Away from Eclipse's Eyes

Akari and Lacrima meet in the ECFH and talk about current events. Talking point number 1: Akari is single again.

Date: 2018-11-28
Pose Count: 14
Akari Hayabusa 2018-11-28 01:21:16 101001
It's a cool, starry evening above Tokyo. A bolt of pale blue light shoots from the sky, forms a Belkan spell triangle on the balcony of the ECFH, and then coalesces to form Akari in what might look, to someone who hasn't seen in two and a half weeks, like her combat form except palette-swapped to match her civilian form. She's dressed in her usual blue track suit, which looks stretchy and tight in this form, and Rubindorn is hanging around her neck on full display. With an unexpectedly rosy tint to the gem, too.

She pauses at the entrance, and looks over the list of rules.

Ping! <<ES IST DASSELBE, HERRIN.>> It's the same, Mistress. Rubindorn's voice sounds the same, at any rate, like a cutesy version of Akari's own voice.

"Right, yeah," says Akari. There's something faintly sad and frustrated in her glowing golden eyes. She takes off her shoes, and steps inside with a soft sigh.
Lacrima 2018-11-28 01:36:18 101003
Where is Lacrima!? It turns out that Lacrima is currently enroute via a Dusk Step with a box of donuts. She takes a soft breath and sighs as she walks in from the balcony- her usual entry point when she Dusk Steps--- shoes left at the entrance there-- "Mamoru-kun!? Jadeite-kun!?" she calls out walking in. "I brought some donuts! They have salty caramel baked into them! I'm sure that'll be good for you guys next hango----" she pauses a moment, when she blinks rapidly.

"A--Akari-chan?" she stammers gently and looks around.

"A---ahh relax---please! Place has rules! I can't.. do anything. Here. Without upsetting Mamoru-kun and his brothers." she says softly. She bites her lip. "Besides. No Eclipse eyes here- and I don't wactually want to fight you." she says quietly.

"....I spoke to... a girl named... Millie White recently. She said you we're doing good." she says quietly-- "I brought... donuts." she says gently. Well she announced that earlier.

"I visit here, occasionally." she says gently. "Mamoru-kun is nice to me." she says.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-11-28 01:45:32 101004
Akari whirls around and jumps in surprise at the sudden arrival via Dusk Step! "Ah!" One hand goes right up to grab Rubindorn.

She deflates slightly when Lacrima gives her explanation, and she nods and laughs nervously. "Okay, got it," she says, looking terribly relieved. "Rubindorn? Might as well, uh ... yeah."

Ping! <<JA!>> She's surrounded by a surge of blue light, and changes back to her civilian form; the track suit is considerably less tight now.

She smiles weakly and nods. "Yeah, I know Millie-san," she says softly. No immediate comment on how she's doing at the moment ... "Um, how have you been doing? How's Murano-sensei and Riventon-san?"
Lacrima 2018-11-28 01:57:56 101007
Lacrima fidgets a bit uncomfortably. "....they're both alright. I think." she says quietly. She gently moves to sit down on the couch and looks above all things, really guilty. "I'm sorry... that... it wasn't as easy as just letting you go." she says quietly.

She sighs. "How have you been?..." she asks quietly. "How has" she says. "Um.. the..." a gentle blink.

"'re not really emitting any dark energy right now..." she blinks. "Is something wrong?" she asks curiously, seeming mostly confused right now.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-11-28 02:07:10 101008
Akari sits down on the couch next to Lacrima. "Yeah," she says. "Believe me, I understand. I don't know who Mr. Mysterious is, but ... he got really interested when Murano-sensei activated me. One of my first memories from when I could speak Japanese was when he asked her whether I could be replicated, whether there were more of me, and whether I could be controlled." She shrugs. "I volunteered, because my purpose was ..." She shrugs again, and shakes her head.

She blinks and smiles faintly. "Oh, yeah, I got purified a couple weeks ago," she says. "Princess Runealy did this ritual for removing demonic influence." She shrugs. "It hurt a lot, and that wasn't really what it was for, and I was ... not that great for the next few days. So I spent that week mostly resting up."

She hesitates, and then says, "Hagane and I broke up. And she sort of ... left, and ..." She shakes her head. "... you know what I'm not really sure I actually want to talk about it."
Lacrima 2018-11-28 02:30:45 101012
Lacrima shifts a bit. "...I'm pretty sure he was one of the guys who ordered me to find you and contain you again." she says. "It's dumb. At the low end of the scale-- it's a waste of resources to try to keep someone who doesn't want to be around-- to be around. It's been proved countless times..." she mutters. "And at the far end It's just plain wrong." she says gently.

She blinks! "Oh! That's great!" she says. "I'm glad. Dark energy sucks. Yeah it makes you like powerful or something? But it sucks." she says quietly. "and you know, no weird voices when it's still vying for control." she says.

She blinks a little though when Akari mentions the break up... she falls sullen a bit.

"Then we won't talk about it at length. But I want to share something..." she says quietly.

"...about a year ago. Before me and Ariel we're together. Before I started realizing I had more complicated feelings for Ariel... there was a girl named... Natsumi Matsumoto. Who knew what I was-- when my emotions we're still a mess." she says.

"She wanted to learn to dance. So.. I taught her. I asked her to a dance-- I didn't want to go alone. I did not mean anything more than that..."

"...she kissed me. and I blushed. And I didn't know what to do about it. We ended up dating, for a bit..." she says gently.

"But...Natsumi-chan... let... her mother.. dictate things. Her mother did not like me. So...."

"Things ended..." she says quietly. "-and I was a mess. I became self destructive. I started destroying the dead vegetation in the back of my manor to quell my bad feelings. A few weeks of this and then..." she says.

"---the events that... lead to me realizing I had more complicated feelings for Ari-chan." she says. "Happend. Please... it... I know things. May seem bad about it. But... sometimes.... the first is not... always the best and-- there are. Others. Just don't... hide yourself away." she says quietly.

"Regardless. I am sorry." she says gently as she looks down and away. "....It's complicated. For you to come to me for help.. right now. But. If you--- do want to talk. Just have someone summon me here." she says quietly.

"I'm glad you're okay." she finally says again.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-11-28 02:46:31 101014
Akari smiles faintly and nods. "Heh, yeah," she says. "... I'm a lot less powerful now, but ..." She shrugs. "I certainly don't miss it."

She listens thoughtfully as Lacrima talks, and slowly nods. "I ... honestly don't feel as awful as I feel like I could be," she says. "It, uh, definitely ranks above the worst I've ever been." She chuckles. "... Turning into a raging darkness-jerk is another thing I don't have to worry about anymore," she says softly. "So ... yeah."

She shrugs, somewhat uncomfortably. "I'm glad you're okay, too," she says. "... While I was staying at the Waldians' home, I had a chat with Fate-san, who talked about ..." She shrugs. "... well, all the ways that the three of us are so similar. Which I hadn't known before at all. Including ..."

She looks at Lacrima. "Oh, right, I figured out about this after I left -- I'm not actually completely an AI, my mind's based on a brain-scan of the Knight who programmed and created me, Clara Meriva. She was sixteen when they scanned her." She shrugs. "Which is why I've always 'felt like' a sixteen-year-old human."

She glances down at herself. "... even though I'm probably just sort of ... ageless and immortal, I guess."
Lacrima 2018-11-28 03:00:51 101016
Lacrima shifts. "I'm a construct with a human soul that isn't the construct's. Fate-chan is a created human being with someone else's memories is what I understand. You're a construct with someone else's brain scan as a base." she says softly.

She snorts. "If we three ever form a band. We call it.. The Construction Crew.. and we can all wear hard hats..." she says just a little coyly.

"...Immortality seems to come with being an energy based construct. Or at least an incredibly increased lifespan." she says. "Not sure about a physical one like Fate-chan." she says.

"...Riventon-sama doesn't like the Waldians much. I know that much about them. Not much else." she says. She head tilts. "I hope that... you're not... having issues with. The brain scan thing?" she asks. "If people say you start acting like... someone else. Or you realize you are... you let... someone know. Okay?" she says.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-11-28 03:10:40 101017
Akari giggles at the band name. "That's an amazing idea," she says. "... yeah, I'm picturing the three of us right now. That's kind of ridiculous." She nods. "That is how Fate-san described it, yeah."

She considers the warning for a moment. "Well, as far as I know, I've always been acting ... sort of like Clara Meriva," she says. "I've tried not to think too much about it, or second-guess myself. It's ... I've always been 'Akari Hayabusa.'" She pauses. "Or at least, when the darkness wasn't a factor." She shrugs. "I will say the Waldians have been nice people, though."

She looks at Lacrima. "There's one other piece of news," she says. "Have I mentioned before that I'm based on a Belkan legend? It was, uh ..." She pauses. "... A group of living magical program Knights called the Wolkenritter, who drained peoples' Linker Cores down to zero." Another pause. "... Well, they're running around Tokyo, and their leader Signum kicked my ass."
Lacrima 2018-11-28 03:34:56 101020
Lacrima thinks. "I'm not sure if you mentioned that..." she says quietly. She taps her foot. "So there's a Belkan Myth running around, is what you're saying?" she says as she runs a hand down her face. She sighs. "I'll let Riven-sama know." she says. "...not telling others. They already want you back... I don't need Eclipse telling me to hunt the originals down." she says distastefully.

She sighs a bit and slumps in the chair. She sighs and takes a deep breath.

"....I've been telling people. To protect you. When I need to.. fight you. Soon." she says quietly. "Still telling people... told. Stahlritter-niisan. He wasn't too happy. But he said he'd boop me in the nose, at least once..."

"Should sell it better to the mysterious mystery bosses." she insists.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-11-28 03:41:41 101022
Akari snorts and nods. "Yeah ... they seemed to be using Linker Cores to ... 'power' ... this book they had," she says. "Oh! Do you have your Device with you? I could have Rubindorn send you the pictures and some combat data. Unless you think that might give the game away."

She nods. "Right, Mizuno-san told me the details, right after you let her know," she says. "I asked the Waldians for help, too, and they're willing." She smiles. "I'm kind of worried about when and if they'll catch on, but I think we can say that I'm gonna be ... reasonably safe." She shrugs. "And, I mean, obviously I'm going to be able to participate in my own defense as well."
Lacrima 2018-11-28 04:03:27 101026
Lacrima nods a little as she listens-- then ohs! and raises her bracelet. "Paige... prepare to receive Data from Akari-chan's device." she says softly. < Yes, Mistress! > says Paige in his English accented voice.

She'll gently sigh and nods. "I'm glad Ami-chan told you." she says softly. "If you feel something is... 'wrong' with you-- you go to her. She'll be able to figure it out I think." she says. She looks down and sighs.

"Good." she says. "I'm glad." she says. "I don't look forward to being hit.. but. I won't die from anyone's attacks..." she says quietly. "If no one uses purification attacks." she says lightly. "Just hurt a lot." she adds.

"Could also use... secondary methods... youmas... something people CAN just wipe without worrying about me..." she says.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-11-28 04:12:31 101027
Akari nods. "Rubindorn? Send it along."

Ping! <<BESTIMMT, HERRIN!>> Certainly, mistress! Rubindorn starts sending along combat data regarding Signum and Zafira, including the fact that Signum could block a cartridge-boosted sword using just the sheath, along with several photos. One of which was apparently taken from several feet away from Akari while Signum pointed the sheath of her sword at Akari's (bruised-looking) chin.

She nods. "I impressed on Cure Shield the importance of only using defensive measures, not her purification attacks," she says. She smiles. "She just ... jumped on me when I told her my story. 'Yep I'm gonna protect you'." She shakes her head. "Which is kind of surreal, given that I used to be ..." She stops herself from telling the vice-director of UMBRA that she thinks of her former self as a 'bad guy'. "Well. Let's just say I feel like I'm in good hands now."

She smiles. "You could ask Frau Doktor," she says. "She'll probably be willing to throw together some Zerobots. As long as she isn't going to be in charge of me again, I mean." She shrugs. "She's happiest in her lab, I think."
Lacrima 2018-11-28 04:26:39 101030
Lacrima snorts. "She earned the name 'Shield' well then, at least." she says softly, as she gently files the data away for later. She isn't going to review it right now. She's in too much of an odd state mentally talking to Akari to process it properly.

"I'll do that then." she says softly. She sighs and gently fidgets a bit before she stands up. "I should... I should go home. Before you leave. This way... I don't have an excuse if you leave first... and I catch you outside far enough that some people might start to care." she says.

"...have someone... summon me here. If you wish to speak again Akari-chan." she says softly. "I'll see you lat----" a pause as she winces. NOT the best choices of words. "I hope I meet you again in similar conditions...I mean." she says, as she makes to the balcony to put on her shoes and Dusk Step.