Carry You Home

Jadeite and Mamoru aim to be instagram-famous disasters.

Date: 2018-11-19
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Mamoru Chiba 2018-11-19 05:40:14 100527
They were so very politely kicked out that five minutes down the sidewalk later, Mamoru's still having sudden fits of giggles, hand over his face. "Man that wasn't even our fault! But the part that was was so worth it," he wheezes, leaning against the closest building for a minute. Laughter seems to be under control, which basically means there's a lot of staying in one place until the world stops spinning.

It's maybe ten PM, so the streets are still crowded with cars and people, and there are already a lot of other drunk adults. The weather's lovely, with just a little bit of a chill to the air at about 60 F. It'd gotten up to 68 over the day, which is why Mamoru has his cardigan draped over his shoulders, sleeves loosely tied in front, like a complete tool.

He slides down the wall to sit on the sidewalk, propping his head back against the wall with his fingertips. "I think I'm glad we got kicked out, anyway."
Jadeite 2018-11-19 05:51:55 100528
"I can't believe they only kicked us out," Saburo is pouting, and staggering only slightly. His sleeves are rolled all the way up in a vain attempt to stop the wet patch on the right shoulder from soaking into the rest of the shirt, the scent of some fruity cocktail clinging to him. "It was only like, halfish our fault! We finished it, we didn't start it."

He's indignant in contrast to Mamoru's giddy laughter, and only really starts to lighten up when he catches sight of Mamoru's cardigan, half stuck on the wall and caught from the slide down. It's the funniest thing he's ever seen in his life, or so one would think, by the snorting laugh that bursts out of him. One hand reaches down to try and tuck the stuck fabric behind Mamoru's head and ends up stroking the material instead, distracted by the soft feel.

"Because we weren't there long enough to make bad life choices?"
Mamoru Chiba 2018-11-19 06:08:05 100530
At least it made the slide down the wall less scrapey? But it's something Mamoru clearly didn't think through, and he peers between his fingers at Jadeite, head tipped back against the wall and then faintly manhandled hilariously while Jadeite's trying to get his cardigan behind it. He's concentrating on keeping his breathing even while Jadeite laughs, and then blinks as Jadeite strokes his sweater against the wall over his head. Then Mamoru takes off his glasses, still looking up, and just watches Jadeite half above him.

"Well, not really bad life choices, yeah," he answers after a half-second's focusing on the question. "Partly because there were too many people in there and it was getting to be a little much for me. Drinking more to make it bother me less also actually lets more of the mess in because I'm worse at, uh-- shielding--"

Kind of a meander of a sentence, but Mamoru's half-smiling, too. Probably the world righted itself. He does have an unfair advantage that way.
Jadeite 2018-11-19 06:16:51 100533
The cardigan is soft beneath his fingers, and the wall is rough, and the faint scrape that he can feel through the material is kind of nice actually, like a scrubby brush or a rough loofa or a foot scrubber thing, and Saburo is utterly, completely fascinated, listening to Mamoru but not really looking at him. Or well, at him at him, because duh he can see him but he isn't focused on him-him, just on his cardigan-him and because of that he almost doesn't hear all of the explanation, until a question smacks.him upside the head at the tail end of that sentence.

"So could you like, feel the drunk all around? Was it making you more drunk? Oh dude, did I make you two times the drunk?!"

Okay so a couple of questions, actually, but they are all legitimate, really! This is important stuff. Critical. "If you're drunker than me clap your hands."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-11-19 06:45:29 100538
"Haa-- no-- yes. What?" asks Mamoru, really clearly not following, even after thinking about it for a second. He runs his hand through his hair, still craning his neck to look up at Jadeite, and because that's a kind of limited action given how he's positioned, it ends up sticking up somewhat bedheadedly. "Clapping my hands would require moving too much and making my planet start spinning way too fast again," he finally says, sounding like he's unsure of whether he's being mulish or dignified. "I just get lots of feelings that aren't mine. People would look at me funny if I wore gloves and a hat indoors. Especially when it's warm out. Feelings, flashes of events-- so of course I drink more because I don't want to be antisocial but I can't cope. But that means that I've got, umm--"

There's a lengthy pause.

"I'll remember. Hang on."

Another pause, longer. "Less ability to maintain my walls. Psychic shielding. So even more other-people's-stuff tumbles in, I don't even have to be touching anyone. Start drowning in it. I got loud so I could hear myself."

Why is he being serious? Probably because he's been sitting out of the way of most of the crowd, and only with Jadeite who's pleasantly drifty, and he's been on the ground-- so even if he's drunkenly slow-thinking, he's in much better shape already. "I think I'm as drunk as you," he says finally.
Jadeite 2018-11-19 06:46:27 100539
There are so many words being spoken, seriously and with genuine thought, and if he were sober he would feel so bad that only about one in three penetrate his drink-soaked skull. But at a time like this? That is a real big if, one doomed to not be realized. He understands enough to know that the bar's not fun ratio outweighed its fun ratio, and that regardless of what Mamoru says he is probably significantly drunker than him, and that Mamoru's hair looks like dandelion puffs when he messes it all up like that.

"Drinking to cope is a bad thing," he says finally, remembering this from a number of alcohol awareness events. "So it's good we left before you got drunker enough to spin the planet faster."

Significantly drunker than Mamoru.

"Drowning is bad for you too. Drowning in people is double bad, that's like, that's like top ten way Hannimal Lector wants to die bad for you! Sitting on the ground is good though. Nice and solid and hard and steady and solid -" he catches himself starting to make sounds for the sheer sake of the noise and cuts himself off, looking thoughtfully down at the ground and then at Mamoru and then at the ground and then at -

"- so if I get down there too do y'think we'd make it back up?"
Mamoru Chiba 2018-11-19 15:15:44 100541
The corner of the prince's mouth twitches upward as he keeps looking at Jadeite, listening. His dandelion puffed black hair-- dandelion puff? It's too long for that, really, generally, but the little bit of a curl to the longer ends makes it fluff unnecessarily in the tiny breeze, where he mashed at it with his hand. He's listening very closely, and if Jadeite un-leans from the wall and from his cardigan, said cardigan will undoubtedly fall onto Mamoru's head.

Which means onto Mamoru's face. It can't be a very comfortable neck position, but the medical student doesn't seem to mind. "I only drink to cope," he manages to get in edgewise, "if I'm in a crowd. No worries. Life by itself doesn't require too much cope."

Given how slowly he's speaking, carefully enunciating-- and given the fact that he's decidedly not moving or getting up yet, he's actually probably considerably more drunk than he seems. "I can't feel my fingertips or my face," he observes with interest. "Sit on me, I'm more comfortable than the sidewalk. And if we can't get up after, I'll henshin and--" He switches to English "--carry you home--"

--he sings, and the people passing by behind Jadeite slow a little to look, then move along, politely ignoring, "Toniiiiii-iiii-iiiieeeiii-iiii-iii-iiiight, we are youuuuuuuung! So we'll set the world on fi-yuh, and we can burn bright-uh than the suuuuuuuuuuuun~~"

Arms wide! Either being dramatic or inviting Jadeite to sprawl on him. Experience does say he's not lying about being more comfortable than the sidewalk, and he gets so huggy when he's drunk.
Jadeite 2018-11-21 05:29:52 100713
Who could ignore an invitation like that, complete with singing and arms wide open? Probably, possbly, someone sober, socially aware, and afraid of being stared at.

So, y'know, not Jadeite, who is all too happy to sink to the floor and then plop himself down into Mamoru's lap, leaving that poor cardigan to finally swamp over Mamoru's face and cover him completely. Jadeite does not quite notice - Mamoru lap is more comfortable than the floor, and he has joined him in the singing. "Carry me home toniiiiiight, just carry me home toniiiiight!"

There are eyes watching them, people their age noticing the pair of them and plenty older shaking their heads, and Jadeite sticks his tongue out at them, but he hasn't figured out how to sing and stick his tongue out at the same time so the problem is that the next bit of lyrics are so mangled that he just, immediately bursts into giggles at the sound of his own voice mangling the poor song.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-11-21 05:36:48 100714
Mamoru makes some pff pff sounds with his cardigan in his face, and with one arm around singing-Jadeite, he lifts his other hand to pull his cardigan up off his head, then lean forward and drop it behind him. And then Jadeite mangles it so bad that Mamoru cracks up at the same time, and oh no, oh no, that much laughing is making his head spin again, so he ends up just sort of dropping his head into the back of Jadeite's, then giggling and trying to catch his breath that way, and then oops nope head down and closer air makes for nope and he tips his head back up toward the sky again, once more leaning it against the wall.

Still only one arm's around the Jadeite in his lap, because the other hand's dropped down to the sidewalk to dig his fingers into a crack in it and get at the dirt. He lets out a puff of a breath, and it ruffles Jadeite's curly hair, and he watches the way the streetlights gleam off it in different colors. After a long moment he says, "I literally can't remember if we're sophomores or juniors."
Jadeite 2018-11-21 05:52:46 100718
Giggling with Mamoru, just, laying around and being an absolute stupid goof with Mamoru, is probably the most relaxed he's been in ages, and the drinks are only a smart part of that. It's just - things have actually been calm. For a few months, even, no terrible tragedies or interdimensional conflicts or even a club sports disaster. Things have been good, and there isn't quite an end to that in sight.

How can he do anything but enjoy that, like a totally normal college student, after a totally normal week of midterms?

There's an arm around him and a Mamoru to grin up at, and the world might be a little out of focus and spinny, a little too shiny and blurry, but that just makes it better, honestly. When the silent is interrupted by a reminder of their academics, he gives it exactly a second of thought before shrugging. "Does it even matter? We're gonna be the best at it either way."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-11-21 06:09:23 100719
"I think-- it only matters-- because who wants five years of being an undergrad?" Mamoru manages to ask with a straight face, but his eyes are sparkling in that overbright drunk-ass amused way. And Jadeite's grinning up at him, so Mamoru forgets even what he just said and just hugs the 100% fluffiest Shitennou, mashing his numb face against the side of that curly head. And all the contact--

--there's the same happy buzz, reflected, and there's the same deeper relief, and there's Mamoru-- Endymion-- just loving him so much, and being unutterably happy because he feels so complete and still feels the chill sometimes, in nightmares, of years of being alone, and of all the times he's been missing parts of himself or parts of him have shattered, but none of that is true right now and none of it is relevant because they're two drunk idiot college students downtown and people can get away with all kinds of shit when they're drunk that they couldn't get away with sober, and Jadeite is squishy and soft.

And then Mamoru starts giggling again. "Oh god we're going to get home and what if Neph is making out with Mako-chan or oh no what if literally anybody else is there, we'll have to go hide and dogpile Zoi and make him screech--"
Jadeite 2018-11-21 06:21:31 100720
"...five years of not needing a real job?" is the suggestion, though real and job should probbly definitely for sure be in quotation marks, complete with finger quotes for emphasis, because that most certainly doesn't appply to a pair of guys with a lifetme guaranteed gig as guardian and planetary royal. There's probably something else to be said for extra time for goofing off in undergrad, but then there's a rush of love and warmth that comes from hugging the single best prince ever, that comes from Mamoru-Endymion, from knowing that they are safe

that they are all alive and well

that even the worst nightmares will give way to brightest morning. Tonight the only enemy to vanquish is sobriety, and they've done a magnificent job of it. There's nothing to do now but enjoy the victory.

Enjoy the victory and contemplate the homecoming. "If Neph's making out with Mako, does that mean we could get her to make us cookes? If Zoi is there, can we make him ask Mako to make us Mako-cookies?"
Mamoru Chiba 2018-11-21 06:35:50 100721
"She made cookies yesterday probably so we wouldn't bug her to make cookies on date night. The important part is there will be cookies. And also screechy Zoisites. And maybe longsuffering Kunzites. And also the couch. And Mario Kart. But that's for upright time. This is fine," Mamoru finally rambles to a satisfied halt and sighs, shifting to get more comfortable against the wall, now with both arms around Jadeite. "It's chilly and you're warm. This is nice. Can we sleep here? Or will people take pictures."
Jadeite 2018-11-21 06:39:03 100723
"People will take pictures, but then we'll be instagram famous and the screechy Zoisites and longsuffering Kunzites will be screechy and longsuffering in new and fun ways. We've been drunk before, but never drunk and famous before." Nothing could possibly go wrong with this, look, nothing, there is no downside to being famous for being disasters. Jadeite shifts and twists just enough to get comfortably burrowed around Mamoru, so that they are most definitely cuddling on the sidewalk, no other description for it.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-11-21 06:47:57 100724
"Okay," yawn-sighs Mamoru. "I'll henshin and carry you home after a nap. If we're not instagram-famous by morning I'll be disappoint."

Then Jadeite is half-burrowed half-wrapped cuddling him and the world is shining and golden and drunk, and the Crown Prince of Earth and his Cuddliest Guardian are prime shibuyameltdown bait, and Mamoru leans his head against the top of Jadeite's and a nap on the sidewalk is perfectly safe.

They're such cute disasters.