Blood and Clattering

(CW: strong language, injuries.) After Apatite for Battle, Mamoru and Apatite and Naru make it back to the ECFH. Apatite is the Worst Patient. Kazuo and Neil don't help, especially when Neil starts considering extraplanetary real estate schemes.

Date: 2018-11-29
Pose Count: 33
Kazuo Takeba 2018-11-29 02:28:11 101089
It's not that Kazuo has been an uncommon sight around the place. He's been visible. It's just that he hasn't been talking. Why? Because midterms are, in this life, a thing that exists, and while Mamoru has been studying medicine solo for a decade, and Neil can calculate orbits in his sleep, and Zoisite is, well, Zoisite...

Kazuo actually has to study.

Sometimes, Kazuo has to study a lot.

Therefore he has, when visible, generally been either (a) making sure people don't starve (b) providing and/or acquiring caffeine or (c) been visible mainly as a silent silhouette paying attention to a book. An actual textbook. Or an actual physical library book. Apparently he still likes to pretend the Internet doesn't exist.

Midterms, however, are over. And the immediate post-midterm explosion of shenanigans is over, which means he's not cleaning up after that (or after multifarious hangovers). Which means that, now and again, there is starting to be more than one night owl up on the roof.

He brings his own coffee these days, though. People raid Nephrite's stash often enough already.
Nephrite 2018-11-29 02:41:50 101093
Neil grins into his telescope as he recognizes Kazuo's footsteps. The sky is enjoying a few last moments of twilight before resigning itself to darkness, and Neil has his telescope pointed 40 degrees above the horizon, at the unmistakable red light of Mars. "Hey, what do you suppose the going rate is for real estate in Elysium Planitia?" Since he is one of those jerks who coasts through his exams on the bare minimum of effort, Neil has been following the Mars landing like some sports fans follow their favorite teams, getting up in the dead of night to livestream it on Monday. It's been two days, but he is evidently still not over it.

He turns to look at Kazuo, reaching for his own coffee as he does. "I mean, once the robots have vacated it. Fiore would probably have an idea, right?"
Kyouko Sakura 2018-11-29 02:47:11 101094
    All of a sudden, from downstairs, there's the distinctive sound of reality tearing that accompanies Apatite's teleports, followed by a loud crash, then another crash, and the sound of Kyouko cursing loudly.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-11-29 02:51:03 101095
Literally a half-second later there's the sound of the balcony door opening downstairs, and Mamoru's voice (to Naru, for the record), "Well at least I'm *hot* garbage. Wait, that's worse, isn't it--"
Kazuo Takeba 2018-11-29 02:51:28 101096
"It's coming out of the dust-storm season, isn't it?" Kazuo inquires. He may possibly have been overhearing more of the livestream than he'd normally admit. Or else he might have been sneaking peeks himself. "So prices are undoubtedly high in expectation of the better weather."

There is a flicker of -- something? -- in the corner of Neil's eye, while Kazuo is talking. A star half-drowned in cityglow where he would not expect a star or a satellite to be. But there's also a crash downstairs, and that or Mamoru's voice may well take priority.
Nephrite 2018-11-29 02:58:56 101097
Neil considers. "Volcano-front property. It's going to get snapped up fast."

A flicker, out of the corner of his eye, and Nephrite jerks his head around to look just as a crash sounds from below. He blinks. Maybe just his imagination or...? He's about to say something about it when they hear Mamoru's voice below, and he raises an eyebrow to Kazuo. "Not such a quiet night then." He grabs his coffee as he hoists himself up and moves downstairs to see what all the fuss is about.
Naru Osaka 2018-11-29 02:59:33 101098
"That is totally worse." Naru's voice comes at the mention of 'hot garbage'. The balcony door is shut again, making the voices from downstairs a little less distinctive to those on the roof.

To a Kyouko who is in a heap of bloody disaster, it's quite clear that Naru's headed for her, although the cursing oddly makes her slightly less concerned. Kyouko can't be /that/ broken if she's swearing up a blue streak. "That did not look at all comfortable, love." She notes as she gets closer, to crouch down and offer a hand in getting Kyouko untangled from her landing without busting anything new.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-11-29 03:03:22 101099
    Kyouko is a bit of a bloody disaster- she has two slices out of her left arm, one in the shoulder and one in the meat of her upper arm, and a puncture wound that goes all the way through her body from just under her collarbone exiting out her back by her shoulderblade. Mamoru took her pain away, but has yet to actually heal anything, meaning she is leaking blood all over the floor, and is also accompanied by random pieces of trash because she had landed in a dumpster (along with Mamoru).

    The crashing was her stumbling into the coffee table, then knocking over a chair as she tries to stay on her feet. She looks up, snarling, but relaxes when she sees it is Naru approaching her, allowing the other girl to offer some support to steady her. "I'll kill her next time." She swears, despite the fact that she knows very well Mamoru won't actually let her.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-11-29 03:07:03 101100
"Well goddamn," says Mamoru to Naru, de-henshining and carrying away most of the smell of garbage, but leaving Kyouko's forgotten blood drying on his face and the smell of banana peel in his hair. "Kyouko, sit the fuck down. Me making it stop hurting isn't license to go around making it worse. And you will absolutely not kill her," he says patiently, holding a hand up. "Am I literally going to have to blast you into the wall to get you to stay still so I can fix your shit? Also that was amazing."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-11-29 03:14:05 101101
Any commentary about Pompeii is cut short by Nephrite's abrupt movement, a moment before the crash. Kazuo answers eyebrow with eyebrows, and makes his way down after Neil, swallowing caffeine of his own on the way. Suspicion is: they're going to need it.

Though 'bleeding Apatite at war with the furniture' was, granted, not what he expected. Then again, this is why the floor has no carpet these days.

"Are you all right?" he asks Naru, reasonably straightforward. "Is she the only one bleeding?" If someone needs to hold Kyouko in place to keep Mamoru from having to blast her, Neil's a better candidate than Kazuo is.
Nephrite 2018-11-29 03:19:06 101102
Well. At least nothing appears to be attacking. Neil pauses at the edge of the room and sips his coffee with the slow reassurance of a brother who knows that, for once, he is not the biggest disaster in the room. "Soooooo did you all get in a fight with a savage sentient trash can?" He takes note of Apatite's wounds. "With teeth?"

Finally, he makes an effort to be helpful, moving forward and pointing at Kyouko. "You look like you deserve a drink. Can I trade you sitting still for Mamoru for one, or should I just sit on you?"
Naru Osaka 2018-11-29 03:20:31 101103
"Kyouko was the only one fighting." Naru confirms as she supports the bleeding Kyouko, secure in the knowleddge that oxy-clean is a thing, and their clothes will appreciate a lingering soak in stain remover after this. "No blasting anyone into walls, I am /not/ repainting the mural. Again." Because priorities here.

Naru rights the chair and aims a Kyouko at it. "If you dont stop losing blood all over the place, you are going to regret it in seriously quick order, and you've forgotten how much that sucks." She furrows her brow at Nephrite at the offer of sitting on her. "Effective, but possibly not super /comfortable/."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-11-29 03:24:11 101104
    "I am sitting still! Christ, all of you need to chill out before I stab somebody else." Kyouko snarls, but she de-henshins, which really accomplishes nothing except causing her to bleed all over her civilian clothes as well as her uniform. She lets Naru push her into the chair, slumping in it with her injured arm dangling, as she spits, "She put a fucking sword through me, killing her is the least of what I owe her after this! Not to mention she's going around attacking and draining the magic out of random people. I interrupted her attacking some poor asshole before we started fighting, big creepy book and all."

    She looks at Neil. "And you can just go back and look at your fucking stars if you're going to snark at me right now." A pause. "Or I'd take a drink."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-11-29 03:31:07 101105
"Wait on the drink until after I make her stop bleeding?" Mamoru asks with a glance toward Neil, and then finally he's crouched next to Kyouko and he's putting a hand up where she got stabbed instead of slashed. "Naru, can you help me get her jacket off? I forgot it's long-sleeves time even though I literally haven't worn short sleeves in two weeks." He's started on the right-through-her wound, patiently knitting it up, warm golden glow once more fending off the pain.

"Kyouko, listen. You chain-speared her through the gut and then magically electrocuted her. And before that, you gave her a lot of reasons to examine her sense of superiority. You were honestly frankly amazing in that fight, and I wish I hadn't teleported so I could've seen more of it. I think Naru did some sketches."

He glances at Kazuo over his shoulder. "It was awesome." He shows teeth in his grin. "You know how much I like watching my monsters be vicious."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-11-29 03:38:47 101106
"Big creepy book?" Kazuo asks, with a faint frown. "No particular winds or shadows involved, I trust?" Because otherwise he's going to have to track down Sora, and Ikiko would be woeful, and Mamoru is a cat person so moping puppies are probably best left out of the equation.

The faint frown vanishes at Mamoru's showing teeth, and he glances at Kyouko (and the bleeding) with the flavor of nonexpression that would be Secretly Proud if not for the fact that literally everyone in here is in on that particular secret.
Nephrite 2018-11-29 03:44:40 101108
Neil takes another sip of his own booze-laced coffee, unperturbed by little sister who absolutely can skewer him looking like she just might. "What I'm hearing is, use the good stuff." He moves into the kitchen to make one glass of Forget I was a Sword Sheith Juice. It might be a double. "Anyone else? Tea for the Naru?"

He listens to Mamoru's description of events while pulling bottles down from high shelves. "Dang," he says after a low whistle. "I hope you show those sketches around, Naru. That sounds badass."
Naru Osaka 2018-11-29 03:48:11 101109
"And you put a spear through her." Naru remarks as she aims to be the one keeping Kyouko in a chair, and getting started on removing Kyouko's jacket as gently around a not happy arm as she can. Which isn't very, considering the state of the arm.

"Yes, I have sketches. I didn't manage to get a glimpse of the big creepy book." She even sounds disappointed about that. "But the sketches /are/ pretty badass." She shakes her head at the offer of tea. "Juice if there is any, for me. Water otherwise. I'm not in a hot drink mood."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-11-29 03:52:08 101111
    If there is one way to mollify Kyouko, it is showering her in praise and telling her how badass she is, so with all the compliments duly being paid, she subsides from 'pain-filled rage' to 'grumpy frown', but at least she's holding still as Naru works on removing her jacket and Mamoru starts actually healing the worst of her wounds. "If I was really amazing I would have won." She grumbles, but it's half-hearted.

    "A big creepy book." She confirms to Kazuo. "I saw it. Millie described it to us the other day. She says its stinks of dark magic, and apparently when they drain people's magic, it goes into the book, and makes text appear on pages that were previously blank, as if they're filling out the book using the stolen magic. I threw my spear at it, but the chick blocked it and then the book disappeared."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-11-29 04:02:05 101112
"Oh is THAT how you got her explosive immediately," Mamoru says, blinking. "And calling you a coward, then, is extra hilarious instead of just full of dramatic irony. You literally did the most practical thing possible. Maybe if she defines 'courage' as 'must do the absolute most Leeroy Jenkins Thing you can think of'..." He stops meandering verbally and calls over to the kitchen. "Can you make me one of what you're drinking?"

His eyes twinkle at Kunzite's reaction, and then he goes back to multitasking, trying to help Naru with Kyouko's sleeves with one hand and with his mind buried in flesh and bone and blood. "You know," he says absently, "she's not the first person to show up in Tokyo with an artifact and a mission and apparently draining magic or stealing souls or whatever being inherently necessary to it. Given her power level, it might be more efficient to try and figure out, fast, what the hell she thinks she's doing and what she's doing it *for*. What her mission actually *is*. And also-- finding out what happens to the people she drains."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-11-29 04:07:32 101115
Kazuo says to Kyouko, "Alas. You must settle for being amazing instead of being omnipotent. How will you bear this burden." He steps back to lean against the wall, out of the way. And pretending he's not out of the way largely so that Mamoru does not feel obligated to warn him off dealing with magic-draining soul-stealers again while he's still (still) recovering from the previous rounds.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-11-29 04:10:18 101117
    "I have a feeling she wanted me to announce myself and declare my intent before attacking." Kyouko scoffs. "As if. That's not how you win fights on the streets."

    She looks at Kazuo. "It ain't fucking easy, that's for sure. Good thing I'm such a goddamned martyr."

    As for Signum, she has this to say- "Well, I dunno what she's doing it for, but I do know that the people she's draining don't die, at least so far. Millie told us she attacked and drained Nanoha Takamachi earlier in the week.. I think she's a Mid-Childan mage? I don't know her but I've heard of her. Anyway, she said Nanoha is recovering with the Waldians now, and was okay other than being temporarily magic-less."
Nephrite 2018-11-29 04:15:14 101118
Alcohol is mixed. Juice is procured from the fridge. Neil had only just gotten his evening stargazing started when the action began, and so the coffee in the pot is still fresh. He pours some into a mug and sets about mixing cream, sugar, and whisky into it for Mamoru. "I'm going to guess from the stabbing part that we can't just ask if donating a few powers to the book would be enough to get her to stop randomly attacking people on the street, then."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-11-29 04:27:02 101120
Once Mamoru's finished-- which doesn't take much longer with him concentrating-- and Kyouko's got her Forgetting You're Not A Klance Shipper Drink, and Naru hauls her downstairs, Mamoru gratefully accepts the whiskeycoffee. He's still got Kyouko's blood on his face because he was, and is, an idiot-- but now he's also got coffee with whiskey and cream and sugar in, and there's a couch, and he sinks into it.

"Messy," he comments. "We also don't know anything about the book's nature except that it's creepy. We probably don't want to feed anything to it. Anything or anyone who craves other people's energy, magical or otherwise, and doesn't bother trying to control it or mitigate it, and gets others to do it for them or it or whatever, really needs to be fixed because something's probably going to end up trying to eat the world. Again. Like let's go through a list of what's fit that description. Metalia, the Xenians, Corvus-while-he-was-evil... if you take into account it could be gathering up the energy to corrupt people, like most Lost Logia do, that's a whole nother list of stuff..."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-11-29 04:31:10 101121
Which means that Mamoru may be slightly confused for a moment when Kazuo remanifests to hand him a damp washcloth. "In short, we'll spend the holiday season being uncharitable. Understood."
Nephrite 2018-11-29 04:37:04 101123
Neil nearly splutters his coffee at Kazuo's comment. That may or may not have been intentional on Kazuo's part. "Yeah," he says, wiping off his chin, "that's definitely a lot of checkmarks in the 'evil and dangerous' column. Also, I've seen Harry Potter enough times to know that sentient books shouldn't be trusted."

He sets his mug on the table. "Also, how do you feel about investing in real estate in Elysium Planitia?"
Mamoru Chiba 2018-11-29 04:41:42 101124
Sitting there with irish coffee in one hand and a damp washcloth in the other, Mamoru stares at the latter uncomprehendingly, then grins at Kazuo. "Sounds like a plan. And there *was* one potentially sentient book -- disregarding Nicomachea who's awesome and not actually a book -- that meant well. I don't know if you guys remember Librarius, but he was reborn. I met him like three and a half years ago."

And then, still holding the washcloth, he jerks his head around to stare at Neil. "Um, duh? Aside from we don't tell Rei, how do you THINK I feel?"
Kazuo Takeba 2018-11-29 04:54:13 101128
Kazuo does not assist with that uncomprehending stare. He also very carefully does not look at Neil, because if Neil figures out that he only half gets the reference, Neil might tell Usagi, and there is only so much enforced movie-watching Kazuo can take.

There are many Harry Potter movies. They are very long.

Contemplation of this is slightly derailed by Mamoru's further news; his eyebrows twitch upward. "That's a name I hadn't expected to hear."

A long pause.

"You do realize that your plan is dependent on keeping something a secret from the precognitive clairvoyant."
Nephrite 2018-11-29 04:58:29 101129
Neil waves his hand dismissively. "We'll send her a nice gift basket and a promise to get terraforming underway so it will be all ready for her to build a new palace or something up there. I mean, unless she specifically wants to build a palace in the same spot." He shrugs. "I don't know, I just like the sound of living in a place named Elysium."

He glances from the helpfully provided cloth to Mamoru's bloodied face before putting his cup to his lips to avoid smiling. "You've got a little..." he gestures vaguely at his own face.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-11-29 05:08:15 101131
"Well, I haven't seen him *since* then-- maybe his parents moved or something. I mean this was before any of us remembered anything. It's just I could almost read the words that appeared on the pages of his book," Mamoru says, shaking his head. "It was literally just the magic book talk and memory-dredging that made me remember." Then he makes a face at Kunzite. "Like she's gonna go ask the sacred fire 'hey, what are Mamoru and Neil hiding from me?'"

He opens his mouth to say something about terraforming possibly being not the greatest thing to say to the senshi of Mars, and then Neil says that.

Thankfully, there is red on him, and a washcloth, and then his face is red for another reason entirely. "I like the Utopia Planitia reference too."
Nephrite 2018-11-29 05:22:34 101135
It may be a joke, but Neil tilts his head to the side thoughtfully. "You know, I've tried asking the stars what Zoisite is plotting, but I mostly get the celestial equivalent of laughter. Maybe fire is more open to those sorts of requests."

He is too distracted by this to really notice additional redness on Mamoru's part, other than the expected redness at realizing about the blood. "A nice-sounding place all around. Once we deal with small details like breathing, we'll be set. Anyway, Rei's gonna have to deal with this when the SpaceX colony starts up, so isn't it better if someone she knows beats them to the punch?"
Mamoru Chiba 2018-11-29 05:33:54 101137
"She has no reason to even ask the fire dumb questions," Mamoru insists, then ... still doesn't bother to get up to do something with the washcloth. And-- yeah. Elysium is a much better name than SpaceX."

He drinks a lot of his coffee all at once. "Were you doing something cool when we interrupted you with blood and clattering?"
Nephrite 2018-11-29 05:41:31 101139
"Let's be honest, that's a pretty low bar. SpaceX sounds like an Axe body spray scent." Neil holds the last of his coffee between his hands. "The coolest. We were looking at Mars. Well, I was looking at Mars, and making my real estate proposal to Kazuo."

He drums his fingers on his mug. "Jupiter's behind the sun for the next few weeks. It's really putting a damper on this whole stargazing thing. So I have to get excited about red planets instead."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-11-29 05:47:25 101140
"You're such a nerdily mopey romantic. I'm telling Mako you said that, it's adorable. On the other hand, god damn everything they're doing with that red planet is awesome--" Mamoru finishes his coffee, then his sentence, "even if it's hard to talk about without confusion entering the picture. We should ask Rei to be Sailor Malacandra."