she seems to teleport to atop a table. She displaces a tray of crackers. She particularly does not care.

She merely draws a hand up-- a ball of black turid water forming in it---- which seems to form miniwhirlpools outwards into the air and up towards the ceiling.

People are starting to drop randomly as energy starts to get drained. Her eyes look downwards. Trying to find that pink hair. "I understand there is an esteemed..." that last word drips with sarcasm. "...princess in the crowd tonight." she announces.
Runealy Waldia 2018-11-18 01:25:06 100473
Rune notices Rei's greeting, and smiles. "It has been quite some time, hasn't it?" A few years have passed since their last meeting, after all. "This... while she is most certainly my friend, she is also my sister. This is Fate," a gentle palm gesture indicates her, then Rune repeats the gesture toward Rei. "And Fate, this is Rei." She does not go into further detail; the elder princess is aware some people do maintain secrecy about who else they are.

"She's a fri-- ah!" A sudden cry as a stranger bumps into Fate and then rebukes her for the collision; Rune's eyes narrow. "I think you mean the opposite of that. You are at fault, or at least she isn't at fault." The stranger just keeps going, though... so Rune opts not to pursue her. Instead, Rune looks to Fate and asks, "Are you okay? I was right here, I saw you did nothing to provoke that at all. I..."

The topic is very suddenly interrupted as another stranger, this one far more worrying to Rune, arrives. Lady Blakemoor isn't noticed at first; Rune is more concerned about Fate and then about the dark-water and people falling. Looking around frantically, she spots Lady Blakemoor all of a moment before that taunting remark rings out. Those words prompt a chill to run through Rune, as she recognizes her attacker's choice in fashion. It's not quite 'in trend' back around the Waldian capital district, but it's close enough that the elder princess makes a reasonable conclusion. With a tense gasp, she calls out: "Fate, we're probably her target! We need to take this outside so others don't get caught up in it! Summoning Princess' Tiara!"

Jeweled headwear appears in hand, energy audibly hum-pulsing from it. "The Line of Succession..." It's passed to her other hand, which brings it to her forehead in the same motion. "Transform!" A flash of red light engulfs Rune, and when it fades she's in full magical attire with wand in hand.
Rei Hino 2018-11-18 01:33:07 100474
Rei's eyes light up with surprise "Oh!" She exclaims, then smiles at the younger girl offering another courteous bow. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Fate-san." She tilts her head with a grin and adds, "Or, I guess I should call you Princess."
    Before anything else can be said, Fate is struck, and Rei gasps, watching Runealy call after the scoundral with a furrowed brow. "I... can't *believe* that, I- Fate-san, I'm sorry about-"
    Rei finds herself cut off by the same distraction as Runealy. A familiar wave of fatigue hits her as the villain begins draining energy, and Rei grits her teeth and slaps her palms against both sides of her face as people begin dropping around her. Overhearing Runealy, Rei nods in agreement with her assessment and slightly-slurs, "Be... be careful...!" before she 'flees' the new villain, looking for a more discreet place to transform.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-11-18 01:42:48 100475
Fate T. Waldia is bumped and this causes her to loose her footing for a little but not fall. She's good enough on her feet to not fall. She looks at the odd girl as she looks to Rei as if to answer before people start dropping around her. There's odd little water whirls from a source of some.... woman in a dress and a face concealing mask?

She looks to Runealy and frowns. "She seems to know you at least." she says. She drags Bardiche out of his standby form as it forms into it's scythe form-- and forms her barrier jacket, in it's caped form.

"Bardiche, Barrier." she calls out, as the world shimmers off into grey tones--- removing the non-magical people from the world and leaving those who are magical behind in it. Safer. No property damage. No innocents.

"Who are you?" she calls out to Lady Blakemore. "-and what do you want with my sister?" she asks with a little more 'cold' than she normally does in a situation like this. Maybe she isn't thrilled with the idea of someone hurting her sister?

She raises Bardiche forward as she seems to get ready to strike, though she holds off, for just a moment.
Miho Kagami 2018-11-18 01:46:19 100476
Miho misses the byplay surrounding the collision. However, her attention is certainly caught by the darkwater and the sensation sudden darkness in the Life Blessing as the energy drain begins!

She lets out a soft sigh.

"Hey, uh, be back in a minute," she says in her usual scratchy and androgynous voice to the other donations-takers, right before they fall unconscious. "... welp!" Seeing Rune and Fate transform, and counting on them to be a distaction from her own transformation, she jumps to her feet and thrusts her hand into the air in the Saturday Night Fever pose. "Life Blessing, Wake Up!" she says, and mint-green light spirals around her hand, surrounds her to form a column of light, and then it's Life Mahou Joy standing there.

She rises off the ground, and floats over to the two princesses as Fate activates the barrier. Okay, good, that's one less thing to worry about. "Y'know, I don't know anything about Waldian politics, or whatever's going on here," she says, in an almost conversational tone, "but this was supposed to be an occasion for helping people out." Joy has a clear and bright voice that only slightly sounds like her out-of-henshin voice. "Turning it into an energy-drain fest? Not cool."
Bellinor Adelram 2018-11-18 01:58:41 100477
Lady Blakemore sees some people run or try to--- and then suddenly her source of draining is just cut off with that barrier. If that mask could show expression, it'd probably be severe dissapointment and poutiness, like a baby who just had a giant lollipop pulled from their hands. She lowers he hands and stares down at Fate. "...oho!" she says. "So you're the new princess. You're not much to look at! You look like a foul reaper!" she snorts dramatically from behind that mask.

Her eyes turn towards Life Mahou Joy as eyes narrow behind the mask. "If that explanation of what this was helps you sleep at night, yes....helping...." disgust. "...people. Sure." she says with distaste. Her eyes turn towards Runealy though. "Draining the energy from these... commoners? What's the parlance here? Laymen? Regardless. Was towards a purpose you see. But your prescene here may make it quite obsolete already!" she says as she raises her hand and a spiral torrent of that same brakish, torid water at Runealy. It is not terribly powerful in and of itself just yet. She's maybe underestimating her opponenets.
Runealy Waldia 2018-11-18 02:12:21 100478
Princess Runealy stares with wide, impressed eyes as Fate has a much better solution to the problem. "I forgot you had a barrier all your own!" One far different from the one Rune maintains back home, but far more practical for matters like these. Joy's remarks draw a wince, as the elder princess insists: "This is not what we intended! I have no idea why she's doing any of this!"

Lady Blakemore offers some vague hints as to why this is happening. "A purpose? What are you... hn?!" Interrupted by dark-water, the elder princess' boot wings light up with a silver glow as she boost-leaps up and away from the spiral. With no more time to immediately speak, Rune instead aims her wand at Blakemore. Even as Rune descends, she fires a pair of orbs at her attacker. The first will miss, just barely, even if Blakemore does nothing about it; Rune outright missed. The second, however, will need some kind of response in order to be dealt with.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-11-18 02:45:23 100479
Fate T. Waldia's self esteem takes a massive hit when she's called a 'foul reaper'. She's glad that she's generally good at keeping poker faces with people she doesn't know. She watches as Runealy launches a two pronged attack.

Watching where Runealy's shots are appearing to go, she swings Bardiche through the air- a crescent shaped wave of energy spinning out on the other side of Runealy's attack, trying to cover another vector.

"So you wish to harm her." she says. "I'm afraid I can't allow that to happen." she warns. "You should cease your attack. There's no more people to drain here, and it's three versus one." she says coldly.

"The odds are not in your favor."
Miho Kagami 2018-11-18 02:49:26 100480
Life Mahou Joy jumps back in midair. "Wow, you didn't waste time at all!" she says. She blinks at Rune. "Oh, whoops, sorry, no, I was talking to Villain-san over there." Gah, she hates putting her foot in her mouth like that!

She looks at Lady Blakemore. "Well, anyway, whoever you are," she says. "If you're going to be pulling this kind of stunt regardless ..." Her sapphire heart-wand materializes in her left hand, and she tosses it into the air and catches it with her right. "Then in the name of all life, we will halt the threat before us!"

She zips through the air to the side as Rune and Fate open fire, and she swings her wand. "Minty Barrage!" Pellets of mint-green and jade-green light fly forth -- low in offensive-power, particularly in the mint-green ones, but this is offset by being tough in purification-power.
Bellinor Adelram 2018-11-18 03:08:32 100481
Three things happen all at once in her direction. There's a blast that misses her--- but also Fate's slice to one side of her-- which causes her to dodge in the other direction and take Runealy's other blast to her chest- causing dress edges to tatter. This causes her to back away and turn around into a yell of 'Minty Barrage'. She chooses to shoot herself upwards with a jet of brackish water to avoid that particular bit of awful as it descends on her position--- though some still do hit and bot does that just burn.

"Oh you won't... allow me...?" she cackles a bit like an oujo for a moment. "Since when do I need the permission of a false princess to do anything, my dear, dear faux lady?" she calls out.

"A purpose yes. To kill you." she says pointing at Runealy. "I mean that's obvious by now even to the dumbest idiot, right?" she says. "Then I'll kill her." she says pointing at Fate. "Just to be doubly sure I have my princesses covered." she says.

She raises her hand upwards and water jets out like a laser guided fountain upwards and downwards towards all heroes. A little stronger of an attack than her first but still nowhere near her strongest. "Besides, you need to be punished anyways for tarnishing my dress!" she says with exasperation.
Runealy Waldia 2018-11-18 03:22:17 100482
"Even so," Rune takes Joy's clarification somewhat well, but remains apologetic, "I truly don't know why this is happening, let alone why it's taking place here of all places!"

That's all the time she has to say anything right that moment, so she's unable to openly comment on Fate's assistance... but the elder princess is inwardly pleased by it, and makes a mental note to look into training with Fate later on; improving their coordination could be worthwhile.

Then Blakemore explains the reason behind this in a little more detail, and Rune asks in a gasping voice: "But why?! Why would you..." Apparently, insulting Rune doesn't do much to provoke her outright.

...Then the threat is extended to Fate, and Rune's focus narrows. What started as 'why would you' turns into sharp anger: "How dare you! Fate has gone through enough!"

Rune's boot-wings light up again, boosting head-long toward Lady Blakemore. The elder princess apparently wants to be on a collision course, firing wand-orbs every few seconds as she goes. Despite this aggression, Runealy does glide aside from the first few water-streams sent her way; she weaves left, then right, spins aside from another one, and renews her charge at Lady Blakemore...

...And in the edge of Rune's vision, she can see one more jet of water descending at her. This one is very close... she lets out a startled "Hn?!", starting to glide aside from it...

...But she is a split-second too late, and the blast catches her almost direct-center atop her head. Rune lets out a sharp cry as her vision goes black, battered to the ground and sent tumbling backwards several feet until she crashes into the table with the punch bowl -- the one Rei had been 'guarding' earlier -- atop it. The bowl crashes to the floor beside Rune, and she does not rise as liquid spills onto the carpet around her.
Rei Hino 2018-11-18 03:25:43 100483
"Here's what I think of your dress!" A voice suddenly calls out an instant before a spherical blast of fire spirals towards Blakemore. Out of nowhere, Sailor Mars leaps into the fray in a three point landing some yards away from Runealy and Fate, and rising to her feet with a stern look. She casts her eyes over to Runealy and inclines her head slightly, "Sorry, needed a second." She apologises briefly, giving a nod of acknlowdgement to Life Mahou Joy, and a curious look to Fate. She didn't *see* the transformation, but... a Mahou Princess' sister also being a Mahou makes *enough* sense. Not that it matters right now.
    In more pressing matters, the elder Princess in question is *hurtling* at the enemy amidst a barrage that ends with the completely obliteration of the punch bowl.
    Sailor Mars takes a worryingly deep breath. Holds it for a second. Lets it out. Very. Slowly.
    "Fire SOUL!" She cries and unleashes another blast at Blakemore to keep her away from Runealy while she's vulnerable.
    Yeah. Probably just for that.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-11-18 03:42:23 100485
Fate T. Waldia manages to keep a steely gaze and she's getting ready to cast a lancing electrical spell that is sure will devestate a water element user--- hopefully. In Theory-- when she watches Runealy take a direct hit after managing to avoid one.

Fate moves quickly enough to avoid being hit-- she spent the past two years avoiding Nanoha's Divine Shooter spell-- "Rune!---" she calls out as she frowns and moves to touch Runealy's chest. Is she alive? Well. Yes. Bardiche can tell her that much, as she moves to pick up Runealy.

"You two!..." she doesn't know names or.. is in too much of a state of worry to bother. "...keep her busy! I'm leaving with Runealy." she says with distate. Afterall. If Runealy isn't here and she isn't here then that woman has no reason to be here either? Right!" she make for the back areas of the ballroom and takes a deep breath-- though before grabbing Runealy... she shoots the upper glass dome ceiling out with a blast of electric light-- mainly to make her quick escape route.
Miho Kagami 2018-11-18 03:49:21 100487
Miho has exactly one defensive maneuver: pick a random direction and dodge using her super-speed.

She has fewer options when she's indoors. She also isn't that great with precision.

However, she does manage to avoid the water attacks, even if she does lightly bounce off the walls and ceiling.

She winces as she sees Rune take a hit and go down. "Keep us posted on, uh, on Virtue's network!" she calls after Fate, not wanting to say HeartNET's name in front of an enemy. "I'll be able to heal her!"

She twirls her heart-wand in a circle, leaving a ring-shaped trail of mint-green light. Then she thrusts the wand through the ring. "Joy Shining Ray!" she cries out, as the ring collapses and fires a large large beam of purifying light at Lady Blakemore!
Bellinor Adelram 2018-11-18 03:57:28 100488
"Why....?" Lady Blakemore says. "...because..." she says, with the exact tone someone uses when they mean something. "I don't like your face. I really don't need a better reason than that." she says.

It's surprising she doesn't use ice attacks a cold attitude like that perhaps. This is when a blaze of fire envelopes her--- causing her to viciously steam like she was made out of that brackish water she uses. That steam smells hidieous- like swamp water that sat static for a century. Then--- an unearthly yell as a purifying ring of energy collides into her.

She nearly falls out, but she looks at the others. "Tsk... you're lucky they seemed to have taken the better part of non-valor and run off." she says with a rasp as she looks upwards---suddenly dissapearing in that sudden torrent whril of water to somewhere on top of the building-- then further away as she moves to run.
Rei Hino 2018-11-18 04:00:34 100489
Mars has to fight a number of impulses and excuses to chase after Blakemore and finish the job, all while trying not to wretch at the smell resulting from their attacks, but she manages it, covering her nose with one gloved forearm, and looking to Joy. "Come on. We should go before the Barrier stops working." She says with concealed disappointment at letting an enemy get away. Luckily, with creeps like this, there's always another opportunity.
Miho Kagami 2018-11-18 04:11:00 100490
Life Mahou Joy exhales, and shakes her head. She doesn't have Rei's eagerness to finish people off, of course; she doesn't know how her curse will react, and doesn't intend to find out. "Right!" she says, nodding to Sailor Mars; if she notices the disappointment, she doesn't comment. "Wow, I was expecting this dance to be a disaster for me, but it turned out to be a completely different kind of disaster from what I was expecting ..."