Clotho's linker core

Clotho meets Signum and tries to fight her one on one! It... goes about as well as could be expected. Fortunately, Akari is there to haul her somewhere safe.

Date: 2018-12-04
Pose Count: 18
Unmei Tama 2018-12-04 00:31:49 101389
Unmei Tama was walking home after, well... it'd been a fun day. She went to the game store after hanging out at the arcade for a while. She was cute, she got attention, she liked that. That and there was this new magical girl anime coming out and there was a limited edition release of its toy wand and LISTEN SHE EARNED THATM ONEY WITH HER GOOD GRADES OKAY?!

Either way, she seemed pretty happy with her bag of merchandise, tapping on her cell phone. She'd also picked up some chocolates as a thank you to LAcrima, letting her stay at the mansion. Lacrima was awesome.
Signum 2018-12-04 00:45:05 101390
As the sun sets behind Unmei, there's a sudden odd, subtle... muting of the sound around her as a magic barrier forms a dome around the area. Any people who had been walking nearby vanish in mid stride, any noise they were making is abruptly cut off.
    And, if one were paying attention, one might notice a person's shadow several yards ahead of Unmei. As if the source blocking the light were...
    Above her.
    A wave of dark pink energy suddenly lashes across the sidewalk in front of Unmei, carving a straight line into it, and meant to halt her stride. A moment later, Signum slowly hovers downward in front of Unmei, ponytail waving in the breeze as she slowly pushes her sword back into her scabbard.
    There's an ominous moment of silence before the tall woman turns towards Unmei and says, simply, "Hold still." As she begins to walk towards her.
    A lot of the magical denizens of this city don't KNOW their potential; haven't awakened to any sort of powerful state. These types have made up the majority of the Wolkenritter's targets as of late, by sheer coincidence if anything. Signum, at least, doesn't seem to have detected any sort of threat from Unmei.
Unmei Tama 2018-12-04 00:57:22 101391
Unmei Tama blinked and looked up as everything just went... quiet. What in the world? A magic barrier? Was there danger?! Who was... And then her eyes were drawn up. "O-oh. Ummm. H-hello. Are you--"

And then she shrieks and drops her bag as the line just... is SLASHED in front of her. Hold still?!! "Ummm... Ummm.... Ummm... W-why are... y--" And then BAM! She then KICKED HER IN THE SHIN! Okay, for all the good it would do and... then lifted a hand to her chest. "C-clotho!" she shrieked. And then... In a flurry of magical energy, rings appeared on her fingers, seven of them. Different colored threads wrapped around her body and...

She stood in front of her as Clotho. Except... something... was... off... "H-huh?" she said, looking down at herself. She was wearing blue gauntlets, a weird white winged cape, an armored-ish skirt and top, mostly black and blue. And knee high boots, again blue. This was NOT her magical girl outfit. SHE DIDN'T KNOW WHAT THIS WAS?!

"W-what? WHAT?! Where are my clo-- EEK!" And then held out both her hands. And tried to send a fireball out. But... happened. She thrust her hands out again. And again. And then whimpered. "O-okay, powers. OF ALL THE TIME TO GO HAYWIRE NOW IS NOT THE TIME!" she squeaked, before looking up at the other girl.

"E-err... t-time out?"
Signum 2018-12-04 01:12:13 101393
Signum's left brow slowly rises at Unmei's colorful attempts to process her arrival, before Signum is suddenly struck in the shin.
    Signum doesn't flinch, but her brow sort of... furrows. Her her eyes narrow to very thin slits.
    Signum inhales very slowly through her nose as Unmei runs through her palpable confusion and attempts to attack Signum.
    She exhales through her mouth, having processed the playground indignity of Unmei's attack, and meets Unmei's request with a cold, expressionless stare. She has to resist every instinct, every palpable impulse in her body, to flick Unmei on the nose.
    "You're mocking me." She concludes flatly. "That or you've come hopelessly unequipped for a battle."
Unmei Tama 2018-12-04 01:14:25 101394
Unmei Tama urked. "W-well, um. I mean. It's, not, not that. I mean. My powers did work. I mean, until recently. But, but then I kind of lost my mascots and, err, just. Just one second. Please?" she said, trying to shoot flame. Water. Earth. Wind. Hea-- wait, wrong thing. "You see, like. Recently? There was a tiger made of fire and it broke into my apartment. And then, well, this and--" Then she made a gesture and her eyes widened. A bow of blue metal appears. "Huh. Welp! I'm good! Time in!" And then leaped back, pulling the string back. Arrows appeared, made of strings, and were launched forward, shooting at her.
Signum 2018-12-04 01:20:12 101395
Signum takes this in as stoically as one possibly can. What kind of planet IS this?
    "Sounds troublesome." She says with enough dry detachment that she could just as easily be sympathetic or derisive. She doesn't blink at any of Unmei's failed attempts to attack her, though when the bow finally appears, it draws her interest.
    "Oh?" Time in, indeed.
    As the first arrow sails towards her, Signum lifts her scabbard in front of it and lets the arrow simply bounce off. She twists her wrist and simply rotates the scabbord up into the next arrow, and then down into the third, lodging it into the ground at her feet.
    "Better." She says softly. Then the ground under her feet starts to glow yellow, and all of a sudden Signum is airborne, blasting forward towards Unmei, and adding, "Insufficient." Before swinging the scabbard at Unmei's body.
Unmei Tama 2018-12-04 01:31:59 101396
Unmei Tama nodded. "Oh, troublesome. You have NO idea. The massive pain in the ass this magical thing has been you would not believe." And her arrows were all deflected. "Well... I didn't think that'd work. So!"

She lifted her right hand, the bow with it. The strings making up the bow fell apart, and then reshaped itself, more strings forming with it to create a massive, long blue glaive. She gripped it firmly in both hands and caught the scabbard against the blunt side of the polearm. "Ngggh..." It drove her back and to her knees. Was she that easy to take down?

"And... I'm not gonna lie. I'm probably the weakest magical girl you're gonna fight. But I'm gonna guess you're the one taking down all the linker cores, aren't you? You know... This isn't going to endear you to people." Then she slashed down, hard, leveraging the pole forward and pushing in with it. While the arrows were pathetic and weak, the slash of the pole arm was... actually quite powerful. Of course it was, though. IT was something Unmei had picked up from Kyouko.

"And listen, I get it! You probably have something big and important you're doing it for! But did it ever occur to you to just ASK people what you need it for?! It'd make you less likely to get your teeth kicked in when everyone groups up to smack you down!" she yelled as she started slashing in and out with the blade of the pole, attempting to use the extra reach as she slashed, to keep herself out of reach.
Signum 2018-12-04 01:55:12 101397
"Hm. Signum grunts curiously when the polearm materializes and stops her swing. Signum leaps backwards and finds herself backway under dodged and occasionally deflected swings, eyeing the polearm curiously.
    Something about it is irritating.
    If Signum knew how likely Unmei's suggestion would be to work - or at least lead to effort towards an equivalent outcome, she'd probably be given pause. As it is, though, she merely wrinkles her nose with disdain at the concept. "Our mission can't be entrusted to the charity of every individual mage. You would have us-" Signum stops as another part of Unmei's appea registers in her mind. 'Group up' Unmei had said. "... A group, you say. A unit? An order? An organization? Of mages? Knights?!" she prods, her voice growing faster and louder, her eyes growing wide with unmistakable excitement as her mind processes the implications - and the potential.
    "Tell me, what are they-" what are they called, is what she would have asked, but at that moment a swing of Unmei's polearm grazes Signum's cheek before Signum reflexively swings her scabbard back into it to deflect it away, leaping backwards a fair distance to give herself space.
    Signum's excitement is gone, having returned to the cold stoicism of before. Her head is still inclined away from Unmei, in the position she had dodged away from the offending strike, before slowly turning to face Unmei again. "... Pardon me." She says emotionlessly. "I've forgotten myself."
    Two fingers trace along the scratch on Signum's cheek, and come away bloody. An odd, rueful sort of smile somes to Signum's face. "I've grown soft." Her eyes are wistful for a moment, but find focus again when they fall on Unmei. "... I've disrespected you with a lack of effort. I've endangered my mission with a lack of focus. I apologise. For that... and for This."
    Signum finally draws her blade Laevatein from its scabbard, and holds it at the ready. "I am Signum, General of the Raging Fire! And I have need of your power!" Her words rise with intensity, and finish in what amounts to a war cry as she swings her blade and unleashes another wave of intense pink energy outward toward Unmei, like the arc of her slash is travelling like a projectile.
Unmei Tama 2018-12-04 02:05:31 101398
Magical Girl Clotho couldn't help but grin. Oh my gosh. Were her words getting through to her? It wasn't only that, though. She felt... stronger. Odd. Her spear did, even. It didn't shatter like butter. It more bent, than broke. And her steps, her movements felt surer. Stronger. More powerful. She had the girl on the run! Oh my gosh, she could do this!

"Why not? I was WHERE you were! Sorta! I was doing horrible things, and all I ever had to do was ask for help and they HELPED me! I mean, sure, after it wasn't so good, they..." She blinked. "A group? I mean... there are entire teams of magical girls. Haven't you ever seen anime?" she asked. Of course. Signum was ganking the WEEBY magical girl. And then she CUT her. Her eyes widened.

"Oh my gosh! I-I'm so sorry! Are you okay? I didn't hurt you to much, did I?" Oh my gosh, Unmei, no. Bad time. She pulled back a bit. Her blade was dangerous, it seemed. It could do some actual damage...

And then the other girl drew her sword. Seemed she was going to get ready. "Well, I am Magical Girl Clotho, ummm... Chosen of Clotho of the moirai! I'm not going to--"

And then FWOOM! The attack hit her point range, sending her flying back as she tried to hold it back. Her glaive formed into a wide brimmed shield that she tried to hold back...

For a moment, she was gone, the attack and dust covering her. However, after a few long, long moments, the dust cleared and revealed Unmei... in a crater. Her shield? Shattered and disolving to strings.

Unmei moaned, twitching weakly as she slowly got back to her feet. Blood was dripping from half a dozen different cuts. "I-I'm... n-not going down that..." She fell to one knee. "E-easily..." The threads on her fingers formed into long, clawed gauntlets... And she, after a second or two to catch her breath, ran at the girl and slashed!

It... was a pathetic attempt. Yes, she could fight. But that blow had slammed the poor girl into the ground. She was shaky on her feet already. This fight. Was over.
Signum 2018-12-04 02:17:04 101399
Signum's interest in Unmei's words, sadly, didn't extend beyond the revelation of potentially dozens of powerful cores that were all ripe to be drained. Nanoha's power had been staggering, even if it was never displayed. Kyouko was enough to challenge her, even if Signum's reckless lapse was somewhat to blame... and she had had allies nearby. They represent a terrible danger, yes, but if there really are many of them... the Book could be finished faster than Signum dared to dream.
    These feverish thoughts had been interrupted by the damage Signum took. She's been letting herself lose focus - both with the restrictions she's placed on herself, and - in Kyouko's case - the reckless mindset of someone who isn't used to valuing her own life. By the time she attacks Unmei - even without a cartridge - she's officially done messing around.
    Signum strides toward Unmei slowly as the younger girl charged towards her, and simply caught Unmei's wrist out of the air with one hand, and turned her around by the shoulder with the other, wrenching her arm behind her.
    "Magical Girl Clotho." Signum echoes coldly. "My apologies."
    Unmei can't see what Signum is doing... but she can sure as hell see when Signum's arm suddenly reaches forward out of Unmei's chest. No blood, no wound, just the eery presence of SOMETHING passing through her as Signum's hand holds a pulsing, sparkling ball of light. Above her, a book - a massive brown tome with golden designs on the cover - appears hovering ominously in the air.
    And then... excruciating pain as lift streams from Unmei's linker core, and into the book, which opens its pages and begins to turn them rapidly as blank paper is repeatedly filled with text.
    When it's finally over, Signum pulls her arm back and puts both hands on Unmei's shoulders, lowering her to the ground rather than letting her fall. She looks down at Unmei for several seconds... then looks away, levitating up into the sky as the magical barrier gradually flickers and then disappears.
Unmei Tama 2018-12-04 02:35:49 101400
Magical Girl Clotho whimpered as her hand was grabbed, trying to pull her hand back. Her eyes widened as the other girl pulled her back. "N-no. Please. I was without my magic for a while. Please don't--"

And then pain. So much pain. Alllll of the pain. She screamed, her eyes going wide as tears flowed. "N-no please, stop, stop stop please!" she begged. But, it was too late... She screamed, closing her eyes as she had her linker core tone from her body.

And with it, her magic. Unmei... closed her eyes and collapsed. And there was something... oddly... different about her. Now. She was dropped, groaning on the ground, unmoving, silent and just... out like a light. Oof.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-12-04 02:44:22 101401
Akari detected the barrier while she was patrolling the area -- kind of a risk with Millie injured, and in spite of the logic that she shouldn't investigate Wolkenritter-like things without backup, nor indeed go anywhere while Eclipse was after her. But now?

"TAMA-SAN!" Akari doesn't use henshin-disguise-magic (for reasons which probably made a lot of sense to her creators), so her voice would be clearly recognizable if Unmei was still conscious. The glowing golden eyes and ultramarine face-markings might be a surprise, though. With her sword at the ready, she swoops down towards the pair at an angle, not directly towards Signum, but angling to place herself between Signum and Unmei.

She holds Rubindorn in a defensive posture. There's something ... different in her eyes now. Which is to say, she isn't just boggling in astonishment at the Wolkenritter's mere presence; now, she looks more purposeful.
Signum 2018-12-04 02:50:02 101402
There was no joy, elation, or any sense of victory on Signum's expression as Unmei fell. Instead she closed her eyes, sheathed Laevatein, and simply began to walk away until she heard Akari cry out.
    Signum does a half turn, inclining her head towards Akari, putting one hand on her scabbard..
    "The 'imitation'." is Signum's simple acknowledgement of Akari before a moment of silence passes. "Will you attack me, or pull your friend off of the ground?
Akari Hayabusa 2018-12-04 03:11:42 101403
Akari holds Signum's gaze for several moments. But as soon as Signum asks her question, Akari wordlessly puts Rubindorn on her back, where it clicks into place, and then turns her back to Signum and crouches down to check on Unmei.

Ping! <<ES IST DAS GLEICHE WIE FRAU TAKAMACHI.>> It's the same as Frau Takamachi. Rubindorn's cutesy voice is being brief and to the point. <<NULL MAGISCHER, BESCHADIGTER LINKER-KERN.>> Zero magic, damaged Linker Core.

Akari considers this for a moment, then shrugs. In a surge of blue light, she transforms into a slightly shorter and more human appearance, then gingerly lifts up Unmei into a fireman's carry. "Back then," she says, without looking back towards Signum, "you were being unreasonably charitable, using the word 'novice' instead of 'wide-eyed idiot'." She shrugs. "Of course, my creators back on Belka were also idiots, so I guess I'm in good company."
Signum 2018-12-04 03:15:46 101404
Signum's expression betrays nothing. "Is that so?" She asks with detached interest. Akari's put her back to Signum. She could easily take her core. She doesn't. "You've changed then, I hope?"
Akari Hayabusa 2018-12-04 03:24:58 101405
Rubindorn has been on high-alert for the past solid month and change, and Akari would know in an instant if she was going to be attacked from behind. But it seems that the General of the Raging Fire has taken an interest in Akari.

She shrugs. "I've been training since then, with Cure Shield, the one who fought Zafira that night," she says. (She leaves out the fact that Cure Shield has been injured by another problem.) She carries Unmei over to a park bench and gently lays her down. "And Zafira hurt another friend of mine since then."

Finally, she turns and looks back up at Signum. "I've chosen to be one of the protectors of this city, which means we'll probably get into more fights with each other," she says, calmly and matter-of-factly. She shrugs. "I should say, though, that it's nothing personal. Our missions just happen to be opposed to each other."
Signum 2018-12-04 03:28:46 101406
Signum nods very faintly and says "Indeed." Signum is not one to get sentimental, of course. Akari's nature means very little to her in the grand scheme of things. But a proper duel with a Belkan Knight... does have its appeal. She can only hope her mission allows her to indulge. "Though, truthfully..." she adds as she turns away and begins to walk, "... I can't imagine there will be more than one." She concludes, before her boots leave the ground, and she knight flies away into the orange tinted sky.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-12-04 03:51:35 101408
Akari smirks faintly at Signum's departing back. She isn't sure why, but somehow, she has a feeling that Signum's going to end up eating those words.

She turns back to Unmei. Rubindorn, she says telepathically, am I going to need to fire another cartridge to teleport both of us?

There's a pause. Then Rubindorn replies, ... NO.

Akari sighs softly, and transforms back into her Bell form, sans Knight Clothing. She picks Unmei back into a fireman's carry, takes a deep breath, and then ... a Belkan spell triangle forms around her feet, and the two are surrounded by pinkish-red light, which shoots off into the sky and vanishes.