Broken Shield

In the aftermath of Mining for Trouble, Akari teleports to the ECFH balcony with the injured Millie. Lacrima and Kunzite come to help soon after.

Date: 2018-12-02
Pose Count: 31
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-02 18:40:55 101275
It's the mid-afternoon after school on Saturday, and the sky is a brilliant shade of orange, when a rosy pinkish-red bolt of light shoots down, and Akari and Millie materialize on top of a Belkan spell-triangle; Akari is in full henshin with Rubindorn in sword-form on her back, with what appears to be a burn-mark on her side, and Millie, slumped against Akari, doesn't even look like she's fully conscious.

As soon as they materialize, Akari yelps and staggers. "Scheisse ..."

Rubindorn immediately pings. <<SIE NICHT EINE ANDERE KARTUSCHE FUR EIN WENIG VERWENDEN.>> Do not use another cartridge for a bit.

Akari grimaces, trying to shift her position to support Millie better. "Y-yeah, no kidding!" She manages to get the door open, and she staggers over to set Millie down on the nearest couch.
Lacrima 2018-12-02 19:00:09 101276
Lacrima has come, in hopes of catching someone to visit. Mamoru, Kunzite, Jadeite-- she'd really even settle for Nephrite-- someone she's never really talked much with-- or even with Zoisite. Really. She'd arrive into a Dusk Step on the balcony when something pink and red at the same time bolts past her head. She blinks a little and peeks in through the balcony door, before closing it behind her and frowns.

".....hey.... what was that?" she asks. She blinks a little

"O..oh--" she says nervously. "A--kari-chan... what happened? Did... something try to... ?.... it wasn't me! If.. if it was." she says with worry.

"....Oh--oh what happend!?" she says as she looks over Millie.
Millie White 2018-12-02 19:04:37 101277
Millie's weight was completely supported by Akari as they teleported in, her hair casting a shadow over her face. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was harsh, the two of them had clearly just come from a battle of sorts. Though the clothing at her side wasn't ripped, there was a small dark patch on her left side just bellow her ribs that looked like blood, but it was hard to tell with her black t-shirt.

The Canuck did not awaken when placed on the couch, and it might have been a trick of the light, but some of the tension might have eased from her when she was placed on the soft surface. Subconsciously she might have recognized the couch as safety.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-02 19:11:46 101278
Akari ... manages not to jump at the sound of Lacrima's voice. It takes her a moment to remember that Lacrima has actually met Millie. "Tarnished," she says. "She ... lost control of her darkness, and broke Millie-chan's shield and knocked her out of henshin." She reaches down and brushes a strand of hair or two out of Millie's face. "... I'm mostly fine, I only took a glancing blow from her new youma-bot," she adds. "I just strained myself by using cartridges too quickly." In a surge of blue light, her Knight Clothing vanishes and Rubindorn becomes a pendant again; she's back in her blue track suit.
Lacrima 2018-12-02 19:19:41 101279
Lacrima makes a face. "Ugh..." she says rubbing a hand up her face. "Tarnished lost control? Huh..." she says as she sighs and tries to relax best she can. Safe place. Safe place. Either leave first or leave well after Akari-chan and she'll be fine. Just finnnnnnneeee.

Deep breath... even if she doesn't need to breathe.

"Is she going to be okay...? I--- Paige. Doesn't know any healing spells. I'm sorry. I came here to see if Mamoru or someone else was home. Since... no one's come to investigate this, either people are dead asleep, or just not here." she says meekly. "Or maybe in a soundproofed area..." she says.

She shrugs a little weakly. "Hrmpg..." she walks to a closet and opens it and begins peeking around. "I'm not sure if they keep a first aid kit with Mamoru here and all..." she says. "Do you need me to go get one?" she asks.
Millie White 2018-12-02 19:29:26 101280
To her credit, the unconscious Cure laid still and oblivious on the couch as the two talked above her. She heard none of what was said, but if she WERE conscious, Akari might get the feeling that she would comment on how dumb it would be to not have a first aid kit since there was healing magic around.

Millie let out a small grunt when Akari brushed the bangs from her eyes, which was technically good; she was at least still responsive to touch. With the hair out of the way, her pale sweaty face could now be seen, brows furrowed even in unconsciousness.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-02 19:35:35 101281
Akari considers this. "Rubindorn, can you scan her for ... anything? I don't have any healing capabilities either, but ..."

Ping! <<JA, OK!>> Rubindorn starts scanning Millie for dark energy, checking her Linker Core for damage and capacity, and a really rudimentary medical scan.

Akari looks over at Lacrima. "... Millie-chan's been helping to keep me fed, by the way," she says softly. "Now that I ... don't have any financial resources anymore. At all."
Lacrima 2018-12-02 19:45:33 101282
Lacrima rubs down her face. "...I'm sorry." she says quietly. "If you need... food... just... got to. Korma Chamelon. Tell Rashmi to put it on my tab. I'll handle the expenses. If you need anything else, I'll try to figure something out." she says gently.

"T..this isn't fair..." she says quietly. A little angry at herself, a little angry at someone else. She sighs and shakes her head. "Let me know if she's going to be okay or not. I'll... try to find someone... if it's serious..."
Millie White 2018-12-02 20:01:31 101283
The scan revealed good news and bad news. The good news was that there wasn't any lingering dark energy and her linker core was in tact, even its capacity remained unchanged. The core showed in the scan as 'malfunctioning' but stable, whatever that meant, and for the most part her magical potential had not been diminished at all. Compared to what they had dealt with with the Wolkenritter, that was relatively good. Then came the bad news.

The bad news was that even though her linker core was technically undamaged and charged, none of her magical abilities seemed to be functioning, which included her ability to smell magic... and the rapid healing that being a Cure afforded her. That made the medical report a little harder to swallow. Just below her left ribs was a glancing dark energy blast that was likely causing the small stain on her shirt, and her left shield arm was definitely bruised and the shoulder dislocated. The flesh around her right wrist was blistered, and other than that she was physically fine.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-02 20:11:39 101284
Akari blinks at the suggestion to go to Korma Chameleon, and then giggles. "I mean, if you can actually get away with that, that'll be hilarious."

She sighs softly. "It's not your fault," she says. "I just ... thought I'd have something else when I quit Eclipse, and that just turned out not to be in the cards."

Rubindorn sends her a telepathic report. "Okay ... she's mostly uninjured, and her Linker Core isn't damaged in and of itself ... but her ability to use magic seems to be damaged." She looks up at Lacrima. "... I don't really know enough about Pretty Cures to extrapolate from that, and neither does Rubindorn."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-12-02 20:17:24 101285
Apparently there is not, quite, no-one here. There are footsteps in the hallway. A moment later, there's a figure to match them: a too-tall young man, appearing to be in his early twenties, wearing jeans and a dress shirt with its sleeves rolled up. Long hair, bone-white and straight as a blade. He regards the assemblage for a moment with a slight frown, which Lacrima at least will know is the equivalent of a 'hello.' "Lacrima. Good afternoon. Does 'mostly uninjured' require any immediate treatment?"
Lacrima 2018-12-02 20:22:58 101286
Lacrima is fluent enough in Kunzitese by now to know this isn't a particular expression to worry about. She takes a deep breath. "She probably overdid it. Are you detecting a dark energy infection? If not, she probably just overdid it and needs to rest for a good long while." she says quietly.

"Though she should probably still get some sort of medical attention. I think. To be safe. But if she isn't in immediate danger..." she shrugs weakly.

"Hello, Kunzite." she says quietly. "Um... Akari...-chan." she says motioning over to her. She motions to Millie. "Millie... Cure Shield..." she says.

"....I dunno if you met either." she says weakly.
Millie White 2018-12-02 20:38:34 101287
The Cure wasn't in any immediate danger, but it would hurt a lot and take a while to heal without access to her magic. Millie shifted on the couch and groaned when another person entered the room, almost like she could feel someone she didn't know looking at her. One arid cough was released before her eyes fluttered open. Even with her eyes open, it was clear she wasn't seeing anything through the haze she was waking up from.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-02 20:39:56 101288
Akari is not familiar with Kunzitese, and she blinks over at his slight frown. (The fact that she's nearly seven feet tall and has glowing golden eyes and triangular ultramarine markings on her face probably looks less impressive with her current expression of worry.) "I don't believe we've met," she says uncertainly, and gives a quick bow. "I'm Akari Hayabusa. Um, yes, at the very least she'll need bandages fairly soon. Rubindorn, can you send along the data to Paige?"

Ping! <<JA!>> Rubindorn starts sending Paige the data. Which looks a bit more worrisome than it sounded from Akari's quick summary there, actually ...

She promptly turns around as Millie starts to awaken. "Millie-chan!" she says, putting a hand on her shoulder. "Hey, are you all right?" ... She immediately feels like this was a dumb question.
Kazuo Takeba 2018-12-02 20:46:57 101289
(It doesn't help that 'nearly seven feet tall' towers over 'six and a half feet tall' by a much smaller margin than it does over most magical girls, either, but the worried look is a much stronger contributor.) "Ah. Thank you. Good to put faces to names. Let me get the first aid kit." They do have one! It's just not in the first closet. "And perhaps some water." Kazuo disappears into the hallway again, but not far; he's back in a few moments.
Lacrima 2018-12-02 20:55:35 101290
Paige dings a little softly! Lacrima blinks. She raises her left hand and there's a slight lavender flash as she forms the odd opera glove-like Intelligent Device go into it's more active form. "Right. Kunzite. Paige. My Intelligent Device." she says with a mutter. < Greetings! > says Paige in his British English accented voice. She turns her wrist so her hand is facing upwards-- the gem-like emitter in it's palm emitting a small little holo-display. She begins reading over the scan Akari sent over.

"She's not dark energy contaminated." she says as she lowers her hand and sighs a bit. "So she probably just needs to rest for a good little while." she says. "I would imagine." she says softly.

The Millie opens her eyes and she takes a few safety steps back. Just in case.
Millie White 2018-12-02 21:11:19 101291
Someone was touching her shoulder and she definitely heard her name. Hazy emerald eyes locked on Akari's face for a moment, and recognition sparked.

"Hayabusa-san..." She mumbled, her voice thick and scratching. Before her mind caught up with her situation, Millie shifted so that she could try to stand. Pain immediately seared through her entire left arm starting at the dislocated shoulder and she cried out, clamping her jaw and eyes shut.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-02 21:13:37 101292
Akari relaxes slightly; it seems that Kunzite already knows about her situation. She nods to Lacrima --

-- then winces at Millie. "Hey! Hey, don't try to move too much," she says, gently pushing Millie back down. She looks up at Lacrima and Kunzite. "... okay, I ... think she might be hurt a little more than I thought," she says uncertainly. "Or maybe ... it's ... yeah I dunno."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-12-02 21:18:08 101293
Akari's situation may not be the one worrying Kazuo at this precise moment; that one can wait five minutes. What can't, apparently, is politeness to a Device: Kazuo bows gravely toward Lacrima's gloved hand. "Greetings, Paige."

And then there's a yelp, and he finishes the trip to Cure Shield's side with alacrity. "Do those scan results include medical information? Cure Shield, can you understand us? We have painkillers, but we need to know if you have any allergies."
Lacrima 2018-12-02 21:33:16 101294
Lacrima looks at Rubidorn's scan. "Rubidorn's scanners are that high resolution I don't think for that kind of thing." she says. She fidgets and sighs and looks at Millie's arm. "Doesn't take a scanner to see something is wrong there though..." she says softly.

She says. "Millie, are you able to answer that or do you need me to scan more in depth...?" she asks softly.
Millie White 2018-12-02 21:48:45 101295
Not moving sounded like an extremely good idea to the girl right now. She let Akari push her back down and did her best to listen to... wait who was that? Did she know him? Millie didn't think so.

"Yeah...n-no allergies." The foreigner mumbled, glancing around and noticing Lacrima. She tried to give a smile but it came out as more of a grimace. "Dislocated...I think." She managed to grunt before looking back at the man who had knelt beside her. Did he know first aid? Absently her working hand touched the spot at her ribs and she winced, trying to remember what happened.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-02 21:51:35 101296
Akari nods to Lacrima. "Rubindorn was mostly designed to be a weapon," she says. "She's good with determining how well someone's magic is functioning, since my actual body is a spell, but for physical injuries ..."

She looks down at Millie. "... Tarnished lost control of her emotions and went a little darkness-crazy, and she broke your shield," she says. She winces at the memory. "And ... your purification-attack ... did lots of damage to her, too." She takes a deep breath. "We're at Chiba-san's place right now. This is Kunzite."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-12-02 21:57:07 101297
"Thank you," Kazuo says directly to Millie. "Were Rubindorn's scans detailed enough to rule out internal bleeding, or anything broken?" Kazuo asks between Lacrima and Akari. "If there's neither of those -- I'm disinclined to try to reduce the dislocation without a healer on hand. Unless you need to go home immediately, Cure Shield. It's something that can be done, but should be followed up on, and the type of person who acquires powers has a high degree of overlap with the type of person who thinks 'it's not worth taking someone's time for that.' Ice and painkillers and a sling should manage until we can track someone down who can take care of it properly."

He does not find anything strange with Akari saying 'my actual body is a spell.' Then again, Lacrima's right there.
Lacrima 2018-12-02 22:11:32 101298
Lacrima raises Paige. "Paige. Scanning mode, scan for internal hemorrhaging and similar issues." it beeps compliantly and does so, waiting for the results to beep out soon.

Lacrima softly sighs a bit and looks down and then back up. Maybe thing to add later, but it isn't important right now. She gently sighs a bit.

"Tarnished isn't a direct co-worker of mine. But she's a 'dark energy scientist'--- but... chemistry instead of like. The hard science Riventon-sama does?" she asks. "She's been working on food stuffs for me, that can still 'nourish' me and effect me like normal food....."

"She uh. May have made... dark energy alcohol?.... that uh. Does to me what alcohol does to normal people. Since normal alcohol doesn't actually... do anything to me." she says gently. "At all." she says.

"....Still.... like.... carries Riventon's general line of reasoning, dark energy is gonna save the world and all that..." she mutters. Yeah, she's made of the stuff.

This isn't saving anything.
Millie White 2018-12-02 22:23:03 101299
Millie listened to Akari through the haze of pain she was lost in, but when she mentioned Tarnished, everything came rushing back to her. The Chimera. Her Shield. The blast. Everything. Her emerald eyes flew wide and her good hand snapped out to grasp Akari's arm with a sudden franticness that was uncharacteristic of her.

"T-Tarnished! I didn't... she's not, is she...? I was...only aiming at her arm...!" Tarnished wasn't a youma, she was a living breathing girl and if she had accidentally killed her because of a stray purification under stress, she would never forgive herself. Add to the fact that Tarnished was actually trying to help Lacrima, and the guilt began to fester in her gut. What had she done...?

Kunzite was kind enough to give her a diagnosis about her arm, and she winced. She had dislocated her shoulder once before, during jousting training of all things, and she knew that the only thing that stopped the pain was when it was reset in the socket.

"J-Just... reset it, please?" She asked Kunzite quietly and rather politely, doing her best not to move the limb. Lacrima's scan revealed no internal bleeding and no broken bones. The wound at her ribs would need cleaning and a bandage, but it would heal just fine. All things considered, she would likely be just fine.
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-02 22:25:58 101300
Akari smiles faintly at Kunzite. "At least us Device-users have someone to yell at us for trying to shrug things off," she says dryly. "Or at least, Rubindorn's willing to yell at me."

Ping! <<SIE HOREN NORMALERWEISE AUF MEINEN RAT.>> You usually listen to my advice.

Akari considers Lacrima's words. "I almost want to talk to Tarnished," she says. "I used to be forty percent darkness by volume, and I've lost control of my darkness before." She shrugs. "Still. She knows more about that business than I do, so ... who knows."

She puts a comforting hand on Millie's good shoulder. "She's alive," she says. "A youma-bot teleported her away. And the way she was talking ..." She looks at Millie. "... well, she was talking more coherently than you were just now. When she regains her dark energy properly, she'll be fine." 'When', not 'if'; Akari's speaking from experience there.
Kazuo Takeba 2018-12-02 22:34:25 101301
"The nature of dark energy is that its users think they're the ones in control," Kazuo says aside to Millie, with a dourness that suggests 'forty percent of darkness by volume' is a personally familiar phrase. "Sometimes, it's even true." He glances to Lacrima. "Thank you again for taking steps." Then more generally between the uninjured: "Given the Cure's request. Could one of the two of you get a glass of water, and some ice for her shoulder? She'll likely still want them. Cure Shield, do you think there is any less uncomfortable position you could be in to do this? Preferably lying down, so that your back is supported. You'll need to relax that shoulder as much as possible. It may not be much, but it will help."
Lacrima 2018-12-02 22:46:24 101302
Lacrima nods at Kazuo and walks over to the kitchen to aquire a ziplock bag, shove ice into it and then wrap a nearby facecloth around it. Then also a glass of water. This is a quick affair as she returns.... she looks at Millie....

".....Please don't feel bad about 'hurting' any of us that do 'bad things' and you know it..." she says. "Even if we seem perfectly charming when we're not fighting." she says softly. "I would rather be clocked over the side of the head and maybe given a shot with the purifying taser rather than grievously hurt someone because... I dunno. Something set me into a frenzy?" she asks.

"Stuff like... that... helps me look at myself in the mirror when I wake up... okay?" she says softly. "And-- she might not know yet. But maybe someday she'll be happy that you smacked her rather than let her permanently harm someone." she says.

She'll offer the glass of water softly and offer the makeshift icepack.

"Right... Kunzite..."

"....Akari is wanted by Eclipse. Since I was the one that had the bright idea to think that-- keeping someone around that didn't want to be there was a waste of resources at best and a liability at worse-- Very powerful people want me to bring her back for... reprogramming. Because they see her as just a living computer program. Like something they bought off the app store." she snorts. "-and also brainwashing someone has never ever ever backfired on anyone. Ever." she says with dripping sarcasm.

"....I've been gathering people to punch me in the face when I need to... make honest attempts on her. I can't.. disobey this order. But I can try to secretly stack the deck against me. Even Alexis-niisan has agreed to hesitantly boop me one--- so that should go a long way into proving I'm 'trying' to the bosses."

"...I can't disobey because these are the kind of people that could ruin your life. Hurt people you think are safe. My parents have already been through enough... I can't... risk... anymore." she says quietly.

"Okay...?" she says softly.
Millie White 2018-12-02 22:50:43 101303
Tarnished was alive... thank god. At this the girl eased slightly, as much as her condition would allow. Lacrima's sentiments made sense and she nodded, but it was obvious that guilt still swelled within her chest.

At the instruction that her back needed to be supported, Millie nodded and did her best to lay flat on the couch. Eventually she managed and let her shoulder relax as much as she could, which hurt, but she knew what to expect. There would be a moment of agony to gain lost mobility and long lasting pain relief.

"Ready." She announced, mentally preparing herself for what was to come. Her gaze returned to Kunzite. "You can call me Millie, if you want."
Rosalie Janus 2018-12-02 22:55:43 101304
Akari grins at Kunzite. "Don't I know it!" She shakes her head. "I have Princess Runealy to thank for purifying me. I was in bed for a few days afterward, but." A shrug as Lacrima returns. "Worth it!"

She shudders slightly as Lacrima mentions 'reprogramming'. To this day, the very idea still makes her skin crawl. "I've gotten one or two other people in on the conversation as well," she says. "Princess Runealy, for example. Millie-chan volunteered." She glances at Lacrima. "My sister said she was going to stay out of it, though. Sakura Kinomoto," she adds for Kunzite's benefit. "She, uh ... I helped her with a Clow Card, and I happened to mention I don't have any family, so she just ... decided then and there that she was going to be my sister." She smiles.

She looks back at Millie, then at Lacrima. "I should probably head out soon, now that Millie-chan's in good hands," she says. "Or at least, I should have a few minutes of a head start on Lacrima-chan -- that's how we're handling the whole 'neutral territory' thing." She takes her Rubindorn-pendant, and in a surge of blue light which glitches out partway through, she transforms into a shorter, more human appearance.
Kazuo Takeba 2018-12-02 23:01:06 101305
There is a very quiet snort from Kunzite. "Kinomoto-san is like that." ... yes. Yes, he is probably the only person in the entire world that refers to Sakura as if she were an adult he were formally familiar with. "Lacrima -- this is understood. We'll assist if we can. If you need to refresh your own first-aid supplies here, that is also understood; we've done recent maintenance on the wards."

He inclines his head toward Millie, his hair falling in an unfairly perfect line, and falling back into place again as he straightens. "My name is Kazuo Takeba. It's a pleasure to meet you, Millie, though I regret the circumstances." And also the amount of pain she's likely to be in, as he helps support her arm through the sequence of motions and rotation that are likely to shift the joint back into working order.

Mostly. Which is why the ice pack and the water and the painkiller are immediate follow-up. Right. Then.