A Meeting Out of The Blue

Haruna takes Millie to meet Blue. It goes pretty well. Haruna manages to avoid clocking Blue in the face over his dumb rule.

Date: 2018-11-19
Pose Count: 21
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-11-19 16:49:08 100542
Haruna Kurosawa gives Millie a text.

    Gull> Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey- Millie. Hey.
    Gull> I got a visit all set up with Blue-sama.
    Gull> Meet me at Gullwing Cafe after close.

Haruna Kurosawa otherwise is tapping a finger against a table in the dim light of the closed Cafe at night. The door is unlocked for Millie to enter, but otherwise the cafe is closed as Haruna yawns. Corvus is reading an adorably tiny Newspaper (somehow) as he waits with adorable tiny glasses on as he waits. Mascot magic or something. He licks a 'wing' and turns the page.

"Ewwwww." goes Haruna. "Don't lick the finger then touch the page, maybe I wanna read that later!" she insists. Corvus merely rolls his eyes.
Millie White 2018-11-19 17:03:13 100544
The texts had been a surprise when she had awoken from her pizza-induced slumber from the night before. The meeting was sudden, but she figured it was necessary. The longer she went without knowing everything, the more at risk she felt. Knowledge was a powerful tool and it sounded like Blue had the most of it... at least relating to PreCure. Quickly she tapped a response.

     Millie> Hello, Kurosawa-san. I will be at the cafe at closing, no problem. Thanks!

Simple and to the point. With that she went along with the rest of her day. School, training, quietly looking into the Raskoph name, hating math class, the usual. The day seemed to drag on and on, but all things must end, this included. The Canuck made her way directly to the cafe to be there almost as soon as it closed, not wanting to waste any time.

Millie carefully walked through the door of the cafe, a hand raised in greeting. It felt wrong to speak loudly in a quiet shop at night, and so her voice was soft when she spoke. "Evenin', Kurosawa-san, Corvus-san. It's nice to see you again."
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-11-19 17:19:18 100545
Haruna Kurosawa perks up. "Millie-chan, hello!" she says as she stands up and steps over to the main door and locks it up. Corvus gives a little wing wave and folds then rolls the newspaper up as he places it down on the counter and removes those glasses.

"Okay, so." she says as she walks to the center of the cafe. "We're gonna go to the Cross Mirror room, and visit Blue-sama. Some things." she says. "Before we go." she says.

"First. Blue-sama is gonna tell you a rule while we're there. It's a dumb rule. Smile, nod and then don't worry about it because he can't force it on you because you're already a Pretty Cure and he can't 'take it away'. It's silly. I think he tries to get Cures to agree to it beforehand usually? But you can't do that when you just throw your items all over the world into the wind and expect random girls who are compatible with 'em to agree to it after the fact. That's dumb. Like that won't even hold up magical court!"

"There's no such thing as magical court." insists Corvus as he hops onto Haruna's shoulder.

"Anyways..." she walks to the broom closet and opens it into a!.... broom closet. "...oh whoops." she closes the door and gives it three series of knocks. She then opens it...

Into a staircase downwards? "Come on." she says as she begins walking down the stairs.
Millie White 2018-11-19 17:27:11 100546
Millie listened as Haruna spoke, tilting her head curiously at what the rule could possibly be. It sounded both important and irrelevant at the same time. How was that even possible, it was supposed to be a RULE! Either way, the rookie Cure nodded. She couldn't help the chuckle that escaped her at the mention of Magical Court.

"I don't even wanna think about how much schooling it takes to become a Magical Lawyer for Magical Court." She joked with a lopsided grin. As Haruna approached the closet, Millie watched silently. It was... a broom closet. Blue lived in a broom closet? That couldn't be right. Haruna remedied the situation by closing the door, knocking three times, and opening it again. Now there was a staircase leading down. With a shrug, she followed the senior PreCure.

"This is probably the least weird thing I've seen this week." She mumbled to herself, remembering the pizza-youma from last night.
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-11-19 17:37:29 100547
Haruna Kurosawa leads Millie to... well it looks like a cozy weird bunker of sorts. "This is my little hidey hole." she says. "...it's... meant as a place. For those who are doing bad things that don't wanna do it anymore to hide from those that might insist otherwise." she says a little more serious as she turns to Millie. "...sorry. I have. Personal experience with that." she says grimly. Corvus sighs a bit at this. "It's.. a long dumb story. But... I'll try to uh. What's the word-- cliff notes it?"

"Before I was a Pretty Cure... I met Corvus. He was a jerk Raven at the time. He got me to do dumb things for a wish I desperately wanted. I did a bunch of dumb things. People stopped me- but I was stuck with these awful dark powers? I didn't really have a place to go, except with these jerks..." she says.

"...anyways. Stuff happened and then I became a Pretty Cure and Corvus became this eventually due to reasons." she says.

"Corvus yes it's a long story." he does not call it dumb. "I'll tell it to you at length, later." he says to Millie.

"Anyways..." she walks to a long, floor to ceiling mirror and motions. "Technically, we could use any mirror for this, but it's easier if you use a long one like this." she says. "Anyways... this'll only work if he wants you to come in. Usually that's all the time because he likes visitors." she says as she knocks three times on the mirror then---

--she grabs Millies hand and attempts to-- tug her through the mirror. "Here we go!~...."
Millie White 2018-11-19 17:44:24 100548
Millie's brows furrowed as Haruna recounted what the place was used for and why. Even the cliff noted version sounded like a bad time, and the rookie Cure frowned with concern. It seemed like dark creatures taking advantage of those in a desperate situation was more common than she first thought. Without meaning to, Millie's gaze swept over Corvus. Her expression was almost searching, but she quickly returned her attention to Haruna as she explained the mirrors.

"Wait, WHAT will only work if he--" Haruna grabbed her hand and knocked on the mirror three times. Immediately the heat rose to the tips of her ears, but even then she didn't let go of Haruna's hand; the last thing she wanted was to get separated during... whatever was about to happen. The Canuck wanted to close her eyes as Haruna tugged them through the mirror, but she kept them open, not wanting to be surprised by anything.
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-11-19 18:05:29 100549
Thowmp! The feeling is odd and weird like passing through water without getting wet, and it lasts a second before they arrive in...

Well it's a very blue place. The floor seems to be transparent glass almost-- or is a perfect matching blue of the rest of the place. It's hard to tell.

There's various floating mirrors around the edge of the odd area-- also they just came out of one. It's weird. There's a small round table with a white table cloth and a tea set. There's a tall man with Blue hair reading a news paper and that looks exactly like the one Corvus was reading but bigger. What the heck is that about?

"Blue-sama! We're here and I brought Shield-chan!" she says as she walks on over--- she did let go of Millie's hand at some point. She pulls up one of the seats.

Blue peeks over the newspaper. "Hello, Haruna." he says. "How's Aki-chan been?" he asks with a warm smile. His eyes look to Millie. "Hello, Millie-san. I understand you found one of my love seeds-- have a seat." he offers to the empty chair.
Millie White 2018-11-19 18:24:32 100550
As strange as the feeling was, it felt right for what should be expected of 'walking through a mirror'. The Canadian resisted the urge to wipe at her face based on the sensation alone. Before long she found herself standing in a blue room... with blueish mirrors... and a man with blue hair. Wasn't there a song about this or something? She barely noticed when Haruna released her hand, only realizing when she felt the warmth dissipate. Haruna moved to sit with Blue, and Millie couldn't hide the bewildered expression on her face as Blue spoke to her, and it took her a moment to respond.

"Oh, uh..." She cleared her throat awkwardly before moving to join them. Millie moved with a strangely practiced ease, coming to stop before Blue and offering a sweeping yet polite bow. Her eyes did not leave Blue's, and when she straightened up again, she smiled. "How do you do, Blue-sama?" Her greeting was also practiced yet sincere, as if she was somehow used to meeting people of much higher social ranking than her. She took the offered seat and sat, her posture straight and polite. She had no idea how one was supposed to greet or even act in front of a God, but if it was anything like the 'royalty' she had met, this would be acceptable, wouldn't it? "I found a... Love Seed, yes. I should thank you; that seed is the only reason I'm alive right now, I think."
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-11-19 18:41:13 100551
Blue immediately puts the paper down, and begins to pour tea into cups, wherein there are English-style tea bags in. He keeps a muted smile the whole time. "You should not thank me, Millie-san." he says. "I provide 'Love Seeds', yes." he says. "But it's you who we're able to use it.. activate it." he offers. "Not something just any girl could do in your place."

"I apologize. I am not immediately aware when a Pretty Cure awakens. I would eventually have found you, but. Obviously not in a timely manner. May I please ask about the specifics of your transformation?" he asks. "What did you name yourself?" he asks. He asks this with genuine concern and interest, like he cares. Because he does. There's just so many Pretty Cures all over the world. Even gods can't keep an eye everywhere.

MEANWHILE, Haruna has scooped Corvus and is petting his head lightly. He's trying very hard to pretend he doesn't like this. (He does. A lot.). "She's Canadian!" she says. "It isn't a state in America!" she insists. Blue gives this... look at Haruna. Like. 'Oh dear, sweet Haruna, you're so silly.'

"Yes, I know Haruna, thank you." he says.
Millie White 2018-11-19 19:04:49 100552
For someone as 'rough' as Millie, she was actually quite composed in a more refined situation. She accepted the tea with a polite nod of her head, waiting for the others to begin their tea out of courtesy. When Blue began to apologize, Millie shook her head gently.

"No need to apologize, Sir. I don't reckon being a God is an easy job, so some things are bound to slip through the cracks." She said amicably, even though the one who had slipped through the cracks had been her. While it was true that she had gone through a year of hell trying to figure everything out and get herself back to Japan, she didn't blame Blue. In fact, she still firmly believed she should be thanking him. Had he NOT dropped a Love Seed, she and the child likely would have been killed that day in Tokyo. When he asked for the specifics of her transformation, she frowned gently.

"Of course, Blue-sama." She took a small sip of her tea. It was exactly how she like it somehow. "I was on vacation with my mother and father in Tokyo, September 14th, of last year. There was an attack and I was separated from my parents. While looking for them, I found a young boy and his dog being attacked by a monster and I just..." She paused looking into her tea cup. "I didn't think, I didn't name myself anything, I just leaped to protect the kid. The seed began to glow, turned into a Mirror, and I transformed. It felt like a fluke at the time, if I'm being honest. Once the monster was gone, I still had the mirror and the cards that read 'Cure Shield'. My vacation came to an end and I had to go back to Canada before learning... well... anything, really."

Millie scratched the back of her head sheepishly, as if somehow the situation was her fault and she should have tried harder to figure everything out. "I knew the answers were here, so I applied to be an exchange student and started learning Japanese. And uh... here we are."
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-11-19 19:28:57 100553
Blue nodded. "Magic exists all over the world, but in lower concentrations. Tokyo is an anomaly. Like a vacuum that sucks up the magical and places most of it here." he offers. He then frowns a little, however, as he thinks on that date. "Ah..."

"...What that was. Was Phantom causing a distraction, so the parents of a Pretty Cure could be kidnapped by others of the Phantom Empire while Pretty Cures and other heroes we're busy fighting all the Terribads he created." he says with concern. "I'm glad you we're able to find the Love Seed, and used it to save the child."

"Sometimes the naming is subconscious. Sometimes it's on purpose. Cure Gull ..." he looks to Haruna. "-and her sister, Cure Tide, named themselves after the elements of their favorite place- for example." he says.

"That's the beach!" Haruna beams. "...also seagulls are cute and aren't trashbirds." she huffs.

Corvus nods matter of factly while being pet as he sips out of a teacup.

"I'm glad you found your answers, regardless." he offers. "Now, I'm assuming there's some things you still don't know. There are some rules. And there are some other things." Haruna gives a sideeye at Millie, a sort of 'here it comes' look before looking innocent.

"A Pretty Cure most not fall in love." he says. "I mean, as someone loves someone, in the sense of... romance." he says, as if he needs to specify. Maybe Haruna asked a bunch of dumb questions like 'I can't love apple pie now!?'. "-and you must always respond to an attack by the Phantom Empire." he says. "Otherwise. How you handle that, is up to you." he says.
Millie White 2018-11-19 19:43:51 100554
Tokyo was a hotbed for magical activity alright. She hadn't been here very long and she had already fought at least four different youma, compared to the zero in the year she was back home in Canada. At the news of what that attack had been a year ago, Millie's hand clenched the teacup hard enough for it to creak dangerously. Phantom... Haruna had warned her about him. If he showed up, she was supposed to run if she was alone. How dare the Phantom Empire steal someone's parents. Inwardly she felt a pang of sadness as she was reminded just how much she missed her own parents. Soon Blue began to explain the rules, and Millie caught the expression that Haruna gave her with a soft grin of her own.

THAT was the rule? Cures weren't allowed to fall in love? Now she could see why Haruna was so opposed. It seemed like a silly rule, but Millie could understand a little bit. Comics had taught her that when a hero loved someone, that person would always be used against them in some way by the bad guys. It made sense but at the same time... wasn't love one of the emotions that gave the Pretty Cure their powers? That was how it felt to her when she transformed, anyway. Wasn't that like limiting their own potential? A slow but gentle smile appeared on her face.

"You don't have to worry about that, Blue-sama." She said in reference to falling in love. Instead of elaborating she simply left it at that, but a curious expression overtook the smile. "Would I be able to ask why, Sir? I mean no disrespect, I am curious though."
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-11-19 20:09:24 100555
Haruna manages to keep a straight face as much as she can as Blue explains the rules. She also knows Blue has an answer to that question that she also believes it's bogus. She sips tea. The seagull in her arms sips tea. Tea is zen. She needs the zen right now.

Blue speaks. "Because Pretty Cure need to love everyone. It wouldn't be fair to concentrate on just one person." he says with a little sadness. "I hope you understand he says."

Haruna keeps her mouth shut. Lalalala not listening right now. Sip, tea, zen, sip.

"Do you have a PreCard Decor?" he asks. Haruna shakes her head. "I don't think she has one. She should have one." she says. "Blue nods and raises his hand and an odd, pink and purple binder materializes. He offers it to Millie. "This is a PreCard Decor. When you defeat Terribads... that freed happiness can sometimes channel back into a PreCard. PreCards may allow you to do different things... or may give you a form change." he says.

"When you fill that-- you gain a wish." he says.

Haruna nods. "I already filled mine... and spent my wish." she says softly.

Blue looks at Millie. "That may take a while. When you get closer to that... we may need to discuss some specifics. And what's a good idea to wish for, or not." he offers.

"...It took like two years to fill mine." she laments.
Millie White 2018-11-19 20:33:17 100556
Millie listened to the explanation given, her eyes not once leaving Blue's. There was sadness in his tone and, looking into his eyes, she felt it was personal sadness. This kind of sadness was not born of others, this she understood. That was about all she understood as the conversation turned to something called a PreCard Decor. Thankfully Haruna was able to answer for her, and she nodded to the girl gratefully. What caught her by surprise was the mention of a wish.

"A wish?" She parroted, tilting her head ever so slightly like an inquisitive pup. "How powerful are these wishes? Can they only be used by PreCure? What if a full Decor is taken by the enemy?" Of course those would be her first questions, proving her subconscious had been correct in naming her Cure Shield. Wish could mean anything, really, from Genie level wishes down to a simple favour someone could ask for. The Canuck held the Decor in her hands, opening it and looking at the empty pages. Two years...
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-11-19 20:54:14 100557
Haruna Kurosawa speaks up. "Pretty much anything but it's... karma based." she says softly. Blue nods. "You could theoretically wish for anything, but depending on.. how selfish it is or selfless it is, it can have differing results." he says with a series of light nods as he sips his own tea.

Haruna smiles. "Like you could wish for 'a truck load of money', but that money needs to come from somewhere if you do that. You could wish for someone you hate to disappear, but.. that would cause a significant amount of despair in turn!" she huffs.

Blue nods. "Haruna-chan is correct. The wrong wish, while granted, can cause pain and hurt. Not good ideas." he offers.

"....I wished Hannah-chan's linker core back." she says softly. Blue frowns a little bit at that but sighs a little and looks back over to Millie.

"I'm sure you will find a wish you are happy with, when it comes time." he says. "Are there questions you have for me, overall?" he asks.
Millie White 2018-11-19 21:13:25 100558
Karma based, eh? Her frown deepened. That was... even more dangerous than a Genie's wish. Wishing without consequence was one thing, but when a wish required its power to come from somewhere other than just magic? That was actually a terrifying thought, and her opinion as much showed in her eyes for a split second before she looked up at Haruna's admission.

Haruna had used her wish to help someone else. A lopsided yet soft grin overtook her expression when she looked at Haruna; even if Blue didn't approve, Millie was proud of Haruna. Granted she had no context, but she would figure that out sooner or later. Inwardly she was glad that it was Haruna that ended up being her senior PreCure. Imagining anyone less approachable was difficult. At Blue's question, she responded with one of her own.

"If I were to fill this Decor and then the Decor fell into the Empire's hands, could they use the wish?" She needed to know how desperately she needed to protect the Decor. If anyone could use the wish she knew she had to guard it like a vicious beast. Of course she would protect it either way, but it was always good to know. "Oh and uh... is there a way I can contact you in case of an emergency?" Getting the important stuff out of the way first. Typical Millie.
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-11-19 21:29:38 100559
Blue shakes his head. "Only you, or another Pretty Cure you give your cards to, can make the wish. It can be stolen but... they can't do anything with it besides look at them, really." he says. Haruna Kurosawa nods. "PreCards can only be used by Pretty Cure. Well. Blue's.. Pretty Cure... like I said... different groups." she says with a smile.

"....Ah." he says as he looks to Haruna. "You didn't give it to her yet?" he asks.

Haruna Kurosawa "Huh....? OH!" she says as she pats herself down, then pulls out a small, cellphone looking device in pink and white-- with no buttons and a screen. "I COMPLETELY forgot to give this to you before we came." she says. She must had sidetracked herself with badtime stories of her past. "That's a Cure Line. You can use it to talk to me or Blue or really any Pretty Cure you want that has one, too!" she says with a smile.

Blue nods. "You can use that. It reacts to your wishes at the moment, of who you want to speak to." he mentions as if to address the lack of buttons on the device.
Millie White 2018-11-19 21:40:17 100560
The tension in her shoulders visibly eased when she learned that only a Pretty Cure could use the wish. That was a great relief. She couldn't imagine what could happen if that weren't the case. It would be bad enough if the bad guys got their hands on a no-consequence wish, but if they got their hands on a karma-wish? That was a bad end. Her expression visibly lighter, she grinned when Haruna began to pat herself down.

"Thanks." She offered when she accepted the Cure Line. Blue explained that it reacted to her wishes and that was likely why it had no buttons. Curious... magic truly was a strange thing. Watching it interact with technology sure was something. "Those that have a line would be... Kurosawa-san and her sister, Blue-sama, and myself. Is there any other Cure I should be aware of in the area?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-11-19 21:50:08 100561
Haruna Kurosawa beams. "There's a bunch! There's Spark-chan and Boost-chan and Drive-chan and Victory-chan and yes, Aki-chan!-- Cure Tide!" she beams. "I mean there's others, but that's who all I know." she says softly. She taps her bottom chin and sighs a little.

"Spark-chan is... the Pretty Cure who had her parent's stolen. We still... haven't resolved that. She's been off trying to figure out ways to burst into the Blue Sky Kingdom-- where they probably took them." she says. "She's smart!" she says. "So I'm sure she'll find a way... or invent something that could..." she says.

"Boost is always busy at her family's store... Victory is off doing Tennis things but I think Drive is in town occasionally!" she smiles.

Blue nods. "You'll meet others I'm sure, as you're able." he says. "Without me needing to give you a full list." he smiles. "Besides. I don't have a printer. or a computer. With which to do as such." he motions to the entirely empty room save for an odd white 'seat' and the tea table they're currently at. Yup. No computer.

"-and no borrowing mine, I do important Cafe work on there!" Corvus adds. "And play Mahou Clicker on." he adds.

"And Play Mahou Clicker on!" she huffs and crosses her arms.
Millie White 2018-11-19 22:07:44 100562
Okay that was a lot more Cures than she was expecting. How had she only ever run into Haruna until now? Spark, Boost, Drive, Victory, Gull, Tide, and now Shield. Her head spun with all the names, as well as all the new information she had been able to gather. Unbidden, she could feel the faint beginnings of a headache. Silently she finished her tea as Haruna and Corvus argued about computers.

"I see. That is... a lot to take in at once." She admitted a bit sheepishly as she set down her teacup. Glancing at the Cure Line in her hand, a clock face appeared. It was getting late, she realized. Quietly, Millie stood with both hands in front of her. The tall girl then bowed deeply to both Blue and Haruna.

"I really can't thank you both enough for providing me with answers. Now that I am aware of the situation, I want you to know that you can count on me. I won't let the Phantom Empire or anyone else get away with hurting people. I will be there whenever you need me, on my honour." She said seriously but with a gentle smile on her face. "On that note... I need to get going if I want to have time to make lunch for school tomorrow." She rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly. She knew she shouldn't have left food preparation until the last second, but getting answers from Blue was more important!
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-11-19 22:24:39 100563
Haruna Kurosawa beams! "Alright then." she says. She stands up. "Thanks for the tea, Kami-sama!" she says. She places Corvus on her shoulder and the bird gives a wing wave back to Blue, before she turns back around. She'll motion for Millie to follow as she knocks on the mirror. "Follow along quickly!~" she says.

Hopping on out!?... they're back in the basement bunker underneath Gullwing Cafe. She'll brush herself off. "Right. The way I entered down here? The knocks? That's how you switch the door from broom closet to stairwell." she says. "Weird .. architectural magic. If you feel you need a place to hide, or-- need to bring someone else someplace safe. Here." she says. "Works." she smiles. "Just be sure to come in through the back door in that case, so no one sees ya during business hours and all."

"Now... I gotta get home or Hannah's gonna be all pouty about me being late." she says as she she begins to lead the way out. "Shoot me a line if you have questions~" she sings.