Apatite for Battle

Kyouko interrupts Signum's latest attempt to steal a linker-core. No one even thinks about resolving things peacefully.

Date: 2018-11-28
Pose Count: 32
Signum 2018-11-28 23:10:50 101054
Days after the incident at the Eclipse hideout, the Wolkenritter have not been resting on their laurels. They've been gathering energy elsewhere, for the most part, but... as always, it proves inefficient compared to the magical nexus point that Tokyo seems to have become.
    So Signum finds herself hunting in the Uminari shopping strip of all places. Wether her target is another Eclipse agent; a mage; or just someone with untapped potential, Signum doesn't know or especially care. As soon as they've stepped in front of an open alleyway, Signum releases a magical barrier, and all the non-magical people around them seem to vanish into thin air. Before her target can process what's just happened, Signum pounces, flying past him and grabbing the scruff of his shirt and dragging him into the alleyway before shoving the terrified human against a wall.
    "Don't struggle." Is all she says with cold eyes as the Book of Darkness appears behind her and opens up to its earliest blank page.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-11-28 23:17:46 101057
    Kyouko has been hunting the Wolkenritter. Not out of some vendetta for Nanoha Takamchi- she doesn't even know the girl. Rather, it is because she views it as her duty to find out what she can about the mysterious warriors attacking friend and foe alike for some mysterious purpose. And because it's been way too long since she's had a worthy opponent to fight, and Millie had told her they were strong.

    But she's not hunting all the time, of course. She still has to go to work, handle homelife, etc. So it's just by chance that she's nearby when that barrier appears, blotting out a section of the city. It might be invisible to human eyes, but Kyouko can feel it from a mile away, and her eyes narrow, her nose twitching as if scenting the unfamiliar magic. In a moment, she has henshined, ducked into an alley, and vanished with a sound like tearing reality.

    Of course, plenty of people in this city could have been summoning a barrier. But she didn't recognize this magic's feel, and it was worth checking out in any case. A feeling vindicated as she blurrs back into being on a rooftop overlooking the alleyway where Signum has the man pinned. A quick look is all she needs to ascertain that she's found her target.

    She doesn't feel the need for verbal warnings. Instead, she simply pulls back her arm, her spear appearing in her hand from nowhere, the tip flaring with a reddish glow, and hurls it. Not at Signum, but at the book.
Signum 2018-11-28 23:31:32 101059
Signum has one hand on her target's neck and another poised to strike even every magical sense and honed warrior instinct in her body starts blaring sirens. She whips around, cooly prepared to defend herself at first... but a microsecond later she sees where that attack is ACTUALLY aimed, and her heart actually skips a beat.
    As close to panicked as she's been in centuries, Signum draws in a sharp hiss of breath, grabs her sheathed blade and swings it - scabbard and all - into the head of the oncoming spear, deflecting it into the wall where it powders the brickwork and fills the alleyway with dust.
    Obscured by the debrie, the book seems to blip out of existence with little fanfare.
    More ominously, Signum walks through that cloud, her eyes fixed on Kyouko's position, the sheathed blade still held at her side. Her cold deamnor aside, her heart is pounding.
    Too close. Too close.
    Signum's teeth are clenched as she addresses her attacker. "A cowardly approach. Though I suppose I can't complain." The soles of her boots light up with magic as she begins to levitate upwards, landing on a rooftop across the street from Kyouko. "... You have business with me, I assume."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-11-28 23:39:49 101061
It was actually a correct interpretation -- and Mamoru can *find* Kyouko, generally -- when the Crown Prince of Earth felt a surge of excitement from his Knight of Sincerity and Respect. He figured: she texted him saying she was gonna look for a fight with the Wolkenritter. He also figured: them having busted Jadeite's phone on Halloween was uber petty and cruel and unusual, so an asskicking was appropriate regardless.

So he landed on Kyouko's balcony already in henshin and opened the door and yelled in, "Naru! Popcorn fight time! Your girlfriend's gonna show off, let's go watch, you can make fun of me for teleporting later!"

Seconds later, just as some wall is being disintegrated, Tuxedo Kamen is hurriedly setting Naru down on the rooftop over the alley above the incipient brawl and staggering away to briefly sit down and put his head between his knees and pop a dramamine belatedly.

There is, at least, a flash of red and black silk cape overhead, briefly shadowing the alley from the flash of golden light that appeared concurrently.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-11-28 23:43:06 101062
    Apatite's spear is deflected by the sword, though in doing so, Signum would have been able to feel the force behind the weapon. It tells Apatite something that Signum was able to deflect it at all. When it impacts the brick wall, the bricks explode, and everything is obscured in dust until Signum rises up out of that cloud to take up position on the other rooftop.

    Apatite's spear is back in her hand, although it hadn't been seen to return. She plants the butt on the edge of the rooftop, and gives a lopsided grin that's almost a sneer at the cowardly comment. "The only people who talk about 'cowardly' ways to fight are one who need excuses as to why they lost." Victory at all costs. It's her way.

    When Signum asks her business, Apatite tosses her head back, the cape of her uniform rippling behind her. "I assume you are Signum, General of Raging Fire?" She says the name with a slightly sarcastic edge, as if mocking the title. "If so, then yeah, I got business with you. My name is Apatite, of the Shitennou, Knight of Sincerity and Respect. And you've been attacking people in my city."

    She curls her lip, showing her slightly-too-long canines. "You beat up some acquaintances of mine. They said you were strong. I like strong troublemakers. Know why?" She spins her spear effortlessly over her arm, levelling the point across the gap at Signum. "Because taking them down makes a better example."
Naru Osaka 2018-11-28 23:46:05 101063
Naru HAD been working on the coffee table, doing some sketching instead of homework. She looks up at Endy appears on the doorstep, balcony door at least and she quirks her head and gets to her feet. "Lemme turn the stove off." Because it wouldnt do to burn down the apartment building while popcorning.

It only takes a moment to do so, and she's appearing with Tuxedo Kamen and reaching out a hand to pat his shoulder. "Eventually, you'll remember to take that /first/." She notes and then turns to look for where the fight is. She gets closer to the edge of the building they're on, just not TOO close.
Signum 2018-11-28 23:56:16 101064
Something like amusement crosses Signum's expression at Apatite's answer, and she replies, simply, "As you say." She can sort of appreciate that attitude.
    Signum's lips form a flat line, betraying agitating for a single instant as her name and crimes are laid out to her. The perils of leaving witnesses. It's been a long time since she's dealt with this particular inconveniance. Even worse, as she notes the appearance of others arriving, though they're not approaching her like Kyouko.
    The price of keeping promises to kind people, one supposes.
    "I am." She answers simply to confirm her identity. As Kyouko lays out her motive Signum looks almost... nostalgic. "You're young." Is her conclusion, though a hint of a smile tugs at her lips as she considers her situation.
    "... I haven't the luxury of... indulgence..." she says, fixing her cold eyes on Apatite's "... but leaving empty handed is unacceptable." With that, she plants the tip of her scabbored into the ground with a meaty CRUNCH of concrete cracking and splintering. "The last time I drew this blade, it was for nothing. Wasted on an amateur." Laevatein sings as it's pulled from its scabbard, the metal ringing briefly in the air as she takes her stance, holding the blade across her upper body with one hand, the other still gripping the scabbard. Signum's cold exterior betrays a certain excitement. A lust for battle long suppressed.
    "Don't disappoint me."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-11-29 00:04:33 101065
    Apatite feels Mamoru suddenly get closer, and her eyes flick upwards, unerringly finding his location, although the angle isn't good enough for her to see him, or Naru. Figures. Well, she won't deny that having him there makes her feel a little bit safer. Not that she would have hesitated in any case. Her eyes are drawn back to Signum as the woman speaks, calling her young.

    Apatite smirks. "I'm a hell of a lot older than I ever expected to be. 17 is practically ancient in my neck of the woods." She doesn't elaborate further though, as Signum draws her sword, and Apatite's crimson eyes narrow slightly. Her smile is more genuine now, because she can feel the power in that sword, and the woman who wields it.

    "I've disappointed a lot of people in my time," She says, with a breath. "But I don't think you'll be one of them." She pauses a moment, taking the measure of the woman with her eyes.. and then attacks. So quickly it's hard to track, she leaps from the rooftop, cape and coat streaming out behind her as she angles the spear, plunging across the gap towards Signum, the tip again flaring with that reddish glow of her magic as she crosses to the other roof.
Signum 2018-11-29 00:10:08 101066
Save for the sharp narrowing of her eyes, Signum's body is motionless in the face of Apatite's attack until seemingly the last instant when her boots light up and she shoots straight upwards into the air above Apatite as she spear crashes into the space she just occupied.
    Signum cuts off the power that sent her airborne almost as soon as she left the ground, flying upward on momentum alone, before she turns and rotates her body so she's upside down... then seems to KICK off of the air above her with another blast of energy, sending her rocketing straight down towards Kyouko.
    With a sharp cry, she flips once in the air and lands in a crouching position, swinging her blade at Apatite hard enough to cleave through the rooftop beneath them.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-11-29 00:16:25 101067
    Apatite's eyes widen just for an intant when Signum leaps up into the air with the aid of her boots, over the attack. She crashes into the roof, her speartip embedding into the concrete and sending cracks through it, spiderwebbing out in all directions. She doesn't pause even for an insant though, turning the motion into a vault using the embedded spear, hurling herself over it in a graceful flip that has her landing on her feet and yanking the spear free even as Signum crashes back down into the rooftop and swings at her.

    Apatite's spear flashes up, the haft spinning around to intercept the swordblade. At the point of impact, the spear splits apart into two, the wooden shaft pulling apart to reveal glowing red chain between the two segments. This chain doesn't part under the blow, but bends with it, and as the sword hits the chain Apatite twists, spinning the two pieces of spear in either hand to wrap the chain around the swordblade, entangling it.

    She grins a feral grin, fangs on display, as she spins back and yanks, pulling the entangled sword along with her spear and trying to yank it entirely out of Signum's grasp.
Signum 2018-11-29 00:23:36 101068
Signum's eyes widen as Laevatein is entrapped by the magical spear, her brow furrowing as she exhales a quick "Tch!' of agitation.
    She tightens her grip on her blade and is pulled forward with it. Rather than stumble after it or try to pull it back, she 'makes it part of the plan' as her free hand swings her shockingly powerful scabbard at Apatite's head as she passes.
    Though there's no avoiding putting her back to Apatite as she follows her blade, she ignites her levitation power again to send her flipping backward over Apatite's shoulder, hoping to drag her Apatite's spear along and - if she can maintain the leverage advantage - bring her blade down on Apatite's shoulder.
Naru Osaka 2018-11-29 00:27:09 101069
Where, exactly, Naru had her sketchbook tucked away is anyone's guess. She's not getting too near the edge of the building that they're watching from, but she's found a good view, generally, and a pencil. She looks quietly content, in spite of the fact that its her girlfriend in the fight.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-11-29 00:31:24 101070
    Apatite snarls as Signum refuses to let go of the sword, and is pulled forward towards her, then quickly jerks her head to the side as her peripheral vision catches the scabbard heading her way. Not quick enough, though the resulting blow is glancing rather than damaging, causing her to stumble a half-step to the side. In that time, Signum has again sprung into the air, turning Apatite's own strategy against her by yanking the spear along with her.

    Taking the opposite route, Apatite releases the spear.. and as she does, it completely vanishes, as if it never existed at all, the sudden difference in weight perhaps throwing Signum off-balance as she swings her blade down from that jump. At the same time, Apatite takes a step to the side.

    "Let me show you something I learned from Sailor Jupiter." She growls, as her right hand suddenly bursts into crimson flame, and she brings it up in a powerful uppercut, meeting Signum as she descends, the muscles in her shoulders and arm groomed by years of fighting and training flexing to drive her fist straight at the other woman's solar plexus.. even if in doing so, the sword catches her on the edge of her shoulder and slices through both cloth and flesh.
Signum 2018-11-29 00:46:43 101071
The only sound Signum makes as the blow lands is a blast of air forced out through gritted teeth. She's pushed upwards into the air with the force of the blow, but, alarmingly, her upward momentum just sort of... stops.
    Signum suddenly seems to be locked into position, 'standing' sideways in the air above Apatite. Holding one hand and her scabbord over the point of contact on her body.
    An odd smile comes to her face.
    "... My gratitude, Knight of Sincerity and Respect. It's been some time since someone was able to lay a hand on me." Signum takes a very deep breath. "Ordinarily my blood would sing with joy at the opportunity of a battle like this..." Signum begins to... pace in the air, 'walking' sideways on nothing while keeping her eyes inclined towards Apatite. "... alas. My mission can't suffer it to go on any longer."
    Signum's scabbored returns to her hip, held there by some subtle magic, as her newly freed hand produces a single cartiridge. which she slams into an open chamber on her blade that closes a moment later.
    "Forgive me."
    Laevatein seems to suddenly ignite, ingulfed in purple flames, as Signum suddenly drops out of the sky like a meteorite, crying out "VIOLETTER BLITZ!!" (Violet Lightning Flash!!) and swings her blade, releasing a thin trail of dark pink energy in its wake - like a traveling blade of energy that blasts outward with enough force to cleave the building, the street behind it, and most of the building behind THAT clean in half; cutting through water works under the streets and forcing geysers of water to burst upwards from the ground around them.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-11-29 00:54:59 101072
    Apatite grunts herself as her punch impacts Signum, driving the woman up into the air even as the tip of her blade slices into Apatite's shoulder. The wound isn't deep, but it stings, and fresh blood begin sto drip down her shoulder beneath her torn uniform. Still, she grins a feral grin as she holds her hand out, her spear popping back into existence in her grip.

    Her eyes narrow again at Signum, however, as the woman stands sideways in the air, and starts to ramble on about the joy of battle and such. Not that Apatite doesn't understand. She turns her head to the side and spits onto the rooftop. "That's for your mission. Now why don't you-" Whatever she's about to say is lost as Signum produces that cartridge and loads it up. Kyouko's eyes widen- she knows about cartridges, if only secon-dhand.

    She's already moving, even as those purple flames erupt and Signum swings that sword down with terrible force. Moving like a viper, she throws herself to the side, hitting the rooftop and rolling, the blade of energy smashing into the building just behind her, catching the edge of her cape and disintegrating it as the building and street fracture under the blow. Coming back to her feet, she bares her teeth again. "Fancy."

    And then she throws out her hands, and her spear explodes, fragmenting into dozens of segments of wood all linked by glowing red chain.. far longer than it should be, twisting and snaking around itself in the air, seemingly of its own volition, with no visible beginning or end, surrounding her in a dome.

    Only for a moment though, as one.. two.. no, three spearheads emerge from amidst the twisting and rotating mass, and shoot out towards Signum from three different angles, like striking snakes, trailing bodies of chain-linked spear-haft while Apatite stands in the middle of it all, arms outstretched.
Signum 2018-11-29 01:05:01 101073
Signum's jaw sets in focus as the sharp tendrils reach out for her, lifting her sword into the air and crying "Rustungsgeist!" (Armor Spirit! as a dome of pink energy emerges around her, deflecting the spearheads upward and outwards so they flounder at awkward wobbling angles.
    "Hhhhhrraaaah!"With a sharp roar of effort, Signum swings the blunt side of her sword into the three chains in one wide circular swing, twisting her blade to get them wrapped up and cinched around Laevatein with the intent to lift Apatite upward by her own chains, swinging her in the air before severing the chains with another blast of her Violet Lightning Flash and send Apatite hurtling towards another building.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-11-29 01:11:07 101074
    The problem with attempting to entangle Apatite's chains is that, as previously demonstrated, her spear is only as real as she wants it to be. So although Signum is able to snarl all three chain-tips, when she moves to pull Apatite up by them, the whole constuct simply... disappears.

    But Apatite is coming towards Signum, because at that exact moment she had launched herself up from the roof in a leap no ordinary human could have managed, her face twisted in animalistic fury. Her fists are both glowing now, as she launches a series of quick blows at Signum at the apex of her leap, trying to get around the sword in close-quarters despite how dangerous that might be.

    "Flying is cheating!" She snaps, as a red-and-black platform of interlaced magic appears beneath her feet, giving her something to stand on opposite the hovering Wolkenritter. Her spear appears back in her hand, and she spins it back around to a ready position.
Signum 2018-11-29 01:20:38 101075
Signum is still sideways, looking 'upward' at Apatite's level form as the first few attacks come her way, weaving away from the first two, before blocking the third with her scabbard. The scabbard and her arm stay in place, whirls like a helicopter blade as the rest of her twists in mid air, until she's facing Apatite properly. "Such accusations are often 'excuses for why they lost' ... correct?" Signum says flatly, echoing Apatite's own declaration earlier. "How quickly can you make those, I wonder." she ponders, indicating the magical platform Apatite constructed.
    As if to force an answer to the question, Signum rushes Apatite in a whirlwind of strikes - slashes of her sword and swings of her scabbard, the latter meant as much to drive her into position for her blade's next swing as it is to actually strike her itself, attempting to drive her backward in mid air.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-11-29 01:27:11 101076
Tuxedo Kamen leans a little further over the edge than Naru had dared to, frowning slightly, but pretty pleasedly impressed by Kyouko's use of her magic. He says quietly over his shoulder, "They're both getting more irritated and it's sounding like Signum'd like to keep playing but is gonna go all out in pretty short order. If I have to go fix an extra hole in someone, you gonna be okay getting down, or you want me to bring you down now?"
Kyouko Sakura 2018-11-29 01:28:35 101077
    "Fast enough." Apatite sneers, and proceeds to demonstrate as Signum rushes at her with a demonstration of more traditional marshal skill. She ducks and dodges backwards, the lacey barriers appearing beneath her feet as she moves, forming a series of steps wherever her feet happen to land, keeping her from plummeting down to Earth.

    She counters the blows of sword and scabbard, whirling her spear, fighting using it more as a quarterstaff than a polearm, the long shaft aiding her in blocking the blows on first one side, than the other, the clang and thunk of sword and scabbard impacting her weapon resounding in the air as the blows are exchanged fast and furious.

    It must be hard on her concentration, however, to both block the incoming attacks from both sides and keep generating the platforms beneath her, because finally one slice gets through, biting into her upper arm just below where the previous one had cut her shoulder. Hissing in pain, she pulls back, the platform dropping out from under her and taking her away from the blade.

    Apatite plummts back down to the roof, landing on her feet, and instantly her uninjured arm snaps out, stabbing her spear up at Signum, the head detatching on a long length of chain and flying up at her from beneath with a hiss of displaced air.
Signum 2018-11-29 01:41:48 101078
For all her talk earlier, Signum *is* indulging in a vice of sorts. As much as she tries to focus on her mission - neccesitating the draining and, if absolutely necessary, death of this young knight - Signum earenstly wants to see what Apatite can do.
    Her attacks are fierce and impeccable, backed by centuries of experience and programmed after the fiercest swordswoman Ancient Belka ever produced. Even if she can't make Apatite *fall*, a loss of stable footing is almost inevitable.
    When Apatite DOES fall, Signum's eyes widen, blazing at the sight of the opportunity in front of her as she dives down after her opponent.
    Signum sees the spear coming as she hurtles down towards Apatite. In a split second she determins what she's capable of. She could possibly dodge completely, and miss her opportunity. She could definitely move *slightly* and still possibly hit Apatite... while most likely losing an eye.
    Or she could just take it.
    With the absolute determination and lack of self regard reserved for heroes and lunatics, Signum adjusts her body JUST enough that the spear pierces through her abdomen, narrowly missing or knicking vital orgasns pulsing with magical energy - the chain continuing to run through her body as the spear flies upward behind her.
    With a fierce roar, Signum reaches the ground and drives her sword downward into Apatite.
    At very least, her strike is aimed to afford Apatite the same courtesy. A chance at survival.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-11-29 01:47:39 101079
    Apatite's spear punches straight through Signum and out the back of her, hurtling off into the sky, still attached to the haft in her hand by that glowing, seemingly-infinite chain. But landing that blow doesn't mean she's won. She knows it as soon as she sees Signum continuing on her trajectory and slamming to the ground in front of her. It's something she herself has done before- taking a non-fatal blow to deliver a winning one to an enemy.

    She doesn't have time to dodge the strike, and she knows it, so she grits her teeth as the blade punches into her just below her collar bone and exits past her shoulder-blade in the back, narrowly missing a lung. Damn, that hurts. But Kyouko Sakura is a friend to pain. Her foot lurches back a step, but she keeps on them, teeth bared in Signum's face.

    They are linked now, with Apatite's spear through Signum and Signum's blade through Apatite. Which presents an opportunity. A trick she's used before, too.

    With a yell, she summons her power, her crimson eyes flaring with light, as she pours magic into the spear, into the chain, and then pulls it back into herself through the sword.. through Signum's body. Creating a circuit, a loop through the weapons and bodies, a feedback loop of raging magic that she pulls up from the Earth, red light flaring along the chain as she attempts to basically fry Signum from the inside-out.. even if doing so makes her a part of the feedback loop too.
Signum 2018-11-29 01:55:11 101081
Whatever iceyness she displayed before, Signum's eyes are on *fire* as they hold Apatite's gaze, widening in the instant before magic begins pouring into her open wound.
    Signum throws her head back, teeth grit against searing pain that escapes only as a muted, but increasingly loud strangled grunt through clenched teeth.
    "Gnnn- nnn- NNNGG- GRAH!" She finally cries out, her eyes snapping back onto Kyouko's face as her grip on Laevatein tightens and it once again ignites with purple fire, burning with obscene magical energy and using up the last of the cartridge as Signum pulls the blade out of Apatite's body and - with entirely too much force at entirely too close a distance - she swings it down on Apatite's chain.
    The Violet Lightning Flash cuts the building in half between them as the magic flowing through the chain explodes at the point of severance in a blinding blast of light that sends Signum hurtling backwards.
Naru Osaka 2018-11-29 01:56:04 101082
Naru creeps a little closer, and then sidles further back from the edge,w atching the fight, her sketchbook abandoned as things get.. exciting. "I can't get down on my own.." She admits with a faintly irritated sigh. "Up to you on if you want to make the jump multiple times.. but.." And then there's an explosion and she gestures vaguely. "Come back for me."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-11-29 01:57:35 101083
    Apatite screams as the blazing sword is pulled out of her body, but doesn't have time to do any more before Signum slices it down into the still-glowing chain, severing it. The magic still coursing through it releases in a detonation that sends not only Signum hurling backwards, but Apatite in the opposite direction.

    She pinwheels through the air until she smashes into the side of the building across the way, hard enough to leave a crater in the concrete, before drooping off of it and falling towards the ground. She isn't unconscious, but stunned and in enough pain that she doesn't seem able to get her feet under her..
Mamoru Chiba 2018-11-29 02:15:49 101085
"Yeah--" Mamoru's already starting to say even before the explosion, because he's watching the whole thing unfold and as soon as Signum got a spearchain through the abdomen everything literally got THAT MUCH UNHEALTHIER. "Kuso--" he hisses, and leaps down, and while he's in midair Kyouko gets herself speared and he can't see where yet and then literally every god damn thing about them is on fire so he grabs hold of a fire escape--

...and is promptly slammed into the wall behind it with the force of the explosion.

"God damned idiots," he bites out, concentrating on where his feeling of Kyouko is instead of his eyes which currently aren't seeing a blessed thing.

And that's literally how he catches her in midair, and also how they end up landing messily in a Dumpster instead of lightly on Tuxedo Kamen's feet.

Smell and all, he bites his glove off and puts his hand directly on top of Apatite's uniform's collarbone window and there's an immediate lack of pain, even if the healing will take a little longer than that. "You speared her in the stomach," he says faintly irritably and faintly proudly all at once, "I'm going to have to go find her and stuff her guts back in in like the next thirty seconds. If I can find her. If I can *see*. Can you see? Naru's on the roof. Maybe she can see."
Zafira 2018-11-29 02:21:04 101086
Rather suddenly, a tan skinned young man arrives, seemingly dropping silently from one of the near by buildings within the barrier. He has what looks like blue, wolfish ears and a tail, and, he pauses only long enough to fall into a defensive stance infront of Signum's form. His eyes are sharply trained into the mess to see if anyone's trying to approach. His ears twitch, trying to hear if anything sounds concerning, aside from the /obvious/.

How long was he around? Are these two going to be together EVERY appearance? On not noticing any on coming trouble, he'd CAREFULLY pick up Signum. He's bot a healer, but he knows who IS.
Signum 2018-11-29 02:24:20 101087
Signum lays, half bent over, imbedded in the corner of a rooftop, having formed a crater you can ALMOST sit in if not for the jagged edges digging into your back and forcing you into an uncomfortable arch.
    "Zafira." She acknowledges her comrade's arrival in a strained voice, holding her hand over her abdomen where blood is staining her pink robe. "We..." Signum hesitates for a moment, physically *pained* to pass up the opportunity for Kyouko's linker core... plus needing to retreat... plus needing HELP to retreat. It's tempting to order Zafira to go after them but... that's not really an option right now. "... Get me out of here. There's no time."
    That's the order she decides to live with, gritting her teeth in consternation as the towering dog man lifts her up. "Home."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-11-29 02:28:00 101088
    Apatite was fully expecting to land on the ground herself, though given the history, she can't be entirely surprised when Tuxedo Kamen appears out of nowhere to scoop her out of the air.. even if the explosion she caused sees them plummeting into a pile of trash rather than landing neatly on dress- shoes. She grunts at the impact, her eyes rolling slightly, though some clarity returns to them as he places his hand on her wound and the pain goes away, even if the wound doesn't immediately.

    She coughs once or twice, then grits out, "That's generally the kidn of thing that happens when you're in a fight.. she's good, too. Millie wasn't lying.." Another cough. "Ugh. I can't see shit except for your lanky ass and a bunch of garbage.. I don't think I hit anything vital, she knew what she was doing. She's not gonna die from a wound like that, I know it. It would be too.. anticlimactic."

    She tries to scramble up and out of the dumpster, but her arm, not-yet-healed, makes it an awkward attempt.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-11-29 02:34:44 101090
"Dumbass," Mamoru says affectionately. "If you're so hot to move around before I'm done, then go home. Upstairs. It's better to bleed there. I'll meet you there in a minute, I have to go get Naru." He takes off his mask and rubs at his eyes with the bloodied hand, which in his opinion is way more sanitary than rubbing at his eyes with the still-gloved buried-in-trash hand, and he gets up and climbs out because he's a jerk who's uninjured. It takes him a second to orient himself so he can go back to where Naru was; his vision is still all stars and afterimages.
Zafira 2018-11-29 02:36:04 101091
Despite having been the one to suggest they might need to go after people, not that that's the official word on things, Zafira rather finds it a deal more of import to get Signum back in as few pieces as possible than to hasten thier master's saving by some SMALL amount. They'd be able to make up for this. This is a temporary pause in progress, not a scale back.

"Of course," he replies to Signum's sound call for retreat, "...tonight will be busy for me..." With no reason to do otherwise he'd quickly make his leave with Signum in arm.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-11-29 02:38:43 101092
    Kyouko, still woozy and angry, starts to snap something back at Mamoru, but then catches herself, and takes a deep breath, steadying herself with a hand on the edge of the dumpster. "Thanks for catching me." She says, sincerely. "Again."

    And then before he can say anything smartass in return, she vanishes with that sound of reality tearing, gone assumedly back to the ECFH as he suggested.