Mining for problems

Tarnished, once again, decides to cause trouble for... everyone. Once Cure Shield and Akari show up, however, they find out she has a new toy. The Chimera. While it's not enough to fight Akari head on, it did keep her busy long enough for Tarnished and Cure Shield to have a fight. A fight that leaves one of them violently maimed, and the other one with a shattered shield. Hopefully this won't cause the Cure any more problems...

Date: 2018-12-02
Pose Count: 29
Masu Yogoshi 2018-12-02 01:01:45 101246
Tarnished was relaxed, for once. She'd got some sleep, her new project was going well. In fact, it was going INCREDIBLY well, overseeing this mining operation. she, for once, had her device out and was... playing... cell phone games on it. She was almost level 27 on bejeweled jewel panic, return of the ruby ruffians... No, it wasn't good. But you know what? Sometimes she needed something SIMPLE AND EASY!

Materials were being piled out into a small.... circle. A teleporting circle? Metals. There was a rumble below, making her glanced back... Followed by a lot of dust. ".... Another cave in..." she grumbled. The good thing about Robo youma? They weren't really sentient. So no guilt!

As they'd been doing this a few days, the dark energy now seemed to be soaking into the area a bit, allowing those who were sensitive to such things to feel it...
Akari Hayabusa 2018-12-02 01:24:18 101247
"Y'know, I was kind of wondering when this was gonna happen." Wait, is that Nightbell's voice!? She abruptly stopped contacting Tarnished a month and a half ago, and then her Eclipse phone number started giving a 'number not found' message!

... Yep, that's definitely Bell walking up to the area. Except ... she's palette-swapped. Her hair is blue instead of purple, her eyes are glowing golden instead of red, and her tattoos are ultramarine. Her Knight Clothing now has gold trim, and the metal of her gauntlets and sabatons is now white. Rubindorn's hanging around her neck in pendant form -- and its gem is a rosier shade of reddish pink than before. A quick scan would reveal that rather than being approximately forty percent dark energy by volume, they are both now zero percent dark.

Oh, and she's accompanied by what appears to be a Pretty Cure.

"I mean, I'm kind of avoiding UMBRA at the moment," Akari continues, "but I figured I was eventually going to lock horns with ... say, SERUM." She smiles grimly. "Hello, Tarnished. Just so you know, I've quit Eclipse. I dropped the 'Nightbell' moniker, and I'm just going by 'Akari Hayabusa' full-time now." (Not that she'd ever told Tarnished the latter name, but at least she doesn't sound uncomfortable to say her old codename anymore.)

She looks around. "Y'know, you're leaking a lot of darkness here," she says in a critical tone of voice, nodding to Cure Shield. "Is this just a standard mining operation?" She isn't making any openly-aggressive moves, but she's clearly tense, as if she expects to need to do so at any minute.
Millie White 2018-12-02 01:39:41 101248
The weekend was usually when most people would relax, but most people weren't Millie White. The Weekend meant there was no school, and no school meant she had more free time. This free time meant she could patrol more frequently as well as get in some extra training, both of which she had taken advantage of. That free time was also how she found herself side by side once again with Akari Hayabusa, patrolling in case of Wolkenritter activity. Of course they were on the look out for anything nefarious, but the Wolkenritter was foremost in her mind.

It came as a surprise when it wasn't the Wolkenritter they stumbled upon, but SERUM. The Cure had only heard a bit about the group, but what she had heard had not been good. Still, Akari seemed to know whoever was causing the trouble, so she would follow her lead for now. The green knight held a shield in one hand and nothing in the other as her emerald gaze swept around the operation. Her nose wrinkled at the smell of all the darkness, struggling to place the scent exactly.

"Definitely reeks of dark magic." She agreed. Somehow she figured the dark magic leaking out everywhere was not part of a standard operation, but perhaps that was just her. Cure Shield kept an eye on their surroundings while Akari spoke to Tarnished. That was what she had called her, wasn't it? A strange choice, but she figured there was a reason behind it.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-12-02 02:08:02 101249
Tarnished blinked a few times and then... "Huh," she mumbled, glancing around as she turned off her phone. "Akari... Nightbell?" she mumbled. "What in the world are you... what?" she asked, cocking her head to the side. "Oh. Huh. That's... is there no... Mint girl with you? Joy, was her name? This is a first. I'm almost disappointed. I mean... not by a lot. She was kind of annoying. But..." She seemed actually a little thrown off by this. She then looked akari up and down.

"A shame, then. I would love an opportunity to study you later. Not now, obviously, becasue I imagine we're enemies. But considering the difference between your body now and how it was? That research and information would be invaluable. It may help me solve the other problem I've been working on." She seemed... relatively calm as she stepped forward. Then glanced to the side. "Are... you two it?"

She sighed. "A girl with... a shield. And a betraying soldier of our forces," she said softly. "That seems... Rather lack luster. Is this really all the forces I draw, now? I thought more of your self-gratifying hero types would show up to stop me," she said before pocketing the phone and then...

"Very well. I supposed I will use you two as test experiments. Well... You, bell. I know your abilities... Chimera?" she called out, lifting her right hand.

The feeling of darkness got bigger as... a youma, that seemed to be made of all... kindas of different materials and wrapped in dark energy, steppedo ut from the cave. It appeared to almost be a youma bot, but... slightly.... modified. "It's the initial version, but this is an adequate testing ground. I do hope you two don't mind." She then reached up and slid her gloves off.

"And do understand, I cannot allow you two to interfere in my work. Again. This is really quite infuriating."
Akari Hayabusa 2018-12-02 02:25:47 101250
Akari blinks. "No, no 'Joy'. Never heard of her." She glances questioningly back at Millie.

And then she lets out a mirthless chuckle. "As far as the really nasty higher-ups were concerned? I was an asset, not a soldier." She shakes her head. "I mean, I admit I'm curious about how things have changed, buuuuuut ... I don't think you'll really get the opportunity unless UMBRA somehow recaptures me." (Tarnished is clearly not someone who she wants to know about the truth behind the Lacrima business.)

She really doesn't have any comment about Tarnished's expectations for how many people will come after her. But she breaks into a knowing grin when Tarnished pronounces that she already knows Bell's capabilities, and once the Chimera appears, she holds her Rubindorn-pendant in both hands. "Rubindorn?" she says. "Schwertform." Sword Form.

Ping! <<SCHWERTFORM!>> In a surge of pale blue light which doesn't particularly resemble the surges of darkness that usually accompanied Nightbell's transformations, the pendant becomes a six-foot longsword, but again, with a rosier shade of pinkish-red.

"Of course," says Akari, holding her sword in a defensive position but making no move to attack yet. "I'm sure I don't have to tell you of all people that this is nothing personal. We just happen to be on opposite sides of this particular fight." She glances at Cure Shield. "Keep your distance from Tarnished herself, though, Shield-chan, she has a corruptive touch."
Millie White 2018-12-02 02:43:56 101251
This villain was... dismissive, but at the same time she couldn't really blame her. Their forces were spread a little thin what with the Wolkenritter showing up out of nowhere, but that didn't mean they could afford to ignore threats from other sources. The shield knight's shoulders tensed at the mention of Joy, especially when she was insulted, and she could already feel like this would end in a fight regardless of what Akari said to Tarnished now.

At the mention of studying Akari, Cure Shield took a protective step in front of her, gripping her shield a little tighter. Was this girl potentially someone who wanted to take Akari back to Eclipse? It didn't matter, she wouldn't let Tarnished touch Akari. It was then that the Chimera appeared and the Cure glared at it.

Akari had drawn her sword and taken up a defensive stance, and Cure Shield had taken up a similar stance. The other girl warned her about Tarnished's corrupting touch and the Cure wouldn't even begin to think that was enough of an explanation, but it would have to do for now. Now she was starting to see why the girl had chosen her name.

"Got it." She grunted to Akari. The bluenette wasn't moving, waiting for the Chimera to make the first move. Smart, Cure Shield thought, her emerald gaze instantly flickering to Tarnished. "Jadesteel!" a sword made of green energy, styled like a knightly long sword, materialized in her hand and her shield raised defensively in front of her. Her stance shifted slightly so that she was able to cover her companion's blind spots. The Cure's gaze did not leave Tarnished. If she wanted to get to Akari, she would have to go through the green knight first.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-12-02 02:48:34 101252
Tarnished sighed. "Well, if nothing else, you were valuable. Unique." She then frowned. "You aren't still full of dark energy, are you? Because if so, I expect you to still be doing your meditation. Dark energy is just like any other chemical, if you don't use it properly, you'll end up hurting yourself. And I seriously doubt any of your new comrades can help with that, should the situation arise."

She then nodded. "And there, my medical... diagnosis has been given. If you choose to run off an do stupid things that get you hurt, at this point it is more your problem, and not mine. And I will not care." Yes she would.

"Now then." And then suddenly she dashed in, her right hand back and... Possibly to Shield's surprise? Tarnished would punch STRAIGHT into the center of the shield, intending to slam the sheild and arm holding it into the cure, and then launch her back away.

Chimera, meanwhile... Watched Bell. Then, it held out its right hand and a sword of dark energy formed in its hand, before it charged at her and swung. A crude, but powerful swing... IT was FAR more powerful than the normal roboyouma.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-12-02 02:58:22 101253
Akari smiles at Cure Shield. They've only known each other relatively briefly, and the Cure is much less experienced than she is, but Akari feels comfortable trusting her with her life -- both in bigger picture things like the Wolkenritter or UMBRA, and in the smaller things like this.

She chuckles at the 'diagnosis'. "Nope, no dark energy!" she says. "I've been completely purified, and so has Rubindorn! In that sense, they've helped me more than you did!" To perhaps nobody's surprise, she leaps into the air and simply flies out of the way of Chimera's sword-swing. She's an expert flier (unlike Joy), and she's good at midair maneuvers.

Something which might be a bit more of a surprise: "Rosenpfeil!" Rose Arrow.

Ping! <<ROSEN ... PFEIL!>> Five miniature arrows of light glitch into existence above the sword, and zip in a straight line towards Chimera.
Millie White 2018-12-02 03:13:39 101254
Training with Stahlritter had paid off faster than she thought it would, as she was now better conditioned to expect sudden attacks. Instead of being surprised, Cure Shield sidestepped slightly so the punch would strike her shield at an angle, creating a glancing blow that used Tarnished's own momentum against her. If the maneuver worked how it should, it should ensure minimal contact between Tarnished's fist and her shield. Even as a glancing blow, the Cure had to hold her shield steady and grunted at the impact.

"Thanks for the health tips, but you're not going anywhere near Akari!" The green knight growled before countering, aiming a series of three quick sword strikes at Tarnished; the first two being wide slashes to try and drive the girl back from her, and the last being a stab in case her enemy tried to rush her after the first two strikes. There was power in each strike and a discipline that betrayed training, but they were far from inescapable. Her goal was to try to keep the corrupting Mahou away from Akari and at a distance to herself; she didn't much care to find out exactly what a 'corruptive touch' could do.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-12-02 03:24:25 101255
Tarnished nodded. "Good! Then you don't need my medical aid!" she'd call after the other girl.

The chimera lifted its air into the air, using it as a shield of darkness... A moment later, the sword was thunk thunk thunk by arrows... Then arrows of dark energy seemed to reflect off it, shoot out into the air and flying out at the other girl, matching her movement. The arrows that went past the sword, however, dug into the body, tearing some parts off it. It was... .stronger than the others. But nowhere near as durable as it looked.

Tarnished, on the other hand, found herself surprised by her strike glancing against the shield. Fascinating. The girl seemed to have some experience. "You know, I don't think I got your name." And then sword! She stepped back and adapted her own stance... The blade came at her and she struck out with her right hand, moving to, rather than stop the attack, instead deflecting it. However, when it contacted her hand, she wasn't perfect. Her hand got little cuts. However, as she struck, she moved in smooth, circular movements, deflecting as best she could... until....

She stepped in. Her left hand struck out, palm flying at the other girl and trying to get under her shield as a dark energy beam shot out from the palm.

A couple long, dark gashes had formed across her right hand from her 'deflections', especially the palm where she had grabbed and deflected... However, the wounds seemed to be sealed over with dark energy.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-12-02 03:38:45 101256
Akari's eyes widen as she suddenly has arrows flying back at her! She thrusts her hand out. Ping! <<PANZERSCHILD!>> Tank Shield. A rose-red Belkan spell-triangle appears, and the dark arrows slam into it, cracking it slightly.

She smirks as she dodges to the side, letting the shield shatter. "I'd make some remark about how imitations are inferior to the original, but that'd be the pot calling the kettle black," she says dryly.

A gun-trigger setup extends from Rubindorn's handle. <<KARTUSCHE BEREIT!>> Cartridge Ready! Akari pulls the trigger, there's a thunderclap as her sword vents white steam, and she shudders slightly. <<NEUER ROSENWIND!>> New Rose Wind. Pale rosy energy begins swirling around the blade.

Akari smirks. "Now let's see if this is anywhere near as good as the darkness-powered version!" she says, and swings the sword once. A brilliant slash of rose-red energy flies towards Chimera.

It's not as formidable as the original version, but it sure beats the arrows.
Millie White 2018-12-02 03:52:37 101257
While she had experience in swordplay and self defense, never had she been in a situation before where an enemy used their bare hands to deflect her blade. It made sense from a magical standpoint, especially once she saw the dark energy all but plugging the wounds, but it still made her frown. The smooth circles that her enemy moved in created a dance between the two of them, her own disciplined footwork against Tarnished's graceful sweeps.

"Cure Shield." She grunted in answer as they fought, at least respecting the want to know the name of who you were fighting. Each deflection corroded her sword a little more, and internally she thought back to her fight with Zafira. The nature of the attacks were similar but this was different... this was actual decay, and that was why Tarnished's magic smelled so vile to her. Hairline fractures appeared over the length of the blade with each strike but her Jadesteel held, refusing to break just yet. Tarnish suddenly stepped in and The Cure couldn't quite get her shield up in time. Instead she instinctively twisted her body.

The black beam of energy went off point blank and grazed her left side, but missed hitting her proper by only a few centimeters. Instead of retreating to safety, the Cure used the momentum from twisting her body to complete a full three hundred and sixty decree spin, performing a spinning shield bash aimed at Tarnished's hopefully surprised face, followed by one more wide swipe of her sword to try and keep her at bay.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-12-02 04:06:20 101258
Chimera, meanwhile, turned to look up and... The blow hit it, solidly, and it was driven back to one knee. The sword fell apart, crumbling to dark energy. The creature collapsed and... It was all over.

Or not. Its eyes glowed dark and then suddenly it took off like a bolt. Dark energy formed claws of narrow blades, as it thrust up and started slashing wildly at her, moving far faster and more agile than before. Completely different than the slow, but powerful attacks it had been using moments before.

Tarnished, meanwhile, had managed a glancing blow and... And then SHIELD!

The most shocking part of all, though? Was that it DID take the other girl (mostly) by surprise. She saw it coming. But she didn't see the POWER behind it... It hit and her hands reached out and... She grabbed the shield. On each edge. She grabbed it to hold it still, across her. "Did. You just. Bash me. In the face. With your GOSH DARN SHIELD?!" Dark energy seemed to radiate off her right hand as she held the blade. She sounded MAD.

Akari Hayabusa 2018-12-02 04:25:26 101259
Akari grins. "Guess we're escalating, huh?" she says softly.

Ping! <<MENSCHENMENGEFORM!>> Crowd form. In a transformation which is equal parts mechanical and magical, her sword transforms into a nine-foot double-ended spontoon.

<<KARTUSCHE BEREIT!>> Akari pulls the trigger (which is now sticking out of the midway point of the polearm), shudders once again as it begins crackling with energy, and charges forward, swinging wildly in a flurry of moves which alternate between stabbing it with the spearheads, and simply whacking it with the pole. She may be weaker than she was when she was filled with darkness, but compared to a non-magical human, she's still strong.
Millie White 2018-12-02 04:27:50 101260
The feeling of steel on flesh was not lost on the Cure, her heart leaping slightly at the realization that she had hit the other. That was a huge improvement compared to her luck recently. The leap quickly turned into a sinking feeling when Tarnished's hands latched onto her shield. This wasn't just a quick deflecting strike, and it showed. Even though her shield was powered and protected by magic, the silver on the sides of its frame began to blacken where Tarnished kept a hold. The Cure tried to shake the other off but it was no use; Tarnished knew her advantage and had chosen to press it.

"What of it?!" She asked curtly in response as she lifted her sword. Every second Tarnished held her shield, she could feel it decaying and breaking down. A sick feeling bubbled in her gut as she grit her teeth, aiming three sword stabs around the shield in an attempt to get the corrosive girl off of her. Letting go of her shield was not an option, so much so that death likely ranked above it as a possibility.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-12-02 05:06:20 101261
The chimera was driven back, the blows hitting it and knocking it back. The beast hit the ground and glanced into the ground and bounced a little bit. It won... And then...

The creature lifted both hands and let out a beam of dark energy at the other fgirl! Not a massive blast, just a... Thin, narrow, armor piercing shot. Fast, too.

Unfortunately, for Shield, when the shield came out blindly... Tarnished reached out and ducked under the sword... And grabbed her wrist. With a powerful twist, she shoved back and rammed her back into the other girl, flipping her over onto the ground with all the force she could muster.

Then, she shoved down and gripped the shield, shoving it down onto the girl to pin the shield down. "Just. Stay. DOWN!" she ordered. Mayyyybe she was getting a liiiiiittle flustered by all the interferences.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-12-02 05:26:09 101262
Akari spares a glance towards Millie. Frankly, the prospect of her friend going close-quarters with Tarnished is a bit concerning --

That's the moment when Chimera fires the beam! She lets out a yelp and thrusts her hand forward. <<PANZERSCHILD!>> The beam pierces through the shield, however, and though Akari tries to dodge, she gets hit by a glancing blow, and she hisses with pain, staggering backwards in the air.

And then she blinks as she sees the situation Millie is in. "Ohhh, crap ... WATCH OUT, SHIELD-CHAN!"

Ping! <<ROSENPFEIL!>> announces Rubindorn, more loudly than usual. Five ruby arrows appear. Two of them shoot straight towards Tarnished, set to dissipate immediately before hitting Cure Shield if Tarnished dodges and Cure Shield doesn't, and the other three swing towards the the chimera in opposite curved patterns which would defy several laws of momentum if they weren't magic.
Millie White 2018-12-02 05:35:45 101263
The Cure wasn't fast enough to stop the grab, even though she saw her enemy duck beneath her sword stab. The moment Tarnished's fingers closed around her wrist, the sick feeling in her gut intensified and her sword clattered to the floor where it burst into nothingness. The cloth under Tarnished's fingers blackened and disintegrated, the flesh faring only marginally better. Her opponent was smaller than her but she knew how to shift and use momentum. That much was clear as Cure Shield quickly found herself being flipped over, her own shield instantly slamming down onto her chest as her back hit the ground.

The breath wheezed from her at the sudden impact, and she could hear Akari as she shouted something. In her current situation she knew that standing back up would be a challenge... luckily she didn't know how to give up. Cure Shield openly defied the orders given to her and pushed back against the shield with sudden stubborn ferocity. The silver shield continued to blacken and warp as she struggled. Her Emerald Guard would be useless now that she was physically touching the shield; she had to force her to let go!

Akari's two ruby arrows caught her eye as they zipped towards Tarnished, and gratefulness immediately swelled in her chest. The Cure grit her teeth and aimed one solid kick to her enemy's midsection in an attempt to distract her from the arrows.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-12-02 05:46:29 101264
Tarnished wasn't paying attention to Akari. Probably not the smartest... Fortunately for the other girl, the arrows struck it and it stumbled back, before... falling over. She'd beaten it? It must have used up the last of the dark energy from the blast...

Tarnished didn't notice Akari, as she seemed to be reeking dark energy. She she shoved down, against the other girl. "That's. It. Just stay. Down. and I won't have to hurt you. WHY DO YOU ALL MAKE IT SO HARD?! WHY ARE YOU ALL SO DAMN STUPID?!" she yelled, dark energy enveloping her arm and... trhen arrows. She shrieked as they pierced her, before... "That is IT!" she lefted her right hand back, and PUNCHED the shield with all of the dark energy she could muster. "WHY DO YOU ALL HAVE TO MAKE THIS SO DIFFICULT?!"
Akari Hayabusa 2018-12-02 05:57:02 101265
Akari sets Rubindorn to scan the fallen chimera, just in case there's more surprises. But in the meantime, she has more important things to worry about. "TARNISHED!" she shouts. Even as Tarnished strikes down at the shield, Akari swoops down to land right next to her, and thrusts her hand --

-- between Tarnished and Cure Shield. <<PANZERSCHILD!>> A Belkan spell-triangle appears over Millie's shield.

"You're losing control of your emotions!" says Akari. "You're losing control of yourself! Don't let the darkness overwhelm you!"
Millie White 2018-12-02 06:11:06 101266
The arrows hit their mark but did not have the intended effect. Instead of dodging, Tarnished tanked the arrows with barely a flinch and a shriek of pain. Whatever pain she felt was quickly siphoned into her next attack as the scent of darkness swelled. The darkness poured off of the other girl like an ominous angry fog and the smell was choking. For a moment the smell alone blinded the Cure, but she saw Tarnished bring back her fist and saw Akari as she swooped to help her. Cure Shield grit her teeth; there wasn't time.

"VERDANT...." Time almost seemed to slow down as Tarnished's punch swung down at the shield. The shield face, while damaged, obeyed its master's command and the gemdial began to spin. The face of the shield began to glow until it was a white-hot and blinding green. "FLARE!" She roared in English as the fist slammed down and through first Akari's barrier, and then her shield proper. A widening beam of purifying green light erupted from the face of her shield and shot into the sky like a beacon, but she didn't see if it actually hit its target.

Millie had felt pain before, but never pain like this. The only thing she could equate it to in that moment was what a computer must feel like to be hard booted, like all the magical veins had been torn from her body. The shield in her hands split in two down the middle, spiderweb cracks of black splintering through it. The moment the shield was sundered, Cure Shield's eyes widened and she let out a sound like she had been kicked in the gut. The knight's tunic around her form shattered in a burst of green light and not Cure Shield, but Millie White lay in the small crater created by Tarnished's punch, chest heaving and eyes unfocused.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-12-02 06:20:43 101267
Tarnished was on top of the girl, and as the fist went down... it was slowed by the sudden shield. But not stopped. And for a split second, Tarnished's eyes widened. Was she allowing herself to be--

And then the scream. She was thrown off the other girl as she screamed. And... it was evident why. Her right arm was... A lot of the hand and part of the arm was gone, instead it leached dark energy. Her left hand was missing fingers and..

Well... they could see the marks across her body. Scars. Burns. The sheer damage she had used dark energy to cover up... She laid the, shaking as she tried to regather herself. "C-call... a-a-a-assistance..." She coughed into her right arm, a little blood coming out. There was a beeping from the device on her left hand.

Oh, they'd won. They'd DEFINITELY won that.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-12-02 06:33:57 101268
Akari's eyes widen as Millie calls her attack. "WAIT --" And then she flinches back from the purification. Not because it's a threat to her anymore, but because she has a fairly good idea of how badly this is about to go for Tarnished.

It still manages to be worse than she expected.

She flinches back and hisses through clenched teeth, then waits for the metaphorical dust to settle. "... Sorry, Tarnished-san," she says softly. "I'd take you somewhere else, but I don't want to be here when Eclipse arrives."

She shakes Millie's shoulder gently. "Hey ... M-- uh, Shield-chan ... can you get up?" she whispers urgently.
Millie White 2018-12-02 06:52:14 101269
It felt like her heart was going to explode. One hand pawed uselessly at the clothing on the left centre of her chest as she fought to regain control of her breathing. Sight and hearing were starting to slowly come back to her as wheezed, and she could vaguely tell Akari was above her. What was she saying? She hadn't quite caught it... Shaking her shoulder elicited a groan of pain and not a lot else for a few moments.

Then, she began trying, and failing, to stand up. Her legs trembled and didn't want to hold her weight, so she tried the next best thing. Millie rolled onto her side with a groan and tried to push herself up on her one working elbow; her shield arm refused to move. She managed it but just that had her vision blurring in and out, and she almost pitched forward on her face. It was almost pathetic but Millie never stopped trying, and with Akari's assistance would be able to get to her feet.

Millie leaned heavily on Akari, looking at Tarnished but not really 'seeing' her. Perhaps later, when the shock had worn off, maybe she would understand what had happened. But with her henshin-ejected brain, it was all she could do to stay conscious enough to not but a total burden on Akari.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-12-02 06:59:04 101270
Tarnished gasped and wheezed until, finally, a dusk portal appeared and a.... youma appeared. Or... a robo youma? Another chimera? Of course. No, wait. It looked somehow... soddier than the other one. A prior model?

Either way, it came to Tarnished and pulled out a small orb, holding it to her. Tarnished took the orb, crushing it in her left hand and then slamming the things that popped out of it down her throat.

Her breathing was less struggled now, but she still... looked horrible. Her left hand reached out and she formed a portal, before glancing back. "You... win this one. Don't... oh.. just forget it..."

Before slipping through it. And landing on her desk on the opposite side... only to topple off a moment later onto the ground.

So that was purrification. She took it back. There were definitely worse things than Jupiter punches. Ow.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-12-02 07:04:16 101271
Akari helps Millie to her feet, one arm wrapped around her shoulder, and she sighs softly as Tarnished disappears. "Ugh ... Rubindorn, can I teleport to Chiba-san's apartment with Shield-chan?" Even with the boss gone, she's still being cagey about using Millie's name.

Ping! <<UHHHH ...>>

Akari pauses. "Can I teleport to Chiba-san's apartment with Shield-chan if I use a cartridge?"

<<... NRRRRGHL ... JA, ABER ES WIRD WEH TUN.>> Yes, but it's going to hurt. Rubindorn sounds very unhappy.

Akari sighs softly. "Right, then." Rubindorn transforms back into sword-form, and Akari puts it on her back, where it clicks into place.

Ping! <<KARTUSCHE BEREIT ...>> Cartridge ready ...
Millie White 2018-12-02 07:15:24 101272
The sequence of events after the fighting stopped blurred together into a mess she couldn't understand. The sick feeling in her gut burned uncomfortably as she tried to make sense of everything. Akari was talking and she could tell it wasn't at her, but she couldn't make out what the other side of the conversation was saying. She lifted her head to try and see who Akari was talking to, and that was a bad idea.

Her vision blurred and Millie suddenly sagged in Akari's arms. Instinctively her hand curled around the fabric at Akari's shoulder to keep herself from falling over. It looked like she was trying to form words as she held on to consciousness.

"S-Sorry..." Millie managed to hoarsely mumble. Typical Canadian. What was she even apologizing for?
Akari Hayabusa 2018-12-02 07:18:14 101273
Akari shifts her position to catch Millie as she slumps. "Hey ... hang in there," she says softly. "W-we're gonna be fine, all right?"

And then, with obvious reluctance, she pulls the trigger, and yelps along with the thunderclap. A red Belkan spell triangle forms on the ground around them, and the two of them are engulfed in a pale rosy light, which then shoots off into the sky and vanishes.
Millie White 2018-12-02 07:21:35 101274
Millie heard what Akari said and nodded... She trusted Akari. The Cure lost the battle against unconsciousness just as the two of them disappeared.