The Tengu and the Witch

A crow tengu unexpectedly comes from the Night Harbor to attack Jiaying and Miho! But its accusations of wrongdoing are utter nonsense, and on top of that, it seems strangely ... corrupted. On the bright side, Miho's training in the use of the Life Blessing has paid off, and she can't wait to show it off ...

Date: 2018-12-02
Pose Count: 28
Miho Kagami 2018-12-02 23:13:52 101306
It's a chilly Sunday afternoon, and Miho has been in the park since around noon. She's been alternating between practicing solo jogging and running for the track team, and doing tai chi and meditation exercises in the clearing where she learned the truth behind her heritage.

Oh, and she's also been working wielding the Life Blessing as well:

She stands in the middle of the clearing, eyes closed. She claps her hands together. "Life Blessing, Wake Up!" she intones. A burst of mint-green light spreads out from her hands, wraps around herself ... and when it clears, she's in her usual henshin of Life Mahou Joy.

This does not seem to be what she hoped for. "G'daaaahhhhhh!" She snaps her fingers, or at least thuds her gloved fingers, and then reverts her henshin. She regards herself for a moment, and then blinks. "Oh, wait ..."
Jiaying Maki 2018-12-02 23:44:55 101307
Cold and chilly, nothing too bad for the fox-girl. She's also out and about, which has been rarer lately. Still, she's at least wearing shoes in the colder weather which goes with her comfy pants and a hoodie. Comfy, easy to put a hood up and cover up things to be lazy, a nice weekend in effect.

She spots a familiar figure practicing something out there. Complete with the distinct glow. Which still gets a curious consideration. Not that she has much room to comment what with her magic manifesting greenish. Despite the recent loss of color and all.

A wave does go out though. "Hey." Simple enough really. "Why Tai Chi?" She asks after some though, having recognized it soon enough.
Lacrima 2018-12-02 23:46:22 101308
Lacrima was out for a walk, being careful of certain knights wearing red crosses on their chest. Ryo hasn't attacked her in a while. Maybe he cooled off? No... No she knows why. He found the princess. No doubt. That's his priority right now. He's planning something.

She then senses something... that's a familiar burst of 'purifying' energy. She follows along and comes up along Jiaying and Miho with a series of blinks. "Oh. Hello." she says to Jiaying and Miho.

" I interupting something? I felt something over here and came to peek." she says a little softly as she rubs the back of her head. "Wanted to... say hello at least." she says.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-02 23:59:47 101309
Miho immediately turns. "Oh, hey, Maki-san, Lacchan!" she says. "Uh ... a couple different people got me into the tai chi thing, actually, it's how I've been training with using the Life Blessing the past couple months." She grins. "I dunno if you noticed that some of my Barrage's ... bullet thingies were a different kind of green."

She smiles. "So, like ... Lacchan, remember how I was wearing that dumb witch hat over my henshin on Halloween?" she says. "Well, basically it gave me an idea, and I started trying to figure things out, like why some things about me were the way they were, and why Noroiko called me 'Life Mage Joy' the first time she appeared."

She holds out one hand away from Lacrima, and it glows faintly jade-green. Besides the color, there's something subtly different about the other times she's shown this sort of display. More ... controlled, maybe. It would probably seem just a little less like an indiscriminate release of power. "I figured out that the Life Blessing, and like this whole 'line' of magical girls who come from it," says Miho, "is sort of ... malleable, basically."
Jiaying Maki 2018-12-03 00:15:27 101310
Jiaying Maki shakes her head and says, "Honestly I don't remember that much about it all. I was sort of face down if I remember right." She brushes her hands a few times before stuffing them into her pockets. "Just surprised to see Tai Chi over here, usually see it with older sorts and back home sort of thing." She tilts her head to ask, "You're not possessed right?" What, she's got her own little ideas.

She listens to the story about halloween, not at all remembering a witch hat, then realizing she sort of skipped halloween in it's entirety. There's a scowl and murmurs, "Huh." to herself mostly.

To Norie, she waves again and shakes her head, "Nope, not interrupting anything unless you meant uh... her practice. Which I already interrupted so it's on me if we were."
Lacrima 2018-12-03 00:22:33 101311
Lacrima huhs and head tilts. "Oh, so it's more control-- training..." she says. "Nice..." she says. "Less of a chance of hitting my in collateral damage." she smirks a little bit. She crosses her arms and head tilts.

"Well... you choose who you are.... even as a magical girl..." she says quietly. "If I went with what was given to me, I'd probably be laughing about eating all of Tokyo and about pesky heroes unable to stop me." she tsks.

She looks to Jiaying and then back at Miho and back at Jiaying. "Possessed by... learning!" she insists. "Dun dun dun....!" she huffs a bit.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-03 00:40:47 101312
Miho smiles and nods. "Tai chi and meditation was basically the Minase Clan method or whichever. And then this empath girl I met named Masu Yogoshi helped me with sun-style tai chi."

She grins at Lacrima. "Yeah basically," she says. "I mean I'm still gonna want you to move if I'm firing off minty lasers and stuff, but still." She nods. "And yeah, that's definitely true on like a bunch of different levels. Even if it isn't exactly like all of them, like you didn't 'choose' to be La Crima, but you did choose what that meant." She's probably referring to some sort of trans thing there. She just giggles at the 'possessed by learning' bit.

"But, uh, yeah," she says. "So, one of the things I decided was that I wanted to do another change basically, to another new name!" She pauses dramatically, like she's waiting for them to ask her what the new name will be before she actually tells them.
Jiaying Maki 2018-12-03 01:04:22 101313
Jiaying Maki shakes her head and asks, "Wait whatever?" Seeming surprised by the comment. She then just shakes her head again, shrugs and looks to Norie, "Are... you okay? I haven't been that out of it right?" She doesn't think she's ever heard her make that kind of a oke.

"What's the uh... radius on it? Like, have you maybe infused dark things and tested to see when they bleach out?"

While trying to sort out whether there's a way to test the range of purification magic and the effects on a magical void monster, the wind starts to pick up and the sky seems to darken. In a rather localized area even. Jia scowls and murmurs, "Smells funny." Then catches herself and points up, "The wind that is." While trying to figure out the source. Quickly looking around, she starts to step away from the group when a particularly strong gust of wind about knocks her to her feet. A good sense of balance about the only thing saving her. Soon, there's laughter, and there's a strange looking monk, replete with a red mask and black wings standing behind where Jiaying had almost been knocked over.

She turns back, a look of annoyance on her face, claws and fangs bared briefly before the tengu points at the two and says, "You two, you defilers!" Only to be interrupted by Jia throwing a charged ball of misty magic straight at his face. "Go away!" She shouts, even as it takes up a defensive stance where where he holds one hand out, fan at his side. There's a strange glow around him, it smells of something.. off, not like one would expect a tengu, not that anyone, but Jia would probably catch it.

"You don't belong here!" Jiaying calls out, "Go home."
Lacrima 2018-12-03 01:19:13 101314
Lacrima gently blinks as she eyes Miho and nods. "---well yeah. No sense risking but means I don't need to give you as wide as a berth either." she says softly. She blinks. "So what's the name you want to us----"

And then there's suddenly a foul odor in the air? Then there's a monk, with a red mask and then there's a statement of defilers?

"Defile? How?" she asks curtly, as she crosses her arms with a frown as she eyes Jiaying. "I'm fine." she says as she looks back to Miho and then the figure.

"Jia-chan, what is this person?" she asks. She seems to know, right?
Miho Kagami 2018-12-03 01:23:47 101315
Miho blinks at Jiaying. "Infused dark things? What do you mean by --"

But before she can finish the sentence or ask Lacrima's question, they have a sudden visitor. "... What? A tengu?" says Miho in confusion. "Like ... the actual youkai?" She frowns. "Uh, I don't remember ever defiling anything, what are you talking about?" It may not be possible to intimidate her anymore, but a false accusation? She's really tense now.

She crosses her arms with her left arm grasped in her right, and takes a few steps away from Lacrima. Her shadow ripples, as if with silent laughter.
Jiaying Maki 2018-12-03 01:48:49 101320
The crow tengu points at Miho, "You've tainted a sacred object!" Before leaping into the air and lashing out with that fan, a small tornado forming and rapidly approaching the group. The voice behind that telltale mask sounds furious, like it believes what it's saying, but it that smell in the air, the dark energy surrounding it. One could almost imagine puppet strings even.

He then points at Jiaying and calls out, "And you, you're destroying something ancient!" before sending a tornado her way, though instead of following it up against the fox-girl, he turns and swoops towards Miho, trying to swipe at her as he flies past her, faster than one would think from such a small pair of wings!
Miho Kagami 2018-12-03 02:19:36 101324
Miho lets out a squawk and leaps away to the side from the tengu's path! "... this is like Hisakata-san in Rashmi-chan's barrier," she mutters, even as she realizes that she can sense darkness in the tengu. "Okay. Stay back, Lacchan!" She claps her hands together. "I know what I did wrong last time! LIFE BLESSING, WAKE UP!"

Jade-green and mint-green light erupts from her hands, forming a column of light. Once again, it seems markedly more controlled than it had been before; the minimum safe distance is actually closer. In an instant, she's wearing her usual mint-green sailor uniform ... but in another transformation sequence, her costume changes to a jade-green and white witch uniform!

"The magician of light and hope flying faster than the breeze, Life Witch Joy!" she proclaims in her clear and bright in-henshin voice. In her left hand appears a golden wand, more elaborate than the one she usually has, and the heart-shaped gemstone at the tip is a glowing emerald instead of a sapphire. "I dunno what you think is going on here, but if you're gonna just attack us like that ..." As usual, she tosses the wand into the air and catches it in her right hand. "... then in the name of the Life Blessing, we will halt the threat before us!"

She swings her wand out. "Jade Barrage!" she calls out, and this time, all the pellets of light are jade-green instead of mint-green. It packs noticeably more of a punch than Minty Barrage did -- with proportionately more purification there as well.
Jiaying Maki 2018-12-03 03:04:56 101336
Jiaying Maki looks frustrated that the Tengu more or less ignored her attempt at a surprise attack. Sure it wasn't exactly a powerful magic attack, or concentrated, or even designed to hurt, mostly just a distraction. Maybe it's the mask. She tears away the hood she'd been wearing and runs straight at the tengu, hand pulled back, the mist trailing behind her starting to form into a polearm.

She twists, coming in low with what seems to be a sweep of the leg, then her momentum catches up and she tries to shoulder tackle the tengu instead.

For her efforts, she's blown head over heels by the fan, though there is a new gap in those ceremonial seeming robes as she'd managed to dig her claws in at the last moment. Laying on her back, she holds it up and laughs, then rolls backwards to get back to her feet.

Meanwhile, the tengu in question is being pelted by the barrage of jade. It's got it's hand up, attempting to protect itself and then it retaliates with a low sweep of that fan, trying to knock the girl down so that he can rush in.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-03 03:14:26 101338
Life Witch Joy grins. "S'matter? The, the cat got your tongue?" she says cheerfully. "Oof --!" She does, indeed, get knocked down by the attack from the fan!

Fortunately, she doesn't stay down.

She launches herself into the sky, flying just as freely as she had before, and twists herself upside-down. "Okay, yeah," she says. She tosses her wand into the air, and it hovers beside her. "I've already done this one before, but ..." Her hands start glowing jade-green. "Jade PUNCH!" she calls out, zooming down towards the monk fist-first!
Jiaying Maki 2018-12-03 03:44:43 101344
The Tengu is caught by the punch in the gut, having twisted at the last moment to try and get out of the way of it. There's a moment of hesitation as he flies overhead, then he slides to a stop only to be met by a flying kick from Jia who clearly isn't too pleased about her day off being interrupted. Or that she was accused of defiling a shrine. "You two, you've defiled sacred ground, you've destroyed something ancient and you'd dare attack a keeper of such things!" Again, interrupted by Jia, though he does shove her away to continue. Glaring at The Life Witch, he launches a tornado, a much larger one this time to try and throw her away from hm long enough to deal with the angry fox currently trying to skewer him. Or at least skewer the fan, like she's got some kind of idea there. Even if she'd rather not.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-03 03:55:52 101346
Miho stares up at the tornado for a split second, and quickly dodges around it at high speeds. "Oooookay," she says. "I mean on the 'attacking' thing, you're clearly the one who attacked us ..." She's speaking in a conversational tone, even as she thinks furiously. Okay, he's either just that self-absorbed, or he isn't thinking too clearly. Both of which are something she knows about people who are full of dark energy ...

... except, hang on. Does this mean he's ...? She regards him for a moment through the Life Blessing. Yeah, there's something about the flavor of his darkness ...

While the tengu is distracted with Jiaying, she swoops down on him and grabs his arm. "Life Blessing ... PURE ELATION!" she exclaims, and mint-green purifying and curse-removing energy wafts from her body.

It still interacts with her curse, though. "... ow ... ow ... OW ... OW ... OW ... OW ..."
Jiaying Maki 2018-12-03 04:25:46 101347
Jiaying Maki lashes out with a kick at the Tengu when he looks away, looking to hit his leg to knock him down, unsure why this yokai is accusing her of doing anything even when she's trying to repair it and bring it back to anything, but ruin?

The Tengu's trying to deal with two rather upset girls at this point and may have bitten off more than he can chew, but he's sure he's got it. He reaches back to lash out at Jia, trying to knock her away when that arm is grabbed. At the same time, Jia stabs downward with the guandao causing the magic construct to bounce upward, stabbing through the fan and tearing it. Jia then lunges forward and may or may not try to punc him.

Of course, there's a Life Witch trying to purify him at the same time. There's resistance. Something clinging tightly to it, something that doesn't want to go away. The figure, a shadow mimicking his movements is almost visible there.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-03 04:29:49 101348
Miho draws back slightly, gasping for breath. And that's when she notices the shadowy figure.

Her own shadow flickers as well. Miho thinks, If this guy is Noroiko's doing I'm gonna freaking --

And then she twirls her wand in a narrow circle, leaving a ring-shaped trail of jade-green light. "Joy Shining Ray!" she exclaims, and the ring collapses, firing a bright beam of purifying energy right at the shadow at point blank range.
Jiaying Maki 2018-12-03 04:43:24 101349
The shadow figure glares at Joy, lashing out at her after a moment, the arm it had been controlling falling free briefly. The creature then begins writhing as it's forcibly stripped from the Tengu who starts to slump forward. The shadow lashes out once more, both hands trying to claw at both Joy and Jia. In the latter's case, she dodges to the side, leaning back on the second swipe, then lashing out with her spear to slice through the shadow.

As the energy dissapiates, the creature begins screaming soundlessly, clawing as though it's sinking into something before disappearing, leaving the Tengu facedown in the dirt.
Miho Kagami 2018-12-03 04:47:49 101350
Miho jumps back from the shadow, and points her wand out at it. But then it start to dissipate on its own, without any further input.

She shakes her head. "Whew!" She starts to run her hand through her hair, then takes off her witch hat and runs her hand through her hair again. She looks down at the unconscious tengu, holds her hand out, then hesitates. "... Do we ... I mean, should I heal him?" she says. "He doesn't seem to be dark anymore, I'm not remotely getting the same feeling I get from Lacchan or most darkness-youma ... but ..."
Jiaying Maki 2018-12-03 05:10:24 101351
Jiaying Maki crouches down by the yokai, poking it in the back a few times. Eventually she shrugs and says, "I'll take him back to the other side. I don't think they're supposed to come out, especially in a city like this, like that anymore."

She pauses, "I mean they can, just like I do, but these guys. The monk-y sorts." Looking to Joy she shrugs and nods after a moment, "Yeah, we should heal him. That smell's gone. That wasn't pleasant, strong scent and all."
Miho Kagami 2018-12-03 05:17:18 101352
Miho nods and dispels her wand. "He's not the only guy who's been possessed by a shadow, sort of," she says. "That's kind of Noroiko's trick, too. Although she hasn't actually possessed me before."

She sits crosslegged next to the monk and holds her hands over him. After a moment, a mint-green glow with jade-green highlights appears, as the healing energies of the Life Blessing start to fill his body, easing his pain, healing his injuries, and scouring any remaining darkness.

A small part of her brain works on the problem as she concentrates on the healing. Once she's done, the glow vanishes, and Miho looks up. "Maki-san," she says, "have you been doing anything with 'something ancient' recently?"
Jiaying Maki 2018-12-03 05:38:25 101353
Jiaying Maki glances over and shrugs, "I almost died at the place, someone else took my place instead. I think. I've been restoring the shrine on the other side." She watches quietly after that, wondering just what the healing does, if it's going back and forth. At least that's how she took it the other day.

"It's not really unheard of? Possession's nothing new. Not even for denizens of the other side. I'm just wondering why he was so insistent that we were defiling something." She frowns and asks, "You didn't go grafiti a shrine somewhere did you?"
Miho Kagami 2018-12-03 05:48:49 101354
The Life Blessing knows what it's doing more than Miho does. It's capable of healing all sorts of injuries, whether the target is a human or a youkai; the tengu is now fully healed from any injuries that were there.

Miho looks up at Jiaying. "So ... if he or that shadow wasn't just talking complete nonsense," she says slowly, "then ... he could've ... turned 'restoring the shrine' into 'defiling the shrine' ... and ..."

She stops, and glances off to the side and puts a hand on her chin thoughtfully. "... I can't think of any 'sacred objects' that're connected to me, or that I've even, like, touched. Besides the Life Blessing, and I mean, like, it's still doing just fine ... and also it's not an object." She frowns. "Or, wait, no ... it doesn't have to be that part that got turned backwards ... it's ... hmm ..."
Jiaying Maki 2018-12-03 06:11:07 101355
Jiaying Maki looks over and says, "It was mostly nonsense, I doubt you've got it in you to break something ancient intentionally or otherwise." She hesitates and stands, brushing herself off a few times then fishes around in her courier bag. Sketchbook in hand, she crouches down and begins to scribble a few notes down. Maybe even take a quick sketch of the tengu, particularly of his mask. This doesn't take too long at least and soon enough she pokes his side again and says, "You don't recognize the temple by his mask or clothes by any chance?"

Not really expecting an answer, she flips the page and begins to sketch something else. "We're in the city so... it shouldd flip easily enough. I'll see if we can find a place for him to recover fully."
Miho Kagami 2018-12-03 06:15:25 101356
Miho chuckles. "Nope, I don't recognize him at all." She smiles. "Although you probably should at least talk to him if you can? Maybe he'll be able to tell us something useful, I guess. Dunno."

She smiles down at herself, and puts her hat back on. "I decided to be a 'witch' because of, like, connotations and stuff," she says. "'Mahou' is sort of ... I dunno, it just randomly switches languages for one word? But a 'witch' is clever, she's observant, she picks ... whatever style she wants even if other people think it's 'bad' ... and 'mage' doesn't have those connotations."

A swirl of mint-green and jade-green light, and she reverts her henshin. "I might mess around with the outfit," she says, back in her out-of-henshin voice, "but, like. I think in general, I'm gonna have to keep this style!"
Jiaying Maki 2018-12-03 06:32:05 101357
Jiaying Maki looks at Joy and shrugs at the mention of her name. "I mean, it's a name? I use Nuwu as a moniker half of the time when I remember I shouldn't be telling badguys, "Hi, I'm a Taiwanese yaoguai of sorts, would you like to make my life harder?" She hesitates and adds, "Uh, Nuwu's female witch or shaman? Sort of? What's the the use of English got over Japanese?"

There's another shrug and a smile, "Though if you feel it fits better it fits better right?" As for the sleepy tengu, she says, "I'll talk to him later I think."
Miho Kagami 2018-12-03 06:34:14 101358
Miho nods and shrugs. "Well ... let's just say that names are really important to trans people," she says, and smiles. "And witches, for that matter! So, uh, yeah."

She looks around at the clearing, which has been badly damaged from the fight. "Y'know what, I'm gonna have to find a new spot to train and stuff ..."