Biiiiggg O(resky)- Action!

Miho Kagami goes out to look at manga, but comes home from a giant robot and also aquires a date from Aki Kurosawa. Haruna's evil plan unraveled but for the better. Maybe.

Date: 2018-11-28
Pose Count: 24
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-11-28 19:22:50 101033
In the Downtown Neon District in Tokyo, there's a Model Giant Robot competition going on. Now, the robots are not giant. They're just models of giant robots. Various models and kits are on display. Plastic models, resin models-- what have you! Gundams, Transformers, Zoids!--- the list goes on!

It is mostly kids, with the old old teenager mixed in. Judging has been going on for an hour.

The judges take notes on each entrant. So far, it's looking like this one kid- with an excellent model of a Heavyarms Ver EW MASTER GRADE on display--- and he even added an LED light to the gun and a sound effect circuit that wasn't a part of the original kit!

They get to the final model. The model is a terrible collection of two forks, glued to a red solocup, with a box head, and two butter knife legs pasted on the inside that come down into two chunks of playdoh. Whoever design this, has named it the 'MirageBot 6000' which claims it's a way better version of the 'MirageBot 5000' in cast that 'it wasn't obvious'. Judges confer with odd expressions at this one, all shaking their heads as they announce the winner.

"The Winner!... Entry Number 45!" the head judge announces on the microphone.

"HEY!" bellows a loud voice. It's a man in a kahki uniform! and a brimmed hat! and--- oh. Oh it's Oresky. "THE MIRAGEBOT 6000 IS NUMBER ONE! IT'S AN EXTREME UPGRADE OVER THE 5000 MODEL WHICH IS A MAJOR MAJOR UPGRADE ON THE 4000 MODEL!" he yells. "-NAMED IN HONOR OF QUEEN MIRAGE-SAMA!" he yells. "WHERE'S THE SO CALLED WINNER!" he calls out.


It really, really isn't long before Oresky calls out 'LET THE FUTURE REFLECTED IN THE MIRROR BECOME TERRIBLE!', sending the kid into a mirror into a slumber of despair and he calls out the terribad...

Taking the form of a HUGE GUNDAM TERRIBAD!?

"TERRIBAD!" yells the robot, as the ground becomes cracked, and barren-- dead tress forcing their way out of the ground as Oresky chortles. "FEAR THE MIRAGEBOT... 7000! I ALREADY UPGRADED AHAHAHHAHAH!" he calls out menacingly.
Aki Kurosawa 2018-11-28 19:32:12 101034
    Aki Kurosawa does not care about giant robots. She would not normally come to such a thing, but Corvus... Corvus wanted to go and Haruna was too busy with school and work to take him today. So Aki voluntered because hey, when your shared mascot wants to do something, why not. It's not like she was doing anything else important anyways.

    Aki arrived with Corvus in tow getting there a little late, the seagull making nagging noises in her ear. When she arrived, she felt that sudden surge of bad energy. "Well. Crap. Sorry Corvus-kun!" she says with wide eyes as she dips into an alleyway. "But something has come up." the poor seagull laments but agrees. That is very much a Phantom Empire attack going on. Aki transforms into Cure Tide and makes a leap up the alleyway from wall to the wall as she fumbles across the top and looks down. "That is..." she says as she starts to look upwards. "A very large Terribad." she says with wide eyes.

Miho Kagami 2018-11-28 19:41:24 101035
Miho isn't here for the giant robots either. A new manga shop opened up, and she biked on over to check it out. Having been mildly disappointed, she's now on her way back, intending to take the scenic trip back to the Park to do some more practice with the Life Blessing to see if she can't get herself to look more witchy.

Even out of henshin, she can feel the darkness in her Life Blessing. Hmm.

Miho coasts her bike to a stop, chains it up to a crosswalk sign, then ducks into the nearest alleyway. "Life Blessing, Wake Up!" she hisses, and then Life Mahou Joy flies over to the event from another direction.

"... huh." Miho stares up at the Terribad, then glances over at Oresky, who seems to have a 'Terribad's sunglasses' logo on his hat. "Well, I haven't seen one of these dudes bef--"

And then she hears Cure Tide's voice, and she freezes up slightly blushes as she remembers how their last encounter ended. "... erk ..."
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-11-28 19:56:01 101036
Oresky says. "NOW I'LL WIN THE CONTEST FOR SURE WITH THIS ONE!" he calls out "---where did the judges go?" she suddenly asks. Because you know, PEOPLE RUN AWAY FAST AND HIDE FROM GIANT MONSTERS. He looks confused, like he did not expect that to happen. Though it happens EVERYTIME he summons a Terribad and there's that kid trapped in the mirror over there- asleep in it, with the red ribbons crisscrossing over it.

Oresky looks upwards at the voice. "....Argh! Cure Tide!" he says. "I haven't seen you... in what? Years. WEREN'T YOU SUPPOSED TO BE IN ONE OF PHANTOM'S MIRRORS!?" he calls out. "Argh I bet he let you out. JUST TO ANNOY ME." he insists. Because everything happens because of him, yes. He's the center of the world, NUMBER ONE.

He looks down at Life Mahou Joy. "YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF ME BEFORE!? THE INSULT!" he cries out. "NUMBER ONE VILLIAN ORESKY!? NEVER HEARD OF ME!?" he swooooons backwards before being caught by two Kindbads who push him back up.

"TERRIBAD BLAST HER!" he says pointing at Tide. The Terribad raises one of it's giant robot guns and fires a tremendous burst of terrible red lancing energy at Tide. He sideyes Joy.

"KINDBADS!" he says. "--- PUNISH HER UNTIL SHE RECOGNIZES MY GENIUS, CLEVERNESS AND RUGGED GOOD LOOKS!" he insists as he flexes. "Ahahahaha!" he goes as Kindabads surround Joy. These guys are chumps. Joy will find them easy to deal with.
Aki Kurosawa 2018-11-28 20:07:41 101037
    Cure Tide looks down at Oresky. "Ugh, like. I-- got free years ago? Don't you e----" and then there's Joy down there, and she blinks a bit. Maybe a blush too, because she also remembers how that last meeting ended. She clears her throat. "Joy this is Oresky. He's my problem. If you want to help, you're welcome to!" she says.

    Then Oresky orders the attack and she 'yipes' and immediatly choses to jump off the building she's on to let the blast of energy shoot upwards into the sky rather than hit her. She lands down on her feet and then summons up her wings from the bow on her back, as she grits her teeth then-- SHOOTS upwards with tremendous speed and force to try to sock the Terribad right in the bottom chin to try to send it flying backwards.

    "Those are Kindabads! They're Chumps! PUNCH THEM OR SOMETHING!" she calls out to Joy. "You can do it! Promise!" she calls out. "THIS JERK IS NAMED ORESKY AND HE'S A BIG BLOW HARD." she tries to exposit as fast as she can.
Miho Kagami 2018-11-28 20:17:19 101038
Okay. Okay, monsters first, put foot in mouth again later. Her blush actually deepens slightly at Cure Tide's encouragement! "Sorry, yeah, I'm just kinda new!" she calls back to Oresky. "I've only been a magical girl for --" She blinks. "... three months, wow."

And now it's time for Kindabads! "Right!" she calls back to Tide. "JADE PUNCH!" she says without thinking, and her fists start glowing with green light which is a few shades towards jade-green away from mint-green. In a flurry of motion, she starts punching Kindabads, sending them flying! "DORARARARARARARARAYEAH OKAY NEVER MIND THE JOJO BABBLE!"

More punching. "I mean you do kind of basically have rugged good looks, I'll give you that," she adds, then breaks into a lopsided grin. "Or, I mean, no hetero!"
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-11-28 20:28:55 101039
Tide shoots up at the monster's chin, sending it tripping back a few good feet, though it doesn't fall down. It screams 'Terribad!' robotically as it flies forward, trying to slam two giant hands down on Cure Tide and also shaking the ground of the entire area. "TERRIBAD!" it roars.

Oresky side eyes Joy again. "No HETERO!? What does that mean!? IS THAT SPANISH FOR HOT!? ARE YOU SAYING I'M NOT HOT!?" he says angrily. The kindbads all get punched away-- they're easy-- and soon enough-- Joy is free to PROBABLY try to help Tide take on the huge Robot Terribad. Meanwhile, Kindabads try to rush in toward's Tide to try to trip her up to make her easier to handle for the giant Robot!
Aki Kurosawa 2018-11-28 20:36:02 101040
    Cure Tide lands back down on the ground, as she looks back towards Joy and just--- stares for a long moment. Before she turns back to Oresky and then says-- "It means she's only into girls so she doesn't find you attractive you butt!" she says angrily. She plows to the right and away through some incoming Kindabads to get away from the giant swing into her and into the ground-- the shaking of the ground causing her to loose footing and fall over a moment. "Yeech!" she goes.

    She's glad she plowed through those incoming Kindabads. It'd been very bad to find her prone like this. She'll need a second to get her bearings and back on her feet. She does place a hand on the ground and summon a spray of water up in front of her like a shield-- like a spring shooting from the ground. "G..give me a moment..." she mutters. More to Joy than say-- Oresky.

    "Gotta... smack that thing hard and purify it." she calls out. "Thats how you defeat these things. Purify it and the person this happiness was taken from goes back to who it came from." she says.
Miho Kagami 2018-11-28 20:45:10 101041
Joy narrows her eyes at Oresky. There's no way she's going to even touch that, if Oresky's just gonna be like that. But Cure Tide has that answer handled. "Yeah, what she said!" she says.

And then Tide goes down. Miho's eyes widen, and she charges forward at breakneck speeds, surrounded by a brilliant mint-green corona! Okay, right, she's got a shield, okay, she's not actually down and out. Joy screeches to a halt, and looks up at the monster. "Purification, I can do!" she says.

She leaps into the air and hovers in front of the monster as her heart-wand materializes in her left hand. She tosses it into the air, catches it in the right, and twirls it in a pair of circles right next to each other, leaving two rings of mint-green light. "DOUB--" The first one immediately sputters out. "D'oh,, JOY SHINING RAY!" She thrusts her wand forward, and the remaining ring collapses, firing a brilliant beam of mint-green light right into the huge Terribad's face!
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-11-28 21:00:22 101042
Oresky seems confused by this concept. Poor, poor Oresky, better not to think about it too much as she just assumes this means that 'these people just don't appreciate him'. He crosses his arms. "WE-WELL WHATEVER THAT MEANS IT MEANS I AM NOT BEING LIKED SO----!" he says. "I MUST RETAIN MY NUMBER ONE SPOT!" he yells out.

Kindabads are swept away by Tide's protective shield as some more did try to rush her. She can probably be thankful she got that up. As for the giant Terribad, a wave of purification rakes across it's face as it's sent flying backwards--- though the beam still hits it--- the light causing it to slowly, slowly disintegrate...

"...SO RELAXING..." it says--- before it dissolves into black mist. Causing the red bands around the mirror to dissipate, and the mirror to fade---and the boy to slump out to the ground. He's okay. He'll be unconscious for a bit.

Oresky blinks. "Noooo! I.. I'll NEED TO GO FOR THE... 8000 MODEL NEXT TIME!" he says angrily as he turns to Tide and Joy. "I WON'T FORGET THIS!" he yells, as he suddenly disappears into a sudden, fuzzy teleport--- like most of these dark jerks.
Aki Kurosawa 2018-11-28 21:08:36 101043
    Tide lowers the water shield when she realizes Oresky has run as she runs a hand through her hair. "....Wow. Thanks!" she says with genuine gratitude as she begins to push herself up. "Those usually aren't so big. Oresky must had gotten some good inspiration for that one. I bet it's because he lost a contest. Again." she sighs a bit and runs a hand through her long light blue hair as she sighs- again.

    "...Sorry for meeting like this... again." she mutters, a little blush? Maybe. "...Do ya.. have a number or something for me? I mean. So maybe we can meet without the uh. Giant robot and jerkbutt." she says.

    A pause, another blush. "I MEAN If you want to! No... pressure if you don't want to!" she says with a nervous smile. Darnit Aki- she thinks. WHY ARE YOU SO NERVOUS ALL OF A SUDDEN. YOU GOT THIS, she thinks. "But thanks for the help. Usually, sis would come out but she's busy and I was taking the mutal friend out here to this robot competition or something." she says.
Miho Kagami 2018-11-28 21:15:29 101044
Joy exhales with relief. "Whew!" She dematerializes her wand, then rushes over the boy and looks him over. "Okay, he isn't hurt, and there's no residual darkness or that kinda stuff."

She looks over at Tide. "Sounds like you and he have like a history," she says. "What's his deal? I kinda noticed that he self-identified as a villain, so he isn't like anyone from Eclipse I've met before."

Yeah, she has a blush too! "Oh! Right, yeah," she says. "I mean you can just ... contact me on HeartNET if you wanna, but, like ... yeah." Wait, why is she suddenly feeling so low-key flustered at the prospect of getting another girl's phone number?

She concentrates, and she's surrounded by a mint-green glow, which dissipates to reveal ... a scrawny girl in a green jacket, a black skirt, and blue jeans under the skirt. "My real name is Miho Kagami," she says, in a somewhat scratchy and androgynous voice which only slightly sounds like the clear and bright voice she has in henshin. "My Virtue number is (...) and my regular number is (...)."
Aki Kurosawa 2018-11-28 21:32:29 101045
    Tide nods. "Yeah... there's usually no permeneant damage. Trust me. I should know. Was stuck in one of those things for like... years." she says with an odd fidget-- rubbing her arm with her opposite hand for a moment. She shakes her head. "Phantom Empire. Member of the Obsidian Pact. They just wanna destroy the world. No ruling it." she says.

    She blinks. "Oh! You're a member of Virtue?" she asks. "That's convient then!----" and then Joy unhenshins into Miho and she blinks a moment. Then her blush grows tenfold as she blinks her hands to her face and her henshin dissapears, leaving a girl with blonde hair, wearing a white blouse and a boring tartan skirt. She's still holding hands to her face-- as she lowers them and takes a deep breath. "Miho..." she says softly. She digs around for her phone and enters those numbers as she sighs a bit.

    "Aki... Aki Kurosawa. I'm pretty sure..." she says. "...You're the one my sister has been trying to fix me up. Since forever at this rate." she says.

    "---not that I wasn't looking forward to a potential date!..." she says rapidly, as if to explain she isn't finding the idea distasteful. "Just she didn't mention you we're a magical girl." she asides. "Corvus didn't either." she says more annoyed. "Usually he's the one eager to fix my sister's mistakes." she says.

"Anyways. Sister convinced me to try... dating. Since... well it turns out sidestepping the rule is working well for her?" she says. "..Don't really feel it's doing me any good to keep hardline about it... ya know?" she asks, rubbing the back of her head.

    "Sorry..." she says. "Not really used to. The whole. 'Thing' even a little."
Miho Kagami 2018-11-28 21:44:00 101046
The information on the Phantom Empire is useful, but suddenly something more pressing is happening.

Miho blinks as Aki introduces herself, and then she bursts out laughing. "Oh for crying out loud, I cannot believe this!" she says. "That is just amazing!"

She grins and nods. "She suddenly decided that you and I should go on a date immediately after she rescued me from a youma attack in May," she says. "Or ... yeah, May, right." She shrugs. "I found out afterward what my powers were, and ... yeah, I've been hiding it from her and her evil American wife basically. Or ... fiancee. Uh, and now Sharpe-san is apparently gonna try to sic a youma on me at some point, entirely so you can rescue me."

She's completely red-faced herself, of course. She hesitates. "Uh ... well, I mean ... I haven't actually been on, y'know, a date date before," she says uncertainly, her voice slipping into slightly deeper androgyny. She crosses her arms with her left hand grasping her right. "I mean, uh ..." She blinks, and clears her throat, bringing her voice back up to normal. "You ... want to ... try it?"
Aki Kurosawa 2018-11-28 21:56:28 101047
    This is way more pressing than a Phantom Empire attack, right. Speaking of.. "We should... step away. A bit. People will be coming back." she says softly as she motions. "Walk with me." she says as she begins walking away down the road as she looks to make sure Miho is following. She ughs. "Her fiance is insane. They met when I was still trapped in the mirror... sorry..." she says. "I missed a lot of my sister's life because of it. Led to a lot of bad things. I feel at fault, ya know?" she says. "Even if it isn't my fault..."

    She shrugs and sighs. "That sounds like a very Hannah and Haruna thing, yes. They mean well. Haruna, I bet, thought it'd probably be 'super romantic' if I rescued you from a monster or something." she says.

    She notices the changes in vocal tone and gently head tilts. "IS everything okay? Your voice sounds a little odd. I'm not.. intimidating you or anything?" she asks sheepishly as she rubs her right arm again as she thinks.

    She does manage to smile. "I mean--- I... wasn't opposed to the idea when your sister told me about you? And the fact you're a Mahou Shoujo like me and lots of others makes it easier for me. I don't... hide well to other Mahou. At all." she admits.

    "S--so sure! Let's plan a date for a ... date." she says as she rubs a hand through her hair again. "I mean. If.. if that sounds fun to you." she says nervously again. "Just... don't let Blue-sama know if you ever meet him?" she asks. "He'd be dissapointed." she says.
Miho Kagami 2018-11-28 22:05:02 101048
Miho hurriedly nods and follows after Aki. She nods slowly. "Yeah, that is basically the exact impression I got," she says. "Haruna-san told be ... a bunch about your history, when she told me about you and stuff. And, uh ... I dunno if she used those exact words, but yeah, that sounds about right."

She blinks as Aki immediately zeroes in on her voice. "Wow, you're observant," she says. Oh no, we have something IN COMMON ... She gives her arm a light squeeze, and her shadow seems to flicker unnaturally. "No, actually, Sailor Earth just destroyed my ability to get intimidated by new people, I think it's just the ... situation ... of ... being asked on a date?" Her voice goes up and down in a few weird ways until she gets it back under control.

She pauses. "... Super-not-impressed by Blue-san, even if I haven't met him." she says. "I'm pretty open as far as that stuff, as long as we don't, like, collide with something the track team is doing ... uh." She glances around and lowers her voice. "Well, the voice thing is because I'm transgender."
Aki Kurosawa 2018-11-28 22:20:10 101049
Aki Kurosawa is walking along at a normal pace as she nods. "Haruna-chan means well... she was... she was a real mess, even when I was around. Mom and dad kind of messed her up a bunch. She was always shy and reserved and--- well I guess you'd call it 'goth'?" she asks. "She isn't that now. That's the most I could ask for. She's talking and making friends and found someone." she says "-and as much as I dislike Hannah Sharpe, she got my parents back in Haruna's life in a healthier way." she says. "But--- enough about my sister." she says.

    She gently listens and hrms? "Well. Yeah. I mean your voice seems to be cracking a bit? Lowering and highering. I just want to make sure I'm not making you uncomfortable." she smiles.

%TWhen Miho mentions she's transgender, she mmphs a bit... and seems to process this, for a moment as she gently takes her hand and loops it up around Miho's to link arms a moment. It's a small action meant to suggest she doesn't care about that. "No problem, on that, Miho-chan." she says with a softer smile. "I'm glad about that at least. Don't worry." she says softly to her.

    "I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be awkward and nervous? at first?" she says with a nervous smile, despite her actions. "So-- normal!" she says.
Miho Kagami 2018-11-28 22:33:38 101051
Miho nods. "Yeah, like ... she was the first Pretty Cure I ever met? And it kind of ... affected me, I guess. She's sort of my ... gold standard, kinda thing, for people who used to be bad and now aren't bad anymore." She shrugs. "Even if, yeah, Sharpe-san is ... the way she is. But good stuff is happening there, too."

And then Aki takes her arm and she stiffens up slightly and then somehow manages to blush even more! "Uh ..." Error: Miho.exe is frozen. With a single shard of molten relief that this isn't going to be a problem -- not that it's been a problem more than once, but still. She squeezes her left arm, opens and closes her mouth a few times, and then says, "Y-yeah okay, I think I have enough evidence to say that I have a crush on you."

That's about the moment her shadow turns pitch black and grows fox-ears. "... Wait, what's going on?" says Noroiko's voice.
Aki Kurosawa 2018-11-28 22:43:23 101052
    "I think Hannah-san will do the right thing in the end, at least. For such a jerk, she has at least a coating of gold over her heart. IF she was truly evil, I don't think she'd be so head over heels for her..." she says. "...I hope I feel like that about someone som---" then a blush because she realizes she's talking to the person SHE JUST ASKED ON A DATE.

    Another awkward blush. "S..see what I mean? Akwardness. Normal!" she heavily infers as she gently smiles. "--well. That's good then, right?" she says with a nervous chuckle. She doesn't go beyoud the arm linking though, meant as a comforting action that she cares and isn't gonna run away over something silly like awkwardness.

    Then her shadow grows fox ears and there's a voice. She blinks and turns around to--- face a shadow with fox ears. "Um..." she says. "Did you shadow just talk?" she asks. "And also grow fox ears?" She asks. She gently tuuugs Miho a little closer. Mainly because she's getting a bad feeling about this.
Miho Kagami 2018-11-28 22:52:50 101053
Miho lets out a soft grumble. "This is Noroiko," she says flatly. "She's ... this weirdo evil fox who's sort of connected to this curse I have."

"A Death Curse!" Noroiko adds cheerfully, but she still sounds a bit confused. "Kept in balance by the Life Blessing, the source of her foolish confidence that she'll survive any --"

"Yeah okay hang on," says Miho. She takes a step back from Aki, and takes a few deep breaths, once again trying to access the calm she's touched with tai chi before. After a moment, her shadow wavers, then goes back to normal. And then she giggles nervously. "So, uh ... like you were saying!" she says weakly. "Awkwardness!" She shakes her head. "The Curse and Blessing came from my great-grandmother, Miho Oujino, I named myself after her." She smiles. "Passed only down from mother to daughter, too!" she adds significantly.

She sighs, and shakes her head. "But, uh, for real, though," she says, still smiling. "What time do we wanna do this 'date' thing?"
Aki Kurosawa 2018-11-28 23:11:04 101055
    Aki blinks a bit as the shadow begins talking. She looks confused until she hears the explanation as she figures it out in her head. "Tsk..." she says softly as Aki gets it under control. "...just to be clear. I'm dating you and also not that thing, right? I mean if that's how it goes- I'll try it I guess." she says with a gentle tease. Before clarifying. "I don't really mean that. I assume you don't actually want her there." she says.

    She huhs a bit when it's explained it's passed down from mother to daughter. She understands the signifigance given what Miho just told her earlier, about how she's transgender.

    She smiles a little. "How about... two weeks from now? Because I have nothing really nice to wear to a date- and oh god I have to prepare." she says anxiously. "I...I'm sure you do, too." she says. "At least mentally at the least?" she says gently, looking hopeful that she isn't alone in her completely nervous state. It's a good kind of nervous though!
Miho Kagami 2018-11-28 23:16:09 101056
Miho shakes her head. "No, no, like ..." She considers this. "Well, she didn't know what was happening just now, she just ... jumps in whenever I become like an emotional disaster or get too hot to handle." She hesitates. "... which usually only happens in fights, but yeah. Still trying to figure out what her whole deal is? But one of my priorities is definitely getting rid of whatever that 'connection' is."

She nods and smiles. "Two weeks it is!" she says. "And yeah I definitely need time to prepare. Oh jeez I'm totally not ready, I'm ..." She giggles, and just manages to stop herself from actually vocalizing a dumb video game metaphor. Where are all the rings!? Do I get boost power from enemies and rings, or do I need to find Wisps!? "Yeah. That ... it is definitely gonna take me like three years to prepare for two weeks from now."
Aki Kurosawa 2018-11-28 23:26:27 101058
    Aki Kurosawa, is still a Kurosawa- and she twitches softly, a gentle curling of her lips as she takes a deep breath and manages to not say something like 'but you're already too hot to handle' or something equally embarassing. She flexes her hands a moment. "Okay." she says softly. "--Sorry about that. I hope I didn't do anything untoward to cause that." she says softly as she relaxes.

    "Two weeks." she says. She nods "Alright. Call me sometimes, okay? Or Text me!" she says with a softer smile. She pauses.

    "Wait, I should go find Corvus-kun anyways. He came with me, he probably ran off to get 'Runa-chan and I should probably not be seen with you when she arrives."

    "....For very obvious reasons." she says softly.
Miho Kagami 2018-11-28 23:33:38 101060
Miho smiles and nods, oblivious to the potential crisis(?) that was just averted. "I just panicked from the process of being offered a date," she says. "And, uh, sure, I'll ... probably text you!"

She blinks and nods. "Oh, right, yeah," she says. "I left my bike off thataway." She gestures vaguely. "And yeah, there is nothing I want less than for Haruna to see us together right now." She grins. "So, uh, I'll see you later, then!"

Honestly, Miho feels as though this outing has gone better than she could have imagined, really. She went out to check out manga, and on her way back she got a date.