Another night in!

Unmei decides to host another big event with some friends! So of course a giant flaming tiger and other things break in and crash it. It'll be fine, though. Maybe she can stay with Lacrima for a bit? Wait. NO! MIHO! YOU CAN'T JUST TEXT MAMORU ABOUT IT!

Date: 2018-11-25
Pose Count: 29
Unmei Tama 2018-11-25 02:40:29 100869
Unmei Tama was, once again, prepping for a girl's night! She had a bunch of flowers set out(which she got from this person who claimed they 'granted wishes'. The first hadn't done it... so she got a few more. What could go wrong? Her wish was simple. And probably just a good luck charm.)

But tonight, she had pop corn and chocolate toffee for them! And... some silly comedies. With lots of cute boys(and girls) in them! Also, nail polish. Off to the side. And pillows and... oaky she she didn't really KNOW what girls did at slumber parties BUT SHE REALLY WANTED TO HAVE ONE OF THOSE AND JUST PRETEND SHE WAS ONE OF THE GIRLS OKAY?!

Which meant everything was ready... And she just did a quick look around. "Pin? Win? If you're hiding, come out. Don't wanna startle anyone. Pin? Win?"

Nothing... she sighed. Oh well. She--

There was a thump, making her eyes widen. IT came from her room. She cocked her head to the side. "What in the--"

And then a CRASH of breaking glass. The girl scrambled across the apartment, shoving the door open...

Those who were early arrivers to said event? They'd VERY CLEARLY HEAR A SCREAM FROM THE APARTMENT! And then a lot of banging as SOMETHING seemed to be going on in there...

Anyone who was late? Might see the window of Unmei's room explode out as.... colorful things flew out into the sky, moments before disappearing as if they faded in the wind.
Miho Kagami 2018-11-25 02:52:14 100870
Miho is taking a leisurely stroll over to the apartment; she hasn't noticed yet that she's slightly behind schedule. The last time she was here, she encountered an eidolon who was slightly worrisome, but she hasn't heard anything since then, but no news is good news ...

She blinks in surprise at the sudden light-show from ... yep, it's the right spot for Unmei's apartment. "Ohhh crud," she mutters, and ducks into the nearest alleyway. "Life Blessing, Wake Up!"

A moment later, Life Mahou Joy shoots across to the shattered window. "UNMEI-CHAN!" she calls out, with obvious alarm in her clear and bright voice.
Lacrima 2018-11-25 02:54:59 100871
Lacrima could honestly use the night out and she's gone ahead and gathered a box of donuts. She looked towards the boxed set of 'My Mini Equines' that Ariel had left behind on a visit and purses her lips. She'd pick it up and bring it along with her. Why not? If romcoms got boring, they'd have something to fall back on.

Lacrima then knocked on Jia's room door. "Hey ready to go?..."

A bus ride later, she arrives with Jiaying, she looks back to Jiaying. "Mmmph.. I hope th---" and then Unmei's window shatters into an explosive way and there's a scream. She assumes that, this is clearly not a part of the slumber party and begins to make a run for Unmei's door and tsks...

"....I'll replace it." she says as she aims her palm downwards and then shoots a bolt of dark energy into the door to blast it downwards because this is clearly the best way to open an obstacle fast when someone's apartment just apparently exploded and they might need help.

Jiaying Maki 2018-11-25 03:03:19 100872
Jiaying Maki usually watches wire kung fu movies and anime, not so many romcoms. There is of course Chinese drama shows that she rather likes, that she won't get into for numerous reasons. A few Korean ones too! Still, she's woken up from a dead sleep by the distorted knocking and sticks her head out, then scrambles to get dressed.

There's a breaking window though, that's not right and even with some sleep deprivation she recognizes it. Leaning back, she looks up at the window, waiting to see if something leaps out while Norie blows the door open. "Knock knock?" She tries, hoping it's not too cringe worthy.

Then they're in and she actually tries to slip past Norie to take point, her magic starting to form around her hands as hse gets ready.
Unmei Tama 2018-11-25 03:06:14 100873
Unmei Tama was having a bad day. A very, very bad day as she stared at long, long row of flaming teeth.


Unmei had heard an explosion from the room that held her magical transformy gem, so OF COURSE she ran off to investigate. Cause that was smart rather than waiting for the THREE MAGICAL GIRLS WHO HAD POWERS AT THE MOMENT AND WOULD BE HERE ANY MINUTE! She'd pulled open the door... and had no way to know if her gem was okay. Because the moment the door opened she saw her wrecked room, with a shattered window and slightly damaged walls. And her bed. That was on fire. With a MASSIVE TIGER THAT SEEMED TO BE COATED IN FLAMES LOUNGING ON IT!

She'd tried to slam the door on it, but it pounced and she'd only annoyed it by trying to close the door. She shrieked, stumbling back as it let out a roar, staring at those teeth.

Then the door exploded. The tiger turned its head... And unmei took the opportunity she had to throw her entire body AWAY from the tiger's MASSIVE FIRE COVERED MOUTH and crawl to the door in the few seconds she had.

"Lacrima help help help I don't know what it is but it's magic and my gem is in the other room!" she shrieked. Oof. Not henshined.

Those who could sense it, though... could tell, whatever this was... it wasn't dark, nor was it a youma. It was something else.
Miho Kagami 2018-11-25 03:13:09 100874
Miho flies right in. Okay, there's the bed which is on fire, a smashed bedroom door, a flaming tiger, aaaand ... Lacrima and Jiaying. She does not want to fire purification attacks towards Lacrima.

She lets a loud scream, half in an attempt to catch the monster's attention (it doesn't seem dark, she can't really distinguish it as light), and she charges forward fist first and tries to punch into the monster's side!
Lacrima 2018-11-25 03:22:16 100875
"...the hell is that thing." she says when Unmei calls out. Unmei already said she didn't know what it was, that's okay. She's merely asking rhetorically. Also, it's clearly a big fire tiger? She has a sand snake at home now. Is this like. Related? She'll worry about that later--

"Get behind us then, Umnei-chan..." she says.

She wasn't picking up dark energy off this thing. The heck? It's clearly a .. being of some sort. "Um... hey. Thing, can you hear us? What do you want?" she asks, rather than firing off a blaze of dark energy. (Also she doesn't want to accidently shoot Joy with dark energy.).

"Joy-chan, that thing isn't filled with dark energy. Maybe it can understand us." she says. "Maybe it wants something and maybe it can hear us." she says. "I mean. Just a heads up." she says lightly...

Not wanting to sound super bossy suddenly... it seems. Also it did kind of ruin things?
Jiaying Maki 2018-11-25 03:40:24 100876
Jiaying Maki looks at the tiger in confusion. "The fire tiger year was a while ago, what did you do?" She stops, then quickly shakes her head and darts in, her illusion fading away, hands passing through the mist trailing behind as it forms into a watery guandao. She rolls it up, then tries to slam it down towards the thing. It's on fire, that means it wont' like water right? She can keep it distracted or something.

Then Norie points out it's not filled with dark energy and she stops it short, trying to avoid slamming the blade down into it. "Ni hao ma?" She tries. What maybe it is a fire tiger from the zodiac. It's worth a shot right? Still, unless it shifts immediately, she takes a defensive stance.
Unmei Tama 2018-11-25 03:46:52 100877
Unmei Tama managed to crawl BEHIND Lacrima. "I don't know! I don't know what that is! It's jsut evil and it's killer and it's scary!" she squeaked.

The tiger growled and moved forward a bit, bearing its teeth as the fire formed around it.

And joy punched it, and it stumbled! Fire erupted out of its side and IT LUNGED AT JOY! As the girl punched it, it whipped around and tried to jump on her. Which... Was probably kind of scary since it was a BIG tiger and a small room and there wasn't a lot of places to GO that weren't suddenly full of fire tiger trying to pin and maul her.
Miho Kagami 2018-11-25 03:50:18 100878
Miho lets out a yelp as she suddenly gets pinned down! "Okay, right, negotiation not working!" she says.

Her shadow flickers and turns black, and grows fox-ears. "Need some help?" says the ever-unhelpful voice of Noroiko.

"No, shut up!" says Miho as her heart-wand materializes in her left hand. "Stand back, Lacchan! Minty Barrage!" she calls out, firing a stream of mint-green and jade-green leaves into the monster's face at point blank range.
Lacrima 2018-11-25 03:56:48 100879
Lacrima basically pouts when using words doesn't actually work. "Ugh, guess it's a mindless beast then at the moment, at least." she mutters. When Miho calls out to watch out, she decides to back off and move somewhere behind Jia and nearer to Unmei. "Jiaying. I don't wanna risk contaminating that thing and I'm just a liability for Joy-chan at the moment." she says softly.

"I'll make sure Unmei is okay. If you can get that thing into a more open area and/or outside, I might be able to help safely then." she says.
Jiaying Maki 2018-11-25 04:12:57 100880
Jiaying Maki watches the tiger suddenly spray fire around, then lunge at Joy. Which you know, is kind of a bad thing. She stabs straight towards the thing, using the momentum to twist and head towards the window where she stabs forward again, then again. "Over here big guy, I want you to come play outside, property damage is kind of a bad thing when you're renting. "I should have just kept attacking the thing." She says to Norie, muttering just a bit.

Then there's shadows talking fox shadow. She makes a dismissive, rather rude comment in Chinese, then shakes her spear at it for a moment, "Go away you." Almost like she's trying to claim some kind of territory or something.

"I'll try to get it outside-" She stabs once more, then sweeps at it, "It depends on if it wants to cooperate."
Unmei Tama 2018-11-25 04:21:52 100881
Unmei Tama stared with wide eyes. "Joy, look out!"

The tiger, meanwhile, was intending to lunge in and bite off her head... Except... SUDDENLY MINT BLAST! The tiger did not like that, pulling back and stumbling off her and leaving... more flames over the place.

And then it got STABBED! The tiger let out a roar, and then, possibly to Jiaying's likely delight it leaped out the fire...

However, once it was out the window... it erupted into red fire, scattering on the winds and... going... who know where.

LEaving a wrecked apartment, a broken bed, a pair of damaged doors, a lot of wrecked novelty magical girl merchandise, and a wrecked window.

Unmei just stared, slowly... slowly getting up and... "Joy, are you okay? Is everyone okay? Did it... oh... oh no..." she whispered, staring at her new open air room.

"H-how am I going to tell Mamoru about this?! We rent? I don't even know if we have renters insurance! Is that a thing? Will it be covered? Oh gosh oh gosh..." She was quickly entering full panic and shock mode. Someone may wanna slap her.
Miho Kagami 2018-11-25 04:29:09 100882
Miho's shadow seems to turn towards Jiaying, and just snickers at her.

Miho exhales with relief, and dematerializes her wand. "I'm fine!" she says. "Just a little scratched up, I think. I could heal this without hurting my Curse." She gets a bit unsteadily to her feet, then pauses. "Oh, right, uh, I discovered that my Curse reacts like painfully if I heal something on myself that's more major than just scratches, I forget if I haven't told anyone here yet."

She shakes her head and looks out at the wreckage. "Unmei-chan, you're gonna be fine," she says gently. "Mamoru-kun's not gonna blame you for damage caused by a sudden youma-attack." She turns back to her. "Any idea what caused this? Or did it just suddenly appear?"
Lacrima 2018-11-25 04:34:51 100883
Lacrima sighs a bit and rubs a hand up her face as she watches the tiger vanish into fire. She frowns and looks back to Unmei. "I'm positive that Mamoru-kun probably has this place insured for things probably exactly like this reason. It'd be easy enough to claim fire damage anyways." she says.

She sighs and rubs a hand through her hair. "We can have the sleepover at the manor." she says softly. "If you want." she says meekly.

She looks over to Jiaying and then back to Joy's stupid talky shadow thing. She just deflates some.

"Right. Any clue at all what that was?" she asks softly. "Even a smidge? Maybe your.. birds.. know?" she asks.
Jiaying Maki 2018-11-25 04:48:27 100884
Jiaying Maki looks at the shadow, a faint look of annoyance on her face, "If that's the form your curse is taking, I'm almost insulted. Or are you the remnants of something afraid to go through the harbor?" She's kind of speculating at this point, but shakes her head and looks back over her shoulder. Looking at the fire, she asks Unmei, "You don't traffic in ghosts normally right? Or hauntings?" She pauses and looks around the apartment. "You didn't find a funny notebook with what looks like pictures of doors or anything?"

She scowls, leaning against the burnt out window. Finally she sighs and shuts up, trying to focus. And not stick her foot in the mouth in case the shadow thing will help. Even if she thinks it's a mockery of something.
Unmei Tama 2018-11-25 04:50:44 100885
Unmei Tama urked. "I don't.... Can I just.... there has... to be.... maybe I could install the window myself?" She looked at it. ".... You just need a hammer and some nails, right? How hard could it b--" She was cut off by a book case falling over and making her jump. She whimpered. "Mamoru already does so much for me, I don't wanna bug him with yet another thing..." she mumbled gently. Then sighed. "I'll... call him... Should... I get a tarp? I think I need a tarp... And to find out what's... how much damage there is..."

And then Lacrima asked that and she urked. "I haven't seen Pin and Win in like... months. Since the whole... earth, thing. When my powers came back, they... didn't. I have no idea-- MY GEM!" she shrieked and looked around, running and... It had fallen on the ground, by the desk. "Oh my gosh, I thought I... almost had a heart attack. Okay. Still a magical girl. It..." She stopped and... "... What..." It felt... odd. Colder than she remembered. Probably her imagination...

She then glanced to Jiaying. "Huh? The... what now? Ummm... No. No. And no. I bought some wis--" She cut herself off. "Err, nothing." Yeah. 'I bought some silly wish granting flowers' was kiiiiinda a bit embarrassing. ".... Oh gosh. Where do I even GET a tarp? Are there any home fixing place stores in Tokyo?!" she asked, sounding panicked again!
Miho Kagami 2018-11-25 04:56:21 100886
Noroiko snickers. "Nah, I'm just chillin'," she says lazily. "I don't know what that was either, by the way."

Miho takes a few breaths and closes her eyes. She isn't going to start doing tai chi exercises right there, but she can still reach out and touch the feeling of calm. Her shadow wavers, and then goes back to normal. "Sorry, that was Noroiko," she says. "Dunno anything except that she's bad news. And, like, that also describes how much I know about that tiger just now."

She frowns at Unmei's histrionics. She files away the 'err nothing' for future reference, and walks over and gives Unmei a hug. "Hey, it's gonna be all right," she says. "You don't need to worry about 'repayment' or whatever, all right? Mamoru-kun is just that nice. You don't need to do anything, the workers will handle stuff." She pauses. "I don't even know how to set up a tarp or whatever either ..."
Lacrima 2018-11-25 05:07:33 100887
"This was not your fault Unmei. I, Joy and Jiaying here can all vouch for this being a random attack as far as we can figure out." she says softly. "Ugh...---- Unmeeeeeei..." you think that she was gonna get onto her about the wish flowers and she is. But not for the magical reasons. "You don't believe rumors about magic wish flowers I hope." she mutters.

"I gave one of those supposed magic roses from the botanical gardens in the park to some girl I liked when I was human and all she did was look at me weird and smile and back away slowly. Also it turned out she was kind of stuck up anyways." she says with a shrug.

She sighs as she eyes that dumb shadow. "That thing always pisses me off." she says.

She looks to Unmei. "We'll.. go get a tarp. At least. And something to put over the window in the meantime...." she says.
Jiaying Maki 2018-11-25 05:17:21 100888
Jiaying Maki frowns at the mention of magical wish flowers. "Hey uh, do you have any of those flowers? I might need to go-..." she frowns and looks to Norie, "Did you hear about the big flower dome? The thing that got me all torn up a few weeks ago? Kind of a crazy plant lady?" A glance to Unmei, then back to Norie. "Does she work for the group you're with? I might need to have a talk. That's what I mean. What I needed to say. I should have just said it."

She quickly shakes her head and tries to stay focused, not wanting her mind running around in circles with too many ideas. "It wasn't your fault, giant fire tigers aren't usually something most people call in. Shadow dogs on the other hand..."

She releases the guandao, watching it scatter into mist, engulfing her once again and leaving behind the mostly human looking girl. "The shadow- Maybe we should keep it out of the harbor if it's a fragment of something worse until we know what it is."
Unmei Tama 2018-11-25 05:22:04 100889
Unmei Tama nodded to Joy and then... turned scarlet at Lacrima's comment. "W-well, I mean, I don't... err... b-believe them. I mean, I don't believe them believe them. But, um, I kinda... I mean, i-it's like a good luck charm, right? You don't, I mean. You can believe in it but, ummmm..."

"... I just thought, it's almost christmas and... maybe I'd try and see my parents again and... a little good... luck might be useful..." she said with a small, weak smile. She then sighed and nodded. "R-right. How about this. You guys all head out to Lacrima's, and do everything at the mannor. Okay? I'll go get a tarp and meet up with you guys later after I... fix what I can. Just enough so the weather doesn't mess up my room any worse than it is... I need a magical mop, that's what I need..."

"Err... what? Flower... Um. No. I just picked them up at a stand. It's a... silly thing. A spur of the notice thing..." And some of her class mates gave rumors AND SHE WAS DESPERATE, OKAY?!
Miho Kagami 2018-11-25 05:32:04 100890
Miho blinks at Lacrima. "Magic wish flowers? I didn't hear about that." She nods to Jiaying. "I mean, I didn't have any real plans for going to the harbor anyway, so ... yeah." She pauses. "Kinda want to get a plan together for figuring all that stuff out," she adds cryptically.

She turns back to Unmei, and sighs softly. "Unmei-chan," she says. "We're your friends, all right?" She smiles, and puts a hand on her shoulder. "We're here to help you. That's what friends are for, right? You don't need to turn it into, like, obligations and stuff."
Lacrima 2018-11-25 05:33:35 100891
Lacrima arm crosses with a frown. "I'm accompying you again if you go visit your parents. I don't trust them around you. Not when they tried to grab you last time." she says quietly. A pause. "That and I got a kick from scaring the crap out of them." she says bluntly. "Both reasons." she insists.

She looks to Joy and nods. "We're here to help, Unmei. We can fix this, then go to the manor. together." she insists.
Jiaying Maki 2018-11-25 05:41:34 100892
Jiaying Maki leans out of the window, looking around for a moment longer before stepping out of the way. "Why do you have a tarp?" She catches herself before making a joke, instead saying, "If you don't, I can run and get one. Shouldn't be too hard." She gestures to the window, "Maybe plastic and some weather tape though?"

Joy's given a nod. "Yeah, we should probably do that. Should definitely do that- didn't we have this exact same conversation a few months ago?"

Gesturing to her she continues, "Yeah what Norie said, here to help, that sort of thing. Though if you're trying to scare people you should really let me go round up a bunch of ghosts, it would be funnier."
Unmei Tama 2018-11-25 05:44:09 100893
Unmei Tama urked and cringed. "Yeah, but we've already spent hours on this and it's... my problem. I think. Something exploded in my room. I'm just not... sure what. Maybe a youma snuck in?" she said, sighing. "But, either way, we should get going. Get the tarp..." she mumbled.

"And yeah. If I went again, there's no one else I'd rather have. It's... probably a waste of time. But I mean... it's been a few months! and.... christmas... you know..."

She then blinked. "Wait, weather... tape? Plastic? Isn't a tarp for that? We need to like... I need to fix the window so I can sleep here tonight still.... I'll tell Mamoru tomorrow... Or..." A few days. A week... a month. Eventually...
Miho Kagami 2018-11-25 05:49:59 100894
Miho looks between Unmei and Lacrima at the talk about Unmei's parents. Several expressions cross her face, none of them showing anything positive, and her shadow briefly flickers again. And then she just gives Unmei another quick hug. "Mrrgh ... hate that you have to deal with that ..."

She shrugs at Jiaying's comment. "I was being cryptic about something specific, but it can wait," she says.

She side-eyes Unmei, then gets out her mint-green Virtue phone and immediately types up a quick message. "There, I texted Mamoru-kun right now."
Lacrima 2018-11-25 05:58:18 100895
Lacrima shakes her head. "Don't worry about it Unmei-chan. I'm just there to make sure you're safe." she scowls a little to herself. She fidgets a bunch and sighs. "I'm going to---" and then Joy just texts Mamoru and she flails and moves to grab Unmei's shoulders. "It'll be okay Mamoru WILL NOT be upset at you and if he is upset at you I am going to go be passive aggressive at him." she huffs and crosses her arms.

She sighs and pats Unmei's shoulder. "Relax. Tonight is relax time. I have a season of 'My Mini Equine' with me. It's Ari-chan's. She left it at the manor. But it was silly to watch. It'd be fun!" she insists.
Jiaying Maki 2018-11-25 06:00:27 100896
Jiaying Maki looks to the window and holds her hands up like she's framing it, "You know, that clear plastic stuff they put up and the blue tape. It's smaller than the big blue tarps. You see them a lot when things get broken." She pauses, "Well, I've always seen it in blue, I bet there's brown tape too." pause, "Uh... probably lots of tape to seal things up honestly."

Joy's given a curious look, "I-... okay. Well you have my number. I've been repairing the shrine and staying there a lot more. It's nice, it's quiet. It's very quiet." Then there's mention of Mamoru being told already. "It's better than lingering on it, don't worry so much."

"If he's upset at you, I'm going to stick a ghost in his apartment for a week or something. Maybe the manga-ka from a while back would enjoy discussing plots with him or something." Not that she can actually go through with that, having helped her along and all.

Pointing to Norie again though, she continues, "Let's go watch brightly colored cartoons and do popcorn or something. I'll even try not to talk too much." Then adds in an undertone, "Too loudly in Japanese." Though she does seem to enjoy the idea in general at least.
Unmei Tama 2018-11-25 06:05:23 100897
Unmei Tama blinked a few times. And then Miho texted Mamoru. She paled. "Y-you can't! I--" And then LACRIMA grabbed her. And she was yanked back and, before she could go into massive unmei panic mode, it was nipped in the butt... She sighed. "Mamoru already does so much for me. I don't.... but I guess I have to..." she mumbled. "He knows. Nothing to do about it and just..." She sighed and then just, bloop, fell back againt Lacrima and looked around her room. "Yeah. LEt's... just go get the wrap and... Put it up in my room. Okay? And... I'm sure Mamoru and I will talk later and..."

... She was so thankful it was a girl's night out. "T-thanks. For ummm... just.... thanks. For being there... guys..."

Maybe the flowers really did grant wishes.