When Patrols Collide

Rashmi's partroling for something. Zafira's patroling for something. Those two patrols happen to find each other and lead to another attempted linker core abduction.

Date: 2018-11-29
Pose Count: 23
Zafira 2018-11-29 04:04:53 101114
It's getting a bit late now. After Signum and Apetite had at eachother earlier in the shopping district, Zafira was a good warrior and followed his orders. Signum had been taken home ASAP. Better to get her healed as soon as possible and try to keep Hayate from being suspicious of things. For his part though, Zafira felt the need to continue the core hunt in Signum's place for the night.

It is due to this that, dog ears out and all, Zafira is currently out on patrol, looking from the roof tops for signs of suitable cores to hopefully help in the wolkenritter's mission. Thankfully, it seems clear enough out that not much is hampering with his senses as of yet.
Rashmi Terios 2018-11-29 04:09:49 101116
When you're a mahou...

Patrolling is an integral part of your after-homework activities. It's not actually likely you'll catch most crimes, but it's vastly easier to spot the telltale signatures of Dark energy the more ground you cover, making it more likely you can be on the scene when you're needed in a hurry.

And when your primary mode of transportation is glowing golden fluttery wings hovering over one's back and ankles, there's a good chance that being visible and active will be a deterrent to those that skulk in darkness, and make them reconsider their life choices.

Or, the planet could just be peaceful enough that a Belkan with ill intent in mind could simply see a clueless, happy Midchildan Mage with a full Linker Core swanning blindly around the skies over the harbor.

Either or, really.
Zafira 2018-11-29 04:21:05 101119
The problem with targeting mages is, since Hayate had become his master, he found it a little more difficult to just attack unannounced as needed. It feels so...cowardly. Not like what someone of his standing should be behaving like. However, given the reasoning behind these patrols, he had to ignore such things. For the master, even doing things the master wouldn't abide by doing themself is required at times.

With this being the case, Zafira suddenly starts working on casting something, attempting to use his Steel Yoke to bring magic spikes to surround the mage's place in the sky.
Rashmi Terios 2018-11-29 04:32:11 101122
The problem with depending on your super-advanced alien computer to notice what you don't is, occasionally the mind wanders when patrolling at a time of extended quiet. It's not that Rashmi isn't focused, really... just, midterms have just finished and the quiet helps her review her test answers to see if she has any reason to panic. Which means her thought process at the moment, if broadcast, go something like;

English -- I'm pretty sure I didn't notice many other people doing the extra credit, so I'm probably okay there. World History -- Pretty sure I wrote Rameses II, not AkhenatOH GOD WHAT

*bing!* << SOLAR SHIELD -- RED SHIFT >>

Luckily, Nicomachea is *very* good at covering for his Master's inattention, and the globe of transparent yellow light snaps up around the Mage in a blink, allowing her to carom off the spikes in her way.... and the shield's collapse a moment later produces a wave of kinetic force that blasts out in all directions, at the very least jostling the spikes to all sides of her position, if not blowing some away outright.

Her forward momentum halted, Rashmi hangs in midair, panting for a long moment.

Zafira 2018-11-29 04:42:52 101125
Zafira's ears flatten out some. Of course she might be warned in time to avoid ensnarement. So much for that idea. The spikes would be dismissed before the white haired guardian beast watches on for a short moment. He changes his position, trying to move the long way around to a closer roof top. Long range is very much NOT to his advantage, and he'd rather her NOT just /leave/, though he doubts that's likely.
Rashmi Terios 2018-11-29 04:51:51 101127
And nobody shows up to make a proper declaration and state their reasoning for ambushing her. As her brain stops moving at lightning-flail speeds, a plan begins to unfold. "....Okay, Nicomachea," she murmurs. "Assuming that wasn't just a blind trap for anyone in this chunk of air--"

*bing!* << NEGATIVE, MASTER, >> opines the book in her hands. << SPELL DEPLOYMENT DETECTED AS BEGUN. >>

"--then it was targeted at me, probably line of sight, and probably from the general area. ...Wouldn't put it past TDB-sama to try and snipe me from three districts over, but that wasn't actual metal, was it?"

*bing!* << NEGATIVE, MASTER. >>

"Okay. So let's do this smart."

*bing!* << WIDE-AREA INVESTIGATION >> With those words, a golden pulse of energy spreads from her position, passing straight through just about anything mundane, but keyed to provide a sonar-like return off anything actively magical.

"....And stupid, too."

<< ...... >>

*bing!* << TIME-SPACE BARRIER. >>

And a roiling dome of yellow-black spell energy closes over the surrounding few blocks, shifting everything within it half a dimension over, and away from bystanders and property-in-use.

But hey, at least she recognizes the foolishness of trapping herself in a confined area with the person who tried to impale her face?

Zafira 2018-11-29 05:00:30 101130
The dog man is, indeed pleased when the barrier's put into place. Now his only TRUE worry in this altercation he started has been dismissed. With that being the case, the white haired, blue earred knight suddenly takes an (actual) flying leap toward Rashimi's place in the sky, giving a sort of roaring call as he does. It seems he feels no need to hide now one way or the other. He pauses, bringing his gauntlented hands together before sinking into what looks like a martial artist's stance, rather than just further attempt to attack without alert.
Rashmi Terios 2018-11-29 05:08:24 101132
<< SIGNATURE FOUND >> Nicomachea calls out, as the golden pulse pings off Zafira's position, and another Shield snaps into place around the Mage. << SIGNATURE APPROACHES. >>

And as Zafira moves to the attack, Rashmi starts flying backwards, eyes wide as she takes in the appearance of her new foe. "Oi oi oi! What did I even do to you?!"

Nicomachea, sensing his Master is in fact trying to start a conversation, decides to help give her time to actually converse. *bing!* << RING BIND >>

Magical loops encircling the Guardian Beast's waist, chest, and legs may not be the most sporting of tactics, but it could be effective!

....Provided the attacker doesn't have enough power to bust out.
Zafira 2018-11-29 05:16:40 101133
It's only fair, given how things started out...but they /also/ started out with her making his attempt to ensnare her fail. So he should pay back on both fronts. He'll let her ring bind do it's binding. "...nothing at all," he replies simply, seemingly just standing there, willing to talk...not that he's saying much. He's just floating there in the bind, looking as if he's waiting for her to continue. ...he really doesn't seem to offer much for whatever he's silently requesting here.
Rashmi Terios 2018-11-29 05:20:03 101134
....Well, at least he's talking. That's good, right? "...Okay so, if you don't have anything against me," she says slowly, "why the whole ambush thing? I don't get it, is all, and we don't have to fight."

Her head tilts to one side, eyes dropping down to the pages of the open book in her hands, then back up. "...You're a Familiar, right? Do I know your master?"
Zafira 2018-11-29 05:33:44 101136
"No," Zafira responds.

To what? To just...ALL of it?

"Wrong on all fronts..."

Apparently, yes, all of it. Zafira's tail lashes around a bit with Rashmi bringing up the question of his master. Rather suddenly he lets out another wordless yell, snapping right through the bind with little effort. He'd QUICKLY follow this up by attempt to fly at her gantleted fist first. "It's not about DOING anything."
Rashmi Terios 2018-11-29 05:37:59 101138
....Rashmi really has no place on the battlefield, unless it's a really good day and she's had time to preplan.

This is made abundantly clear by the fact that when Zafira suddenly busts through her magic, her response is to give the same sort of startled yelp that she would if a spider fell into her hair.

But the sudden scrabbling flight backwards at least gives Nicomachea enough time to lay in a couple more iterations of Rashmi's Shield. Which provide more than enough stopping power to keep Zafira's fist from shattering the construct entirely, merely spiderwebbing it at the point of impact.

And then the kinetic knockback takes over.

"IT LOOKS KINDA LIKE IT'S ABOUT DOING SOMETHING FROM THIS ANGLE!" Rashmi shouts, once the shield gets its own punch in.
Zafira 2018-11-29 05:47:54 101141
Zafira goes flying back some from the knock back before catching himself midflight. "There's no such limit on what's chosen as prey..." This is probably the most he's talking outside of the appartment in...EVER. Creepy talk about prey aside, (what, does he think he's going to EAT her?) he'd come flying at Rashmi again, both fists glowing this time as he tries to swing a punch at the barrier she made.
Rashmi Terios 2018-11-29 05:55:03 101142
"Nico?" Rashmi murmurs, as Zafira actually takes the time to answer her.... creepily. Oh boy. "Blue Shift."

As her attacker charges again, a golden rune-ribbon forms around the triple-layered shield, its center continually orienting on the white-haired Wolkenritter as he approaches.

...Worryingly like an aiming ring, in fact.

*bing!* << BLUE SHIFT >>

Triggered when Zafira came within an arm's length of the Shield, the entire construct collapses in a tight sequence, guided by the ring to convert the totality of three shields' worth of magical energy, into kinetic force. The effect.... is a good deal like being hit with three speeding cars within a four-second timespan.

"LOOK JUST TELL ME WHY YOU'RE DOING THIS!" Rashmi yells after the spell, as a half-dozen Barrets materialize in a ring around her. "I MEAN DON'T I DESERVE TO KNOW THAT AT LEAST, SINCE YOU'RE TRYING TO EAT ME?!"
Zafira 2018-11-29 06:22:12 101143
Zafira takes the hit, being a bit too far into his flying charge to manage backing out in time. However, despite the force and the fact it OBVIOUSLY hit him, he catches himself mid air again This time he repays her kenetic shield bursts by calling up another attempt at Steel Yoke, this time right behind her. He narrows his eyes at the spikes try to fly for her offensively instead of just trying to TRAP her like before. "...eating....huh..." he mutters instead of answering the demand for information, "...maybe that's what we should call it..." It's nothing like eating though, he's just doing his weird thing of acting overly dramatic in a few of the times he DOES decide to talk.
Rashmi Terios 2018-11-29 06:39:50 101144
"...Wait, 'we?'" Distracted by this tidbit, Rashmi can only rely on Nicomachea's reflexes... And a book can't see everything. A runic circle attempts to interpose itself between the spikes and the Mage, but it only stops the first few -- long enough to launch the Barrets, spreading wide and crossing each others' paths as they home in on Zafira -- Right before Rashmi feels the second-worst pain of her life. The Steel Yoke spikes drill into and through bicep, side, shoulder, and calf, and if only anyone was around to hear Rashmi's agonized shriek.

....But no one came.
Zafira 2018-11-29 06:44:27 101145
Zafira tries to out run the barrets, again, he's NOT unphased, but it's like he's too determined to stop from such a thing. He's taking what hits he can't manage to dodge, or block with a well timed shield of his own, they're leaving behind obvious wear and tear, but he doesn't seem to STOP. With the spikes holding the mahou in place he just seems insistant on making it TO her. "...don't squirm...it'll hurt less..." Why does hurting matter if he's about to EAT her?
Rashmi Terios 2018-11-29 06:49:01 101146
It's kind of difficult to give Rashmi instructions, at the moment. She's been blown through the top of a skyscraper, and that was bad. She was munched by a pile of concrete in the shape of a wolf's head, and that was worse. Whatever is going to happen now, that she has magical energy nailing her to the sky, as her blood starts to patter on the ground, far below?

It will be the worst.

And that's why the panicked struggling of a snared rabbit has begun. But without her mind and will to guide him, there's not much Nicomachea can do. If they're not even a little in sync, he can't access her Linker Core. If he can't do that, he can't protect her with Barret or shield.

All he can do is ping the nearest active Device on his friends list, and hope.
Zafira 2018-11-29 06:55:27 101147
"...Ca----" He starts to try and instruct her again before realising it's useless. He'll just have to make it fast then. What he's trying to do would give her what may be an even WORSE, if far quicker pain, should it succeed. With nothing seemingly able to stop him he'd shoot a clawed hand forward...as if trying to jam it INTO her body. Not that it's ACTUALLY going to do that in the physical sense.
Rashmi Terios 2018-11-29 07:07:09 101148
Upside; Zafira's next move stops her from thrashing, or screaming, or just about everything else. Downside; it's really only an upside for Zafira. Behind her glasses, her pupils contract into pinpricks, and the book in her hand goes absolutely crazy, loosing sirens and flashing danger and warning signs and simply pinging for help in a wide broadcast radius. If any Device Users at all are nearby, even if simply other Wolkenritter, they would know that one of their fellows is in dire peril.
Zafira 2018-11-29 07:14:26 101149
"...thank you 'Nico'," Zafira murmurs. Eh? Is he hoping it'll lure in more targets? Why's he thanking the device for making the noise? In either case his hand sinks through her, seeming to just PHASE magically, making no actual hole. His hand, coming out from behind her holds her core. He'd promptly pull it back out of her front before managing to summon a book to himself, somehow using the core to fill out several pages with in the book. Only once that's settled, does he dismiss the spikes. Rather than letting her DROP, however, he attempts to catch her.
Rashmi Terios 2018-11-29 07:21:42 101150
The pages that are filled provide several interesting formulae, largely centered around making a lot out of a little; including a Buster-class attack composed of the compression and accelleration of a couple dozen Barrets. Ah, the toolbox a support-style Mage can offer...

Rashmi goes limp as her Linker Core is extracted and fed to the Book, completely unresponsive as Zafira catches hold of her... And Nicomachea's battle form flakes away, reverting to the simple yellow-sunburst charm of his standby mode... red cabochon flashing away, still crying out for help.
Zafira 2018-11-29 07:26:36 101151
Zafira carefully lowers Rashmi to the ground and sits her up somewhere very visible rather than just letting her fall and gain more damage from the crash. He'd then take off rather than stick around to deal with whoever shows up for the SOS. ....kinda odd for someone who was calling her prey and refusing to explain himself.