Cheesed Off

In her first battle post-purification, Akari faces a pizza-youma alongside Mikoto, Millie, and Jiaying.

Date: 2018-11-19
Pose Count: 22
Akari Hayabusa 2018-11-19 01:43:20 100509
Akari returned to school on Friday, and since then, her friends at school have noticed that she's been a bit ... furtive. Given that this was the second time in as many months that she was involved with some sort of traffic accident, they aren't surprised that she's being more cautious these days.

The truth of the matter is much more interesting than that, naturally. When you have an entire shadowy organizing chasing after you, and you just got the darkness purged from yourself so that your combat abilities just changed dramatically in ways you aren't sure about, you can't afford to take risks.

It's a cloudy Sunday afternoon which threatens to start raining. Akari and Mikoto are done with homework at Infinity's labs, and are now walking down the street on their way to one of the pizza places in downtown Mitakihara. It's a date, of course, but with both of them staying together, there's less of a chance of something unpleasant happening.

"I'm just counting my blessings," Akari is saying. "There's exactly one big problem, and one relatively small one, and other than that, I'm happy." She's dressed in that loosefitting but stretchy-looking red dress that Mikoto likes so much, and Rubindorn is hanging out on full display ...

... and rather than being blood-red, the gem is a rosier shade of pinkish-red than you might expect if you haven't seen her in the past week.
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-11-19 01:56:27 100512
Mikoto nods as she walks quietly along with Akari. With the lab project done, and the results recorded, all that's left is to write up the results. And that can wait until after dinner.

So they've agreed on pizza. Mikoto's dressed up a little for the occasion, not quite as nice as Akari's dress, but a short black skirt and matching leggings and blouse fit well with the rather nifty ankle boots she found just yesterday. "Blessings aplenty, my dear," she murmurs back. "And I'm sure we'll handle that problem... we've got plenty of friends to help with it." She gives Akari's hand a squeeze. "Don't let it worry you."
Millie White 2018-11-19 02:05:47 100513
While it was true, Millie found out, that she had the peculiar ability to smell magic, it didn't mean her regular sense of smell had diminished any. That was how she found herself quite literally following her nose down the street, the scent of pizza all but guiding her to her destination. Millie loved everything about Japanese food, but since having a full conversation with Alexis in English, the Canuck was feeling a tad homesick. Food closer to what she remembered back home usually brought her comfort, and she had heard many stories about this particular pizza joint. Students from Infinity University swore by it, some even claiming it helped them pass important tests. Who better to test their theory than someone impartial? Someone ... like her?

The foreigner was dressed as she usually was; plain dark blue jeans, a black t-shirt, with a faded green button up shirt over top. Even though it was getting relatively chilly, she wore no jacket or even a sweater as she was used to much colder. Millie was thinking about what she would get on her pizza. Cheese, mushrooms, bacon, black olives, and maybe some chicken sounded good to her right now. Usually she was more careful with the food she ate, but today? Today was cheat day.

It hadn't taken her long to get to the pizza shop, as she now found herself outside of it. The scent of pizza wafted through the door every time it opened, and Millie could not be more excited. Those students from Infinity University better be right about the pizza being the best, because now that Millie was here, she was FAMISHED.
Jiaying Maki 2018-11-19 02:15:04 100514
Jiaying Maki had been craving pizza. More realistically she was craving an incredibly unhealthy, topped in meat and anything else and there's absolutely no chance the bottomless pit that pretends to be a Chinese fox would share any of it. She's wearing a simple blouse, a long jacket and a comfy looking jeans.

Turning her head back at the sound of more people coming, she shifts from foot to foot impatiently. Stupid lines. She just wants to get her food and leave! Maybe go hide out at the shrine. There's hesitation as she realizes she's becoming something of a hermit and frowns. Then there's a recognized face. And she waits a moment before waving to her. "Hi." she offers simply enough. Look, she's having a hard time focusing, she's hungry, very much so. Also if Millie can smell magic, Jiaying definitely tracks as 'off'.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-11-19 02:32:51 100515
Millie would be able to smell that faint scent of a living magical program on Akari, but none of the darkness she had before. But suddenly, there's a faint brackish scent of darkness coming from inside, mixed in with a scent of pizza that doesn't quite smell mundane anymore ...

Akari smiles, and squeezes Mikoto's hand. "Yeah," she says. "I'm not worried, really. Not anymore." She shrugs as they round the street corner and approach the pizza place. "My biggest concern at the moment is getting good pizza," she adds. "Y'know, I've heard some interesting rumors about this pizza place in particular ..."

And then she blinks as she sees Millie and Jiaying. "Hey, White-san, Maki-san!" she calls out with a wave. She smiles at Mikoto, "I've only met each of them once or --"

At that moment, Rubindorn sends a telepathic message to both Akari and Mikoto. MISTRESS, FRAU MIKOTO! INSIDE THE BUILDING, I AM DETECTING A SOURCE OF --

The roof of the kitchen in the back of the pizza parlor suddenly explodes upward, and a booming voice roars, "ZAAAAAAAAA!" The pizza parlor is suddenly filled with screams, and people start stampeding out!

Rubindorn flatly says, <<... DUNKEL ENERGIE.>> Dark energy.
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-11-19 02:43:16 100516
     ((~Unusual energy readings detected~)) is the smaller voice Mikoto hears from her own Device, just as Rubindorn pipes up. And then the pizzeria explodes.

Cue unhappy Belkan Knight. As the faded-palette effect of a time-space barrier ripples out, a Belkan spell-circle flashes into life on the pavement beneath her, rising up over her to reveal Hagane's familiar blue-suit-esque Barrier Jacket.

"No!" she shouts, levelling her rapier-Device's blade at the monster. "You do NOT get to ruin my date!" She leaps into the air, taking flight as she slashes the blade down, a crescent of mana whipping out from it. ((~Fliegerblitz. Flakschrecken.~))
Millie White 2018-11-19 03:02:18 100517
Soon, delicious pizza would be hers, and there was nothing anyone could do to stop her from eating an entire pizza to herself. Of course she would have to double her training exercises just to burn off the calories this would dump on her, but she was confident that her metabolism could handle it. So hungry was she that she hadn't immediately noticed the strange smells leaking in... but she did now.

Something didn't smell right... what was it? It wasn't a bad smell, and it definitely wasn't pizza either. Taking another sniff, Millie turned to face the source; another girl who was anxiously waiting for her pizza, standing on her right. The smell was strange yet not unpleasant. It was wild and free, with a hint of something savoury... was that chicken?

Millie's expression was a mixture of trying to appear friendly but also with a hint of confusion. Just then the other girl looked up and waved to someone, and Millie couldn't help allowing her gaze to follow the direction of the wave. She saw and smelled Akari at the same time, and a slow yet gentle smile spread across her face. She was about to wave and respond when yet another scent assaulted her... and this one WAS a bad smell.

Millie wanted to gag when the overpowering scent of dark magic suddenly surged from the Pizzeria, her eyes widening. The roof of the kitchen exploded and screaming filled the air... which meant there was going to be a stampede. "Look out!" She called to who Akari had called Maki-san, instinctively moving to protect her from the crowd that was surging around them. Millie was a good roadblock, and she succeeded in keeping the crowd from knocking anyone over. The Canadian could FEEL the Space-Time barrier initiate, and she was already reaching into her pocket for her PreChanMirror as Akari's friend immediately burst into action.
Jiaying Maki 2018-11-19 03:20:54 100518
Jiaying Maki has been denied food. This makes her less than happy. This also means she's staring at the monster with unbridled rage for a few moments before. "I'm hungry, go somewhere else." Is all she can think of. Well that and a string of unhappy sounding Chinese. There's a moment of thought after though, then she turns to look at Millie and says, "So, probably a good idea to run. You'll be okay." Not, really wanting to do the whole thing. Then again, she seems to be getting ready for the fight herself.

Cracking her knuckles, she says flatly, "I just wanted a pizza is that so much to ask?" Before clapping her hands together, ready for the fight and of course, releasing her illusion/creating a new one. Standing there is a fox girl, all in white, kung fu hero style clothes and surrounded in mist for a moment before it forms into something of a guandao i nher hands. Pointing at the creature she says bluntly, "I bet you're edible enough though." What, she's hungry. Like a fox.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-11-19 03:29:27 100519
The crescent-slash from Hagane's sword cuts into a large hand which seems to be made of cheesy crust as it reaches out of the hole in the roof. "ZAAAAAA!" roars the voice again. A giant monster that looks like a slice of pizza with arms and legs is rising up out of the barrier-ruins of the pizzeria, growing until it's twenty feet tall!

Akari tenses up for a second. And then she holds up Rubindorn in both hands. "Knight Clothing, Set Up!" she exclaims.

Ping! <<BESTIMMT, HERRIN!>> Certainly, Mistress! She's surrounded by pale blue light, which glitches slightly ...

... but it doesn't change color or turn into darkness. When it dissipates, Akari's standing there in her combat-form. With blue hair like she has in her civilian form, glowing golden cat-eyes, and blue markings on her skin. Rubindorn is in sword form, and the blade is rosy pinkish-red. And her Knight Clothing now has golden trim, and her gauntlets and sabatons are made of white metal.

"Okay!" she says, smiling. She shoots a grin at Jiaying and Millie. "Got purified! I guess if I really need a code name, we can go back to the Belkan version of my title, Nachtglocke Eins. Night bell one," she adds in Japanese.

She pauses, holding her sword at the ready. "... and now I don't have any ranged attacks, because all of the ones I had before were darkness-based," she says, slightly nervously.

Even in mundane senses, the pizza-monster reeks of both pizza and darkness. It starts lumbering towards the assembled heroes, smashing through the pizzeria as it advances. "ZAAAAAAA!" it roars, before launching flaming slices of pepperoni at them!

Akari leaps into the air to avoid it, then exhales and grins. "Well, uh ... this'll be interesting anyway!"
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-11-19 03:57:19 100520
Hagane flits up into the air, dodging most of the flying pepperoni, trusting to Carnwennan's auto-defense to handle those she doesn't quite evade. She's knocked back a bit, but doesn't let it bother her as she continues soaring on up towards the monster.

"Interesting's one word for it, partner!" She grins as she turns, pausing to watch Akari's transformation and takeoff. "Be careful, we don't know how much of your defense was affected, either."

Flickers form around her, the slightly greasy-looking shards of light and mana barely visible in the evening's light, but as usual she reserves them for a later strike. Instead, she concentrates on intercepting the pepperoni shots as they zoom towards the fighters. "I feel a stupid over-dramatic speech coming on. Does anyone else want to go first?" She shakes her head, not expecting an answer, and hurls another mana-crescent at the pizza monster. "Instead I'll just remember a quote from one of those stupid American movies some of my friends like. The pizza-man who ate himself to death." She's not going to inflict the entire quote on the assembled fighters - she isn't sure she remembers it correctly anyway, it was a long time ago that she saw the movie.

"So, yeah. You trashed my date. Now I get to trash you."
Millie White 2018-11-19 04:14:57 100521
Of COURSE Maki-san knew about magic, Millie grumbled internally. Who in Tokyo DIDN'T know what magic was? It seemed that every time she turned around she was meeting someone who was involved in some way with magic. Not that that was necessarily a bad thing, she just wished there was an easier way to tell. Maki-san seemed to be a white fox girl of sorts, and the scent had changed slightly, intensified with a hint of.. was that dirt? She couldn't be sure.

As Akari transformed, Millie immediately noticed that it was different. There was a LACK of something, something that had been there the last time the two had fought together. The Darkness... she couldn't smell the Darkness in this form anymore! That must mean...? As if to confirm her theory, Akari spoke up about being purified and Millie let a wild yet happy grin appear on her face; she was relieved for her friend. Nightbell, eh? Even without ranged attacks, this was only good in Millie's books....

Which reminded her, MILLIE should probably disappear in favour of Cure Shield right about now. As if on cue, the youma roared and began to go through the pizzeria, launching what appeared to be flaming pepperoni slices at them. Akari's friend was intercepting them, but at least one made it through. Millie's heart leaped into her throat as she withdrew her PreChanMirror and activated it.

"PRECURE ROLLIN' MIRROR CHANGE!" A blinding emerald light enveloped her form as the flaming projectile hit where she had just been standing with an explosion of fire. When the smoke and the light cleared, Cure Shield stood where Millie had been, her shield held defensively in front of her with the Emerald Guard active. It would take a lot more than second-rate pizza toppings to take her out, it seemed.

Akari and her friend were already on the move, and Cure Shield looked to who she only knew as Maki-san. Since Akari had someone to watch her back, she would do what she could to look out for Maki. "I'm really sorry about your pizza, Maki-san. I'll draw it's attention, so you let it have it for messing up your dinner, alright?" She said with a grin before zipping closer to the youma. It was twenty feet tall, but like Akari, she didn't necessarily have any ranged attacks, so she would have to get up close and personal. Cure Shield leaped up the side of a building to avoid the huge fist the youma had sent her way before the gem dial on the face of her shield began to spin.

"SHIELD SPIKE!" She roared in English, rocketing shield first into the youma's bell pepper nose with a crunch and a flash of emerald light. It stumbled back as if surprised, it's attention now on Cure Shield as it swiped angrily at her like someone trying to swat a fly. It was distracted, now was their chance!
Jiaying Maki 2018-11-19 04:49:49 100522
Nuwu looks the creature over for a moment longer, muttering about trying to eat it after all. Eventually she gives up on that idea and instead lunges forward, swaying to the left at the last moment to lash out with the blade of her guandao. A quick lash, trying to draw it's attention to her. "I'd probably get sick eating dark infused food even if it still smells edible." She then quickly shakes her head and tries to stay focused.

"What do you do now then Ak-Nigh... person. You. Yes you. What dcan you do now?"

She pauses again, focusing on the creature, "You know what I mean, not that you're not helpful... but that you can do-so-that-I-don't-get-in-the-way." She punctuates the words with quick jabs, still trying to get it's attention. "Also hi there." she offers to the shield girl.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-11-19 04:56:25 100524
Akari nods to Mikoto. "Right, watching my defenses it is!" she says. "I think I can WAUGH!"

She thrusts her hand out. <<PANZERSCHILD!>> A Belkan spell-triangle appears just in time for another slice of pepperoni to slam into it. "... wish we had Ritterglocke here," she mutters.

Ping! <<ICH BIN GUT GENUG!>> says Rubindorn, almost petulantly. I'm good enough!

"Yeah, yeah ..."

The monster recoils from Mikoto's hit, and starts to bleed -- wait, no, that's tomato sauce. It fires another burst of pepperoni at Mikoto, but when Millie gets up in its face, it lets out another "ZAAAAAAAA!" and tries to swat her out of the air, and it takes a step towards her, ignoring the others for the moment!

Akari nods to Jiaying. "'Akari' is fine," she says. "And, uh. I'd prefer it if you stick with 'Bell' or 'Nachtglocke' if you're going to use another name, please." She shakes her head. "But what I can do is swordplay!"

And with that, she swoops down, slashing at the youma's arm! She manages to cut chunks of bread out of it, and quickly darts back as it swats at her instead; it seems pained, but not particularly annoyed. "ZAAAAAAAAA!" Or at least, only slightly more annoyed than it was already.
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-11-19 05:08:06 100525
"No, no, 'Za' is what we say when we're placing an order," Hagane insists as she dodges out of the way of another pepperoniblast. She doesn't recognize the PreCure girl, but she's fought alongside them before, so she makes sure to keep her own blasts well away from the girl's melee engagement.

"So, hey, long time no see," she calls to the fox-girl, waving cheerily as she conjures a few more flickers. As the little spell-shards orbit, she zooms in for her own melee-range assault, her blade shifting into a heavier cutlass-like shape as she slashes out at the animated junk food. "You'd better start running! You've annoyed the wrong bunch of hungry teenagers this time!"
Millie White 2018-11-19 05:35:21 100526
Four against one was usually good odds, but usually opponents were generally the same size. Four ants fighting a single skyscraper didn't sound very much like good odds, but then again, they were super powered ants. It couldn't seem to figure out who to focus on, which was technically good for the four heroes. The longer they kept it confused and scattered, the better. When Maki-san offered a hello, the shield bearer countered with a smile and a wave before continuing her attack. Cure Shield landed and zipped forward again, ready to catch the youma unaware while it was focused on the others, but it seemed to sense her. Surprisingly fast for something its size, the youma whirled around to face her and lunged, trying to crush her with one fell stomp.

"...!" The Cure had time to stop her charge and fling her shield up before the youma forced all its weight down. The ground beneath Cure Shield sunk slightly in a radius around her, creating a small crater while she struggled to keep the thing from crushing her. This was both good and bad. It was bad because, obviously, the Cure didn't feel like getting squished today... but it was good because as long as she held, the youma was off balance with one foot on the ground and one foot on her shield. Such a position was fortuitous to her companions, so she would hold her ground.

"N-NOW!" She shouted through gritted teeth. She wasn't sure how long she could hold it here like this, but she didn't have to care. Either she held it long enough for the others to take care of business, or it crushed her and suddenly it wasn't her problem anymore.
Jiaying Maki 2018-11-19 05:52:45 100529
There's a confused look from Jiaying at the definition of the word 'Za'. There might be some utterances about the locals being weird. Even as she debates the merits of eating a monster. "Bell is probably better for this sort of thing right? I think I'm the only dummy that didn't bother for a long time!" She laughs, then twists and lashes out at the critter again. A horizontal slash, that stops short, is yanked back, then spun overhead into a vertical slash. The creature's ignoring her, so she's going to see if hse can cut herself a few slices. Of pizza monster.

Hagane's given a moment's attention. Then a furrowed brow. Then a few more moments of thought. Then a confused look and finally one of recognition. "It... really has!" Then she adds embarrased, "I don't remember your name like this though! I'll ask later! And maybe not look like a complete jerk. Hopefully. Sorry."
Akari Hayabusa 2018-11-19 06:08:14 100531
Akari grins at Mikoto. "Three hungry teenagers, and one hungry vaguely ageless robot hologram thing!" she says, though her humor seems slightly strained. "Okay, Rubindorn! Time to go all out! Rose Form!"

Ping! <<KARTUSCHE BEREIT!>> The gun-trigger extends from the hilt. Akari pulls the trigger. There's a thunderclap, the sword vents white steam, and --

"Gah!" Akari staggers slightly in midair, but she doesn't seem particularly harmed. "Okay. Right. I'm actually feeling the strain from using cartridges now. Good to know."

Ping! <<ROSENFORM!>> First, in a transformation which is equal parts mechanical and magical, her sword transforms into a nine-foot double-ended spontoon spear. Then, thrumming with the power from the cartridge, the spontoon-blades glow rose red, and a pair of huge scythe-blades of light extend ninety degrees counterclockwise around her.

The monster is starting to lose more and more of its mass; the bits of it that fall off soon start to disintegrate into black foul-smelling smoke. Including the slices Jiaying cut off. Its frantic attempts to stomp Cure Shield only manage to put it off-balance, and between Jiaying and Mikoto's assault, it falls over onto its back.

Akari glances at Jiaying. "I dunno about the naming," she says. "As far as I'm concerned, I'm just Akari Hayabusa."

The gun-trigger setup is now sticking out of the midway point of the shaft of the double-scythe. Ping! <<KARTUSCHE BEREIT!>> With only the briefest of hesitations, Akari pulls the trigger, and she lets out a yelp as another thunderclap happens. <<LODERND GLOCKE!>>

Akari begins spinning her weapon in a circle like a propeller, and there's a faint rosy glow in her gauntlets as she announces the translation of the spell. "BLAZING ...." She launches herself forward at high speeds, right towards the monster. "... BELL!" She tears all the way through its body, and comes to a stop on the other side.

With one last cry of "ZAAAAAAAA ..." the monster collapses completely, melts into pieces, and finally disintegrates into more of the black smoke.

And then Akari sinks to her knees. "Whew!"
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-11-19 06:14:55 100532
Hagane nods to Akari. "Right. Four hungry teenagers." She grins and continues slashing out at the monster, her array of flickers ripping into it...

And then she jumps back as she hears Rubindorn's call of catridge loading. Time to get the heck out of the way.

And Akari does indeed prove impressive once again. Hagane lands next to her, grinning, and puts an arm around her shoulders. "Good work, love. Well done."

She waves cheerily to the fox-girl and the new PreCure. "So, there's another good pizza place a couple miles thataway... who's still hungry?"
Jiaying Maki 2018-11-19 06:22:36 100534
Nuwu looks at the creature. Then up at the hole it made. Then back at the remains of the creature. She may or may not kick it, any bit of it left. Then she looks around and slowly peeks behind the counter to see if she can steal some pepperoni at the very least. She'll pay for it! Honest! After eating a few pieces. And a few more...

Food need aside, she mutters quietly, stands up straight with a few pieces between her fingers and asks, "So... does any one know why a monster just destroyed my dinner?" beat... "The store. Why a monster just destroyed the store. Did any of you feel anything weird?" She's getting her focus back on, starting to work her way towards the hole, sniffing at the air and eventually replacing her diguise, the spear becoming the mist that hides her.

There's an offer for food. A few minutes of thought, then she asks, "Only a few miles? I could go for that. If I can make it that far..."
Millie White 2018-11-19 06:28:37 100535
As the youma was felled by the other three heroes' attacks, Cure Shield immediately felt the weight and pressure relieve itself from her shield. The green knight managed to jump back as bits of the creature fell and disintegrated into black smoke. A few light coughs escape her as the smoke swirls around, but it is gone almost as quickly as it had appeared. Whew... she wasn't sure she would ever think of this stuff as her new normal, but she had at least gotten somewhat used to fighting at a moments notice.

Cure Shield saw Akari's friend wave and mention another pizza place, and she couldn't help but chuckle and a nod. She was ALWAYS down for pizza. She made her way over to the others, the fox joining them as well. While a new pizza option was discussed, the Cure knelt down in front of Akari at an acceptable distance, not too close as to crowd the poor girl. "You alright?" She asked gently. She didn't seem worried, but Millie always was the type to check, just to be sure.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-11-19 06:43:07 100537
Akari smiles up at Mikoto, Rubindorn returning to its pendant form in a haze of blue light. "Food sounds excellent, especially after expending all that magic," she says dryly. "Rubindorn, how're you doing after going into Rosenform?"

Ping! <<ALLES GUT! DAS PROBLEM ZUVOR WAR DIE DUNKLE ENERGIE.>> All's good! The problem was the Dark Energy.

Akari nods. "Okay, great, it was straining me instead of you, got it."

She smiles at Cure Shield; this form is nearly seven feet tall, and she's still looking slightly down at her. "It's fine! It's just ..." She gets unsteadily to her feet, still leaning on Mikoto. "... Some Belkan Devices have what's known as a 'cartridge system.' It fires off cartridges packed with magical power. Really strains you, if you aren't propped up by damn dark energy."

She gingerly steps away from Mikoto. "Lemme get changed first before you drop the barrier, Mikoto," she says. Whoa, no honorifics! They must be really close. There's another surge of blue light as she transforms back into her "human" form in the red dress ... and then she immediately leans back against Mikoto again. "And if Eclipse attacks, I think I'm gonna have to rely on you even more than I was already," she adds dryly.

She looks at the others. "Oh, yeah. This is Mikoto Nakajima, my girlfriend," she says. "Also known as Hagane, but she doesn't hide her identity. Mikoto, this is Cure Shield, and Jiaying Maki."
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-11-19 06:49:47 100540
Hagane's transformation quickly fades, and Mikoto smiles back to the others as she leans into Akari. "Sure thing, love. And I think I've met Maki-san before. Cure Shield, pleasure to meet you." She hugs Akari with one arm, then waits for the Cure-girl to decide to detransform or not before dropping the Barrier. "As for pizza, I'm buying, so..." She waves in the right general direction.